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My Rig Bear

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Hey everyone! Thanks for checking out my story! It’s my first attempt at a story like this so I hope you won’t be too cruel after you read it! Everyone is legal and always play safe! 🙂

I’m sure there will be some mistakes as I wrote this in two days on my days off. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it!


“This place is a freaking dump.” I said, as I looked around my new accommodations. It was my first night in my new lodging and I had already started to wonder what I had gotten myself into.

About two months ago, I decided that I was going to get a job up in the oil patch of northern Alberta. I didn’t want to just get by anymore, and from the money I saw some of my friends making, I figured it was time I made my way up there.

I didn’t really want to work on the actual oil rigs so I decided to get my class one license, and all required tickets, so that I could drive the big trucks up there. I thought it would be fun – and to be honest, I have always had truck driver fantasies. After setting up all my stuff in my little room, I set out to explore my new temporary home. It was huge. Everywhere I looked there were people, trucks, and giant machines. Definitely out of my element considering my previous jobs, but I was excited to make a go of something new.

I decided to check out the cafeteria since I was starting to get a bit hungry. I walked in and eyed up my surroundings. There were sexy freaking men…everywhere. I knew I was going to be in trouble up here. It was taking all of my willpower to not stare at some of the guys. I’m out to all my friends and family, but people don’t generally know that about me and are typically surprised when they find out that I prefer guys. All I wanted to do up here was fit in – so I decided I needed to be smart about being up here.

As I was walking up to the salad bar I was keeping my head down for two reasons. First, I’m seriously shy and nervous to the point of ridiculousness in new situations. Second, the more I looked at my feet, the more chance I had of not being busted staring at some of the handsome specimens of masculinity that were surrounding me. That’s when it happened. I ran right into him. “Hey buddy, watch out huh?” I looked up, and trust me I had to look up, and I was floored. He had to be about 6’6, 270 lbs, and by the chest hair sticking out the top of his shirt – he was a furry fella. With a nervous laugh I said, “Sorry man, first day up here and still getting my bearings.” He nodded politely and made his way to a group of guys who were loud and animated, and clearly having a really good day!

I grabbed some food and found a table off to the side. I made sure that I sat in a position that I’d be able to watch him and his friends. Since I was so nervous about being up here, it was cool to see that people were capable of having a good time up here. Gave me something to look forward to.

The next morning I woke up and remembered his face. He never told me his name, but I heard his buddies calling him Jay. I brushed my teeth, had a shower, grabbed my coveralls and hardhat and made my way to the worksite. I loved it. I was making amazing money for the first time in my life and I was enjoying the work I was doing. No more office with a tie – I was out in the bush driving truck and by the end of the day I was covered in dust, mud, sweat, and well, more dust. It turned out that my joy of the job at hand was short lived though.

“We gotta find something else for you to do Mike.” my boss said, “Today is actually the last day of the project.”

I’m sure he noticed my face kinda drop – I just got up here and I didn’t want to go home already.

“Don’t’ worry though, I already got something else lined up for you. You’ll be driving a crew van. Be up at the same time tomorrow and you’ll be taking a rig crew to their lease site.”

“Thanks Clint! I really didn’t want to leave as soon as I got here so I’ll help out where ever I can!”

I was just happy to not be going home. There was nothing there for me. Don’t get me wrong, I have a great group of friends there, but no work with advancement, and nobody to share my bed with. I’d plug along doing whatever to reach my goals.


The next morning I was up at 4am. I cleaned up and went to my bosses office where he told me what Van I was to be driving, what rig I was to be working for, and where I had to take the guys.

As Clint handed me the keys he said, “They are a good group of guys, Mike. I had to drive them for the last week since I couldn’t find anyone. Just be on time. They bitch a lot if they are going to be late arriving. Just don’t speed. Your ass will get sent home so fast your head will spin.” He looked quite serious, so I took it that way.

I pulled up in front of the cafeteria and filled out my necessary paperwork and waited. By about 5:45am, I had a knock at the window. A friendly face was smiling and he was motioning me to roll my window down.

“Hey! Is this the crew van to the Akita rig?” he asked.

“Awe shit man, I forgot to put up my sign on the van to help you guys out! My first day on this job and I’ve already dropped the ball!” I laughed and motioned for him to hop in.

As more and more guys piled into the van I realized there was a hierarchy to the seating arrangement. The lowest ranked guys say in the very back of the van and the person who sat in the front with me was the Driller. These guys started to look familiar to me. I instantly got nervous. They were the guys I’d been checking out at the cafeteria the night before, being all rowdy and having a good time!

The guys started to complain about the Driller being late. I looked up and cracked a huge grin. I see him coming towards the van, with his huge frame, hopping on one foot trying to get his coveralls on, with a bagel hanging out of his mouth.

“Fuck fuck fuck I slept in again! Sorry fellas!” he said with a look of slight embarrassment.

I looked at them all in the rearview mirror and said, “Well guys, I’m your new chauffeur, Mike, and I’ll be driving the van here for ya!”

I hoped I could learn all their names, but they were so relaxed they didn’t mind if I had to ask again just to be sure. Didn’t take long for the guys to start just shooting the shit while I got them where they needed to go. It was about a 45 minute trip and it was great. They were all piping up introducing themselves. There was Chris, Craig, Tye, Brent, Kyle, and last but not least, Jay – the driller who I found I was already crushing on.

We got to the rig site with a bit of time to spare. They all got out of the Van and went into the room next to the doghouse to get ready for their day. Everyone but Jay. He just sat there kinda looking a bit zoned out.

“Goddamn man. I hate it when I sleep in. Totally fucks up my day.” he complained.

I looked over right away and said, “Well at least it looks like you got some sleep! I’m sure you’ll have a really good day!”

I instantly regretted saying it. I felt like I was far too peppy and he looked at me a bit cockeyed. He gathered up his stuff and got out of the van.

“Thanks, Mike!” he said with a wink.

Good lord. I thought I was going to faint. This big tall burly bearish guy paid some attention to me. Honestly, I don’t find I get too much attention – well at least the sexual kind. I get more sexual attention from girls than guys, so pairing that up with being really shy, I’ve been single for quite a while.

I started to fill out my paperwork and sat in the van. I had to sit there for quite a while. I wasn’t allowed to leave because I had to stay there in case of an emergency.

“Twelve hours of this,” I thought to myself, was going to make for a very long day.

Watching the guys work made it easier. They were completely different on the lease site as to how they were in the caf. They were business. They knew that if they weren’t on top of their game at all times that someone could get hurt, and you could see these guys were more than friends – they were family. I felt out of place sometimes. They had hard demanding work and I was just a glorified chauffeur, but they treated me like one of them. It was nice to feel like I belonged. It had been a while since I had felt like that.

After a few days I got a knock on the window. It was Jay standing there kinda sheepishly.

“Hey Mike, did you want to come in and join us for some lunch?” I was nervous. He was so handsome and his blue eyes were the friendliest I’d ever seen. How could I say no?

Finally I said, “Sure man! Beats sitting in the van just reading!”

Jay looked at my dash and say the third book in the Game of Thrones series.

“Holy man! I love those books! Once you’ve finished the fourth book lets talk cause I’ve read them all and none of the guys here really read!” he exclaimed with a big grin on his face.

I went in and the guys were all glad to see I had come in. I found out that none of the previous drivers would join them and it didn’t sit well with the rig crew. It made them feel like the driver thought they were better than them. They were glad to see I wasn’t like the other guys.

All afternoon I’d peek up from my book and I’d swear I was catching Jay looking at me all the time with a smile on his face. If I wasn’t seated already I’m sure my legs would have turned into putty.

Finally the end of the day arrived. I felt bad to be honest. They got into the van and were hot, sweaty, and dirty. Then there’s me. I’m in clean coveralls and haven’t pretty much done a thing all day. Jay got into the front seat last and just melted into the seat. He fell asleep almost instantly. I looked in the rearview and the other guys were a lot more sombre than they were in the morning. I guess working your ass off at a physically demanding job can wear you out a bit! Not long after we left, Jay seemed to perk up a bit and became a bit chatty when he saw the other guys were all sleeping.

