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College Clinic Doctor

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As the only female doctor on staff at the health center of a large midwestern university, my work has afforded me numerous occasions when I’m asked (even begged) to describe certain of my work experiences to “the girls”—four girlfriends whom I’ve known since college. We gather three or so times a year at a spa or for a cruise or just to kick back for a few days away from husbands and boyfriends and, now, a couple of kids among us.

All five of us are successful women in satisfying careers, mostly happy in our relationships, and always supportive of each other when any one of us hits a rocky patch along the way. I am the only one, however, with a job that includes directing healthy, young men to disrobe for me, to climb up on my examination table on all fours and drop their chests to the padded surface so that their firm naked butts are high in the air with their lovely cocks dangling freely beneath them.

You can see that my friends would want to know how things are going at my job.

And it is quite nice employment. Being at a university clinic means the patients are mostly college students. My university serves a traditional college-aged, residential student body. Freshmen and sophomores are generally required to live in the dorms. All this means that on any given day the odds are not inconsequential that I’ll see one of the male athletes or an embarrassed fraternity boy who’s done something stupid during the unending series of greek pranks, or even just a studious chemistry major who happens to have the kind of lean, firm body that looks so enticing posed with his legs spread apart as he bends over for a prostate check.

I occasionally entertain our giggling group with a tale or two. They especially liked the telling of my experience with an initially truculent track athlete. (Sprinters, you know, have incredible butts.) This young man required two firm smacks on his naked ass along with an admonition that his coach would hear of his insolence during the required examination if he didn’t comply with my directions to spread his legs and bend over.

Only Connie, one of our “group of five,” remains unmarried. I’m hopeful that Eric, my boyfriend of a couple of years, will eventually be my husband. Things seem to be progressing in that direction. I love him, and I know he loves me. It will be a very nice life, and I’m so lucky to have found him. It took quite a while of looking for a man who understands the whole “equality” thing—in the workplace, in the kitchen, in the bedroom.

Maybe it’s because I went to an all-girl high school. I count that as perhaps the single most important thing that has led to the success I now enjoy. Yes, I dated in high school, but without guys in the classroom there was not the constant loss of focus, the constant primping that invariably interferes with sustained thinking and working. My entire class got college scholarships.

And, yes, we were a normal group of girls—some pretty, some not so much, some interested in social work, some in teaching, some in science. I am absolutely convinced, though, that my high school experience prepared me better to work hard in college as a pre-med major, to master the organic chemistry, to nail the calculus, to survive internship, to pass the boards, than a co-ed high school ever could have done.

Along the way I had plenty of boyfriends, but I suppose my high school experience predisposed me toward not taking macho, self-indulgent crap from a guy. That’s why I love Eric so much. He’s my man—all man—but he’s a chameleon in the bedroom, sometimes whisking me there in his strong arms to ravage me and pound me in the way I’m desperate for, but occasionally letting me set the tone and the activities that will get me off in the most satisfying way.

Lately, on two incredible, mind-blowing occasions over the past couple of months, that has included burying a strapon dildo deep into Eric’s ass as he moans and squirms beneath me. We talked about doing it after a crazy night when I brought home some of the “doctor equipment” from the clinic in order to set the stage for a sexy role play. I had my smock, my stethoscope, tongue depressor, latex gloves, temperature wand—many of the accouterments that define a medical examination. I wanted to surprise Eric with a little in-home medical consultation that included a very thorough exam to check him out “just to be sure all your sexual equipment is in good working order.”

Dr. Greene would be very thorough, I assured him.

We had such fun! What surprised me, though, was how much he got into the role. He pretended to be so embarrassed when I told him it was time to drop trou so I could check him for any sign of hernia.

(Embarrassed young men in my exam room, their reddening cheeks speaking volumes about their discomfort at having a female doctor manipulating their genitals, have always been my favorite patients. Go figure. There’s just something about—what?—toying with their innocence?—having them in a situation that completely reverses gender roles? Or maybe I’m overanalyzing and it’s just the fact that I have my latex-gloved hands on, and in, healthy young men. Whatever. But I can tell you that having a college junior from the men’s basketball/swim/track/etc. team who’s in great shape with toned muscles and who has to get an annual exam as part of his athletic scholarship requirements is a delight behind the closed door of my examination room.)

After Eric’s hernia check came the necessity for him to bend over in front of me and touch his toes so I could spread his asscheeks wide in order to do a visual inspection for any signs of hemorrhoids.

I have always loved Eric’s ass. Even on our first meeting, when he walked into a summer evening cocktail reception for one of the donors to the medical complex, I noticed his nice butt as it rounded out so deliciously in his linen pants. The first time I saw him naked, I asked him to turn around for me just so I could enjoy the view. He has strong, firm glutes that I love to grab and squeeze, so spreading him open for that part of our little role play was exciting both because I had his gorgeous naked ass firmly in my grasp and because it exposed his cute little asshole to my view.

“This is so embarrassing, Dr. Greene,” he said as I looked at his adorable pink starfish.

Grinning, I lectured him as part of our drama: “You must have this kind of examination regularly, Mr. Destin. It is important that any signs of trouble with your urogenital system be caught early.” I released his cheeks and told him to straighten up. “Now, let’s proceed with your prostate exam.”

Bless him! Maybe Eric really did have some kind of embarrassing experience with a doctor at some point in his past, but when he turned around, his face was red. I took his hand, noting that his palms were sweaty. (What a good actor!) “Now, now, Mr. Destin, don’t be concerned. Even though I will be very thorough, I will be gentle when my fingers are inside you.”

And on and on it went that night. I discovered how much Eric enjoys ass play. Away from the restrictions of professional decorum, I was free to play out my wildest fantasies as a doctor in charge of a naked male. In the process, I learned of my man’s eagerness to be spread open, to have his anus caressed, to be penetrated with my fingers, and to be jacked off at the same time, causing perhaps the most explosive orgasm I have ever seen him have.

