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You Knew You Would

Category: Incest
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How could you deny the passion felt? You knew you wanted it as much as me. Why do you refuse to let your body go? There will come a time and it will be soon when you give yourself over to me completely. No reluctance will be found, I will take you. Maybe it will be the liquor that will help the way; yes perhaps I should try coaxing you with booze. I know you become docile when you drink. So that is that then, I will ask you over and we will drink together and I will finally get my greatest wish and fantasy.

No more reluctance, you will open up to me and give me total consent. Oh how hard I am getting just thinking about our meeting. You will be my queen as I lay you down and take what I need.

“Hey mom how ya doing?” I ask you on the phone. You are excited by my call. You thought I wouldn’t get back to you so soon after your denial of my advances. Oh I could sense your want and desire, but you just couldn’t cross that line.

“I’m doing fine,” you say. I can hear the tension in your words as you speak to me. The little crack of uncertainty lies beneath your strong veneer. I can hear your mind as it spins, wondering what ulterior motives I may possess. You continue our conversation, “What would you like babe?” Oh you know what I would like. You almost choke on the words because you know what my first thought would be.

“Well mom I am really sorry about the other night and I would like to make it up to you. Why don’t you come over for dinner and a movie?” I ask in my most innocent voice. I just hope you buy the guiltless gesture. I can see it now as you feast on the delicious meal that I have prepared for you. You savoring every morsel, me watching and agonizing, just wishing it was my cock you so succulently relish.

Unsurely you agree and tell me that you will bring the dessert. I have no doubt that you will bring the dessert and how I will appreciate every second I have it in my wanting mouth.

I finish the dinner and take a hot shower while waiting for your arrival. I hear the car in the drive and my heart skips rapidly, I know the time is soon approaching. I watch as you get out of the car in your light summer dress, pink and almost transparent, highlighting your wares. How do you not realize the affect this is going to have on me? Your body has always had me in a daze. You think after all the talks you have given me about spying on your robust form that you would recognize the affects you have on me. It is like you want to keep this teasing game available. Tonight however I plan to take it to a conclusion and have you melting all over me. You get to the door and I greet you with a big hug, your nipples press hard against my chest. Was that a moan I hear escape your full lips? I pull you hard against my body letting you know that your presence has had its usual affect on me. You have to feel the poke from my throbbing rod as it presses against your midsection.

“Oh my what a greeting,” You say to me. I look into your eyes and see lust in those ocean blues. Deep and dark your eyes are, a man would have to be alien not to be transfixed looking into them. I lead you in and take you to the presented table with the candles lit and the meal ready.

“Wow son you really have out done yourself this time. Maybe I should make you sorry more often, it looks marvelous!” You say to me and I just grin at your complement.

“Well mom I really am truly sorry. I just hope we can get by the incident without feeling to awkward,” I reply. I look at you and you seem a little empty by my words, like something inside you wants me to try again. No worries I will be trying again tonight. I just hope the alcohol does the trick and eases your senses. I dish out the scrumptious meal and we eat with vigor, you keep praising my flair for the culinary art. Hearing your praises I fill with pride knowing the night is starting just as planned. Just before we finish I crack open the second bottle of wine, making sure to fill your cup many more times than my own. I can tell you are getting tipsy as your speech becomes boisterous and the way you start giggling at the most trivial things, my eyes just light up witnessing your state. Soon, so soon I will have you in my arms, no denial, no reluctance you will be my perfect willing victim in my plotted crime. The bottle is soon empty and I begin clearing the table. On weakened knees you stand up to try and assist me but I prohibit your helping me. You pay heed to my words and decide you need to use the bathroom; the wine is hitting you more quickly than designed.

“Oh my, I think I’ve had too much to drink,” you say. As you catch yourself before you stumble down the stairs, returning from your piss.

“Nonsense, the night is just beginning and we have plenty of time left to get this party going,” I tease. Evil thoughts come to my mind as I think of what lays in store for you. The fervor for your body grows deep in my soul. I not only just want you anymore, I need to have you, the want long since passed and a dark needs breeds inside of me. I can feel the twitching in my groin as I stare at your legs, smooth like a satin pillow case, and I can’t wait to feel those legs pulling me into your hungry cunt.

“What movie do ya wanna watch mom?” I ask. You tell me you don’t care and it is up to me so I decide on a little humor to keep you unsuspecting. We laugh together at the hillarious barbs that pass over the tube; I watch your laugh and your breasts heave up and down in time. I see your nipples against your thin dress poking out so strong; I just fancy them in my mouth. The movie finally finishes and so does our fourth bottle of wine, you must have had at least a full three bottles yourself! You are really starting to get inebriated now, your words are slurred and you have reached a loudness almost obnoxious. It is time for me to test the forbidding waters that lay before me. Slowly I graze your thigh with my fingers; you let out a soft moan but don’t stop my incestuous touch.

“Hey mom, how about another movie?” I inquire knowing you’re so relaxed now that it doesn’t matter. I can tell you are totally plastered and you let me know.

