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Greg’s Family Dinner

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Greg had his three sons and their wives over for dinner. Since becoming a widow, Greg was very lonely and tried to spend as much time with his sons as he could. But they had only been around once since their mother died a year ago, even though their father continued to lend them money whenever they needed it.

During dinner there was a knock at the door, Kyle, Greg’s oldest son, answered the door. A large masked man wearing black from head to toe knocked the door open and shoved a gun in Kyle’s face. He forced him into the dining room with a gun pointed at his head. Everybody was sitting down for dinner.

“Okay everybody get up and go into the living room,” yelled the intruder. The women began screaming. “Shut your bitches up or I start shooting.”

“Why are you doing this?” pleaded Greg.

The intruder then shoved the gun in Greg’s mouth and everyone went silent.

“That’s more like it,” said the intruder.

The intruder with the gun now pointed at Greg’s head, guided him and the six others into the living room.

“You like fucking people over, so I am going to make you fuck over your sons by fucking their wives. That’s right, you have been ruining families for years and now it is your family’s turn,” lectured the intruder.

Greg was a ruthless divorce lawyer who had a reputation for doing whatever it took to win. This wasn’t the first time someone had come after Greg, but to force him to practically rape his own daughter in laws; no one had ever taken their hatred for Greg to such an extreme.

“You think your sons will ever look at you the same after you fuck their wives,” the intruder sneered.

“What?” asked Greg who appeared confused and frightened.

“Are you deaf? You are going to fuck all three of them and your sons are going to watch. And anyone who can’t keep quiet will be punished,” yelled the intruder.

“Did I represent one of your parents?” asked Greg.

“You don’t ask questions and you don’t talk!!” the intruder shouted angrily. He then hit Greg in the face with the butt of the gun.

“Now you three bitches get naked. We will go one at a time, youngest first. You three men sit down and Greg you stand in the middle of the room,” instructed the intruder.

Anna, only 19 years old was forced to strip first.

“Everybody watch her or I will get violent. And if you get me too upset by not following my instructions, I might have to kill one of you to make an example for the others,” snarled the Intruder.

Anna, too scared not to comply, took off her clothes. She was shaking the whole time when she undressed and never once looked up. Anna was barely 5 feet tall with a petite frame, short blonde hair, pretty blue eyes and small perky tits. She was married to Brad, Greg’s youngest son.

22 year old Emily was next, Emily like Anna, was shaking when she undressed and never once looked up. She was also 5 feet tall and quite petite, with long blonde hair, sexy dancer legs and a sweet 3 inch gap between her toned thighs. She was married to Henry, Greg’s middle son. Anna and Emily could fool many by claiming to be twins. Emily was nevertheless a little more attractive because she worked out every day and cared more about her appearance than Anna.

However, both paled in comparison to Kyle’s wife, Jayden. Jayden was last to strip down to her birthday suit: a 28 year old, tall busty bombshell with long brown hair, flawless skin and big green eyes. All three of the women were beautiful, but Jayden definitely stood out, her toned curvaceous figure and apple bottom made her the ultimate male fantasy. She is married to Greg’s oldest son Kyle. When she took her clothes off she was clearly more comfortable being naked than the other two.

“Wow, those tits are huge!! What are your measurements sweetie?” asked the intruder.

Jayden sheepishly answered, “36DD-25-36.”

“Are they real?” the intruder asked with his eyes glued to Jayden’s gorgeous tits.

Jayden a little offended, replied, “Yes.”

“Jump up and down,” commanded the intruder.

“Are you serious?” blurted out an increasing hostile Kyle.

The intruder pointed his gun at Jayden. She gasped with fear and began jumping up and down.

“That’s better,” the intruder applauded. “Okay that’s enough. You weren’t lying, they are real, fake ones don’t bounce like that. I love your pink nipples, when yours are hard do they get long?”

“I don’t know,” replied an embarrassed Jayden. She of course knew full well how long they would get.

“Well then, let’s see? I’m sure you know what to do to make them hard,” the intruder said mockingly. Jayden began to rub and pull her nipples between her fingers. Before long, Jayden’s nipples were hard and quite long, which pleased the intruder. “Damn!! You could poke an eye out with those!!” he said with amazement.