The evolution to strapon man-fucking had begun for me. It had begun for Eric.

Certainly none of what Eric and I do is ever anything I share with “the girls.” Yes, I occasionally enjoy titillating them with clinic tales, but I would never tell them about what I’ve done in my own bedroom with my man.

And that goes for what I’m about to share, too. The girls will never hear what I’m about to relate. Even Eric will never hear about this. Only the comfort of anonymity and the process of writing this alone at my computer allows me the opportunity to interrupt the story, as I know I will, in order to pleasure myself with fingers, lotion, and vibrator. And I will do this more than once because what occurred is without doubt—except for Eric—the most intensely erotic event I have ever experienced. The memory never fails to moisten my pussy, and I’ve replayed the scene countless times since it happened right before Christmas break.

Julie was a junior accounting major. She was not dazzlingly attractive in the way the sorority girls with that reputation on our campus are. No, Julie was a hidden gem with a great body that she usually didn’t dress to accentuate and a pretty face generally unaccented by make-up. To look at her, you might think, “Prototypical uptight, middle-class, away-from-home-for-the-first-time college kid without a clue about the real world.”

You would be very, very wrong.

I was taken aback by her straightforwardness in asking me questions during a visit for a pap smear. “Is there anything special I should do when I play with my boyfriend’s ass to make sure I don’t hurt him?” she inquired. I almost dropped the speculum.

Not wanting to miss the opportunity to provide important safe sex information—this is one of my duties in my job—I regained my composure to ask Julie what she meant.

“Well, Dr. Greene,” she began, looking up at the ceiling in the little examination room, her arms folded across her stomach and lying on top of the gown she had donned for the procedure, “I like to stick my finger up inside of him when I give him BJs,” she said, squirming a bit as I tried to make things as comfortable as possible for her. “He obviously likes it. He really starts groaning when I begin finger fucking him in the ass. He shoots a lot of cum when I do it.”

Julie had been in to see me a few times during the two and a half years she’d been at the university. Our conversations had progressed to the point that I felt she considered me something of a confidant, and the last two visits she had been more frank with questions about sexual health. Before this examination, though, she never been this frank.

Finishing with her check-up, I eased her legs out of the stirrups and had her sit up. She hopped off the table and reached to the chair for her panties—thongs—as she continued talking.

“You know, I just want to make sure I don’t hurt him or do anything that will turn him off.”

“So you enjoy doing this to him?” I asked, walking to the short counter top to lay the speculum on the tray there and to package the culture specimen. “I mean, this isn’t something that he’s making you do because he likes it, but you don’t really want to do it, is it?”

“Oh, no. Absolutely not!” she responded, looking up from buttoning her jeans to smile at me. “It’s way cool to be inside him when he comes. His asshole spasms around my finger. That is so hot. You know, to be inside him when he shoots and feel him completely lose control. It’s like I’m the one who’s screwing him, and that’s fun. Plus, his groaning is a turn-on, too. It’s a different kind of moaning when he’s the one getting fucked.”

She looked at me, startled. “I’m sorry, Dr. Greene, I should have said that some other way–”

I raised my hand to interrupt her. “It’s okay. I’m not offended.” I smiled back at Julie to put her at ease. “I know it’s difficult enough to talk about certain things, and if you have to think about how to say them in a way that’s not how you talk about them normally, well, that can get you tongue-tied.” I pulled off the latex gloves I had used for Julie’s exam and tossed them in the receptacle. “Just say what you mean. I won’t be offended to hear you say, ‘fuck’ or ‘asshole,'” I said, shrugging my shoulders. “It kind of comes with the territory in my line of work.”

“You are the coolest doctor!” Julie said, reaching for her blouse. “Anyway, it wasn’t even Jonas’ idea for me to put my finger inside him when I give him blowjobs. I did it on my own the first time because one of my girlfriends asked one of my other girlfriends if she had ever done it. I got curious, and . . ..” She just shrugged.

You can quote me that I remembered this conversation word for word. How could I not?

Julie was buttoning her blouse at this point, and I was trying to retain my professionalism as I walked to the stool I had been sitting on when she was in the stirrups. Taking a seat on the stool, I began marking her chart. My nipples were very hard. I can’t remember if I was squirming on the stool, but it would not have surprised me. Julie was describing my own sexual turn-ons as she related, without embarrassment, it seemed, what she liked to do with—and to—her boyfriend.

I had thoroughly enjoyed both instances when I’d lubed up my strapon dildo and slid it inside a Eric’s ass. I looked forward to future instances when we would play like that. I mean, I REALLY looked forward to them. So hearing Julie talk about this was messing with my mind, my ability to remain a professional who was helpfully giving some advice on intimate sexual matters to one of her patients.

“Well–-” I hesitated, wondering how far I should take the discussion. Julie continued, nonplused.

“We don’t do it a lot, just occasionally, and I like it too much to risk anything that might want to make him stop doing it or that would hurt him when we play like that.” She was finished dressing and stood looking at me, slightly chewing her lip. Her expression said, “Tell me this is okay. Please!”

I did.

“Ass play can be very erotic. There are more nerve endings around the anus than at most any other place on the body, and I bet you and your boyfriend have already discovered those other places, right?”

Julie nodded, a slight exhale indicating she was glad she wasn’t in for a lecture about being perverted.

“So enjoy yourselves. But you’re wise to take precautions. You have to be careful. No hangnails—ever!” She smiled. “And the cleanliness thing is extremely important.”

I continued with the standard litany of dos and don’ts. Then I pushed the conversation a little.

“How many fingers have you put inside him at one time?” I asked.

Did I see her start to blush? Maybe I should back off.

“Usually only just one. It seems easier to work in and out like I’m screwing him. But I’ve put two inside him occasionally.”

“Does he like it?”

