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The Booth

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The booth. We’d talked about it and joked about it. We even called it his “cage”. He hated it and yet spent every day there, in a dull job, doing dull things and waiting on dull people. I had teased him mercilessly while he was in there, forcing him to wait on customers with raging erections, even gotten him so aroused that he had willingly come in his pants and had to sit there, the rest of the day, with that sticky, cooling reminder of what I could do. And now…here it was.

He had no idea I was in town. I hadn’t mentioned it because I relished the element of surprise and felt excited about seeing his expression. I wondered, though, if he would even recognize me out of my “context”, so to speak. Living, breathing, touching and feeling as opposed to sitting behind a computer screen and consisting of words and static images. Getting the address for his work had been a bitch without tipping off him or his fiancé, but I’d managed to remember the street he’d answered with when I called him one time, and gone from there.

I adjusted my blouse carefully before I crossed the street. Just for him, because I knew his preference for large breasts, I had chosen the lowest cut blouse I owned and the bra I liked to call my Incredibra. It made my breasts look at least a whole cup size bigger and when you’re already a D, that’s saying something. I looked like I might explode out of the shirt if I just took a big enough breath.

I crossed the street, glancing at the traffic, and tried to time my arrival just as a rush of customers was finishing up, knowing he’d likely be too harried to notice my presence. I slid into the short line behind the last of them, a large man blocking my view of the booth, but also blocking me from sight which upped my surprise quotient considerably. As I moved closer, I peeked around the man’s arm, and I could see his laptop sitting on the counter inside of the booth. I was sure he was eager to get back to whatever it was he was doing in there, and it amused me to think that he might be looking for me to log online and wondering where I was.

I neared the little window and watched his tired but patient expression as he finished with the man in front of me. He sounded bored, but polite, just doing his job and managing not to scream. Well, I hoped to brighten his day.

As the man in front of me moved, I stepped forward and reached up to place one hand against the glass, bowing my body in toward the window and practically pressing my breasts into it. I watched his gaze settle there for a moment and then slowly move up to my eyes, surprise and question in the gaze as he realized something familiar about my face, but I knew he still couldn’t quite place me.

I ducked my head and spoke casually toward the little speaker.

“I know this is self-serve, but I was wondering if I could possibly convince you to fill me up?”

His eyes widened and I knew he’d put the voice and face together with what I’d said and come up with the right conclusion. He grinned, nervous and excited and gestured to the side door. I languidly pushed away from the glass and strolled over, smiling by now, myself.

“I’m not supposed to let you in, ” he told me as he opened the door and I moved to lean against the frame. He seemed nervous, one hand still hanging onto the door, his body angled slightly behind it almost as if he was going to use it for protection if I got too close. There was an excitement there, too, though, at the thought of my rushing him. We’d shared fantasies about this booth and I could just imagine his cock starting to harden as they flashed through his mind.

“So what the hell are you doing here?”he demanded, with a note of delight in his voice.

“Oh, I had to come to town for a wedding. No big deal. I thought I’d stop by and see you. Aren’t you glad to see me, or should I just split? I don’t want to get you in trouble,” I left it hanging, almost certain he’d jump in with a protest. Sure enough, he did.

“No, no! You’re not going to come all this way and not stay to see me,” he practically shouted it, stepping backwards and ushering me into the booth with him, shutting the door. Something in his subconscious must have kicked in, because I heard a lock click into place as well. I glanced around the parking lot, noting the absence of customers, and thinking that I should act quickly if I really didn’t want to get him into trouble. I took a moment, though, to let my gaze sweep over the little cubicle of space, my attention falling on the corner where his laptop lay. A faint smile twitched at my lips.

“Is that the corner, then? The one where no one can see you and you can rub your cock while you read my stories and talk to me online?” The smile turned to a grin as he nodded and I walked towards it, leaning forward to look at what he had open on his laptop and simultaneously affording him a spectacular view of my ass. I could almost feel the weight of his gaze on me as I tapped on the keyboard, prolonging the moment. “Well, if it’s really going to get you into trouble for me to be here, how about this…I’ll just sit down here on the floor and hide out while we talk. You can sit here and pretend like you’re working on your computer or something.”

