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Cabin Fever

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The young man beside her was silent, lost in his own morose thoughts. Ginny concentrated on the icy highway in front of them, a hint of apprehension gripping her as they approached the Eisenhower Tunnel. Even though she had lived in the Rockies for sixteen years and made the drive from Vail to Denver weekly, this particular stretch of Interstate 70, approaching the Continental Divide, never failed to frighten her. Once more she wished she’d brought her husband’s four-wheel drive, if only because it sat up higher and gave a better view.

Her own sedan with the all season radials would get them home, but something about this incessant snowfall, though light, bothered her.

Chase sighed. Ginny spied a sideways glance at the young man in her passenger seat. Her son’s best friend since grade school, Chase Nolan was newly divorced after only eight months of marriage. He and his bride had met at a conservative religious university and married just after graduation. If Ginny’s son Randy was correct, both Chase and his bride had been virgins, waiting until their honeymoon to consummate their marriage. At the time, Ginny had thought it sweet and old-fashioned. Shortly afterwards, Randy had started coming to her with unusual questions. A “friend” of his was having problems satisfying his wife and didn’t know what to do. Ginny had guessed the friend was Chase Nolan but hadn’t let Randy know about her suspicions.

Over the months, Randy’s inquiries had become more pointed. “She doesn’t like giving oral sex,” Randy had told his mother. They had that kind of open communication; Ginny was proud that her son could address sexual issues with her. “He’s done everything he knows to get her to relax and enjoy it, but she just refuses.”

Ginny gave what advice she could, that perhaps the groom could look into tasteful videos that demonstrated the loving side of oral sex. But apparently that strategy and any others the young man had attempted had only backfired, and the bride had filed for divorce.

Now Chase was moving back home, at least until he could get back on his feet. Ginny had cheerfully volunteered to fetch Chase from the Denver airport since she’d be in town anyway. She liked Chase and had always considered him part of the family.

“Snow’s coming down hard,” Chase remarked as they came out of the mile and a half long tunnel. He’d broken out of his stupor and was suddenly aware of his surroundings.

Ginny smiled his way. Their eyes met for a moment, her soft blue-green and his deep dark brown. For an instant something sparked between them. Ginny turned away quickly, gripping the steering wheel tightly. Something unfamiliar fluttered in her stomach. And why was she having trouble breathing? She stared ahead at the road, calculating their distance to home. Silverthorne was just ahead. Thank God.

“I really appreciate you picking me up, Ginny,” Chase said. They’d been on a first-name basis since he’d lived with them one summer while his parents were overseas. “It would have cost me a bundle to take a flight into Eagle.”

“No problem,” she said warmly. “You know I would do anything for you, Chase.”

Again their eyes met. The spark between them intensified. His left hand lifted and he stroked her jacketed shoulder. She turned back to the road, a little more slowly this time, wondering: What is happening here?

Ordinarily Ginny stayed on the heavily travelled and well-maintained interstate, but the atmosphere in the sedan was becoming oppressive. She didn’t need this kind of confusion…or temptation. At forty-six, she wasn’t immune to steeling admiring glances at the young, hard bodies that thronged to Vail’s ski slopes. Perhaps if she and her husband of a quarter-century had an intimate relationship she wouldn’t have been quite as susceptible. But her husband John had quit making love to her not long after her fortieth birthday. Her life was what it was. She’d sadly accepted her fate.

“Short cut?” Chase questioned when she exited just past Silverthorne and headed in a northwest direction on a well-maintained mountain road.

“Sure. You remember this way,” Ginny said confidently. “It goes by that old silver mine and then the Baker cabin.”

“Oh yeah. Right to my back door. Good cross-country skiing.”

“Guess you didn’t get to use those cross-country skis too much in Dallas,” she said cheerfully, referring to the skis he’d brought home with him and were now on the rack on top of her car.

“No, they just gathered a lot of dust.” He cleared his throat and gazed appreciatively at the scenic route before them. “It’s good to be back here, among my own,” he said, more to himself than her.

Ginny smiled affectionately at him. “I’m glad you’re back,” she said.

As soon as the words were out of her mouth, she regretted them. He looked at her again, but this time in a way that left little doubt what he was thinking.

“I’d forgotten how pretty the view is here,” he said, his dark eyes boring straight into her.

There was no way around that comment. She glanced back at the winding road, hardly noticing the snow that was now falling at an alarming rate. Something stirred between her legs. Oh God, she had never, never thought of Chase that way. Sure, she had noticed—because she had eyes—how beautifully cut he was…broad shouldered, with a tapering torso and muscular thighs…but not in an I-want-to-fuck-you sort of way.

The glass inside the car was starting to fog up and Ginny put on the defroster. Chase stirred uneasily in his seat. He crossed his legs and slumped to one side, as far from her as he could get.