“He seems to,” she said, hopping up on the edge of the exam table, indicating that she really wanted to talk about this. “He has to be real turned on to take two, but I can tell when he’s at that point.”

I know what you’re thinking: A university doctor shouldn’t be having this kind of conversation with a student. I know I thought it. But what would you have done? I did have a responsibility to dispense information about safe sex along with prescriptions for birth control pills.

“All I can say, Julie, is that what you two do when you play with each other is your business as long as you both enjoy it and no one gets hurt. If he likes it when you put your fingers up inside him, and if you like it and don’t feel pressured into doing it, then as long as you’re careful and follow safe sex practices during anal play, you should go for it.”

I was still sitting on the stool as we talked. Fortunately, my clinic smock, my blouse, and my bra concealed the fact that my nipples were hard with erotic arousal. God help me, so was my clit. I didn’t want Julie to know this conversation was turning me on. I was struggling as I tried to maintain my role as her medical confidant.

It was a relief not to be concerned about my moistening pussy being noticed. (At least, not unless I really started lubricating, which would bring with it the tell-tale scent of female arousal. I would make sure that didn’t happen.)

“So, this is something we can do to have fun and not worry?” She was truly concerned about doing him safely and well.

“Absolutely. And don’t worry about being ‘kinky’ or ‘perverted.’ Lots of couples enjoy a little variety in their sex lives with some role playing that includes the guy being the one on the receiving end.”

What a relief to get that out. No other conversation in three years of practice at the university clinic had ever gone into this level of detail on this subject. But Julie’s expression told me I shouldn’t worry about pressing on in response to the questioning look she was giving me.

“By ‘receiving end,’ I mean a strapon, Julie. If you’ve penetrated your boyfriend with fingers, and you both like it, haven’t the two of you ever talked about using a strapon? You said that you liked the idea of being the one in charge of the sex when you stroke your fingers inside of him.”

Julie’s pupils dilated. (Yeah, I was still a doctor during this interchange, and I noticed the physical reaction telling me she was intensely interested.) “Well, um, yes, I guess I have thought of it.” She looked down, again chewing her lip. “But I’ve never mentioned it to him. You know, I don’t want to get into that whole, ‘I’m not gay!’ conversation that I worry he might start if I brought this up. I wouldn’t want to jeopardize the fun we have now when I’m the one giving it to him with my fingers.”

“But would you be okay with it?” I held her gaze, looking for a sign that she truly was interested for her own pleasure and not just because she thought her boyfriend would like it.

“Oh, yeah, Dr. Greene. I think I would like it a lot!”

She was enthusiastic, but then she backed away from that enthusiasm.

“But that is really a big step for us. I really do love Jonas, and I wouldn’t mind it if we stayed together a long time. If doing this might jeopardize that in any way, whether it’s because I’m just bad at it or because he thinks I’m pushing him into something, then I won’t do it.”

“Even at the expense of your own pleasure?” I asked, knowing what to expect in Julie’s reaction to my question.


“Julie, your relationship with Jonas, if it’s going to last and be anything meaningful, is going to have to be a 2-way street, right?”

She nodded.

“And he gets pleasure when you two have sex?”

Again, she nodded.

“Then-–” I let the implication hang in the air. Julie is smart. The implication didn’t hang long.

“I’m dying to try it, Dr. Greene, and I think I’ll enjoy it. I guess there’s only one way to find out,” she responded.

So what Julie was looking for all along was permission. She probably already knew where she was going to buy the strapon.

“It’s just that I need some help with this.” She wasn’t exactly pleading for more information, but she was certainly leading the conversation.

At this point the thought did cross my mind that I was now at another fork in the road. One way was marked, “Professionalism.” The other way was marked, “Do you know how exciting this would be?” I hesitated at the fork for, what—a nanosecond?

“This is just a guess, Julie, and please tell me if I’m off base here, but I think you’ve probably fantasized a lot about doing Jonas with a strapon. Is that right?”

Would she think I had crossed the line with the question? Would she think I had finally gotten too personal, even though she was the one who brought the subject up and continued asking for advice?

“Yeah, you’re right,” my patient responded, squirming a bit as she sat on the padded exam table. Julie blushed a little bit, but then rushed on, as though she wanted to prevent any chance that she would lose her nerve. “I saw a video once on the Internet—I swear, Dr. Greene, I just stumbled on it. It’s not like I was looking for it.” She crossed her legs as they dangled off the table. “But it was a little while after I started finger-fucking Jonas when I sucked his cock. And knowing how hot it was to be inside him with my finger when he came, well, seeing that video really got me thinking.”

At this point I realized that I wanted to hear Julie describe the video. God help me, I know it’s completely wrong to “mix business and pleasure.” Yes, absolutely. It is wrong.

“What was on the video?” I asked, the clipchart now resting in my lap.

Julie stiff-armed the edge of the table and leaned forward a bit. “This lady was stepping into a strapon harness that had a rubber cock fastened to the part of the harness that fits up against your crotch. She was talking to a naked guy who was sitting on the bed. And his dick was really, really hard—it was sticking straight up to ceiling, so you knew he was anxious for the woman to do him.”

I had to say something at this point to make it seem like I was Julie’s doctor and was asking these things only in the name of providing her medical advice. (Could I do it without cutting short Julie’s description? I hoped not.)

“Yes, yes, I understand, Julie. I’m just trying to find out if you–”

Then Julie, bless her heart, rushed right on with her description.

“She was telling him things that got me so hot I couldn’t stand it. Things that made me want to do it to Jonas. She said that she was going to love how good it felt when she slid it inside him and squirmed against his ass.”

I crossed my legs as I sat on the stool.

“Just hearing that one thing made me know I wanted to do Jonas, Dr. Greene. So if you’re worried that I’m not into this and that Jonas is making me do it, well, you can see that I’m the one that’s eager for it, but I just know he’s going to love it, too.”

