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Chrissy Gets Carried Away

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Chrissy sipped her drink as Alex kissed down past her ear biting and sucking lightly on her neck. She sighed softly and glanced around. Surely their darkened corner of the bar was anonymous enough for this, she thought. She didn’t even protest when his hand reached around and brushed her chest, she just breathed in sharply, caught off guard.

Picking up on this cue, Alex slid his hand back to her breast, cupping it gingerly. She giggled and shifted in her seat and his attention to her breasts intensified, Alex’s hand alternately alighting on one and then the other.

Chrissy was breathing more heavily now, her chest rising and falling under Alex’s increasingly urgent hands. She turned towards him and he kissed her deeply, their tongues intertwining. She moaned lustily into his mouth as Alex’s hand slipped up under her tight blouse, delighted to find her braless tits. Chrissy gasped as he pinched her nipples forcefully, responding in kind with her mouth on his. She forgot all about the dingy bar and the flimsy cloak of darkness shielding them from the other patrons’ eyes. She sunk lower in her seat, causing her tiny black skirt to ride higher up her thighs. Her legs spread involuntarily as her body responded to the assault on her tits, moistening her pussy and the sheer panties that covered it.

Alex shifted in his seat to gain better access to her body. His other hand skated along her neck and into her hair, and, fingers entwined around her golden locks, he pulled back. She cooed encouragingly at his advance, and his mouth traversed her slender neck haphazardly and without much direction, eventually alighting upon the crevasse between her large breasts, exposed by the deep “V” of her revealing blouse. He kissed and licked the top of her tits as his hand under her shirt continued its increasingly violent ministrations. Before she could protest, he slipped her blouse up over her luscious tits, exposing them to his waiting mouth. Her reaction inconsequential to him, Alex’s mouth enveloped her nipple, biting and sucking one while his hand pinched and kneaded the other. Chrissy moaned loudly and squirmed in her seat but Alex held her hair fast, forestalling any objections.

With his mouth firmly affixed to her nipple and one hand wrapped up in Chrissy’s hair, his other hand was free to roam her body. He slid it down off her well-rounded tit, past her stomach, and groped her thighs, first one, than the other. Each time he switched legs his hand inched slightly higher. Chrissy’s pussy was on fire now, releasing copious amounts of fluid and aching for attention. She whimpered and tried to slide down in her seat, pushing her tiny little skirt up under ass and her legs farther apart, to force his hand to her dripping cunt. Alex delayed, preferring to tease her some more. His mouth traveled freely between her breasts, up her neck, to her lips, and back, biting and sucking all the way.

Chrissy’s breasts were completely exposed, and her skirt had ridden up to her waist, now uncovering her miniscule panties, which was all that separated him from her dripping pussy. After teasing her for several minutes, biting her nipples, sucking on her neck or tongue, pulling on her hair and sliding his hand up and down her thighs, Alex finally made his way to her cunt. Chrissy sighed audibly when his fingers effortlessly brushed the flimsy fabric aside and began to play with her slit, sliding up and down with ease due to the excessive lubrication her body released. She moaned again when, simultaneously, his teeth clamped around her nipple and one of his finger slipped into her wet pussy. Chrissy spread her legs wide under the table, her hand coming up to knead her exposed breast. “Yeeessssss…” she moaned.

“You like that, don’t you baby?” Alex whispered in her ear, having momentarily released his mouth’s grip on her nipple.

“Oh yes oh yes,” she gasped back. Alex hardly needed the encouragement, slipping another digit into her hot slit. Alex’s fingers explored her slick pussy, withdrawing to slide over her clit, then back down pushing deep, then deeper inside her. Chrissy writhed in her seat, relishing in the penetration.

“Does that feel good, Chrissy? Do you like my fingers in your pussy, baby?” he asked again.

“Mmm, yes yes finger my pussy,” she replied breathlessly.

“Your pussy is so wet, Chrissy. Your hot little cunt is dripping so much my fingers just slide in. You’re getting the seat all soaked,” he told her. The mild dirty talk excited her, and she whimpered, pushing her body against his hand. Alex slowed his motions, teasing her. He rubbed her clit gingerly.

“Uhhh…mmmm….please…” she gasped, eyes shut, head titled back as Alex maintained his grip on her hair.

“Hmmm?” Alex asked.

“Oh, please, your hand, fuck me oh please fuck me…” she begged.

Alex smiled and resumed his motions, more quickly now. He ignored her clit, simply sliding two, then three fingers in and out of her pussy. She responded enthusiastically, moaning and licking her lips. Alex picked up the pace, first pumping now pounding his hand into her cunt and tugging hard on her hair, and Chrissy bounced and writhed in her seat, grinding her pussy into his fingers. Her one hand still pinching her nipples and rubbing her tits, the other she brought down between her legs to slide across her clit.

“I bet your pussy tastes sweet, don’t you think, Chrissy?” he whispered in her ear. He withdrew his fingers from her cunt; she moaned dejectedly. He brought his fingers, coated with her juices, to his lips. “Mmmm, you have a very sweet little pussy, Chrissy, you know that?” he told her, licking his fingers. “Would you like a taste, baby? Do you want to taste your juicy cunt?”

“Uh huh,” she moaned absently. She’d have agreed to anything to get his hand back in her pussy. Alex pushed them inside her dripping twat and worked them around for a few seconds, Chrissy groaning and writhing approvingly. After coating his fingers with her juices, he removed them again and brought them up to her mouth this time, slipping them inside.