Ginny tried desperately to concentrate on the road. Ordinarily she didn’t have a problem driving in the snow, but the depth on the road was beginning to unsettle her.

“I wonder if I shouldn’t turn around,” she murmured.


She glanced at him. “Well, it’s just—”

He stared at her. His smoldering expression made her breathless.

“The road,” she nodded before them.

Chase made a cursory glance at the road. “Looks fine to me. Would you rather I drive? I drove this car when you first got it, remember?”

How could she forget? It had been three summers ago, just after his freshman year in college. He’d lived with them that summer while his father worked in Saudi Arabia. Getting up in the middle of a warm night and wearing only a tank top and panties, Ginny had padded silently to the only upstairs bathroom in their house and flipped on the light. There, leaning against the vanity, had been a completely naked Chase, wanking his raging hardon with a pair of her silky panties and a profuse amount of her body lotion.

Their eyes had met and he’s stopped, frozen in place. Ginny’s eyes had fallen of their own volition onto his cock, mesmerized. Saliva from the corners of her mouth had poured out to pool in the center of her bottom lip. A long stream of clear liquid had fallen from her lip onto the floor, making a puddle inches from his foot.

“Sorry,” she’d managed to choke out, flipping the light back off and wheeling around.

As she’d stepped away from the door, she’d heard his gasp as he blew his load into her panties. She’d hurried back into her room to lie down beside her sleeping husband, and brought herself to orgasm with just a few strokes between her thighs.

Since then, Chase had grown into a stunningly attractive man. His chiseled features and shaggy black hair gave him an air of urbane sophistication that any woman would have found irresistible. And yet there remained a quality of boyish vulnerability in his manner. He’d been hurt deeply and needed to find his way back from the pain.

As though coming out of a dream, Ginny was suddenly aware that she could no longer see the road. “Chase,” she said apprehensively.

He glanced at her, then to the road. “Stop the car,” he ordered.

She did so. He rolled down his window and put out his head. Billows of snow blew into the car, making him blink rapidly.

“I think you missed the turn,” he said.


“I don’t recognize anything.”

Ginny rolled down her own window, repeating what he’d done. The snow on the road was several inched thick. She could, to some degree, make out where the land fell of from the road, but the snow was falling so heavily now that without a contrast in front of them, they could very well drive off the mountain.

“I should go back,” she said.

“It’s too dangerous,” Chase said firmly. They both knew people who had died on these roads when they should have given up. He took out his cell phone and gave it a try. “Out of range.”

Ginny tried her as well. “This is crazy,” she muttered helplessly.

Chase let out a long, calming breath. “Okay,” he said rationally, “let’s think this through. The highway people tell us to just sit tight in our cars until rescue comes. But you and I both know that that’s a bunch of P.R. crap for the tourists who might get stranded up here. You have, what? A quarter tank? Even running the motor only to get warm and then turning it off won’t make it last.”

She shook her head incredulously. “Chase, I am so, so sorry. I can’t believe I did this.”

“Hey, you didn’t do anything,” he said firmly, putting an arm around her shoulder. “Look, you wanted to turn around ten minutes ago and I said the road was fine. Don’t apologize to me. What we have to think about now are our options. The Baker cabin is approximately due west from here. I know the terrain pretty well so when we get near it I’ll know. I have my cross-country skis, you have snow shoes in the trunk, and we’ve got about four hours of daylight to work with.”

His confidence was heartening. Even while they had talked about a plan, the snow had built up around the doors, making it difficult to get out. Ginny hastily wrote a note to whoever found the car, stating the Baker cabin as their objective. When she joined Chase at the trunk, he had filled a spare backpack for her to wear with groceries from the health food store she’d been to that morning in Denver. He continued loading groceries into his own backpack, which also held a change of clothes and his toiletries, as well as a few small items from his suitcase. Ginny got into her snow shoes. She kept them in her truck for when she walked her dogs, which was every day.

They walked back along the road to wear it leveled off into a narrow pass that gave smooth access to the west. Chase slipped on the long cross-country skis he’d carried to this point and pushed off with his poles, sliding a bit a head of her. He’d pulled a woolen cap over his head, and in his jeans and heavy down jacket he looked right at home among the boulders and pines. Ginny pulled her scarf up over her bare lips and continued effortlessly. She could walk for hours, even with a grocery-filled backpack on her back, and not get winded. While Chase moved easily ahead of her on the skis, he was not acclimated to the altitude, and several times he stopped to rest while she caught up.

“You’re in really good shape,” he said admiringly after almost an hour of steady progress.

“I walk the dogs five miles every morning,” she reminded him.

A gloom settled over the valley as the sun began its descent. The new snow made everything hushed. Nothing stirred, and except for their labored breathing there was no other sound. At last they crested a hill and the land sloped down and away from them. In the center of a blanket of white was the cabin of the Baker family, shut up tight for the winter.