I smiled, trying to tamp down the mental imagery running behind my eyes—the images that Julie’s description had started.

“Then the video showed the woman finishing with lubing the strapon. She poured more lube into her hand and told the guy to get on his hands and knees on the bed and put his chest down to the mattress. She smeared the lube all over his crack and put her fingers inside him. He was moaning. She asked if he was ready to get fucked. He made this really sexy, kind of surrender-type sound when he said, ‘Yes,’ and then she slid her strapon into him in one slow stroke.”

“Julie, that’s plenty. You can stop now. I was just trying to make sure that you’re going to be okay with this.”

This time I really did want her to stop. Her explicit description of the man-fucking video she saw which launched her desire to fuck her boyfriend in the ass with a strapon was arousing me. I had to get back to being a college clinic doctor.

A college clinic doctor doesn’t slide her hand down the front of her slacks in order to press a fingertip firmly against her aroused clit to intensify the pleasurable sensations she knows are waiting there. Julie’s video description was making me desperate to do just that.

“Oh. Sorry,” she said, blinking twice and looking down at the floor. “I’m sorry, Dr. Greene. I got carried away. It’s just so . . . well, the whole idea is just so hot and sexy that it’s pretty easy to get way over the top when I talk about it. I really appreciate that I can discuss this kind of stuff with you, though. You have no idea how hard it is to find anybody that’s willing to listen, not to judge, and who’s also qualified to give advice on things like this.”

If she only knew.

“Okay, I understand,” I said, smiling at her. “There’s a real mental aspect to taking a man with a strapon, and it might even be more exciting than the physical sensations of doing it. I had to make sure you were prepared for that, and it’s pretty clear, based on your description of the video you saw and how you reacted to it, that you’re into this idea both mentally and physically. That’s good.”

I stood up from the stool and smoothed out my smock. Looking at my young patient as she sat expectantly on the exam table, I said, “Get Jonas in here for a check-up, Julie, and arrange it for the one night a week when I’m the physician on duty. This semester that happens to be Tuesdays, which is a good night because there’s usually nothing going on which could interrupt us for the short time I’m going to help you out with your situation.”

Then I told Julie how the scenario was going to play out.

Next, I went to my office and dialed Eric’s work number. Knowing it had been several weeks since Eric’s and my last session with the strapon, I thought he might be ready to bend over for me this evening. “Sweetie,” I whispered into the phone, “the doctor informs me that she’s found something she needs to investigate further based on your last exam. The doctor happens to be working her one late night of the week tonight and has asked me to check with you to see if you can come in tonight for additional tests. Do you think you can make it?”

I congratulated myself. Nice—even if anyone at the clinic overheard anything, no one would ever know the code I had just used meant I had asked my handsome boyfriend to strip and surrender his tight little asshole to my fingers and my strapon tonight.

“Um, let me check my calendar,” Eric said. I could picture the smile on his face when he spoke those words, knowing that he was teasing me as part of our little game. “Uh, yeah, that looks like it should be okay.”

“Oh, wonderful. I don’t want anything to be wrong with you, and it’s such a relief knowing the doctor can work you in tonight.” (I was mentally word playing when I said that: “. . . knowing that Dr. Greene can work into you tonight,” was what I meant.)

“Did the doctor say anything about what needs to be followed up on?” Eric asked, and I definitely heard a little smile in his voice.

“Well, not in a lot of detail. You know—patient confidentiality and all that. I do remember, though, something the nurse said about the necessity for a follow-up prostate check.”

After hanging up, I went immediately to the bathroom, which was one of those small, single-toilet, unisex bathrooms common at clinics and doctors’ offices. Locking the door—something everyone expects to be done—gave me the privacy I absolutely had to have at that moment. I quickly squirmed my slacks and panties down my legs far enough to sit on the toilet seat and splay my legs open, which gave me the access to my moist pussy that I had to have. Then, as unprofessional as it was to do it in my place of business, I gave in to the intense sexual arousal that was my own fantasy of strapon man-fucking. I stroked my clit as I worked a couple of buttons open on my blouse to snake the other hand in and push one of my bra cups up so I could get to my hard nipple. The orgasm I had as I ran a movie in my mind of Eric’s gorgeous ass in front of me, cheeks firmly in my grip as I held him open, and the tip of my strapon slowly entering his tight hole while he moaned and encouraged me to go deeper was a delicious warm-up to what would happen that night when he got home.

* * *

“Your vitals all look good, Jonas. You’re smart to come in, though. This is a good time in your life to get some baseline adult readings of your physical condition. That can be very helpful in the future for a doctor who’s trying to figure out what’s wrong if you encounter any problems. The clinic here provides a summary you can take with you.”

He was sitting on the exam table, and I’d just checked his eyes and ears, listened with the stethoscope to his lungs, and was preparing to proceed to the more interesting parts of Jonas’ examination.

“Let me step outside for a minute while you take off your clothes and slip into this”—I held out the standard-issue examination gown—“and then I’ll come in so we can do your hernia check.” I didn’t mention anything that would come after that, but I’m sure Jonas knew my finger was going up his ass in the next few minutes.

What Jonas didn’t know was that Julie was at the clinic, too. She was in the examination room next to where Jonas was about to get the ride of his life. I pulled the curtain around the exam table area to let Jonas know I was concerned about his privacy as he disrobed. There was a more important reason, however, that I drew the curtain closed.

I quietly stepped out of the room after drawing the curtain and went directly into the room next door down the hall. Julie had just stepped into the harness when I entered the room where she was readying herself. We had agreed that Jonas was the only one who was going to be naked during my assistance with his initiation. I had actually been the one to insist on that, even though I knew I would desperately want access to my crotch for some intense masturbation at the scene I would be witnessing. Still, it was the right thing to do, and I’m sure it helped put Julie more at ease. With all the bravura she exhibited in her conversation the week before, she was still a virgin at doing a man, and she was still a coed who knew she was pushing the limit in a decidedly risky (but therefore that much more exciting) venture at her university’s clinic.

