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Choosing a Harem Life Pt. 01

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When the Black Death swept through her village in central Germany, Brigette didn’t really understand the changes it would bring to her life. Indeed, no one was prepared for the chaos that arose from nearly half the village not being able to work – and then beginning to die. Suddenly it seemed that everyone was sick and everyone huddled in their homes, afraid of human contact. But it came home to her when her mother and older brother came down with it, and then both her younger sisters the next day.

She worked hard to care for them. There was little she could do but sooth them, and she stayed by their sides despite fearing that she would become infected next. The plague did not strike her, however, and she cared for all four of them as best she could without medicine, which was too expensive.

Indeed, just not working was too expensive for their family. Ever since her father passed away three years ago, they all had to work to support their humble home, and now the flow of money stopped just when they needed it the most. She cared for them day and night for three days, hoping for a change for the better. First came the headaches and nausea, followed by fever and chills. Muscles cramped and spasmed, and they were too weak to even walk to the privy. She worked at easing their symptoms, but nothing seemed to work. When the red, burning sores appeared on their jaws and armpits, she knew for sure it was the plague. They spent each waking hour weakly crying from the pain. Her neighbors, who had come down with the Black Death a week earlier, died.

Exhausted, she stood and stretched from helping her youngest sister drink some water, kneading her back with her delicate hands. Even at nineteen years old, it wasn’t easy to be bent over for such a long period of time. Her green eyes swept across her reflection in the single small mirror the family shared. Her long red hair was braided tight to keep it out of the way, and her plain brown wool dress and leather vest tight across her ample bosom with white wool tunic underneath had become her healer’s clothes. She had cut quite the figure in town amongst the men, but when her father died and the chance at a dowry dwindled, Brigette was more often propositioned for her body than for her soul. She chose to give no man either.

Seeing her entire family on a seemingly inevitable slide towards death was overwhelming. She felt despair threatening to overwhelm her. To clear her head, Brigette walked outside of their humble cottage on the edge of town and looked out across the thatched roofs to the two dominant features of their small German town, the cathedral of St. Luke the Chronicler and the Baron’s castle. She knew the church was trying to help, but it was all so overwhelming that they were not keeping up. She had spent the family’s scarce money savings for herbs to try and care for them, but she didn’t know what to do next. It seemed only a matter of time before they would die unless they got medicine; medicine they could not afford. She worried and feared for them, and realized that unless something changed she could be the only survivor, alone in a harsh world. She had to do something.

Brigette went to the Cathedral, daring to leave her sick family alone for a few hours to plead for medicine and help. There were huge crowds at the Cathedral entrance, clamoring and screaming for aid to the overwhelmed priests. She tried for an hour to work her way forward but made no progress against the relentless press. How could she ever help her family? In despair she walked away from the Cathedral randomly and found herself in the square before the Baron’s castle. Guards with pikes kept people away and shouted that the Baron had sent support to the Cathedral and to go there for assistance. She sat near the fountain and wept, knowing that she had failed and that her family was going to die.

A hand gently touched her shoulder, and she looked up to see a greying man with worn lines in his tan face smiling down at her. “I said, my dear, what brings you to such a state?”

Brigette scrubbed her eyes before responding, “Sir, I am weeping for my family, for I cannot get medicine for them and I fear they will soon die. I have lost them and will soon be alone.” Her voice broke and sniffles interrupted, but the man only nodded knowingly.

He responded, “These horrible times have wounded us all. Even now, they are preparing the burial of the Baron, who was also struck down in the plague. I am here on behalf of the King to make sure the new Baron assumes office. Have you seen him?”

“My Lord, I know nothing of the Baron, old or new, for my family is poor and we worked in the forest harvesting plants and trees to support ourselves.”

He nodded and she noticed his eyes sweeping up and down her, and she suddenly felt an urge to pull her vest closer to better cover herself. “I have an offer for you, beautiful young woman. My name is Beornrich, and I am the King’s Berater. The King has tasked me to help the new Baron in all ways. The new Baron, Kristof, has been off fighting in the great Crusade against the infidel Islamists and is only now on his way back after receiving news of his father’s death. He won’t arrive for two months or so. He has been part of an order of knights that focused exclusively on combat, and he has no knowledge of women.”

Brigette’s eyebrow shot up at this turn in the conversation, but said nothing.

He continued, “I am to prepare a kind of harem for him to learn how to be a man and be with a woman, and to avoid him getting entangled in marriage proposals from scheming noble families and rich merchants until he has had an opportunity to learn his new office and responsibilities. Perhaps we can help each other. I have sufficient funds and influence to buy medicine and hosplitars to care for your family. I will do so if, in return, you pledge to serve in the new Baron’s harem for a period of three years. That entire time I will make sure that your family receives money sufficient to pay for all their expenses and then some. Are you willing to sacrifice three years of your life for the life for the care of your family?”

Brigette was not sure that was the right question to ask, but the phrase echoed in her head too loudly to think of anything else. She knew her family would die without medicine and care, and she had nothing to offer but herself. She felt a rush of both happiness and guilt as she simply looked at this strange, powerful man and said, “yes.”

The next day Brigette supervised the three healers who came to her family’s home, arms full of medicine and eyes full of wisdom. They applied poultices to the swollen sores, now turning black and oozing pus. She saw the improvement in just a few hours and felt sure that they would survive now. With that memory to fortify her, she left a letter for her family explaining vaguely that she had taken service with the Baron to pay for their healing and would send money to them during her time there. She did not have any true belongings herself, and left with just the dress on her back and her memories.

She walked through the village in a roundabout way, nodding and chatting as she went. She stopped by to see her best friend Giselle and tell her that she had hired herself out to serve the Baron and would not be around, and asking her to check in on her family every so often.