The intruder couldn’t stop eye fucking all 5 foot 8 and 125 pounds of Jayden as he looked her up and down. His eyes started with her long beautiful chocolate brown hair that flowed down to her petite sculpted shoulders, then to her big emerald green eyes and full pouty lips. He then gazed at her perfect supple round breasts with big pink areolas and 3 inch long nipples. His eyes then moved to her flat toned stomach, then down to her gorgeous bald tight pussy and finally her sexy curvy legs, the product of years of competitive dance and swimming.

The intruder became curious about Jayden’s back side. “Turn around,” he barked at Jayden. Jayden slowly turned around, giving everyone a chance to see her plump apple bottom. “Bend over and spread your legs.”

Jayden did as ordered; she didn’t want the gun pointed at her again. Kyle’s blood started to boil.

“Now spread your legs and then those sweet cheeks,” the intruder commanded while moving closer to Jayden.

Jayden spread apart her ass cheeks which gave the intruder a great view of her tight puckered virgin butthole and tight pussy. She felt humiliated.

“Oh wow, I might need to hit that once myself before the night is over,” chuckled the Intruder. “Okay, let’s get this party started. Um, we will go oldest to youngest, so who is first?”

Jayden slowly put up her hand as she looked at the floor.

“Oh, perfect, my favorite girl. Undress Greg,” blurted out an excited intruder.

“Please don’t make me do this?” Jayden begged as she began to cry.

“One more word out of you, I kill Kyle than you,” the intruder said with conviction.

Jayden walked over to her father in law with tears running down her face.

“I’m sorry Hun. This is all my fault,” said Greg.

“It’s okay. I know you don’t want this to happen,” Jayden softly replied.

The intruder was losing his patience. “Both of you shut up and get to it.” Jayden took off Greg’s shirt and then removed his pants. Greg was 48 years old, good looking and in fantastic shape. A man half his age would love to have his muscular toned body. He was 6 foot 2, with broad shoulders and six pack abs. Jayden then got on her knees and pulled down Greg’s boxer shorts and unveiled his throbbing, massively thick 9 inch hard-on. Greg’s cock was almost twice the size of her husband’s cock. Greg was completely embarrassed that he was already hard, but Jayden completely naked undressing him was extremely arousing. Jayden bit her bottom lip as she stared at her father in law’s huge cock, wondering if her tight pussy could handle it. She loved her husband and had been faithful, but she began to get little aroused herself.

“Now you two better make it look good. We will stay here all night until you three little whores have been fucked good by Daddy in law. Now suck his cock,” ordered the intruder.

Jayden and Greg were frozen, neither one wanting to make the first move.

“You are already on your knees now suck your father in laws cock,” snapped the intruder.

“It’ okay Jayden. Let’s just get through this,” said a supportive Greg.

Jayden, who was clearly nervous and scared, took a deep breath and replied, “okay”

Jayden took Greg’s cock in her hand and marveled at its length and girth. She began to slowly stroke it. Greg tried his best to appear as if he were not enjoying it. Jayden’s husband was shocked and mortified as Jayden then spit on his father’s cock and started stroking it with both hands.

It was a surreal scene. Greg was completely naked standing in the middle of the room being jacked off by his gorgeous naked daughter in law Jayden. Greg’s three sons forced to watch and one was Jayden’s husband. And let’s not forget the other two son’s wives who are also naked awaiting their turn at fucking Daddy in law in front of everybody.

“That’s enough, it is time to put that cock in your slutty little mouth,” ordered the intruder. Jayden proceeded to lick the tip of Greg’s cock making it jump. She then licked straight up the back of his shaft.

“What are you doing?!!” yelled Kyle. He didn’t like that it appeared Jayden was trying to give his father a good blow job as everyone watched. He felt she was going beyond the instructions she was given.

“Hey, I told her to make it look good, she is only following instructions, so shut the fuck up. Her following instructions is what is keeping you alive,” The Intruder yelled.

