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Coming to an Understanding

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Just coming out of the shower and looking into the door mirror, I grin a little bit thinking of an earlier conversation I had with my business partners. Half of the morning they were discussing shaving their junk to make them look bigger. I remember being a little annoyed, but then I shrugged it off thinking ‘Whatever helps them sleep at night’. But it got me thinking, so I just tried it.

“Looks kinda cool,” I said to no one, “Doesn’t matter though, I’ve got it.”

I kept thinking as I put my boxers on that it really didn’t look that bad. At 35, I’m supposed to beyond that kind of personal grooming, but I would give it a try for a while. I knew that it wouldn’t really change the skill set at all, but it might get some good attention. At the time I didn’t know the personal attention I would get would be so soon.

It seems that sometimes a shower fixes all. I got a call from my son beforehand and had to speak to his mother afterward.

After bitching, and carrying on about one out of her encyclopedia of issues, I wasn’t in the best mood. But that’s ok. I was in a better mood after cleaning up. I guess it cleans the mind too. I went down to the kitchen to grab some juice. I was going to kick back and watch the late show. I don’t get into those windbags very often, but there was something about that night’s show I wanted to see. As I was pouring my juice I heard a noise in the yard space between my house and the neighbor. It was a bit of rustling and what sounded like someone trying to get a door open. I like my neighbors and I wanted to check it out. After turning the kitchen light off, I went over to my back screen door and looked out. Sure enough there was someone trying to break in to my neighbor’s back door. I treaded lightly across the floor and went to my main door on the other side of the house. I was planning on coming around the other side, to outflank them.

When I came around the house I saw the shadowed figure. I didn’t think it would be much of a struggle, since the person looked about eight inches shorter than me. I knew with my special forces training, I could take them. Then they would have to just be carried out of here when the police came. Slowly I crept up to the intruder who was heavily involved with trying to get the door open with what seemed like a coat hanger. Talk about low brow. My heart raced as I came within a meter, then just a bit closer.

“Come here fucker!” I exclaimed as I grabbed the person from behind.

Quickly I used a head lock with my other hand in front of their mouth and pulled them away from the door. They lost their footing and I had to pull them back. With this body next to me, I couldn’t help noticing that this intruder was not a guy. I know the curves of a woman well. Not to mention the smell. But I didn’t know what kind of danger this person posed, so it did not change my intent. I flung her around and pressed my hands around her arms. But there was enough light from my house in this backyard area between houses to see who the intruder was.

“Jan?” I asked with surprised as I let go of her.

“What the fuck are you doing?!” she exclaimed.

“I thought you were someone breaking in” I said with a lowered tone. “You are breaking in, why?”

“It’s me,” she panted as she adjusted her clothes, “I live here remember?”

“Yeah I remember,” I said, “But what the hell are you doing breaking in to your own house?”

“Um…I forgot my key,” Jan said.

“Why not just knock on the door?” I asked as I put my hands out to my side.

“Well,” Jan started, “No one is home.”

“Oh yeah,” I said, “Your parents are gone this weekend.”

“Yeah and I can’t find my key,” she said with a smile.

“Come to think of it, Jan, you are supposed to be in by midnight,” I said folding my arms.

“I’m eighteen and three fourths or so,” Jan said with sarcasm, “I shouldn’t have to.”

“Wrong, missy,” I smiled, “You are still living in your parent house. If they said eight, it would be eight. If they said never, you’d stay home. Their house, their rules even if you’re fifty.”

“Whatever,” Jan said, “You got a key, just let me in already.”

I couldn’t help looking at her. Even in the dim light I could see her plainly. Her curly brown hair that went below the shoulders of her medium frame seemed just a bit out of place. She wore a form fitting one piece black dress that came off her shoulders. It barely went halfway to her knees. I don’t see how she could actually sit down and maintain any dignity. She might have well been wearing nothing at all. Her attire left very little to the imagination. After calming down a bit I remembered how tight she felt, up against me as I first pulled her away from the door. But I knew I was supposed to have a little dignity too. However, I’m not over the hill yet.

“You know you don’t have much respect for your parents do you?” I asked.

“Yeah, but I should be able to do what I want,” Jan said, “I’m old enough to do what I want.”

“Yeah ok,” I said as I looked her over again, “You can vote, own property, and everything else…you can’t do as a minor.”

“Yeah that’s not all, opens up some possibilities huh?” Jan smiled.

“Your parents should know about this,” I said as I put my hands to my side and headed back to my house, “I’ll get my key.”

“No wait!” Jan said as she pulled my arm.

“Why?” I said as I turned around, “You were actually on your way out, weren’t you?”

“No,” Jan defended.

“And you forgot something. So you were already out dressed like that,” I said as she backed off a bit.

Now closer to the light of my own house she was more visible. It was even harder to keep my eyes off of her. I was never really in to a girl that dresses like a tramp, but for some reason I couldn’t help thinking about it. I knew I had to get it out of my mind.

