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Doctor’s Prescription

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Every now and then, especially whilst on holiday, we get a little frisky and go out surveying the scene, open to interesting scenarios evolving.

One such night, Allyn and I ventured out to a beachside café, we’d recently had a vivid reality to color our fantasies, so I’d dressed rather provocatively yet demurely, a long chiffon semi see through dress which covered a nice lacy combination.

We sat at a corner table, and looked around at the other diners, not many but a wide variety of groups, mainly inside under cover. I had noticed a guy, mid 30’s or so glancing at me from time to time, he was sitting with a younger male friend, and I would catch them both trying to discretely check me/us out, but failing miserably, as I was onto them, and, I must add, mildly interested in the older of them.

I leant forward and told Allyn that I thought I was being checked out, and strained to hear them talk, but they seemed European, and I couldn’t understand a word, but Allyn kept an eye on them as I moved around in my seat, hoping to confirm their interest.

I allowed our glances to meet sometimes, and brazenly held eye contact with him, even occasionally exchanging light smiles. I moistened, knowing I was someone’s prey, and rested my hand on Allyn’s lap, feeling for him.

He smiled knowingly, and blew me a kiss; was I to take that as a sign to take advantage of the opportunity looming?

Time to freshen up I thought, and excusing myself, glanced across our neighbors table, and strolled of to the ladies, knowing the guy and his friend would be watching me, and knowing Allyn would be watching them. I needed to compose myself anyway, as I could feel my heart racing at the endless prospects that raced through my mind; I knew he was interested, he couldn’t hide that.

As I left the ladies I noticed him walking towards the gents, and knew he had to walk past me, my heart leapt when he said hello, in his thick accent, I stopped at returned the greeting and smiled at him. He babbled that he thought I was striking, apologizing for “having” to look at me continuously. I calmed him quickly, letting him know that I was more than flattered, and before I knew it, had invited him to join us for a drink.

Of I danced, a real spring in my step, after all, he was quite handsome. As soon as I sat down, I informed Allyn that we were about have guests, and he smiled his acceptance, grinning as he enquired as to which one I wanted, and what where we going to do with his mate, or was I contemplating playing with both?

Oops, I grimaced, hadn’t thought that far, two extra guys had never really entered our fantasies, we were still novices, and had only had the one experience with a “third”.

“Lets wait and see” I said, “they may sort it out themselves, his mate might get the shove. If not” I said with a smile, “we might be in for a hectic time”

A wicked grin covered Allyn’s face as he said, “you’ll be the one having the hectic time”

The guy returned and stood at his table, his back to us as he told his mate of the invite, and turned, smiling at us, and joined us, leaving his mate to bring their drinks.

Intro’s and small talk began, it turned out Tomas (the one I particularly liked) and Hans were Austrian Doctors on R & R, and had just arrived that day. We chatted about our mutual holiday destination, which was Bali, what we all did for a living, the usual “get to know you type chat”.

When Hans left the table momentarily to refresh our drinks, Tomas held eye contact with me, and commented to Allyn what a lucky man he was to have such an attractive wife. Of course I was flattered, so I thanked him profusely, and babbled that I was a lucky lady to have a man that encouraged me to flirt with strange men.

I said that we wanted to experience the thrill of another person joining us in our bedroom games, that we wanted to have the experience of a voyeur watching us make love, and asked if he would be interested. His eyes opened wide, as he responded with a broad smile, saying he would be more than happy to oblige, then he asked about Hans, mentioning that he would feel guilty leaving him alone on the first night of their holiday; then he smiled and said “Hans thinks you’re pretty hot as well”

Allyn and I exchanged quizzical looks. Maybe it was the drinks, or maybe the erotic atmosphere, but before I had time to think, I had blurted out “it would be cruel to send him home, bring him as well, Allyn won’t mind you both being our audience”

Next thing I knew, we had jumped into a taxi, Allyn in the front, leaving me in the back between our two new friends, trying to maintain my composure, which was extremely difficult with the close contact and myriad of thoughts racing through my mind.

On entering our villa, I decided to freshen up a bit, and Allyn suggested they take a seat, while he busied himself getting drinks, turning on music, lighting candles etc

I showered, and changed into a short see through dress that normally I would wear a slip with, put on some stockings and suspenders, sans knickers of course and returned to the sitting room, picking up a tray of finger foods on the way. Glancing around, I noticed the appreciative stares from all three guys. I was so nervous, I was sure they could see my heart palpitating, and I knew they could see right through my dress as I offered a snack to Thomas & Hans.