I found out that he was also from British Columbia, but far more north. He came from a big family where he was the youngest. He was pretty open about it and I really liked being able to chat with him and his smile continuously made me melt. My smile got even wider when he asked if I wanted to go for supper with him, since the other guys were going to go straight to bed.

I wasn’t really used to camp food just yet. I found it gave me an upset stomach. We walked up to the counter and I had some chicken and salad. I figured I’d be safe with that. Jay walked up and had a little of everything, and I mean everything. His plate was piled so high! He worked it off during the day. I could tell from his frame that he got more than enough exercise being out on the rig. It didn’t matter though. I liked the look of him thick. The conversation got a bit sparse as Jay was shovelling it in. I giggle a bit when I saw the pizza sauce on his chin. He realized what I was laughing at and blushed while he wiped his face with his sleeve.

He looked at me and said, “I like your laugh. I’m glad they assigned you to our rig.” I am pretty sure I turned 5 shades of red with that comment. Once we were finished supper we put out trays away at the back and left the large room.

“So have you been watching the Game of Thrones TV show on HBO at all?” he blurted out.

“Well,” I responded “I missed the last few episodes before I came up here so I’m not quite current, but I really like where they are going with it!”

It turned out that he had downloaded the last three episodes to bring up with him to watch on his down time. We went out for a smoke talking and agreed that the next day we would meet up again after I dropped them off, grab a snack, then watch the show in the lounge.


I showed up right on time the next morning to pick the guys up. This time was different. Jay was the first person to arrive. He told me he had a really good sleep and was ready to start the day. I had gotten up a bit early and grabbed breakfast for the guys. I knew that they liked their sleep and figured they might not have time if they didn’t wake up early enough. Let me tell ya – I became instantly popular. The guys took their eggs, fruit, and bacon and started eating up like crazy. There were hoots and hollers and it looked like their day had started off properly.

As they were all leaving to go get changed, Jay doubled back and tapped on my window. I rolled and down and smiled.

“Uhm…I wasn’t sure if you had breakfast or not, so I grabbed you a bagel when I grabbed one for myself before I left.” God he was so shy it was adorable. He smiled at me and left immediately.

I found a place to park and got into my book. Jay and the guys always wanted me to park over by the smoking area so they could come over and chat with me on their quick breaks! I had to say, I was loving this job. The money was terrific and the guys were great, and I got to stare and my beefy eye candy as much as I wanted to.

The day ended quickly because I was really looking forward to watching the show after my shift! I became a big fan of it after reading the books and seeing how closely the show had followed the books – so far. Driving back, the guys wanted to listen to some music – but in the middle of nowhere, we only had AM and it was pretty fuzzy. I quickly remembered that I had brought my FM adapter for my iPhone and gave it to Jay to plug in some music. We listened to some Pink Floyd, Black Keys, and mixed it up with some Hank Williams Jr. It was great. It really relaxed everyone and made everyone happy!

I dropped them off in the exact same spot.

“So I’m thinking we should meet up in about 45 minutes and we can grab supper and head to the lounge! Hows that sound?” Jay said with a goofy smile on his face.

“Sure!” I said. “This is gonna be sweet!”

Jay smiled and me and walked off to his bunkhouse. I parked the van and went and got all showered up and changed into some normal clothes. When I got to the cafeteria, I thought I would pass out. Here’s this big tall handsome fella. He was wearing sexy blue jean shorts, a wifebeater with a open red plaid shirt, and white DC shoes. He just made my heart melt when he greeted me with his smile. We went in and loaded up. I grabbed some juice, veggies, and a sandwich. Jay grabbed a salad and some chicken.

“It looked really good when you had it last night.” He said with a nervous smile.

We went to the lounge and my heart sank. I looked around and it was packed. There was a UFC match on. GSP Vs. Nick Diaz. The place was a gong show. We looked at each other and knew it wasn’t gonna happen.

“No problem man.” Jay piped up, “I have a TV in my room so we can just go watch it there if you’re cool with that!”

“Sure! I’m kinda stoked to see whats happened! I’d watch it outside if I had to, which says something, considering the amount of black flies and mosquitos all over the place.

I walked in and was shocked. I could tell he had been in this room for quite a while. It was neat and tidy, but personalized – including a rather large TV!

We sat on the floor next to his bed and he stuck the USB flash drive into the TV and selected the first episode. We were sitting there watching and I was totally into it, but I was a bit distracted. The whole time we were watching, Jays leg was kinda touching mine. I say kinda because his leg wasn’t actually touching mine – but his leg hair kept brushing mine and it would send shivers down my spine.

When the first episode ended, we cleaned up from our supper and went outside for a smoke break. I asked him more about himself and he filled me in. Turned out that he was a lot younger than I thought. I’m 31 and he’s 20. He started working the rigs about 2 years ago and worked his way up from lease hand and worked his butt off to get where he was at. It was nice to see another person who had goals and ambition. I still wasn’t sure if he was gay – although I was starting to feel like at the very least he was curious. I really didn’t want this to be just another straight guy blow and go. I’d done that a few times and found out it wasn’t for me.

“Fuck man! My shoulders are just killing me!” Jay complained as we walked back into his room. “Not to be weird, but I’ll seriously pay you to punch at my shoulders” he said with a laugh. The thought of me rubbing his shoulders made every nerve in my body just go crazy. I was nervous. I didn’t want to freak him out or anything if he realized that I was completely aroused by the thought. It was, however, something that I couldn’t pass up – and I’d been told that I give amazing massages. He turned sideways and kinda gave himself a shake to loosen up a bit. I started right to work. Just touching him sent electricity straight to my dick. I was doing everything to not get a boner right there, but I knew I was getting a semi. I could tell he was tense.

“Holy shit. Right there.” he said with a cringed look on his face.

I felt the knot. It was huge. I went to work on it. More than once and flinched and I felt the need to apologize.

“No pain no gain man, keep doing what you’re doing.” he said, even though I could tell it was hurting like a bitch.

I kept massaging his neck, shoulders and back for probably close to an hour. When I was done I rubbed down his back nice and light just to finish it off. He sighed a huge breath of relief. He leaned back into me a bit with a huge smile on his face and his pools of amazing blue eyes just sparkled. Something else caught my attention too. Jay was sporting some tenting in the front of his pants. He saw me notice and shifted immediately and looked really embarrassed.

“Well it looks like you really liked that massage huh?” I said with a cocky look on my face. “It’s been a long time since I had a massage man, I’m sure a monkey could have given me a massage and the same thing would have happened!” he said jokingly.

I know he didn’t mean it in a mean way, but I know he saw a slight look of disappointment in my eyes after he said it. “But I prefer it to be you to be honest.” he said leaning in an smelling my neck. “I’m sure monkey’s don’t smell nearly as good as you do.” I almost got all choked up and didn’t know what to say, which isn’t normal for me. When I’m comfortable around someone, I’m a natural talker and generally don’t lose my words – and trust me, I was comfortable around this guy. Almost too comfortable.

I wouldn’t exactly say that I was paranoid about being gay and working up in the oil patch, but I’m sure that most guys think about what happened to that poor Matthew Shepard while he was up north. I didn’t want that to happen to me. I didn’t really know Jay well enough to know if he was the type to possibly gay bash. He cleared that up pretty quickly when he leaned in again and smelled my neck again and nipped at my ear. I let out a slight moan.

“Ohhhhh so your neck is a good place to start huh?” he said with a grin

“Shit man, I’m sure a monkey could kiss on my neck and it would get me going, it’s been so long.” I said with a bit of sarcasm in my voice and a wink in my eye.

He laughed and pushed me down to the ground and pinned my arms to the ground. I could tell from his jeans that he must have been experiencing some down right pain. I think that when I saw his tent earlier that he was only half hard and well, now he was fully hard. He leaned down to my face and gave me the lightest, most amazing kiss of my life. At first he just brushed his lips across mine and

rubbed our noses together. I looked up at him and smiled. I grabbed his face and leaned up and kissed him hard. When I finished I leaned back down on my elbows to look at him and see how he reacted, in case it was too much. It wasn’t. He leaned back down and assaulted me with little kisses all over my face and neck. We made out for so long that when I looked at the clock, I had a mini heart attack. It was already midnight and we had to be on the road at 5AM. I brought it to his attention and he groaned.