“Speaking of being underdressed,” Jan said, “Do you always go running around outside in your underwear?”

“I wasn’t planning to but I couldn’t exactly go and find clothes when I thought someone was breaking in to your house, now could I?” I asked.

“Well I guess not, but why? Wait, um,” she hesitated, then opened her mouth wide, “Your getting aroused aren’t you?”

“What?” I said defensively.

“Looking at me…you’re…just…it’s right there,” she said pointing to the front of my boxers.

“What?” I asked looking down at myself.

“The blood flow is going south, ya know,” Jan said as she pointed.

“Grow up,” I said defensively, “Don’t tell me…don’t even tell me you never saw a guy in boxers before. You are not exactly a choir girl.”

“Yeah so I have more than a mental image so what,” Jan said, “So I’m wearing this dress. It’s tight, and…there isn’t much of it, but come on, you’re like forty five or something. Aren’t you supposed to have some control over it?”

“Thirty five smart ass. I am not aroused,” I said, with frustration,

“Don’t try to turn this around on me.”

“I was kidding, you look young,” Jan grinned.

“Well we’ll just discuss it with your parents later,” I said.

“Ah just wait, sorry,” Jan said quickly.

I noticed her for sure. Who in their right mind wouldn’t? I saw her form and looked her over carefully. But I was far from arousal. At this point I thought that she was just trying to get me to back off and forget about it. I thought that she wanted to try to turn things around so that I would stay quiet. In my experience this is a rather common tactic when backed into a corner.

“Nothing unusual here,” I said, “Why don’t you focus on something else.”

“You’re full of crap neighbor,” Jan said waving her hand in front of her face, “No way. You have to have it on the brain to get like that.”

“Get like what?” I asked, “Wait, stop turning this around. ”

“I’m not stupid is why,” she said as she pointed toward me again.

“You know just a little too much for your age,” I said as I looked at myself again, “What are you looking at your dad’s fishing buddy for anyway? Who is really the weirdo here?”

I started to walk toward the house to try to hide my annoyance. I get plenty of attention and I don’t mind. I have even played into it quite often. Sometimes I would walk away wondering what kind of thoughts they would have after my looks, posture, and behavior. But this was ridiculous. Plus it was a bit too close to home.

“There’s a sock, or pepperoni or something in there right?” Jan smiled.


“You should really quit while you’re behind,” I exclaimed.

“Ahem,” Jan panted with a smile, “Guess I have something to shoot for.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” I asked.

“I mean,” she said nervously, “Gotta find one of those sometime.”

“Enough of this,” I said with a sigh, “You’re going to go into your house and stay there.”

“You know you could let me see it,” Jan smiled, “Then I’d probably keep quiet about it.”

“Keep dreaming,” I said, annoyed, “This isn’t show and tell.”

“Oh I am dreaming,” Jan said.

I was somewhat flattered. As I mentioned, I still get attention, but not as often as I use to. I still tried my best to maintain control of my thoughts. Inwardly I was smiling at her fascination. But it was testing even my cavalier attitude toward the subject.

“Think what you want,” I said after a pause, then walked toward my house.

“Fine, an exchange of information then,” I heard her say from behind me.

“What?” I said as I turned.

“I mean it’s a fair exchange,” she smiled, “I’m really curious to see if you are faking it. I can pay the price of admission.”

“You’re out of your mind,” I said with annoyance.

I have always been weak to this. I have always been just a little bit concerned that someone might point out a weakness of mine. This is not a weakness but I couldn’t help feeling challenged. I think it got the better of me, and put my judgment in check.

“Look little miss, I don’t need to fake it”, I defended.

“Prove it,” she said folding her arms.

I looked at her expression and there was a definite determination. She looked at me and stood there as if she had made up her mind and there was no going back. I sensed that she was not going to back down. I wanted to end this. It was uncomfortable. I just wanted to get away from her before I did have a reaction to her presence.

“I don’t need to, not to you,” I said, annoyed.

I didn’t care anymore. I was trying to walk a fine line and get out of this without much trouble, but it got too difficult. So I got a little rude. Call it a wakeup call to someone who should have had more control when she was growing up. Great parents don’t always mean you’re getting a kid who can behave themselves. I walked into the house without looking back and could hear her following me.

“Ok tough guy,” Jan said as she quickly yanked down my boxers and grabbed my appendage from around my waist, “Holy!”

“Holy…what the hell?” I exclaimed as I jerked away and pulled my boxers up.

“Ok sorry, too curious I guess,” Jan said nervously as I turned.

“You know that’s assault,” I said as I pointed at her.

“Like you really mind,” Jan smiled as she walked into the kitchen, “What are you going to do about it, put me over your knee or something?”

“Where did that come from?” I said.

“Well I know one thing you could punish me with,” she smiled as she took a cup out of the dish drainer and filled it with water.

“Keep dreaming,” I said as I folded m arms. “That grope is all you are getting. Keep your hormones in check.”

“Dream about rubbing it against my still tight, shaved pussy, making me wet, ok sure,” she said with a slight whisper.