Jayden had ignored her husband’s remark, and never stopped licking the shaft and head of Greg’s massive cock. A few minutes later, she finally opened her mouth wide and attempted to take as much of Greg’s man meat in her mouth as possible. “Let me help” offered Greg. Greg began to gently thrust his cock in and out of Jayden’s mouth. Greg loved how Jayden’s soft lips felt wrapped around his dick. Over the next few minutes, Greg’s pace increased as he put his hands on the back of Jayden’s head. He pumped in and out of her mouth as the blow job became a very sloppy one. Huge gobs of saliva ran out of both sides of Jayden’s mouth. Greg had become too excited; he didn’t realize Jayden had been gagging on his fat dick as he was slamming it down her throat. She tapped him on the leg to get his attention; his eyes had been shut as he enjoyed face fucking his daughter in law.

“Oh, sorry Jayden,” apologized Greg as he pulled his spit covered cock out of Jayden’s mouth.

“Its fine,” responded Jayden as soon as she took a couple breaths.

An infuriated Kyle was trying to do his best not to say anything as he knew it could cost him his life.

Jayden took charge of the blow job from that moment on. She grabbed Greg’s butt cheeks and slowly took inch by inch into her mouth. Eventually Jayden had a good rhythm between sucking and stroking as she mastered sucking such a huge thick cock. Greg was mesmerized as he looked down to see Jayden’s big green eyes looking up at him.

Jayden began to rub her pussy; she moaned quietly bobbing back and forth on Greg’s cock. She had never had a cock as big as her father in law’s in her mouth and the anticipation of feeling it inside her pussy was overwhelming. Greg couldn’t help but enjoy it, how could he not, a 28 year old busty, beautiful brunette was devouring his cock. Without being told, Jayden pulled Greg’s cock out of her mouth and began stroking his shaft as she sucked on his balls.

Kyle could barely hold it together.

“Oh fuck, that a girl, getting right into it, you are a keeper,” giggled the intruder. “Okay it is time to titty fuck those huge melons.”

Greg without hesitation took his well lubed cock from Jayden’s spit and placed it between Jayden’s huge tits as she continued to kneel in front of him. Jayden then pressed her tits against Greg’s throbbing cock. Greg began pumping his cock up and down between her natural breasts. He braced himself by putting his hands on Jayden’s shoulders. Greg loved how her tits felt pressed against his dick; they were soft, supple and smooth. Greg got lost in the moment again, he began thrusting forcefully. Jayden struggled to hold her jugs in place as Greg pulled her in with each thrust.

Greg unsuspectingly shot his warm load, hitting Jayden in the face. She had not been expecting it, some cum went in her eyes and mouth. As she began to spit it out, Greg wiped it off her eyes and cheeks. Greg kept saying how sorry he was over and over.

Jayden became quite aroused by the fact her tits could get her father in law to explode a load all over her face. Jayden’s guilt and shame were losing the fight to her lust and desire.

“Alright, Jayden get on all fours and face your hubby. Take her from behind Greg. But before that Jayden get your daddy in law hard again,” instructed the intruder.

Jayden began to massage Greg’s balls as she stroked and sucked his wet limp cock back to life. Within a minute, Greg’s cock was hard again.

Greg kneeled down behind Jayden. He let out a little moan when he first touched Jayden’s firm round ass. It had been several years since Greg had touched such soft skin. Jayden was tingling with anticipation as she was about to get filled with her father in laws’ huge cock. She was also a little scared that she was in for some pain.

Greg lined up his wet throbbing cock with Jayden’s tight pink pussy. Greg began to slowly enter Jayden; she let out a gasp as she felt a little pain as her pussy was getting stretched. Jayden had only been with three men in her entire life and none of them had a cock even close to the size of Greg’s. Even though it hurt, she wanted it more than anything now.

“Take it slow,” instructed Jayden.

Greg gave her short and slow strokes for several minutes. As soon as Jayden’s pussy relaxed and became more accommodating of his girth, he went a little deeper, than a little deeper until his fat 9 inches was filling Jayden’s pink hole.

“Look at your husband Jayden, and Kyle don’t you dare look away,” the intruder commanded.

Kyle was sitting less than 6 feet away from Jayden and his father.

Greg began ramming his cock into Jayden pretty hard. You could hear his balls slapping off of her. Jayden felt her pussy start to tingle and throb around Greg’s cock. Jayden tried to fight off the warm waves of pleasure she was starting to feel. Greg could feel Jayden’s pussy juice starting to soak his cock. Kyle was sitting so close he could hear the squishing sound that was getting louder and louder from his wife’s soaked pussy as his father’s thick cock pumped in and out. Jayden let out a loud moan, and then another and another.

