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Jackie’s Gets To Know Her Employers

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For obvious reasons the names have been changed so as not to cause real problems for everyone.

Jackie is 33 years old, married to Sam with twin boys aged 9 and a daughter aged 8. She’s been married since she was 18 and Sam was her one and only boyfriend before her marriage. Jackie is quite tiny and petite with a fantastic figure, which she looks-after, regularly, in the gym.

She’s a natural blonde with long straight hair. Sam is so proud of her that he keeps a very revealing naked photo of her in his wallet, which bothers Jackie a bit in case he shows it around.

Last Summer Jackie went away on holiday, without Sam and the children, to Jamaica for a few days with a couple of old school friends which was a first for Jackie but a regular thing for her pals. Jackie felt a little bit embarrassed as both her friends were just using the holiday as an excuse to get laid. Jackie was propositioned a couple of times but resisted as she didn’t feel she should be unfaithful to Sam. Although she enjoyed the sun and the break she felt uncomfortable with the overt sexual activities of her friends who actually brought a local black barman back to the apartment and gave him a really good night even with Jackie being in the next room. They tried to get her to join in but Jackie declined, even though for a little while she was tempted when she saw the monster dick that their boyfriend was blessed with. She kept thinking about it and after they were in their bedroom for a while, Jackie took a peek through the door and watched their activities and she was so turned on she nearly gave in, but something held her back. She relieved herself quietly in her bed and had a huge orgasm and she struggled not to shout out with the ecstasy of the moment.

This experience definitely changed something inside Jackie’s head after that holiday. Sam had never done to Jackie the things that the black man had done to her friends. Jackie had never even seen oral sex before that holiday and when she saw her two friends licking each other while the black man took them both, in turn, doggie fashion, something was planted inside her and she knew now that, if temptation came her way again, she would jump at it despite her love for Sam. She now needed something else. She wanted some of what her friends were enjoying.

Jackie had been working for a firm of lady accountants in the City for the past three years since her daughter was old enough to go to school. It was a terrific, and well paid, job working as their PA answering the phones, dealing with the mail and organising the diary of client meetings. Karen and Angie, the accountants, were a few years older than Jackie and were slim and very good-looking. They tended to dress in quality suits and looked every inch the successful businesswomen they were. As they shared the same surname, Jackie assumed that they were sisters as well as business partners and, until that fateful day, thought nothing else about it. The only other employee was Rebecca who was of Afro-Caribbean heritage and about 25years old, very tall and pretty, with a very athletic figure, which she kept in good shape by exercising at the same gym as Jackie. Rebecca’s job is customer relations and she visits most of the clients personally to generate orders for the two accountants. Rebecca had been working for the accountants since she was 18 and was well respected by them and their clients. She is very pretty although Jackie had never seen her with a boyfriend. In fact Jackie had never seen either Karen or Angie with men either which puzzled her but she accepted it.

Jackie was totally happy with her career with them and they seemed to like having her around, in fact she and Sam had been invited to a birthday party only a few weeks previously in the apartment above the offices where both Karen and Angie live. It was a very big apartment with numerous rooms although, until the events of this story took place, Jackie had only seen the kitchen and living room.

It was a very hot sunny day in early July and the children were at school, Sam was at work in the office of the building firm he runs with another friend. Jackie arrived early and let herself in. She immediately made sure the temperature on the air-conditioning unit was OK and she made herself a quick coffee, when, suddenly, she heard a movement behind her. She shot round to find Rebecca had just come in from the access door to the lift to the apartment. Rebecca apologised for startling her and seeing Jackie’s puzzled expression, she explained that she’d been out last night with Karen and Angie and had stayed the night rather than drive home under the influence. This story seemed to satisfy Jackie who poured a coffee for Rebecca. Jackie was only wearing a thin dress with just bra and pants and no tights underneath and she noticed Rebecca looking almost lustfully at her. Rebecca was wearing a thin chiffon-like top with no bra and a loose black skirt with bare legs. Jackie thought no more about the look as her phone rang which took her to her desk and her day started as any other.

But this was not to be just any other day for Jackie.

Just after lunch Jackie had to lower the temperature even more as the office got quite stuffy. There had been a lot of activity in Karen’s office with Angie and Rebecca and her spending a lot of time with the door shut.

