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Janis’s Father Tells His Story

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“Alright Dad, you’ve heard about Jayson and me, now I want to hear about you and that couple in San Diego. I think it’s only fair.”

You’re, right, it’s my turn. This goes back, oh, about forty-five years; I was in the navy and as I said stationed in San Diego. I wasn’t married to your mother yet, but I was engaged to her. She was living back in Texas and we planned to get married when I got out of the service.

I was trying to be true to your mom and it wasn’t easy. There were always girls hanging around places, off base, where sailors frequent. The girls were looking for a good time, someone to spend some money on them and in return they’d fuck your brains out. All of my buddies would go to these places, when they could, to get laid. It didn’t matter if the guys were married, engaged, or just seeing someone back home; they would go and pick up these woman. At first, I’d go with them and try to behave myself, but after a night of drinking, the little head starts to do all the thinking and I would wind up with one of these bimbos. Every time I would slip, I’d feel terrible; I was cheating on the woman I loved.

“Did you ever tell mom about these slips,” asked Janis?

“I started to, once, I had a letter written and ready to be mailed, but I tore it up before I posted It.,” answered her father. “I didn’t tell her until years later and she forgave me. Now where was I?”

“Oh, yes.” So, I came to the conclusion, I couldn’t go with the guys on weekends, but that was easier said than done. The base was lonely on the weekends; there wasn’t much to do in the barracks. The guys would always pester me to go out with them. I came up with a solution to the constant pestering and loneliness; I found this small bar close to the base, where it was mostly civvies on the weekends.

That’s where I met, Joan and Steve, the couple with whom I had the affair. I had been going there every Friday and Saturday nights for about three or four weeks. It was a friendly bar, where you could have a few drinks, talk to people and not worry about cheating on your woman back home. They were two of the people that I got friendly with and they started to consider me a regular. They were in their early thirties and they took me under their wing. One night I got so trashed I couldn’t make it back to the base and they took me to their home. I woke up in their guest room, dressed only in my underwear, wondering where the hell I was and I how I got there. Just then the door opened and Steve’s head popped in. He asked me how I felt and if I was ready for some breakfast. Steve told me to put on a robe hanging in the closet and join them in the kitchen. He told me I was so trashed I couldn’t even stand up and I threw up all over myself Joan had my clothes in the washer. I put on the robe and went down stairs. Steve and Joan were in the kitchen; she was making breakfast and he was sitting at the table. They were dressed in robes too; it was like a family sitting around the table eating breakfast.

Let me describe Steve and Joan for you. Steve was a little shorter than me, about six foot, dark hair and complexion, medium build. He was an attractive man, but not one you would notice in a crowd. Joan was blond, about five foot eight and probably weighed about 130 pounds. She had average sized breasts and hips; again she was attractive but not a knockout.

Anyway, we sat around the table talking and I began to notice Joan’s robe was beginning to loosen up. She wasn’t wearing a bra, so more and more of her tits were coming into view. As I looked at her tits, I felt guilty, here they had taken me into their home and I was leering at her tits. They both kept talking, neither one seem to notice that her tits were becoming more and more visible, much less me looking at them. Then it happened, she leaned over the table to fill up my coffee and her robe opened. There I was, “face to face” with her tits.

“Her tits popped out of her robe,” answered Janis. “She was pouring coffee and they just fell out? That must have been rather embarrassing for her.”

“Actually, no!” replied her father.

“No?” said a puzzled Janis.

“They were nudists, they only wore the robes for my benefit. I’ll never finish this story if you keep interrupting me,” said her father.

“Alright I’ll be quiet, the only sounds you’ll hear from me are my moans as I masturbate. This story is getting me excited,” said Janis.

“Me too,” answered her father. “The only other person I told this to was your mother and that was a long time ago; and I left out a lot of the more, shall we say interesting aspects of the story. I didn’t want her to get too mad at me. She only thinks I was tricked into having sex with them and just one time. I didn’t want her to know how much and how often I had sex with them. Now where was I, oh yes tits falling out of a robe, very interesting.”