Greg looked at his son and said he was sorry as he fucked his wife and rubbed her clit.

“Tell your husband how it feels?” said a smiling Intruder.

“No, no, no way,” refused Jayden.

Even though Jayden knew her husband could tell she was enjoying getting fucked by his father as she moaned over and over, she didn’t want to say it, and she loved Kyle very much and didn’t want to hurt him.

“Tell him now,” instructed the intruder.

“No, I won’t,” Jayden said defiantly.

The intruder pointed his gun again at Kyle and threatened, “Do it now look him in the eye and tell him, last warning!!”

With the intruder yelling at her and Greg bringing her pleasure with every powerful thrust, Jayden screamed out between each thrust and moan.

“It feels good; it feels really, really good.”

“His cock is so big and thick!!”

“I’m so fucking wet! I’m so sorry honey!!”

“Don’t say you are sorry. Take that back now,” snarled the intruder.

“I’m not sorry.”

“I’m not sorry, I want his dick” Jayden was now totally lost in the moment.

“I’m not sorry for fucking your father.”

“He is making my pussy feel so good, I love his thick cock!!”

“Damn, don’t hold back,” mocked the intruder. He was quite pleased with himself for forcing Jayden to blurt out her true feelings about her father in law fucking her.

Henry and Dan tried to hide their raging boners. They both had always admired their sister in law Jayden’s incredible body and seeing her getting fucked was exciting. They both over the years would fantasize about Jayden while masturbating. From where they were sitting they could see Jayden’s huge tits flop around and the pleasure on her face. Anna and Emily still naked, covered their pussies in hopes that their husbands didn’t see that they were wet.

Jayden had started to rub her clit again. Greg’s cock was now sliding in and out of Jayden’s well lubed cunt with ease while he had two handfuls of ass. Jayden began pushing back on Greg’s stiff cock. Fuck me harder, fuck me harder. Jayden said to herself.

Jayden could no longer hold back as Greg was pounding her in a way she could never have imagined.

“Fuck me Daddy!!”

Everyone was in shock when Jayden blurted that out including Greg, but it excited him as well.

Greg then reached underneath Jayden, grabbed her massive tits and began pounding her with long hard strokes. With every thrust into Jayden she let out a moan of pleasure and lust.

“I’m going to cum.”

“I’ m going to cum.”

“I’m cumming!!”

“Fuck me Daddy!!”

“Don’t stop!!”

“Don’t stop!!”

Jayden had the most explosive orgasm of her life right in front of her suffering husband. While she was screaming like a whore, Greg shot a hot load of his seed deep into Jayden.

Though she should have had feelings of guilt, all Jayden was feeling was lust and the desire to get fucked again by Greg’s huge cock. He was hitting spots inside Jayden that were never touched before.

“You want more??” The intruder said mockingly.

Jayden couldn’t possibly admit that. “I will do whatever it will take to get you out of here.”

“Are fucking kidding me?” Kyle said to himself.

The intruder looked at Jayden and could tell that her inner slut had taken over.

“Fuck that slut again Greg, she wants more,” the intruder said giggling.

Greg didn’t even put up a fight or question the intruder. “I’m going to need your help again Hun.”

Jayden turned to Greg. “My boobs seem to get you going” Jayden said to herself. Jayden proceeded to stick her right tit in Greg’s mouth. She reached down and began stroking his cock again. Greg was in heaven; he sucked and licked both her plump tits over and over. He sucked on her nipples like he was breast feeding. Jayden whispered in Greg’s ear “bite my nipples” Greg didn’t need to be asked twice.

“Dad, your cock is hard again,” pointed out Jayden.

“Hey Kyle, never thought your wife would say that to your father did you?… Well I guess that isn’t as bad as when she said fuck me daddy” chuckled the intruder.

Jayden then laid on her back, she was writhing with anticipation while she rubbed and pulled her nipples. Greg then pushed Jayden’s toned thighs farther apart and wasted no time getting balls deep in Jayden’s dripping wet snatch. Her legs spread wide open as she enjoyed every second. They began to kiss passionately as they both again got lost in the moment.

“Hey, he didn’t tell you guys that you had to do that” shouted an infuriated Kyle.