“Obviously something very important was brewing,” thought Jackie to herself. Little did she know what was really being planned in that office?

Angie came out of Karen’s office and shouted over to Jackie,

“Jackie! How would you like to join us in the apartment after work tonight for a bit of a party?”

Jackie said she’d have to ask her mum to look after the children and make Sam his tea but if that was OK she’d love to come.

“Brilliant!” said Angie smiling and she went back into the office.

Jackie’s mum agreed to look after the children until Sam got home so all was set for Jackie to go to the party.

At about 5.30 Karen called out to Jackie “Come on Jackie sweetheart, Angie and Rebecca have already gone upstairs. Let’s party eh?” she enthused putting her arm round Jackie’s shoulder and guiding her to the lift.

When they walked out into the lounge upstairs Angie and Rebecca had already opened a bottle of white wine and were pouring four large glasses. Jackie took hers and quickly drank it, as she was quite thirsty. Rebecca quickly replenished this. “Are you trying to get me drunk?” said Jackie playfully. Rebecca just smiled suggestively looking furtively at the other two.

They all sat down on the three huge sofas and Karen sat next to Jackie and turned to speak to her taking her left hand in hers affectionately.

“Jackie! You’ve been with us for three years and we’ve come to like and respect you as a person as well as your faultless work and we feel it’s about time to let you into a few secrets and ask you to do something very special for us.” She paused while Jackie took in what she’d said.

“Angie and I are, for all intense and purposes, married and Rebecca is our lover,” she just let it burst out as Jackie took a huge intake of breath and was, quite naturally, incredibly shocked. Things suddenly started to fall into place like someone turning on a light as she came to terms with what she’d just been told. “Oh that’s nice!” she said stupidly and tried to carry on. “I mean, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it to come out like that. This all makes sense I suppose.” She bumbled on until Karen put her hand over her mouth. “Don’t worry Jackie, we understand you are shocked but we are all still exactly the same people that have worked so well together, and we want to be sure that you were not being misled at all if we are to have any trust.” she said emphatically.

Jackie finished her drink and Rebecca quickly filled it up again. She took another sip.

“Jackie. Now you know we are lesbians we want you to do something very special for us. All three of us have lusted after you for so long it’s not true and we really want to make love to you!”

Jackie was absolutely gob-smacked, as her breathing got heavier and she really didn’t know what to do or say as Karen squeezed her hand a little tighter. “I’m not a lesbian. Why me?” she asked very nervously.

Angie came over and knelt at her feet holding her knees gently in her hands. “Jackie, you’re so gorgeous and sexy, we have dreams about you. We really want to make love to you. We accept that you’re not a lesbian and that makes it even more special as we can really show you what another woman can do to satisfy you sexually. Please let us make love to you?” she almost pleaded with her.

Jackie’s mind was reeling as the full implications of what she was being asked to do sank home. Jackie’s mind flashed back to her holiday and her promise to herself that if the chance came she would take it, but she hadn’t thought about having sex with women.

Rebecca joined her on the sofa on her right side and Jackie was now surrounded by her three friends, begging her to have sex with them.

Rebecca starting gently caressing Jackie’s right thigh through her dress and said, “I’ll give you the best sex you’ve ever experienced and we’ll treat you to the greatest orgasms you’ll ever feel.” She purred in her ear.

There was no doubt now that Jackie was getting really turned on by this treatment already and they obviously weren’t going to take no for an answer.

Her mind was whirling with visions of her two friends licking each other, and suddenly she made her mind up.

“Oh God! What the hell. OK then!” she stammered. Rebecca jumped up in glee as Karen hugged her.

“Oh brilliant! You won’t regret this darling, it’ll be great Jackie, and you won’t need to do a thing. We’ll do everything for you. Come on lets go into our special room?” she pulled Jackie up from the sofa as Angie leaned over and kissed her on the lips. “Thank you Jackie. Honestly, you won’t regret this.”

They led Jackie into a room with all sorts of apparatus carefully placed around the room and Karen guided her to the biggest piece of apparatus in one corner.

This was a slim steel box frame about the size of a four-poster bed, which fitted from floor to the ceiling and attached at each corner to each upright was a chain and padded strap, which Jackie now knows, were for her wrists and ankles. Each chain had an adjuster for tightening. There was a long bar on each side about 1m off the floor and also a heavily padded tube about 6ft long propped up against the wall at the side.

