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Things Better Not Told in a Small Town

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I had not been a widow long when I met my first lover and love instructor. However as good as Don was he was not a complete lover because he was sometimes limited in the erection department. He was ill and this ailment some times kept him from becoming fully erect. But he was still very good and he brought me a long way up the sexual latter. When this happened; this story I am about to tell you I was ready for it because I was being taught that sex and lust were simply fun and love could come later.

This was lust pure and simple. Why so many people want to put everything into the love compartment I’ll never know. For Christ sakes… we all love to fuck so why waste time on this shit called love.

This was before I sold my home in town but after Don and I were involved. For many yeas I was not happy or proud of my chubby little body, My tits were too large, my belly was soft and round. I did believe that my legs were in great shape. But I have almost no ass. My dearly departed never ever said a good word about my body. But after I met Don I started to feel good about myself and I was not ashamed to be seen naked.

Early one morning, I think it was in October because here in the south one remembers the first cool morning after a sweltering summer. I came down stairs with the intention of doing some washing and then going shopping. I had brought the laundry down to the laundry room the night before. I loaded the machine and then removed my night gown and tossed in the machine. I stood there naked enjoying the cool breeze that was coming in from the screen porch. I had a cup of coffee in my hand as I stepped out on the porch to fully enjoy the morning breeze.

I walked to the screen door that lead out to the large back yard. I looked at the grass making a note that it needed cut. I felt my nipples stiffen as the cool air tickled them. I sucked in the fresh morning air filling my lungs and letting my some what large breasts swell along with my lungs.

I reached down and slowly brushed the thick blonde hair that covered my sweet mound. That felt pretty good as I had not seen Don in a week and was getting a little horny; I really did not like that word… back then but it did come to mind.

I stood there feeling good about my day sipping coffee to warm me on the inside and cool air on the outside. I thought about the last time I was with Don. He had not reached an erection but I had suck on his cock for him any way. After he had enjoyed my services for a few minutes he returned the favor and licked me to a climax. I climax easily and seldom does it take more than a few minutes for me to reach a climax.

Again I let my free hand drop to my blonde hair patch and let my fingers rub slowly across my clitoris. I had learned to masturbate only in the last few months and I liked the idea that I could make myself feel good and even climax with my own hands and mind doing all the work.

Don had showed me a XXX movie of men and women making love to one another and then to members of there own sex. I had to admit seeing one girl lick another girl made me get excited. I told Don this. He agreed he liked to see girls do one another too. He said he knew a lady that might be wiling to join us for a threesome. He had mentioned three way sex before and he said that he and his wife had enjoyed it a few times before she died. I thought about it and was not so sure I was willing to share my (MAN) but I knew this was not the time to be narrow minded if I was to become a women of the world. Don was so easy going and he brought me along in such a way so I was not horrified of going on.

So there I was thinking of doing a three way with Don and this lady he knew when something startled me. I looked over toward the far corner of the screen porch. There was a young man I had never seen before. But I at once recognized him from his shirt and clipboard as the City electric company meter reader. The electric meter is on the back porch at one time but now it was inside the screen. I was such a fool for not looking when I first wanted to come out. But it was to late now. I stood there like a dummy.

The young man was maybe all of twenty five. I was sure he was more than thirty years my junior as I was fifty seven. I looked at him and wondered how long he had been there. But that was a stupid question he had been there ever since I came out maybe ten minutes or so. He looked stupefied at first as did I. Then we both slowly started to smile. I started to feel warm all over the cool breeze did little to cool my skin. I stood there naked and not moving just looking. He must have accepted this as some kind of signal that I was liking what I saw. Well this happened to be true but I was not asking for more from him.

He laid the clip board down and slowly moved his hands to his trousers. He unzipped his zipper and pulled out his cock which I could see was growing in leaps and bounds.