He knew we had to get to bed soon or we were gonna have a shitty day tomorrow. I got up to leave and he grabbed my arm and pulled me in for a kiss that almost made me want to spend the night, but I didn’t want to ruin it by fucking on the first time we hung out. I’d done that before and regretted it. He gave me one last kiss and I was on my way.

I got back to my bunkhouse and closed the door. I’ve never had my cock in my hand so fast. I took it out and saw the massive amount of precum I’d let go while we were making out. I was really glad that he didn’t see it – I’ve always been self-conscious about it. I’m a big and tall guy, and I like my dick. It’s average in my opinion, but it’s always worked well for me. I got in bed and sat down. I leaned forward and added a little spit to the precum. I grabbed my balls and started to massage them gently then roughly. I got tough nuts. I smacked my 6″ onto my other hand. God. Jay had made me close just by making out. I slid a finger between the foreskin and the head and I was slowly driving myself crazy. I laid back on my bed and started to work my dick slow. I was picturing myself making out with Jay and touching his hairy body and smelling his amazing scent. It was an perfect mixture of amazing clean, but also his natural man-scent. It was a total pheromone for me. It sent me over the edge. I blasted a load that hit my chest. The second one (always the biggest) landed on my face, and then rest just continued to paint my chest. I was so relaxed. I grabbed my boxers, wiped myself down and promptly fell right asleep.


Jay was waiting outside already when I got there. He had breakfast for both of us. I think I was starting to become smitten with him. He seemed to be always thinking of me. Throwing smiles my way whenever he saw me. It felt amazing to be getting such affectionate attention.

“Morning sunshine” he said while hopping in the car. He looked around and discreetly leaned over to gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and sat back in his seat looking quite pleased with himself! Tye and Chris were the first to show up.

“Jesus Jay! Whats with the change? I don’t think I’ve ever not seen you late as fuck every day we have ever worked together!” Chris said jokingly.

I think I started to blush immediately.

“I’ve just been sleeping better ya dickhead. I think I’ve finally managed to tune out your snoring from down the hall.” Jay threw back at him. They all laughed. These guys all gave as good as they got and it was fun to watch!

Jay and I continued to see each other every day and make out for the next week and a half. One day he came up to me totally excited.

“Looks like we all have a paid day off tomorrow!” I was sad and happy at the same time. I wasn’t sure if that meant I might get switched to another rig for the day. I didn’t want that. I wanted to hang out with the guys, most of all, Jay. I think he could see the worry in my face and responded immediately.

“ALL of us have the day off. You’re part of the family here! Since the safety inspection is going on after that guy got hurt on that other rig, they are halting work for the day, so all the rigs will be down for the day.

I was starting to feel good about him. I felt like it might not just be all about sex with him. I knew he wanted it, and I knew he knew I wanted it. He was just waiting for the right time and he wasn’t rushing me. I’ve never been happier.

“So what would you say to heading down to Fort Mac with us for the night?” he said with a nervous look in his eye.

“What? Like tonight?” I said worried about leaving camp and getting in trouble.

“Yeah tonight! It would be good to have a night out! The guys are all heading down that way and I told them we should bring you with us and they were all down!” he said with such an excited look on his face. How could I turn him down. Plus, I was starting to get a bit squirley from being in the bush.

“Count me in! When are we leaving?” I asked.

“Now!” he said excitedly! “go get changed and meet us here in a half hour! The consultant gave us his Chevy Tahoe and the boys are gonna tear that town apart!”

I came back with a backpack with some clothes and overnight stuff. I didn’t have any expectations, just plans on having a really good time, back out in society. We got into the really nice SUV and started to make our way. After going through security, the music started and windows were down and life was good. Jay was driving and the guys gave me shotgun since I was the one always driving them. They really knower how to make a guy feel welcome.

The drive was lasted about an hour and a half. It went by so fast I didn’t think we’d be there so soon! These were typical rig guys. The whole time we were driving down there they were regaling each other with stories of how drunk they were gonna get and the pussy they were gonna score. Seriously. Non-stop. We pulled up to a really nice hotel and parked. We went in and checked in. I didn’t think the prices of the hotel would be as expensive as they were. Everyone was getting solo rooms in anticipation of bringing someone home.

“I don’t mind splitting the cost with ya if you’re a bit short. These guys burn money faster than anyone I know, but I’m always down to save a few bucks” Jay said with a sheepish smile. Oh god. We were going to be sharing a room. We’d been ‘seeing’ each other for a few weeks now and I wasn’t sure I’d be able to hold back if came down to it.

We started off by going down to the bar in our hotel. I knew the night was just beginning. We saw Chris, Ty, Brent, and they started doing shots. I noticed Jay taking it easy nursing a beer, and the guys weren’t giving him an easy time about it, but in a good way. Joking with each other is what made them tight. The guys ordered a few appies to get food in their bellies to soak up some of the booze before they hit more bars – which I thought was a good idea. I didn’t wanna see anything bad happen to my guys. Me, being the type I am, made the guys all take down my number in case they needed help or anything. I saw Jay smile at me when I did it.

“You like to take care of people don’t ya?” he said with a smile.

“Well, you guys have been really good to me and I want to make sure everyone makes it home safe and sound.” I admitted timidly.

The guys started to settle their tabs and get ready to go.

“Hurry up bud” Kyle said to Jay. “we are heading out! You not coming?”

“Man, I’ve had so much camp food that I want to find a place that will serve up a decent meal and just relax. I don’t wanna get shit faced this time. Maybe we can all meet up later though!” Jay proposed.

Kyle looked over at me with a bit of a smile and agreed and the guys made their way out after leaving their waitress a ridiculous tip. The same waitress gave Brent her number so they could meet up later. They’d been flirting all night, so I knew he’d be having a good night for sure. Jay and I got up after everyone had left and settled our bills. Jay wouldn’t let me pay. It had been a long time since someone did that for me. I didn’t plan on letting him do that often, but in the moment I could tell it was something he really wanted to do. We started walking around town. He was walking like he knew where he was going – and I was glad of that because I didn’t know this town at all. He walked up to a place that looked decently fancy. A really nice steakhouse. I hadn’t had a decent steak since I’d come up here so I was all over it.

We walked in and were seated immediately. The waiter came over and provided us a wine menu and went on his way. We found some BC wines on the menu and decided to share a bottle of Blue Mountain reserve Cabernet Sauvignon. After we had looked at the menu, we both decided what to get. Jay ordered for both of us, which I found kind of romantic.

“I’m having a really good time Jay, I’m really glad you brought me with you.” I said appreciatively.

“….Jack.” he said quietly.

“Pardon me?” I replied a bit confused.

“Jack, my name is actually Jack. Jack Reed. I just go by Jay because my dad’s name is Jack too and it made it easier for my mom when she was calling for us.” he explained.

“Jack! I like it! Well, Jack, I’m still really glad that you brought me with ya.” I said with I’m sure the biggest, dumbest, goofiest smile ever seen. He had a huge smile on his face when he had finally told me. He liked being called by his real name when he was with someone, and it felt great that he wanted to spend time with me and call him by his true name.

When our good arrived I was stunned. Jay…err….Jack started to laugh. His steak was massive. I don’t think I’d ever seen one that big. I ordered a decent sized prime rib – but wow. His steak was the size of my face! They must have cooked it perfect cause he gobbled it up right quick. We chatted and flirted and the night was amazing. I was trying to be sneaky like a ninja and said I was going to the bathroom. Secretly, I found the waitress and picked up the bill. I went into the bathroom and whipped out my cock and took a much needed piss. As I was standing there I heard the door open behind me.

“Thought you were pretty smart picking up the tab, huh?” It was Jack and he was giving me the gears about sneaking the bill.

“Well, if you are gonna do stuff like that and pick up bills, you have to assume I’m going to do the same for you any chance I get.” I said with a bit of a smart ass grin. I was still pissing the whole time and he took the urinal next to me. I looked over and must have blushed because I saw him, in his much taller frame, looking down and checking out my dick.

“Nice!” he said with a bit of lust in his eyes.

“Jesus man! That’s not fair at all!” I cried out. I’m not short, I’m 6’2, but his extra 4″ of height definitely gave him an advantage.