Before he could protest or pick apart the flaws in this plan, I dropped down to my knees and scooted back up under the counter, smiling up at him with cheerful ease. He stood there a moment, staring down at me with mild apprehension and yet, I could almost see his cock stirring in his pants. He knew this fantasy. He knew what was coming. I continued to casually lean there, smiling up at him, my expression innocent, but I knew that the light of mischief was dancing in my eyes. I let the smile bleed away slightly.

“Sit,” that one word held all of the quiet, dark command of my voice, and he heard it, because he jumped slightly and now I definitely could see the outline of his cock against the fabric.

Quickly, he moved to stand near the computer, but still far enough out that he could look down at me. I idly leaned forward, slipping both hands up his left calf, resting my chin just above his knee.

“So…has it been a busy day for you? Lots of customers?”

The tone was idle, conversational, and I continued to look up at him as my hands stroked along the back of his calf, fingertips gently brushing the back of his knee. He mumbled something about the day not being very strenuous for him, never taking his gaze off of me. I heard a voice at the window and he jerked his head up, moving toward the window to wait on the customer. I smiled to myself, admiring the close up view of his crotch, the slight bulge in the front of his pants. It wasn’t long before he came back and leaned against the countertop there again.

This time he leaned back slightly while we made smalltalk, the entire time my hands stroked higher and higher, switching legs every once in a while. I worked my hands slowly up along his inner thighs, leaning in a bit further, my head between them. By now he was shivering every time my hands crept higher, his gaze fixed upon my lips as I spoke, watching them move. I knew he was imagining them wrapped around his cock, which was hard beneath the fabric. Again, though, we were interrupted by someone at the window.

He moved to the window again, this time with some difficulty, having to arrange himself surreptitiously as he moved to speak to the woman who was waiting. I leaned out, very quickly, and spotted the customer: a tall, busty blonde with a pouty, glossed mouth. I ducked back under the counter before she could see me, but I knew he had seen me looking. She seemed to be taking quite a while, too, being chatty and friendly as well as wanting to buy some cigarettes. I took advantage of it, knowing that in his aroused state he would be watching the woman’s mouth and breasts, and slipped over in front of him. He shifted as he felt the touch of my leg alongside his, and practically squirmed as I touched his fly. I heard him continue to speak in a politely controlled voice as I flipped the button loose and lowered the zip, but his feet were shifting against the floor. I could see that his cock was pressed hard against the fabric now, practically leaping out of the opening as I parted the zip.

The woman finally left and he stepped back, looking down at me with wide eyes, one hand moving to his pants.

“She could have seen – ”

I reached out and grabbed the front of his pants, yanking his hips forward hard, feeling the fabric give slightly beneath the tug as a few seam threads popped loose. His abdomen banged against the counter and he yelped softly, cutting off his protest mid-sentence. I slid my hand down into the fly of his pants, into his boxers, immediately moving to cup his balls and tighten my fingers around his scrotum very slightly.

“Quiet. So what if she had seen? You know, in your heart, that what I’m going to do would be worth it. Now shut up and stand there like a good boy…you might get another customer and you wouldn’t want to give away what a little slut you really are, would you?”

He fell silent at that, and I knew another car had driven up and someone else had approached the booth. I let him concentrate on the small rush of people, as much as he could, while I slipped his cock out of his pants. It almost sprang forward, jutting out toward me, and I slid the waistband of his boxers down beneath his balls so that I would have a lovely view of everything. He was hard and pink, but I knew I could do better. I wanted him to be gritting his teeth and trying not to thrust forward, making up excuses for curious customers.

I listened to him speak in his half-shout toward the window and he still sounded controlled, though perhaps his voice was a slightly higher pitch than normal. I began to concentrate on what was before me, circling his cock with my fingers and pressing it up, out of the way, while my other hand slipped beneath his scrotum. I moved my hand against his balls, rolling them beneath the skin, testing the weight of them against my palm. I pulled them forward slightly, making a gentle ring around the top of his scrotum with my fingers, stroking slowly downward, not tugging, just gently stroking the soft skin. I felt his cock twitch in my hand, his balls jerk upward against my fingers. I simply continued to stroke downward, moving my touch between his testicles, feeling each of them independantly, rolling each of them against the skin. I could hear him trying to control his breathing and explaining to a customer that it was just very hot inside of the booth and that’s why he was so flushed.

