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Under My Thumb

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I joined the Navy fresh out of high school. Good paying jobs were tough to find in Western New York. The steel mills were shutting down. Heavy industry was re-locating down south and paying only one third of the previous wages.

When my tour of duty was over I took the civil service test for Correction Officer and passed. My permanent assignment was at a Class-A Max, and eventually, I lucked out and got a wall tower on days.

This was the perfect assignment to get out of population and to pursue my first love…reading.

By the time that I was 33 years old, I was debt free and I had modest savings and the start of a good portfolio of mutual funds. My house was paid off in full. To my determent, I started to go bald in my twenties and at 33 this was a foregone conclusion. Nevertheless, I was fairly good looking at the time: 200 lbs/ 6′ 2″ tall. I was also single…having yet to find the right girl.

People have always told me that I was such a nice guy and they couldn’t believe that I was a Correction Officer. The public perceives us as uneducated brutes. This misconception is reinforced by the liberal news media bias and the current pop culture components of our society. I explained to these people there is a time to be tough and when that time comes you do what has to be done.

In 1985, I first saw my future wife Lisa at my cousin’s wedding reception. I was 33 at the time and Lisa was 22. Lisa was wearing an emerald green strapless dress that enhanced her beautiful green eyes. The dress also complimented her shoulder length red auburn hair. She wore her hair layered in those days with long bangs. When my cousin Sam introduced us, I shook her hand but didn’t let go as was proper. Instead, I escorted Lisa to the dance floor and bowed with a flourish saying. “Beautiful angel from heaven would you do me the honor of this dance?”

I spent the entire evening dancing with Lisa. I was infatuated with her. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her. I made up my mind that whatever it took I would win her over.

During our engagement, Lisa refused to give me oral sex, although she enjoyed receiving it. That didn’t change after we were married. Disappointed, I never pushed the issue.

During our third year together, she decided to grow her hair out to all one length, being tired of the bangs and layers. I have always preferred this style of long hair on women, especially my woman. By 1997, she had beautiful and thick waist length red hair. Her hairdresser, Holley did a marvelous job. Lisa’s hair was precisely cut and styled to all one length, blunt and straight across the bottom. It was as soft and smooth as an angel’s wings… my Angel’s wings.

As we were financially well off, Lisa quit her job as a receptionist to be a stay at home wife. She was not the greatest housekeeper and could barley cook. However, Lisa excelled at spending money. This meant that I was working plenty of overtime to keep up with her bills. Clothing, jewelry or things for the house and a new car every three years… I drove her old ones. I didn’t care because I only wanted to make her happy. Lisa was my wife… my lover…my angel.

Against my better judgment, Lisa talked me into buying an expensive toupee. I took a lot of good natured teasing, and some not about my rug; I wore it to please my angel.

In the spring of 1997, Lisa decided to attend the community college. The reason as she put it, “I want to broaden my horizons”. In the fall of 1998, an incident occurred that changed our lives in ways that neither of us could have foreseen.

My car broke down on the way to work as the universal joint almost gave way. I telephoned the facility from the Goodyear Tractor Supply and advised them of the situation. I requested to use a PL, which stands for personal leave day. There was an open slot on the PL Board and I was given the day off. I was only 2 miles from home. After the tow truck left I decided to walk home and surprise my wife. I had put on 50 pounds over the years. I told myself because of my height I was able to carry it well. We all rationalize something. At my last physical, 6 months prior, my doctor told me that the test results were good. Nevertheless, he said that I could stand to lose at least 20 or more pounds and I walked home knowing the exercise would do me good.

Lisa would not start the next semester of college for another week. Since I was walking, she wouldn’t hear me pull up in my car, so I would quietly tip toe in and surprise my beautiful Angel. We could spend the afternoon making love and then go to see a movie followed by dinner in her favorite Italian restaurant.

When I was in sight of my house, I observed a black corvette convertible parked across the street. Suspicious, I checked it out. The top was down and the factory bucket seats were covered with expensive sheepskin seat covers. The staff-parking sticker from Lisa’s college was affixed to the windshield.

Her English Professor owned such a car. I met the man twice when I attended the college open house. She thought that Professor Ares was brilliant, worldly and charming, while I found him vain, pompous and condescending.

Professor Ares was a tall and slim man in his early thirties and I would estimate that he was about 170 lbs./6′ 4″ tall. He was fastidious about his appearance right down to his manicured nails. Luke wore colognes with names I probably couldn’t pronounce and wouldn’t purchase if I could. Professor Ares favored $ 100.00 haircuts and expensive silk ties, set off with a 2-carat diamond/ platinum stickpin. The Professor favored hand sewed monogrammed white shirts with diamond cuff links and $1000.00 plus/ suits. His black hair was full and thick and he wore it on the long side. He was clean-shaven with dark eyes and long eyelashes. I had to admit, he was handsome… almost to the point of being pretty.

When I got to the back porch, I could hear soft music coming from my bedroom. I quietly entered my house, leaving the back door open. Once inside, I opened my bedroom door a crack and looked in to see my wife’s lover was lying naked in my bed. The bastard was on my bed and his eyes were closed, a lascivious smile on his face. Lisa was naked and performing fellatio on him, and her beautiful hair was fixed in a simple ponytail. Luke’s foul hands were stroking that ponytail, which angered me all the more.

Enraged almost beyond reason…. I kicked the door, slamming it into the wall and breaking the plaster behind it. The loud explosive sound froze them both into inaction and stunned confusion.

I strode into the room… pulling Lisa away from him and sending her sprawling.

Mastering my berserkers rage, I threw a sheet at Lisa to cover her shame.

“Get dressed you son of a bitch! I said to Luke. “I’m going to give you a chance to defend yourself. Then, I’m going to pound the fucking shit out of your sorry ass. We will see then who is the better man.”