“Oh? Is this what you wanted to see?” he said as he turned sideways and showed me his cock. Good. Lord. It wasn’t hard, and it was big. I’d say at least 5″ soft. Uncut just like me. I looked quickly and turned away, just as quickly. I didn’t want him to think I was a big slut, so I just played it down. He went back to taking his piss and became a bit shy. I think it was the booze but the liquid courage I developed helped me a long.

“You put it away so soon? I was just starting to a good look!” I said very nonchalantly.

He grinned and turned around again, but this time, it had gotten bigger. It wasn’t fully hard, but you could tell I managed to get the blood flowing. It was beautiful. It was perfect. I didn’t want to get busted looking at his dick in a public bathroom, so we finished up, washed our hands, and made our way back out onto the street. We were walking around when I started wondering what the other guys were up to!

Jack texted Chris to see where they were at. All he got back was a picture text of Chris burying his face in a strippers boobs. They were good. Everyone was having a great night it would appear. We went back to the hotel and decided to have a nightcap before we headed back upstairs. We found out that Tye was already back in his room passed right out – but safe. He did far too many shots and had to be put into a cab and sent back, where the hotel staff had to help him to his room. Brent said he was having a great time with Becky who had texted him, after her shift, and they met up at a local bar. We had a new server, Karen, and she was great – really friendly. She was a native lady probably in her mid-fifties.

“What will you have boys?” she said with a big smile.

I looked over at Jack and he nodded back wanting me to order first. “I’ll have a double of makers mark, no ice.” Jack looked surprised and told her to make it two! As Karen dropped our drinks off, she sighed and said, “why are the cute ones always gay…” and walked away. I just about had whiskey go up my nose from laughing so hard. I hadn’t paid much attention to the fact that Jack had his hand on my knee the whole time we’d been there – so I guess that was the give-a-way.

After we finished up in the lounge we headed back to the room. I was really nervous at this point. I didn’t know what either of us were expecting, but I just went with it. We got to the room and the second the door was closed, Jack was on me like white on rice. Not overly aggressive, but very intent on kissing me – and in the process, gave me a hickey.

“Fuck man! Are you serious? I can’t believe you just marked me!” I said a little bit upset while looking in the mirror.

“Well, now when people see us together, they’re gonna know that you’re mine.” he said deviously.

I went over and started kissing him. I put my hands around the bottom of his shift, he lifted his arms and I took it off. He did the same for me. we stood there for a bit and made out while exploring each others body relentlessly with our hands. I could feel his bulge digging into my side.

“I think someone is a little excited!” I said with a sly yet lustful grin on my face.

“I want you to be mine, Mike. You’re my cub.” he said this while looking so longingly into my eyes.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and buried my face into his neck. It was everything i could do to stop myself from crying. This amazing man wanted me for his own. I had never felt like that before. No one had ever wanted me like this before. We kissed like the world was ending tomorrow. I couldn’t pull myself away from him. I was breathing in his scent and loving it. I don’t think there is anywhere else in the world I would have rather been, in that moment.

He started by holding my face, slowly lowering his hands down my sides, never missing a spot that made me tingle all over. He moved them to my waist and slowly started to undo my belt.

“Are you sure you’re okay with this Mike? If you aren’t ready I can wait.” he said with concern.

“I think I’ll be mad if you stop Jack. Please…don’t stop.” I replied with complete lack of sense. Feeling his hands touching everywhere on my body was making my cock leak like a broken faucet. Jack put his hands in my underwear and grinned.

“Holy Jesus babe, do you have any idea how hot I find it that I make you precum so much?” he said.

“Jack, I haven’t even started to get turned on yet. Wait until I get it in your mouth and then we will talk about how much I precum.” I couldn’t believe those words came out of my mouth. I was just so horned up for him that all reason and morality left my brain. All I knew is that I was in a beautiful hotel room with a guy who wanted me to be his, and I wanted him to be mine.

Without saying a word, Jack dropped to his knees and lowered my underwear. My cock sprang up right into his face. He just looked at it for a moment. I was nervous that he might not think that it was big enough or something. He leaned in and nuzzled his face in my bush and just breathed me in. He leaned over and lightly flicked the head of my cock with his tongue. I tell ya, I almost doubled over. As he leaned back I could see the trail of precum connecting my dick to his mouth. It was something amazing to see.

“Jesus Mike, you have no idea how good you taste.” I looked into his eyes and he had a look in his beautiful cobalt blue eyes, of lust and appreciation. He took me back into his mouth and swallowed me to the base. This guy was freaking pro. He sucked my nuts, played with my foreskin just right, and knew how to work a dick. I moved back and took my cock out of his mouth. He was getting me far to close and I didn’t want it to end so soon. I leaned down and kissed him and said, “Jesus, you are seriously the most amazing man I’ve ever met.”

By this time I could see an obvious precum mark showing up on his underwear. I moved him on to the bed and laid him on his back. He arched his back as I pulled down his underwear. *THWAP*… That was seriously the noise his cock made as it sprang free and smacked his belly. I don’t know if I had ever seen a dick that big before. It was truly beautiful. I grabbed it with my hand and gripped it hard. My hand didn’t even wrap around it completely. It was huge. I jerked it lightly and watched the pearls of precum forming on the tip.

“You really don’t have to do this if you don’t want to.” Jack said, clearly not seeing the look of lust and determination on my face. I leaned forward and took the tip into my mouth. I heard him gasp and knew I had to do as good of a job on him as he did on me. I pulled his foreskin up and around the head and slid my tongue between the skin and the head and felt/watched him squirm. Slowly, very slowly, I slid his cock into my mouth. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to deep throat him and I really wanted him to feel good.

“Holy fuck babe…please…please don’t stop” he said. I felt like I had control over my rig bear. He was putty in my hands at that moment. At first I was only able to get about 5″ into my mouth because of his thickness. I kept working at it though. I got most of it in and I had a bit of a gag.

“Babe are you alright?” he said with concern on his face. To most guys it might be a sign to stop. To me it was like that internet meme ‘Challenge Accepted!!!” and I went right back to it.

“Fuck Mike. Your throat feels so good!” He murmured almost incoherently.

Six, seven, eight, eight and a half. I took it all. He was almost whining it felt so good. I didn’t want to stop for anything. I needed this beautiful, furry, masculine man to know that I wanted to do anything I could to make him feel amazing. I kept it buried in my throat for as long as I could before I came up for air. I would have given up a lot of money at that moment to be able to actually breathe through my ears like people joke about. I tongued his balls, and I’d go back to it again. I didn’t want it to ever stop. He put his hands on my head almost nervous at first. When he saw the look of blazing lust in my eyes, he went for broke. He grabbed my head and started to throat fuck me for all he was worth. I took every inch of him and did everything I could to not gag. I felt like my gag reflex disappeared in that moment.

“Fuck Cubby, I’m so close….I’m so close!” he blurted out

“You gotta back off, I’m gonna cum. Babe I’m gonna cum!” He cried out in pure desire. There was no way I was going to be losing out on that load. He writhed and bucked his hips and let out a huge moan.

“Mike I’m cumming!! I’m cumming!” As he came he shot rope after rope of his sweet seed down my throat. I had to take it out of my throat cause I wanted to taste more of it. His cum was dripping down my chin when he reached down and grabbed my face and deeply kissed me and rolled his tongue in my mouth. I thought I was going to blow my load just from that kiss.

“Your turn babe.” he said while staring at my dick.

He flipped me over so my cock was standing straight up into the air. He took me into his mouth and started working me over like a stripper works a pole. It didn’t take to long and I was groaning and moaning and squirming and ready to shoot.

“Jesus Jack, I can’t hold back much longer!” I pleaded. I could tell by the look in his eye that he was planning on swallowing every drop I was holding in. I was enjoying every second of what he was doing to me. He took my dick out and started jerking me off while simultaneously flicking the tip with his tongue. I couldn’t hold back another second.

“Fuck Jack! I’m cumin AAARRRGGGHH!!!!” Needless to say, I painted his face like a fucking glazed donut and he looked spectacular. As he looked up at me he laughed and said, “Babe, I think you missed.” I laughed so hard I thought I’d pee. We went to the bathroom and showered up, kissed some more, brushed our teeth, kissed some more, climbed into bed, kissed some more, and I fell asleep cuddling up with the man that I had fallen in love with.


