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Caught in the Act

Category: Anal Sex
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I had my bed shorts pulled down around my knees. Sitting in the dark computer room, I slowly stroked my hard cock while watching one of my favorite porns. It was a pretty standard affair, but for some reason I loved it. And my favorite part of the movie was coming up.

“What are you doing in here?” asked a voice from the doorway.

Oh shit.

“Oh god yes baby put that big dick in my ass please” the computer speakers moaned.

I scrambled to stop the video. The damage had been done. Even though we’d been married a few months, getting caught jerking off makes me feel like I’m 16 all over again. You slowly walked over to me, as I quickly pulled my shorts back up, covering my cock.

“You wouldn’t be doing anything naughty in here, would you?” you said in a knowing tone.

“Well, um, maybe I was, maybe I wasn’t” I replied trying to pretend I was just cruising the internet.

“Hmmm, I think you where doing something very naughty.” you whispered in my ear.

I shivered. “Well, I was thinking about masturbating. But just thinking.”

“So you where in here, watching a dirty movie, thinking about playing with your cock?” you breathe in my ear, as you knelt down beside me.

Your hands slowly traced up my leg, starting with my ankle. You stopped half way up my thigh, and then just sat there, waiting for me to respond.

“Yes, I was about to jerk off.” I said in a rush.

“Aww poor baby. I would have gladly helped you with this…’little’ problem.” you said as you laid your head down on my thigh, “You just have to ask me.”

By now I was even more worked up then I had been a few minutes ago. I wasn’t sure where you were going with this little game. But I knew I wanted to follow.

“Sometimes I like to do this on my own, I didn’t think you’d care. But would you please help me now?” I asked, trying to regain some footing in your game.

Your fingernails trailed across my inner thigh, sending hundreds of little shocks through my body. I twitched, and my breathing caught for a second. “Would you pretty please help me get off tonight baby?” I asked, verging on pleading.

“Mmmm, you silly boy you. You’re asking nicely, but you’re forgetting one little detail.” You said, your voice suddenly sultry and aroused. Your hand slid up my leg and grasped my cock through my shorts. You slowly started rubbing me, making my cock harder, but my ability to resist you weaker.

“What am I forgetting then baby?” I asked.

“What you’re forgetting, sweetheart, is that this isn’t your cock to play with any more, it’s mine. So you can’t just go jerking off whenever you feel like it, you need to ask me if you’re allowed too.” you said as your hand dipped into my shorts and grabbed my cock directly.

The feeling of your very warm hand on my cock made me gasp. I groaned as your hand once again started slowly stroking me. Your hand would grip me firmly, almost too firm, at the head of my cock and with infinite slowness stroke down my cock, gradually letting your hand go loose.I wish I had never told you how wonderful that felt.

“So what’s it gonna be sweetheart, are you gonna ask if you can use MY cock or not?” you said, and suddenly your hand was gone from my cock.

“Oh baby please can I use your cock tonight?” I begged.

“Hm, I don’t know”

“Baby please, let me use your cock tonight, I’m so horny. I’m sorry I was naughty and didn’t ask.” I pleaded.

“Well alright, since you seem to understand this is my cock now. I guess I’ll help you enjoy it” you said as you started stroking me again. “And my cock is so nice isn’t it. It’s just the right length, nice and thick. And it’s always so hard. Oohh, listen to the naughty sound it’s making.”

By now my cock was pouring out precum, which you used to lube up my cock. I leaned my head back and savored the wonderful pleasure you where giving me. But I’d been playing with myself for a while before you started, so I was eager for more. I humped my hips forward, urging you on.

“Aw what’s wrong? Do you want me to stop playing with my cock?” You teased, once again releasing my (your?) cock.

“No, your cock just wants more. It wants to fuck something.” I replied, fully caught up in your game now.

“Mmmm, I see. Well I think I know what my cock wants right now.”