“They only use it in the summer,” Ginny said as Chase looked for a hidden key, an open door, or an unlocked window.

He picked up a rock and broke out two panes in a bedroom window. “Well, I guess next summer I’ll be buying them a new window,” he said as he put in his hand to turn the locks. A moment later he hoisted up the window and pulled himself in. Ginny waited, cold and hungry, for him at the front door.

Chase only just set down his backpack before he headed off to the backdoor. “I saw a propane tank in the back,” he said excitedly. “I’ll see what I can do about getting the water on.”

Ginny went to work building a fire in the massive stone hearth. Except for a rather shabby little sofa and a coffee table, there wasn’t much else in the bare living room. Once the fire started to blaze, she left it to check out the kitchen. The refrigerator was unplugged and empty. Except for dishes and pots and pans, every scrap of food had been removed. She was glad Chase had thought to bring food.

Two bedrooms stood completely empty except for the bed frames and mattresses. The linen closet was devoid of even a single blanket, although a sleeping bag and a pillow had been absently left in a corner, probably by one of the children. These she carried back into the living room and tossed onto the sofa.

Chase walked in, looking pleased with himself. He went to the kitchen and turned on the water. He flickered the lights. He turned on the stove and watched it warm up.

“All the comforts of home,” he said, coming into the living room to warm himself in front of the fire. He glanced about the room. “Any chance they have a furnace?”

“I didn’t see one,” Ginny answered, “which is perhaps why they only use it in the summer.”

He looked into the flames. “The search party will be out tomorrow,” he said matter-of-factly. “They might find the car if it stops snowing. But it’s still coming down hard out there.”

“We brought enough food for at least several days,” she remarked. “As long as we conserve our energy and don’t do anything strenuous, we’ll be fine.”

His eyes flashed at her and his lips started to curl into a smile. Ginny had to stop and think what she’d said. A blush crept over her cheeks as she realized the double meaning in her statement.

“Speaking of food,” she said quickly, turning away from his penetrating stare, “I think I’ll make us something to eat.”

Things in cans and boxes weren’t her idea of a meal but Ginny made do. They sat together on the uncomfortable sofa facing the fire, their plates on the coffee table, discussing each other’s relatives. Talking about other people was safe. Most of their respective families were dull with very little scandal, but someone was always having a baby or getting a new job. Chase sat back on the sofa, his left arm stretched out along the back. He wore a flannel shirt over a t-shirt, and his beard had started to grow in after several days of not shaving.

Ginny kicked off her boots and curled her socked feet under her as they talked. She was of average height, just over 5’8″, but she was quite small boned and slender, partly from her daily workouts but also because she maintained a careful diet. Once dark-headed, she now used hair color to cover her gray; she hated doing anything artificial, but she hated the gray more. Her brows were naturally light and arched, and her deep-set blue-green eyes were round and honest. She wore only moisturizer and lip gloss, and only to protect her skin from the harsh mountain conditions. Vanity was something she just didn’t understand.

She had worn tights under her corduroys which kept her warm and only a light sweater under her down jacket. The jacket she had taken off while making dinner, and in just the sweater she was a bit cold. She wrapped her arms around her knees while Chase talked and listened attentively, her head resting near his arm.

At length he noticed her shivering. “Here,” he said, standing up to unzip the sleeping bag and drape it around her shoulders. He stood in front of her, peering down at her upturned face. “Would you like something warm,” he asked, “to drink?”

Ginny nodded wordlessly, only because she couldn’t speak. That feeling she’d experienced in the car…the stirring between her legs…was back. She moved uncomfortably on the sofa, thinking it must be the way her thong was centering on her crotch. But moving didn’t help much. Now that she was aware of it, the thought of being turned on aroused her even more. She stood up to look down into the fire. The tea kettle whistled. After another moment Chase joined her with two mugs of herbal tea.

“Chamomile,” he said. “Should make you nice and sleepy.”

Ginny raised the mug to her lips. She wished he wouldn’t talk about bedtime.

“About the sleeping arrangements,” Chase said tentatively. “I’m thinking that since this is the only warm room in the house, maybe I could drag in one of the mattresses and put it in front of the fire. That way we could share the sleeping bag and pillow as well as the body heat.”

Ginny swallowed hard. What was she supposed to say? No? How could she explain to him that she wasn’t comfortable sleeping next to him? He probably saw her as a mother figure. He’d be insulted if she refused.

“Sounds great, Chase,” she managed to say, although not very convincingly.

With the dishes cleared and washed, Chase decided to take a shower. Ginny rummaged through kitchen drawers and came up with a deck of cards. It was that, or reading old phone books. Sitting cross legged on the sofa, she played a game of solitaire. He took a very long time in the shower. She tried not to think about his naked body or what he might be doing in there. She tried to think about where all the jacks were hiding. Frustrated, she gathered the cards together and shuffled. She felt very cold and stiff. The hike was beginning to catch up with her. She wondered if she should take a shower as well.