The next morning was amazing. I woke up and Jack was leaning on his elbow looking at me with a look in his eye that said I was loved. You can’t get much better than that in my opinion.

We texted the boys, all of them were hungover, all of them got laid – with the exception of Tye who was in really rough shape and mad at himself for not getting laid. We went out for a big greasy breakfast, did a bit of shopping for necessities we couldn’t get at camp – and slowly made our way home that late afternoon.

In the time that I had known Jack, I had never seen him so happy. He was all smiles, really attentive, and he was being just plain amazing. Apparently I wasn’t the only one to notice.

“Jesus Jay, you got a smile on your face that says you got fuckin laid last night!” Kyle said with a grin.

I looked over at Jack and he had a slight grin on his face, but he was staying quiet about it. I was totally good with that. I didn’t really want these guys to know what we had done last night.

“Well Mike, you better be good to him, cause if you’re not, you’ll have to deal with all of us and trust me, you won’t want that.” Chris said matter of factly.

I froze in my seat. I was petrified. They knew. They knew what we did and that I was the reason that Jack was smiling like an man who just won the lottery.

“Guys, give him a break. I never told him that you all knew about me and what I had planned for the weekend.” Jack said.

“Oh come on man,” Tye chimed in “We are just giving you guys the gears. You’ve been single for quite a while Jay and we are all stoked to see you so happy!”

“You guys aren’t mad or uncomfortable then?” I asked honestly

“No Mike. This isn’t bad at all. You know whats uncomfortable? Walking in on Jay beating off to a picture you sent him of yourself. That’s uncomfortable.” Brent said with a laugh.

“What can I say! I knew what I want, and I had to make due until I had it!” Jay replied.

I pretty much would have buried my head in the sand if I could have. I was mortified. These guys knew that we had messed around – but being part of the family I had to act the part.

“You guys, I’d really prefer us not talk about this right now…with Tye not getting laid, I don’t want him getting jealous that he was the only one to miss out.” I said with a grin on my face.

“OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!” The guys all replied in unison. “Hey Tye” Jay said looking at him in the rearview, “You want some aloe for that burn?”

Everyone was cracking right up, even Tye. I knew I was never going to have a problem with these guys and it made the moment that much better. We got back to camp just as the sun was going down, and we just made it to security. We got through and went straight to our bunkhouses. Well, everyone but Jack and I. We went back to his room. He really wanted me to spend the night so we could spoon all night. The van and my bunkhouse were close enough that I could get up a bit early, grab my gear and meet them at the cafeteria first thing in the morning. Things were good. Things were better than good actually, they were great.


Another month of greatness went by and we got some great news. We had scheduled days off coming up and we were all getting tired so it couldn’t have come at a better time. Kyle and Chris were heading back to Manitoba, Tye was going back to the Yukon, Brent and Craig were heading back to Nova Scotia, and Jack and I were heading back to BC. I missed it so much. Truth be told, I was starting to get a little bit homesick. It was time for a break. We had two weeks off and we knew just how we wanted to spend it. Together. We decided that we were going to spend our two weeks together. One week in Penticton at my place, and one week in Terrace at Jacks place. We were looking forward to it so much. I had already planned on the places I was going to take him and the people I wanted him to meet.

We got on the plane and were seated next to each other. We sat there and and Jack grabbed my hand and held it.

“I love you, Cubby.” he said with a slightly nervous smile.

“I love you too babe” was the only thing I could say in response. It was the first time I had been able to bring myself to say it to a guy – and you know what? It felt right.


We left Alberta at 9am, and arrived in BC at 9am. Gotta love the time changes. We arrived and instantly grabbed a cab. Penticton was beautiful in the summer. Very much a summer town. The population triples and the town comes to life. I took him straight to my condo. We walked in and I gave him the grand tour. He paid special attention to my fish tank that my friend had looked after for me when I was gone. He absolutely loved it! He had no idea how much I appreciated that cause those are my babies and only pets. He must have spend 20 minutes just staring away and talking to my fish. I showed him the art work I had purchased over the years and my huge couch and TV. He was really happy to see my bed though. Really happy apparently. It was the first time since we spent the night at the hotel that we had a big comfy bed to sleep in.

“Hey! What are you doing?” I cried as he picked me up and carried me to the bed. I’m a big guy so I’m not quite used to being picked up like a rag doll.

“Babe, I’m taking whats mine, and trust me, you’re mine. I’m not letting you go for anything and I love being with you. Mike, I love you so much.” Jack said with almost a tear in his eye.

Well, that set me off. I’m not used to guys talking like that to me. Not only did it give me a boner to hear him be really possessive of me, but just the way he said he loved me. I truly believed him and I wanted nothing more than to be with this man for the rest of my life.

We kissed, we were grinding, we touched, and we shared moments that I’d never forget for the rest of my life. After a bit of a nap – I decided we needed to walk up to the grocery store and grab some stuff. I had given away all things in my fridge to friends before I left, rather than see them rotting in my fridge when I got back.

We walked into Safeway and everything just seemed so right. We were picking out stuff, making innuendo with the cucumbers, and just really enjoying each others company. We walked back to my place, put everything away.

“Do you want to go with me to meet my two best friends for lunch Jack?” I asked inquisitively

“Meet your best friends? I’d love to Mike. I hope they don’t think I’m a total loser!” he said with a laugh and running his hand through his hair.

“I can pretty much guarantee that they will love you as much as I do.” I said reassuringly

We met up and all I can say is wow. Jack has a magnetism to him that just draws people in and my friends were no exception. Sisters, with a very dark and dry sense of humour, and Jack fit in with them like peas in a pod.

“So” Lynne said looking right at Jack, “Have you dinked him yet?”

“Good God Lynne! You can’t just go and ask questions like that! I mean shit!” I said just absolutely mortified.

“Well, I haven’t yet. But I’m putting heavy emphasis on the word yet there ladies” Jack said while grinning at both sisters.

“Ohhhhhh my God Mike, this one is a keeper! If he fucks as good as he looks I don’t expect we won’t expect to be seeing too much of you in the near future!” Mieran said with a wink and smile.

I really wanted to finish this up so I could go die. Jack and I had been holding hands the whole time we were at the restaurant. I couldn’t help but notice that he was getting a semi – when he subtley moved my hand over his cock. I think I turned many different shades of red at that time. Jack started to laugh and played it down like nothing happened.

Well, Jack passed. With flying colours. My friends were a little nervous about his being a lot younger than me, but they fell in love with him as fast as I did. It was amazing. When things feel this great, they just seem so…perfect. The way they are meant to be.

I decided to take Jack out to my favourite look out spot. It has the most amazing views in the area – no matter where you look. We got there and Jacks’ breath was taken away. He just stood there and stared, and I did the same, only I was looking at him.

“Thank you for showing this to me Cubby.” Jack said with a great smile.

“I had to. You have no idea how much time I’ve spent here. It’s where I come to relax, focus, and just reset myself.” I replied honestly.

Jack grabbed my arm, drew me in, and laid an incredibly seductive kiss onto me. I went weak in the knees and he held me up. I could feel his cock growing in his shorts and grinding on to mine. I let out a groan and he leaned back and looked at me.

“Hmmmmmm. I think I know what you like.” as he continued. Jack slide his hand into my underwear. “Holy shit Mike!” Jack said with a laugh, “I think you’ve got a leak down there!” I’m sure I had a bashful look on my face when he said that. Looking me straight in the eye, he took the finger that was sliding between my foreskin and my cockhead and stuck it in his mouth.

“Fuck you taste good.” he said with desire in his eyes.

Jack kneeled to the ground and looked up at me for approval. As another pearl for precum came up he took that as the sign he needed. Slowly he put the head of my cock in his mouth and lapped up every last drop that had formed.

“Jesus Christ that feels good.” I moaned.

“Tastes better babe.” Jack said, as he went back to work.