After gathering memories and saying discreet goodbyes, she presented herself at the Baron’s castle. She was clearly expected and the guards directed her inside, where she met Beornrich. He led her to a wing of the castle that had several interconnected rooms filled with beds, pillows, beautiful tapestries and golden statues, paintings of amazing landscapes, and two other women.

“This has been decorated in the manner of a harem to provide familiarity to these ladies. It is where you shall live during your time here,” said Beornrich.

He gave Brigette a thin green dress and asked her to change behind a silk screen before even introducing her to the others. Its top drooped low enough to almost reveal her breasts, leaving exposed her creamy cleavage. It was slit up one side so that as she moved her white leg flashed out of it. He told her that this was the usual dress for the harem girls. He then guided her across the room towards the waiting women. They seemed exotic, and looked as if they had come from the Crusader lands as well.

The first he introduced as Salina. She was a brown-skinned Arab beauty with straight jet black hair and shockingly blue eyes, clothed in a white dress that dipped as low as her own but was pulled tight across her large breasts. She was slightly taller than Brigette, and perhaps seven or eight years older but with flawless skin and flashing white teach. Salina moved with a confidence and sensuality that was shocking and Brigette found herself staring at her. She was so beautiful!

Tearing her eyes away from Salina to avoid further embarrassing herself, she found herself looking at Maria. Maria was a Spanish girl apparently liberated from an Islamist harem. She had long chestnut hair, long eyelashes, and fiery brown eyes that made her seem tall even though she was barely five feet, and only a few years older than Brigette. She wore the red version of the same dress Brigette wore, and her ample cleavage showed over the top of it. She had an athletic build and moved with a grace and balance that Brigette envied immediately. They were both stunningly beautiful and sensual, and Brigette felt deeply out of place amongst them.

“This is Brigette, a local volunteer for the Baron’s training. She will take the empty chamber behind the third arch,” said Beornrich. “You must each get to know each other.” He placed a hand on Brigette’s shoulder, and gestured at her vibrant red hair and pale skin. “Ladies, please help her to learn all the techniques necessary to present her at her best.” They both nodded. Beornrich gestured at the other two women as he turned to face Brigette.

“Both Salina and Maria were freed from harem slavery by Baron Kristof and his soldiers, and in return they have chosen to serve him for three years before accepting their full freedom. Your addition as a local woman completes us. Both Salina and Maria will help teach you what you need to know. Now you two must show Brigette her place. Good day, lovelies.” He left the harem and the girls to get acquainted.

Brigette felt unsure and vaguely dirty about her choice now, and wondered if she could go through with it. She said nothing, and the silence stretched out. Salina made a gesture to Maria, and Maria left through the third arch, apparently to prepare Brigette’s new room. Brigette couldn’t think of anything to say.

Salina let Brigette stand silently for a few more moments and then said gently, “Brigette, life here can be very agreeable if you are willing to learn. Once I was like you, a young, frightened girl admitted into the harem as an odalisque. But I watched and waited and learned. Eventually I became my old master’s kadin, his chosen one. It was not an unpleasant life, but I still desired my freedom. The Baron gave it to me, and I will repay him as he deserves. Here I have my own apartment, maids, good clothes and plenty of food. As we live together I shall teach you.” She beckoned Brigette to sit beside her on the divan. Grudgingly, she did so. The kadin stroked her hands with her own.

“My dear, I want to be your friend. Will you call me Salina?” Brigette looked slightly less alarmed, but still remained stiff and downcast. “I shall teach you many things: movement and dance, embroidery, poetry, music, calligraphy and, of course, the more erotic arts. It will be hard work but it will be fun too. Will you let me teach you? And perhaps be my friend?” Timidly Brigette nodded and smiled briefly but was unsure about her ability to be anything other than an ungraceful bumpkin next to these two beauties.

“What a lovely smile you have.” Salina thought Brigette the most sublime creature she had ever seen, with long red hair, as vibrant and shining as a glorious sunset, and guileless green eyes. Her pale skin was smooth and tightly draped her high cheekbones. The dress emphasized well her large breasts, narrow waist and curving hips. And her lips … the curve of her lips begged to be kissed, and kissed, and kissed again. Under her scrutiny, Brigette blushed, bathing her face in a ruddy glow. Salina stroked her flushed cheek.

“Now, my child, I should like you to undress so that I can see with what material I shall create my masterpiece.” Brigette grasped the green dress to her more tightly. “Come, come, my dear, we are sisters of the harem. Go behind the screen and undress for me. Nobody else will see you.”

Unsure, Brigette moved at her direction. What else can I do? And I knew what I was signing up for. A few moments later, Brigette emerged from behind the screen. She was surprised to see that Maria was back in the room and had sat down next to Salina. Brigette came and stood before them both in only her newly acquired silk drawers. Her arms were crossed, hiding her breasts, and her legs too crossed at the ankles. Salina stepped slowly towards her like a rider approaching a frightened foal. Gently she drew her arms to her sides and tugged her underclothes down off her hips. Brigette straightened her legs and the undergarment fell to the floor.

The kadin stood back in order to take in the treasure before her. Her skin owned the same creamy white complexion as her face. The loveliness of her curves, of her generous bosom and slim buttocks, her tapering thighs, the slim elegance of her arms and neck bewitched Salina, and she heard Maria let out an admiring sigh. In the deep dell between her legs, Brigette’s womanhood was hidden by natural red curls.

“How the boys must have wept when you left the village,” said Salina. “And how the girls must have rejoiced.” Brigette stared at her feet, concealing her face behind a curtain of fiery hair. “Put on your gown and come sit beside me,” said the older woman. “We will just talk today. Tomorrow Maria and I will bathe you, and rub softening oil into your skin to keep you soft and beautiful. We know only a little of the Baron, but we will gladly share what we know. Like whether or not he is handsome or an ugly old man!”

Salina made a face on the last word, and Brigette giggled, feeling more comfortable. Salina draped her arms around Brigette’s shoulders and gave her a hug. “You should do that more often,” laughed Salina, “it makes you yet more beautiful.”