Turning my attention to my cowering wife, I hissed through clenched teeth. “I’ll deal with you later.”

With false bravado the fop professor stood up. Luke was laughing and clapping his hands as he walked towards me and that was comical in it’s own right. The brilliant professor didn’t have the brains (good sense) to get dressed. In retrospect, perhaps it was is contempt for me, the common man, shared by many of his ilk in the elite liberal academia.

“I must hand it to you, you ludicrous buffoon.” Can you believe it, that’s what the naked idiot said to me! “That was quite the performance and I thought you lacked the imagination for such theatrics, such…comedy. Nevertheless, you bald, fat, old fool, I’m obviously the better man, I possess your beautiful wife, do I not? You have been cuckold, not I. I am a black belt you cuckold imbecile. Nevertheless, I will not soil my hands and lower myself to engage in fisticuffs with an unlettered, unwashed brute such as you. Violence is the opiate of the mindless beast, you clueless oaf. If you dare lay a hand on me I’ll have you arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”

I reacted immediately to his mocking laughter and my anger was cold, tempered and calculated. I smiled at him, and this was not what he expected because Luke took a step backwards, looking unsure.

Stepping forward, I slapped Luke with my open palm. I mocked him, calling him a poltroon and a fop. My words stinging his ostentatious ego as my hand did his pretty face.

“The only black belt I see in this room is the one on your pants, Sensei.”

Among inmates in prison, slapping a man in the face is the ultimate expression of contempt and disrespect. It is referred to as a bitch slap. Failure to immediately retaliate would only lead to more of the same. All would extort the punk…. and eventually… he would be raped.

I continued slapping him violently now, and alternating between the palm and back of my hand. My bitch slaps were jerking his head from side to side. I was moving him about the bedroom in a dance of emasculation and humiliation. I was easily blocking his ineffectual clumsy punches and kicks.

I soon left him cowering on the floor. Luke’s knees were drawn to his chest and he was sobbing and sniffling like a woman. I now turned my attention to my adulterous wife.

I pointed to the mewling wretch on the floor and said. “Look at your young stud now, Lisa, as handsome and trim as I am not. I give you Luke, the absolute epitome of manliness in your eyes. Luke: the magnificent stallion of your canal-depraved adultery. Luke: the mewling inspiration of your deceitful heart in celebration of your adultery. I give you Professor Ares… Ares, does the irony escape you, Lisa. The living reincarnation of the ancient Greek God of War, yes, that Ares!”

Or if you prefer his Roman counterpart, Mars. The valiant and brilliant professor, despoiler of cities and conquer of nations. I said, mocking them both and laughing. Your lover and protector… your champion! The man who would have me arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for his sake but not for yours. Such an inspiring sight Ares makes…. weeping on the floor. Go to him, Pandora. Be the proud standard-bearer and shield maiden to this absent manhood professor.

She remained frozen on the spot. I went to my top dresser drawer and removed my US Navy Kabar Fighting Utility Knife from its leather sheath. The knife was a gift from my father upon graduating boot camp. I kept the blade well oiled and razor sharp.

I walked over to Lisa and grabbed her long silky ponytail. “Perhaps your champion the black belt would like a decoration for his war helmet. Traditionally in ancient times, dyed horses tails were used, but this will have to do.

I severed her ponytail from her head just above the elastic tie to keep the ponytail in place. Her remaining hair fell forward, covering her shamed face. Her once waist length hair was now barley touching the nape of her long neck.

I wasn’t through with the miserable offal. I picked Luke up by the hair and made him stand on his feet. Open your mouth, punk, or I will cut your testicles off!” I was bluffing, however the poltroon did not know that.

I shoved Lisa’s severed ponytail into his mouth so it hung down evenly from either side of Luke’s face. I then ordered him to bite down, telling him to keep it there or else and then cut the elastic hair tie.

Next, I threw the knife at his feet, the point burying itself in the floor. He flinched, but didn’t dare move or meet my eyes, his perfect white teeth clamped down on Lisa’s ponytail. “Your sword, War God!’

I stepped back and folded my arms, waiting…………………………….

“I thought as much. I believe we have established who is a man and who isn’t, you foul, mewling wretch. In your case, having a functioning penis doesn’t necessarily make you one.” I calmly, espoused.

“We need to explore your assessment of me. Specifically, and I quote you in part; “unlettered and unwashed brute.” Unwashed brute as I just demonstrated, perhaps? However, you lecherous poltroon, I must take exception to unlettered. This mistaken notion needs to be dispelled and shown the light of day.”

I explained calmly and reasonably. “Let us go outside and discuss it …bitch!” I grabbed his testicles, squeezing with my implied threat, and led him like a tamed gelding to his parked muscle car. The knife remained stuck fast to the floor. Following close behind, and wrapped in the sheet, Lisa stood in the driveway and watched, making no attempt to stop me.

I threw her emasculated lover over the hood of his black Corvette muscle car. I then gave Luke a spanking on his bare buttocks with my open hand.

While spanking him, I quoted John Dryden, from Alexander’s Feast (1697), “None but the brave deserves the fair.” I quoted from J.M. Barrie in his Rhetorical Address at St. Andrews in May of 1922. “Courage is the thing. All goes if courage goes!’ As I slapped his shamed red buttocks. Luke’s teeth were still firmly clamped on the ponytail.

I included Ernest Hemingway, in Men at War (1942). “Cowardice as distinguished from panic is almost always simply a lack of ability to suspend the functioning of the imagination”.

As the police arrived and got out of their patrol cars, standing to watch, I finished with Charles Churchill’s “Night” (1761) “Keep up appearances, there lies the test. The world will give you credit for the rest. Outward be fair, however foul within. Sin if thou wilt, but then in secret sin”.

