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“Oh my god, it’s huge!” Audrey exclaimed, unable to take her eyes from the package. “I thought you were going to get one for beginners.”

James looked up distractedly, then went back to opening his own packages. “Don’t worry, I did. You won’t be starting on that one. You gotta work your way up.” After a moment, he tossed aside an empty package and held up a short, thinner probe with a flared base. “This is the one you’ll be starting on.”

Audrey eyed the object suspiciously. “Even that one looks intimidating,” she muttered, reaching over and snatching it from his hand. The soft, smooth silicone was a pretty pearlescent pink, not exactly the color Audrey had anticipated. But the object had a distinct triangular shape with a rounded head, and Audrey knew exactly what it was designed for, regardless of the innocent color.

James caught her staring at it and grinned. “Well, what do you think? Want to try it out?”

Audrey glared at him, but surprisingly enough, she agreed with a sigh of resignation. “All right, let’s just get this over with.” She stood and made her way over to the bed, her lover in tow. “Where do you want me?”

“Get on all fours,” James instructed, watching as she obeyed. Her tiny skirt didn’t even attempt to cover her delicious ass, or her delicate lace panties. Although the shape of them accentuated her curved ass perfectly, James frowned. “Slide those things off.”

Audrey reached back and slid them off. As she did so, James was rewarded with a perfect view of her pussy. Full and fleshy, her baby-pink lips spread slightly to reveal her glistening hole. Audrey’s hard, sizeable clit pushed back her soft, tender hood. She was visibly turned on—a good sign.

Kneeling behind her on the bed, James fought the urge to play with her pretty twat and, instead, spread her round, tight ass cheeks until he discovered her tiny asshole. Having washed it himself in the shower earlier that afternoon, he knew it was clean. This brought him a surprising sense of disappointment, but he leaned forward and licked at her hole regardless. Audrey squealed, trying to move away, but he held on to her ass tightly, pulling it apart almost painfully while he lapped at her anus. He forced his tongue inside, feeling her muscles close tightly around it. What a tight little asshole, he thought to himself; once this bitch is trained to take my cock, it’s gonna feel so fucking good.

Finally he slipped his tongue back out and reached for a bottle of lube from the nightstand. He poured a considerable amount onto his fingers and began massaging the viscous liquid into her little hole. Audrey groaned, bucking with discomfort. The lube was cold and slippery inside her, and it felt gross.

Suddenly, however, James’ fingers were replaced by the warm, insistent end of the plug, lubed up and slippery. Audrey gasped, bracing herself for discomfort, but as the head of the intruding object pushed against her anus, and she let out a moan. It wasn’t until the tip had slid past her anal ring that she groaned, feeling suddenly like she needed to take an urgent shit. “James, stop,” she whined. “I think I need to go to the bathroom.”

James ignored her and pushed the plug in harder. Audrey felt her tiny asshole open up like it did when she took a shit, but instead of expelling an object, she was taking one in. Her ass ached. She begged James to stop, but it kept coming. Finally, when she thought she could take no more, the wide part of the plug slipped in and her anus closed around the narrow neck. James twisted the tapered base until it sat comfortably between her big, round ass cheeks.

Audrey was gasping for breath. “Ouch, it hurts,” she moaned, but even as she said it, the pain began to dissipate. Now she felt little more than a dull ache, accompanied by a feeling of fullness, like she did before going to the bathroom. Glancing over her shoulder, she saw her own ass in the mirror. Admiring her own perfect ass, spread by a narrow piece of pink silicone, Audrey moaned and bit her lip. Her pussy drooled onto the bed beneath her.

“You like that, huh?” James chuckled, rubbing her fleshy, slippery cunt. Audrey nodded silently, her eyes riveted on the reflection of her own ass. James reached forward and undid the buttons of her shirt until it fell open, revealing her lacy bra. He made short work of this obstacle as well until her large, heavy breasts hung free. Round, perky, and milky white, her gigantic tits nearly rested on the bed below her. In fact, her long, hard nipples did indeed graze the sheets. James toyed with them for awhile, rolling them between his fingers and sucking on them.