“Hun, I’m to going stay, I can way no drive!” Your words stumble out, not making much sense. Your eyes are lost on focus and you seem to be staring at nothing in particular. I put on the movie, one of my favorites. It is an incest tale about a mother and son, I am hoping beyond all hopes it will tear down the final brick in your proper wall. We watch and have more to drink, then the scene comes on where the mother wakes up out of her bed and starts giving her sleeping son a blow job. You blurt out unexpectedly, “I’ve done that!”

I can’t believe your words, I don’t remember a time when that happened but many a morning I have woken up to wetness on my crotch and empty balls. My blood races to my cock and I call you on your announcement.

“What do you mean you have done that? Do you mean with me?’ I ask hoping your answer is yes. I see the panic in your eyes as I confront your telling, you are trapped like an animal in a cage with no where to run. You decide to come clean and answer my question.

“Mmmmm, yes I have done that to you. You didn’t know, you came home from a party drunk one time and your dad wasn’t putting out and I really needed it. You must think I am terrible. Especially after I pushed you away the other day.” Tears welled in your eyes as you tell the tale. My heart became three times bigger and my cock twitches in my pants.

“No need to cry mom,” I say, “I am privileged you would even think of me the way I think of you!” Then I grab you in my arms and passionately kiss you. You try to turn away but my grasp on your shoulders is firm as I try to press my tongue between your lips. You put up a false struggle, in hopes I might stop. No way is that going to happen this time. This time you are mine for the taking! I put my hand on your breast and feel the hardness of your nipple beneath the thin summer dress. A moan discharges from deep in your throat wakening you to normalcy.

“No baby we can’t,” You say trying hard to stop my incestuous enthusiasm, “It is so wrong, we just can’t!” But I hear confliction in your voice and you finally accept my tongue. Our tongues dance a sinful dance intertwining our love for each other, a forbidden love that most couldn’t begin to fathom. I see you don’t care anymore and accept me fully.

I pull your pretty pink dress over your head and notice your sexy lingerie underneath. You devious devil woman, I think. You knew all along what trap I was setting for you. Looks like you might have been the master of the game all along. Maybe tasting my cock before has left you addicted to wanting more of me.

I suck at the nipples I once gained nourishment from and I hold on for all my life, like it would be my last meal. The hardness in my mouth is magnificent! You whimper as my feeding spurs emotions never felt in you. I lower my hand and put my fingers inside your dainty thong. I feel no hair at all; you are as smooth as velvet. The heat radiates from your hot cunt and your wetness is already present. I slide two fingers into your tight hole and watch your eyes roll to the back of your head. I need better access so I break my lip lock on your nipple and slide your panties off your heavenly body. Quickly I reinsert my fingers back to the place from which I once came, the dwelling where I was going to return my cum. I drive my fingers in you deep and you start howling and soaking my hand. Your orgasms approach wave upon wave, not resting until I stop my movement.

You take a moment to catch your breath then you peel away my clothes to take me deep in your mouth. I can not believe how brilliant your talent is. All the way down the shaft you take me, not stopping until you reach the base. It is now my turn to pant as you slide up and down my cock with your hot hungry mouth.

“Oh God Mom, you better stop,” I say to your deaf ears cause you just keep going, “Oh shit, I’mmmmm goooiiingg too cummmmm!” With that I shoot my hot juice deep down your accepting throat, you don’t even spill a drop.

I need to thank you for the wonderful experience so I kneel before you and lick your sopping snatch. I suck in all your sap, loving every swallow. It is your turn to cum again, and cum you do. You start squirting all over my eager face leaving me drenched as if I just got out of a summer thunderstorm.

“I need to feel your cock inside me!” You tell me, and I am ready to submit to your command. I turn you around so your sweet ass is in the air and take you from behind. Slowly I tease you as I put my cock in you one agonizing inch at a time. I feel your juices surround my cock as your cunt grips me like a silky vice. So tight it feels, so hungry your twat is, I cater to its needs and feed it some more.

“Fuck me hard…oh yes fuck your momma. Oh baby I want to feel your cum shoot deep in my hot wet cunt. Give your mommy some come baby, fuck me…fuck me….oh god I am coming…!” You moan and you scream as you slam your ass back to meet me thrust for thrust. I can feel it starting to build; I know it won’t be long. My breath becomes labored and I drive into your hot steaming pussy even faster. Our bodies are a blur with the speed of our fucking, like we just can’t get inside each other fast enough. Your cunt swallows my cock and I feel your orgasm as it rips through your body. Your snatch clutches my pole like it is afraid of letting go. I just can’t take it anymore and it is my turn to howl.

“Oh yesssssss! I am cummmmmmmmmin in your cunt mom…oh god I am cumming so hard in you!” Then I feel my jism blast out my cock and shoot deep in your pussy.

Since that moment of reluctance passed we continue to enjoy each others bodies and needs. Trying different things all the time and I am thankful for your final consent Mom!

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