Excitement was overcoming fear: I thought “this’ll get the lads going” and crossing the small room to Allyn, bent forward and said “would you like a treat Darling” as I placed the tray on a coffee table next to him “I think the boys are having theirs now; think they can see anything.”

“Not much” Allyn replied, maybe a little more will get them focused

I wanted to really tease Thomas & Hans, not yet sure if we were just going to allow them to be our voyeurs, or if I would allow them to participate. If Thomas were by himself, he would have been in for sure, but two extra guys; that worried me a bit.

Bending a little more, I placed my hands on Allyn’s shoulders and kissed him, giving them an almost full view of my knicker-less butt, lingering a moment, then rolled slightly to collapse an the lounge next to Allyn.

I snuggled into him and kissed him again resting my arm across his lap, allowing me to feel his growing member.

“Are you sure about this” he whispered. All I could do was nod my head; he just smiled. “I think so, but just you, please” I pleaded. “I don’t think I can handle three guys, let them watch and wait”

Allyn unzipped his fly discreetly, kissed me again, and guided my head into his lap. Although our guests could not see me lick Allyn’s tip, or gradually nibble his length, they would have had no doubt as to what I was doing, and I hoped it had the desired effect on them.

Allyn grew rapidly, a result of my efforts, so I allowed our friends a quick look, as I sat up, grasping him in my hands, and smiled at them as I went back to work, keeping them in view now, watching their demeanor change as the scene unfolded before their eyes.

I shifted my body to enable me to see better, and in doing so, let my short dress ride up a little on my thighs; of course they noticed this, and their gaze switched to my hemline,

A little more I thought, to put them on the edge of their seat. They were not sure yet of their involvement; well, neither was I, but at least I wanted them to appreciate a good show, so I squirmed ever so slightly again, exposing more of my thighs and bottom, tho still keeping my privates hidden.

Allyn by now was rather relaxed, he was in his element, always wanted to invite a voyeur to watch us make love, and now he had two voyeurs watching, I’m sure, with the added suspense (in his mind) of the possibility of one or maybe both of them joining us..

I dropped to the floor in front of Allyn, and removed his slacks, grinning as his penis bobbed free and slapped his stomach. Grasping him, and without a look at our guests, I bent forward and took Allyn in my mouth again, moistening him, preparing him for entry, knowing they would have a partial view of my butt. I felt Allyn run his hands down my body, and then, in circular motions, gradually edged it upwards, till it was halfway up my back.

Deciding it was time to “reveal all” I moved my knees apart, providing a full and intimate view. All my nervousness had totally disappeared; my whole body was tingling with excitement, thoroughly enjoying the moment. Allyn was in for a special treat, I was going to give the best blow job in his life so far; knowing the Doctors were eyeballing my lovely juicy pussy accentuated my arousal ten fold; I thought to myself “I like showing my pussy off”.

To give a better spectacle I gripped Allyn’s nob with my teeth, pulling him off gently off the lounge, he had to follow, or risk me biting him. Eventually I had him where I wanted him, and began my oral ministrations again, the boys now had a clear view of my VERY moist treasure trove.

I half expected at least one of them may make a move on my defenseless opening but hoped they wouldn’t, well not just yet anyway; but I was getting of with the knowledge that Thomas & Hans would be focused on my pussy, and without doubt hoping they could feel it’s warmth.

I dropped my head a little to nuzzle Allyn’s balls, and with my left hand, reached for my lips, stroking the opening, inserting my index finger inside. I heard Thomas and Hans talking quietly in their language. I wondered what they were saying, but guesed it was something like “I want a piece of that” or such.

I sensed that Allyn could pop any moment, so released my pressure and stood in front of him, facing our guests. By now, copious amounts of drinks as well as the electric atmosphere had totally removed any inhibitions or apprehension I may have had.

I raised my dress slowly, and holding eye contact with our now mesmerized guests, I stepped backwards, straddled Allyn’s legs, and squatted over him, stopping when I felt his Penis touch my entrance, then just gently stroked him with my lips, coating his tip with my juices, feeling him twitching in anticipation.