“Shut up already,” I said quickly.

I knew what she was trying to do. She was giving me a mental image of her physical self to see if I was curious. She was baiting me. Young, way too curious, and horny, she was on some sort of mission. Obviously I could have her easy, but it wasn’t right, and would probably have consequences.

“Look, sorry I’m just playing around,” she said as she set the cup down.

“Get out of here and go to bed,” I said as I turned my back and walked off into the family room.

“I was hoping you’d ask,” Jan grinned. “An all night thing huh? My place? Wow.”

“Go away, ok?” I shot back.

I was annoyed, but only mildly. I have certainly never been bothered too much when a girl grabs my stuff, but this was way out there. I went into the family room and planted myself in front of the TV. I became even more annoyed when I realized that I had missed half of the show I wanted to watch. But as soon as I turned the TV on, there was a knock on the open doorway. I ignored the first one, but the second was much louder. This girl just doesn’t give up. But no more free shows tonight.

“What Jan?” I asked with a sigh.

“Well I still can’t get into my house,” she said.

“Oh yeah,” I grinned and took my keys off of the side table, “Best to let you in so you won’t go off and do something stupid.”

“Yeah perish the thought”, Jan said as she watched me walk past her.

I brushed past the girl, and got a whiff of the gallon of perfume she had on and shook my head. Quickly I walked over to her back door and put the key in. It didn’t open. I wiggled it around then pulled it out to look at it to make sure it was the right one.

“Oh yeah,” Jan said from behind me, “I was supposed to give you the new key today.”

“Would have been a good idea,” I said as I glared at her.

“Look, I’ll just call my parents on your phone, then go to a friend’s house,” Jan said.

“Oh so you can go out and get in more trouble,” I snapped, “No, get your ass in my house. You can crash on the couch for now.”

“Yes sir,” Jan snapped sarcastically and followed me in, “You want my ass in your house.”

“Is that another?” I started but was interrupted.

“Never tried that so be gentle ok?” she smiled.

“You are just unbelievable,” I said as I walked into the house.

“Thanks handsome, you’re kinda hot too,” Jan smiled.

I waited until she had stepped in the door, then I closed and locked it behind her. I looked her over a moment as she walked past me. Her demeanor had changed a bit. I think she knew she messed up. But I wasn’t done yet.

“If you’re going to be here, you can go take a shower,” I said as I sat back down on the couch.

“Awesome, we get to start that way huh?” Jan said with an excited tone.

“I know what I want to lather up first.”

“By yourself,” I shot back.

“Why do I stink or something?” Jan asked.

“Yes,” I said, not holding back, “Perfume, like a Louisiana cathouse.”

“Fine,” she said with a low shallow voice.

“There’s some sweat pants and shirt clean on the dryer over by the bathroom. Get a bag and put those clothes in them if they have perfume on them,” I barked.

“Fine,” Jan said with a defeated expression.

“Sorry,” I said, “Didn’t mean anything really, just makes me sneeze. Don’t feel bad.”

“Sorry I was so strong with my ideas. It’s no secret I’ve always been attracted to you,” she said.

“I’m just a guy Jan,” I said, “I make mistakes too.”

“You forget, even though I was really young, I saw how you felt when you lost your wife. Underneath all that macho, you’re kind and caring,” she said as she walked off.

I spent the next few minutes trying to figure it out how she could be so raunchy one moment, and so level headed the next. I had forgotten that she was in her parent’s family room when they were consoling me about my wife. It’s funny what people remember about you. I have always been close with her parents and I had to bail her out of trouble a few other times too. I never wanted to upset her parents so I kept it quiet. Perhaps that wasn’t the best approach. Maybe it’s time they know that their daughter is not an angel. It might do her some good.

I couldn’t get what she said out of my head. She couldn’t possibly have feelings for me. Not with all the adventures she has had. Underneath all of it she does have good qualities. She was a straight A student from first grade on. Other than her own shenanigans, she is mostly responsible. She is also attractive of course, but way too young.

With all this going on, I didn’t even get to watch my show. It was all done, and Jan was out of the shower. I felt bad asking her to do that, but it was a little rough. I heard her rustling around in the kitchen, presumably for a bag to put her clothes in. But when she came into the family room I did a double take.

“Shower was good actually,” Jan said as she stood a few feet away from the TV and in front of me.

She looked at the TV and it was probably a good thing. She would have caught me staring. All she had on was one of my sweatshirts. Well at least I assumed that was all. It seemed as if she ignored the sweat pants. I knew it would be baggy on her, but it was all I had. The sweatshirt was big in her and was low enough to just barely cover her secrets. Her hair was wet, and brushed back, no doubt with my brush. She lifted both of her arms back to pull some hair back. When she did, the sweatshirt rode even further up to where I could just see a little that this was all she had decided to put on.

“Couldn’t find the sweatpants in case you are wondering,” she said as she stared at the TV.

“Ok,” I tried to cover, “But yeah I’ll find something else.”