I had only seen a few cocks in my life at this point and was surprised to see it grow so. I was thrilled at the sight of it. I still did not move so he moved closer. I sat my coffee down and reached for his young throbbing cock. It was so hard. I don’t think I had ever felt one that hard before. His hands came up to take each breast in his blistering grasp. His young fingers dug deep into my soft flesh. He twisted my nipples, causing me to wince, yet I had never had my nipples treated with such furiousness and I was still thinking if I liked it or not when he kissed me.

I was helpless in his arms. I wanted to stop him, but had no idea why. I like what he was doing and I was shaking with anticipation of what was coming next.

I was becoming very excited when I noticed how hard I was jerking on his super hard cock. I was squeezing it so hard and jerking it as if to pull it off. So maybe he was only reacting to my excited emotions. I lowered my hand on his cock and he seemed to back off the twisting of my nipples.

I fumbled with his belt so badly he stepped back and quickly dropped his pants to the floor. He took my hand and pulled me into the utility room where he lifted me up on a table my legs splayed and his cock sliding right up between them.

He entered me without slowing down. His hand was around my ass pulling closer to the edge as he pushed deep into me. He had picked out a spot on the wall well above my head to study while he drove his wonderful cock into me faster and faster. I was waiting for him to explode when my first climax rushed up and came out with me screaming at the top of my lungs. This seemed to hasten his resolve as he found new strength and plowed faster still. I let the second climax come forth like a fountain from hell with me screaming all the way. Then I felt him jerk wickedly twisting and bouncing around like a crazy man having a fit.

Then I felt the warmest sensation spread within me. Never had I felt anything like this before. This it was like a mild fire spreading all through my body filling me to over flowing. Then he crushed me to his chest shaking then he seemed to be weeping like a baby. I hugged him and he tilted my head back kissed me softly on the mouth as his cock slipped from me. I was still sitting there when the screen door closed and he was gone. His city service was done and a great job he had done too.

Don would go to his grave a few months later never having known about this one wild affair I had let what he had taught me come forth and paved the way for a whole new life for me.

After that I would move quickly into a life of joyful sex, one of one sex, threesomes, swinging parties and one hell of a lot of fun. I found out a lot about myself and how much fun life can be if you’re honest with yourself and not hindered by the falsehoods preached by religion.

Don called me a few days later and said he wanted to take me to lunch and have me meet a friend of his. Her name was Gloria. Gloria Jones a slender blonde that was in her mid-fifties with a slightly wide ass and smallish tits that sagged more than mine. But she had that special something about her that I could see would set off the male if he got close. She was sexy and very into the idea of making it with Don and I.

Gloria used a bright orange lip gloss and very little else in the way of make up. I liked her right away. Don made the introduction and we made small talk through the meal. It was early afternoon but we ordered drinks anyway and were soon discussing where we should go to be alone for a while.

Gloria volunteered her apartment for the afternoon rendezvous. She also said there was a nice pool at the complex were she lived. I said I had to go home to get my bathing suite and would meet them there.

Gloria said “Gee you can use one of mine.”

I looked at her small waist and size thirty something tits and laughed and said “I may as well be naked as wear one of your.”

“How wonderful we will use the private indoor pool and we can all go naked. What do you say to that?” she said laughing.

I followed then in my Jaguar and we were soon at her apartment. It was a very expensive and exclusive complex. I had no idea there was even such a place in town. Gloria walked us to a small changing room that had access to a private heated pool where we could be alone. I was by this time not too shay but I had never been naked in front of a man and woman before but I went down that road as if I were an old hand at this threesome thing.

Don was hard before we left the changing room. Gloria said “Darling” refereeing to me “I think it is you that has this wonderful man all excited. You’re so lovely and I know Don loves girls with beautiful tits and your tits are heavenly.” Gloria moved close to Don and took his cock in her hand. She looked at me and reached for my hand to pull me closer. Glories was slowly going to her knees and pulling me down with her. Don’s lovely cock was not going to say hard long so I wanted him to have a chance to cum before he lost it.

