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Sarah, Jane and Dan Experiment

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Sarah sat with Dan and Jane, sipping on her drink, swapping happy banter with her friends. They’d been drinking steadily for a couple of hours and were certainly feeling the influence of their drinks.

Sarah had always thought that her friend’s boyfriend was hot and had fantasised on occasion about running into him somewhere and fucking his brains out. She wasn’t out to steal him from Jane or anything, but she sure did like to daydream.

He was looking extra yummy today, wearing jeans that she’d noted hugged his arse just perfectly when he walked in. He was wearing a fitted tight shirt and had the top couple of buttons undone as some relief from the heat of the day. As Jane found herself staring she noted a sheen of sweat glistening amongst the chest hairs between his pecs. She nearly growled at the sight, grinding her legs together as she made an effort to shift her attention back to what was being said.

“What was that sorry?” Sarah said, blushing “as she realised that Dan had been speaking to her.

“I asked if you’d like another drink, you ditz,” he said laughing, “or perhaps you’ve had enough if you’re going to vague out in the middle of a chat.”

“Perhaps I’d better have a water … but get me another of these as well, I’ll drink them both,” she said.

Sarah watched as Dan walked out of the room, eyeing off is bum.

“Gorgeous, isn’t it?” Jane asked, as Sarah turned back to face her.

“What? Oh shit, sorry, I just, you know, got caught up looking.” Sarah said, blushing again.

“Hey, its ok, its worth looking at after all and as long as you’re not actually touching or stealing, looking is fine.”

Sarah cast an eye over Jane as she considered how she should take that response. She had shoulder length, dark hair and a slim figure. She was wearing a pair of short denim shorts that only extended to the top of her thighs and was sitting cross-legged on the couch. She was also wearing a white t-shirt, apparently quite a thin one, because it was fairly obvious that she was also wearing a white bra underneath it.

Sarah wasn’t wearing a bra herself. It was bloody hot and given that she was only an a-cup, she had decided when she’d left home not to bother. She wondered what it must be like for Jane, with her large breasts. Sarah found herself contemplating what it would be like to have such large assets; breasts that would draw a man’s eye.

“Earth to Sarah …”

“Oh god, sorry, I’ve done it again,” Sarah laughed.

“Geez, what were you thinking about, you had this happy little smile on your face and you seemed to be miles away?”

“Er, well, er, don’t worry about it,” laughed Sarah, blushing yet again.

“Well now you HAVE to tell me,” Jane insisted laughing. “If its enough to make you blush like that, it must be good!”

“Oh god, well if you must know, I was thinking about your tits.”

“My tits?” Jane asked, looking confused.

“Yeah, they just kind of drew my eye and I got caught up wondering what it must be like to have some …” Sarah said, her hands automatically going to her own chest and squeezing her small breasts. She was surprised to feel that her nipples were hard.

Jane’s eyes followed the movement of Sarah’s hands as they moved to her chest and squeezed. She looked up to meet Sarah’s gaze, surveying her friend’s pretty face. She had a cute button nose, beautiful cheek bones and her face was framed by a short bob of loosely curled blonde hair. Jane had always thought that Sarah was gorgeous, as did most people who met her, though she had to admit that she’d never really taken any notice of her small breasts. She knew that Dan loved having her over because she was so good to look at and teased him constantly about it.

“And just what were you wondering?” Jane asked.

“Well, you know, what they feel like, what its like to have guys want to talk to you just because of your tits … what its like to run with them.” She stopped abruptly, embarrassed again.

“Well, if you must know, the guy thing is double edged, because its great when someone like Dan wants to talk to you, but unfortunately, so do a lot of really gooby guys, but you know that, you get as much attention as I do just because you’re so damn gorgeous!”


“Yeah, well its true, even if you don’t believe it. As to how they feel, well short of feeling them, its kind of hard to say I guess.”

“What are you two talking about?” Dan asked, returning with drinks for them all.”

“My tits,” Jane laughed.

“Sounds like a perfect topic to me, they’re fabulous,” Dan grinned, leaning over and squeezing one before Jane slapped his hand away. “So what about them are we talking about?”