Tomas & Hans were both intent on watching the entry, unaware that I was watching them, the delay eventually caused Tomas to glance upwards.

I blew him a kiss, then sank slowly onto the cock under me, then raising almost to the top, then again hiding it completely. I felt so relaxed, inhibitions gone now, I was comfortably impaled on Allyn’s cock as I ground my hips to his lap, spreading my juices. I lay back onto Allyns chest lifting my arms backwards and around his neck, arching my back in the process. I looked again at Tomas, and motioned him closer; at the same time, Allyn caressed my inner thighs, then with one set of fingers on either side, slowly spread my lips, opening me wide.

“Would you like to taste her” He asked softly as Thomas drew near.

I quivered as he dropped to his knees and kissed me right on the button, then ran his tongue up and down my exposed slit. I slowly moved backwards, allowing Allyns cock to almost slip out of me, just keeping the knob inside. Tomas was still lapping my juices, the penis and tongue working in tandem pleasured me intensely, then suddenly, Allyn held my gyrating hips still, and erupted as he pushed further inside me.

After a moment to collect my thoughts, I stood up and stepped away from Allyn, who was lounging in a very relaxed fashion. Standing above Thomas, I gently moved his head between my thighs, and hoping he would not mind, directed my dripping pussy near his face, shivering as his tongue tickled my VERY sensitive clit. I felt Allyn lifting my dress over my shoulders, leaving me standing virtually naked, making me feel rather vulnerable as Thomas and Hans were still clothed.

“Lets jump in the plunge pool”, suggested Allyn. Without waiting for an answer, he grabbed my hand and led me outside, followed closely by our guests

Once in the pool, I snuggled back into Allyn, feeling for his growing member, squeezed it gently, and whispered, “here we go”. I felt very light and cruisy, and allowed my body to float, resting my head on Allyn’s shoulder for support. I watched as Thomas and Hans removed their clothes. As they stepped in to the pool, I couldn’t help but notice their half erect penis’s bouncing; both men were nicely proportioned; I knew I could, and most likely would, have them both, and closed my eyes, prepared to let anything happen.

I felt their hands holding my lower legs, one set on each leg, gradually moving them apart, then felt a body standing between my knees, the other hands now supporting and holding me steady.

The man between my legs helped to take my wait by holding my bottom, I could feel his penis rubbing my inner thighs, and lifted myself a little so he could have an open view of his target. One of his hands reached for my pussy, and he let his fingers roam, stroking my lips, and tickling my clit.

I turned my head to Allyn, then asked what he wanted me to do; he smiled back, and whispered, “whatever you desire, it’s ladies choice, just lay back and be pampered”

“I want another cock darling, but I don’t know if I want them both, help me”

I could feel a cock tip at my entrance, and felt Allyn’s fingers opening my lips, an obvious invitation to enter. then with a slight push, a penis slowly worked its way inside me.

This was a fantastic sensation; eyes closed, a weightless sensation, laying back on my mans chest, one man supporting my leg, and another entering me.

“Who is it” I asked, preferring to keep my eyes closed.

“It’s Thomas Darling, he must be stretching you, as he’s rather large”

All I could do was groan, as he gently fucked me, his body movements rocking me. Thomas felt so good I wanted him deeper inside me, so raised my knees; Allyn caught my drift, reached for my knees and drew them back , wide and high, leaing me wide open and impaled fully by Thomas.

The tempo quickened, god, he was so deep, then suddenly, Thomas held my bottom tightly, muttered something in Austrian and grunted; I knew he was coming, as I could feel his cock, buried deep inside me pulsating. I opened my eyes, and smiled thankfully at Thomas; a look of gratification spread over his face. His cock became gradually smaller, slowly slipping from my pussy; a he was still standing between my legs, I reached for him, and gently squeezed the last drops from his cock.

I rolled over to kiss and thank Allyn for allowing me to be pleasured, I whispered “What about Hans” Allyn whispered back. “I think you’ll feel him in a moment, he’s standing behind you holding his cock, looking at your butt.” I trembled and said “did you ever think you’d allow two men to have me in the same night?”

He just kissed me deeply, then I felt hands lifting me bottom to cock height, and sighed as he inched into me, “I don’t care now,” I thought, as I was beyond making decisions. Hans had no problems with the entry, as I was well and truly lubricated but he must have been turned on thoroughly by the spectacle he had witnessed; I heard his breath quicken, and suddenly, he too erupted inside me.