Slowly he was taking me in his mouth in and out, in and out. I feel the need to point out that I’ve never had an easy time cumming from head – but with Jack, it was like I was constantly on the brink of blowing my wad into his mouth. I leaned down and kissed him very passionately. I could taste myself in his mouth and I didn’t think I could get harder, but I did. Without warning he went to town on my dick. Just ravaging it. Hands pumping up and down, keeping the head in my mouth. I had to lean back on my SUV to stop myself from falling.

“Oh my god babe, if you want it, you’re getting it!” I cried out.

“Babe I want it so…….” *splat*

I laughed so hard! He had pulled my dick out of his mouth to respond just as I was cumming and it went all over his face. It was so hot to look down at him and see him wiping his scruffy face with his hand to make sure he got all of it.

“I’m gonna get you back for that, you know that right?” he said comically

“Babe, I’m counting on there being many many times that you get the chance to get back at me and take anything you want of me.” i said kind of sheepishly.

“Suck my cock. Now.” Jack said with a stern look in his eye.

I obeyed without question. I was on my knees, undoing his pants to release his pocket monster to free it and drain it. As the head slid through my lips he let out a moan.

“Can you taste it babe?” Jack said, “I feel like I’m non stop precumming.”

I didn’t even take his cock out of my mouth to respond. I just kept slurping, licking, and sucking as I was in my happy place.

“Babe, I wanna be kissing you when I cum, get up here.” he said with authority.

I got up and started kissing him and rubbing his chest. He took the hand that was rubbing his chest, spit in it, and moved it down to his cock. Jesus it was so big. Not just big, but so incredibly hard. We stood there, kissing like we were never going to have the chance again. We continued to do this for a few minutes before I could feel Jack starting to fuck my hand, buck his hips, and start panting when we kissed.

Quickly I dropped to my knees and let him spray his load all over my face. It was sticky, sweet, and amazing. I didn’t think it would end. He just kept cumming. Eventually I took him into my mouth because it was starting to drip all over my clothes.

“Fuck Mike, I love you.” he said, “You always seem to know exactly what I want you to do without even having to say it. We had a smoke and enjoyed the view for a bit longer before heading home.


I knew that one of Jacks favourite things was baked spaghetti and meatballs, so I made everything from scratch. Jack decided to lay down for a bit while I was cleaning up the kitchen after making the meatballs. I started to pay attention to the sauce. I normally cook it for a lot longer, so I had to make it just right since I only had 6 hours to cook it. As I was standing there stirring in some fresh basil into the sauce, I felt hands wrap around me from behind.

“Cubby, I could just breathe you in all day.” he said while leaning his head on my shoulder.

I turned around, looked him in the eyes and gave him a soft kiss and rested my head on his shoulder.

“This just feels so right.” he said.

“I’ve never felt this way about anyone before in my life Jack, and it kinda scares me.” I said in truth.

“Babe, you have nothing to be scared about. I’m not going anywhere. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere that you aren’t.” he assured me.

I don’t know how he kept coming up with saying all the things that either made me want to cry, or made me want to jump him, or made me want to be with this man for the rest of my life.

One of my favourite things about cooking for people is seeing if they like it or not. By the amount he ate, I’d say there was a good chance he loved it. I opened up a bottle of The Show, Malbec, out of California, but argentinian grapes. The two paired quite perfectly. Jack ate more than half of it. You could see he was kind of embarrassed by asking for 4ths, but it made me really happy that he liked me cooking for him. Very happy.

We finished the night with smoking a joint out on my patio and cuddling up on the couch to watch a movie. I could tell that he wasn’t too into it. I don’t know what I was thinking about putting on a romantic comedy – I mean, we had enough of that between us that we didn’t need to watch some hetero people mackin on each other. So, I turned on a horror movie. Now, normally I’m not big into horror movies, but I knew he loved them, and I could always turn my face away into his chest if it got to be too much for me. We watched The Strangers, with Liv Tyler. It seemed more suspenseful than horror, but I still jumped many times and buried my face in his chest.

After the movie, I got up and finished cleaning up the kitchen with Jacks help and we went off too bed. We were too sleepy to do anything but do just that. Sleep. Jack laid down first and opened his arm out so that I had a place to curl into.

“You fit perfectly in there. Just the perfect way a cub should.” he said with a smile.

“You smell so good.” I said while leaning in and smelling his armpit. I don’t have an armpit fetish or anything, but goddamn. His natural musk and mix of this mornings deodorant just made it intoxicating. I laid there, and within minutes I was fast asleep.


I woke up before Jack and decided I was gonna go out and grab us some coffee. I went over to Starbucks and grabbed us two venti Pike Place coffees and brought them back. When I walked in the house, Jack was up and he looked upset.

“Where were you? I woke up and you were gone! I hate waking up alone.” he said while looking down at the floor.

When I held up the coffees his face lit up. I felt so bad about him waking up alone.

“I just wanted to surprise you babe! I definitely didn’t mean to worry ya!” I said reassuringly.

“Okay, just make sure you don’t do it again, or I’ll have to punish ya.” he said while giving my ass a slap.

“Well then, I’ll just have to make sure that I get coffee for you every morning then!” I replied jokingly.

I proceeded to make waffles and bacon for us both to go with our coffees. He had never tried waffles with peanut butter and syrup before and I got him hooked. God could he eat.

“Babe, you can sure eat a lot!” I said while laughing

Again, he looked sheepish again. I thought that maybe people had made fun of him for it in the past or something.

“I can make more if you are still hungry?” I said with love in my eyes. I never wanted him to feel self-conscious in front of me.

He nodded while eating his last bite of waffle. I added cranberries to the mix this time and by the end of it, he was sitting there groaning that he ate too much. I just laughed and started to clean up after us. We went for a walk down the Channel Parkway to settle our tummies. We were walking and i noticed that his hand kept brushing against mine. I took the hint and grabbed his hand. My hometown isn’t totally down with open gayness, but I really didn’t care. Between the size of both of us I knew we wouldn’t be messed with. We stopped and pet dogs, said hi to old people who smiled at us, and finished up by going to the Superstore to grab a few things for supper.

“So, I wanted to talk to you about something.” I said, as we were walking back to my home.

“Sure babe! Whats up?” he replied.

“Well, I normally go to supper at my parents place tomorrow night and they said that I can’t come unless I bring you with me. Is it too soon? If you say no I can skip it and we can hang out.” I said nervously.

“I’d love to meet your parents! You don’t’ talk about them all that often so it would be great to see who raised such an amazing guy.” he said matter or factly.

“Well, the reason I don’t talk about them much is because they don’t quite approve of my lifestyle, but they have gotten a lot better, over time, and more understanding in the last few years.” I said.

“I’m good with it Cubby, lets do it!” I was so excited to hear those words come from his mouth. Even though they don’t approve of me being gay, they love me, and have wanted me to find someone to be happy with, for the longest time.

I could tell the next morning that Jack was getting a bit nervous. He didn’t back out the dinner plans and that made me happy. We jerked off together in bed while kissing and looking into each others eyes. I came all over myself and as soon as he came, I had my mouth over his huge mushroom head and swallowed it all. Honestly, I’m not cleaning my sheets every day just because this big lug happens to spew out a gallon of jizz every time he cums.

We took a shower and started to get ready for supper. He wanted to go out and buy dress clothes, but I assured him that it was very informal and he should go in his regular clothes. To emphasize this, I put on my ‘If zombies chase us, I’m tripping you’ T-shirt. He responded by putting on his ‘Many faces of Vader’ shirt. God he looked so cute.


*DING DONGGGGGG* went the doorbell as I rang the condo.

“Oh honey come in! You looks so good!” my Mom said with a large smile

“You must be Jay! Both of you come on in and get comfortable! Dad’s just cooking up some fried chicken and getting some mashed potatoes ready for supper! Do you like fried chicken Jay?” my Mom said inquisitively.

“Yes Ma’am, I love fried chicken!” He said smiling. “And Ma’am, you can actually call me Jack, it’s my real name.” It made me happy to hear him say that to my Mom. He was always stoked with good food. My Dad is from the southern states and knows how to fry up some chicken.

When we walked into the kitchen, my Dad was sitting in the den by himself. Arms crossed. I instantly became nervous. I could tell that Jack had picked up on it right away too.

“Afternoon sir, how are you today?” Jack said respectively.