She moaned around his fingers and sucked her sweet fluids off of them greedily. “Yeah, I think I want another taste of that, too” he said, and slid down underneath the table, pausing only to suck her tits again before continuing his descent. Now situated on the floor he took hold of her knees and roughly pushed them as wide apart as they would go, exposing her panty-covered pussy to him. The fabric was soaked in her juices by now, and somewhat stretched having already been pushed aside by his fingers and hers to gain access to her sweet twat. Alex wasted no time moving the flimsy panties aside, lapping at her cunt, flicking his tongue across her clit, and plunging his fingers back into her tight wet hole.

“Oh yes, yes, yes!” she screamed, grinding her cunt into his mouth.

As far as Chrissy knew, they could be in the middle of Times Square on New Year’s. She had absolutely no concept of where or when they were, all she knew was how much she wanted his hand to keep pumping in and out of her hot, wet cunt as his tongue flicked at her clit. Chrissy’s hands pawed at her tits, pulling and pinching on her nipples. She closed her eyes and cried loudly enough to be heard over the music in the bar, “Oh yeah, eat me, don’t stop don’t you stop oh yes!” The other patrons finally began to take notice.

Around the bar, men elbowed each other and nodded in Chrissy’s direction. “Hey, check that bitch out!” Chrissy, of course, was completely oblivious to all of this and continued to moan and scream as Alex’s expert tongue explored the folds of her tasty pussy. Soon, every guy in the bar, about 15 in all, gathered around the small table in the back. “Some guy is eating her out under the table!” one exclaimed, having finally spied Alex working on her clit and fucking her pussy with his fingers.

“Damn, that is one hot slut!” said one man. “And look at those big tits!” added another. “I want her pussy,” said one, “I’ll fuck her mouth,” said another. “You’ll get your turn,” from a third. The men now had visible bulges in their pants.

“Oh, yeah, eat my pussy! It feels so good!” Chrissy exclaimed, eyes still shut as she groped and kneaded her tits, pulling and pinching her nipples. Alex didn’t let up for an instant, his tongue swirling all around her clit, lapping up her sweet juices. His hand hammered her, fingers slamming in and out of her sopping cunt. Chrissy’s blouse was up over her braless tits, her miniskirt bunched around her waist. Her thong panties were stretched far to the side and soaked in her juices. Her firm tits bounced as she writhed in her seat, trying to force more of her pussy into Alex’s mouth. Exposed to the world, twisting and moaning in ecstasy with her cunt expertly exploited by Alex’s tongue and fingers, she came.

“OHHHHHH YEEEESSSSSSSSS! OH I’M CUMMING I’M CUMMING I’M CUMMING YOU FUCKER!!” she screamed, thrashing wildly in her seat. Her cunt contracted hard, squeezing and eventually expelling Alex’s fingers; her pussy let loose a torrent of juices, covering his chin. Chrissy continued to spasm for a full minute as orgasmic aftershocks washed over her body. When finally the climax subsided and Chrissy’s breathing returned to normal, Alex wiped his mouth and began to climb out from under the table.

Slowly, when the waves of pleasure ebbed, Chrissy opened her eyes. Suddenly she remembered where she was, and gasped, eyes wide, at the room full of men gathered around, watching her lustily. Every man’s gaze pierced right through her, and there was no question in her mind what they were after. “So, when’s our turn?” one of them asked with a crooked grin.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I just got so carried away I, I, I,” Chrissy sputtered, face turning five shades of red. She was so shocked and ashamed she forgot to cover her breasts or pull her miniskirt back down. She tried to stand, but one of the men pushed her back down.

“Hey buddy,” he said, addressing Alex, “this your bitch?”

“Uh, yeah,” Alex answered. “Sorry about that, things just got carried away.”

“Well, that little performance had quite an effect on us, didn’t it gents?” the man said, looking around. Affirmative grunts echoed across the room. “How about we have a go at her?” The grunts turned to cheers.

“Sure,” Alex responded nonchalantly. “Just so long as I get her mouth first, she gives great head.” He shot her a lewd grin.

“WHAT?!” Chrissy exclaimed. “Now you listen to me…” she began, but was cut off as a large man standing next to the table clapped his hand over her mouth.

“Clear that table in the center of the room, boys,” said the bartender. “Hold her down on that.” The men wasted no time complying, and the large man carried her to the table. Chrissy looked comical, struggling against him with her tits hanging out of her blouse and her pussy exposed, still leaking juices from her orgasm. Her feet, bound in strappy high heels, kicked fustily, but futilely. He threw her, back down, roughly on the table, which was now clear of its usual assortment of ashtrays, napkin holders, and beer bottles. “Hold her down!” barked the bartender. Again the men complied, one each grabbing her legs, another holding her shoulders and a fourth still covering her mouth, muffling her screams of protest.

“Don’t worry baby, you’ll like this,” one of the men teased her, squeezing a breast. The two men holding her legs spread them wide apart while a third ripped her flimsy panties off, baring her pussy to an appreciative audience. The men gathered around the table, leering at the sexy little girl spread eagle before them squirming on the table, waiting for somebody to make the first move.

The bartender stepped forward and planted a hand on Chrissy’s breast, kneading the flesh. “Nice firm tits, baby,” he told her. He quickly leaned down and sucked on first one nipple than the other. “Yeah, nice tits. I bet you got a sweet pussy too, don’t you?” he asked her. Wide-eyed she tried to protest, but held down by several men many times her size, there was nothing she could do. The bartender reached over to her pussy and spread it open with his fingers, running them along the folds of her labia. Chrissy shuddered. “Yeah, it’s nice and wet. You had fun back there, didn’t you?” He leaned over and licked her pussy, first slowly, long-ways up the slit, then sucked on the folds, savoring her juices. She thrashed harder, trying to break free, screaming against the hand that covered her mouth. “What, can’t the rest of us play, too?” he laughed.