You stood up and faced the computer. I couldn’t see what you where doing but I heard you moving the mouse. You started rubbing precum all over my cock, making sure it was well lubed. I heard something click, and then my movie was playing. You positioned my legs wide, so you where standing between them.

“Are you gonna put that huge cock in my ass?” The computer speakers played.

You rubbed my cock on your wet pussy, covering it with your slick juices.

“Oh yeah baby, I’m gonna fill your tight little asshole with this cock.”

You positioned my cock at your backdoor.

“Oh god yes baby put that big dick in my ass please.”

And with that you started slowly sinking down my cock. Your asshole remained tight for a moment, but with a little more pressure my cock invaded your dark hole. You gasped as my cock forced it’s way into your ass.

“Oooh my god, it’s too big. My tight little asshole can’t handle such a big cock.”

“Don’t worry baby, you’ll love having this dick up your ass.”

After what felt like a lifetime your plump ass cheeks came to rest against my thighs, my cock buried in your asshole. The feeling was incredible. It was so tight, almost to the point of pain, but also so hot.

“You ready for me to fuck your asshole?” The computer played on.

“Oh yes baby, fuck my tight asshole with that nice big cock.”

You slowly started lifting yourself up, sliding up my cock. I couldn’t believe how tight it was. It felt like there was a rubber band around my cock, and I loved it. You stopped with just my head inside your hole, and then started your slow descent.

Someone moaned, but I don’t know if it was you, the computer, or me. It didn’t matter. Once again your ass came to rest on my thighs. Your hot little asshole was pushing me dangerously close to an orgasm. My desire to cum was taking over.

Without warning I grabbed your legs and pulled you up to my chest. You sat balanced with my cock in your ass. Once again a loud moan, and then I was slamming your asshole.

I heard you scream, but I couldn’t stop myself. One of your hands shot down and started rubbing your clit furiously. Your moans and screams where getting higher and higher pitched, and I knew it wouldn’t be long before you came.

“Uh cum inside my ass baby. I want to feel your hot cum inside my asshole.”

Then your asshole gripped my cock like a vice. A piercing scream cut through my consciousness, and you went completely rigid. This pushed me over the edge, and my cock exploded into your clenched asshole. I tensed and pulled you down harder on my cock, causing you to scream even louder.

After some time, our orgasms finally stopped. I cradled you close to me, savoring that wonderful after sex feeling. Your hands caressed my thighs, and I could see your lips curved in a big smile. As gently as I could I lowered your legs down.

You stood slowly, and let my cock fall out of your ass with a wet pop. Your asshole gaped a little, and cum leaked down your legs. On a whim I quickly knelt behind you and started licking your tender hole. You moaned, and grabbed the desk for support. My tongue hungrily invaded where my cock had just been, tasting the salty tanginess of my cum, and the slight coppery flavor of blood.

Your reached back and put your hand on my head, urging me on. I licked all around your asshole. Your pussy was still dripping wet, so I slid a finger inside you, causing you to moan a-new. My other hand snaked around your hips and quickly found your clit.

This triple attack was too much. Your body tensed again, and started shaking. I kept assault both your holes until you finally went almost entirely limp. If not for the desk I think you would have joined me on the floor.

I gently exacted my finger from your pussy and stood. You leaned back into me, and I picked you up. We kissed deeply, savoring the unique flavor. I carried you to our bed, and laid you down. As I crawled in next to you, you snuggled back against me.

“Hey baby, do you really just like do that by yourself sometimes?” You asked as I wrapped my arms around you.

“On occasion yes, it is nice to do that myself. But you’re still much better at it.” I replied. “You weren’t totally serious where you?”

“Serious about what?” You asked somewhat sleepily.

“About not being allowed to play with myself without asking.”

“Mmm, not always. But you never know when I might become possessive of my property.” And with that you where asleep.

I snuggled down and soon joined you. But before I fell asleep, I couldn’t help wondering what mischief you had in store.

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