Gloria knew this as well as I. She was the first to take his cock in her mouth. I watched as she sucked his cock deep into her mouth and slowly let it back out nearly to the head and then back deep in her mouth again time and after time. I had never seen this in real life and I was dripping from being so stimulated. Gloria offered me his cock to suck on and I eagerly took my turn. I took Dons’ cock in my hand and jerked on it as I sucked it deep in my mouth. I was shocked for only a moment as I felt Gloria reach under me and run a finger along my very wet cunt. It felt strange, not that is was girl’s fingers but that I had a cock in my mouth and there was a hand fingering me at and same time, It was strange but oh, my lord it was exciting.

Don must have thought so too because he started to cum. He moaned and there was a few drops of sperm that dribbled on my tongue. I looked at Gloria and quickly pulled away to give her a turn to suck up some of his weak sperm. Gloria let out a moaning sound as if she was getting the best load of sperm of her life. That is when I knew she could make any man feel as if he were a superman. I learned some thing that day.

Don quickly went limp. Gloria did not get to her feet as I had. Gloria moved a few inches and cupped my ass pulling me closer and spreading my legs as she did. There was a chair near by and Don helped me lift one leg placing it on the chair so my pussy was gapped open. Gloria was very good at this switch hitting and her tongue was talented as well. Her fingers were now touching my tiny ass and wiggling as if they wanted to get inside of me.

Don had talked about anal sex and he had applied K-Y jelly to my anus but had only tickled it to show me that this was another spot used to arouse one and he also said it was a great way to enjoy sex if I could learn to take a cock up my ass. He said I had to complexly relax and to think that this was a wonderful way to experience sex. So I relaxed.

Gloria had her talented tongue licking my clitoris and when she felt me relax she ever so gentle pushed a finger tip on to my ass. I jumped slightly but it was different I had to admit that. She wiggle the finger as she licked my clit… my legs wobbled and I nearly fell. Don took me by the arm and moved me to a large sofa. I sat with my ass near the edge of the seat, Gloria was soon back between my legs and her finger was once more up my ass. Don was now standing up on the sofa with his limp cock hanging down in front or my face. I took his cock in my mouth.

I climaxed and it felt so good. Gloria was a pro at licking pussy she was the best I ever had up to this point in my life. There would be others later on. Now it was my turn. We changed places and I was about to lick my first pussy when a heavy knock came at the door.

We all froze and were soon out of the mood as we returned to Gloria’s apartment. I left with a promise that I would see her later in the week.

Once home I remember thinking I needed to take a time-out as it were from my newly found joys of life. However over the next week or so I started to feel as if I was missing something every time I sat at home with a good book. I had not learned about reading sex stories on the internet yet. That would come later and Im-ing with men and talking trash would come still later on. So I got my old ass up dressed and headed out for a night on the town.

The Stark hotel is a bed of mixed company during the day. Men and women from out of town, in town on business looking for a fast trip around the world while they were away from husband’s and wives. But I did a slow pass of the hotel and decided to try the River Front motel and lounge. As I pulled into the parking lot I heard the music coming from the open door that faced the river below. I did not allow the valet to park my car. No particular reason I just drove it around the side and parked close to the kitchen entrance.

From here there is a narrow path that leads down almost to the river. At the bottom of the wooden stairs there is as small platform with two wooden benches built at either end. There is a light that is mounted below the platform so you can see the fish in the river. There is just enough light reflected upward to see where you are. I walked to the rail pretending I did not see the couple on the far bench. She was resting her head in the guys lap. Gee I guess she was tired. I looked over the edge and watched the fish coming to the surface to get a bug or two.

I heard the girl gag and I turned to see her jerk her head up. “You bastard, you said you would not cum. You mother-fucker go home to your god damn wife and tell her how you got lip gloss all over your little tiny cock.” She cried.

The guy jumped up pushing the girl off onto the platform as he ran up the stairs. I went to her and asked if she was alright. I think that was the first time she noticed me. She was much younger than I thought at first. She was mad and since her fellow was gone she was going to take it out on me. “Listen Grandma, if I need any fucking help I’ll ask for it.”