I watched as she slipped the dildo through the opening and snugged up the straps.

She blushed when she saw me come in and fumbled with a buckle.

“Are you excited about doing this, Julie?” I asked.

“Excited. Embarrassed. Really wet already. You name it, Dr. Greene. This is just so . . . so . . .”

“Enough said,” I reassured, holding up my hand. “Just do as we planned.” I patted her shoulder, waited for her to make her final adjustment to the way the end of the dildo was positioned on the crotch of the dance tights she was wearing, and then I handed her a latex glove from the dispenser in the room. She struggled into it, finally tugging it on completely. Playing out our devious plan, she dipped into the opened jar of lube on the counter and drew out a glob which she quickly deposited on the top side of the make-believe cock sticking out from the harness. She smeared the lube liberally around the dildo, coating her gloved fingers in the process.

I stepped out the door, making sure that the only other person at the clinic right then, the receptionist in front, wasn’t for some reason back in the exam rooms area, and then nodded for Julie to follow me. The whereabouts of the receptionist wasn’t something I was worried about. She was trained not to venture back into the exams room area. Staying out helped minimize patient embarrassment.

Julie followed me into the room where Jason would be deflowered, and before I squeezed through the small opening between the curtain and the wall, I pressed my finger to my lips as a I glanced back at Julie.

Jonas was sitting on the exam table in his gown. I pulled a latex glove from the dispenser on the counter and snapped it against my wrist when it was completely on my hand. I always do that. It somehow seems to emphasize who’s in charge.

Jonas began to blush. I just love that when I’m about to do these examinations on attractive college studs.

“Stand here in front of the exam table,” I said, motioning to the spot, “and lift your gown so I have access to your testicles.”

Jonas did as he was told. I continued with my directions, talking a bit more loudly than I would have normally—Julie would love hearing this—but not too loudly so as to draw the attention of the receptionist.

“Thank you. Now spread your legs apart a bit farther so your testicles dangle freely.”

Being a doctor sometimes has rewards that compensate for the ridiculous interning hours and the gauntlet of med school.

I cupped his balls in my gloved hand.

“Jonas, would you lift your penis out of the way while I check your testicles for lumps.”

He swallowed, and the blush on his face had deepened. But he was a trooper, and he did as he was told.

I rolled the vulnerable orbs between my fingers. “You should do this periodically in the shower to check for any unusual bumps or spots that feel different. Testicular cancer is highly curable if caught early.” I continued for longer than was really necessary, but Jonas wouldn’t know that. He had nice balls.

“Okay, Dr. Greene,” he managed to grit out. I saw that his penis was starting to engorge by noting its appearance between his fingers as he held his cock. I looked down to ensure that he didn’t see my smile. And I continued to slowly and sensuously glide my gloved fingers around his balls.

I removed my hand. “You can let go of your penis now. I need to do the hernia check.”

He hesitated. I loved it. I knew why he was slow to respond moving his hand. It was because his cock had been quick to respond.

Finally he acquiesced and put his hand nervously at his side. His cock was at half mast.

“Don’t be embarrassed, Jonas,” I said, again being sure that Julie, standing just outside the curtain, could hear me clearly. “It’s natural that a man’s penis will tumesce as a result of having his scrotum and testicles manipulated.”

He exhaled a bit. “This is so embarrassing . . .”

“Happens a lot in my line of business,” I joked. I wanted to put him at ease. He would have to be nice and relaxed for what was to come.

I planted my gloved hand in the appropriate spot on the right side. “Turn your head and cough for me, Jonas.” Lovely boy—he did as he was told. “Again,” after moving my hand to the left side. What a good boy at following directions.

I rose from the stool to stand in front of him. “I do have to get a feel of your prostate, Jonas. Let me adjust the table for you.” He moved to the side, his naked cock swinging slightly, I knew, beneath his gown, and I dropped the front and rear sections so that when he leaned over the table his head would hang down. I didn’t want him to see Julie observing his examination. “Please stand here with your legs spread and bend over the table. It’s probably best to remove the gown first,” I said, not explaining why this would be necessary.

In fact it wouldn’t, but the visual would be so much hotter for Julie if she saw her guy in that position completely naked.

I simply adore obedient men. Jonas moved into position. “A little wider, please,” I said, gently tapping on the inside of one of his thighs.

This is the part of these examinations that I like the most. Seeing the guy get into position. Seeing him adjust himself so that he is open for me. And the way their cocks and balls hang down between their spread legs is so sexy. But the exquisite moment of anticipation as I watch all this is undeniably the most toe-curlingly erotic part of the entire ritual. The torturous anticipation builds rapidly because I know I’ m going to penetrate them, and they’re going to willingly—if not always with enjoyment—submit to the most intimate examination a woman can ever give a man.

I have analyzed this at length, I can assure you. How does a doctor separate what she does professionally from what she adores doing to her own man? I have wondered if male doctors have to struggle with this when they give female patients a digital rectal exam or have to do pap smears and other intimate tests. At first, I worried—agonized—over how I should handle this. But that made me nervous during my examinations of men, something which was definitely not good. (There’s enough prejudice against female doctors, period, without a “lady doctor” being nervous with male patients adding fuel to the fire.) So I realized I had to get over my issues.

The answer came pretty easily: Enjoy my work.

When the guy is fit, handsome, and nervous is when I like my job the best. Jonas met those qualifications nicely. He had an adorable ass. As he moved into position I watched his strong legs flex. Then came the best part. He lowered his chest to the table, which raised his naked butt in the air.

“That’s it, Jonas. Now just stay like that for a moment and let me get the lubricant. I don’t want you experiencing any discomfort.”

The jar of lube usually stays on the counter next to the latex gloves. I’d put it on the other side of the curtain on purpose. I pulled the curtain slightly away from the wall.