The three girls closed in on her and removed her clothes within seconds, as she stood, totally naked, being gently caressed all over her breasts and back. Things seemed to have happened so fast as Rebecca gently opened Jackie’s legs until she could get her probing fingers between her thighs. Jackie was visibly trembling as Rebecca gently stroked across her wispy pubic hair just touching her pussy. Jackie immediately shuddered, as her pussy was touched and Rebecca whispered in her ear, “I think you’re ready Jackie. It’s bondage time. Just relax and enjoy your orgasms darling.”

Rebecca lifted her naked body easily between the suspended frames, as Karen took each arm and Angie took both ankles and strapped them in. Each chain was tightened until Sally was stretched really tight inside the frame. Rebecca slowly let her go as she just hung suspended spread wide open between the bars. There was a tremendous strain on her arms, shoulders and back which was quite uncomfortable until Rebecca took her weight again and lifted her up with one hand on her bottom and the other hand between her shoulder blades, until the frame was pulling up as well. Karen and Angie pushed the padded bar underneath her back at her waist and pushed each end over the sidebars. Rebecca then let go and Sally’s body stayed exactly where it was with her tummy higher than the rest of her naked body. She was in the eagle-spread position with her whole body arched backwards and no support for her head at all which hung down stretching her even more.

Jackie was really breathing heavily as she was incredibly aroused and she could feel how wide stretched she was by the soft breeze of the air conditioning wafting across her open vagina lips. “Oh God!” she kept moaning quietly. As she lay there she watched the three women discussing her and pointing, which suddenly made Jackie realise how totally under their control she was, tied so tight, legs wide open to whatever they wanted. Her mind suddenly conjured up the images of her holiday friends licking each other again and she almost burst there and then, as she knew that this was what was going to happen to her very soon. Although Jackie’s head was hanging upside down she could see all three of them and she watched them come close to her inside the frame. Angie stood on one side of Jackie’s prostrate form and started gentling caressing her naked body around her tummy and breast while Karen was on the other side caressing Jackie’s other breast with one hand and up and down her back with the other. Jackie was shuddering with this exquisite treatment when she noticed she’d lost sight of Rebecca who had actually gone between her wide-open thighs and was about to bring Jackie into a different world of sexual pleasure. Angie took over caressing and sucking Jackie’s nipples as Karen ran her fingers down over her lower tummy and underneath her bottom. Their fingertip touch was so light that Jackie was almost coming as she trembled and moaned “Oh God yes.” She couldn’t move at all as she was being brought to heights of arousal she’d never believed possible before, when suddenly her whole body jerked as she felt a light touch on her open pussy lips. Rebecca was gently stroking her inner thighs and the wispy hair of her pubic mound until moving her fingers into her most sensitive area slowly opening Jackie’s pussy as wide as she could, and gently pulling her inner lips wide apart until her rampant clitoris was exposed from under its hood. Her pussy lips were really red and engorged and Rebecca knelt down and she could feel the heat of Jackie’s arousal as she put her face up close to her gaping sex. Rebecca quickly started to lick up and down and concentrated immediately on her clitoris. The effect on Jackie was immediate as she exploded in the fastest orgasm that any of them had ever seen before. “Ahhh, Oh my God yes I’m coming Ahhh,” screamed Jackie as this wave of immense pleasure ripped through her as the most amazing orgasm she’d ever felt took over all her senses. Jackie had experienced orgasms many times before but this was in a different dimension altogether. Her whole body shook with the intensity of the spasms of pure ecstasy, which almost overwhelmed her. All she could do was scream in pure animal pleasure. Rebecca took no notice and licked across her clitoris faster and faster. Jackie suddenly gave another heavy shudder and a fine jet of her cum shot out over Rebecca’s lips and tongue as she ejaculated. Rebecca was absolutely delighted as she pulled back and licked her lips before putting two long black fingers palm up deep inside Jackie’s soaking vagina and started hooking her fingers across Jackie’s “G” spot and continuing to lick her clitoris. Jackie had always been able to clamp her thighs against Sam when he made her come but she was stretched so wide that all she could do was come, and come she did with a vengeance.