I stepped away from the Corvette, putting up my hands and displaying my palms to assure them that I wasn’t armed.

The effete professor retreated to the drivers side seat, covering himself with both sheepskin seat covers, wet from his urine. Lisa’s ponytail, my thoughtful gift to him was thrown carelessly to the ground. Snot and tears were running down Luke’s face. His eyes were red and swollen from crying, and his buttocks red and purple with bruises. I am pleased to say not to be undone by his sore testicles.

One of my neighbors, Patty Green, telephoned the police. Patty explained the situation and was laughing while giving the blow-by-blow details and requested that they take their time. Patty’s husband Bill, a retired city fireman and now Town Justice of the Peace, captured the entire episode with his camcorder. Ironically, this actually saved me from going to jail or being sued.

Fortunately, I knew both the responding officers. While initially laughing, but trying to maintain their composure, they took my statement and statements from the mentioned witnesses. When they tried to interview the punk for a statement, Luke refused to get out of his car or give them one. Surprisingly, Lisa refused to cooperate as well.

Although, I strongly objected, the officers allowed the absent manhood professor to return to the house and get dressed. I was very agitated at the thought of him in my home again and as a result, I started to have chest pains and was rushed to the hospital by ambulance.

After a two-day stay in the hospital, and extensive testing, I was diagnosed with stable angina. This time, John, my doctor, ordered me to loose 60 lbs or it could worsen and I would be on medication for life. I left my toupee in the wastebasket of my hospital room.

My neighbors and connections kept me from prosecution and I was given an appearance ticket for disorderly conduct and I plead guilty to a violation and paid a fifty-dollar fine.

As I said, the copy of the tape prevented me from being sued, why risk further public humiliation. I wasn’t the only one with connections. I was brought up on departmental charges for conduct unbecoming an Officer. I could either resign, retiring at half-pay or be fired. I resigned.

One month later, I was served with divorce papers. With the help of her lover, Lisa retained a high priced lawyer. We settled out of court.

I agreed to give her everything except for my book collection. I have an extensive collection of Folio Society and Easton Press, to name a few publishers. I kept the contents of my study. This included the barrister bookcases, my reading lamps, and leather chair with matching ottoman. The agreement also included my antique oak roll top desk and my oak futon. She agreed to waive her attorney fees and sign off on my pension.

My attorney thought I was crazy, wanting to negotiate a more equitable settlement. I refused to listen. I was hurt and angry. I was cuckold and made the fool. I wanted things over and done with. It wasn’t about the money…………….it was never about the money! I could always make more. I dominated and humiliated my hated enemy, Luke. I forced him to crawl at my feet. The coward…………..the hostage of my conquest was paraded on the streets…. a testament to my victory over him. It was never about the money………….it was about honor. He would remain forever the ransom-less hostage…redemption denied!

I moved out and found a small studio apartment. I did some major repair work for my landlady, Margie, a mature woman in her seventies. This kept my hands and mind busy. It did nothing for the tear in my soul. In consideration for this, and for maintaining the property, I lived there rent- free and took my meals with her. I had a brief affair with Margie’s daughter, Mary. Mary was a lovely recently divorced woman with her last child now away at college. Her husband, a high school math teacher, was a verbally abusive bastard, calling her fat, stupid and worthless. She was a kindergarten teacher and was anything but those things. As Mary said, “Enough is enough, so I left the asshole.”

Our affair lasted for about a year. I was upfront with her about being on the rebound and Mary the same, we, two people… hurting. The sex was wonderful while it lasted and most importantly, we were a great comfort to one another.

Meanwhile, Lisa put the house up for sale, including all the appliances and remaining furniture. When all the assets from our divorce settlement were calculated, she walked away with over $ 400,000.00. Lisa and her lover moved to California where Luke found a position, teaching.

I always wanted to open up a bookstore and be my own boss. Twenty-five years plus of punching a clock was enough for me. But first I need to do something about my health, so I started walking. I walked everywhere possible and in no time lost the sixty pounds. Mary started walking with me,and although our affair now over, we remained good friends. She lost about 25lbs, a plus for her as well. After 2 years, I had the down payment saved for my bookstore. I took out a loan, and bought a large brownstone for taxes. I remodeled it, and was soon in business for myself. I hired my old landlady, Margie to help out part time.

I lived on the third floor in two of eight rooms not counting the bathroom and kitchen. The second floor was for storage and overflow from my store. My needs were simple, I had my books, but………….

I mentioned before that I was once self-conscious about my hair loss. I bought top-of-the-line electric hair clippers with all the attachments and guide combs. I kept my hair clipped close to the scalp with those clippers. Vanity denied became a strength…I was now content with how God made me.

Three years after my divorce, Lisa walked into my bookstore about an hour before closing. I was putting some books away and my back was to her and I did not see her walk in. She politely asked if the owner was available. I recognized Lisa’s voice right away. Although it was obvious that she didn’t recognize me. Having lost sixty pounds, with a close cropped head, and that ridiculous toupee gone.

When I turned around, the surprised look on Lisa’s face was most satisfying. I too was surprised. She had put on some weight, perhaps as much as twenty pounds. While we were married, she was always dieting. She spent hours at her heath club exercising.

I liked Lisa this way, slightly plump and buxom. It had softened her features and rounded her figure. Yes, buxom and voluptuous definitely suited her at forty-one… going on forty-two. What I didn’t like was what she had done to her hair. It was no longer her beautiful natural shade of red auburn. It was jet black, the same color as Luke’s. It was styled in tight frizzy curls of different lengths. Lisa’s hair was shorter around her face and longer in the back. Even her bangs were curled. At it’s longest her hair barley touched her shoulders. In fact it looked like an afro-mullet or if you prefer an afro-shag mistake. This had to be Lisa’s fop lovers doing. Either by preference or malicious design, Luke had ruined her beautiful red auburn hair.