Audrey moaned, wriggling with every touch of her sensitive nipples. Whenever she moved, however, the plug in her ass moved as well, sending shivers down her spine. Her pussy was flooded with syrupy juices that ran down her thighs and drizzled onto the bed. James released Audrey’s heavy jugs and began lapping up the juices from her soaking twat. Audrey squealed and bucked as he tongued her big clit and forced his tongue into her tight cunt again and again.

Suddenly she felt the plug move in her ass. But this time it didn’t just twitch; it began to slide out. Audrey felt as though her bowels were voiding themselves right there on the bed. Letting out a shriek, she turned around to see James pulling it slowly out of her ass. A wave of relief washed over her until, unexpectedly, he forced the plug right back into her asshole.

Audrey screamed. Her tender anus ached and burned from the assault, but even so, James wasn’t finished yet. He pulled the plug out yet again, then forced it back in, over and over again. Despite Audrey’s screams, he was rewarded each time with a tiny squirt of juice from her already sloppy pussy. Clearly she was enjoying herself. This emboldened James, and he was soon slamming the toy in and out of her ass as hard as he could. Her face and tits on the bed and her ass high in the air, Audrey felt dirty and exposed. She whimpered and cried, but truth be told, she was in heaven.

Suddenly, the plug in her ass began to vibrate. Audrey was so unprepared for this sensation that she let out a squeal. A few more pumps in and out of her tight asshole, and Audrey began to come. Screaming again and again, she squirted a thick, hot stream of juice from her already gushing pussy. Still coming, Audrey reached a hand between her thighs and rubbed her clit hard and fast, coaxing out squirt after squirt from her twat.

When her orgasm subsided, Audrey collapsed onto the bed. James’ arm and chest were soaking wet, covered in her pussy juices. The sheets between her thighs were a massive puddle of wetness. Her own thighs were soaking wet and slippery.

James looked down at his lover, a half-naked, satisfied sex goddess, her ass still violated by a pretty buttplug. His dick had been rock hard since sliding the plug in, but now he was so horny it almost hurt. Unzipping his pants, he pulled out his thick, hard shaft. Audrey’s pussy was so wet that his cock slipped in to the hilt on the first thrust. The plug stretched her ass, making her cunt even tighter than usual. James pulled his half-conscious lover to the edge of the bed and began to ram his dick into her, grabbing onto her hips for leverage. As he pumped in and out of her, the plug actually began to slip slowly from Audrey’s used asshole. James watched it stretch to accommodate the widest part of the plug, and suddenly he could take no more. Grabbing the hilt of the plug, he ripped it violently out of her ass, leaving a gaping hole in its wake.

Ignoring Audrey’s screams of pain and protest, he reached forward and grabbed her throat, pulling her head back. She choked and gasped, and James took this opportunity to jam the filthy buttplug into her mouth. When her mouth clamped down around the pink silicone, James slipped his dick out of her pussy and slammed it into her ass.

The plug muffled Audrey’s screams nicely, and James was able to slide his slippery cock in to the hilt. Her anus was ridiculously tight, sucking his cock even deeper into her bowels. James’ balls slapped against her gooey pussy as he drove the length of his cock into her perfect asshole again and again. Looking down, he watched it stretch around his thick cock as he drove himself balls-deep into her ass. The sight of it sent him over the edge, and with a yell, he began to pump his cum into her vulnerable, defenseless body. When every last drop had been emptied into her bowels, James withdrew his softening cock. Audrey’s asshole was still so tight that it closed up behind his cock without spilling a single drop of cum. Satisfied, James wiped his dick off between her ass cheeks and stood. Reaching forward again, he took the butt plug out of Audrey’s mouth, spat on it, and drove it back into her ass, sealing his cum inside. She barely made a whimper.

Yes, Audrey showed plenty of potential. James had no doubt that he could train his little slut to take nearly anything into her perfect ass. But there was plenty of time for that later. Turning on the vibrator, James took one last look at his lover as she dissolved into orgasm before he left the room, closing the door behind him.

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