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Just Jogging

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Five days on the road, and Sam and Dave were now ready for their break. They’d just dropped off their last trailer and were finally heading home for a long weekend. After dragging those trailers around all week, the unhitched prime-mover seemed to respond like a racing car. Sam had his foot down and was hitting the high numbers until Dave warned him to slow it down.

“Long weekend, you know. Cops will be out in force looking for suckers. Don’t know about you, but one more point and I’ll do my licence.”

Acknowledging the point, Sam slowed. Truth be told, he was already on official probation. One more offence and it would be an automatic disqualification for him.

Cruising along, homeward bound, they were passing the park when Dave saw her.

“Slow it down, Sam. How old do you reckon that piece of ass is?”

Glancing towards the jogger ahead, Sam slowed a little.

“Nineteen. Possibly twenty,” he said. “That is a prime piece of ass, I must say.”

“I want her.”

“Well there she is. We’ll just pull over and you can invite her aboard.”

“I’ll make her an offer she can’t refuse,” murmured Dave.

Sam passed the target and pulled up. Carefully timing it, Dave swung open his door and stepped down, landing on the ground as the jogger passed them. A quick step behind, hands on her waist, and Dave simply picked her up and threw her up into the cabin, where Sam was waiting for the catch.

Quickly pulling the jogger deeper into the cabin, Sam held her as Dave swiftly remounted, slamming the door. Pushing the woman, who was now yelling, swearing and struggling, into Dave’s willing arms, Sam slapped in the gears and they were moving again. The quick abduction had taken bare seconds, and no-one was the wiser.

Dave held the wriggling woman easily, basically using one arm to hold her pinned to him while his other hand went wandering, checking out the various curves that were so close to hand. While he was doing this, Sam turned off the main road, heading down a side track that ran alongside the river. Finding a reasonably secluded parking area, Sam pulled over.

“Hold her across your knee, legs towards me,” Sam told Dave, who quickly followed the suggestion.

For a few moments the jogger mixed some frantic kicking in with her language, but with an adroit movement Sam caught her legs.

“You hold still for a moment,” Sam told her, giving her a sound slap on her lycra covered bottom. “Any kicking and I start smacking your pretty little ass.”

With the cessation of the kicking, if not the language, Sam smartly peeled off the jogger’s shorts and panties. A little friendly fondling of the treasures uncovered caused a renewal of the kicking and a serious of furious squeals.

Another firm slap, this time on a naked bottom, slowed the kicking down.

“OK, Dave, Sit her up and hold her hands above her head,” instructed Sam.

On having his instructions followed, Sam lifted up the jogger’s top and bra, pulling them over her head. Dave promptly changed his hold and helped the jogger shed the rest of her unwanted clothing. Unwanted by the men, that is.

Releasing the woman, the two men regarded her, while she tried to cover herself. Not very successfully.

“Bastards. What do you think you’re doing? Give me back my clothes,” hissed the woman.

“Dave, she seems pissed,” remarked Sam.

“Yeah, but that’s probably your fault,” returned Dave. “You shouldn’t have slapped her pretty little bottom like that.”

“Hey, self-defence. She wanted to kick me,” pointed out Sam. “She actually did kick me.”

“Not hard or often enough,” came the snarled comment. “What the hell do you want with me?”

“Don’t look at me,” said Sam. “I didn’t want you. Dave did. Blame him if you want to blame anyone. What’s your name?”

“None of your business. And I suppose you didn’t run your fucking hands all over me while you were tearing at my clothes,” came the surly reply. “Give them back and let me go. I’ll be reporting this.”

“Stop fussing,” said Dave. “You haven’t been hurt. And if you cooperate you won’t be. I’m just going to give you a nice little break from your tedious life. I guess if you won’t tell us your name, we’ll just call you girl.

Now relax a little, girl. I’m not going to just spread your legs and bonk you, if that’s what you’re afraid off. I’m just going to start checking out how you feel, because you have to admit, you’ve got one fine body.”

Suiting actions to words, Dave pulled the young woman onto his lap, holding her hands behind her back. Then he started touching her.