We stood there and looked at one another for a time. Finally, she broke the silence.

“I came here to ask you something, Adam.”

I just looked at her, not knowing what to say next. The last words that I spoke to Lisa were in the bedroom when I said, “I will deal with you later”.

“Do you hate me, Adam? I can’t blame you if you do, but I need to know. Do you still hate me?”

“Did you come all the way from California to ask me that question? I was starting to get angry.

“You committed adultery! You filed for divorce and took damn near everything that I ever worked for. I gave you everything, including my love. Do I hate you? I said, raising my voice. You want to know if I hate you?” I replied, almost shouting at her and then catching myself, I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. I remembered Lisa as a young woman and how she loved me and how happy we were then. Nothing good would come from berating or brow beating her.

When I opened my eyes she was starting to cry. “Stop that will you, Lisa? I said, quietly, and then I walked over to lock the door and reverse the open sign. Please stop crying and then I’ll answer your question. No, I don’t hate you. I’m over those feelings now. I have moved on with my life. Is that what you needed to hear? Then I’m glad I made you feel better about yourself. You now have your closure. Now you can go back to your handsome lover. I wish you well Lisa, I really do and I hope nobody ever tears a hole in your soul. I unlocked the door and then I turned my back to Lisa, dismissing her.

Then the floodgate of tears really broke loose.

Lisa started crying uncontrollably and that wasn’t like her. Soon she was hyperventilating as well. The only other time she acted like this was when her father died. She was in bed for a week. This wasn’t an act. Something was seriously wrong. I did the only thing I could do. I carried her up to my apartment and let her lie down on the futon. I gave her a glass of water and some ice in a washcloth for her forehead and sat with her, holding her hand. When Lisa calmed down, I went downstairs to the bookstore and telephoned her sister, Janice. Janice would come and take her home with her.

To make a long story short, and yes I realize that sometimes I am long winded. The short version is that Luke convinced Lisa to let him invest the money for the sale of the house and divorce settlement. On paper the investments were making fabulous dividends. Janice and her husband, Mark took a second mortgage on their house and let Luke invest their money for them as well Luke and Lisa lived lavishly until her money ran out. And then Luke left her taking literally everything and leaving her with insurmountable debt.

“I can’t come and get her, Adam, my husband won’t allow her in our house. I have my children to think about.”

I went back upstairs to my apartment and found Lisa quietly waiting. I informed her that Janice had told me everything and I offered to let Lisa stay, temporarily. Lisa’s face lit up at my offer.

She got up off the futon to hug me and I folded my arms, preventing her. “Thank you for the second chance, Adam.” She said, taking a step back.

“You know of course that you will be working in the bookstore?”

“I will do anything you say, Adam.”

“You will not be getting a salary, just room and board.”

“I understand.” She replied.

“You will have to keep the apartment clean…no, make that, you will keep the apartment spotless.”

“Anything you say, Adam.”

“I have no great expectations that your cooking will ever improve, Lisa.”

“Yes, Adam.”

“Lisa, as I said before, I will take you back temporarily and give you a second chance. However, if things work out, I will never remarry you. We may live together, but never again will you be my equal. You need to understand that right now.

She started to speak and I stopped her by gently putting my hand over her mouth.

“Be silent, Lisa Marie. I’m not done speaking yet, little girl.” I enjoyed the shocked look in her beautiful green eyes. I had never talked like that to her before.

“You will do as I say in all things, without reservation or hesitation. Further more, you will always tell me the truth. Your life will revolve around me now. You will submit to me totally. Those are my unconditional terms. I’m going for a walk now. If I find you here when I return, I’ll have my answer.”

When I returned 2 hours later, and I found Lisa sitting on a kitchen chair with her hands folded on the table, waiting. I thought to myself, this just might work out after all. I have Lisa exactly I want her now, under my thumb.

I walked up and placed my hands on her shoulders to prevent her from standing.

“Are you afraid of me now?” I asked.

Looking down, she whispered. “Yes, Adam.”

Letting her stand to face me, I gently took her chin between my thumb and forefinger. I lifted her head to meet my eyes, and said.

“Look at me and tell me the truth. If you are afraid of me, why did you decide to stay?

Swallowing, then licking her lips, she said. “You…you beat and humiliated him, and had him crawling on the floor. You were so angry. I didn’t know what to think. He bragged that he had a black belt. He didn’t fight back much and was crying……………………………….

“What else? Finish your sentence.” I said.

“I was terrified that you were going to kill him.” She was trembling and looking down. “I never realized how dangerous you were until then. You were always such a gentle and mild man. In all the years we were married, you never even raised your voice to me. When you were angry with me, you always went for a walk. When you took that big knife out of the drawer, I thought for sure that you were going to kill both us.

“You were willing to fight for me. You gave Luke a chance to be a man and I left you… for him? I’m so ashamed, Adam…. I am so ashamed. How can you even look at me now, and yet you are taking me back.”

“That is still tentative. I tugged Lisa’s over processed hair to annunciate, the word “tentative.”

“I am ready to submit totally in every way.” I have nothing, Adam, nothing! No money, no credit, no possessions, nothing, Adam…only you.

“You do not have me. Do you really think that you can just walk in here and cry on my shoulder and then things would be as they were? I’m not that same man, but then I’m not a bitter man either. Let me show you a print I have hanging in my study. I purchased it after you left me to put things into perspective.”

I led the now buxom Lisa into my study and made her kneel on the oversize sheepskin rug by the fireplace. The print was hung above the fireplace mantle.