Alex stepped forward and bent down next to her head. “Come on, Chrissy, these guys just want to have a good time. Let ’em have their fun. I bet you’ll like it.” Chrissy was shocked hearing this from her boyfriend. Was he really going to let all these men fuck her?

Her question was quickly answered. Alex grabbed a near-empty beer bottle off a nearby table. He took a swig, and then poured the little that was left over her breasts. Her skin cooled quickly as the alcohol evaporated, hardening her nipples. “Suck on her tits, guys, she loves that!” Alex told the crowd. Chrissy gasped, and two men immediately stepped forward and stooped down, bringing their mouths to her soft mounds, sucking the remaining alcohol from them. Chrissy was too surprised to scream now, and, instead, moaned involuntarily as the men bit and sucked on her nipples. Alex handed the now empty bottle to the bartender with a grin. The barkeep quickly got the idea, and, after using his hand to warm up the glass, put it towards the entrance to her still dripping cunt.

Chrissy’s view was obscured by the men sucking on her tits, and, mind still reeling from recent events, only barely noticed the hard object now rubbing up and down her slit, getting coated with her juices. More men stepped forward now, some ran their hands along her smooth slender legs, and still others reached under her bunched up miniskirt for her taut belly. Mouths and hands explored every inch of her body. As soon as she noticed one sensation, another leapt up and surprised her. She no longer screamed, just breathlessly gasped, until inhaling sharply when the beer bottle, now covered in her pussy juices, slid effortlessly into her wet cunt.

The bartender pushed the bottle deep into her pussy, then, pausing, pulled it out only to repeat the process. Chrissy thrashed about on the table, suffering from sensory overload, unable to cope with all the attention these men lavished on her. Chrissy moaned through the hand covering her mouth, and her struggles subsided as the pleasure being administered to her body by the crowd of men intensified. The bottle continued to saw in and out of her cunt, and, seeing her relax, Alex nudged the man covering her mouth. He obliged, releasing his hold and stepping back, then around the table to get a feel of Chrissy’s hot body.

Caught up in her own feelings of lust, Chrissy didn’t even notice his absence. She just hung her head back over the side of the table and moaned, licking her lips as she felt another orgasm building from off in the distance. One of the men had just returned from his car with a video camera, and Alex saw the red light and waved him over for a better view. Alex stepped up near her head and removed his pants, allowing his hard 8″ cock to spring free from its confines and bob menacingly above Chrissy’s face. She moaned and bit her lip when she saw it. Her head hung over the back of the table, her long blond hair cascading down behind her, eyes fixated on her boyfriend’s throbbing meat. “Make sure you get this,” Alex told the amateur cameraman. Alex gripped his cock and began to slide it over her face, leaving trails of precum on her lips and cheek. Chrissy purred and licked the sticky precum off her lips, savoring the salty taste as Alex slapped her forehead with his cock.

Alex bent down, putting his mouth next to her ear. “You’re a good little cocksucker, aren’t you, baby?” he whispered. Chrissy only moaned, responding to one of the men biting her nipples. Alex asked again, “You want my big dick in your mouth, don’t you Chrissy?” This time she managed to breath out an “Uh huh,” probably not even aware of the question.

Alex stood back up, gripped her hair and pulled it gently down. Chrissy gasped, opening her mouth. Alex took the opportunity and slid his cock slowly into her mouth as far as it would go, stretching her lips and impacting the back of her throat. Chrissy gagged momentarily. Alex withdrew, then resumed, fucking her face slowly. Truth be told, Chrissy was an excellent cocksucker, and nothing made her quite so wet as a hard cock in her mouth. The men holding her arms had since released her, no longer afraid she’d escape. Chrissy absently—instinctively, really—brought a hand up to her mouth so she could stroke the shaft as Alex’s cock slowly fucked her face. Her tongue swirled around the big dick, licking and savoring it.

“Yeah, baby, that feels good, suck that cock,” Alex told her. She moaned her response around the thick meat filling her mouth. The bartender was still fucking her pussy with the bottle, men swapped off sucking her tits, and nearly every guy in the place had a hand somewhere on her body; some groped her ass, and others licked and kissed up and down her slender legs, which were still spread obscenely wide to make room for the bartender and his beer bottle.

Alex pulled his cock from her mouth and slapped her with it gently, leaving sticky dollops of precum about her pretty face. Chrissy thrashed about, trying to get it back in her mouth to no avail, as Alex still held her hair tightly. “You want this cock, baby?” he asked. “Come on bitch, you want this big dick in your mouth?” he teased her, slapping her face with his meat.

“Uh huh,” was all she could manage.

“You’ll have to do better than that you little slut. Tell me what you want,” he told her again.

“Ugh.” The bottled slammed into her twat. “I want your cock, baby I want your big cock,” she moaned between thrusts, the camera alternating between her pussy, her tits and her face. Alex slid his cock back in her mouth, fucked it twice quickly as she groaned in satisfaction, only to remove and slap it against her face again.

“So you want this cock Chrissy?” he asked her. “You want this big cock?” The bottle slammed into her cunt.