My Dad was old, and retired US Military to boot. If this was going to go bad, this was going to go really bad.

Nervously, my Mom said, “Dad, say hello to Jack, Mikes friend!”

“Hi.” he said looking out the window. My Dad has always been really protective of me, but never to this extent.

“Sit down son.” Dad said to Jack.

Jack sat down and looked like he was about to get lined up for a firing squad. I wanted to cry. Everything seemed to be going so well. I didn’t understand what was going on.

“So, what do you do for work then?” My dad outright asked.

“Well, sir, I am a driller for a drilling rig up in northern Alberta.” Jack responded confidently.

“Thats a good job…a good job.” My Dad said somewhat nodding. “Do you like cars Jack?” my Dad’s follow up question.

“Sir, I love cars. I actually just finished rebuilding a 1964 Plymouth Fury.” Jack said proudly.

Well. That changed everything. Jack had no idea that was one of my Dad’s favourite cars. The bonded well past dinner talking about cars and Jack showing him the pictures of the profess of the rebuild all the way till the finished product. My Mom was astounded by how much Jack could put back. He clearly loved my Dad’s fried chicken. My parents are like me though – they make lots just in case, and it was a good thing they did!

By the end of the night, my Mom gave us both a hug and a kiss and told us to have a great night. My Dad walked up to me and hugged me and then just stood in front of Jack. I knew my Dad was pulling shit, cause I could tell he loved Jack already. “I need to tell ya something Jack, and it may come as a bit of a shock.” My Dad said sternly. “You son, are welcome at this house anytime you like. I hope you both come over and visit often.” My Dad said with the biggest smile, and reached out and hugged Jack. “We go down south for the winter every year,” by Dad started, “I hope you both will come down and visit us any chance you get!” When we were leaving I could see a tear in Jacks eye. This man is amazing. How did I get so freaking lucky.


The next morning had arrived and I could see a little bit of a jump in Jacks step. He knew we were heading out to Terrace in the early afternoon. We were going to his hometown. He was so excited. I was so excited to have him hear I didn’t even think about how excited he must be to finally go home!

We hopped on the plane at 12:45 and made our way to Terrace. We arrived about 5pm and went directly to his place. I was stunned. His home was amazing. He lived up on the side of a hill with the most amazing views I’ve ever seen. A great big log home and it was all done up. It was such a bachelor pad though, but in a good way. He didn’t have art on the walls, but he had lots of TV’s, video game systems, Hot tub on the outside deck, and the most amazing chef’s kitchen I had ever seen.

“Jesus Jack, you have a seriously amazing home!” I said in awe.

“Mi casa et su casa!” He said trying to attempt to be spanish.

I tipped up on my toes and planted a bit wet kiss on him. It was so beautiful here. We had to go shopping to get stuff for his place too since he did the same thing as me before he left to head up north. Well, East, since you can’t get a whole lot more north in BC than Terrace. After we grabbed the groceries, Jack said he wanted to take me on a walk. Good lord this place is beautiful. We went for a walk along the Skeena river and I just soaked in all the beauty.

We headed back to his place and Jack told me to hop in the shower while he started to make our supper. He was cooking up some locally caught salmon. When I got out of the shower and got all dressed up, he had a big smile on his face.

“Holy crap.” I said, “How did you get this all done so fast?” I looked around and Jack had set up the patio outside with our now waiting supper on it. The view was stunning and Jack apparently took a lot of pride in what he was cooking. It smelled great!

“Well sir,” he said acting like a maitre-d, “Tonight we shall be dining on a wild salmon, caught fresh this morning, cooked with lemon, dill, and butter. Also, will be a qinoa salad, roasted potatoes, and some fresh veggies to munch on”

“Jesus! How long was I in the shower for?” I laughed.

“Well,” he said, “to be fair, I bought the salad, and everything else was pretty easy to cook!”

I looked at the kitchen and went straight faced. “Babe, just so you know, you’re cooking supper, and I’m cleaning the kitchen.” He tried to put up a fight but soon realized that he had no chance of winning.

Supper was amazing. It was fresh and delicious. I quickly went to work cleaning and wiping everything down. it didn’t take long to get back to looking perfect again. Jack was outside on the deck tinkering around while I was doing this. I felt like such a married couple. It was a really nice feeling.

“Well, its getting late, but I was thinking that we could soak in the hot tub for a bit before we hit the hay? What do you think?” He said smiling. He was always smiling. I loved it.

“Well, I didn’t bring a bathing suit so I dunno.” I said kinda awkwardly.

“Uhm, I don’t exactly use one up here.” He said, while stripping down right there. God he had a beautiful body. It wasn’t the toned perfect gym body that some people love. It was thick, but muscular, hairy all over, and that meat dangling between his legs always got my attention immediately.

I stripped down right there and made my way out. Jack had gone all romantic on me. Had some soft jazz playing in the background and had a few candles around the hot tub, but not too many to deter the beauty away from the stars. I got in and immediately took my spot leaning my back into his chest.

“God,” I said, “Its been so long since I’ve had a decent soak in a hot tub.” My muscles were instantly relaxing and I felt like I was on cloud nine. We laid like that for quite a while. We talked about our childhoods, what we wanted to be when we grew up, and what we wanted to do when we retired.

Jack started to massage my shoulders and I was beyond relaxed. It was so comfortable just sitting there and being together. I could feel something growing behind me.

“Getting a bit excited back there huh?” I said with a laugh. I grabbed his dick and gave it a squeeze and he let out a nice long moan.

“You know,” I started, “Theres something I’ve been wanting to do with you for a while, but I just haven’t been wanting to rush into anything.”

Jack got a great big smile on his face, but then it quickly turned to one of concern. “Babe,” he said, “I don’t want to do anything until you’re ready. I’m not gonna lie though. I’ve jerked off so many times thinking about sliding into your ass.”

“I want you to have it, Jack, it’s yours. I need you to be in me tonight. I love you with all of my heart and I can’t think of a better to show you how much I love you.” I said sincerely.

“Cubby, you show me every day how much you love me.” he said, with love in his eyes.

I quickly turned around so that I was straddling his lap and looking him right in the eye. “I’m pretty sure that I just told you that you need to fuck me tonight.”

Without a word, he picked me up out of the hot tub and carried me right into the bedroom. Me being me, I was worried about the water all over his floors, but anytime I tried to protest, he put his mouth on mine to shut me up. He seated me on the bed and stood there, naked, standing in front of me in all his glory.

“Suck it.” He said looking down at his cock and then back up at me.

That was all the invitation that I needed and I was all over it. I started by lightly licking his hairy nuts and taking each one into my mouth, then both at the same time. God, this guy had some giant bull nuts on him. I loved him. I’d do anything for him.

He grabbed my head and slowly started to face fuck me. God it was hot.

“You really like that cock in your throat don’t ya?” He said lustfully.

I couldn’t even get a word out because he wasn’t stopping or slowing down.

“Keep working that cock like that babe and I’ll give you exactly what you are wanting. I wanna cum all over that pretty little beard of yours.”

I started to deep throat him, slowly, and he was loving it.

“Fuuuuuuuuck, babe. I honestly don’t think I’ve been blown till I’ve had your throat suckin me off like this. No one has ever been able to do that for me before.” he said almost incoherently. Within a minute he just grabbed my head and started darting his cock in and out of my mouth at a feverish face. I’m glad I had pretty much lost my gag reflex since meeting him.

“I wanna cum in your mouth Mike, please don’t stop, I’m so close!”

I wouldn’t stop. People couldn’t have paid me to stop at that point. I was working his veiny foreskin, flicking his piss slit with my tongue, working the shaft and head with my hand. I wanted this man to bust his load, and I wanted it bad.

Within moments, Jack was panting and breathing heavy.

He looked down and smiled, “Open wide Cubby, it’s all yours, it will always, be only yours.”

As soon as he said that he erupted into my mouth. Rope after rope of his hot salty seed sprayed into my mouth and I swallowed up every drop. I’d do anything for my man. At the same time, I was a bit on the sad side. I didn’t show it, but I was really hoping that tonight was going to be the night that he truly made me his. I wanted to take his cock. It wasn’t even a want at this point. It was a need.