Chase emerged damp-headed, looking fresh in gray sweats and a white t-shirt. His feet were bare and when he sat down next to Ginny she could see little black hairs on his toes. She smiled to herself, thinking how very cute his feet were. Unbeknownst to her he followed her line of vision. His lips parted imperceptibly as he watched her examining his feet, all the while a slight flush rising on her cheeks.

“Oh, I’m so stiff,” she complained gently, coming back to her senses. “I should take a shower, too. Maybe it’ll take out this chill in my bones.”

“I’ll fetch you something to put on,” Chase volunteered, grabbing his backpack.

“What?” Ginny asked, confused.

“Well, unless you brought along some clothes I don’t know about…”

She couldn’t argue with him there. He gave her a pair of basketball shorts and a t-shirt. The shorts were red and silky, and she was sure he’d given her these because of the built-in crotch. Wordlessly she nodded her thanks and slinked into the bathroom, relieved to be away from his overwhelming presence.

He’d washed out his green plaid boxers as well as his socks and left them to dry on the towel rack. Ginny followed suit; there was no way for them to know how long they would be here. With her thong and tights dripping on a towel, she got into the wonderfully steamy shower. Before she could stop herself she wetted her hair by force of habit. Once committed, she used Chase’s masculine-scented shampoo. He’d brought body wash as well, and this she used on her other regions, trying not to think about why being clean meant so much to her right now.

As she stepped out of the shower she saw Chase’s shaving kit on the sink, as yet untouched. It occurred to her that she hadn’t shaved in a while; once winter set in there was really not much reason to do so. Knowing that her legs would be bare, Ginny reached for the razor and lowered it to her calves. She shouldn’t do this, she knew, even while she did so. It wasn’t right for her to more of less “prepare” herself for something that shouldn’t…and wouldn’t…happen. But her female instincts had kicked in and she couldn’t stop. Once her legs were shaved bare, she did the same to her underarms, even though the t-shirt covered these parts.

Now to hide the evidence. She rinsed the razor thoroughly, shook it out and dried it with a corner of her towel. Hopefully he would be none the wiser.

Her hair was still damp and she deftly French braided it behind her head, tying it off with a rubber band from her purse. As she started to leave the bathroom, she put her hand to her mouth and blew into it. Ugh. Her breath was awful. But she hadn’t a toothbrush and she certainly wasn’t going to use his. Instead she squeezed a prodigious amount of toothpaste onto her finger and rubbed it into her teeth and gums with toilet tissue. It wasn’t the same as brushing but it made her feel better.

Chase now sat where she had been before, playing a solo card game. His gaze moved slowly over the t-shirt and shorts, stopping to take in her long, slender—and freshly shaven—legs. Ginny self-consciously dragged the sleeping bag around her shoulders.

“Gin Rummy,” he said abruptly and dealt the cards. “You taught me this game that summer, remember?”

“Yes, I remember.”

They played three hands. Try as she might, Ginny could not beat him. As he dealt a fourth hand he gave her a long look.

“I hope you’re not letting me win.”

“Why would I do that?”

“I don’t know. Sooth a bruised ego.”

“Is your ego bruised?”

He snorted. “You know it is,” he snapped. A moment later he frowned at his tone. “I’m sorry, Ginny. You didn’t deserve that. I just get so frickin’ pissed off every time I think about it.”

She lowered her cards. “Chase, you know you can talk to me.”

“There’s nothing to talk about,” he answered impatiently. He took a deep breath and went on. “We tried marriage counseling. Three months of it. I went to a sex therapist to figure out what I was doing wrong. But it seemed like the more I tried to be what she wanted, the less she liked it.”

Ginny waited patiently. She knew he had more to say.

“Before we got married, she was dying to be with me,” he recalled sadly. “But right after the honeymoon, even during the honeymoon, she didn’t like it. She said I was too rough. What’s that supposed to mean? I was just fucking eager.” Realizing the word that had slipped out, he looked apologetically at her. “Sorry, Gin.”

“It’s okay, Chase,” she smiled. She wanted to take his hand in hers, but somehow she knew it would be inappropriate, even dangerous.

He wasn’t so cautious. His hand reached out to encircle hers with long, strong fingers. “I could always talk to you, Gin. Everything is so easy with you.”

She looked into his eyes, warning sirens going off in her head. This was unfair…so unfair. She kept her expression stoic, hoping he would let the moment slide past them. Even as she lowered her eyes, she could feel him bending towards her. His warm breath touched her skin. He was very close to her.

“Gin,” he breathed. She refused to open her eyes or lift her chin. His hand lifted her chin for her and he sighed. “Don’t hate me for wanting to kiss you. I…I can’t explain what I feel for you, but it feels good. It feels natural.”