“Yeah, yeah I want your big cock,” she responded, eyes begging. A stranger sucked her nipple into his mouth.

“Where do you want it bitch, what do you want me to do with it?” he demanded. Another man slapped and then kneaded her ass.

“Oh, fuck me, fuck my mouth with it. Fuck my hot little mouth!” she implored. Alex’s cock slapped against her face.

“What’ll you do if I give it you?” he asked. The camera zoomed in on her face, the tip of Alex’s cock sliding across her lips, leaving a trail of precum as she tried in vain to get it back in her mouth.

“Anything, oh anything!” she begged, a man’s finger probing the outside of her asshole.

“Will you suck off all my friends here?” he asked. The crowd cheered.

She let herself go. “Oh yeah, they can all fuck my hot little mouth. Let me suck their cocks!” she responded, the sucking on her tits growing more urgent.

“How about your pussy, Chrissy? Can they all fuck your pussy? You gonna be our little slut tonight?” Alex asked, pushing his pole into her mouth and then back out, leaving a tendril of precum from Chrissy’s lips to his cock. The cameraman whistled approvingly.

“Yeah, yeah, fuck my pussy. Fuck my slutty little pussy, fuck me please!” she screamed. “Fucking gangbang me! Just gimme that cock fuck my slut mouth!” she cried. Satisfied, Alex shoved his hard cock back in her, filling up her hot little mouth. Her ecstatic moan, muffled by Alex’s dick in her throat, indicated her approval.

“You heard the bitch, fuck her!” yelled one man. Every guy who didn’t already have his dick in his hand whipped it out and stroked it to full hardness.

The bartender dispensed with the bottle and extracted a 9″ cock from his pants. He stroked it a few times, and then slapped it against her sopping wet pussy. “Here it comes, bitch!” he told her. Chrissy screamed around the cock in her mouth as, putting the head of his cock against her cunt, he pushed it in, filling her twat. “Mmmm! You got a tight cunt, you know that, slut?” he asked. Chrissy, of course, was unable to respond with her mouth stuffed full of Alex’s cock. “Well, not after tonight it won’t be!” he added. The bartender grabbed her ankles and spread them wide, high heels pointing at opposite walls of the bar, and slammed his rod into her.

“Yeah! Fuck that slut!” a man cheered off to the right. Chrissy dove in head first now. She had never been double-fucked before, and the experience was earth shattering. Her mouth and cunt both full of hard cock, and the thought of a dozen others ready to take their places, Chrissy had never felt so horny in her life. Her hands reached out to the sides, seeking more. As there were plenty of dicks around, it didn’t take long before the camera had an excellent view of her lying on her back, legs splayed wide, fucked from both ends and jacking off a guy with each hand. Her panties long gone, all she wore was her skimpy miniskirt bunched uselessly around her waist, her tight blouse stretched up above her tits providing no protection whatsoever, and her sexy black strappy heels stuck high in the air. Strange men fondled her body freely as some licked and sucked her tits, others kneaded her ass, and still another roughly fingered her clit. Alex relentlessly shoved his cock into her mouth time and again as she sucked it greedily. Her hands were too busy to control his motions, but her throat relaxed allowing his cock deeper access. His balls slapped against her forehead as he continued to forcefully fuck her face, but all Chrissy could do was moan and writhe on the table as these 15 men gangbanged her.

“Mmm, suck it baby!” Alex ordered, holding her hair as his cock pounding into her mouth. She gurgled around his cock, lips pressed against the shaft, tongue sliding over the hard meat. Chrissy loved the feeling of a big cock filling her mouth and sucked at it with vigor. “Mmmm, you’re a good little cocksucker, aren’t you?” he asked her, knowing full well she couldn’t answer with her mouth stuffed.

“Hey, buddy, your bitch has one hot pussy!” the bartender called over to Alex, his cock sawing in and out of her cunt.

“Fuck her, man!” Alex called back. “She fuckin’ loves this! Don’t you, slut?” he asked Chrissy, slamming his cock in her mouth a few more times before withdrawing it and slapping it against her face again. “Tell the guys how much you appreciate their hard work, baby,” he ordered her, pulling her head up by the hair so she could see down the length of her body.

“Oh I fuckin’ love it, fuck me fuck me harder fuck my pussy with your big cock!” she demanded, taking in the scene. The bartender at the far end of the table held her ankles far apart as he pounded her cunt. Two men bit and sucked on her nipples and several others groped any piece of flesh they could get their hands on. “Mmm…bite! Bite my tits harder!” she ordered, and squealed when the men complied. Glancing to either side, she pulled on the cocks in her hands. The men moved closer, and, smiling at them, she licked the precum off first one, then the other. “Mmm, yeah, that tastes good!” she giggled.

“Yeah, slut, suck our cocks!” one of them told her. Alex tugged on her hair, forcing her mouth over one of them. She sucked it into her mouth submissively, keeping eye contact with the man., all the while bouncing on the table as the bartender mercilessly hammered her pussy. “Oh yeah, you’ve got a hot fuckin’ mouth!” he told her as his dick disappeared down the little blonde cocksucker’s throat. She smiled around his pole at the compliment, and after a few strokes, Alex turned her head and had her suck the other while she jacked off the first. After several rounds of this, Alex pulled her hair again and, her head hung over the edge of the table, mouth open wide in gleeful expectation, he shoved his cock back down her throat. She moaned appreciatively, still stroking the big pricks to either side as the bartender’s thrusts into her pussy forced Alex’s cock into her willing mouth.