Jayden no longer cared what her husband had to say. The only man that mattered in that moment was Greg. Over the next hour, Greg impaled Jayden’s pussy while switching positions over and over. Jayden had three mind blowing orgasms making the living room floor soaked with her sweet pussy juice.

Jayden, now back on all fours in front of Greg, was about to experience her most intense orgasm yet. Greg like a man possessed reached for Jayden’s arms and pulled them back towards himself. The only part of Jayden that was now on the floor was her knees. Greg held her up by her arms and drove his thick cock into her violently; this new position gave Jayden uncontrollable spasms throughout her body. Her pussy juice started to flow like a river as her orgasm took control of her.

“Give it to me Daddy, Harder!!”

Greg flipped Jayden over onto her back like a rag doll. Jayden’s body was responding to her father in law taking charge and dominating her. She never experienced such strength and power. Greg then put his hands around her neck and drove his cock deep into her pussy. He was slamming her so hard her whole body moved along the floor with every thrust. They had moved even closer to where Kyle was sitting. Both covered in sweat and pussy juice.

Greg shot his seed into Jayden’s womb and collapsed on top of Jayden who wrapped her legs and arms around him.

Jayden whispered in Greg’s ear, “keep pumping into me.”

Greg began to thrust again with Jayden wrapped around him until he was soft.

“I want more,” whispered Jayden in Greg’s ear.

“What the fuck did you say?” shouted Kyle in anger.

“Did she say she wants more?” questioned the intruder.

“That’s not what I said!” Jayden replied with obvious insincerity.

“Your hubby said you did, so fuck your daughter in law again Greg. And let’s see some anal this time.” snickered the intruder.

Anna and Emily looked relieved but deep down were a little disappointed, they wanted to experience what Jayden had been for the past couple hours. They wouldn’t have to feel guilty because they were forced.

Greg lifted Jayden’s ass off the floor so he could easily get at her puckered back hole. He started to lick her tight asshole with intensity.

“What are you doing?” shouted Kyle.

“I can’t just put my penis in her butt dry son,” explained Greg.

“You could just use spit,” Kyle angrily replied.

Jayden whispered, “keep licking.”

“This is better, I’m so sorry son.” explained Greg. He went back to licking her hole while Jayden rubbed her swollen clit rapidly. Greg then inserted 2 fingers inside Jayden’s virgin butthole, she winced in pain for a moment, but that quickly subsided as Greg went tongue deep in her wet gaped pussy. Jayden’s juices ran down Greg’s chin.

A few minutes later, Greg flipped Jayden over; she was now lying flat on her stomach on the floor. Greg mounted her high and slowly pushed his throbbing cock into Jayden’s tight virgin asshole. Greg picked up the pace as Jayden’s back hole started to stretch to accommodate his thick cock. She tried to hide the shocking ecstasy she was experiencing from her father in law’s dick plunging her asshole. But that was a battle her body was clearly winning as Jayden started begging for harder.

“Fuck my ass Daddy!!”

“Fuck my ass!!”

“Give it to me harder!!”

Jayden awakened an inner beast in Greg who began pile driving her ass with great force, smashing her massive breasts against the floor.

Jayden again started to scream out in pleasure like a whore. Jayden’s husband had never made her scream like that, he looked on as he held back tears. He wanted to get up and beat the shit out of his dad for pleasuring his wife in ways he never could.

Greg then took his right hand and pushed Jayden’s face into the floor as he continued assaulting her ass. Jayden’s head was turned towards her husband. Kyle could see that Jayden loved being dominated and treated like a whore. He had no idea she had this side. Greg with animalistic vigor kept ravaging Jayden’s back hole, she wasn’t sure how much more she could handle. After another 20 minutes of brutal ass fucking, Greg pulled Jayden’s hair back as he was balls deep in her ass and shot a huge load of hot cum. Jayden loved how it felt deep inside her. She was however shocked how much she loved anal, but was relieved when Greg blew his load. It had become more pain than pleasure.

An exhausted Greg slowly pulled out of Jayden’s ass revealing a destroyed, well-gaped butthole.

“Hold her cheeks open,” the intruder instructed. “Now tongue that butthole.”