That was Julie’s cue. She moved silently into place, handing me the jar of lube. I smiled at her, and she stood quietly, her eyes wide at the sight before her.

“Okay, Jonas, I’ve coated my finger very well. Now I’m going to lubricate your anus.” I saw Jonas’ legs twitch, and I know Julie saw it, too. He knew he was going to enjoy what I was about to do, but he didn’t want me to know that.

I spread his taut asscheeks apart with the fingers of my left hand while I balanced the dollop of lube I’d scooped from the jar on one fingertip of my gloved hand. At this point I stepped slightly to the side so that Julie’s view was totally unobstructed. I looked back to see that she had moved one hand to her breasts, and the fingers of her gloved hand were lightly playing across the phallus jutting from her crotch, smearing the lube around.

“Relax a bit, Jonas. I must do a visual inspection for hemorrhoids at this point, and I need you to unclench your anus completely for the inspection. Please try to open up a bit if you can.” It was true that a visual inspection is part of these procedures, but that part about opening up isn’t really necessary. It would turn Julie on to hear it, though, and Jonas might really do it, which would be a huge turn-on for me. Seeing a man open himself upon command is beyond sexy. It’s something that pushes every last one of my erotic buttons.

It was important for Julie to see Jonas obey. I was certain it would arouse her enormously. I smiled slightly as I held my patient’s asscheeks spread apart. (Perhaps Julie and Jonas would re-create this little scenario in a role play sometime in the future: Nurse Julie would undoubtedly find something during patient Jonas’ exam which would require a very thorough digital exploration inside the snug confines of his warm anus . . ..)

My visual inspection in this instance must have taken a long time in Jonas’ mind. Wanting Julie to enjoy herself as much as I was while we two partners in crime readied him for Julie to take his cherry, I held Jonas open and vulnerable for as long as I dared.

And both of us were delighted to see that, about fifteen seconds after my directions to open for me, Jonas’ cute little pucker relaxed a bit, and a small aperture appeared in the center. I grinned back at Julie when the aperture came into view, and she silently moved a bit closer.

“Thank you, Jonas. I know that might have been embarrassing, but it helps me be as thorough as possible in documenting your health status. Now, please remain as open as you can for the next part. It will help if your anus is relaxed and offering minimal resistance when I lubricate you.”

Julie was rubbing her breasts in earnest at this point. Thank goodness she was being quiet about it. In truth, Jonas might not have heard a small, unusual sound at that point because I caught the slightest of moans that came from him. He quickly quieted, and I’m sure that if I had walked around to the front of the table to look at his face, he would have been as red as a beet.

It was a pity I couldn’t do that. Seeing the shame and embarrassment on his face mixed so delightfully with the expression of being excited beyond measure and willing to be toyed with is one of the most delicious parts of doing a man. Perhaps Julie would figure this out for herself.

Jonas, for his part, was playing the role Julie and I had laid out for him to the hilt. The fact that he didn’t know it was that much more a turn-on.

My gloved fingertip made contact with his opened hole. He started at the contact, and I felt his asshole tighten, as I knew it would. Anticipating the reaction, my finger was already in to the first knuckle. I held it there firmly, my other hand continuing to spread his butt apart for Julie’s viewing pleasure.

“Relax, Jonas. I’m not going to hurt you.” Again, it took several seconds before I felt him start to relax. It was normal that it would once more take a bit of time for his anus to accommodate my command. The rush that I got from feeling him give himself up to the finger I had poised at the entrance of his asshole was pretty normal for me, too.

I looked back at Julie and mouthed the words, “This is so hot.” She nodded enthusiastically, her eyes moving quickly from reading my lips to her boyfriend’s complete nakedness and vulnerability in front of us. Julie’s small tremors of sexual excitement were evident as she watched. I nodded approvingly as I noted the sexy effect those tremors produced in the motion of the strapon she was wearing.

Oh, how I wished it were me wearing that strapon!

“Now just relax.”

I pushed firmly, insistently yet slowly, until my finger was buried completely in Jonas Tarleton’s asshole. Julie was watching intently, I knew.

I coated Jason’s anal walls thoroughly with the lube. Then I began palpating his prostate.

“Your prostate seems to be okay, Jonas.” I slid my fingertip off of it as I backed my finger out a bit. He may have thought the examination was concluded at that point. It wasn’t. I pushed in again until I had bottomed out once more.

“Just let me check one thing. I thought I might have felt something there.” Again I palpated the nub under my fingertip. Jonas’ cock, which at this point had lengthened and firmed, was pressed onto the side of table along with his thighs, and I noted with satisfaction that a small drop of pre-cum had started to leak from the tip. I caught Julie’s attention with my eyes and nodded my head toward Jonas’ naked dick. The smile on her face told me she saw his pleasure leakage, too. She unconsciously licked her lips.

“I’m 99.9% sure you’re completely fine, Jonas, but I am going to have to insert a second finger to find out. This means you really will have to relax and open as wide as possible for me.”

I felt like a high school kid who with her girlfriend was flipping through the pages of our first Playgirl. I’d given many prostate exams in my career, but the sheer naughtiness of this one took me back to the pit-of-the-stomach excitement that comes with an initial sexual thrill.

Easing my finger out of Jonas’ ass, I said, “Let me apply some more lube so this is as comfortable as possible.”

Julie took her cue and stepped boldly closer. She laid her gloved and lubricated fingertips against Jonas’ asshole as I continued to hold him open.

“Thank you for being a good patient during this, Jonas,” I said. I scooted to the side to allow Julie to move into better position. I eased my left hand away from his ass as I did so, and Julie continued to smear lube on his anus.

At this point I did step to the front of the table. Quietly, quietly—I didn’t want him opening his eyes yet. I knew they’d be shut as he tried to maintain his composure during the examination.

