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I Ate the Milk and Cookies

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It was the day before Thanksgiving. Denise was happy that the four-day school break was finally here. It had been a rough last few weeks trying to get her high school students to comprehend the World History material. She looked forward to dinner with the family the next day, and then lots of holiday shopping!

After dinner and a little television, Denise went up to her bedroom, changed into her favorite pink nightie, brushed her shoulder length brown hair, and decided she would check her school e-mail before going to sleep. She turned on her laptop, lay down on the bed on her stomach and clicked on her e-mail, scrolling through all the usual announcements and reminders and ads.

One e-mail caught her attention; she had never seen it before, and didn’t recognize the sender…the subject read:

“Magical Holiday Discounts – Only For Teachers!”

“Wow….” Denise exclaimed, “It’s nice to see someone giving us something for a change!” And she clicked on the message, curious to see what kind of discounts they were offering…

The click was a link to a website, entitled “Extra Credit…Super Savings for Special Teachers!” and there were dozens of holiday items shown, row after row of holiday decorations, gifts, and apparel. The prices were simply amazing, and the website even offered free next day shipping! Denise felt lucky to have been selected to receive the link to this site, as she clicked on a few items she thought she might like.

Her excitement started to wane just a bit, however, when each item she clicked on said “Sold Out”. “Oh well…” Denise muttered, “I’ll just check some others…with prices this low it’s no wonder…” But every item she clicked on said the exact same thing: “Sold Out.”

Denise was getting just a bit weary as she neared the bottom of the page. As she did, her eyes were drawn to a long-sleeved shirt she had never seen before…. it was red, and the lettering on the shirt was, “I Ate the Milk and Cookies”.

Denise giggled at the funny saying. “Okay, I’m SURE they’re all sold out too, but what the hell…” And she clicked on the picture of the shirt.

“Quantity Remaining: 1”

Denise’s fingers whizzed across the keys. In a matter of seconds, she had added the item to her shopping cart, went to the checkout, entered all of her information, her address, credit card, measurements for sizing, scrolled down through a standard disclaimer, and clicked “I agree, finalize my order”. Her confirmation number popped up, she turned off her computer, and bounced happily on her bed like a little girl on Christmas Eve. “It’s mine, it’s mine, the last shirt is mine!”

Thanksgiving Day was a very relaxing and fun day spent at her parents’ house with all of her family and lots of delicious food. Denise’s grandmother had baked some yummy chocolate chip cookies, and while everyone else was eating pumpkin pie, Denise went and poured herself a nice tall glass of cold milk and dunked her cookies in it happily. Her fortunate purchase from the night before was still in her thoughts as she blissfully munched on the cookies. Without realizing it, the eager young teacher had devoured every last crumb of the entire batch of cookies!

That night, full of turkey and cookies, Denise slept like a baby.

The next morning, Denise was awakened by a knock on her door. Wearily trudging down the stairs in her nightie, rubbing her eyes, Denise walked to the door and glanced through the peephole. No one was there.

She opened the door, and her eyes widened in excitement at the beautifully wrapped package that had been left on her front porch! Denise knelt down and picked it up, admiring the shiny paper, colorful ribbon and large bow it had been wrapped with. She ran inside with it to the kitchen counter, breathless, and although she normally opened presents carefully, to save the paper, this time her excitement could not be contained as she ripped it open.

As soon as she opened the box, her senses were overwhelmed by the most wonderful smell of freshly baked cookies! Denise giggled as she lifted up the shirt, admiring it, it looked even better than it did on the website. Also in the box was a shiny red apple, with a note pinned to it, “For a Special Teacher”, and also a card.

Denise could not wait. “I have to put this on right now…gosh, I hope it fits!” She pulled her nightie off, the only item of clothing she was wearing, tossing it aside as she grabbed the new shirt and pulled it over her head quickly. It was perfectly snug all around, like it was made just for her! Denise dashed to the bathroom to check it out in her full-length mirror. She stood there, admiring how well it fit, staring there for several minutes before she finally snapped herself out of her reverie. The cookie aroma was still lingering on the shirt as she trudged back to the kitchen and back to the open box.