Maria reentered the common area, and Salina gestured for Brigette to go through the third arch. “Go and see your area, my dear. It shall be your new home.”

Brigette walked across the area and through the arch, moving with an unconscious grace that drew both Salina’s and Maria’s eye. They exchanged a long look, then moved close together.

“I must have her!” whispered Maria fiercely.

“We both must – she is too beautiful to leave for a man alone. Gods, that hair! And those lips!” Salina whispered back.

“I want to touch her breasts so badly. But she seems unsure of herself! I don’t think she has much experience,” Maria replied.

“None at all, unless I greatly miss my guess. We must bring her along gently, slowly, as breaking a wild colt. We shall seduce her, my dear Maria, and in the end we shall both have her. Let us be patient, and the rewards,” Salina smiled with a humorous yet hungry glint in her eye, “shall be great indeed.”


Brigette proved herself to be an able, willing pupil, and she and her teachers each enjoyed their lessons.

Salina and Maria taught her poems of love, spring, battles of honor and other subjects that might please their master. Soon Brigette was writing her own poetry. She learned the tambourine to join in the music making, but all agreed that she would not need to learn other instruments right now – her skills lay elsewhere. When they played more complex music, Brigette would dance, learning to move sensually with the music. Maria emphasized that the key to dancing for a man was to be uninhibited. “If you don’t think you are beautiful, then why should they?” she would say.

When they studied calligraphy, Maria noted that Brigette’s writing was elegant and orderly with flourishes that reflected a creative mind. As they spent time together, Brigette came to think of them as good friends. Salina and Maria, having lived the harem life longer, were glad for Brigette’s coming for other reasons as well.

Brigette felt a growing bond with these two exotic beauties with whom she was living. They both had a certain graceful way of moving that emphasized their femininity in a way she envied. They were kind and gentle with her, sharing experiences and stories that made her feel more prepared for her life as a harem girl. They would hug her, and rest their hands on her arms when talking, and she found she enjoyed that physical touch and sense of connection.

About two weeks after Brigette’s arrival, Maria announced that they were going to have a beauty day. They spent the morning trimming and shaping each other’s hair, plucking eyebrows and polishing nails. A meal of greens, fruit and a rich red wine for lunch added to the relaxation and enjoyment. Brigette was in a pleasant haze from the day’s activities when Maria gracefully rose from their table.

“Come, let us finish our preparation in the baths,” she said.

Brigette was unsure what was left to do, but followed Maria over to the large tub actually built into the floor of their chambers. She had seen servants pouring hot water into the tub earlier, and presumed that Maria had ordered in made ready. A hot bath was a decadent luxury and Brigette couldn’t wait to feel it. Maria and Salina stripped off their clothes, and Brigette joined them in getting nude. They settled in and all shared sighs of appreciation and the warmth enveloped them.

After fifteen minutes of soaking, Maria rose out of the tub and gathered a cloth, razor blade, and some kind of soap that seemed creamy and soft. She presented them to Salina, who nodded. Brigette was shocked as Maria sat on the edge of the tub and spread her legs wide, revealing her womanhood. Salina splashed water up onto the glistening pussy, then rubbed the soap all around it. Brigette couldn’t take her eyes away from the site of another woman so clearly revealed to her. Salina used the razor to carefully shave Maria’s pubic area smooth, removing all hair down there in careful, delicate strokes. She took her time, and Brigette noticed that Maria’s nipples were hard as Salina took care of her most intimate of areas.

A flushed Maria said her thanks to Salina, and then Brigette blushed herself as they traded places. When Salina’s legs spread wide, revealing a strip of hair and some small wisps to the side, Brigette felt a twinge between her legs. Maria spread the cream across Salina’s mound and carefully shaved around the dark strip in the middle, leaving a narrow patch just above her lips. Maria was equally slow, and Salina closed her eyes in pleasure at Maria’s careful yet sensual touch.

After they had finished, they turned towards Brigette. She felt surprise but realized she shouldn’t have.

“And how to do you like to be trimmed, my deal?” Salina asked. Maria exchanged the razor for a newly sharpened one, and gestured for Brigette to open her legs.

Brigette felt shy and embarrassed, and kept her legs closed. Salina stood directly in front of her, just staring into her eyes for several long moments. Then she placed her hands on Brigette’s knees and gently pushed them apart. Brigette did not resist, but could not maintain the eye contact.

“Do you prefer a light shaping, a trim like mine, or to be smooth like Maria?” Salina asked in a rather matter of fact voice.

“Uh, I, uh, don’t know. I’ve never done anything like that.” Brigette replied.

“Then let us decide for you. I think we have leave some there, to emphasize that red is your natural color. We shall trim you like me, making smooth and available what you have without a full removal. If you later wish to try it like Maria’s, then we can remove more. Please hold still.”

Maria came over and began to spread the creamy soap across Brigette’s mound, and she jumped slightly at the touch despite the warning. Salina joined in, and their two hands worked independently to spread the soap. Their hands would inadvertently rub Brigette’s clit, and suddenly she understood why the other two women’s nipples had been hard. Touches in an area not often touched combined with slow bursts of pleasure to arouse her. She had to fight to control herself and not rub her nipples herself.

Salina and Maria both stood between her wide-spread legs, taking turns shaving a side and rubbing soap where it needed to be. Brigette couldn’t believe how aroused she was at their touch, and at the idea that they were making her womanhood beautiful. She found herself hoping their hands would rub across her clit, but carefully held still as the sharp razor slid across her soapy skin. After several minutes, her red pubic hair was trimmed and shaped and the rest of her pussy was smooth and white, with her puffy lips giving mute testimony to the impact of the experience.

“Lovely, my dear, just lovely.” said Salina, running her hand down the right side of Brigette’s pussy.