What she said just did not sit right with me so I blurted out “Listen yourself; you up tight little bitch. I may be older but I never had a guy toss my ass off on the floor after I gave him a fucking blow job.”

She looked at me and I looked at her then we both started to laugh. I offered her a hand and helped her up. When she stood I was looking up into a cute face more than four inches above my five foot five. She was not as young as I thought either. Now that I was looking up at her in the better light I guessed her to be in her late forties.

I was still holding her hand when I said “Wilda Raven and you are?”

She took her hand back and said “Cathy Blanchard.”

“Well Cathy B. may an old girl buy you a drink?”

Cathy accepted and I followed this tall willowy girl up the stairs. Once in side we found a table near the wall and away from the hassle and bustle the crowd. The music was not loud and made for a real nice back ground noise for any one that wanted to talk.

Two drinks for me and three for Cathy and we were old friends. I learned Cathy was forty five, had one son age twenty five. She works at the bank in the Trust department. The guy she was entertaining was the bank manager of the Bay City branch. He wants her to come to Bay City to work for him. But she thinks that is off the table now after the failed blow job. We laughed.

I told her I was a widow and retired. Had no children but still enjoyed life. She asked me how a lady like me gets her kicks. I told her I had met a guy that was teaching me the ropes in the sexual world. I told her I had been fucked his morning by a very young man. She said, well that was better than her getting tossed on the floor after a rotten blow job. We laughed.

The waiter came over and sat two more drinks on the table. I looked at him with the question in my eye. He nodded to the bar. A tall handsome man was sitting at the end of the bar looking our way. He was younger than both of us and I guessed he wanted a threesome with two older ladies.

I asked Cathy if she was into that kind of thing. She said she had tried it once or twice but then one night at a swinging party she was in bed with a guy and another guy came up behind her and started to plug away in her pussy while she was engaged in oral sex with the host. It stared to feel pretty good and she was really getting turned on. The cock up her tight old pussy was doing a bang up job. When she looked up into a mirror and saw her son fucking her.

She screamed jerked away and ran out. That was two yeas ago and she had not talked to her son since. So she was really not into any more sex that was not one on one with someone she knew.

I pointed out that this was one on one with a guy and a girl so maybe this once we could have a little fun and give this guy a ride. I took her smile as a (go-for-it) so I smiled at the guy at the bar and he came over.

David was twenty six, in town for three days for a convention and wanted to have a little fun. He said he was married and his wife knew everything he did. In fact if we wanted to come up to a room with him he would call her and each of us would talk to her and he would send our pictures on his camera phone.

Cathy said it sounded like fun so we went.

Sure enough this guy did phone his wife, sent phone pictures of the three of us all naked. Then Cathy went down on the guy and this left me with nothing to do but squat on his face. I turned around to face south when Cathy got up to ride his cock facing north. She reached out to cup my bouncing 40-DD’s. and I took her face in my hands as we kissed. Cathy was like me she was quick to climax and did so before this guy. So I climbed aboard and rode his train into the station. I was screaming like a locomotive when I climaxed and he joined me for one hell of a flood of joy juice.

Cathy and I returned to the lounge and had one more night cap. She said she would call a cab but I insisted on driving her home. My home was on the way so I suggested we stop and she can sleep it off here and I will drive her home in the morning. I was so tired and really did not want to drive any farther.

I showed her to the guest room and stood there while she striped naked to get into bed. She came to me and we kissed once more like loves. Our tongues danced together and I let my hands roam her choice body. She pushed me reluctantly away and said “later” I agreed and went to my room.

I woke early and looked in on Cathy to see her still sleeping peacefully. So I went down to the kitchen to fix a pot of coffee. I figured Cathy would come down when ever she woke up. I stood at the back door thinking about my Meter reader when I saw him coming down the alley behind the house. He was about four doors down, clip board in hand. Some meters he could read from the alley with the pair of binoculars he had around his neck other like mine he had to come inside to read. I got all excited and quickly laid plans to get laid.