“No it’s ok,” she said, “This works. I can’t sleep in sweats anyway.”

“Well you can take them off when you sleep,” I said with mild annoyance.

“No don’t trouble yourself,” Jan smiled as she looked at me.

“But Jan,” I started because I couldn’t shake the image of her wearing a single item of my clothing.

“Yeah I know what you are going to say, but I wasn’t wearing any under my skirt,” she said to me.

It was at that point that I realized that I still had just my boxers on. With all the irritation I completely spaced it. I should have put something else on. I realize that she already had a look, and a tug, but as much as I really would not like to care, I should probably have sweats on. Perhaps I should go find those ones she conveniently overlooked. My eyes kept wandering. It’s true it’s been a while since I’ve had anything, but that’s no excuse. She just stood there looking at the TV. It was almost like a tease of some kind. How could she not know she would show if she lifted her arms.

“Oh my God, I want boobs like that!” she said, watching a commercial.

“Why?” I asked, looking at the TV.

“I’d be hot. Sporting those around, making every guy turn their head,” she said as she bounced a bit, and then walked over to the chair diagonal to me.

I watched her sit down. Her torso faced away from me a bit. She lifted her leg a bit to examine nail polish or something on her toe. I really didn’t pay much attention to that since even from a side view, she nearly showed all the way up to that ass with her leg raised. Suddenly I got to wondering what the rest looked like. I imagined a bit, and then stopped to scold myself. Don’t get me wrong. If this was not my next door neighbor’s daughter, I would have made a suggestion already. I broke with my daydream before it went any further, and of course covered for it in my own way.

“Not everyone is into a big rack but I’m sure you get attention,” I said dryly.

“I really look ok?” She asked.

“You’re fine the way you are,” I said quickly, knowing I was getting baited again.

“Thanks for saying so,” she smiled, “You can look this way if you want, don’t be embarrassed.”

“Watching TV,” I said, as I looked away from her.

“I noticed that the shower was jus used before me. Is that when you did it?” Jan asked.

“Did what?” I asked.

“Shaved your goods,” Jan smiled, “I didn’t get much time, but it was very smooth.”

“That’s really more than you should know,” I said.

“But I know,” she smiled as she turned a bit in her seat, “Not bad for the first time.”

“How would you know that?” I asked with annoyance.

“You missed a little on the base of your shaft on the top part,” she smiled.

“Nobody’s perfect,” I sighed.

“I can help,” Jan smiled.

“Ah, let’s change the subject,” I said.

“It’s probably easier for me than for you,” she said glancing at the TV.

“I can handle it,” I said.

“No I mean it’s probably easier for a girl to shave down than a guy,” she smiled at me and put her leg down, “Less corners and curves.”

“Ah yeah I suppose,” I said dryly, “Let’s talk about something else.”

“Ok, how often do you handle it?” Jan grinned as she turned a bit.

“Huh?” I asked.

“You said you handle it, and you do live alone. So how often?” she grinned.

“You mean?” I scoffed, “You know that’s not any business of yours.”

“Nothing to be embarrassed about,” Jan smiled as she turned a bit more toward me, “I’m no stranger to it. It’s part of life, at least part of mine anyway.”

“You know I shouldn’t be hearing this,” I sighed as I tried to look at the TV.

“I guess you probably don’t want to hear about mutual masturbation between my friend Cindy and I then either,” Jan grinned as she turned to almost face me completely.

“Really?” I asked without thinking, “Ah, never mind, forget it.”

“Oh yeah, not often though, “she said seemingly ignoring most of what I said. “She has really soft fingers.”

“Ah let’s change the subject,” I said nervously.

“Ok fine,” Jan grinned, “Let me turn the channel to see if one of those late night, as you might call them, ‘titty flicks’ is on. I can get myself off before I sleep, and you can do, whatever.”

“That’s not what I meant,” I sighed.

“You know the mutual thing doesn’t have to be girl on girl,” Jan said as she set her legs on the floor.

“You know you have a one track mind,” I sighed.

“At the moment yeah,” she smiled as she faced me with her legs close together, “But damn, I’ve been a straight A student since first grade. I’m going to Berkeley in the fall. A little craze in the brain about one thing isn’t going to make me fall off the horse.”

“Now I know why you’re going to Berkeley,” I grinned, “That whole girl on girl mutual thing.”

“Oh why the hell does everyone think Berkeley is full of lesbians?” Jan shot back, “Just because, arg!”

“Struck a nerve finally,” I laughed.

“If you weren’t so hot I’d smack you,” Jan grinned.

“Not gonna give me an inch are you?” I sighed.

“No, not at all,” she said as she placed her hands between her knees,

“But I’d take whatever inches you have.”

“Direct and to the point this time,” I shot back.

“Great, your bedroom, or right here making me drool on the carpet?” Jan grinned as she bent her left leg and put it up on the seat chair.

“No, and no,” I said, “Make yourself drool. But just wait a bit first.”