The apple was absolutely perfect looking, Denise thought as she slid the note off it and took a large bite of the juicy apple. It was then that she noticed the card in the box and picked it up. It read:

“Milk and Cookies…a new bakery featuring the most scrumptious goodies…Now Open in time for the Holidays!” There was an address; Denise recognized it right away, as it wasn’t very far at all from the high school she taught at! ‘I wonder why I hadn’t seen it before…’ Denise thought as her tummy rumbled slightly.

“Gosh, I’m really hungry….” Denise thought as she skipped up the stairs towards the bedroom…”guess I should stop somewhere on the way to the mall and get something to eat…” and the words from the card floated into her mind again. ‘Of course, I’ll check out this new bakery! I’ll grab something there and then I’ll be ready to shop!’ she thought as she pulled on her favorite pair of jeans and slipped on a pair of low black heels, which were surprisingly comfortable, even for a day spent walking around the mall. She slipped a clip in her hair to hold it up, a pair of pretty red earrings to match her shirt, and a soft pink lipstick, then skipped back down the stairs, grabbing her purse, the apple, and the card as she headed happily out the door.

Denise continued to munch on the apple as she drove into town, as she passed the school she looked to her right and saw it…a small building, fairly plain looking from the front, with a generous parking area in the back. Denise’s first thought as she turned off the road down the lane to the bakery was that it seemed a rather large parking lot for such a small building! She pulled around the back, and sure enough, there was the sign…”Milk and Cookies”….

Denise parked next to a line of four other cars that were already there, towards the back part of the lot. She finished the last of her apple as she got out and walked to the front door of the little shoppe. The moment she opened the door…. she was greeted with the exact aroma she had experienced when she had opened the box, only ten times more powerful…. her curious eyes quickly wandered all around the inside as she stepped in, drinking in the wonderful scent.

The bakery was painted in bright, warm colors, with large prints on the walls of glasses of milk and chocolate chip cookies. A long counter that stretched all the way from the left wall to the right bisected the inside across. There were seats similar to barstools all along the counter, but in keeping with the theme of the place, the seats looked like cookies perched on top of tall glasses of milk. It reminded Denise of an ice cream parlor she had visited often when she was a young girl. Behind the counter there was a few feet of space, with a cash register, empty glasses and cookie trays…. behind that was a solid glass wall, which was tempered somehow so as not to be transparent; Denise figured the kitchen, the source of the wonderful smells, must be behind the glass.

The whole atmosphere was a bit surreal, almost like something out of a Willy Wonka fantasy, and the lingering cookie scent was so strong it felt to Denise like a thick fog. As she finished scanning her surroundings, a figure emerged from behind the wall, a cheery-looking blonde girl with a long ponytail and dressed in a bright and somewhat short baker’s outfit, with a low cut top and a short skirt and long socks and heels, all in white with pink stripes.

“Why, if it isn’t Denise Miller, my favorite History teacher….!” the girl bubbled as she approached the counter.

Denise gasped a bit in surprise, blinking as she looked at the girl, trying to figure out where she knew her from…”Umm…. Cindy…Cindy Whitmore?” Cindy had been a student of hers several years before, she was probably 19 or so now, Denise guessed. She had been more of a ‘goth’ girl in high school, with few friends and a bit of a sour attitude, which hadn’t exactly endeared her to any of her teachers, Denise included. She was a smart girl, though, and never had any problems passing any of her classes. In her saucy get-up, her hair now blonde instead of black, she seemed the exact opposite of the girl Denise had taught a few years before. Which would explain why she didn’t recognize her at first….

“Yep, it’s me! I’m glad you remember me! What do you think of my little bakery here?” Cindy smiled as she pulled up a stool on her side of the counter.

“It’s…it’s…this is your place?” Denise asked in amazement.

“Sure is…have a seat…doesn’t it just smell heavenly?” Cindy replied as Denise slid up on one of the stools. “I always loved milk and cookies growing up, and one day I thought, why not open a place that serves only milk and cookies? And they’re the finest milk and cookies anywhere, if I do say so myself…” Cindy winked as she reached out for Denise’s apple core she was still holding…”I’ll take that for you if you want.”