Maria nodded in agreement, then ran her hand down the other side, feeling the smoothness. “Yes, just perfect.” Brigette shivered at their touch, and felt that she was embarrassingly wet down there, and not from the water.

“Let us warm up by finishing our bath and then we can do our toenails!” Maria added.

The rest of the day was as fun and relaxing as the morning. They stayed nude all day long, caring for each other’s bodies. A sensual lotion rub by both of them left Brigette gasping and trying to hide how aroused she was as their touch. They had rubbed her body, and paid special attention to her breasts, leaving her nipples hard and aching for more. At the end of it, they stood in front of the biggest mirror that Brigette had ever seen, nearly big enough to see her whole body in, and admired the results of their hard work. Maria and Salina, of course, looked beautiful as always. But for the first time, Brigette didn’t feel completely out of place.

“You are stunning, my dear,” Salina murmured as they gazed into the mirror, and then she had run her hand down Brigette’s hair and along her cheekbones, causing goosebumps. Brigette smiled back at her, feeling even closer to these two exotic, lovely women.

As she lay on her bed that night, Brigette was surprised to find her mind remembering the feeling of Maria’s stroke, or Salina’s rubbing as she spread the soap, or the feeling of them spreading lotion on her breasts. I can’t deny that it was an erotic experience. They must do things like that for each other all the time so it is no big deal, but being exposed and vulnerable like that was new to me, and felt sensual. I wonder what it would be like to have a man staring at my pussy… With such thoughts filling her head, Brigette found it hard to sleep.


One afternoon after a pleasant lunch and two glasses of fine white wine, Salina announced that they must begin teaching Brigette some erotic skills. Brigette felt anxious, but also curious and willing to learn.

“A man will often want to rush to penetrative sex, but it is for us to guide him in the sensual arts of foreplay that will heighten his pleasure – and your own. You have learned how to dance and show yourself to him, and now you must learn to touch and kiss. Come, sit down here between Maria and myself.” Salina’s voice was gentle yet commanding, and Brigette had come to trust her mentors and friends.

She sat between them, and they began discussing the light touch, a sensual slide of fingers along sensitive spots, how to expose her neck to attract his attention. When Maria leaned in from behind her and delicately kissed Brigette’s neck, she gasped at the sensation. Salina merely nodded as if that is as it should be, and ran her hand down Brigette’s bare arms. Several minutes of stroking and light kissing of her neck and the hollow of her throat by both women left Brigette feeling oddly flushed.

“Now we must teach you the Hundred Kisses,” said Maria. She turned Brigette towards her, and sensually leaned forward and kissed Brigette full on the mouth. Maria was firm but not forceful, and carefully kept her tongue back despite her need to push it into Brigette’s mouth. “That was the Kiss of Homecoming, a good one to start an encounter with as it provides the feeling of affection and the promise of more. We shall teach you all one hundred kisses, but not all in one afternoon. Come, let us learn all we can.”

Salina snuggled up behind Brigette, pressing her breasts against the redhead’s back while Maria resumed kissing her sensual lips. They took turns feasting on her, both maintaining contact even when not kissing, stroking and caressing Brigette’s body. All three women’s nipples were hard beneath their silk blouses, but none said a word. Maria and Salina exchanged a look over Brigette’s shoulder, affirming to each other to keep control of themselves during this afternoon of seduction.

Brigette found herself panting, feeling a burning need for release in her body. The sensual touches felt so amazing! She felt the hardness of the other women’s nipples against her back as she shifted back and forth between their delectable lips. When kissing, the feel of her breasts pressed against other breasts sent a need swirling through her. She felt a heat and wetness between her legs, more powerful than she had ever felt before when just thinking about boys in the village.

It confused her to feel this way with other women, and she didn’t know how to feel about her feelings. Was this desire she felt? She had come here to honor her promise and serve the Baron. But she now felt that Salina and Maria were her best friends, so kind and gentle and caring. And the way that they made her feel after these ‘teaching’ lessons! Salina was so beautiful, exotic and graceful. And Maria! Her passionate nature, magnetic personality and oh, her curvaceous, petite form was so enviable. Why am I thinking about how beautiful they are? They are just friends, trying to help me. I’ve got to get control of myself! Brigette thought, looking down to try and gain control of herself.

Maria and Salina, skilled in the art of reading subtle body language, saw her desire and confusion as clearly as if she had said it aloud. They exchanged smiles and carefully continued their seduction of this gorgeous, innocent redhead.


The three women now set aside every afternoon to devote themselves to the art of foreplay. Salina and Maria worked deliberately to leave Bridgett panting at the end of their sessions. On the fifth day of the kissing and foreplay lessons, they were speaking of which was their favorite. They made Brigette demonstrate her favorites. She chose ‘The Bee’s Sting’ and ‘The Dancing Swans.’ Brigette slowing slid her tongue into Salina’s mouth, a smooth swan neck caressing another swan in mating. It left both of them sexually charged, and to break the tension Brigette looked to the side and out the high windows. The afternoon sun shone down dimly, and Brigette realized that it was late fall. In fact, she almost certainly had missed her younger sister’s birthday. Assuming she is still alive! The thought brought her feelings of pain and separation from her family suddenly into her mind, and found tears beginning to streak her alabaster cheeks.

Maria and Salina comforted her, and after a bit they learned the reason for her outburst. They both hugged her, and Salina confided that she sometimes wept in the night for her family, dead at the hands of the Sultan before being taken as a slave. “We shall be a sorry harem, weeping in every room! No, tonight, you must sleep with me,” insisted Salina. “We shall fight the loneliness together.” She bundled Brigette into her bed, snuggled up against her and folded her arms tightly around her. The young girl settled a little. “Thank you, Salina,” murmured Brigette gratefully.