“Chase, you know I have a husband,” she whispered, eyes still lowered to where his fingers held hers.

“Yes, who doesn’t deserve you. Ginny, you deserve so much more. You deserve to be loved, body, soul, and spirit.”

She squeezed her eyes shut. She was loved; her son loved her. Her mother loved her. But he was talking about another kind of love. What did it feel like? She couldn’t remember her husband’s lips much less the rest of it. Why had she so willingly given it up? It hadn’t been fulfilling. Her husband had used her like a toilet, jacking off in her mouth or her vagina but not making love to her. He hadn’t cared one iota if she felt anything. And so she’d serviced herself. Her entire marriage she’d serviced herself. It hurt to think about it now because she didn’t allow herself to think about it.

“Ginny,” Chase murmured, his lips brushing her forehead. “Ginny, you mean so much to me. When Randy told me you’d be picking me up at the airport, I was giddy. I was actually happy about leaving Dallas because I knew I’d be seeing you. And now here you are, alone with me, in the middle of nowhere, with no one to bother us, and I just have to believe it was meant to be.”

“Chase,” she gasped, looking into his eyes. “What are you talking about? You make it sound like something’s going to happen between us!”

For an instant he hesitated. Then he moved in, gathering her up in his arms to kiss her. His mouth met hers; reluctant, Ginny tried to repel him but he persisted. His lips parted and his tongue ran over her tightly-closed mouth, coaxing her lips to open. A fire spread up between her legs and she moaned involuntarily. Encouraged, he did it again, licking her lips with his tongue, tempting her to resist him.

Ginny’s mouth fell open as she sucked in a heated breath. He seized the moment and captured her mouth with his. The length of his tongue swept past her teeth into the depths of her mouth. Ginny groaned loudly, this time from the fever that spread up from her crotch though her entire abdomen. His hand reached around to the back of her head, ensuring that she was his prisoner. His other arm swept around her waist and pulled her against his hard frame. Her breasts crushed against him, her erect nipples jabbing his skin through two t-shirts. All the while his tongue slid over her own, coaxing her to come out and play with him. She wanted to resist; she wanted to say no. But her own tongue betrayed her, lifting to meet his, to stroke his, to graze his lips and teeth, and dart out to touch his as his head imperceptibly drew back from her.

Breathing heavily, his dark eyes gazed down into her flushed face. “Would it be so bad,” he asked huskily, “if something did happen between us?’

“This can’t go on,” she managed, shaking her head at him. “Stop and think, Chase. You’re my son’s best friend. Don’t let this moment come between us.”

“I can’t very well let this moment slip by either, can I?” he demanded, sounding as though he were arguing with himself.

Ginny struggled against his hold. “I’m sorry, Chase. I’m sorry I affected you this way. If we stop now, it’ll all be forgotten.”

Still holding her with one hand, Chase reached to his side with the other and grabbed his backpack. He fumbled with the contents for a moment, then came up with six small square packets attached to each other and held them out to her.

Ginny looked at the condoms, then back at him.

“I got these out of my luggage before we left your car,” he said. “Do you really think I want to stop now and forget about it?’

A small sound came out of the back of her throat, the sound of hopeless resignation coupled with burning desire. Chase tossed the condoms aside and dragged her body against his. She could feel his hardon through his sweats. The idea that he wanted her that way…it hurt her brain to think. In a single motion he pressed her down into the sofa, his body wedged between her and the back cushions. His mouth came over hers ago, more fierce and demanding than before. Ginny yielded to him. He pillaged her mouth, lapping at the insides of her cheeks, sucking her lips, teasing the roof of her mouth, biting her. Impatiently his mouth left hers to kiss her chin, her throat, her décolleté , then nibbled at her earlobes, before settling back to raise an index finger to a brown spot under her t-shirt. He watched her face as his finger swirled over her left nipple, watched at her brows furrowed, her mouth gaped, her breath quickened.

“So hard,” he breathed. “I wonder what it looks like underneath.” He lifted the hem of her t-shirt until her breasts were completely exposed. Again his finger swirled around the same nipple standing erect in the cool air. “Good?” he teased her. “Shall I do the other one?”

Without waiting for her answer he ran his fingertip over her right areola. Ginny moaned deep in her throat; she couldn’t imagine anything feeling better than this.

“Now for the taste test,” he murmured. He bent down to capture her left nipple between his teeth, but as he drew back his head his lips closed around it to suckle the hard flesh greedily. Ginny cried out, her hips lifting of their own volition against his groin. The bulge in his pants rubbed right against her clit and she cried again, louder, as the passion within her exploded into a will of its own.