Greg kept Jayden’s cheeks apart and went tongue deep in her aching asshole. He pumped his tongue in and out. Jayden loved Greg’s soft wet tongue soothing her burning back hole. Jayden began moaning again.

A few minutes later, the intruder asked, “Alright, finally we are now going to move onto the second whore, which is?”

Jayden clearly didn’t want the fuck fest to end because she knew she will never get fucked like that again. She also found herself turned on by everyone watching her forced to fuck her father in law.

“Mister, how about if I let him fuck me one more time, you won’t force my sister in laws to get involved?”Jayden asked softly.

“Interesting, hmmmm, interesting, okay fine, you are such a good little slut. Your husband is one lucky guy.”

Kyle shook his head in disgust. “Have you not humiliated me enough,” he said to himself.

“I’m doing this for them,” said Jayden while looking at Kyle with attempted look of sincerity on her face.

“Yeah sure you are,” scoffed Kyle.

“Why make them get involved if I can prevent it,” Jayden cried out.

“Tell yourself whatever you need to,” Kyle whispered to himself.

“I’m tired, I need to be on the bottom,” informed a still very horny Greg, who wasn’t even paying attention to the conversation Jayden was having with his son.

“First, I got to get you hard again,” Jayden pointed out. She kneeled down in front of Greg and deep throated his soft cock like a porn star.

“Jayden, what the hell are you doing, he just had that up your ass!!” yelled Kyle, who was now disturbed.

Greg lied down on the floor, Jayden then eagerly mounted his cock. She started going up and down, and then grinding back and forth. Her massive tits were bouncing around, Greg reached up and grabbed them pleasing Jayden.

Kyle was more disappointed now than at any other point of the night. Jayden was now the one in control as she was on top, and she was fucking his dad with passion and lust like a woman possessed. She never rode him like that.

Jayden’s gorgeous body bouncing up and down on his cock was too much for Greg to handle. Within minutes, he grabbed Jayden’s hips and shot a hot load of semen up her young slick twat. As Jayden stood up, Greg’s cum dripped out of her pussy and onto the floor and down her legs.

Jayden seemed disappointed, she hadn’t cum this time.

The intruder noticed her disappointment and saw this as an opportunity to inflict more pain and said “It doesn’t count unless you both cum.”

“She has orgasmed like a dozen times,” informed her furious husband.

“Hey Kyle, I make the rules here,” the intruder pointed out.

Greg was having trouble catching his breath, obviously exhausted from the fuck fest with his daughter in law; he struggled to say “I’m going to need a little break.”

“Use your mouth,” Jayden replied.

Kyle threw his hands up in dismay.

Jayden got on her back and gently rubbed her throbbing clit like she had been doing all night. Greg wasted no time and dove in between Jayden’s wide open legs and devoured Jayden’s pussy. Greg tasted his own cum seeping out of Jayden, but he kept going.

The intruder moved over to Anna and Emily while Greg slipped three fingers into Jayden and started pressing hard on her G spot causing her whole body to shake.

“You two move over to Greg now,” ordered the intruder. Anna and Emily walked over to Greg and waited for further instruction.

“Alright Greg, long enough break, fuck Jayden again, but this time let me know when you are about to cum. Anna and Emily, you two get on each side of Jayden. You two are to kiss Jayden as well as lick and suck her tits. Jayden has been a great slut all night, she deserves the attention.”

Greg held up Jayden’s legs and rested them on his shoulders and entered her again while Emily and Anna began to kiss Jayden and fondle her huge soft tits.

Henry and Brad were relieved their wives were just kissing and fondling Jayden.

Before long, Jayden’s pussy started to spasm again. Her breathing became short and hard. Anna and Emily kept licking and sucking Jayden’s tits, which was making the orgasm brewing in her loins more intense. Her whole body was shuddering in ecstasy. All of a sudden, Jayden’s pussy gripped Greg’s cock tight, she arched her back and let out an earth shattering scream.

Jayden’s scream put Greg over the edge.

“I’m about to cum!” shouted Greg.

“Okay shoot it into Anna and Emily’s mouths” ordered by the excited intruder. Greg dropped another huge creamy load, but this time into Anna and Emily’s wide open mouths.

Brad and Henry were no longer relieved.