When I was standing in front of him I nodded to Julie, who quickly slid two fingers deep inside him. I bent down in front of his face and said, “You are truly being a very good boy, Jonas.”

His eyes flew open in shock to see me smiling at him.

“What the-–”

“Yes, you really are being such a good boy, Jonas,” said Julie, who now was starting to pump her fingers in and out of his asshole.

He started to get up, but Julie put her ungloved hand on the small of his back and pressed down firmly as she leaned over him.

“Baby, I asked Dr. Greene to help me. Don’t be angry. And don’t get up. I know you like getting finger-fucked, and you are making me so hot. This whole thing is just off the chart, babe. You can’t even imagine how turned on I am. You are my sexy, masculine, hunky boyfriend, and I am so lucky to have you.” She withdrew her fingers and then plunged them in again. “I want you to feel really, really good. I want to give you the best sex you’ll ever, ever have, and I asked Dr. Greene to help me learn how to do that. Don’t be angry, please don’t be angry. You are the sexiest guy I have ever known, Jonas, and if you knew how wet you’re making me right now, you’d know that I can’t even imagine how lucky I am to be with you.”

She was being careful as she leaned over him not to let the dildo make contact.

Julie continued her sexy entreaties. Jonas was still squirming under her, and I moved away so he no longer had to watch me watching him get it in the ass as his girlfriend finger-fucked him. Maybe he would have liked being forced to look in my eyes as she stroked her fingers in and out, but being the neophyte he was (what 21-year-old isn’t a neophyte?), I didn’t want to do anything that might contribute to his decision to stop these fantastic proceedings.

“Please enjoy this, baby,” Julie cooed. “We’re getting coached by a pro who’s going to make sure everything I do is perfect and pleases you and makes you really, really excited.” Her breathy directions were incredibly sexy. I wished I’d thought to hide a recorder somewhere in the room to capture all of this for posterity.

“It’s okay to enjoy it, Jonas,” I said, standing by his side. I peeled off the glove and dropped it into the wastebasket. Then I laid a hand on Jonas’ back to stroke gently and reassure him some more. “Julie asked me for instructions to make sure she did everything exactly right to give you the most pleasure when she plays with your ass. She truly wants you to have the absolute best time possible, to be as turned on as possible, and to have the most mind-bending orgasms possible when she does this to you. Isn’t that amazing? Isn’t she amazing for wanting to give you the most pleasure possible?”

Julie was slowly fucking Jonas’ hole now, doing it the way she knew he liked it.

“Mmmm,” was all Jonas could manage in the situation, but his struggles to get up had eased. With a groan, he ceased his silly attempts to raise up off the table, and I patted him lightly on the shoulder.

“That’s it, Jonas. Julie is going to make you feel great. She has a special surprise planned for you, and that’s why she wanted me here—to make sure she does it right and in a way that makes you crazy to come.”

I nodded to Julie, who slipped her fingers from his asshole and stepped closer between his legs. The strapon bobbed deliciously as she did so, and after a couple of seconds of getting into position, Julie grabbed the dildo by the base and tapped the tip against Jonas’ glistening asshole.

“Open up for me, Jonas,” Julie directed.

“What are you doing?” he asked, craning his head up to try to see how Julie was creating the sensation he was feeling on the center of his asshole.

I stepped to the front of the table and grabbed his head with both hands so he was looking at me. “Just do as she says, Jonas. Julie is going to fuck you in the ass.”

His expression was priceless. The look made me incredibly horny, and at this point I had dropped all pretense of physician-speak. What the hell—what was happening was way past the bounds of propriety for a physician.

I had become a sex tutor.

“Just open up, babe,” Julie said as she stopped tapping and started to slide the tip of the phallus up and down across his asshole. I released my grip on his face and stepped back to plant both my hands on his firm asscheeks. I spread him open wide and said, “Okay, Julie, push the tip in about an inch and just hold it there.”

“Mmmmf,” was Jonas’ reaction. I leaned across the small of his back and maintained my grip on his cheeks, splaying him open to Julie’s strapon invasion and at the same time trapping Jonas beneath me in a way that clearly communicated that trying to avoid his first ass-fucking was not going to be possible.

“His hole will try to close shut at this point. Stay motionless with just that much of your strapon inside him.”

Jonas’ cute little pucker actually fluttered around the dildo.

Again: “Mmmmf.” This time, it was louder.

“Now push in another couple of inches and hold.”

Julie pushed slowly. Jonas groaned. I hastily released my grip, and Julie grabbed his hips for better leverage now that she was pushing her strapon into him. “Sometimes men get a bit vocal when you take them like this,” I said, kicking off my shoes and unzipping my slacks. “It’s a real turn-on to hear it,” I continued, shimmying out of my slacks, “but we can’t risk too much noise in here, Julie.” I pulled off my panties and walked to the front of the exam table.

“Open,” I said, looking into Jonas’ eyes.

I held my panties in front of his face. No doubt he saw—and smelled—that there was a wet spot on the crotch, which I’d made sure to display as I dangled the garment in front of him.

And what a rush it was when he obediently opened his mouth.

Now, I’m not yet a practiced man-fucker, and Eric and I are only beginning our exploration of the erotic role reversal that comes with the surrender of the male asshole to a strapon-wielding woman who adores doing a man in that way. I also haven’t seen or read a lot of erotica on this topic, but I have seen ball gags at the sextoy shop and can imagine their utility in muffling silly little protests from a man receiving a good fucking. With no such instrument available, however, I took the opportunity to use my panties as a gag. I pushed them into Jonas’ mouth with the admonition, “Don’t spit these out, Julie’s pet. We don’t mind your vocalizing. In fact, we adore it. But you understand the need for discretion here, no?”

Jonas’ expression indicated he understood. And then I saw the shock in his eyes as Julie buried the strapon completely inside him.

I had a mini-orgasm.

“Stop, Julie. Let him accommodate to the intrusion. He will adjust.”