Her hand grabbed his cock, feeling it through the thick fabric as though she didn’t quite believe it was real. Chase sat up from her, balancing himself on one knee, and dragged his shirt over his head. Curly black hairs matted his chest and tapered downward, across his solid abs, to disappear into the waistband of his sweats. His long, muscular arms flexed slightly as he tossed the t-shirt aside. Then, with dexterous fingers, he effortlessly brought the waistband down, and his cock sprang out, fully hardened, the purplish head bulging at the end of the staff.

“Is this what you want?” he asked, and, when she hesitated, picked up her hand to squeeze it around his member. He kept his hand over hers, gently forcing her to stroke it. All the while their eyes remained locked, staring almost in disbelief at what was happening between them.

He continued holding her hand under his own, moving his hips back and forth as she stroked him. “Yeah,” he breathed. “God, that feels good. Oh, Ginny, it feels so good for you to be touching me this way. Please give me your other hand. Please.”

She raised her other hand and let him place it around his shaft. His own hands fell away, and ever so slowly she reluctantly gave him a hand job. She knew she didn’t deserve to be with him, or to touch him this way. But he wanted it…he so wanted it…and she wanted to make him happy. The hardness she had seen in his face earlier in the day, the bitterness and sadness over his failed marriage, seemed to be fading if just a little with each stroke of her fingers.

He may have been content to go on as they were had Ginny not just then licked her dry lips with her tongue. With an agonizing moan, Chase moved in closer. “Ginny, you know I respect you,” he said sincerely. “You know I would never, never ask you to do anything…anything….” His hips inched towards her head. “Oh, baby, I would so love if you would suck it. Please.”

Ginny closed her eyes against the beautiful sight of him, her mind screaming, “No!” A part of her, the part that kept reminding her that he was her son’s best friend, was utterly repelled by the thought of Chase Nolan’s dick in her mouth. But her body had other ideas. Her lips parted, and he took the opportunity as a sign of acquiescence.

Nudging her moist lips with the head, he said eagerly, “Open up, Ginny. Take it in.”

She dropped her jaw and encased the hot, hard meat with her mouth. Her tongue swirled over the head and piss hole, recalling how once, long ago, she’d enjoyed doing this to her husband. Yes, she’d enjoyed it, taking the cock in, rubbing against the smooth flesh with the flat of her tongue…just as she was now to Chase. She’d enjoyed folding her lips over the head and sucking, her teeth just barely grazing the surface…just as she did now to Chase. She remembered tasting precum against her tongue and, looking up, seeing the bead emerging from the piss slit, and raising her hand to grasp the shaft and rub the juice under the helmet, making him squirm with delight…as she did now to Chase.

“Oh my God,” he gasped. “My God, Ginny, what you’re doing to me. What you’re doing is fabulous.”

She reached with her other hand between his legs to grasp and stroke his testicles. Her thumb outlined one of his balls, then moved to do the same to the other. Remembering what he’d done to her, she pulled him a few inches closer and reached out to lick his scrotum.

“Now for the taste test,” she said in a sassy tone, and sucked his left ball into her mouth.

“Oh fuck!” he yelled, grasping her head with his hands and burying his groin in her face. He held her while she licked and sucked to other ball, and licked behind them, touching his tender perineum with her tongue. Above her he muttered something unintelligible…something about it being the best thing that had ever happened to him. A thrill ran up inside of her, that perhaps it really was the best for him. After so many years of being undesired, she wanted him to want her. She wanted to give him the best she had.

Ginny pushed him away and got on her knees. She held his firm ass cheeks in her hands and took his dick in her mouth. Back and forth she pumped him with her mouth, loving the sound of his gasps and moans, the way his fingers buried into her tightly braided hair, the way his thighs stiffened and his ass jutted forward. Her jaw widened to take more of him in. He pushed deeper, and each extra centimeter seemed to send him into another dimension. Ginny brought a hand around to cradle his balls, and felt the increasing tightening that foretold what was to come. He was so close. She steeled herself for the moment when his hot cum would fill her mouth and run out of her lips before she could swallow. She wanted it. She wanted to feel his release inside of her, to know she had made him happy.

“Ginny,” he said, sounding far away. “It’s gonna come, baby. Get back.”

He pulled it out of her, and long strands of semen pumped out onto her t-shirt as he jerked his cock. She bent forward and grabbed his dick with her mouth, pulling him back into her to suck the last strays of cum off of him. This she swallowed and, with a final lick against his head, stood to her feet.

“Guess I have to change again,” she purred, and carefully pulled the t-shirt off her head.

He quickly turned her around and pushed her down on the sofa. “Where do you think you’re going?” he demanded, falling to his knees to make short work of peeling off the silky basketball shorts.

Naked before him, Ginny felt compelled to cover up her body. But he wasn’t having any of that. He pushed her hands out of the way, over her head, and held her there while he kissed her mouth with delicious reverence. “You’ve done something for me,” he said huskily, “she would never do. Now I want to make you feel what I felt.”