“Hush, and sleep” said Salina. Gently she stroked the young girl’s long, wavy red hair between her fingers. Brigette’s breathing fell into a regular rhythm, relaxed and peaceful in Salina’s arms. Salina, however, had trouble getting to sleep. The sensual curves of Brigette’s body against her own was igniting a desire that she had been restraining ever since she first saw this redheaded beauty. She and Maria had spent a night making love and plans on how they would seduce this skittish creature, and they were well on their way. Salina burned with anticipation. Her nipples were hard against Brigette’s back and a wetness between her legs left her unable to sleep. Salina found herself tempted, so badly tempted, to make love to this beauty in her arms. She wanted to touch her, to kiss her, to slide her tongue down Brigette’s body, to taste her pale skin and curving breast…

Maria came quietly into the arch to check on the other two women, and saw Salina’s eyes over the sleeping form of Brigette. Reading the situation in a glance, Maria worked her way behind the two reclined forms. Salina gasped as Maria’s hand slid up her loose gown. Not daring to move much as she held Brigette, she shifted her legs wider as Maria went higher. Salina suppressed a gasp as Maria’s fingers slid between her pussy lips, finding her wet and ready. A slight shift brought Maria just to Salina’s ear, which she delicately licked.

Maria whispered, her hot breath tickling Salina’s ear, “You get to cuddle with Brigette without me, so this is your punishment. You can’t make a sound as I make you explode. Not. A. Sound.”

Her fingers made good on the threat, sliding inside Salina. Two pushed deeper while her thumb turned to massage Salina’s clit. The touch made her shudder, and she tried to get control of her body so Brigette would not wake. Maria was relentless. She sent one hand roaming across Salina’s body, stroking her sensually everywhere that wasn’t closed off because of Brigette’s closeness. The other now had three fingers pushed deep inside Salina’s pussy, alternating between thrusting into her and rubbing sensually on Salina’s g-spot. The thumb continued its erotic stroking of Salina’s clit, sending conflicting but harmonic waves of pleasure through her body. Maria knew her well, knew her from many a night sharing themselves with each other.

It wasn’t long before she was close, but Maria saved her best punishment for last. Just as Salina was about to orgasm, Maria stuck a finger in Salina’s mouth and whispered, “Suck it.” Salina did, happy to obey this pleasure demon. Maria withdrew after a few moments, then slid the wet finger into Salina’s other hole while her other hand continued to abuse Salina’s pussy. The penetration instantly drove Salina over the top, bringing on a powerful orgasm that exploded out from her loins all throughout her body. She was panting and trying to hold still, moaning low and hard, trying to contain the overwhelming pleasure. She couldn’t, and Maria pulled Salina back from against Brigette’s body to let the orgasms overpower her. Maria covered her mouth with her own, shoving her tongue down Salina’s throat and letting her moan her ecstasy and she continued to work her hands in and out of her lover.

“You owe me,” Maria whispered as the trembling began to subside in Salina’s body. Maria gently withdrew, leaving Salina feeling slightly empty. Maria moved with quiet grace back out the archway, and Salina again snuggled up against Brigette’s body. Her need, which had been building uncontrollably, was quenched enough that she could maintain control. She would stick with the plan. The warmth and curves of Brigette brought sleep faster than expected, and more deeply than usual.

By the time Salina awoke, dawn had already completed its work, washing the bedchamber in a dozen shades of saffron and gold. Still wrapped around the soft, supple curves of Brigette’s slumbering body, she could feel that her mound was moist, pressed against the young girl’s bottom, and her nipples, hard as pebbles, dimpled against her back. Salina shook off her body’s continued response to Brigette’s beauty and lightly touched her bed partner on the shoulder. “Are you awake? Good. We have a long day. Let us go bathe with Maria to prepare. We will send for Beornrich and ask after your family. We should hear something soon.”

Brigette smiled as Salina’s thoughtfulness and understanding, and let the more experienced woman pull her into a hug that left Brigette’s head on the other woman’s chest, her lips just an inch above her swelling bosom. Salina left her there, stroking her hair and holding her gently. Brigette closed her eyes and hugged back, then found herself stealing a glance down Salina’s dress at her firm breasts. She had seen them several times before, but there was something about sneaking a peak that enticed her. Unseen, chin resting against red head hair, Salina felt the eyelashes flutter against her bosom and smiled a small smile of victory.


At first Brigette was shy as Salina and Maria began to unfold the mysteries and guiles of the bedchamber. However, Brigette had a curious and sensual nature, which bode well for her career in the harem. They discussed and then imitated all the caresses by which a woman’s tongue, lips and limbs can rouse the weariest lover. Brigette copied them in adopting a myriad postures and positions to receive her lover, each named after a flower or famous concubine and all of which, the kadin assured her, would drive the Baron wild with desire. Brigette learned how to tie lovers’ knots to bind her bedmate so that she might torment him with her new found skills of foreplay – or be the sensual victim of her master’s desires. After every session, Brigette found her body hot and needy. She was ashamed at how aroused she was from this training, and tried to hide it until she could take care of herself in her own archroom.

Alone in her bed at night, burning with the need for release, Brigette found herself visualizing the first time Salina had taught her how to arouse a man. Salina had played the part of the kadin, and Brigette the man as they had reclined amongst pillows while Maria watched.

“Most of a man’s erotic nerve endings are in his manhood, but other spots can bring delight as well. It is good to build towards full sex slowly, so the mind and body are aligned and in the moment. For example, caressing any place where a man is not often touched can be erotic,” Salina had said in a husky voice.

Her fingers and then her soft lips had kissed Brigette’s neck sensually, and Brigette had to agree that it was pleasurable to be touched in this way. They had kissed some more after that, Salina roaming around her face with delicate kisses.

“But more than that, just as with a woman, a man’s nipples can be sensitive and you can play with them to bring pleasure and heighten anticipation.”