I was trying the best I could. But her attitude was starting to affect me. I was feeling the loss of control start to happen. I kept thinking that I just should get away from this. But all this talk had created some flashes in my mind. This dirty talk coming from a girl that probably shouldn’t be talking this way was making me start to think that way. Everyone that knows me knows I am a nasty ‘ole’ bastard. These words are nothing new to me. That’s why at that moment I couldn’t figure out why it was affecting me. Watching and listening to her raunchy talk made it so I could not possibly stand up without attracting the wrong


I watched as she seemed to be checking the smoothness of her skin. She looked her legs over as if studying them. I think she realized that I was studying them too. Then she fumbled a bit with the bottom of the sweatshirt and seemed to be thinking about something. Then she started right in again.

“You know, I’m not as bad as I sound.” Jan sighed as she ran her fingers along the skin on her leg.

“If you say so,” I said.

“I talk like I’m a walking mattress. But I’ve been with one guy.” She said.

“Good for you,” I said with a bit or sarcasm.

“I mean penetration-wise.” She said, “A few hand jobs don’t really count do they?”

“You aren’t going to give up are you?” I asked.

“I guess I have to sometime,” she sighed as she turned around and faced the TV.

When her attention was on the TV, I quickly stood and went for the kitchen. I needed some water and to get the tent I was pitching out of there. As I had my drink, I breathed deeply to try to relieve some of the pressure I was feeling. It wasn’t just from her. I had to admit that she got to me. But I could not admit it to her. I grit my teeth thinking how much I just wanted to pick her up and head upstairs. I would show her how it’s really done, and create a template for which she could judge everyone else that came after.

I was tired of this play on words. I have always prided myself on my own patience, even on the worst days. But inside I was frustrated. The feelings were aimed at both of us, especially to her for her open and obvious advances that as I had known in the past only the worst of whores had. I watched her grow up. It was that aspect of it and the fact that I knew her that it irritated me. I just wanted to grab her and tell her to have some damn pride in herself. Also these frustrations were aimed at myself, for being just a step away in my mind to just simply having her.

My plan of trying to calm myself physically and mentally had only made limited progress. I decided I had just better go upstairs and away from the situation. I set the glass down and walked out of the bathroom with the intention of heading quickly upstairs. But it didn’t quite work out that way yet.

As I passed the entrance to the family room I had a double take and simply stopped and stared at what I saw. Jan had stood up and was facing the TV. She stood right in front of it. She had lifted the sweatshirt to just above her waist, fully exposing the lower half of her body. I stared and couldn’t help it. Her well rounded curves just seemed to stare back at me. I watched as she reached around and placed her hands on her two cheeks. As she moved them around, she stretched her arms a little to each side. Perfect, young and fit, it did not help the feelings I had been fighting. But because of the anxiety, my physical reaction had slowed a bit. I still could not take my eyes off of her.

“Waiting for the judge’s ruling,” she said softly as she looked over her shoulder.

“Dammit,” I said clearing my throat.

“What, does one cheek look better than the other?” She asked.

“I um, just was passing by on my way upstairs,” I said as she let the sweatshirt fall to cover her.

“Oh is that all? Too bad.” She smiled as she approached.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“I was hoping you finally changed your mind,” she said as she stood nearly toe to toe with me.

“I can’t do that,” I whispered as I looked into her eyes.

“Just tell me,” she said panted with a slight moan as she quickly took y hands and placed them behind her on the skin, “Judge’s ruling.”

“Ten, congratulations, I need to go now.” I whispered as I slowly removed my hands where she had placed them.

“I’m not a bad girl,” She said as she put her arms around my shoulders, “In fact you’re the only guy who has ever been straight with me.”

“It’s too bad,” I whispered. “People should be more respectful.”

“While they still think they have a chance to get me, I get the attention. But that’s all most people want. I guess that’s why I acted that way toward you.” She said.

“As long as you respect yourself, you will always win,” I said.

“I wish they all would, like you do,” Jan whispered as she hugged me.

“Make them,” I whispered, “Kick them to the curb if they don’t.”

“But I loved to be looked at too, and love the physical feelings that can happen,” she sighed.

“You can, but they can’t have it until they respect you,” I said.

“I guess that’s why I like you so much. I’m not just an object to you,” she said as she gave me a simple peck and walked back over to the chair,

“I’ll be good now.”

“I’m going to bed, but I just want to say one thing,” I started, “You’re beautiful and smart. Stay that way, and demand respect for it.”

“Thank you for being so kind,” she sighed as she stared at the TV, “I’ll go to sleep soon.”

I walked away and as I headed up the stairs I had mixed feelings. I realized that I did something good for her, and I was confident she had learned a lot. It might even save her life someday. But there was also that part of me that wondered where that younger, more action friendly persona of mine had gone. This was the first time I had realized that I had changed. It wasn’t long before that, that I would have ‘tapped that’ then again in the morning. Maybe I grew up too. I started to wonder when that happened. I had actually called her beautiful and it was not just to get some action. I had meant it and I didn’t feel like I had made a mistake.