“Now you two give your mouthfuls to Jayden.” They both kneeled down over Jayden and dropped Greg’s warm cum in her mouth. “Okay now suck it back out of Jayden’s mouth.” Before they could Jayden had already swallowed it.

“Oh, I’m sorry I thought I was supposed to swallow it,” apologized Jayden.

“You cock loving, cum craving beautiful slut,” praised the intruder.

Jayden then stood up; Kyle stared at his wife’s face and body with repulsion. Jayden’s tits glistened with saliva from Anna and Emily’s licking and sucking. Her own juices and Greg’s cum, some dry and some fresh, ran all the way down her legs from her pussy and asshole. Her hair was drenched with sweat. Jayden also had Greg’s cum in the corners of her mouth and some dripped from her chin.

The intruder then lectured Greg. “Okay, Greg, look at the pain on Kyle’s face. Now you know how the fathers you have fucked over for the past 20 years have felt when they looked at their children and had to explain to them, they won’t get to see Daddy anymore. You made the judge take away all his parental rights, leaving me without a father, and my father without a son. You made me look at my dad with that pain on my face when I was eleven. Now every time you see Kyle you will see that pain. Now your other two sons, their wives only had your cum in their mouths, so no harm no foul… what, doesn’t anyone have a sense of humor,” mocked the intruder. He continued…

“If you contact the police about what happened today, I will come back to kill you and then I will kill your sons and their wives. I know where you all live. Now everyone get down on the floor and close your eyes. Count to 100 then you can get up.”

As soon as the intruder was out the door, everyone got up. Emily and Anna went to their husbands crying and wrapped themselves in their arms.

Kyle looked to be in shock. Jayden and Greg stood their naked not knowing what to say or do.

“We should get washed up,” Greg finally said to Jayden.

Greg and Jayden went to the bathroom to get washed up. Kyle sat there trying to come to terms with what just happened.

“We might as well hop in together, it’s not like we are not familiar with each other’s naked bodies at this point,” remarked Jayden.

They hopped in the shower. Jayden was in front of Greg.

“I am so sorry about this Jayden,” said Greg while he stared at Jayden’s round ass.

Jayden replied, “It’s not your fault. You had no choice… Can you wash my back and backside? I want to make sure I get it all off of me for Kyle’s sake.”

Greg began to scrub Jayden’s back and then made his way to Jayden’s apple bottom.

“Get in between the cheeks please?” asked Jayden.

Greg stood there not sure if he should.

“Dad, please?” she pleaded.

Greg didn’t put up much of a fight. Greg pushed apart her round cheeks and scrubbed down her crack. He could feel the damage he did to her butthole. He also could feel Jayden pushing back onto his hand. Jayden then rolled her hips back and bent over.

“Could you scrub my pussy too,” Jayden asked seductively.

“Jayden, I don’t know,” replied an unsure Greg.

“I just want to be clean after what happened, I am sure you can understand that,” Jayden explained.

“Okay,” replied Greg. He then began to gently wash Jayden’s swollen pussy lips.

“You have to get in there,” informed Jayden.

Jayden’s pink hole like her back hole was well-gaped after hours of being pummeled by her father in law’s huge cock.

“That would be going too far Jayden, I’m sorry,” explained Greg.

Jayden really wanted to be fucked one more time. This was the very last chance for her to experience pleasure only Greg has ever made her feel. She was getting desperate as Greg was not giving in. Jayden turned around while rubbing her soaped up tits.

“Hey you washed me only fair I wash you,” Jayden said softly.

“You don’t have to Jayden, I can do it,” Greg explained.

“You just washed me in a private place, and I know you didn’t want to, but you did because we are family. Let me repay the favor. And come on, after the last few hours, is this a big deal” convinced Jayden.

“Okay Jayden,” Greg responded.

Jayden then kneeled down in the shower in front of Greg.

“What are you doing?” said a shocked Greg.

“Washing you silly” Jayden’s attempt at seduction was clearly the actions of a woman who never in her life had to come onto a man. Jayden then grabbed Greg’s limp cock and soaped it up. Jayden felt it jump a bit in her hand. Jayden rinsed off his cock and then took the whole thing in her mouth.

“Whoa Jayden what are you doing?” shouted Greg. He knew what she was up to from the beginning, but he couldn’t appear to be a willing participant who wanted it as much as she did. This time he wasn’t being forced to fuck his daughter in law, so he made her seduce him.