‘With Hans still inside me, I kissed Allyn, and asked “I feel like a slut, allowing myself to be taken so easily, still love me darling?” He didn’t reply, just kissed me intimately.

” Lets go back inside, I need a drink.”

We settled down again in the lounge this time on the floor, restin, a short break to collect our energy, as well as our thoughts; All were still naked, and as I looked at our new friends, I quivered as I remembered the action that had just taken place.

As opportunities like this rarely seem to happen, I decided I may as well invite some more fun, and lent over to Thomas, popping him into my mouth. Becoming more adventurous I moved onto my knees, spreading my legs to give Hans a perfect view of my well-oiled pussy. I continued my efforts on Thomas, moving around, arching my back to show of my treasure trove. I knew Hans and Allyn would be watching intently.

I felt hands resting on my back, then fingers stroking my lips, rubbing my clit, occasionally one or more fingers ventured inside me, then a wet finger lightly pressured my butt; I couldn’t help myself, and pushed back slightly, allowing things to happen I had never before dreamt of. My bottom twitched as his finger gently slipped into my butt. Next, I felt a tongue licking my thighs, gradually moving towards my pussy.

Hans was good, I was very glad we’d invited him along, he was licking me from my clit to that sensitive line between fanny and bottom, occasionally allowing his tongue to flicker over my virgin hole. I couldn’t stop trembling and nervously arched my back, which left me wide open allowing his quivering tongue to explore further, tickling and teasing me. He was extremely patient, and eventually it became too much for me, so I lifted my head from Thomas’s groin, turned towards Hans and begged him to take me.

I felt him crawl in closer, then his penis tip popped it’s way inside my entrance, but then he stopped, just left it resting barely inside me, frustrating me. I waited for a moment, then rapidly pushed back forcing his whole length to fill me. Hans couldn’t refuse me now, and started fucking me, long slow strokes. I wondered what Allyn was up to, raised my head to glance around and found him resting on the sofa, just watching, smiling, stroking his lovely cock, which was fully erect again.

Hans continued his efforts to pleasure me from behind, as I pleasured Thomas orally, all the time knowing Allyn was watching. I let this happen for a while, then pulled away quickly, and with a mischievous grin on my face, moved further up Thomas’s body to mount him.

He slipped in easily as I was fairly well lubricated by the cum of three men as well as my own juices. After a couple of minutes warm up, I glanced around at Hans, and asked him to take me from behind. Allyn threw him a jar of KY Jelly, “the bastard was prepared for everything” I thought.

Hans lubricated his weapon, and my bottom entrance, then slowly inched himself into me.

It was ecstatic, though somewhat painful, my first real sandwich.

I bent forward to give Hans a better angle; both guests now filling me completely; I was feeling absolutely fantastic;

Allyn moved closer, so that his Penis was close to my face, so I grabbed him by the shaft, and pulled him towards my mouth, licking the side, then motioned for Thomas to do the same.

There we were, eye contact between us, Thomas in my pussy, Hans in my butt, and Allyn in my mouth. As Thomas had already shown he was not afraid to taste another man, I encouraged him to help me with Allyn’s cock; while I sucked on my man, Thomas licked his balls; this was so erotic; I thought episodes like this only happened in porno movies but here I was, starring in my own real life adventure.

Hans quickened his pace, I knew he was about to explode so I clenched my bottom tightly around his cock, then suddenly he pushed all the way in, almost splitting me in half, and emptied his load deep inside my bottom.

As his pulsations lessened, the ecstatic sounds and scene Allyn witnessed must have been too much for him, as he tried to thrust further into my mouth. I stopped him, removed him from my mouth and with one hand grasping his cock stroked him to his climax, watching it spurt everywhere.

My face, as well as Thomas’s was splattered with cum, Thomas could take no more, he too coming, and as Hans and Thomas slipped out of my cum soaked pussy I kissed the cum from Thomas’s face, then turned and kissed Allyn passionately, thanking him profusely for allowing me to feel ultimate pleasure.

I glanced at the wall clock, my god, it was way past midnight, we must have been at it for hours. I rolled of Thomas, and lay motionless, gathering my thoughts; wow, had that really happened? The sight of three wasted men, all with smiles on their dials and spent weapons hanging limply, confirmed that it had indeed happened.

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