Flopping quickly down on the bed, I rested on my back and slowly fell asleep with my thoughts. Although I sort of missed the action, I had to realize I was beyond that. If I was younger I might think that what I did, just cost me some hot ass. But I felt good. Even if something had happened, I felt like I would have deserved it for a change. I drifted off to sleep unaware that Jan had decided not to sleep yet.

A few hours later I woke, and had to use the bathroom. I had not slept well, and was for some reason hungry. Perhaps it was all the excitement of the evening, but I needed a snack. Rubbing my eyes, I went down over the stairs and headed for the kitchen. I didn’t hear a sound from the family room so before I had looked I was thinking Jan had probably gone to sleep. But that was far from the truth.

As I passed the entry way, I looked and what I saw made me freeze in position. The TV was off, but Jan wasn’t. I stared with my mouth wide open as I saw her in the same chair. But the setting had changed dramatically. Her leg was arched upward on the back of the chair and the other one on the floor. She was completely nude. One of her hands was between her legs, and the other cupping one of her breasts. As I listened to her soft moans I couldn’t help noticing that she might be the most beautiful young woman I had ever seen. I was wrong for watching, but I couldn’t help it. My physical reaction was instant. I listened to her panting as her hips moved more wildly.

“I will get respect,” Jan moaned as her eyes remained closed, “And…oh my God, you won’t get this until you do.”

I smiled as I listened to her words. I had made an impact on her. It’s not exactly what I expected, but I had just figured that this is her way of learning it. She was roll playing a situation and her own reward. She had truly given it some thought. I wanted her right at that moment. Her breathtaking beauty captured me. I could respect her.

“Respect me, ah!” Jan panted as her his moved sharply up and down and I watched the end result of her self satisfaction.

Her head flopped backward as a smile formed on her face. It was like I had become intoxicated. My heart raced and I was excited. But oddly I was in complete control. The new discovery of my own personality had started to have this odd control over me. I knew if I moved in now I would still respect her in the morning, instead of just offering cab fare. I decided I couldn’t take it anymore and see if I was worthy of such beauty.

“Ah holy shit,” Jan said as she tried to cover herself, “I’m sorry.”

“I heard what you said and I’m proud of you. You’re dealing with this, in your own special way.” I said as I watched her relax and just sit there.

“It’s how I cope with a major epiphany,” Jan said. “Things are going to be different.”

“Good,” I smiled, “But I have something to tell you.”

“Oh sure,” Jan said as she took the sweatshirt from the back of the chair and draped it over herself.

“You know I would still respect you afterward,” I smiled.

“Are you saying what I think your saying?” Jan asked as she stood.

“Yeah,” I said.

“I know you will,” Jan smiled as she dropped the sweatshirt, “But there is one thing I can’t promise you.”

“What’s that?” I asked as I pulled her close to me.

“That I won’t fall in love with you.” she said as she hugged me.

“One step at a time,” I said as I started to kiss her.

“Wait, one more thing,” Jan said as she pulled away a bit, “You will respect me. But I’m also going to work you harder than you’ve ever been worked. It’s just how I am.”

“Should I be scared?” I grinned.

“Answer that for yourself in the morning,” Jan said as she yanked my boxers down.

Even though she was just two thirds my size, her strength and determination caught me off guard and in the start of things I was quickly down for the count. Grabbing my arm, she turned me around and thrust me down onto the couch so hard I could feel the cushions bottom out on the frame. It had caught me off guard with my drawers causing me to slip. But I really wasn’t complaining.

Lying on top of me, she kissed me passionately. Pressing her lips forcefully, her hands moved to my sides then down my legs. After I recovered from the brief shock of being body slammed, I was determined to get into this as well. I remembered the beautiful lower rear half I had seen earlier and that’s where I wanted my first moves to go. As I let my hands explore her soft, smooth skin, Jan reacted by pressing her advances harder.

Jan started kissing my neck. All of her moves had given me the reaction I was happy to have and would use to the best of my ability. Slowly, she trained her kisses lower and lower and eventually met what I was referring to. As her knees hit the floor and she knelt near the good stuff, her eyes widened.

“Fuck,” she gasped as she grasped me with both hands.

“Let’s gets some fun in a while before that dear,” I smiled down at her as I watched her fingers dance around me.

“I mean look,” she said as she placed her arm next to it. “Almost like from my elbow to my wrist. Cripes.”

“Well if you think it’s too much for you,” I started.

“Oh no. Whatever you’ve got I can take” she smiled. “Eventually.”

I looked into her eyes at the brief moment that we made eye contact. It wasn’t long before her attention focused back onto what she really seemed to want. There was a slight smile that stretched her lips a little as she lowered her head. Softly she kissed the head several times as if she was politely introducing herself. Then she did the same up and down the shaft. This simple and gentle touch was highly erotic. I couldn’t wait to see how her obvious sensuality would translate into love making.