Wriggling and squealing in fury, the jogger found herself the object of a thorough exploration, Dave’s hands starting at her face, dodging the snap of her teeth, and running smoothly over her skin, touching, caressing and squeezing where appropriate.

Pressing his hand firmly against her mons, Dave tried to coax the jogger into parting her legs.

Come on, girl,” he said irritably. “They’re going to part sooner or later. Stop making difficulties.”

When the only reply was a rebellious shake of the head, Dave nodded to Sam. Grinning, Sam reached over, placed his hands on her knees, and jerked her legs apart.

“Leave them like that, girl,” He told her. “You will find it simpler for yourself.”

There was an audible groan from the jogger, but she left her legs apart while Dave continued his exploration. Soon he was rubbing and kneading the jogger’s mound, squeezing, and massaging. Except for a few squeaks, either from protest or fury, the jogger had finally shut up. That was until Dave separated her lips and darted a finger inside her.

“Stop that, you bastard,” came a sudden scream. “Don’t you dare put your fingers in there.”

“Yes, girl. Sorry, girl,” said Dave, continuing to explore where she would much rather he didn’t.

A horrified squeal announced he had found her clitoris and flicked it. Followed by a loud protestation to leave her alone, followed by more shrieks as Dave continued to flick the jogger’s clitoris.

Eventually, Dave withdrew his hand.

“Guess what, Sam,” Dave announced. “It’s our lucky day. She’s a virgin. You want to go first?”

Ignoring the outraged protest this comment raised, Sam shook his head.

“Thanks, but no thanks. I don’t bonk virgins. Too much squawking when you first go in. I mean, just listen to this one carrying on, and you haven’t even shafted her yet. I’m warning you, you shaft a virgin and she’ll probably follow you for weeks looking for a second serve.”

“I’ll take my chances,” Dave replied with a grin. “Here. Hold her for a few moments.”

Sam pulled the jogger onto his lap, letting his hands do some walking, while Dave shed his trousers. Then sitting relaxed, erection at the ready, Dave looked across at the jogger. She in turn was looking at him, desperately trying not to see his erection.

“You said you weren’t going to do this,” she protested.

“Ah, no,” said Dave. “What I said was I wasn’t going to do it straight away. Can’t you feel how hot and wet you are? That’s why I’ve been stroking you. Getting your juices running so you’ll have a fine time.

I don’t suppose you want to just climb on board and mount me?

No, I thought not,” he added, seeing the look of outraged fury on her face.

Dave hauled the jogger across his lap so she was straddling him and facing him. He held her arms firmly behind her back, while pressing her forward so she could feel his erection pressing against her pussy and lower stomach.

Slowly he moved her upwards, letting her feel his cock dragging slowly against her lips, agitating them and persuading them to part. Soon she was high enough for his cock to move between her legs, head resting comfortably against her slit. A gentle downwards pressure and his cock slid between the jogger’s lips, causing a wail of protest.

Now Dave held still, not trying to force his way into her. He could feel her wriggling, trying to pull up and away from where his cock was pressing into her, but while he was not forcing entry, Dave had no intention of letting his fish off the hook. He held her firmly in position and waited.

To her horror, the jogger could feel herself starting to sink down on to that damned shaft. She couldn’t hold herself up off it, and as time passed the pressure of the man’s cock increased. She could feel it pressing against her hymen and knew it was only a matter of time before something gave and she would be neatly skewered by this bastard.

She was swearing steadily, trying to wriggle away. She could hear laughter and looked at Dave, startled. He was actually laughing at her efforts to avoid getting raped, she realised. Fury flashed through her, and she straightened her shoulders, preparing to give him a verbal blast that would totally wither him.

Instead she gave a shout of pain as, momentarily forgetting to hold herself off Dave’s cock, she promptly sank down a little. Enough for her hymen to rupture with a flash of pain.

“Oh, you fucking bastard,” she wailed. “That hurt. You’ve ruined me, you swine.”

“Poor little you,” soothed Dave. “Has your cherry been popped? Happens to everyone sooner or later.”

Continuing to swear at Dave, the jogger found that she was still sinking down, Dave’s cock moving steadily higher within her, stretching her and filling her. He was moving nice and smoothly, she found, and knew that in an ideal world she’d thank him for taking the time to get her hot and wet. In this world, she just continued to curse him some more.