Angie and Karen were coaxing Jackie to come more and more but this was totally unnecessary as Jackie was completely orgasm-ridden coming continuously. “Oh my God Ahhh!” screamed Jackie as another huge eruption cascaded through her causing her to almost pass out with the intensity of the orgasm. With Jackie’s body jerking and shuddering in absolute paradise Rebecca stood up and quickly allowed Karen to take her place between Jackie’s outstretched thighs. Karen had strapped a huge pink latex dildo in a latex pouch around her groin and slowly pushed it into Jackie’s soaking vagina. The dildo was eight inches long and fat with it and Jackie immediately felt this monster inside her. “Oh Jesus yes!” she moaned as Karen started slowly pushing in as far as she could then pulling out until the tip was almost out then back in again. This dildo was so much longer and fatter than Sam’s penis and Jackie could feel every inch as the rippled surface caressed her vagina walls. “Ooooh!” moaned Jackie with her senses starting to disintegrate again as another giant orgasm was building. Karen moved ever faster until she was thrusting in and out at a tremendous rate as Jackie erupted into her latest and strongest orgasm so far. Karen herself was gasping for breath as her exertions sapped her strength and she started to slow down which was as well, because Jackie was nearly passing out with her own tremendous explosions which had almost forced her into unconsciousness. Karen stopped and let the giant dildo drop down from her waist.

Rebecca started to hold Jackie up as Angie untied her. Rebecca had to lift Jackie and carry her over to the bed, as Jackie had no energy left to even stand up. After laying her carefully on her back Rebecca bent over and kissed her. “Don’t get too comfortable darling, Angie has her favourite toy for you to ride before you get any respite.” said Rebecca with a wicked grin.

On the floor near the side of the bed next to the frame was one of the Sybian fucking machines, where a girl kneels across the leather half-round log-shaped saddle with her legs wide apart, and the attached six-inch dildo deep inside her pussy. When switched on the dildo vibrates and gyrates in an irregular circular and twisting motion whilst a control box controls the speed and vibrations No girl, who has ever used the Sybian, has failed to orgasm, which is why it is so popular albeit very expensive.

Angie plugged the Sybian in to the mains and turned it on to test it then stopped it again as Rebecca pulled Jackie up from the bed gently walking her over to Sybian. Jackie’s inner thighs were shining with the cum which had burst from her during her orgasms and Rebecca and Karen smiled with the satisfaction of having achieved their ambition in fucking Jackie to a different level of ecstasy. Karen pulled a trapeze bar down from the ceiling with two straps at the ends and Jackie’s wrists were strapped in again. Rebecca encouraged Jackie to kneel down over the Sybian and guided the dildo into her open vagina. Jackie settled down until the dildo was right inside her with her vagina lips resting on the white plastic base where her clitoris would be stimulated once the machine was operated. Angie and Karen now fastened a rope around each of Jackie’s knees and gently pulled her legs further apart until she was fully down on the Sybian with her pussy lips wrapped over the white plastic base. Rebecca then pulled the trapeze rope until Jackie’s arms were tight above her head. Jackie was effectively tied to the Sybian and she could not lift herself off it even if she wanted to.

Angie now had her exactly where she wanted her and slowly started the Sybian going. Jackie had never felt anything like this before as the intense vibrations wracked her whole vagina inside and out. It brought her very quickly to another enormous orgasmic explosion and she ejaculated all over the white plastic causing the fluids to dance with the vibrations. The machine was slowly brought to full power and the three girls stood back as Jackie got the ride of her life as the Sybian brought her to orgasm after orgasm with nothing she could do about it. The Sybian was soaking wet with Jackie’s cum.

Rebecca had popped into the other room and had started using her digital video camera to film Jackie’s amazing Sybian fucking and what a wonderful sight it was as Jackie was almost crying as she came and came and came in never ending spasms of pure rapture.

The three lesbian friends were now happy that their new friend was enjoying what every woman should enjoy – the perfect orgasm.

After about ten minutes of this treatment with Jackie’s head sagging and her cries slowly diminishing, they turned the machine off and untied Jackie, lifting her back onto the bed and allowing her to sleep as they went into the other room and set about each other in a beautiful threesome turned on by their domination of the beautiful Jackie.

Four very satisfied ladies.

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