He started to draw back from the counter as the last customer left, but I heard another car approaching and another, and I laughed softly, knowing he could hear me in the close, warm air that pressed filled the booth like a tangible thing. I continued to stroke his scrotum with a feather touch as he waited for the customers to finish filling their cars and approach the booth, his cage in truth now, where he was pinned with a most dangerous sexual predator, it seemed. As the first customer came forward, I leaned forward as well, exchanging my tongue for my fingers, lapping across his balls while I pressed his cock up against his abdomen. I slid my other hand forward beneath his scrotum and between his legs, teasing the skin just behind his balls with two fingertips , pressing gently but firmly. I felt his knees quake and for the first time his hips jerked forward, but I simply continued to lick across his balls, taking them into my mouth, rolling them against my tongue. I moaned softly, letting the sound travel across my lips and tongue, through my cheeks, knowing he would feel every vibration.

The words he spoke started to sound short, sped up, as if he were eager to get each customer away as quickly as possible. But each one seemed to take longer, want more, ask for more. Until finally…one, a young female voice, asked for help pumping gas. I laughed softly as he fell silent, trembling, and looked at his cock, leaking precome steadily. Very gently, I slipped it back into his pants and rezipped him, but the bulge was huge, evident, like someone had slipped a foreign object into his trousers. I slid back into that concealed corner as he stepped away, casting me a glance that was mingled aggravation and lust, heading outside to help the customer. I heard soft chatter that continued a moment, then fell short, and I knew she had spotted his erection. I imagined her standing there, staring at the bulge as he worked to cover it while preparing the pump. In my mind she was young, nubile, large breasted and redheaded with a mouth that looked like it was made for sucking cock. I couldn’t stop myself from slipping a hand down beneath my skirt as I pictured the scene, wondering at his embarrassment and if he would come back with an even harder cock.

In a matter of moments he returned and I smiled at him, thinking he must have worked very quickly indeed. He had left the girl to finish the pumping herself after he started her, and so I let him watch me rub myself as he stood near the door, my fingers slipping in and out beneath the black silk of my panties, glossy with moisture. I slipped the fabric to the side, spreading the lips of my pussy, sliding my fingers in and out, slick and fast while he watched, his breath coming fast, his hand in his pocket, of all places. There was a knock at the window, but he didn’t look up, and I continued to tease myself. Another knock and a call, but he only blinked, not noticing until the woman banged again, sounding irritated as she yelled this time, and he tore his gaze away, moving to take her money. I remained quietly in the corner, my legs sprawled out, languidly fucking myself with my fingers.

The rushed stopped for now, he quickly moved over to the counter, his gaze riveted on me again. I watched his eyes flick back and forth between my face and my hand, and so I let my head tip back as I gasped and moaned my pleasure, eyes falling closed. I leaned back against the wall, drawing one leg up, spreading myself further, stroking my hard clit, my free hand coming up to cup my breasts through the fabric. I cried out softly, rocking my hips against the touch, and my eyes opened slightly to see him rubbing himself furtively through his pocket, unable to take his cock out because I was occupying his little “stealth” corner. I dropped my chin down, leveling my gaze at him as I continued to pleasure myself.

“I’m going to come…but don’t you dare. I have other plans for you. Keep your hand off of the head of that luscious cock, too,” I managed to gasp out the words just before my orgasm overtook me. I tried to keep my cries of pleasure quiet, but I felt glad that no more customers had driven up as I gasped and moaned, my body shivering beneath my own touch. He stared at me and I heard a soft, pleading moan as he stroked his shaft, and I knew he wanted so badly to come, to rub the head of his cock. I also knew his boxers would be damp with precome, probably soaked through, and I loved the idea.

I relaxed back against the wall, enjoying the lovely come down from my own orgasm, enjoying the soft sounds of his inarticulate pleading. I looked up, meeting his gaze, desperate and hungry, and slowly licked and sucked each one of my fingers clean, savoring the soft, sweet taste of my own body. When I was done, I smiled slowly at him.