The bartender’s motions grew increasingly urgent, slamming his cock into her tight wet cunt. “You ready for it, bitch? You ready for my cum?” he demanded. Chrissy groaned her approval around Alex’s cock. With a mighty lunge, the bartender erupted into her pussy, filling it with his seed. Spurt after spurt splashed inside of her and Chrissy gasped as she felt the gush of hot liquid coat her insides. He howled, pulled out, and sprayed the last few shots on the outside of her twat, covering it with his thick white goo. “Yeah! That’s some hot pussy, baby!” he yelled, slapping his cock against her cunt before sticking it back in her for a few more fucks.

Alex and Chrissy neared their limits as well. The constant attention all over her body, especially from the man rubbing her clit, was quickly bringing her to another orgasm. Chrissy moaned loudly as her body began to shake. She licked and sucked Alex’s cock in earnest as the waves of pleasure washed over her. “Uhhh, uhhh, uhhh,” came her cries, muffled by the thick meat straining against her lips. Alex bore down, fucking her face for all it was worth before finally exploding into her hot mouth.

“Oh, yeah, suck it bitch, suck the cum out of my cock! Swallow it slut!” he yelled, pumping his seed into her throat. She swallowed as much as she could, but the torrent was too great. She gagged as cum leaked from her mouth and spilled down her chin and cheek and into her hair. The men on either side came in her hands. Alex pulled his dick from her lips, and, hand flying across the shaft, directed the remaining blasts at her mouth and neck, before gripping her hair and slapping his cock about her face again. “Oh yeah! That was an awesome blowjob, bitch! Man can this slut suck cock!” he exclaimed. Chrissy was oblivious to most of this, her body racked by orgasm.

When her orgasm subsided, she found herself being pulled forcefully from her perch. “Turn around, bitch!” a man ordered her, pushing her stomach down on the table. “You’re nowhere near done! Spread them legs, baby!” he commanded. Chrissy, still somewhat dazed, meekly complied, spreading her wobbly legs and opening her pussy for the man behind her. Some of the bartender’s cum ran down her leg. A man in front of her pulled her blouse off and threw it against the wall, then gripped her hair and pulled her face towards his prick.

“Suck it, slut,” he ordered. Chrissy complied enthusiastically and immediately, opening her mouth and taking the throbbing cock inside. “Yeah, that’s right! Suck it baby,” he refrained. Chrissy gurgled around the thick meat and looked at the man with obedient eyes as the cock slid past her lips again, tongue swirling around it. He gripped her hair with both hands now and used it to hold her head still while he fucked her mouth with long, swift strokes.

The man behind her slapped her ass a few times while stroking his cock. Chrissy jumped each time his hand found its mark, whimpered and wiggled her ass, trying to push back against him, to make him fuck her. “Hmmm, hmrph,” was all she could mange around the hard cock filling her mouth.

“You want me to fuck you, bitch? Is that it?” he asked, spanking her ass again. Unable to speak with her mouth full, she nodded her head and groaned affirmatively, spreading her sexy legs a little wider and wiggling her ass at him. She reached back and spread her pussy lips open invitingly with her fingers. “Okay, baby, I’ll give you what you want,” he replied, smacking her bottom again, first with his hand, then with his cock, before pushing into her cum-filled cunt. Chrissy mound loudly at the invasion, glad to be full of cock again.

The men cheered yet again as their friends double-stuffed the willing little slut in the middle of their bar. Cries of “fuck that bitch!” “suck it whore!” and “pound that slut’s pussy!” resounded throughout the establishment. Chrissy’s hands quickly found more cocks to stroke, and the men resumed groping every bit of flesh they could get their hands on, now with increased attention to her tight, upturned ass.

Chrissy rocked back and forth between the two cocks, one filling her up from the front, another from behind. As the man to her rear slammed into her, the cock in her mouth penetrated deeper into her throat. When the guy face-fucking her pushed in his pole, burying Chrissy’s nose in his pubic hair, she rocked back on the one filling her cunt. The relentless assault was unlike anything she had felt before, and she loved it. She loved being used by a room full of men, called all sorts of nasty things. Chrissy relished the cock in her mouth, sucking at it greedily, swirling her tongue about it each time the shaft penetrated her lips, drinking the salty precum that oozed from the tip. She moaned lustily when the dick in her pussy slammed home again, forcing the other deeper into her throat. Her muffled moans only intensified her feelings of lust. Once she’d experienced two cocks, one in her mouth, one fucking her cunt, she didn’t think one man could ever satisfy her again.

Now that Chrissy was bent over the table, her bottom was exposed, defenseless, and easily accessible to the men around her. At first they restrained themselves to kneading the flesh of her tight little ass, but soon they began pulling the globes apart, exposing her puckered hole to their fingers. The flood of juices she had already released, in addition to the slick cum deposited recently by the bartender had already worked their way up to lubricate her asshole. Chrissy squirmed and moaned around the cock filling her mouth as first one finger, than two, made their way into her tight asshole. Once the shock of this invasion wore off, she relaxed her muscles and the men slide their fingers easily in and out of her backdoor as the cock fucked her pussy nearby.

Another man joined in, adding a third finger to Chrissy’s asshole. Chrissy gasped wide-eyed around the cock filling her mouth. The man with the video recorder alternated between the fingers penetrating her asshole and the cocks filling her mouth and pussy, but quickly moved around the group to zoom in on her face as the man mouth-fucking her approached climax. He gripped her violently and shoved his dick in and out of her mouth.