Salina slowly slid Brigette’s dress off her shoulders and down, revealing her breasts and unintentionally, or so Brigette thought, pinning her arms to her side. Salina’s kisses had slowly trailed down her chest. Brigette wasn’t sure about this but trusted Salina, so she had surrendered to her touch. Salina had taken her time, slowly trailing kisses lower and lower, then onto Brigette’s breasts themselves. She had felt Salina’s hot breath on them, but Salina had denied her nipples the attention they suddenly wanted. Salina’s tongue had sensually licked the undersides of her breasts, and Brigette squirmed at the memory of that sensation. Brigette had finally arched her back to thrust her breasts towards Salina, begging to be touched. Salina had held her mouth directly over Brigette’s nipples, her hot exhale and the coolness of when she breathed in hardening further her already-aroused nipples.

Oh, and when Salina had finally taken them in her mouth! The pleasure had shot through Brigette with an amazing intensity that she had not been prepared for. Salina had ravished her breasts, and Brigette had loved it. Her arms had been pinned down and Salina had feasted wherever she pleased. The sense of helplessness, of surrender, had heightened her pleasure and aroused her now. She had wanted to grab Salina’s head and hold it tight against her breasts, but they had been trapped. Maria had watched them with hungry eyes. It had aroused Brigette even more to know that Maria found her sexy, beautiful, like that.

Here, in the darkness of her own chamber, she drove two fingers into her pussy and pinched her nipples at the memory of Salina’s touch. She felt both confused and excited about Maria watching Salina ravish her. She had felt so alive, so desired! Brigette’s orgasm hit her suddenly, and she moaned into her pillow as her pussy walls clenched around her fingers, giving her the release she needed so badly.

And so it went every night after a training regimen that left her very aroused each day. A new memory, a new touch, a sensual moment visualized helped her finish. Am I weird that I think about how Salina and Maria touch me to get my release? Brigette wondered sometimes, but it didn’t stop her from her new nightly ritual.


The day after another beauty break where Salina had once again shaved Brigette’s womanhood, Maria produced an oak carving of a penis, polished until it was silky smooth and polished. She held it between the three women, allowing their gaze to linger.

“Brigette, forgive my directness, but I must know to help with the next stage of your training. Have you ever been with a man?” Maria asked.

Brigette blushed, then shook her head. “After my father died, I never had a chance. I am a little afraid of the Baron. I have heard that the first time hurts.”

“There is a solution to that, my dear,” interjected Salina. “We shall use this copy to teach your body what it needs to know, so you will be able to fulfill your duty and ensure that your family is taken care of without pain or embarrassment. We shall guide you in this, as in all your other training.”

Brigette looked at the thing with some trepidation, but also trust from how they had taken care of her since her arrival in the harem. Maria put the wooden simulacrum aside, and she and Salina led Brigette over to a large flat divan with pillows where they often sat or reclined together. The two of them began stroking Brigette, caressing her.

“Come, let us put our foreplay skills to use. The more ready you are, the less pain you with feel,” said Maria.

She reached out and turned Brigette towards her, and gently kissed her on the mouth while Salina kissed her neck, sandwiching the bewitching redhead between them. The two of them took turns kissing and caressing Brigette, who responded slowly, and then with growing enthusiasm. They took turns tasting her lips, feasting on her tongue. Brigette did not complain at the attention.

Salina slowly untied the ribbons holding the dress’s top in place. Without breaking her kiss, Maria slowly slid Brigette’s dress down her body to her hips. Salina turned Brigette and resumed her kissing while Maria focused on her neck. They switched and Maria thrust her tongue into Brigette’s mouth, and both had enjoyed the swirling sensations of their tongues touching. Salina caressed Brigette’s breasts from behind for several minutes, feeling the nipples harden underneath her skilled touch. Brigette felt her face getting flushed from this erotic attention, and felt a surge of affection for these two caring, sensual women. How kind and beautiful they are!

They twisted their victim between them, and Salina kissed those lovely lips from the side while Maria slid down to envelop Brigette’s breasts with her mouth. Not wanting to be left out, Salina laid Brigette back against the pillows and came around front to join Maria. Brigette was flushed and couldn’t believe her eyes as each woman took a breast and drove her wild. The feeling of their tongues on her nipples, both at the same time! It was electric, and she felt a growing wetness between her legs at their caresses. She reached up to stroke their hair, different and yet both beautiful, and her sense of affection grew to be something more.

Salina touched Maria, and they broke contact. Leaning back, Salina knew that this was the moment they had been working towards these several weeks.

“It can be awkward to be different, so we shall join you so you feel comfortable,” Salina said.

She then reached over and undid Maria’s dress, and slid it down to her hips, then completely off, revealing her beautiful naked form, breasts firm and jutting out above a narrow waist and curving hips. Maria did the same, and Brigette noticed there was a kind of familiar intimacy in their touch, as if they had undressed each other before. Both of them now stood naked before Brigette, still reclined on the couch. They are so beautiful! Brigette thought. Maria reached up and slid Brigette’s dress the rest of the way off her body, leaving all three women naked.

Salina reached forward and gave Brigette her favorite ‘Dancing Swans’ kiss, while Maria resumed her attention on Brigette’s left breast. Their caressing hands seemed to roam Brigette’s body, finding hidden nerves that sent pleasurable buzzes to her brain that made thinking difficult. Salina moved down and took her right breast in her mouth, and Brigette gasped as her nipple felt a tongue swirling around it. They both leaned into their touches, their curving bodies pressed against her own. Brigette could feel their nipples against her skin, and found that erotic too. Brigette felt her nervousness dropping away, being replaced with something else – desire. She wanted this pleasure, and she wanted it now!

She was so caught up in what they were doing to her breasts that Brigette didn’t pay attention when they began caressing her legs – until she felt their fingers sliding along the edges of her pussy lips. “Oh!” she moaned, and Maria, always aggressive, moved first. She slid down, trailing kisses along Brigette’s stomach, and positioned herself between those gorgeous pale legs. Maria looked hungrily at the innocent pussy before her, finally hers after all this time.