“Huh…ohh yeah…thanks…” Denise handed it over, the cookie fog becoming quite distracting at this point.

“I love your shirt, Denise! I need some of those to sell in here!” Cindy exclaimed as she looked it over, giggling as she repeated the saying on its front.

“Oh…this was…I found it…online…somewhere…you like it…?” Denise asked. She beamed excitedly, glad Cindy had noticed it so quickly.

“Oh I love it…and it suits you well, sweetie…” Cindy replied.

“Thanks! I was so excited when I found it! It was the last one they had…and it fits so perfectly! And you wouldn’t BELIEVE the deal I got on it…. just for being a teacher!” Denise gushed.

“Well you deserve it, sweet Denise…I always thought you were such a wonderfully sweet girl to me when I was in your class…!” Cindy smiled, with just a hint of mischief in her eyes that Denise failed to pick up on.

“Thanks…so…I’m really hungry…ummm…”

“Oh, of course! You want your milk and cookies, don’t you, Denise?”

“Please…” Denise breathed.

“Well sit right there, I’ll be right back!” Cindy grabbed a tall empty glass and an empty cookie tray and disappeared behind the wall. A few minutes later, she emerged with a full glass of milk and a tray full of cookies. She sat the milk in the middle of the counter, grabbed one of the cookies, dunked it quickly in the milk, and slid it over in front of Denise’s waiting and eager mouth. “Now just relax and enjoy…” Cindy said as Denise licked her lips and opened her mouth, letting Cindy slide the cookie in so she could take a bite.

“Mmmmm….. mmmmmm….. MMMMMMM…..” Denise closed her eyes as she savored the most delicious taste she had ever experienced. “That’s…. the best…. cookie…. ever…. mmmmmm….. Mmmmm….” she took another bite…tasting the milk and the cookie together…”and the milk…. so delicious….” she leaned forward a bit and gobbled the rest of the cookie out of Cindy’s hand.

Denise was breathing a bit faster; her face was a bit flushed as she repositioned herself on the chair, kneeling on the stool to get a bit closer to the heavenly plate of cookies.

Cindy’s smile got a little wider. “I think Denise likes my milk and cookies! Does she want more?” Cindy said teasingly.

“Yes! Please! They’re so yummy….” Cindy grabbed another cookie off the tray, and Denise was so eager to get at it that she almost fell off the stool, catching herself just in time, as Cindy laughed and Denise turned red with embarrassment.

“Now now…we can’t have you getting hurt…you’re much too valuable…so many depending on you…” Cindy muttered. She reached down and picked up a large round serving tray and placed it on the counter. “Why don’t you come up here on the counter…. you can sit on the tray here so you won’t slide off…and you can have all the cookies you want…that is what you want, isn’t it, Denise?” Cindy’s voice had taken on a slightly sultry tone.

“Uh huh…. more cookies…” Denise reached up, letting Cindy help her up and onto the large tray, which did seem to be a lot more stable than kneeling on the stool. Cindy smiled as she offered Denise another milk-dunked cookie…and another…and another…

Denise’s eyes were closed again; she was truly in heaven as Cindy fed her cookie after cookie. Her expression had gone a bit slack, her breathing quick as her thoughts drifted, her chest straining a bit against her shirt.

Cindy smiled as she reached for yet another cookie, dipping it in the milk and offering it to Denise’s lips. As soon as Denise felt the sweet milk her mouth would open and she would take another bite. Then Cindy leaned over and whispered into Denise’s ear…”You know, Denise, what they say is true….”

“What’s…that…”? Denise breathed.

“You are…what you…eat…” Cindy slowly replied as her finger traced around the top of Denise’s shirt. “See, it even says so on your shirt…!”