So Joan’s tits fell out, she quickly put them back in her robe, but she didn’t seem that embarrassed. I had turned my head away from the table to be polite. This was the fifties and people were very modest. She told me to turn around, that I shouldn’t be embarrassed just because I saw her breasts. That’s when they told me they were nudists. I was curious, there weren’t any nudists back in Texas; at least around where I lived. They became nudists when they were in the service and stationed over in Europe after the war. That’s where he met Joan; she was a nurse in the army. They were two young kids that were curious about the European notion about nudity and sex. There were clubs in Paris, in which topless entertainers were very common. They even found smaller clubs, off the main streets, where totally nudity was found on stage. When they had leave, they would travel Europe. They visited the French Rivera, along the Mediterranean. This was the late Forties; people in the United States were still swimming almost fully dressed. Along the Rivera, as the rule, women went topless. They even found beaches where there was totally nudity. That’s where they got interested in being nudists. They tried it and liked it. They found nudist camps all over Europe. When their tour of duty was up and they were shipped home. they found the nudist spots in California.

After they told me their story, they wanted to know if I was interested in going with them to a nudist park. I told them, I’d be too embarrassed to be nude in front of other people. Steve pointed out that in the service; you’re nude in front of guys when you take showers; so what was the difference. I pointed to his wife, women aren’t there, I told him. Joan then asked me if I had ever had sex with a woman? I told her that I had. She told me that I had been nude in front of a woman before, so it shouldn’t matter. But that was different I told her, it was OK to be, ah, um, in an excited state, with a women you are about to have sex with her. I explained, I would be embarrassed to walk around all day, in front of strangers, with a hard on.

Steve mentioned it was common for a man to get an erection, the first few times he visited the park, but it goes away after you’re there for a short time. You get use to being around nude people, he explained. Even so, he added, every so often you get a hard-on, usually when new people join; but you just put a towel in front of you until it goes away. I told him I’d be too embarrassed, until I got “use to it.”

Joan made a suggestion that shocked me. She said we could all get nude in their home. That would let me get accustomed to being nude in front of a woman, without embarrassment. Steve thought it was a good idea and before I could answer; they stood up, took their robes and stood naked in front of me. I didn’t know what to do and so I followed suit, I stood up and took off my robe and my shorts. There we were, three naked people standing in the kitchen looking at each other. I had an erection as soon as I saw Joan. She noticed it immediately and giggled. She then looked at me and told me I was lucky I had an erection. She informed me there would have been hell to pay if I didn’t get a hard on after seeing her naked. I was surprised that Steve had one too; later I realized why he did. They both came over to me and hugged me. It felt strange, having boobs and a pussy pressing against one side of me while the on the other side I felt Steve’s hard cock. The rest of the day, we did what anyone would do if they were home on the weekend, except we were all nude. We stayed that way until it was time for me to go back to the base Sunday evening. They invited me to come back next weekend and stay with them again. I told them I would like that and I would see them next Friday night.

I met them next Friday night at the bar. We had a few drinks and then they suggested we go back to their house again. When we got there, they took off their clothes and so did I. I was getting quite use to being nude in front of them. Although, I got an erection when we first disrobed and I saw Joan nude again.

The next day we got up and went outside. Since they had a backyard that was isolated from everyone else, we could still remain nude. It felt great to be nude in the sun. We did some gardening and other work, but for the most part, we sun bathed in the nude. Joan was right, I was getting use to seeing her nude, and I hardly had an erection. We spent the rest of the weekend that way and they invited me back to their house for the following weekend.

This went on for the next month; I would arrive at their house on Friday night and leave Sunday, spending the whole weekend nude. I was beginning to like it; hell I looked forward to seeing Joan nude. They seemed to be getting use to me being there. They would hug and kiss each other and sometimes caress each other’s body, in front of me. They also became very friendly with me; Joan was always hugging and kissing me, sometimes even grabbing my ass, once she even touched my dick. Steve was even hugging and touching me, but he did it in such a way as it almost seemed normal.

One weekend, during the second month of my visits with them, is when it happened.

“Now, we’re getting to the good stuff,” said Janis.

“I had to give you the events that lead up to my sexual contact with them. It was all completely normal or so I thought, that is other than the fact I was always nude at their house.” Janis’s father continued.

When I arrived at their house, on that particular weekend I was greeted by Steve, nude of course. However, when I went inside, there was another couple, a little older than Steve and Joan. Sitting on the couch, also nude. I must have looked shocked; because Joan spoke up and told me these were friends of theirs that stopped by unexpected. She told me, they would understand if I didn’t want to stay, but she thought I was ready to be nude in front of other people. I agreed to stay and went up to the guest room to take off my clothes.