Jack stood there, breathing hard, and looking down at me. His cock wasn’t going down though. It was still standing there in front of me, hard as a rock. Without warning he grabbed my legs and lifted them up and pushed them back.

“Holy Jesus fuck!!!” I yelled as I first felt his tongue darting in and out of my rear entry. It felt like nothing I’d ever felt before. I felt like my eyes were rolling in the back of my head and he went at it for a while. I gripped the sheets. It was everything I could do to try and not lose control. After about 20 minutes of that, Jack got up and went over to the bedside table. Opened the drawer and all I heard was…”Fuck!”

Worried, I looked over and said, “Whats going on?”

“We didn’t pick up any condoms when we went to the grocery store.” he said with disappointment.

“Jack, I don’t want you to think that I’m a big slut, cause I’m not, and I don’t want you to think that I’ve done this before, but I want you in me, and I want you in me now. I need you in me.” I said. I probably shouldn’t have done it, but I was honest in that I had never done it before.

Jack came back over and didn’t even need to spit on my ass. From what I had just said to him, he had started to precum enough that he didn’t even need lube.

“Babe, flip over onto your back. I want to see your eyes as I’m sliding into you.”

I immediately obeyed and I was looking into his eyes while we were kissing and I could feel his mammoth thick cock lightly rubbing me in the right spot.”

“Promise me you’ll go slow though…” I said without breaking eye contact.

“Cubby, there’s nothing I would ever do to intentionally hurt you.”

Without breaking eye contact he reached down and slowly started to rub his precum over my ass hole.

“I need you in me Jack. I love you so much. I need to feel you in me” I said with a whimper.

Very very slowly, I felt him starting to slide into me.

“Owe!” I yelled, “Please don’t stop, but go slow!”

“I’m not taking it out babe, just get used to it. Fuck, you are so tight. You have no idea how amazing you feel right now.”

I could feel the heat coming off his cock as he got the first few inches in. I winced in pain a few times, but between controlling my breathing and him calming me with reassurance and amazing kisses, I finally relaxed.

“Babe, I’m almost all the way in. Goddamnit. I sure hope I don’t nut early. Your ass feels so good around my cock. I can barely handle it.”

Slowly I could feel him sliding in farther and father.

“You okay babe? It’s all the way in. How do you feel?”

I looked him in the eyes and said, “Jack, I think I’m used to it now. I need you to fuck my ass and I need you to fuck it hard.”

He got the most devilish look on his face and almost completely retracted his cock out of me and slammed it back in all the way, balls deep. I could feel his rock hard cock rub on my prostate and a large pool of precum came out of me. I was in ecstasy. This was the best feeling in the world. The first time that you and the person you love have sex, I mean full on sex, is truly the thing that bonds you as a couple. From that moment on, I was his, and he was mine. We both knew it.

Jack started moving his pelvis around in a way that was just beating on my prostate as he was hammering on my ass. I thought I was going to die. At some points I was forgetting to breathe, and I was seeing stars because of it.

Without taking himself out of me, be picked me up and we went outside on the deck and he sat down on the couch. When we seated, I think that somehow his cock found an unknown area that it hadn’t been to before and within two pumps of his giant cock I was shooting my load all over his furry chest.

“Awe fuck Mike, you’re amazing! I can’t believe you just came without touching yourself! This is so fucking hot you don’t even know!”

I was in a state of pure euphoria. I couldn’t focus on anything. I could barely hear him. All I could see were his blue eyes looking at me like he was searching my soul. He laid me on my back and started to slowly fuck me. He knew what I wanted.

“You like that dick don’t ya? I don’t want you to ever have another cock besides mine Mike. I want you to me mine, and mine alone. He started to build up his pace. I could see the beads of sweat formin on his forehead and his whole body had a sheen to it. He was glistening. He looked like a big, burly, furry, angel…with a giant cock that was impaling me with every glide.

“Mike, Mike, please look at me. Babe I need you to look at me.” he said with desperation.

I looked up at him after I could get my eyes to focus. He had so much care in his eyes. I knew this was the man I wanted to be with for the rest of my life. I knew what I had to do.


“Ya babe?” he said concentrating on pounding my ass.

“I need you to feed me that big load that I know you have built up in there. I can feel your foreskin sliding back in forth in me and its…its…its….”

I barely got the sentence out and I came all over myself again. This was everything Jack needed to see.

“Baby, I’m cumming and I’m gonna cum hard. You ready for it?”

“I need you to cum in me.” I said with certainty.

“Here it comes babe! Here it comes! Oh my god I love you! I love you. I love your ass, I love that mouth, I love everything about you!”

With about 5 more strokes, he was almost screaming. I could feel my insides just filling up with his warmth. It was an amazing feeling. We had officially bonded even more if it were possible. Kept pumping rope after rope of his massive load into me. We laid there for probably about 15 minutes before he finally slipped out of my ass.

“Oh my god! ….be right back!” I said as I clenched my ass cheeks together and ran for the bathroom. He grabbed my arm and pulled me back.

“I know how much I put into you. Just lay here with me for a minute. Please?” I couldn’t say no to him. I don’t think I could say no to him about anything. I could feel his seed slowly coming out of me. It was leaking out of my ass onto his very hairy leg. Finally, like a ninja, I darted up and ran. Jack laughed so hard to see how self conscious I was about it. I went to the bathroom and cleaned up. I noticed something that I didn’t pay attention to during sex thought.

When I came back outside, I walked up to him and slapped him on the arm.

“Well, it looks as thought someone found the hickey I gave him!”

Slightly annoyed, I said, “Hickey? You call this a hickey? You practically bit right into my neck!”

“Well, I want people to know that you’re mine, and when they see us together, they are going to know immediately who gave that to you.

I didn’t know what to say. I loved him so much. I looked at it again. I guess it wasn’t that bad. especially after the way he described the reason he did it. Jack pulled me in to have another look at it and I was straddled on his lap. Within seconds, I could feel that it was back. I don’t know how he does it. I need at least a little bit of time between cumming, but goddamn. He was rock hard again.

“Feel like going again Cubby? As far as I see it, we have to make up for lost time and I seriously don’t think I can go to bed with this.

I looked down and it was like an arm. I didn’t know if I’d ever get used to the size. He was 8.5” and he was thick as my wrist. I shifted myself to give him some easy access. I loved that he was as much into eye contact as I was. Everything about this was amazing. This time was much different thought. He pretty much slide all the way into me with ease.

“Holy fuck how did you do that?” He asked with amazement in his eyes.

“Well, I don’t really think it had time to tighten up from the last time ya sexy fucker!” I laughed

It was in this moment that I discovered that cum is pretty much the most amazing lubricant ever. I didn’t want this feeling to ever stop. He was lifting my ass and lowering it in unison with the bucking of his hips. I was in my special, no breathing, star seeing, incoherent kinda place again. Never before had I felt this feeling. I had met my soul mate. My other half.

“I’m gonna cum quick this time babe. My cum in your ass already is making it feel so good it’s insane!” he said with an almost glazed look to his eyes.

“Take it, Jack. Take it. You own it. It’s yours. If you want it, I need you to take it. I’m begging you here.” I replied. Once I said it, I felt dumb. I felt needy and desperate almost.

That feeling went away immediately when I saw the look of fire in his eyes when he started to pound me like he had nothing left to live for and this was the last time he’d ever get to experience my ass again. He buried his face into my neck and nipped at the flesh and gave a little bit on my neck to muffle the scream.

“It’s coming again babe. I’m gonna fill you up!”

I felt it again. The warmth was exhilarating. I knew that I was going to love every second of being with my man. The amount of loads that we traded with each other must be astronomical. We have no been together for 6 years and still going strong. We still work together and people are a lot more open to the idea than you would think. People see the happiness that we share and either pay no attention, or they wish us well. I love Jack, and I’m going to love him for the rest of my life.

Let me know what you guys think? I find it a nice release to write so if I get enough positive responses then I might just keep on going!


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Bob wrote

What can I say one of the best stories I have read in a long time so sexy steamy loving bears are my lover of choice. When you got to the fucking it reminded me of my late lover bear daddy I miss him eery day I have never had anyone love me like that before.
Thank you!