“This is a full size print taken from a painting by John William Waterhouse. I had it framed in oak to match the furniture. Are you familiar with the subject, the theme? Do you know who the woman is in this print?”

I knew the answer from her silence.

“Of course you don’t know whom Waterhouse is. You are a progeny of the liberal and sensationalized popular media/pop culture components of our society. I lament many of the youth growing up today. If the current media talking heads were to disappear, who would tell them what to think? For the present they are so cocksure in their beliefs that the lessons of history are lost to them.

Your choices in television and reading material for example: Oprah Winfrey, Jerry Springer or Rick Lake and their ilk; the National Enquirer, Vogue or the Star…PABLUM! You tried so hard to emulate those pictures of shallow young woman and became a slave to fashion. You lusted for those trim, handsome young men on television, in magazines or in the tabloids, when my eyes were only for you. My eyes were only for you, my fallen angel. You broke my heart, and tore a hole in my soul. I blame myself for that. I let you, and allowed things to get out of hand and I know better now. I am not telling you this to hurt you, only in reflection to tell you how I feel…to make you understand.

“But I regress. The woman in the print is Pandora. Pandora as envisioned by Waterhouse is very beautiful. Wearing the simple yet elegant Greek woman’s dress of her time, the “chiton”. Pandora’s long hair is pulled back in a chignon. As I recall you would never wear your hair up for me, saying the style was for old women. When in fact it, these types of hairstyles are elegant and timeless.”

“Beautiful Pandora is sitting on the marble bench, just a little peek she tells herself. All the plagues and sorrows known to humanity were released once Pandora opened the jar. There was one little sprite trapped within the jar as well. The Sprite was called Hope, and hope has sustained mankind against the evil that Pandora had wrought. Pandora opened the jar betraying the trust of the gods.”

“Your Marriage Vows were the spiritual equivalent of Pandora’s jar. Your tryst of deceit and the betrayal of a sacred trust was the same as the mythological Pandora’s. Do you remember your vows, Lisa, to love and to cherish and to forsake all others? Like beautiful Pandora you released the scourge of adultery upon yourself. And like Pandora’s husband, Epimetheus, your scourges stung me as well. First and foremost of the scourges, was your deceitful heart.”

“I only want you to love me as you once did. I am drawn to your strength and passion. It compliments your gentle ways. I was so spoiled and stupid, I mistook gentle for weak and uninteresting.”

“And now?” I asked.

“I am terrified of your subdued rage. Just under the surface and yet I am aroused by it. I will be happy to take whatever you give me, whatever you decide. Please forgive me?”

When I placed my hand over her mouth earlier, Lisa meekly complied. I suspected that she would eventually submit.

Her confession confirmed and defined her position in my life. She would remain my chattel by mutual consent.

“Do not move from this spot, little girl.” I went downstairs to my bookshop going to the counter on which the cash register sat. I returned with the antique green glass quart mason jar full of stones and brought it back upstairs. I use this mason jar, the kind with the glass top and wire clamps as a paperweight for the days receipts.

When I returned, I dumped the small, marble sized stones into a pile on the floor in front of her. I could see her bottom lip start to quiver. Obviously she remembered and recognized the water washed lake stones.

“Do you remember when we were courting, Lisa? Of course you do…those summer days on Lake Ontario and Lake Erie We hiked along the deserted beach shores searching for pretty stones. How you delighted when we found one together and our special kisses? One stone for each special day, and then when we were first married? When we made love on the nearly inaccessible and sheltered deserted beaches not apparent from the shore. And the fires we built at night with driftwood while we watched the stars. Then we traveled and visited all of the rest of the Great Lakes? On our honeymoon, I rented a sailboat and we sailed to the mouth of the St. Lawrence. Did you ever wonder what happened to those stones?” I said, getting down onto the rug next to her. “Do you think that that you can put everything back in the jar? I placed one stone into the mason jar and said. This stone I am putting in the jar is adultery, and we are locking it away. Pick up a stone and put it into the jar………very good, put the cover on and lock it tight. What did you place in the jar?”

“Hope?” she asked, hopefully.

“Very good, hope.” I replied. “Were is your luggage and your purse.” I asked her.

“I have no luggage, just the clothing that I am wearing.” She replied.

Please get your purse, because we are going to the basement.” I said to her.

Once there, I grabbed her roughly and kissed her mouth long and deep. I stepped back to enjoy the shocked look on her face. She still tasted the same.

I took large piece of cardboard and said.

“Stand on the cardboard, and strip little girl, and I mean everything, jewelry as well.”

She quickly complied, taking off her, slacks, blouse and sandals. Her bra and panties soon followed these items.

I unzipped my fly, exposing my manhood. I grabbed her hair firmly at the back of her head, burying my fingers in her dry over processed curls and forced her to her knees. She began sucking and licking, looking up at me for my approval.

“You’re doing fine.” I assured her as I removed a pair of barber scissors from my pocket that I purchased during my walk.

“Your present hairstyle doesn’t suit you and I will soon change that” Taking my time as she sucked my cock, I grasped each frizzy curl between my fingers. I pulled it straight and cutting it free from her head. I dropped each of the shorn curls to the floor, the pile growing with each snip.

When I had finished taking my pleasure with Lisa’s mouth, her haircut was completed. Extending my hand to her, she took it and I helped her up.

“It’s almost midnight. Please clean up the mess.” I said, pointing to her pile of shorn hair. “Manners aside, from now on, when I say please to you, don’t assume it a request. You will do what I ask promptly and cheerfully.”

“Yes, Adam!” She said, gravely. I rubbed her head, the remaining hair about an inch long and somewhat softer. I could see hints of her natural red color at the roots.