“Chase, you don’t have to—”

“I know. But I want to. I want to make love to you with my tongue and my lips like you did me. It was beautiful, Ginny. You’re beautiful.”

He let go of her hands and pulled her forward so that her ass hung over the edge of the sofa. He raised her legs to his shoulders and looked down and groaned. What he could see that she could not was the opening of her vagina, and the juice that ran like nectar downwards to her ass. The juice had spread upwards as well, making a wide circle inside her thighs. His fingers gentle stroked the full lips of her labia; he wanted to make this last for her. He thought of all those nights she had been alone in her own bed, even though a man slept next to her. What a fool. He bent and let his tongue ever so lightly slide up the length of her slit. She was such a prize. The thumbs of both his hands swept up and over her clit. She cried out, her brows furrowing over the bridge of her little upturned nose in passionate agony. Oh, yes, he loved her face that way, the way her eyes turned to stormy pools of blue-green and her lips curled back like an animal. His thumbs swept back down over her clit, his index fingers over her pussy lips, his middle fingers into her vagina. He smiled as she bucked against his hands. God, she was so hot, the juice pouring out of her. He bent again to slide his tongue against her opening, to take in a full helping of her nectar. She tasted so good. He raised his hand to her clit and stroked the hood with his knuckle, while his tongue buried deeper into her vagina. He pushed his jaws forward, forcing her soft flesh to give way and more of her to open to him.

Her hips rocked up to meet his face. Her fingers were in his hair, holding him, as the fire within her blazed upwards. Each stroke of his knuckle sent spasms through her flesh into the depths of her vagina and then up, up, into her uterus, her belly, her chest. The orgasm was rising, rising, as he fueled the flame with his tongue, coaxing her G-spot, forcing the nerve endings to seize upon themselves as the blood-engorged members of her sex exploded out and carried her high, upwards, ever upwards, in a massive wave that made her body buck against his face while her mouth opened and in a falsetto gasp she cried,

“Chase! Oh! Chase! Oh baby! It feels…it feels…so good!”

And down she tumbled, like a house of cards collapsing, down upon the sofa, while in her groin the fire continued smoldering, refusing to give her peace. Her hips kept rocking even as he drew away from her, a look of awe and satisfaction in his eyes. He reached for her and kissed her, deeply, sweetly, with a tenderness that conquered at last all of her defenses. Whatever happened now, she was his. She was his to use or cast off, she didn’t care. If ever she had not understood the bond between a master and a slave, she understood it now. She was wholly, completely, his.

She awoke next morning to the smell of coffee. Coffee? Sitting up, she rubbed her eyes and tried to remember if they had brought coffee. She didn’t remember coffee. But she did remember quite a few other things.

Like a cat she stretched as she slowly rose from the mattress. A fire blazed in the hearth in front of her, warming her bare skin. And since her skin was indeed quite naked and daylight poured into the windows flanking the fireplace, she dragged the sleeping bag up around her shoulders and shuffled into the kitchen. Coffee did indeed stand ready in the decanter and she poured herself a cup. Mmmmmm, delicious. She loved a man who could make coffee. Just then the back door opened and Chase strode in, looking amazingly sexy in a black turtleneck and jeans. His face was clean shaven and glowing and he looked excessively happy.

He rubbed his cold hands and smiled as he moved to give her a kiss. “Good morning,” he purred. “Sleep well?”

Ginny’s knees felt weak. “Yes.”

“I was just checking the propane. Wanted to make sure we were good…which we are.”

“Where did the coffee come from?”

“Oh that. Well, actually, it was a gift I’d gotten for, uhm, for you. I remembered how much you liked coffee and I picked up some in Dallas from this little gourmet shop. I was going to give it to you when we got home but, well…”

He handed her the bag of gourmet coffee, blushing a little.

“Thank you, Chase,” she said. “Thank you for remembering me.”

He poured himself a mug. “Well, yes, but it’s worked out for me, too.”

She turned to the window. “They’ll be coming soon, don’t you think? It’s a gorgeous day. There’s no reason they won’t find the car. A few hours, at best.”

“A few hours,” he echoed.

They both took sips of their coffee, then set down their mugs. The next instant they were reaching for each other.

Chase bent to envelope her mouth with his own. He kissed her with renewed passion, the passion of a man who knows what he’s going to get and can’t wait. His strong, youthful arms enveloped her slender frame and he lifted her to carry her back to the mattress. Settling her there, he stood over her to strip off his clothes. Watching his beautiful flesh emerge from the fabric, she whispered her endearments to him with her eyes. Chase, my beautiful one, her eyes said to him. Chase, my strong stallion. Chase, my majestic stead.