I came back downstairs and entered the living room. Let me describe them, the male looked to be in his early forties, with graying hair, average build. The female, who was also in her forties, was a blonde who had the most beautiful tits I had ever seen. They weren’t huge, just a little bigger then yours, Janis. However the nipples were what got my attention. Their color was perfect for her skin color, not too dark and not too light and they were the size of a quarter. She was slightly over weight, but not bad for a woman her age. Don’t forget I was twenty-two at the time.

Joan introduced me to them. They had met in France, after the war. The male was Phillipe, and his wife was Genovive. They had moved to this country shortly after the war. They had a French accent although I could understand their English without any difficulty. However, they still greeted people the European way, so I was hugged and kissed on both checks by Phillipe and Genovive. I enjoyed feeling her nude body pressed against me, but it was still strange to feel a nude man’s body hugging me. Although, being around Steve was getting me accustomed to the feeling. After pleasantries were exchanged, we sat down and talked. After about fifteen minutes, Joan said something in French, everyone nodded and the women got up. Joan announced she was going to show Genovive her flower garden. Steve and Phillipe chuckled at her comment, I wasn’t sure why, but I found out shortly.

The men stayed inside talking about world affairs, the Korean War was just beginning so there was a lot of talk about the communist threat. After a while, Steve suggested we go outside and join the girls. We left the living room and made our way outside to Joan’s garden, which was on the side of the house. When we turned the corner we were greeted by the sight of Joan on her back and Genovive in between her legs, licking her pussy. I was shocked; I was a young kid and didn’t realize things like this happened. However, when I turned to face Phillipe and Steve, they acted like nothing unusual was happening. My shock must have been evident to them because Phillipe told me that Genovive liked to be with a woman now and then. He commented to Steve that she enjoyed Joan the best of all her female lovers. Steve told Phillipe that Joan felt the same way about Genovive. I realized that this type of behavior had been going on for some time and their husbands were fine with it. That shocked me; after all I was a naïve Texas boy.

So the three of us stood there and watched the woman make love to each other. It was very exciting and stimulating. After Joan had an orgasm, she licked Genovive’s pussy. I was getting very excited watching the women and I could see that Steve and Phillipe were affected the same as I was. They both had erections. They talked about the openness of sex in Europe. Phillipe told me people there didn’t get uptight about sex, the way they do in the United States. He informed me that not only women made love to other women, but that men made love to other men. I was shocked, in the U.S. that was taboo, hell it still is today in a lot of places. Then, Steve and Phillipe both told me about groups of people having sex together. I didn’t know what to say, this frank talk about sex had left me not only confused but horny as well.

Steve surprised me by asking me if I would like to have sex with the four of them. He said they always have sex when they get together; it’s part of their relationship. I told him I would like that, after all I was as horny as a dog in heat watching those two women eat each other’s pussies. He asked me if I would mind if he and Phillipe had sex in front of me. He said if it really upset me, they would understand, Steve suggested I might want to give it a try. I still wasn’t sure, but, I would have done almost anything to fuck Joan or Genovive at that point in time, I was that horny.

Steve went to Genovive and Phillipe went to Joan. She was sitting on the ground began sucking Phillipe’s cock. I watched Steve and Genovive for a while and then I watched Joan and Phillipe. All that did was get me even hornier. While Joan was sucking on Phillipe’s cock, she motioned for me to join them. She had me stand on the other side of her, facing Phillipe. She took my hard cock in her hand, brought it to her lips and started sucking on it. Then she went back to sucking Phillipe’s cock. She alternated sucking our cocks for a short time. Then she took both of our cocks, moved them toward her mouth and tried to suck on them both at the same time. This meant our cocks were touching, that was quite an erotic feeling. She began rubbing our cocks together. She grabbed our cocks and pulled Phillipe and me even closer together, almost touching each other. The only thing between us was her head. This enabled her to rub the entire length of our cocks together and also take both of our cocks in her mouth at the same time. . I don’t know if was her lips or the rubbing our cocks together, but whatever it was I got very excited and began to come. Joan took the first few loads in her mouth, then, she pulled my cock out of her mouth and aimed it at Phillipe, so that I would shoot my come over Phillipe’s cock and balls. Soon, with Joan’s help, Phillipe erupted and came all over my stomach, cock and balls. It was quite exciting, I felt a little strange, but my orgasm more than compensated for the uneasy feeling I had.