Jan’s mixed nature amazed me. I believed her when she told me she didn’t have as much experience as she was implying earlier with her antics. She had become way too passionate and controlled not to be. Of course I started to wonder why the hell I was analyzing this so much.

“Oh sweetheart,” I gasped as her tongue and lips slowly ascended from the base to the top, and back down again.

“I love this,” Jan said as she worked her tongue and lips while gently rubbing her hand underneath.

Her fingers explored and very slowly one of them managed to make it between my cheeks. She giggled as she tickled my puckered hole. It was an odd sensation I had never experienced before. Just when I thought she was going to try to take that action a bit further, her fingers cupped my scrotum.

“You’re amazing,” I whispered.

“Is there nothing small on you?” she smiled as she cupped me.

But before I had a chance to react, her lips opened and she pressed them over my length. Closing her eyes, she moved her head up and down, with a slight moan. I couldn’t help notice that she seemed to enjoy it as much as I did. But in an instant she changed her moves once again.

“Ack!” she coughed and gagged after attempting to get me to tickle her throat.

“Hey it’s ok, take it easy dear.” I whispered.

“Just trying to make you feel the best I can,” Jan coughed.

“You already impress me more than you know,” I smiled. “Just be yourself.”

I know she was trying to impress me, thinking she wasn’t doing enough and wanted me to be happy. But if she is going to learn anything tonight that will be to be herself and just relax. Respect comes full circle when you know your own limitations. However I was becoming more concerned about my own so called thoughts. I was examining everything. I was becoming fond of Jan, or else I was now tame. I had one last question: When did this happen?

Because of the tickling of her fingers just about everywhere, and her soft gaze as her lips surrounded me, I didn’t take long to get back to what was really happening. There was a strange gaze as she looked at me. It was almost as if she really did have some budding feelings for me.

“Oh wow,” I gasped as she opened her mouth and wrapped her long tongue around my shaft, moving it up and down.

“So soft, but so much power in this, I love it,” Jan slurped. “It makes me crazy.”

“You want crazy?” I smiled as I quickly got up from under her.

“I want whatever you’ve got,” Jan smiled, “How wild can you fu…Ahhhh!”

Before she had a chance to finish her sentence, I reached down and grabbed her by the waist. Picking her up, I flipped her over upside down and held on tight. Her legs flopped on each side of my face. The quick move had smeared her wetness all over me. The sensation fired me up even more. I listened to her giggle even when my length hit the side of her face as I turned her into position. Holding on tight, I kissed her wet folds, and licked her entire opening. I found just the right spot and bathed her with attention. As soon as she got her bearings, she started in on me. I was amazed we were able to hold this position. But it was only a few moments before she bucked her hips and I had to let her down easy to avoid dropping her.

Gently I lowered her to the floor, and continued. Slowly and with careful attention I pleasured her like never before. I say that because later on she told me no one had done that for her before. Because of that I made it a point to do it often. Of course that statement gives hint to how this story really ends. But it seemed that me doing this was her weakness. One that she never knew she had. I would later wake in the morning to find her making breakfast, cleaning the kitchen and then mentioning several times how it gave her tears.

“I want you,” I whispered as I sat up from the floor a moment.

“Any way, every way, any time, and for as long as you want sweetheart,” she panted.

I had run up over the stairs to find some protection. But had not realized she had followed me right up there. I had come out of my bathroom only to turn around and see her lying on her back on my bed. I stopped at the edge of the bed and looked down at her. She touched one of her nipples gently as she softly licked a finger on her other hand. I had never in my life seen someone with such sensuality. Scooting over to the edge of the bed, she put her feet on the floor with her legs on each side of my body. Giving me my appendage the soft kisses she did earlier, she reached out and took the protection out of my hand. As she pulled away, she applied it with care, then scooted back on the bed again.

“All yours,” Jan moaned as she gently rubbed between her legs.

I knew I had to take it easy for a while. Crawling onto the bed I pressed my weight onto her. She embraced me, and spread her legs as we kissed. Looking into her eyes, I slowly went home. I watched as her mouth opened got wider, and then smiled. I was very slow at first because I had noticed how tightly she had grabbed me. It was obvious that her experience had been limited. But as I kissed her medium sized breast I remembered her comment about working me hard. That would probably not happen this time. As I heard her soft and sensual moans, I felt so strongly that I was exactly where I needed to be. It was a strange sensation I was feeling. Where it had been just sex in all my encounters over the past several years, or even as I had felt drunk as hell one night, a major plowing, this was different. For Jan, we would make love. It was then that I felt her tighten, over and over, rhythmic and slow.

“So wonderful,” Jan sighed with her eyes closed.

Her hands grasped me from behind, and pushed inward on me, seemingly faster than I was going. As I moved faster, she pressed faster again until her moans were as fast and as steady as a machine gun. I didn’t want to just blurt out the comment to her, but it had been a long time since I had felt such tightness around me. She grabbed me, and not just with her hands. As she clenched her nails into me, it only made me more determined to pleasure her. Before I could kiss her, she wailed and bucked wildly underneath me. Her sensuality had turned briefly primal. I thought she might want to stop until she pushed me into her again. I looked into her eyes and she latched onto me with her lips. I explored her soft skin with my hands.