He fell to his knees, a supplicant before her. His fingers wound around her ankles and he lifted one of her feet to his face, laying his cheek against the top of her foot to stroke it. Ever so slightly he inched forward, letting that ankle fall on his shoulder. The other he raised and did the same, stroking her foot with his cheek before letting it fall. He kissed her calves, and then behind her knees, crawling ever so much closer to her, the rod between his legs stiff and promising the bliss they had shared separately the night before.

He lay his hands flat on her thighs and bent, like a worshiper, over her, inhaling deeply the essence that rose up from her core. He bent farther and nudged the cleft in her flesh with his lower lip and then his chin, making her tremble at the feel of clean shaven skin.

“Ginny,” he said as he slid a middle finger into her moist vagina. “Can you still get pregnant?”

She shuddered at what he was doing to her, stroking her, just there, just over her G-spot. “Yes,” she whispered.

He bent and licked her clit, swirling his tongue over and over the swelling button. With his free hand he made a little V with his fingers and massaged the corners of her pelvic bone just on either side of her clit. Her hips rocked involuntarily against him. “Does that feel good?’ he asked.

“Yes. Yes. Don’t stop.”

“Do you know why it feels good?” he asked. “Because your body thinks I’m lying on top of you, putting pressure there. Your body wants you to feel good, Ginny. You’re meant to enjoy these pleasures.”

“Yes. Yes, Chase, oh yes.”

He lowered his head again, this time sucking her clit into his mouth. She cried out at this unfamiliar sensation, grabbing the sides of his head to keep from flying away. Juice spilled out around the finger he had buried deep in her. He felt rather than saw this mild orgasm and knew there were more inside of her. In just a few hours, her body had already emerged from its dormant state, and he knew she was on the verge of blossoming into the wild creature she was meant to be.

“I can’t wait any longer,” he said, and reached for the condom packet on the floor. In a few seconds he had the ribbed and lubricated condom pulled over his hard shaft. Then, to her delight, he lay down on his back and waited for her.

Ginny raised herself to her knees and straddled his hips, poising herself directly above his cock. With his hands on her hips, he guided her downwards, and her legs widened as the cleft in her flesh parted to give him entrance. She winced a little at the unfamiliar pressure. His eyes widened in surprise.

“My God, you’re so tight,” he said, slowly pumping her.

“It’s been a long time.”

Chase’s hands lifted to envelope her breasts. He gently pulled her forward to take one of her nipples into his mouth and suck it. He needed this distraction. He had to try to ignore the orgasm rising too quickly inside of him. He hadn’t thought she would be so tight. And God, the way she just kept riding down on him, tilting her hips forward ever so slightly and then….DOWN! Up, tilt…DOWN! Oh, God, it was killing him the way she was doing that. If only her ass didn’t feel so good in his hand…he reached around and felt the tight rosebud of her anus, encircled with soft little hairs. Up, tilt…DOWN! Her tits rose up in front of him and he grabbed the other nipple and sucked it in. Up, tilt…DOWN! He watched as her fingers stroked her clit. Up, tilt…DOWN!

“Chase!” she gasped.

“Ginny, Ginny—”

“Chase, fuck me. Fuck me, baby. Fuck me harder.”

“Ginny, Ginny, Gin—”

His throat constricted and his semen burst forth into the condom , filling the bulbous end. Ginny squirmed against the added pressure inside her cunt and climaxed. Her hips rocked over and over again, unable to stop as the orgasm persisted. She wanted to stop but she couldn’t. Something more rose up in her and she came again, screaming his name, as her vagina ejaculated wildly around his softening penis. Chase gasped and held onto her. How he would love to be able to fuck her again right now. But he would, he told himself. He would.

In the afterglow of the most remarkable experience in her life, Ginny knew she was changed. Everything had changed in the span of a few hours. Her destiny was irrevocably altered from that of a passive housewife. She could not stay with her husband now. She would leave him, and go to the city, live with her sister or her mother, get a job, get an apartment. All the heartache she had endured for those many years were burning up, like the wood in the fireplace. She was stronger for what she had endured, and she would persevere.

“Ginny,” he said after a long while. “Will you be sorry when we leave here?”

“Of course. Except that my son and mother must be worried, I don’t care when we’re rescued.”

He sighed and closed his eyes and held her closer to him. “Good. Because if you look out that window right there to the north, there’s a bank of snow clouds coming right for us. I’d say we’re going to be here for a while.”

Ginny carelessly looked in the direction he’d indicated and did indeed see a massive storm front moving in. “Well, I’ll be,” she murmured, nestling back down against him. Her hand spread over his abdomen. “I wonder what we’ll do with ourselves until then,” she sighed, letting her fingers “walk” downward, to the slight bulge growing under the sleeping bag. “Because it seems to me, we’ve already got cabin fever.”

Chase laughed and flipped her over flat on her back. “Minx!” he teased, and put in face down into her giggling neck, to kiss that delicious flesh. He had some kind of fever, alright, and he wasn’t in any hurry to get rid of it.

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