I was waiting on the glider on the screened porch when he walked up. My cotton robe was over the back of the glider and I was naked with my legs parted for him. He took one look very slowly placed his clip board and binoculars on the table then dropped his trouser on the floor pulled off his shirt and stood there in all his youthful glory and a very handsome long hard cock.

He moved to me but I caught him before he could drop down between my legs. I want to suck his cock first. He stood there next to the glider with his manly cock pointing at the ceiling. He leaned down so I could take his cock in hand and bring it to my waiting mouth.

I do love to feel a hard cock with its smooth skin and tight head all warm and dripping with a few drops of pre-cum. He took my head in his hands and held me while he worked his hips back and forth fucking my mouth. This was heaven I was sucking a strong cock that I knew would be I my pussy very shortly. I wanted to get fucked and I was so ready. I thought maybe he was young and strong enough to cum twice so maybe I could suck him off and he could still give me a royal fucking.

But I did not want to take a chance so I held off just short of sucking him to a climax. I felt his balls swell and his cock strain to near bursting when I pulled his cock from my mouth. I jumped up turned my ass toward him and waited for him mount me like a bitch in heat. Which I was. I want his strong young cock so bad I hurt. My cunt was twitching and throbbing just waiting for his cock to rip me up.

I was so horny this morning I would have fucked a Saint Bernard if I had one. Then for just one moment I thought of a XXX movie Don had shown me where a girl had fucked a dog. Gee… No that was not for me as long as there were guys like this one around.

I felt his cock rub along my dripping pussy. Then he teased me by just poking the head of his luscious cock in past the outer lips. I was tingling like an over wound alarm clock. Then I stiffened as he pushed into me. There is something so electric about that first long full plunge when a stiff cock slide up my pussy. God; what a feeling that is. I shivered and took it all with the greatest of pleasure.

He was still just working his wonderful cock in and out slowly and I knew he was watching his cock going in and out of my pussy and thinking about the tiny tight ass hole just above it. I pushed back a little and flexed my muscles around his cock to give him a feel of what my ass hole might feel like. I was sure he was getting the idea when I felt a finger touch my ass. I was about to say some thing when I heard a scream.

I had forgotten all about my guest and the next thing I knew Cathy was yelling “Robert, Robert. What are you doing? For Christ.” Then nothing. total and complete silence.

Robert; I know knew his name only slowed down to a mere slow motion as he turned his head to see his mother standing at the door. He did not say anything. He griped my hips tighter and pushed his cock roughly in to me again and again. He was diving his mother in some silent way that only the two of them knew. I remembered he had fucked his mother the same way but not knowing it was her. He was giving me a great fuck and I really did not care what issues they had as long as he did not stop.

Then I felt Cathy move to her son’s side and hug him. she started to cry and I hoped Robert would not forget what the fuck he was doing and finish the job. Cathy said “Oh, Robert I’m so sorry. It was my fault. I should have told you I was in with that bunch of swingers. You did not know it was me. It was not your fault. Please forgive me?”

Robert was the man of the day. He never stopped but remained vigilant of what he was doing and started fucking with vigor and new born strength. I scream as I blasted one hell of a flood as I climaxed. Robert followed quickly and jerked his cock well up in my starved pussy. He slowed and his cock slipped from my cunt. I was shot and could hardly move. That was one hell of a fucking and the motherly touch had some how added to my excitement. I felt movement behind me. I turned to see mother and son embracing. Kissing the past issues away. Kissing as new found lovers. Kissing with a kind of passion I’ll never know. I twisted around so I could get my head between mother and son I wanted to suck his cock clean. Cathy looked down and rubbed my head like a good little puppy. Then Cathy slowly moved down next to me. I pulled away and let her take over. At that moment Robert yelled out load “Oh, my God, mother you don’t know how long I waited for this?” I could see there was a new love brewing for these two. I got up and went back inside. I closed my bedroom door and never knew when Cathy left I did not diver her she was just gone when I got up.

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