“We?” Jane laughed, “you’re awfully quick to jump in!”

“Well what’s a guy to do when two gorgeous chicks are talking about breasts? Leave? I don’t think so!” They all laughed at the enthusiasm of his response.

“Sarah wanted to know what they feel like,” Jane told him.

“Well, they feel great!” he said, “you know, firm and heavy … like breasts!”

“Huh, like that’s a lot of help,” Sarah laughed, grabbing her tits, “I only have these little things to compare to and I don’t think its quite the same.”

“Hey don’t worry about the size of your breasts, they’re all good!” Dan said, a serious look on his face as he looked up from checking out Sarah’s small chest, noting the extent to which her nipples were protruding through the fabric of her pink t-shirt. It made him wonder if she was wearing a bra and despite his drunk state, found himself hardening with the conversation.

“So you want me with smaller breasts do you?” Jane quizzed him.

“Hey, that’s not what I said and you know it, you can’t set me up like that!” Dan laughed in reply. “And if you really want to know what they feel like Sarah, just cop a feel, like this!” As he said it, he wrapped his hands around his girlfriend and seized her boobs, hefting them in his hands, delighting in the sensation.

“Ha, you just want to get to watch,” Jane laughed, moving his hands away.

“Well, that might be a bonus, but if you’d prefer, I can leave the room …”

“Hey no one said it was even going to happen,” Sarah laughed.

“Hey, its cool by me,” Jane told her. “Do you really want to know what they feel like?” Sarah stared at her friend, surprised at the fact that the suggestion had caused her body to react pleasurably. She wasn’t sure what it was … the thought of touching Jane’s breasts or the fact that if she did Dan might be watching. She looked across at him and the eagerness on his face turned her on. She glanced down at his crotch and could see that he was already well excited by the prospect. It tipped her hand.

“Ok, I will,” Sarah said.

“Awesome!” Dan exclaimed and the two girls cracked up laughing at him. “Or do I have to leave?” he asked timidly as he waited for the girls to recover and he considered the possibility.

“I can live with him watching if you can,” Jane advised her.

“What the hell, why not?” Sarah giggled. Jane stood up from the chair and Sarah stood up facing her. Tentatively, she reached out her hands and placed them on Jane’s breasts, first with her fingers facing up. She squeezed them gently, surprised at the weight that was apparent, loving their firm feel.

“No, that’s not right, you have to take her top and bra off to really appreciate them,” Dan said, grinning. It was apparent from the bulge in his pants that he was already getting enough of a thrill.

“Do you want me to?” Jane asked quietly. Sarah stared into her friends green eyes, seeing a glint of something in them that egged her on.

“Ok.” Jane took half a step back and pulled her white t-shirt up and over her head. Sarah watched as her breasts lifted with her arm movement and then jiggled and settled within the confines of the bra. Jane then reached behind herself and released the bra before allowing it to fall to the floor between them, exposing her breasts.

Sarah stared at Jane’s breasts, drinking them in. Her nipples were quite large, the aureole about the size of 50 cent pieces. The nipple itself was surprisingly small in comparison, Sarah thought, poking out a couple of millimetres. She assumed that they got bigger when they were more excited.

Sarah couldn’t imagine her own getting much more excited as she reached out and touched the soft skin that covered the firm marvels that were Jane’s breasts.

Jane stood there, her best friend cupping and holding and exploring her breasts. She didn’t know how much the alcohol contributed to it, but was astounded by how erotic it felt. Her crotch was soaked!

Jane reached out and pulled the hem of Sarah’s t-shirt up. Sarah hesitated, then grinning, released Jane’s breasts as her t-shirt was pulled up and over her head, exposing her own breasts.

“Oh wow, look at your nipples!” Jane said as she took in the fact that they were sticking about 15 millimetres out from her tiny aureole. “Oh your tits are so cute!” Jane exclaimed and reached out to touch them.

Sarah reached out with her right hand and cupped Jane’s breast, doing the same to her own with her left hand for a comparison. Jane reciprocated and they each stood holding one of their own and one of their friend’s breasts.

“Oh fuck that looks hot!” Dan exclaimed, now standing alongside them. “If you two kissed right now, I reckon I’d lose my load!”