“I was never verbally abusive to you, and I am not about to start now. I remain a gentle and polite man, and starting now a firm disciplinarian as well.

I watched my naked buxom chattel clean the basement floor and then dump everything. Clothing, purse, hair, everything into the incinerator. I then filled the incinerator with garbage and waste paper and cardboard from my Bookstore, before firing it up.

Pointing to the cardboard on the floor, I politely asked Lisa to go down on her hands and knees. “Good girl, now lean forward and put your head down. Perfect, now lift your ass higher, a little more…stop, hold that position and don’t move until I tell you otherwise”

I enjoyed the feeling of her plump ass cheeks quiver as they met my palm. The sharp slapping sound was music to my ears.

“You had had this coming for a long time, little girl. It has nothing to do about money. Luke did not swear an oath before God and witnesses in church, you did!”

I continued talking to her, while slapping her bottom. “While you are here, you will get more of the same for disobeying me. If you act like a spoiled little girl, I will punish you like one. You are free to leave at any time. Do you want to leave?”

“No, please, Adam, I…”

“Do you deserve to be spanked?”

“Yes, Adam?”

“Ask me to spank you.”

“Please, spank me, Adam?”

“Ask me, again”

“Please spank me, spank me hard. I deserve to be punished.”

She was soon sobbing, her tears soaking the cardboard. Lisa held her position like a well-trained Irish Setter bitch from impeccable bloodlines.

When her buttocks were beet red, it was time to stop. I had no intentions of leaving bruises. Warning her to hold point, I went into my bedroom to get undressed and took a leisurely shower.

I returned with a jar of cocoa butter that was chilling in the freezer. I gently rubbed it on her sore bottom and exposed pussy lips. I probed Lisa with my fingers, playing with her flower until her vagina was swollen and dripping. I caressed her clitoris until I sensed that her orgasm was starting to peek. I then took her from behind, ramming hard and deep, paying no mind to her freshly spanked ass. Lisa’s momentary cries of discomfort were replaced with squeals of pleasure, followed by the loud moans of orgasm.

“Your adultery has been locked in the jar with hope. If you do as you are told and please me, I will allow you to place another stone in the jar. When the jar is full, you may share my bed. For now, you will sleep in my study on the sheepskin rug by the fireplace.

In the morning she was given the task of cleaning the apartment from top to bottom. Not that it needed to be cleaned as I keep on top of things. She needed to learn to clean a house properly once and for all.

Besides, it was a pleasure to watch Lisa clean in the nude. If I found the smallest thing wrong, I made her do the job over again. I made a mental note to remodel and tile the bathroom and kitchen in all white.

That evening after supper, I had Lisa kneel before me in the empty bathtub. Using my clippers, with the 1/4″(6mm) guide comb in place, I clipped her hair to the same length all the way around.

Then I had her stand while I shaved her pussy bald with the clippers minus the guide. I lathered and shaved her pussy twice, until she had a smooth hairless pubis mound. “You will be required to keep your pussy shaved from now on. I want it done at least twice a day.”

She then cleaned the bathroom again leaving it spotless. I praised her for a job well done. She came out of the bathroom with a towel around her middle fresh from the shower. Lisa didn’t need one for her hair.

I gently pushed my thumb into her mouth and she began sucking. I shook my head, frowning and looked down. She immediately went down on me and began sucking hungrily eager to please me. This was the same woman who never gave me head the entire time we were married. Lisa was looking at me with her beautiful green eyes, those same eyes begging my approval. I rubbed her head to soothe and assure her that everything was fine. I told her that I would keep her hair clipped to 1/4″(6mm) until her natural red auburn color grew out. Then, in time, if she was a good girl, I would let her grow her hair out.

Next we sat in the kitchen drinking tea until bedtime. I quietly told Lisa some of my plans for her. I explained to her that I would talk to her sister’s husband, Mark. I would try to broker a compromise so that she could spend time with Janice and her nieces. “I will do my best, Lisa, but I make no promises.”

“What will I do about clothing, Adam? We need to talk about that, don’t you think?”

“No, not at all.” I replied.

“But I thought….”

I reached across the table and put my hand gently over her mouth. I then removed my hand from her mouth and started stroking her breasts, playing with her nipples. I had so much lost time to make up for.

“Yes, Adam.”

“Tomorrow I will go shopping to get everything you will need. Your clothing will be what I prefer. You no longer have any real say in that department. Therefore we do not need to talk about it. You may make suggestions of course and I will listen. Until the jar is full, I suggest that you refrain from making any suggestions about that subject.

“You want me to learn to clean the house properly first, don’t you?” Lisa asked.

“I do, that and maintain it as I have always told you too in the past. If you keep up with things, there will be less work for you in the long run. Then I will allow you to work beside me in the bookstore. Go into my study to the bookcase on the north wall.”

“Which wall is the north wall?”

“The wall with the bookcases having books on poetry. Please select a book from those cases and bring it here.”

Lisa jumped up and quickly returned with her selection, and then sat down beside me, as close as she dared…testing.

“Is this book alright, Adam?

“Poems of Childhood” by Eugene Fields, what an interesting choice. Open it and choose a poem and then read it to me out loud. Then continue picking poems and reading until I tell you to stop. Everyday you will choose a short poem and memorize it until you can recite it perfectly without the book.”

She started reading out loud. The first poem that Lisa read was “Little Boy Blue” not from the nursery rhyme, the little boy blue with the horn that most people are so familiar with. She read the poem as instructed and did a pretty fair job. When Lisa finished, she closed the book quietly and gave me a thoughtful look. I let her choose some others until I was too tired to stay awake much longer.