“Huh…it does…no…what…it says…I ate…the milk and cookies….” Denise’s mind was struggling through the delicious fog the cookies had her in, trying to make sense of Cindy’s last statement…

Cindy grinned devilishly as her finger slid down Denise’s shirt a bit…tracing across the word ‘ate’ as she did… “Maybe you should look at your shirt again, sweetie…”

Denise opened her eyes, rubbing them as she looked down at her chest… “It says…I…am…no, that’s not right…” She rubbed them again, as Cindy chuckled…the ‘t’ and ‘e’ on her shirt had somehow been replaced by an ‘m’….

“What does it say, sweet girl…?” Cindy pressed the question again.

Denise stared at her shirt. ‘It must be the cookies…they’re messing with my head…’ she thought as she rubbed her eyes again. But it was clear as day as she read the words again, this time out loud…

“I am…the milk…and cookies…. I am…the milk…and cookies….” Denise repeated.

“Of course you are dear…of course you are….” Cindy giggled as she fed Denise another milk-drenched cookie. It had taken all of Denise’s faculties to cut through the fog and read her shirt clearly, and now the fog settled back over the exhausted teacher as she closed her eyes again, enjoying the warm delicious cookie, licking her lips, making sure she savored every last crumb.

As Cindy reached for another cookie with her right hand, her left hand returned to the kneeling Denise’s shirt… “Why, right here is the milk…” And her fingers slid over the word ‘milk’ which Denise hadn’t realized was directly over her right breast…Denise gasped as she felt a tingle in her nipple the instant Cindy’s finger pressed against it. The tingle quickly spread throughout the rest of her breast, a full feeling Denise had never felt before as her breast swelled, pressing against the material of the shirt. Cindy’s fingers slid to the other side and repeated the same movement over the word ‘and’ over her left breast with the same reaction, as Denise let out a soft moaning sound.

Cindy grinned. “What a naughty girl…going out without a bra on…but it makes it easier for me…to get to my milk…” Her hands kneaded Denise’s breasts through the material as they continued to respond, her nipples at full attention, her breasts full and swollen like never before. Cindy reached for another cookie, dipping it in the glass of milk and offering it to the panting teacher, who gobbled it up in one bite.

Cindy was ecstatic inside, though she tried not to show it; this teacher had made things ridiculously easy for her so far. Her fingers slid down Denise’s shirt, to the bottom, and then under, caressing Denise’s cookie-filled tummy. She reached back with one hand behind the entranced teacher and easily slid off her red heels, carefully placing them to the side on another empty plate.

Cindy then grabbed another cookie, dipping it in the milk and holding it against Denise’s waiting lips as her left hand slid to the top of Denise’s jeans. She easily unsnapped them and slid down the zipper, overjoyed to discover that in Denise’s haste to get going this morning she had forgotten her panties as well…this was going too well! Denise happily munched away at her cookie, her arms hanging limply at her sides, as Cindy’s hands went to the sides of Denise’s jeans and slid them down slowly to her knees, then gently guiding them around her knees and off. She took an admiring glance at Denise’s perfectly bare pubic region, smiling again as she realized she wouldn’t have to waste any time shaving her.

Cindy neatly folded Denise’s jeans and placed them on the tray with her heels. She picked up another cookie and dunked it in the glass of milk before feeding it to her mindless quarry. The fog had completely enveloped Denise’s mind now; there were no thoughts of shopping, or teaching, or anything else other than the pleasurable feelings each cookie brought to her. Cindy’s left hand slid down Denise’s stomach lightly, finding her soft, warm, thick outer labia and sliding her fingers inside as she leaned close to Denise to whisper, “And here are the cookies…”

“Ohhhhh…” Denise moaned softly as Cindy easily slid her thighs open and gently opened her up. The fog intensified as her breathing came in gasps, timed with each caress of her moist vagina. Cindy hadn’t even touched her clit yet, but it didn’t matter, as Denise’s body trembled and shook, her back arching, moaning, overwhelmed by the combination of the amazingly delicious cookies and the intense sexual stimulation.

Cindy watched Denise’s response as she held her thumb over Denise’s clit, watching the helpless teacher struggling in vain as the last of her free will was disappearing. Cindy leaned down close to Denise’s ear and started to whisper again.