Starting gently, Maria licked slowly along the sides of Brigette’s pussy, only recently shaved for the second time. She teased the lips, lightly running her tongue along them without pushing aside the folds. Salina reached out and tweaked the nipple that was not in her mouth, feeling its hardness and relishing that she was helping bring Brigette such pleasure. Shifting to cup both breasts with her hands, Salina lifted up and kissed Brigette hungrily, sliding her tongue into her lips. In an unknowing synchronicity, Maria slid her tongue between Brigette’s pussy lips at the same moment. Brigette moaned at the double tongues pleasuring her, marveling at feelings pulsing through her body. Maria couldn’t contain herself and slid a finger into her own pussy as she tasted what had desired for so long.

Maria explored this virgin territory oh so slowly. A taste here, a flick there, feeling the reactions coming from Brigette and adjusting to hit those sweet spots. The redhead’s velvety pussy yielded its secrets to the Spanish vixen one lick at a time. Brigette was actually building close to an orgasm under the passionate touch of her two lovers. But every time she got close, Maria and Salina would back off, reading her body like a book. Brigette was left in a pleasurable prison, riding the edge of release but not granted a pardon. Her breathing was ragged and her body arched towards them, trying to get them to give her what she desperately needed. But they were deliberate lovers who knew what they wanted to do with this ingénue underneath them, and kept driving her higher and higher with pleasure and need.

They stayed in that pose for at least ten minutes, Salina alternating between lips and breasts, while Maria teased and tasted Brigette’s womanhood. Brigette’s face was bright red and her eyes glazed as her body felt overwhelmed by the sensations, blotting out rational thought. Salina paused to watch Maria run her tongue sensually up Brigette’s pussy lips, relishing the view of such an erotic and intimate thing. Maria saw her watching and deliberately gave her a show, extending her tongue out and fluttering her tongue lightly on Brigette’s clit. Seeing that Brigette’s eyes were closed in pleasure, Salina made a gesture that she wanted some of that too.

“Two more things to help you get ready, lovely. The first is a new kind of stimulation that I will give you, and Salina will help,” Maria said in a husky voice, her chin glistening.

Maria lifted Brigette’s hips and slid a large pillow underneath them to elevate and give better access. She then arched those pale open hips upwards, and began to sensually lick and kiss Brigette’s rear at a low angle. Salina smiled, and shifted down to lick Brigette’s pussy from the high angle. She spread those red puffy pussy lips wide and flicked Brigette’s clit while watching Maria peel apart those creamy ass cheeks and lick another hole.

“God in heaven! That feels amazing!” Brigette cried, feeling two tongues pleasuring her in those most intimate of areas. Brigette was panting now, completely overwhelmed by the pleasure crashing throughout her body. Her nightly sessions had never felt like this! She burned with need, and looked down over her breasts at the sight of Salina, her gorgeous friend Salina, sensually licking her pussy, now sucking on her clit. It was so erotic! Brigette twisted her own nipples hard, responding to a deep need to drive her body to the explosive orgasm she knew was waiting for her. God I want to cum right now!

“Mmmm” Salina moaned as she sucked on that delectable clit. Brigette tasted so amazing, she never wanted to stop. And knowing that this was her first time made it that much more erotic. “Just about ready I think…”

Salina lifted up and leaned forward to kiss Brigette, letting her taste her own juices on Salina’s lips. Maria shifted up and started thrusting a finger, and then two, into Brigette’s soaking wet pussy. Brigette was glazed and delirious, totally overwhelmed by their skilled lovemaking.

At a nod from Salina, Maria took the wooden penis and positioned it at the entrance of Brigette’s pussy. Salina continued kissing while Maria applied gentle pressure, slowly sliding the tool inside the waiting hole. A gasp from Brigette said that she felt it, that there was still something painful from the penetration despite fingers and personal explorations. Maria was gentle and slow, easing it in only half an inch at a time then letting it rest there as Brigette adjusted to the feeling of something inside her for the first time.

Brigette looked down and saw the rod sticking out from between her legs and a look of concern came over her, so Salina turned her head so they locked gazes.

“The pain is only at the beginning, and penetration can be quite pleasurable later. But for now, you need a distraction. There act of receiving makes you think of oneself. You need to give in order to take your mind off of this feeling. Can you do that?” Salina asked her, and Brigette refocused, nodding with her flushed face.

“Good. Then I must confess something to you, my delectable Brigette. In getting you ready for this, I have created the need for release in myself. I burn for it. I need you to help me. Help me now, Brigette, touch me.”

Salina took Brigette’s hands and guided them to Salina’s pussy, wet with excitement. She guided her to rub along her lips, and moaned loud at the feeling. Brigette was fascinated. To touch another woman like this! Salina released her grip and began caressing her own breasts. Unsure but willing, Brigette continued to rub her hand along those puffy wet lips, feeling her finger slide between them in a sensual glide. Salina’s hips twitched outward, seemingly involuntarily reacting to Brigette’s touch, and it made Brigette want to do more. She started doing to Salina’s pussy what she liked her fingers to do to her own, and Salina groaned and leaned closer. Brigette felt a rush of power at seeing how Salina reacted to her touch. She became more deliberate, rubbing and circling Salina’s clit in a steady rhythm that she used on herself. A moan was her reward, and she felt a sense of victory at eliciting that sound. She slipped a finger inside Salina and marveled at the hot wetness, the feeling of being enfolded. For some reason it was different, better, than when she did it to herself. Another finger joined, and Brigette found herself fingering Salina, thrusting in and out while her thumb rubbed that wet clit. How did this happen? I … I never thought to make love to another woman. But she is so beautiful and so kind! I will help her the same way she and Maria have helped me…

While watching this erotic distraction, Maria continued to slowly ease the wooden penis into Brigette. Now fully buried inside her, she let it sit there and began to again tease and taste, focusing mainly on the clit. Her own fingers continued to work on her own sopping wet pussy as she played with Brigette’s body.