Sarah was surprised at the look that crossed Jane’s face before she said, “I’m game if you are.”

Sarah laughed nervously and then said, “What the hell, let’s give the poor boy a thrill.” Tentatively the two girls leaned towards each other, their mouths parting as the distance was closed. Sarah stepped forwards slightly and they met. Jane’s tongue found Sarah’s and the two of them danced together as if they had been put on the earth for that sole purpose. Soon the two girls were pressed tight, their naked breasts between them.

Dan stood stroking his cock through his jeans as he watched, only the fact that he was witnessing it giving credit to the vision as the girls kissed.

“You know, suddenly, I’m fucking horny!” Jane announced when the kiss broke apart. “That might just have been the hottest kiss I’ve ever had.”

“I know what you mean,” Sarah said, her tongue licking delicately along her bottom lip.

“Don’t you dare ditch me now!” Dan said, only half joking.

“Oh don’t worry, I’m not going to give that dick up, but that kiss was just … bam!” And with that she stepped back up to Sarah and resumed kissing her, this time, her hands rubbing up and down Sarah’s bare back. Sarah’s hands caressed the sides of Jane’s boobs before sliding down and resting at the top of her arse, her finger just inside the very top of her pants.

“I need my nipples sucked,” Sarah said to Jane as they broke apart again.

“Are you asking me to? Or was that hypothetical?” Jane said quietly, wanting only one answer.

“I think I’m asking you to.” Sarah replied quietly. Jane stepped back half a step and lowered her mouth to Sarah’s nipple, sucking on it, drawing it away from her Small chest, again amazed at the length of them. As she did so, Dan moved behind Jane and wrapped his arms around her, his stiff cock pressed against her butt and his hands cupping her breasts, squeezing and massaging them.

“Oh God,” Jane moaned around Sarah’s nipple, overcome by the sudden and intense sexuality of the moment.

Sarah watched as Dan’s hands massaged Jane’s firm breasts at the same time as she felt the pleasure that Sarah was delivering to her via her nipples. Jane stopped sucking on them and stood up, pulling Sarah close to her again so that they could kiss for a third time. Dan groaned as he felt Sarah’s chest thrust against the back of his hands as he continued to manipulate Jane’s boobs.

Dan allowed his hands to slip from between the two girl’s breasts and down over Jane’s waist. When his fingers found the top of her shorts, he undid first the button and then the zip, sliding her shorts down, pulling her panties with them. Sarah took half a step back, again taking Jane’s breasts in her hands and fondling them as she watched her pants disappear, unsure where this was all going. She couldn’t help but watch as the shorts and panties slid down Jane’s long slender legs. She looked at her pussy and was surprised to see that she was completely devoid of hair.

“Oh, you’re bald!” Sarah remarked in surprise

“Yeah, it was a present for Dan … a triple X wax,” Jane laughed. “But it felt so good that I’ve been doing it ever since.”

“It really felt good?” Sarah asked, surprised.

“Well, not the actual waxing, but after,” Jane laughed. Dan dropped his own shorts and started trying to work his cock into Jane’s pussy from behind her.

“I think he wants to fuck me,” Jane laughed “Do you think I should let him?”

“What, just like that? No, I think you should make it harder for him.”

“What, make his cock harder, or fucking me harder?” Jane laughed.

“Both! I want to see you suck him.”

“Well aren’t you the horny little thing!?” Jane exclaimed. “What do you think Dan, should we let Sarah watch me suck your cock?”

“Hell yes,” Dan replied, his cock straining to full erection at the thought of the gorgeous, topless Sarah watching his girlfriend perform her oral mastery. Sarah moved so that she was alongside the couple and Jane turned around and dropped to her knees. She took Dan’s cock in her hand and then enveloped him with her mouth.

“Mmm, it’s a good size,” Sarah said, watching as Jane worked her mouth up and down it, one hand cupping and pulling on Dan’s balls.

“Oh yes and I love sucking and fucking it, ” Jane said between sucks. Sarah continued to watch, her pussy all but dripping with excitement as Jane’s lips worked up and down and her tongue swirled around the head of his cock. “Play with my tits Sarah,” Jane implored her friend as she continued to blow her boyfriend.