I was excited and it seemed like I never wanted this to end. It was as if I could not possibly get enough. I began kissing her all over. From her neck to her breast, down to her abdomen, and even her hands I reveled in the beauty named Jan. I buried my tongue in her young womanhood until she nearly screamed with joy. I loved every spec of her soft, young, and sensual body. I had even acted a little hungry. It may have seemed a little too aggressive, but it made Jan turn and make good on her statement from earlier.

Just as I had come up for a breather, Jan quickly moved to the side, panting heavily. She shook her head from side to side with her eyes half closed. Looking into my eyes, her gaze was primal. For a moment I actually felt a little timid.

“Lay down,” she said as she got up on her knees and pushed me to the bed.

“Oh fu…oh my God!” I gasped as she devoured me just for a moment.

Pressing my back into the bed, Jan climbed on top of me and grabbed my length, rubbing it on her wet warmth, just as she had mentioned earlier. Letting out a small giggle, she positioned me the right way and began to sit down. As I saw her mouth open wide as she was parted, I smiled widely. Slowly at first her hips moved around me. Because I had been so excited I had a difficult time holding on and needed to concentrate. I wanted to make this feeling last. It had been so long. Even when she moved faster I held. I wanted so much for her to have her time and moments. I felt young again when I looked into her eyes, even when they would roll back in her head over and over. However I was straining to hold on. She saw my struggle.

“Cum on me,” she panted as she flipped around and rested on her back.

I looked her over as I turned around and approached her on my knees. Her legs spread wide, I positioned between them. But quickly she reached down and pulled the protection off. Her soft fingers surrounded me as her fingers worked. I looked at her with amazement because she seemed to want this as much as anything else we had done.

“Are you sure?” I asked.

“All over me,” she panted.

Jan barely had time to finish what she said. It was more powerful than I had experienced in a long time. I suppose that’s why I grunted so loudly that I thought it startled her a bit. As I first exploded from her soft hand I felt more than just a release. I felt liberated. She had changed something in me. If this was her goal she had won. But I had also changed her. I heard her giggle as I finished what seemed to take forever, though I wasn’t complaining.

“Oh my God,” Jan giggled wildly, wiping her face.

I looked down at her and she was a mess. She laughed as she wiped her lips off with her fingers. I looked down to see that from her abdomen to her face there was strong evidence that I had really enjoyed that. I had not meant for it to be that expansive.

“Sorry,” I said softly as I crashed back on the bed.

“That was awesome,” Jan giggled as she looked at the end of her finger and gave it a little taste. “We need to work on your salt intake though.”

I turned to the side and looked at her still smiling and simply relaxing on her back as if she was trying her best to remember the moment. Or perhaps she was simply tired. Obviously we were both satisfied, but there was something more. I knew I would want her again, but there was a new feeling within that thought of looking for the next time. I really wanted to spend time with her. I wondered at that moment if it was even possible, and thought that there was a good chance this was a onetime event.

But something inside me became hopeful of a continuance more than just physical. I smiled as I thought of the possibilities. However as it turned out, she was either reading my mind or thinking the same thing anyway. We talked a while because she didn’t have any immediate interest in cleaning up. We discussed a little about the fun we had, and she even thanked me for all of my kind words and being straight with her. She had told me it meant a great deal to her and she understood now that she was a real person with many possibilities.

“Seems we have good conversations,” I smiled.

“I like talking to you too,” she smiled. “A lot. I feel like I could talk to you about anything. It’s so strange really.”

“Kinda natural,” I said, “It is weird. Let’s have dinner tomorrow, and maybe do something fun.”

“Not before I make you breakfast, low salt of course,” she smiled.

“Sounds great,” I smiled, “Come take a shower? Let me help clean the damage.”

“Ok but I can’t promise I’ll behave in there,” she smiled.

“Me either,” I smiled.

“Thank you,” Jan smiled as she stood up, “For everything.”

“Thank you dear,” I smiled.

I turned to go into the bathroom and heard her following me. As I turned the water on I felt her soft fingers on my back. Her head rested on me as I waited for the water. I smiled widely knowing that I was starting to develop feelings for her. But my thoughtful bliss was interrupted again, with skill only she could possess.

“Am I going to be able to make you my boyfriend or what?” Jan said, “Exclusive and all that?”

“Depends,” I grinned.

“On what?” Jan asked.

“On how good your breakfast is” I laughed.

“You are an ass, you know that,” Jan laughed as she pinched mine.

“Kidding dear “, I said. “Sorry.”

“It’s ok,” Jan said, “You can service me after breakfast.”

“Depends on how good it is,” I laughed, “I might not have the energy.”

“You’re going to pay for that, believe me.” Jan said.

“Probably, but it was worth it,” I laughed.

I did pay for it, and gladly. But I suppose that’s another story…

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