Removing it briefly and slapping her with his cock, “You want this, bitch?” he asked her. “You wanna drink this cum?” he reiterated, alternately fucking her mouth and slapping her face with his cock, pulling on her long blond hair to control her movements.

“Oh, yeah,” she moaned breathlessly. “Come on!”

“Hmm? What was that, slut?” he demanded, fucking her mouth violently, gagging her on his thick meat, before smearing his cock head about her face again.

“Oh give it to me baby, fuck my slutty mouth and fill it up with your cum! Let me drink it baby, let me drink your cum!” she demanded. “Please please please cum on my sluty face!” she implored. The camera caught every word and zoomed in as the man fucked her mouth, then pushed deep and held it as his seed filled her throat. Chrissy choked and gagged before the man pulled it out, only to continue pumping what seemed like a gallon of cum on her face, neck and tits. Some of the copious amounts of semen he had deposited in her mouth dribbled out past her lips to hang obscenely in long tendrils off her chin as she coughed, trying to catch her breath. The man, spent, shoved his cock back in her open mouth, surprising Chrissy. He slid it in and out past her lips a few more times.

“Come on bitch, lick it clean now,” he commanded. Chrissy obeyed, licking the cum off his cock and looking up at him meekly as his cum ran down her face. “That’s a good little cocksucker,” he told her, removing his cock from her hot mouth, satisfied, and wiped it off on her hair before stepping back to allow someone else a turn at the slut.

Two men stepped up, actually, and Chrissy wasted no time alternately sucking one while jacking off the other, moaning and slurping loudly around whichever cock happened to be fucking her mouth at the time while the man behind her continued to pound her pussy relentlessly. “Spread wider, bitch!” he ordered, kicking her feet apart.

The little blonde cocksucker obeyed, spreading her legs and pussy wider for him. “Oh yes, anything, just please fuck me!” she cried between blowjobs. The high heels she wore set off her slender legs and ass nicely. The man behind her gripped Chrissy’s waist tightly and bore down, really slamming into her now, and forcing the cock in her mouth farther down her throat.

“Here it comes, slut, I’m gonna fill up your pussy!” he yelled, and with that, grabbed her hair and pulled hard, jerking her head back. She gasped and opened her mouth, allowing the cock she’d been sucking to slip out.

“Oh yeah fuuuucccckkkk me!!” she screamed, “fucckk me…errgh!” She was cut off as the man in front of her stepped up quickly to shove his cock back in her mouth.

“Keep sucking, bitch,” he ordered. Chrissy sucked his cock obediently, pounded mercilessly from both ends while several men stretched out her tight little asshole with their fingers.

With a yell, the man behind her finally released his cum, adding to the growing collection in the slut’s sloppy pussy. He continued pumping, sawing his cock in and out of her. The copious amounts of goo in her pussy leaked around and his cock and dribbled down her spread legs. “Yeah you hot little slut!” he exclaimed, slapping her ass as he pulled his cock out.

The cameraman had been capturing this all on film, but now wanted to join the action. He handed the video recorder off to Alex, who continued filming his girlfriend’s gangbang. The cameraman quickly stepped up behind her and undid his pants. “I’ve got something for you, baby,” he teased her, and extracted his thick 8″ cock.

Chrissy was squirming, shaking her ass and whimpering since the last man had removed his dick from her pussy. “More cock!” she demanded as her mouth traversed from one of the cocks in front of her to the other. “Somebody fuck me!” she squealed.

“Here you go you little whore,” he said as he slowly slid his cock into her sopping wet pussy, already slick from the two loads of cum she’d taken. Alex made sure to get a good shot of the cream oozing out of her pussy as the cameraman inserted his pole.

“Mmmmm, fuck yeah!” she moaned as he slipped it inside, and then wetly sucked the cock bobbing in front of her face.

“Her pussy’s real sloppy,” said the cameraman after a few strokes. “I think I’ll take her tight little asshole, instead!”

Chrissy squealed in protest around the cock in her mouth. “Err, wait no!” she pleaded, raising her head.

“Shut up, bitch,” the cameraman told her, slapping her ass. “You, shut her up,” he ordered the man in front, who complied, filling her mouth with his cock so she couldn’t scream.

“Yeah, fuck her little ass,” Alex told the man in back. Chrissy screamed and writhed about, scared of being ass-fucked, but the men held her fast.

He didn’t need to be told twice. His cock now wet and slick from Chrissy’s juices and the cum of her previous patrons, he extracted it from her pussy, and, brushing aside the men who had been fingering her anus, put the head of his monster against her puckered backdoor and slowly pushed. Chrissy screamed in pain around the cock in her mouth and struggled, but to no avail. The man continued, slowly inching his hard cock into her tight back passage, stretching it out obscenely. “Just relax, baby, it’ll hurt less that way,” he told her. Alex alternated taping the big dick slowly penetrating her ass, and her face, wide-eyed, cum-covered and stuffed with cock. “There you go, baby,” he told the little slut, cock now pushed in to the hilt. Chrissy relaxed slightly, catching her breath as best she could, as the man began slowly fucking her ass, sliding his cock in and out. “Yeah, you got a tight ass!” he told her, hands on her shoulders, pulling her back into him.

The pain of his entrance being replaced by pleasure, Chrissy moaned, and began sucking the cock in her mouth again. She pushed back against the cameraman, then against the man in front, letting her body rock between the two cocks while she stroked the third. Her other hand made its way down to rub her engorged clit. Chrissy alternated sucking the two cocks in front of her face, moaning and slurping at them wetly.