I buttoned my physician’s smock, and with my blouse on, at least it looked as though I had a skirt on beneath the smock. “I apologize, Julie. I know I promised that only Jonas ‘ crotch would be seen naked during this lesson, but you understand the need for quick action?”

Julie grinned at me. “It’s okay, Dr. Johnson. I know he likes it.”

So much for my worries if Julie would have asked why I didn’t just use a roll of elastic bandage or something.

Jonas’ muffled groan through his gag was hard to decipher. It was either a protest or an acquiescence. Either way, the point was Julie’s sexual satisfaction and excitement as she glued herself against his firm glutes and began pressing insistently against him, burying the strapon deeper with each thrust.

He was squirming under Julie’s control. She held him firmly by the hips as she pressed her crotch tight against his naked flanks. Then, showing a natural talent for screwing men in the ass, she reached up to Jonas’ shoulders and gripped him there while pressing her chest into his back. It pinned him quite effectively to the table and also allowed her to begin humping into him in earnest.

“This is gonna make me come, baby. It feels so good. The dildo inside you is rubbing against my pussy when I fuck you. I love how it feels. I love you giving yourself up to me.” Julie was whispering this into Jonas’ ear as she laid against him and squirmed her crotch against his naked ass. “Do you like it, babe? Does it feel as good as my fingers inside you when I give you a blowjob? Do you want to come, baby? You always tell me that my fingerfucking makes you shoot.”

Poor Jonas’ tongue was tied, so to speak. “Mmmmf,” was as good as the answer—whatever it was—could come out.

Then Julie said something for which I was totally unprepared.

“Dr. Johnson, my baby needs to come, and I’m getting really close myself. Would you get some of that lube and start jacking him off while I really start stroking into him?”

Without waiting for an answer, Julie pulled back on Jonas’ shoulders, effectively dragging him backward several inches. This moved his hips back a bit from the section of the exam table I had dropped down for him to lean over. The result was that his cock was now freed from being pressed against the flat surface of the dropped-down table section.

And it was immediately clear that Jonas was very much enjoying being screwed in the ass.

I stepped to the counter, pulled a latex glove from the dispenser, picked up the jar of lube, and then swaggered back to the front of the table so Jonas could see me putting on the glove.

“I’m not going to use my bare hand to jack you off, Jonas. Only Julie owns that privilege. But your girlfriend has asked for assistance in making you come, and while she’s building to the intense orgasm that is guaranteed as a result of fucking you, I’m going to lube up your cock and stroke you until you come buckets.”

Jonas groaned deeply into the gag, indicating his willingness and eagerness to submit to the way we were going to use him.

“Oh, shit,” said Julie, panting in obvious excitement. “Baby, this is so hot. This is so hot. I love fucking you, baby.”

“But Jonas,” I said, “it’s important that you not come until you’re told. I will stop your impending orgasm if you get too close too soon.” I snapped the glove around my wrist after slipping into it to emphasize my control.

I saw him bite down into the panties stuffed into his mouth. What followed immediately was a moan that communicated all the tortured exasperation of a male who wanted desperately to come yet was not in a position to do anything physically to make that happen. He was being used for Julie’s pleasure, and she was going to come, that was beyond doubt. Whether he was going to get off was totally at her pleasure, and she had indicated her willingness for it to happen.

I loved the moan. It made me tease him some more while Julie continued fucking him.

“I’m a very good masturbatrix, Jonas. As a doctor, I know just where to press to make you come, and just where to press to stop you from coming. I can stretch it out for hours if I want.”

Oh, his expression was so hot. I can see it now in my memory.

“Start jacking him, Dr. Greene. I’m getting really excited.” Julie managed to eke the words out between thrusts into Jonas’ ass.

I dipped my fingers into the jar on the floor in front of Jonas and smiled evilly at him.

“Your girlfriend has given me permission to handle you, Jonas. Your cock is mine now.”

He closed his eyes. I knew he was concentrating on delaying the urge to ejaculate when he heard me tell him that I owned his cock.

Julie was quite enthusiastic in her taking of Jonas’ ass, and I had to maneuver a bit to get access to his cock in a manner that would allow me to stroke, and if necessary, to reach to the spot just behind his balls where I would press to short-circuit an orgasm.

He was dripping pre-cum and hard as steel. I watched for a few seconds in fascination as Julie’s strapon plowed into him repeatedly.

“Please, Dr. Greene,” huffed Julie, “I’m really, really close.”

I grabbed his cock with my gloved hand and with a tight grip began sliding it from the base all the way to the tip and back again. He was bucking up against Julie, trying to take more of the strapon while simultaneously trying to thrust into my fist.

Jonas was as much of a natural in taking a strapon as Julie was in giving it.

“Oh, god, now, Dr. Greene. Now!”

I should have gagged Julie, too. But I concentrated a few short, quick strokes of a vice-like grip right on the spot under the head of Jonas’ cock.

That’s all it took, and I stepped back to take in the erotic sight before me.

Julie’s orgasm was racking her body, and she was suffering through the exquisite pleasure of intense release, spasms rolling over her in waves, alternating with shivers and a frenzied slamming of her crotch into Jonas’ backside. Gagged as he was, Jonas was grunting and snorting through his own intense orgasm, spurting a series of powerful jets of cum against the table. And he was backing like a champ into the strapon buried in his ass.

They collapsed into a heap, she on top of him, he squirming beneath her for a few seconds before gripping the sides of the table. He pushed himself up a bit, reached for the panties and pulled them out his mouth, and then dropped in exhaustion back to the table, all the while Julie pressing herself onto his back and the dildo into his ass.

I stepped to the side of the table and whispered to Julie, “Stay inside him for a couple of minutes to heighten the realization of just who fucked whom right now.”

And I gathered my slacks, panties, and shoes and exited quietly to the room next door to put myself back together.

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