“Now…go stand at the window again and don’t move. I want you to be able to help customers while I play with you. After all…I wouldn’t want you to lose your job simply because you weren’t being attentive enough.”

He gave me a long, searching look and then rose, moving to stand in front of the window again, watching for customers. As I slid back in front of him, my eyes resting on the bulging crotch of his pants, I sincerely hoped we’d get a few more people through, because watching him try so hard to act normally was just too entertaining.

As he stood there, watching the lot with trepidation, I again worked his fly open and freed his cock and balls, exposing them to my sight and touch again. He trembled and arched forward, able to give in to that urge since he wasn’t under customer scrutiny, and it caused me to chuckle darkly. He moaned at the sound of my laughter, a pleading tone.

“Spread your legs slightly, darling…just slightly,” I leaned forward and whispered the words against his cock and he almost yelped at the sudden touch, unable to prepare for it since I was out of sight. I slipped my hand down between his legs again, gently beginning to tease his ass with my fingertips, still slick from my slow licking of them. I used my free hand to press his cock up against his abdomen again, my palm rubbing against the underside of the shaft, thumb pressing into the frenulum. He gripped the edge of the counter, as if hanging on for dear life, tipping his head back to groan in frustration and pleasure. Then I heard the now familiar sound of rolling tires as another car pulled up, the clunk of the door as the driver got out to pump gas. With some difficulty, he got himself back under control, staring straight ahead, but I could hear soft little whimpers from behind sealed lips.

I decided to up the ante a bit as he dealt with the customer, and leaned in to press my lips to the base of his cock as I palmed his balls, my fingertips toying with his ass. I opened my mouth there, gently sucking on the skin, even nipping very gently. He gasped, open mouthed, and then quickly responded to the man approaching the glass. His tone sounded curt, clipped with irritation, and I wondered if the man was offended. My mind didn’t dwell long on the thought, though, as I began to move my lips slowly up his cock, my lips parting against his skin so that I could snake my tongue out to follow their path with languorous licks. My free hand slipped around his cock, thumb and middle finger circling around the base and letting his cock drop forward, standing straight out like it normally did. I smiled to myself, listening to him try to engage in normal conversation while I toyed with him, my lips so close to his rigid cock, watching it drip with precome.

I felt him thrust forward as I released his cock to begin unbuttoning my blouse, moving into the air, seeking the touch of my hand, my mouth, anything that would satisfy that aching need in his balls. But he found nothing, and I heard him whimper softly, too softly to carry to the man on the other side of the glass. As he finished the transaction he grew very still, waiting…possibly dreading and yet longing for what would come next. I didn’t intend to disappoint him. Once my shirt was open, I leaned in to claim his cock again, hearing a soft cry from him, I assumed out of the relief that his aching cock was in contact with my body. I know he expected me to take him in my mouth, but instead I leaned in and carefully slid the head of his cock along my breasts, rubbing the slickness of his precome between them. I pressed my breasts around him, then, sliding his cock into my cleavage, cupping my hand beneath his balls. That was all the encouragement he needed to begin begin slowly fucking the soft skin beneath his cock, the pace increasing as I didn’t make any move to stop him, as I whispered soft encouragement clearly heard in the tiny booth.

I watched his hips moving, his cock pumping forward between my breasts, each movement delivering stimulation to the head of his cock that I had forbidden him to touch. I watched him tremble, growing harder, almost impossibly large, and I could feel his balls drawing up away from my hand. I knew he was ready to come…but I wasn’t ready to let him. Thankfully, I heard yet another car pull in and he had to stop jerking his hips forward lest he be seen fucking the seemingly empty countertop. As he watched the newest arrival go about the gassing of their car, I slipped away from him, sliding his cock out from between my breasts. He gasped as, again, his cock was left hard, bereft, touching nothing to give him any relief at all.