“You like that cock in your ass, don’t you baby?” Alex asked, focusing the camera on her dick-stuffed face.

“Mmmm hmmm,” was all she could manage around the meat filling her mouth. A man off to the side who had been stroking himself could wait his turn no longer and groaned, shooting a load of hot cum across Chrissy’s back, staining the miniskirt still pathetically bunched around her waist. She jumped as the steamy sperm landed wetly on her skin, and several anonymous hands rubbed it in. Chrissy frigged her clit more quickly now, overwhelmed by the pleasure of the treatment she was receiving.

“Yes yes yes,” she hissed, momentarily taking her mouth off the cock in front of her. She looked back at the cameraman. “Fuck my ass…please please fuck my ass oh it feels so good,” the little slut intoned, panting and licking her lips. He didn’t need the encouragement, but nonetheless picked up the pace, her tight ass gripping his cock as it slid in and out. “Mmmm harder harder fuck my ass harder,” she implored.

“Damn that’s a nasty little slut!” the cameraman exclaimed, now thrusting harder, pounding into her ass. He kicked her legs wider apart, opening her up to him. He reached forward and gripped her hair, pulling it back as he slammed into her ass. Her mouth was soon stuffed full of dick again.

The men in front of her fucked her face urgently, shouting encouragement. “That’s it slut, suck my cock,” they ordered, or, “come on bitch, make me cum!” Chrissy complied in earnest, sucking them wetly, tongue snaking and swirling around the thick meat filling her mouth, her hand twisting and sliding up and down the other. She rubbed her clit rapidly, and rocked back and forth as the big dick slammed her ass again and again. Soon the foursome approached climax.

The man in her mouth was first, and Chrissy nearly gagged as the cum filled her throat. “Yeah, drink it all down bitch!” he yelled. Try as she might, Chrissy failed, and the hot sticky cum flowed freely from the corners of her mouth and down her chin. He pulled out and the other man quickly replaced him, violently fucking Chrissy’s face. The men were far too horny too give their little slut a rest.

“Hmmmrph, Hrrmph!” was all she could manage around the thick meat. His hand reached behind her head and slammed her against his cock, before, finally, withdrawing just in time to blast Chrissy’s face with the sticky mess. The first two shots hit her forehead and nose, and the third her lips. He crammed his cock back into her open mouth to finish depositing his seed before withdrawing it again and slapping her about the face with his softening cock. Alex caught it all on tape, of course.

“That’s a good cocksucking slut,” he told her, dick slapping against her face. Chrissy gasped for air.

The man behind her roared, hands on her shoulders, slamming her back onto his cock. Chrissy whimpered, still frigging her clit at lightening speed. “Oh please don’t stop please don’t stop I’m so close fuck my ass fuck my ass,” she begged.

He bore down even harder, “Yeah, I’m fucking your hot little ass, bitch, don’t you worry!”

For the third—but certainly not last—time that evening, Chrissy came. She let a long low moan, vibrato due to the cock still slamming her ass, and licked her cum-covered lips as her body shook from the powerful orgasm. Even as her body convulsed, the man behind her continued pounding. “I’m gonna fill your ass with my cum, slut! Here it is baby!” he roared.

“Oh yes, please, please!” was all she could manage. Chrissy, dazed, was only vaguely aware that the cock in her ass twitched and spasmed as it dumped yet another load into her well used body. Spent, the man pulled his cock from her ass with audible “pop.” Cum bubbled from her asshole.

Chrissy started to stir now. Hands groped her still. “Let’s get her on the pool table!” somebody yelled. Strong hands lifted and carried her to the pool table. “Set her down on my cock!” a man demanded. Chrissy was placed on the table, straddling a man whose cock easily penetrated her well lubricated cunt as she settled down on top of him. Chrissy gasped at the invasion and awoke from her stupor.

“More…” she uttered, half questioning, half begging.

“Baby, there’s a whole ROOM full of guys who haven’t had their turn at you yet! You’re in for a long night, slut!” one man told her.

“Good thing I got a 6-hour tape!” chimed in the cameraman, who had since reclaimed the video recorder from Alex.

The man beneath her began thrusting impatiently into her cunt. Chrissy bounced easily on his cock, cum oozing from both her holes. The thrusting and realization of what she was in for began to reawaken her lust. Chrissy became more forceful now, pushing herself up and then falling back down, cunt clenching the invader, grunting and squealing as the cock filled her up again. “Mmm, yeah, that feels good, fuck it, fuck my pussy!” she said sprightly. “Come on, doesn’t anybody want their cock in my mouth?” she questioned, looking around the roomful of horny men.

The men cheered, and several stepped forward, but Alex cut them off. “Hey, I want another turn,” he announced. The men started to protest, but Alex told them, “Hey, she’s my bitch, I’ll fuck her when I want…besides, I won’t be long…trust me,” he said with a sly grin. Chrissy wondered what she meant by that, but dismissed it. Alex’s cock soon filled up her mouth.

“Yeah, that feels good baby. You like this? You like being double stuffed?” he asked her, hips thrusting back and forth as her lips engulfed his cock.

“Mmmm, hmmm,” Chrissy responded, looking up at him and smiling around his cock with her pretty, cum-covered face.