Genovive and Steve were watching us. Steve came over and began to lick my come off of Phillipe. Genovive did the same for me. I was fascinated, watching Steve lick the come off of Phillipe’s cock and then suck it. It didn’t disgust me like I thought it would, in fact it had the opposite affect, it got me turned on. Steve saw that I was staring at him and motioned for me to come over and join him. I hesitated for only a few seconds, before I got down on my hands knees and joined him. When Steve offered me Phillipe’s cock, I began to lick it and then I took it in my mouth. I enjoyed the sensation and was somewhat disappointed when Steve reclaimed it. We shared Phillipe’s cock for a couple of minutes until Joan came over to me and had me lie on my back.

She and Genovive worked on me, Genovive was licking my cock, while Joan licked my balls. Then I felt Joan’s tongue leave my balls and move toward my asshole. Before I could say anything, Joan looked at me and told me I would enjoy this. She was right, after all they had much more experience with sex than I did. She used her tongue to probe my asshole for a minute or two before she withdrew it. It was replaced with a finger, which felt rather strange. It was the first time I had anything inserted in my butt. The more she worked her finger in and out of my butt, the better it felt and the harder my cock became. Joan asked me if I was ready for an even better feeling. I hesitated answering her for a little while, which she noticed. She assured me I would enjoy it, if I gave it a chance. When I asked what she had in mind, she told me to trust her, after all I enjoyed everything that had happened so far, hadn’t I? I had to admit I had, so I decided to do what she had in mind. She had Steve come over to us. While I watched, she put oil on his cock and then on and in my asshole. When I realized what was going to happen I started to object, however, she pointed out I had agreed to at least try it.

Steve told me he would go slow and let me get use to it. He also said both he and Phillipe enjoy this, especially when a pretty girl sucks their cocks. If, after a few minutes, I didn’t like it, he would stop and never try it again. So again, I agreed to try something new. Steve told me to relax, not tense up, which I tried to do. I soon felt the head of his cock press against my asshole and then enter it. At first it hurt, but Steve waited for me to get adjusted to the feeling before he inserted more of his cock inside me. By this time, Genovive had joined Joan and they both were sucking on my cock. That felt really good and helped me over come my discomfort of Steve fucking my ass. Steve continued to insert more and more of his cock inside of me. He would stop and let me get adjust to his cock inside of me before he would continue. After about five minutes, he announced that he had all of his cock inside of me. I had to admit it felt pretty good. Steve informed me I hadn’t felt anything yet; wait until the girls and him really get going. He told me I would have the best orgasm of my young life. I didn’t believe him, but of course he was right again.

Steve then started fucking my asshole, very slow and gentle at first, but faster and faster as I got more excited. The two women alternated between sucking my cock and sucking and biting my nipples. I was in heaven, Steve was right, what a feeling! Soon all the things that were being done to my body began to affect me. I met Steve’s thrusts and began to thrust my ass back at him. I reached down and grabbed a tit from Joan in one hand and a tit from Genovive in the other hand. I squeezed them and pinched their nipples; the more excited I got, the harder I pinched their nipples. Soon, I had the most powerful orgasm of my young life. I shot my second load of the day, this time into Genovive’s pretty mouth. The feeling was unbelievable; Steve explained to me later that the feeling was due to my prostate being stimulated by his cock. I didn’t care what caused it; I just knew that it was fantastic. I thrashed, moaned, groaned and almost passed out.

When I got back to reality, Steve was fucking Genovive, while Phillipe was fucking Joan. I watched them, but I was so spent I didn’t join in. We spent the rest of the weekend fucking and sucking each other. I continued to have sex with Joan and Steve every weekend. I even joined them at some of the nudist camps. We also visited other friends of theirs and had sex with them. I had sex with their female friends, as well as their male friends. This continued until I was assigned to a navy base in Japan. I had told them I would come back and visit, but I never did. We wrote for a while but that stopped too. I never saw them after I left San Diego.

“So Janis, did you like my story,” asked her father?

“I’m so turned on listening to it. Take off your clothes and fuck me. I need that right now, I’m so wet. Later, we’ll discuss getting you and Jayson together. I want to watch!” Janis then pulled her father on top of her and moaned with delight as her father’s cock entered her.

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