Dave felt his new little friend finally come to rest and start to twist and turn a little. She was, he knew, trying to find the most comfortable position to be in, or the least uncomfortable, seeing it was all new to her.

“And your name is?” he prompted, while she twisted distractedly.

“Beatrice,” she muttered, squirming. “Everyone calls me Bea.”

“OK, Bea,” Dave murmured. “Are you quite comfortable there?”

He winced when Bea answered with a shriek.

“Comfortable?” she yelled. “You ram a flagpole up me and leave it there, and you want to know if I’m comfortable?”

If pressured, she would have had to admit that it didn’t really feel too bad now that she was getting used to it. However, she was quite willing to state that hell would freeze over and the devil would be passing out skates before she admitted it willingly.

“Right,” thought Dave. “She’s ready for the next step. I think I might just stay like this for a while and see what happens.”

Bea had finally settled down and was waiting. She knew there was more going to happen than just her sitting there with this oaf’s cock rammed up her, she just wasn’t sure what. Or when it would happen. She waited, growing more irritated by the moment as Dave seemed quite content to sit back and enjoy the feel of being in her.

Sam, meanwhile, was watching the entire event with amusement. He’d enjoyed seeing Bea slowly skewered by Dave’s cock, and was now watching to see what would happen next. He grinned, noticing that Bea was getting restless and starting to twist about on Dave, trying to get something happening.

“What’s wrong, girl,” asked Dave. “You seem a little restless.”

“I am not restless,” stated Bea, calmly and firmly. “I am just waiting for you to finish off what you started, presuming you know how, because I don’t have any bloody choice in matter, do I? Or have you changed your mind and decided I can go home again?”

In reply Dave finally pulled back from Bea and then thrust vigorously upward.

“Fuck!” came the scream. “Don’t do that!”

There was another vigorous thrust and another squeal from Bea.

“What’s the problem, sweetheart,” crooned Dave. “You said you wanted me to get a move on.”

Dave was now thrusting steadily into Bea, who was twisting and turning, trying to handle this assault on her body and senses. Bea could hear herself screaming at Dave, not sure what she was saying, but happy to have a reason to yell at him. Anything that would help distract from that relentless pounding that was doing terrible things inside her.

Desperate to come to terms with the assault on her body, Bea found herself trying to anticipate each thrust, trying to change position to meet it more smoothly, finding herself reluctantly moving in time to Dave’s unrelenting assault.

She could here Sam making comments and cheering her on, urging her to ride, baby, ride. Which was what she was doing, Bea belatedly realised. She was bouncing up and down on Dave’s erection in fine style, like a jockey heading for the winning post.

She swore softly to herself, but couldn’t make herself slow down or resist the rhythm now that it had begun. The rhythm was part of her and she was part of the rhythm. She could feel Dave driving home, harder and faster, but not hard or fast enough. To her horror she heard herself begging for more, enjoying the result when Dave responded.

Dave continued to hammer home. Bea was totally caught up in what was happening to her body, reluctance taking a back seat to the driving need of lust and want. He heard her pleading and answered willingly, driving himself towards completion.

Bea’s senses were now concentrated internally, feeling Dave swelling within her, filling her, more than filling her, tearing her apart and sending her screaming to an explosion of sensation.

Dave leaned back in the seat, watching Bea finally come back to her senses. Bea opened her eyes and looked at him, first still in a daze, but then with a tinge of fury as she gathered her senses again.

“I take it you’re done?” she asked sweetly.

“Oh, yes,” Dave assented. “What you’ll be like once you’ve had a bit more practice is going to be a wonder to behold. I’ll try and catch you again in a year or so and see how you’ve come along.

Sam, are you sure you don’t want to try Bea out. She’s really quite gifted.”

Bea’s heart turned over in shock, but was relieved to hear Sam saying he didn’t do virgins, remember.

“I know, Sam”, replied Dave, “but she isn’t a virgin now.”

“Good point,” murmured Sam. “OK, Bea, move over here and I’ll see what you’ve learned.”

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