By now, as the woman approached the window to pay, he was trembling and damp with sweat, his face flushed, his voice unsteady as he spoke to her. I imagine he must’ve looked like he was about to collapse with a heart attack on the spot. I listened as he explained that the booth was warm without air conditioning and it was against the rules to leave the door open. I laughed, silently, and wondered if someone would later complain to management that they were torturing their workers. He continued to converse with the woman and I could tell that he was starting to assert control over his voice, sounding more or less normal. I couldn’t have that. So I suddenly pressed my lips down over his cock, taking him into my mouth all in one movement, surrounding him with wet warmth, swirling my tongue around him, pulling him forward until my nose was pressed against his pubic hair, all of his hard length filling my mouth and throat. With satisfaction, I heard him yelp in surprise and begin to explain to the woman, quaveringly, that he had caught his finger in the drawer.

I drew back very slowly as she left, pulling my mouth off of him, my lips tight around his length. I began to lick him, teasingly, laving the entire shaft. I never neared the head, instead concentrating on licking and sucking across the underside of his cock, exploring that lovely hard ridge of flesh. As I did, I stopped teasing his ass and instead slipped my fingers into him and began to languidly fuck him, but as deep and as hard as I could. I reveled in the way he rocked his hips forward, the way his soft, whispered pleas seemed loud in the small space. I continued to fuck him, so very slow and deep, as I wrapped my other hand around the shaft of his cock, slick with my saliva, and began to pump him. I still only pumped the length of him, never touching that bulbous, engorged head.

I could feel him throbbing, almost certain I could tell his pulse now from the steady throb of his cock, and I wondered if he could come from this alone, without my ever touching the head of his cock. As tempting as the thought was, I knew any orgasm from that would be unfufilling, and I did so want this experience to be fulfilling for him. With that in mind, I continued to fuck and stroke him, but I leaned in to tease my tongue across the head of his cock. He cried out at the touch, loud and uncontrolled, and I thanked heaven no more customers had driven up. I slowly dragged my tongue across the head, feeling it smooth and soft, and then snaked my tongue just beneath the coronal ridge, lapping at it, flicking it up and down with just the tip of my tongue. I increased the pace of my steady fucking and stroking, both in perfect rhythm with each other, and I could feel him drawing closer. His breath was coming in soft, quick pants now and I idly hoped that he wouldn’t hyperventillate as I pressed my lips to the frenulum, sucking that little bit of skin into my mouth and flicking my tongue across it. His knees trembled in reaction and for a moment I was afraid he really would collapse, but he held onto the countertop, just sinking very slightly, knees bending. This spread his ass perfectly and so I fucked him harder still, hearing that his gasped breaths now came in time with the movement of my hand, his whole body given over to the rhythm. He was mine, now…completely. It was time.

“Listen very carefully. I want you to come…but not until I’ve taken you completely into my mouth. When I have…you can come as soon as you feel the urge. Understand, darling?” I continued to work him as I spoke, listening carefully to him as he gasped out his response.

“Yes, Miss”

I thrilled to the sound, as I always did, and moved to slip the head of his cock into my mouth. He knew better than to come then, as he was not fully inside of me, but I could hear him groaning with the effort not to. I spent several long moments, simply fucking the head of his cock in and out of my mouth, sucking gently, my lips tight around the corona. I knew he couldn’t take much more, and so I drew him the rest of the way into my mouth, eager to taste him on my tongue. I began to move my mouth on him, fucking him with my lips and tongue as one hand took his ass, pumping into him, and the other grasped his hip, rocking him forward into my mouth. It was only a matter of moments, scant seconds, before I felt his balls draw up tight against his body and his cock twitch and throb and then suddenly explode against my tongue, gushing hot and hard. I swallowed him down, moaning softly, eyes closed, savoring every spasm of his cock inside of my mouth. I sucked him until I was sure he had no more, draining him completely.

When it was done, I released him and he stepped back, moving to collapse against the counter, his entire body trembling so that I was amazed he could stand. I laughed, a soft, delighted sound, and slowly got to my feet, buttoning my blouse quickly lest someone else drive up and see a half clothed woman in the booth with him. He stared at me, looking exhausted and yet elated at the same time. Just then, a car did indeed drive up, the driver hopping out and casting a confused look at the two of us in the booth. I smiled politely and leaned near the door, preparing to go.

“I’m going to go now and we can get together later. Just tell me, what time is it that you get off…again?”

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