“It is bedtime, and as it is Sunday tomorrow, I will be sleeping in until noon. The store is closed and I allow myself this simple pleasure. When I awake, you will be bathed, have shaved your pussy, plus anywhere else you shave, and then you will stand inspection. Hard- boiled eggs, toast and black coffee, will be ready for breakfast, thank you. The Sunday paper will be in the Bookstore security gate at the front door entrance. Leave the inner foyer door ajar after you punch in the code for the security alarm.” I said, taking out a piece of paper with the code, 5, 4, 7, and 2 from my robe pocket and handing it to her. “You will please get the Sunday paper and have that on the table with our breakfast.” This was actually a test to see if she did exactly as she was told and get the paper, naked. I would know for certain if she didn’t.

“How will I get the paper, Adam? Someone might see me through the outer glass door. I don’t have any clothing. You want me to, I mean, naked…I can’t.

“You can and you will. I said, getting up and touching her face. “Good night, Lisa.”

I woke up with a big grin on my face. The coffee was brewed, hot, strong and black, just how I liked it. I poured two cups of coffee, adding sugar and milk to Lisa’s cup, as she liked it and took a sip of mine. The table was set nicely for two, with the book of poetry from the night before at Lisa’s place setting. She remembered the orange marmalade that I always put on my toast. Breakfast would be ready momentarily as the eggs were already peeled and cooling in the bowl. Everything was perfect except for that damn noise…

I went downstairs to get my beautiful and naked Lisa trapped between the doors. She was crouched in a corner and trying to cover herself with the Sunday paper as best she could.

Trying not to laugh, I let her in and then reset the alarm.

Once upstairs, I said. “Your coffee is poured, just the way you like it. Sit down and relax. I’ll finish making breakfast.”

“You knew that was going to happen, didn’t you?” She asked, accusingly.

“Don’t use that tone of voice with me, Lisa Marie. Do you wish to be spanked again?”

“No Sir.” She answered, looking down.

“I gave you the code and I warned you about leaving the door ajar. When you got trapped, why didn’t you punch in the code?”

“I did punch in the code nothing happened!”

“Of course something happened, the alarm went off and woke me up. I requested to sleep until noon and it is only 11:45 AM. Did you reverse it?”

“No you didn’t tell me to do that! I did exactly as you told me, even going down there naked. What if somebody saw me?”

“They would have seen a beautiful buxom woman? I walked up to her and put my hands around her waist.

“Thank you.” Lisa said, somewhat mollified, a hint of a smile starting to show. “Do you think I’m fat now, Adam?”

“The truth is I deliberately did not tell you to reverse the code and you are not fat. You are buxom and voluptuous. You are also not the young girl of 22, as when I first met you. You are a woman of 41 now, just as I am a man of 51. Of course your body is going to change. I know about your total hysterectomy. My insurance was billed by mistake. It doesn’t matter to me and you are no less of a woman in my eyes. No doubt Luke, hinted, implied or out right said something to you about both those things. If Luke were here right now, I would pummel him again. I would pummel him for putting those cruel thoughts of doubt into your mind. And, Lisa?”

“Yes, Adam.” She answered, her voice breaking.

“I forgive you, however, you will obey me and you may hug me now whenever you wish.”

Lisa put her arms around my neck and hugged me. She was crying, her wet face was pressed against my neck. I held her for a while, stroking her poor short hair. Finally, wiping her tears, I pulled out a chair for her to sit down. And as promised, I made the toast and we sat and ate our breakfast.

“Sunday is now my only day off and I like to sit and read the newspaper, quietly.” I explained to her. “You are welcome to sit and read with me as long as you are quiet.”

It was a nice quiet breakfast and I was reading the business section, when.

“Then you don’t think I’m fat? She asked from out of the blue. I put the paper down.

“I could come up with half a dozen platitudes or clichés and you still might not be satisfied. I could offer you flowery speeches and in your mind they still might be disingenuous assurances. I could try to spank that ridiculous thought out of your pretty head for doubting my veracity. I will answer your question with a question. Have I ever lied to you? In speech or in actions, have I ever failed to show you how I feel about you?”

I got up from the table and offered Lisa my hand, helping her up. I took her gently in my arms and kissed her. Then, I walked her to the far wall and made her stand in the corner.

“You will stand here until I tell you otherwise. If you are quiet and a good girl, I will not make you stand there for the rest of the day. I am going to finish my paper and you will please remain quiet. ”

When i let her out of the corner, and on her own, Lisa went down on me licking and sucking on my cock. “Slow down, and take your time. Just like that, use your tongue on the tip, now in a circular motion. Now, lick the shaft…very good. Try licking and kissing my balls. That feels wonderful…. yes keep it up, God I wish your hair was longer. Keep on sucking all of it and use your tongue while you are sucking.” I exploded in her mouth and my orgasm was incredible. I was so happy that she went down on me without asking, that in my exuberance, I managed to break a rung on my chair. Oh well, it was worth it.

Lisa put two stones in the mason jar that afternoon. I shared two special kisses with her as I was walking out the door to get her clothing.

I returned with four nice housedresses, all in fine pima cotton. One was short sleeved the other two had three quarter sleeves and the last, full long sleeves. All four dresses were cut to fall at the knee or just below. I also bought Lisa undergarments and the necessary toiletries.

She opened her bag of toiletries first, removing her shampoo, conditioner etc….. I have seldom seen her so happy with such simple things, including the hairpins and elastic hair ties.

She chose the dark green dress with the three quarter sleeves to wear first. She then modeled for me, turning slowly and smiling and then going into the bathroom to look in the mirror.

“You look lovely in that dress, my dear. I called to her from the kitchen. “I will enjoy seeing you wearing nice dresses that I chose for you from now on These are very modest and proper to remind you that you are my woman and a lady. ”

She came into the kitchen and hugged me. I had to admit to myself that I missed her hugs. I also missed her long hair. I could tell that Lisa got the hint with the elastic hair ties and hairpins.