Jayden didn’t stop sucking Greg’s cock until it was hard and throbbing. She then looked up at Greg with her big green eyes and said, “Daddy, I want you to fuck my tiny little pussy.”

Jayden was now fully aware of what Greg responded to. He had loved the dirty talk throughout the night, especially being called Daddy.

Before long, Greg gave in and was fucking Jayden in the shower from behind while holding onto her huge tits as the warm water ran over them. Jayden knew they didn’t have long before the others would wonder why they were taking so long. The risk however of getting caught made Jayden tingle. She decided to amp up the dirty talk so Greg would pound her harder and they both could climax quickly…

“I want that big thick cock Daddy, give it to me hard.”

“You’re so fucking good, Oh Daddy your are gonna make me cum.”

“Fuck me Daddy.”

“Fuck me Daddy.”

“Fuck me Daddy.”

“Oh fuck me Daddy!!”

“You Daddy’s little whore,” Greg moaned.

“Yes I’m Daddy’s little whore,” Jayden screamed out.

“Daddy I want your cum.”

“I want your cum deep inside me!!”

“Fill me up Daddy!!”

The dirty talk put both of them over the edge. Jayden and Greg came at the same time. Greg then turned Jayden around and kissed her passionately. He fondled her tits and rubbed her pussy until his cock was soft. They rinsed off and got out of the shower.

A few minutes had past…

Greg broke the silence and said, “I can’t believe we just did that.” He was sitting on the counter with his head in his hands. He wanted Jayden to believe he was really upset with himself.

Jayden never responded. As she toweled off she got a glimpse of herself in the mirror and quickly looked away. The feelings of lust had subsided and replaced with feelings guilt. They got cleaned up in silence and went back out to the living room. Nobody was looking at each other and within minutes all three couples walked out the front door without saying a word. Kyle was distraught, confused and furious, but he still chose to go home with Jayden. He was able to control himself and leave without attacking his father.

Shortly after the three couples left, the intruder (Skip), no longer wearing the black mask, walked in the back door and into the living room.

Hey Greg, I know the plan was for you to fuck all three of your daughter in laws but I just went with it. Jayden wanted it so bad; I had to see how much of a whore she would be.

Greg laughed and said “That’s okay Skip. Here’s the 500 bucks for a job well done.”

Greg had set the whole thing up. Greg wanted to punish his 3 ungrateful, mooching sons for not visiting him and appreciating everything he did for them. He thought what a great way to do so by fucking their gorgeous wives in front of them. That was the plan anyways.

“Fuck Jayden was amazing, I’m not even mad I didn’t get to pound the other two. After you left I fucked her again in the shower, she seduced me,” remarked Greg. They both laughed. “Besides being gorgeous, she is a cock craving slut, God love her.”

“Well, that’s why I said oldest first, because I knew you wanted to fuck Jayden more so than the other two. You have gone on about her for years,” explained Skip.

“I knew she was beautiful, but wow, her body was incredible and the nicest tits I have ever seen. Definitely worth the 500 dollars. Especially the look on Kyle’s face… hell that was priceless. And boy you really put him through the ringer,” laughed Greg.

“I was getting a little revenge of my own remember, explained Skip. “Your lovely son Kyle tormented me throughout grade school. He was the reason I switched schools in grade 8. Seeing him tonight, brought back all the pain he put me through so I made sure tonight I destroyed him, but I made sure to make the other 2 pay as well as you wanted.”

“Thank you, by the way, that speech of yours was brutal, it was like from a bad B movie. And you weren’t supposed to hit me,” remarked Greg.

Skip again explained “Sorry about that, I was getting into character, and far as the speech, what do you care, you got to fuck Jayden all night long. Plus I was going for irony.” They both laughed again.

“Very true… Very true,” Greg responded with a devilish grin.

Five weeks later, Kyle kicked Jayden out of their house when he couldn’t forgive her for enjoying the sex with his father and she refused to get an abortion. They had not been intimate since the night of “forced sex” and it was clear to Kyle that his Dad was the one who knocked her up. She decided to have her father in law’s baby. Greg found out about the baby and let Jayden move in with him, they began dating too.

To Be Continued…

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