Sarah knelt beside Jane and took her breast in her hand, her face now level and significantly closer as she watched. She noted each vein on the erect cock as they slid within Jane’s mouth. Then she bent her head beneath Jane’s and took her large nipple in her mouth, capturing it, pulling on it, flicking her tongue back and forth, the whole time glancing up at the cock disappearing are reappearing between Jane’s lips.

Dan looked down and could see Sarah’s mouth working on Jane’s breast as Jane worked on his cock. He didn’t think he’d ever seen anything as exciting.

“Oh god I can’t believe how wet I am,” Jane exclaimed as she ground her thighs together and continued to “I think I need a good fucking Dan!”

Sarah stopped sucking on her friend’s breast as she moved away from her boyfriend’s cock and stood. She eyed off the cock, wondering how much it would upset things if she took it in her mouth and sucked on it. She was just about to try when Dan moved as well and it was beyond her reach.

Jane lay herself down on the carpeted floor and asked Dan to come and fuck her. Dan moved in for a missionary position entry and Sarah sat by them, almost forgotten as Dan thrust his cock deep inside his girlfriend’s slick pussy.

Sarah pulled at her nipples as she watched her friends go at it together. She desperately wanted some attention paid to her own pussy, but didn’t quite feel she could just ditch her skirt and pants and help herself. She moved so that she could watch between Dan’s legs as his cock slid in and out of Jane.

“Spread your legs Dan, let me see you fucking her,” Sarah said quietly, wondering what the response would be. She saw Dan use his knees to push Jane’s legs further apart and his own separated, giving her a great view of his cock sliding within her.

She found it an incredibly erotic sight, seeing her lips clinging to the shaft of his cock each time it was withdrawn. Bravely, she reached out her hand and cupped his balls, squeezing them gently as he moved within his girlfriend.

Dan gasped as he felt the pressure exerted on his nuts.

“What?” Jane asked him in response.

“She’s got my balls, fuck its good,” Dan grunted, thrusting back within her.

“You’re a bit cheeky!” Jane said to Sarah.

“Sorry, I couldn’t help myself, watching you two fuck is getting me so fucking wet and …”

“Hey, its ok,” Jane said, but come around here for a bit. Sarah moved back alongside the two of them, reluctantly leaving the view behind. “Now kiss me again.” Dan pushed himself up on his hands, into a push-up position and Sarah moved in alongside Jane, their lips melding together.

“That is soo fucking awesome!” Dan said, watching them as he continued to fuck Jane. Then he held himself on one hand and massaged Jane’s breast before reaching across and stroking Sarah’s allowing her amazing nipple to graze across the palm of his hand, eliciting a deep throated growl from her.

“Oh man, time for you to get on the bottom Dan,” Jane announced, pushing him from her. Dan wasn’t about to argue with anyone about anything at this point, getting more than he had ever even dreamed about.

He lay on the floor and Sarah watched, curious as Jane slid her way down his cock. “Now I can kiss you properly,” Jane announced, getting Sarah to kneel beside her. They joined their lips and took each other’s breasts in their hands whilst Jane ground down upon Dan’s cock. Dan looked up his girl friend’s body, loving the view of the underside of her full breasts and Sarah’s small one’s with their incredibly perky nipples. He moved his left hand and started to caress the back of Sarah’s leg, running it over the well-toned muscles until it was starting to slip under her skirt, each movement taking him a little closer to her panties. Sarah shifted slightly, adjusting her knees so that they were further apart and Dan realised that she was giving him access to progress his hand further.

He slid his hand right up to the crotch of her panties, finding it wet. He stroked his fingers along the fabric, applying pressure to her pussy, wondering whether he would get away with pulling the fabric aside and slipping his fingers within her slit. As Jane ground down upon his cock, he decided to go for broke and pulled the crotch aside, ran his fingers along Sarah’s wet lips and then slipped first one and then another inside.

Sarah moaned as she felt Dan slip the second finger into her pussy. She wished it was his cock. She was so excited, the kisses that she was sharing with Jane were blowing her mind and along with their hands caressing each other’s breasts, she needed to get off. She desperately wanted to cum.