“I thought you’d be easy, Denise…but I would have never thought you would be THIS easy….” Cindy taunted as she kept her left hand in position inside Denise’s warm moist vagina. “I’ve been imagining this day ever since high school…your insatiable curiosity led you right here to me…” Cindy caressed Denise’s face and hair with her right hand and fingers as Denise opened her dazed eyes to look at her. “You just couldn’t resist the temptations could you…the special deal on my magical shirt…” Cindy reached her hand down and pulled the shirt over Denise’s head. “Or that juicy apple, filled with a special potion…” Cindy’s fingers traced down Denise’s front slowly, admiring her bare breasts that were firm and full, “Or my irresistibly delicious COOKIES…” And Cindy’s thumb pressed down hard on Denise’s waiting clit. She gasped as her body convulsed and climaxed, a feeling more powerful than any orgasm in her life….

Cindy slowly withdrew her hand from Denise’s pussy. She held it up in front of Denise’s face. There was something in her hand…

…A warm, delicious, freshly baked cookie. Cindy smiled as Denise dazedly looked at the cookie…licking her lips and opening her mouth. Cindy smiled at her as she picked up the glass of milk and drank the rest of it. She then held it under Denise’s right breast, and pressed Denise’s nipple with her thumb. Instantly milk began to flow out of it into the glass. Cindy let it fill up about half a glass full and then let go of Denise’s nipple, as the flow stopped instantly. Denise stared ahead placidly, her mouth still open waiting for her next cookie, her eyes glassy, her breathing settling down, as Cindy dipped the warm, fresh cookie into the glass of Denise’s own milk and held it close to her mouth.

“The transformation is almost complete, my sweet little morsel…all you have to do is eat this one last cookie…it’s all yours…” Cindy giggled at the literal meaning of what she just said.

Somewhere in Denise’s mind something was desperately trying to tell her this was wrong, all wrong, horribly wrong, that she had to stop before it was too late…

…But it was too late. The allure of the cookie was far too much as Denise leaned forward, of her own free will for the last time, and inhaled the cookie. Her breathing slowed and became regular as her eyes slowly closed. Cindy smiled quietly and triumphantly as she whispered, “It’s done…you’re mine forever now.”

Cindy left Denise’s side, taking a glance out the front window to make sure there was still no one around. She knew there wouldn’t be…after all she had just opened her bakery and no one else knew about it. Not yet.

She danced quietly back behind the counter, putting away her magical shirt as she tapped a hidden button underneath the counter. The glass on the wall behind her hummed a bit as it slowly began to lower…

If Denise hadn’t been in her entranced state, and her eyes had been open and alert, she would have been in total shock at what she would be seeing now. Behind the glass were four identical pedestals. The bodies of three other women, each in the exact same pose as Denise, occupied three of them. There was a placard below each one with a name and a date engraved on it. Denise would have recognized the names and the faces, as each woman was another teacher Cindy had had in high school.

There was Kelly, her pretty blonde English teacher; Ximena, her dark haired Spanish instructor; and Lisa, her red-haired Home Ec teacher, who had been the inspiration for Cindy, as she had been teaching Cindy how to bake cookies one day in class. Cindy had always had a fascination with magic, and a craving for research that if her teachers had known about they would have envied. As she lifted Denise on her tray, placing her on the fourth pedestal to complete her magical collection, Cindy glanced across at the letter she would be sending to the school, identical to the others she had sent before, indicating that Denise would be transferring, far away from the school. She eased Denise down on her pedestal slowly, the plaque below already engraved:

Denise Miller


Cindy sighed contentedly, admiring her four ‘milk and cookie dispensers’ as she walked back to the counter and pressed the button. The glass rose once again, concealing the girls as they kneeled on their cookie trays. She walked over and put up the ‘Open’ sign for the first time. She thought about how the students would be flocking here in droves after school, enjoying the delicious milk and cookies, never knowing the source. She had one final thing to do: she picked up the phone and called the local radio station.

“Hi, this is Cindy, we spoke last week…Milk and Cookies…you can start running those ads now!”

“We’re open for business!”


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