“Adam, will you show me your Bookstore? All the housework is done. You can teach me the job when the store is closed. It will save time and will be more efficient that way. I will know were everything is so that I will be ready when the time comes.”

I am going to run a few miles and then take a 20-minute nap. You are going to get the owners manual for the stove and read it. When I wake up you will tell me what you learned. There is a Betty Crocker Cook Book as well as the manual in the drawer by the refrigerator. Find the recipe for roasted chicken, potatoes, onions and carrots and then memorize it. When I return from my walk, I will quiz you on what you learned.

She memorized the recipe, repeating it back and I set her to the task of preparing supper. There was no television (I didn’t own one) telephone calls or hair appointments, or any appointments to distract her. I did not stand over Lisa and check her every move. She sat in the kitchen with her poetry book waiting for the timer to ring from time to time reminding her to baste the chicken. As a consequence of no necessary distractions, our dinner was exceptional, simple but exceptional. My generous praise was an incentive to encourage Lisa that she could cook if she put her mind to it.

Two weeks had gone by. Lisa was always up 90 minutes before me preparing my breakfast and getting ready for inspection. There would be no more lying in bed until 11:00 AM or noon for her now as those days were over. I am an early riser, waking up at 5:00 AM, and I generally am in bed by 10:00 PM.

Lisa stood naked before me every morning and evening. I would make sure that her legs were silky smooth and her armpits hairless. I paid particular attention to her vagina and ass area, sending her back to shave it over unless they were perfect. If I had to send her back a third time, she would be spanked. Whenever practical, discipline was deferred, giving her time to contemplate and worry about the upcoming punishment. This mentioned deferment was very effective. Usually, if I was not pleased with the inspection, she skipped one meal as punishment or was not allowed to listen to the radio or play the stereo. The result was that she turned to books more and more to occupy her free time. As I said, Lisa was restricted to the third floor and not allowed outside, except on the roof to hang out the wash to dry. I only ate two meals a day now to help keep fit. The loss of one meal for her was a big deal, the same for music. She absolutely hated standing in the corner. The loss of a meal also meant standing in the corner until I was finished eating.

After another six months had gone by, she was comfortable with the rules and my routine, and her hair is growing out nicely. It was like we were courting again except I did not have to take her home… well the sex part was.

I was getting more hugs and kisses then ever before and Lisa could not wait to start working more hours in the bookstore. I was now allowing Lisa to come downstairs to give Margie her paid lunch break. And with Christmas fast approaching in just three weeks, Mary was helping out weekend evenings as well.

Lisa was aware of my brief love affair with Mary, as Margie had inadvertently let it slip…. or perhaps not so inadvertently? I could find no fault with anything Lisa was doing; the mason jar was one quarter full. I am allowing her to sleep on the futon now, the next step, with me in bed.

One early Sunday afternoon I was cooking brunch for us. Her sister Janice and the children were going to spend the afternoon here and then Janice would take her girls to the movies. Mark wouldn’t have anything to do with Lisa, but he loved his wife and in the end accepted a compromise. Janice was an exceptional housekeeper and Lisa wanted everything to be perfect as this was their first visit. This was something that Lisa never cared about before.

She walked up behind me putting her arms around my waist, hugging me. “Adam, may I go to the movies with them?”

“Well, that depends, what is the movie rated?” I asked, putting the eggs and bacon on the plate and handing it to her.

“It is rated G for General Audience and is age appropriate for the girls. And if it’s OK with you, may I to go shopping with them afterward?”

How much money will you need?” I asked sitting down at the kitchen table and she sat down next to me.

“May I please have forty dollars? She asked

“Yes you may…eat your breakfast, it is getting cold.” I picked up the paper, and put it in front of my face to hide my smile………………………

Before they left for the movies, I took Lisa’s nieces downstairs to the bookshop and let them select a book each as a gift. Wendy chose; “Make Way For Ducklings” and Debbie, the youngest, selected “The Cat In The Hat.” They were both lovely and well-mannered children, Wendy just turning 6, and Debbie, precocious Debbie was going on 4. I lamented the fact that I never had any children and that her nieces were too young to remember me since my divorce.

Lisa came downstairs with Janice wearing one of her long green housedress, a garter and stockings and black pumps. Lisa’s natural virgin hair was about 5 inches long now, and her face was makeup free. My only concession to her was to allow her to pluck and shape her eyebrows, plus apply clear nail polish on her short natural nails.

“Janice, would you please wait with the girls in the car, I have to talk to Lisa about something.”

After they left. “If there are any change in your plans please telephone me.”

“Yes Adam.”

“Here is one hundred dollars; a fifty, two tens, five fives and five ones. There is enough there to buy yourself a purse/ wallet combo and makeup if you wish. Do not put the makeup on, and be sure to bring back all the receipts. Your nieces are delightful children, and are welcome to visit here anytime.

“Yes, Adam, thank you for letting me go and having my family over for a visit. She said, hugging me tight.

I took her face in my hands and kissed her mouth long and deep.

“One more thing, little girl, are you wearing panties? I asked, running my finger through her short hair.

“Yes of course I am?”

“You will please take your panties off. You will not be wearing them on this little excursion. Your dress is long enough and no one will know except you and I.”

Lisa blushed a marvelous shade of red… however, she also complied by handing over her panties too me.

“This will remind you that even in public or with your family you are my woman and under my thumb. Have a nice time and remember you are a lady, my Lady. But first give me a kiss goodbye. I do enjoy your kisses, my dear. When you return this evening, I may let you sleep with me…………………..

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