“You’re cheeky boyfriend has his fingers in my pussy,” Sarah said around a kiss with Jane.

“Really, well I don’t seem to remember having given him permission to do that,” Jane said, sliding off of his cock. Maybe we should punish him and not give him and orgasm.

Dan groaned at the thought, his hand running back down Sarah’s legs, the evidence of her pleasure glistening on his fingers.

“But then who is going to make me cum?” Sarah asked.

“I guess I would have to,” Jane replied.

“If we’re punishing him, he shouldn’t get to watch then,” Sarah said, warming to the task of teasing Dan.

“Well that’s true. Of course, I do like his cock, maybe we could keep that and cast the rest of him outside?” Jane laughed.

“I must say it does look like a nice cock, I wouldn’t mind detaching it and having a go,” Sarah said.

“You know, I’m so fucking horny, I think I’d be quite prepared to let you have a turn even without detaching it from Dan if I get to watch,” Jane said huskily, her voice faltering.

“Really?” Sarah and Dan echoed at the same time, both hardly daring to believe what they’d heard Jane say.

“Yes, but you’d better do it now before I change my mind!” Sarah stood up and slipped her skirt and panties off, revealing neatly trimmed patch of pubic hair. She was about to straddle Dan when Jane said, “Hang on, let me clean him up for you.” She lowered her head to his cock and sucked him until there was no trace of herself upon him.

“Oh wow, I can’t believe you just sucked your juices off him,” Sarah said.

“What, you’ve never tasted yourself?” Jane asked, mirroring Sarah’s amazement, thinking that everyone did it.

“No, I haven’t,” Sarah said, stepping over Dan and lowering herself as he held his cock for her to descend upon. She felt the tip of his cock nestled against the entrance to her pleasure and moved further down, slipping down over his shaft. “Oh God I needed that,” she said, beginning to work up and down. Dan reached up and pulled at Sarah’s nipples as she worked herself on his cock, causing her to throw her head back in pleasure.

“Fuck its hot watching,” Jane told them, “but I don’t think I could watch the whole time.” And with that, she stood over Dan’s face before squatting down in front of Sarah. When she felt his tongue snake out and touch her pussy, she dropped to her knees and pulled Sarah to her so that she could appreciate yet another kiss. She was really starting to get off on kissing Sarah.

Jane felt Sarah’s hands upon her breasts again and revelled in the caress and grasp as their tongues danced together. Then she reached out with her own hand and slipped it down between Sarah’s legs, her fingers spreading either side of her boyfriend’s shaft as it slid in and out of her pussy. She slipped her fingers around until she had Sarah’s clit under them and started to massage it as Sarah continued to build her pleasure.

Sarah bit down upon Jane’s lip and pulled hard upon her breasts as her clit was attacked, driving her towards orgasm. She screamed out loud and felt her body reach its crescendo, shaking and pulsing as her orgasm burst through her being. She allowed herself to fall to the side, away from Dan’s cock, her eyes watching Jane as she now ground her pussy against her boyfriend’s face. As Sarah watched, Jane brought her fingers to her mouth and cleaned them.

“Mmm, you taste good Sarah,” she said and then dropped forwards into a 69 with Dan, sucking on his glistening, hard dick.

“I can’t believe you just tasted my pussy juices!” Sarah said, watching as Dan’s cock disappeared into her mouth over and over again.

“Hey, its not that bad,” Dan said as he used his tongue to pleasure Jane.

“It’s a lot better than a guy’s cum … you have tasted that haven’t you?” Jane commented, pausing briefly.

“Of course,” Sarah said.

Jane removed herself from her position on top of Dan (who groaned as he realised he was still not going to get to cum) and moved to the couch where she sat and spread her legs, exposing her wet, bald pussy.

“Come here Sarah, I think you should taste some pussy,” Jane said, running her fingers between her lips, slipping them inside herself and then offering them to Sarah to suck. Sarah looked apprehensively at the fingers before deciding that having come this far, she would at least go a little further. She took Jane’s fingers in her mouth and sucked on them. She was surprised. The taste was nothing like sperm. Not offensive at all really.