“Well, now I’m REALLY gonna double stuff you!” he told her, popping his cock out of her mouth and moving around behind her. “Hold her ass open!” he ordered the guy underneath her. He complied, spreading her globes apart and opening her still-oozing ass. Chrissy squealed in delight when she realized what was going on. Alex pushed the head of his cock against the opening to her backdoor. His dick, wet from her mouth, slid easily into her recently stretched and then creamed anus. Alex pushed it in all the way to the hilt, and Chrissy screamed with both her ass and pussy filled by two huge cocks. “You like that, baby?” he asked her. “You like begin filled up by two hard cocks?”

“OH FUCK FUCK FUCK!!” she screamed in reply as the two cocks sawed in and out of her. They developed a rhythm, fucking both her holes quickly.

“I guess so! Okay, NOW you guys can get your dicks sucked!” Alex told the two men he interrupted earlier. They quickly stepped forward. One grabbed Chrissy’s hair and guided her head down on to his waiting cock. Chrissy gurgled around it, still trying to scream, completely unprepared to service this much dick. Other men gathered around and began rubbing her tits, legs and feet again.

Every nerve in her body exploded with the sensations. She had never felt so full before—sandwiched between three men with one cock in her pussy, another in her ass, her head bobbing up and down on a third. They pistoned into her mercilessly, slamming her from one to the other. Eventually, Chrissy got her bearings and began moving with them, grinding backwards to shove two cocks simultaneously into her ass and pussy, and then forward, swallowing a third. Chrissy moaned loudly, and, mouth traversing from one cock to the other, implored her assailants to keep up the pace. “Mmmm, yeah, fuck me! Come on, fuck my slutty pussy and tight little ass!” she urged, but not for long as one of the men in front of her filled her mouth with his dick. Chrissy, reaching out to either side, found two more cocks to stroke.

“Damn, look at the slut go!” one of the men cried out. “She’s taking five cocks!” Chrissy moaned hearing this, the sound muffled by the thick meat filling her mouth. She felt like a complete slut, and she loved it. The cameraman loved it to, as he was sure to capture the wide-eyed look on her face as three cocks pierced her simultaneously.

“That’s it, baby, you’re doing real good. Suck that cock,” Alex told her, pushing her head forward onto one of the cocks in front of her and slapping her ass. “You are such a hot little slut!” he exclaimed.

Chrissy squealed in delight. “Please fuck me, fuck me never stop fucking meeeeee!” she demanded, bouncing on the table. “Mmmm, yeah let me suck that cock!” she yelled, “rub it on my face and fuck my mouth, please I’m your dirty little slut please!” she yelled. The man in front of her did as she asked, alternately slapping her face with his dick and then slipping it into her mouth.

“Your ass is so tight, Chrissy, you want my cum in it?” Alex asked her, “Hmm? You want me to cream your ass, bitch?”

A muffled “Mmm, hmm,” was all she could manage. Alex gripped her waist and bore down, slamming his cock into her already well-fucked asshole. He pounded the blonde tramp repeatedly, his dick coming near all the way out before shoving back in to the hilt. Chrissy screamed around the cock in her mouth.

“Mmm, yeah, I’m fuckin’ your ass bitch, I’m fuckin’ your ass!” Alex told her, pulling back on her hair. “Yeah, I’m filling up your ass Chrissy I’m gonna cum in your fucking asshole!” he shouted at her as his climax approached. Chrissy held on for dear life, and then, finally, with a roar, Alex released his seed into her stretched asshole. “YEEESSSS!” he yelled, “I’m cumming in your ass, bitch! I’m filling up your sluttly little asshole with my cum!” He slammed into her a few more times before pulling out and spraying the last few spurts of hot goo over her back.

One of the men whose cock she had been sucking stepped around back and took Alex’s place, easily working his dick into her messy asshole. The other man gripped her hair tightly, pulling her head onto his cock, then back off, fucking her mouth with abandon. The man below her jack hammered into her pussy. He was breathing harder, obviously approaching orgasm, until he, too, grunted and filled her pussy with cum. Chrissy felt the hot liquid filling her up and squealed, clenching her pussy down on the man’s cock, pleased to have squeezed the cum from another dick. Just then one of the cocks she had been stroking exploded as well, mostly coating her hand, but one spurt made it as far as her cheek.

It went on like that for another three hours. Every man in the bar fucked Chrissy at least twice, some three or even four times, in every orifice and position. At times Chrissy was held upright, sandwiched between two men, one fucking her ass, the other her pussy. In other instances she found herself on all fours, blowing one man while another fucked her ass. She spent some time on her knees, sucking six cocks in rounds until they all came on her at the same time. She had no idea who had fucked her where and how many times, but judging by the copious amounts of fluid dripping from her ass and pussy, she knew it was a lot. She was literally covered in cum—it was smeared on her lips, dripped from her chin and Alexed in her hair.

When, finally, the last man blew his load on her face and left, Alex helped her up off her knees. Her legs were wobbly, and somehow through the entire ordeal her high heels had stayed on her feet, and her miniskirt was still bunched around her waist, but now most likely ruined by the cum stains of some 15 men. Her blouse and panties were nowhere to be seen; most likely one of her patrons had absconded with them as a souvenir.

“You have fun, baby?” Alex asked her.

“Uh huh,” she smiled, wiping the cum from her mouth with the back of her hand.

“Well, you can relive it anytime you want,” he told her, producing the video tape.

“YOU TAPED IT!?” she exclaimed in abject terror, realizing that every cumshot, every degrading thing those men said and did to her and her enthusiastic responses were preserved on video tape.

“Yeah baby, you were one hot little slut!” he said, leading her to the door.

After taking a minute to regain her composure, she offered, “Maybe we could invite your poker buddies over to watch it?”

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