The pain of the penetration was fading, and Brigette felt a rising tide of pleasure and passion. Feeling Maria licking her and the wooden shaft inside her excited her greatly, and it was heightened by the feeling of power and delight in being able to please Salina. Moans were coming from Salina almost constantly now, and she pinched viciously on her own hard nipples.

“I cannot take this teasing, Brigette! Pleasure me, please!” Salina cried, and then straddled Brigette’s face, placing her pussy directly over the innocent redhead’s mouth.

Brigette stared up in wonder at the gift that had presented itself to her. She was too far gone down the road of passion for rational thought to intrude, to wonder if this really would distract from the pain she had felt. She just wanted to give and taste and feel and without conscious thought she leaned upwards and ran her tongue along Salina’s shaved pussy, tasting for the first time another woman. She thought it marvelous.

Salina took control from there. She lowered herself slightly and slid her hands into Brigette’s stunning red hair, and pulled this innocent siren’s mouth tight against her needy pussy. Brigette rewarded her with more vigorous explorations, lapping, licking and sucking just as she had felt from both Salina and Maria. Brigette was a quick study in this as in other things, and her tongue proved nimble and deft as it explored Salina’s womanhood.

Maria started pumping the wooden dildo in and out of Brigette’s pussy, enjoying watching it yield to the thrusts. She heard Brigette whimper but knew that it shouldn’t be hurting now, it should feel good. Soon Maria would make it feel amazing. She went to work on Brigette, rubbing, thrusting, changing angles and playing with a swollen clit oozing with juices. All the while, she could see Brigette’s tongue working between Salina’s folds.

Maria ached to be where Salina was. She longed for Brigette tongue to taste her pussy as well. Needing to get off, she quickly stepped away from the two sweating lovers and ran into her chamber, where she grabbed a different sort of wooden enhancement. She came back and slid the wooden penis from Brigette’s pussy and then replaced it with the new item. It felt much the same to Brigette, but it had a matching shaft on the other end, and Maria eased it into her pussy. Going slowly, she got it buried all the way in and turned slightly so that she was scissoring with Brigette and their clits were rubbing on each other.

With the position perfected, Maria started to fuck Brigette, like she had wanted to do for so long. She humped and rubbed and thrust and grabbed and took her, driving that shaft into Brigette’s pussy while clenching on the one inside her own. Brigette let out a cry, temporarily breaking off her explorations to process the incredible pleasure Maria was causing her.

Salina would have none of it. She grabbed Brigette’s face and pulled her tight against her pussy again.

“Eat me!” Salina demanded in a raw voice.

Moaning, Brigette surrendered. She was being forced to pleasure Salina with her mouth and Maria with her pussy, and she loved it. There was no more teasing, no more playful touches or caresses. They were driving towards an orgasm and they would not be denied.

Salina’s hit first, a hard cry escaping her lips as she ground on the pale skin of her redheaded lover’s face. “Oh yes! Yes!” she yelled, the crash of pleasure exploding out from her groin overwhelming her. Brigette’s naturally talented tongue kept going, extending the pleasure until Salina’s legs buckled and she fell sideways off of Brigette’s face, panting. The redhead’s chin was coated and Salina watched as a tongue came out and tasted one last tangy swipe of Salina’s love juices.

Maria was a determined lover, and she reached down with a thumb to rub Brigette’s clit as they humped together. Salina rolled back and took Brigette’s right breast in her mouth, flicking the nipple and then suddenly biting down on it.

“Ah ah oh god ah!!” Brigette cried as the orgasm exploded through her body. It seemed to drown out all other sensations and her vision dimmed, as if every nerve ending was focused solely on the incredible pleasure pounding throughout her voluptuous body. Maria didn’t slow and in fact redoubled her efforts, slamming into Brigette’s pussy with her own. The double shaft was driven deep inside both of them, and watching Brigette orgasm was the last piece to Maria’s puzzle. When the orgasm hit it was a detonation, like the crashing of a fire bomb from a catapult, and Maria groaned incoherently in her pleasure. It seemed to last forever for them both, causing muscles to spasm and tremble as all voluntary control was destroyed by pleasure.

For a several minutes afterwards they lay intertwined and panting, sweat covering all three of them. Finally, Salina lifted herself from resting on Brigette’s breasts with a contented sigh. She leaned forward and kissed Brigette sensually on the mouth, without the excuse of training to hide the meaning of the gesture. Brigette responded with willing but tired lips. Maria slid back, taking the double dildo with her and leaving Brigette feeling a sense of emptiness.

“Now, was that so bad?” Salina asked with a grin.

“Oh, thank you so much, both of you. That was amazing, I…I am at a loss for words.” Brigette replied. She gave Maria a smile as the naked beauty slid back onto the couch on the other side of the reclining redhead. “It, um, it did hurt at first when you put the, um, thing inside me, but wow everything else felt amazing and eventually it didn’t hurt at all. In fact, it felt really, um really really good. So, um, thank you so much for helping me with my first time, you made it very special and pleasant.”

Salina kissed her in welcome, and then Maria did the same.

“We are sisters of the harem, my lovely. We help each other out in all ways. This was a fine introduction to the art of lovemaking, but we have so much more to teach. And you have so much more to learn. And oh my dear,” Salina kissed her, “we do very much look forward to teaching you.” Brigette blushed. Salina gave her a dazzling smile, and Brigette returned it trustingly.

Maria just took Brigette in her arms, and the three of them hugged, then shifted to snuggle together comfortably on the large divan. The three naked beauties fell asleep in each other’s arms, content to enjoy the moment and each other.

…To Be Continued…

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