“Want some more? Jane asked her.

“Well, I don’t know that its THAT exciting, its not like liquid chocolate,” Sarah laughed. Jane joined in and Dan announced that he sure wanted some more and moved between Jane’s legs dropping his mouth to her pussy where he ran his tongue across her bald lips before licking between them, then up and over her clit which he flicked back and forth as Jane moaned.

Sarah watched as Dan expertly worked his girlfriend’s pussy over with his tongue whilst he knelt on the ground before her. She then dropped to the floor and slid underneath him to where his erect cock was being left unattended and took him in her mouth. Dan, close to orgasm, started thrusting his cock at her whilst he attempted to send Jane over the edge and bring her to climax. He succeeded in that first and Sarah heard Jane whimper as she exploded, Dan still working at her mouth.

Sarah used her lips and tongue to control Dan’s thrusts, feeling his shaft as it drove at her mouth, she could sense that he was near the edge and engulfed his length in her mouth, sucking hard. Dan moaned and held still as his balls tensed and then unleashed his cum into her mouth.

“I can’t believe it. You tell me pussy isn’t as bad as cock and then you swallow that but won’t lick me!” Jane laughed from where she sat on the couch watching as Sarah swallowed the sperm that she’d taken in her mouth. Sarah looked back at her sheepishly.

“It’s wasn’t the taste, it was the licking that I wasn’t sure about,” Sarah replied. “I mean, kissing you was hot, playing with your tits and sucking them was awesome, but I don’t know that I’m up for licking your pussy.”

“Oh,” Jane replied. “Well, what about having your’s licked, do you like that?”

“Hell yes, of course I do!” Sarah laughed.

“Good, then sit here next to me and Dan can lick your pussy,” Jane said. Sarah didn’t need encouragement and quickly moved up next to Jane on the couch. Dan commenced pleasuring her and Jane knelt up next to her on the couch, leaning over her. She kissed Sarah deeply before dangling her nipple in her mouth to have that sucked. Jane then straddled Sarah’s waist , keeping her breasts before Sarah so that she could suck on them some more. Sarah couldn’t help but note that she could feel Jane’s wet pussy moving back and forth across her abdomen.

Just as Sarah was nearing her orgasm, Jane told Dan to stop and dismounted from her position astride Sarah’s belly. Sarah looked quizzically at Jane, wondering what she had planned, but Jane just winked as she pushed Dan aside and took up the position he’d been occupying between Sarah’s legs.

As Sarah watched, Jane ran her fingers over Sarah’s pussy, then pushed one deep inside between her lips. She sucked it before lowering her tongue directly to Sarah’s clit.

Sarah gasped as Jane’s tongue began exploring her folds, licking and flicking back and forth and up and down and all over her inflamed lips. When she settled in earnest upon her clit, Sarah arched her back, forcing herself at her friend’s mouth, scarcely believing that she had another woman attacking her pussy.

Dan was now standing alongside, stroking his cock as he watched his girlfriend eat her very first pussy.

“Don’t just stand there Dan, fuck her,” Sarah gasped as she watched him. As if coming alive from a dream, Dan quickly moved behind Jane and slid his cock home between her lips, starting slowly with fluid glides in and out. Jane lifter her hands and slid them up Sarah’s body until she had her small breasts in her hand, her fingers seeking out and pulling on her erect nipples.

It was the little extra that Sarah couldn’t stand and she spasmed as a second orgasm flooded through her body. Jane stopped licking at her clit and rested her head on Sarah’s pubic mound as Dan now began fucking her harder with each stroke, his balls slapping against her as he drove his cock home.

He thrust for a final time and held his cock deep within her as he unleashed his sperm inside.

“Oh fuck,” Sarah said as she surveyed the nudity before her. “Someone get me another drink before I sober up too much. I’d hate to end up regretting something that was so much fun.”

“Don’t you dare regret it,” Jane said to her. “You have to stay the night now and before we’re done, you’re going to eat my pussy.” And as Dan went to get them all drinks, she crawled up until she was laying against Sarah’s naked body and kissed her again, their bodies fused together.

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