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French Doors

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As the pontoons of the seaplane separated from the calm waters of the small harbor, two sentences of Uncle Frank’s parting conversation echoed through my head – “Are you sure?” and “See you in a month.” All of a sudden I felt more alone than I’d ever felt before. A tear rolled down the side of my nose. I waved until I could no longer see the plane.

The sound of the plane’s engine was now gone and the silence was overwhelming. I’d been camping alone before, but the separation of this land from other land by the ocean intensified the isolation. There was only the infrequent sound of the waves. I clicked on the short wave radio and the one voice that came in clearly was a French man speaking. Of course I didn’t understand anything he said. I clicked it off.

Frank often talked about his part of an island and how the rest of it was uninhabited. I took him at his word. He and Peggy had actually lived here with several other couples, but now it was just a place for them to get away a few times a year.

A month of self-imposed isolation sounded like exactly what I needed but I understood how crazy that sounded. My friends made sure I knew they thought it was crazy.

The queen-sized mattress lay on the floor, the end centered near the open French doors of the one room cottage so I could watch the pounding ocean waves. The morning sun was peaking above the horizon. There were other things pounding like my heart and my hand between my legs. To me there was no other sound that turned me on more than ocean waves.

A warm salty breeze blew across my naked body as my toes curled. “Ah-h-h,” I gasped one last time before I fell limp on the mattress. That was such a nice way to wake-up. The ceiling fan turned slowly and I watched while I relived the pleasurable feelings of a few minutes ago.

I thought about getting up, but I tasted one of my fingers and decided it wasn’t yet time. The second and third fingers convinced me it definitely wasn’t. A fingertip touched my clit, sore but still excited, and a tremor raced over my body. “Fuck-k-k,” I screamed just as a wave broke. My knees pulled up to my nipples on the next touch of my clit. My feet moved higher. From where I lay it looked like the fan blades would strike my toes. I managed to press a finger hard against the inside of me. “Ah-h-h,” was all I could say.

Leaning against the door eating a grape, well more sucking on the skin at first, then swallowing it almost whole, I stared at the white crest of a wave just before it fell onto the rest of the water. As one wave after another broke, I could almost feel earlier orgasms one more time.

Naked, I took my bag of grapes and strolled towards the surf. The white sand was warm. It filled the space between my toes each time I dragged a foot. This was going to be the best time of my life and I was in no rush to do anything. Today was my first full day here.

I walked along the edge of the surf without a care in the world and popping a grape in my mouth every dozen steps or so. Damn the day was perfect. Everything about it was just so great.

An uncontrollable rage poured over me suddenly. “Fuck you Harold!” I yelled as I tossed the next grape into the water. Harold was my ex-husband. What a bastard. I felt better for having yelled into the wind even though no one could hear me.

I walked away from the surf toward what appeared to be a forest or maybe a jungle, small and not very dense. I followed a path and was curious to learn more about where I was living. The overhanging branches formed a soothing canopy and in the distance I could hear falling water. Not sure what I would encounter, I walked slowly forward. The soft breeze, probably caused by whatever was making the sound I heard, blew gently against my nakedness.

Around a bend by a tall palm tree, I finally saw a low waterfall about 10 feet in height with its water landing in a large lagoon. The edges of the lagoon were made of sand and proved inviting. My toes dipped into the coolness of the dark blue water. I walked further out until the water touched me high between the legs. I stopped for a moment and then thrust myself forward with my head underwater.

I stopped, not able to touch the bottom and treaded water while looking around at the magnificent Garden of Eden I’d discovered. I swam towards some rocks under the waterfall and pulled myself up onto them. Depending on where I sat either the water fell on me or in front of me. I loved both.

The days passed quietly and uneventfully with a combination of swimming in the surf and visits to the lagoon. It was the fifth visit to the lagoon when I heard a voice as I reached the tall palm. I stopped and looked.

“Feels so good,” a man said as he lowered himself into the water and splashed around.

Hiding behind the palm, I watched. I was expecting to be alone on the island and I had no idea where this man had come from. Fear was my first reaction and I struggled to calm myself. A cool gust of wind caused me to sneeze before I could do anything about it.

He stopped and looked around. “Who’s there?”

I took a few steps towards the lagoon. We stood facing each other, our bodies bare and equally exposed.

“Where did you come from?” I yelled back.

“I should ask the same thing. I live at the north end of the island.”

“I’m staying at my uncle’s place at the south end.”

He began wading toward the shore. “You have a name? I’m Josh.”

I was speechless as I looked at his body. It was the body of an older man and his cock was hanging well past where such body parts usually stop. Not that I was an expert on such matters. He stopped maybe 10 feet from me. My voice returned. “Janet” was the one word that came out.

“Don’t run. I won’t hurt you.”

With the way Josh was hung, the last thing I was worried about was being hurt, I was more worried if my heart would stop as he drove himself repeatedly inside of me.

“Are you okay?”

It took a few more moments before I spoke. “Ah … sure. Just being slow trying to decided if I should run or not.”

“Glad I wasn’t going to attack you.”

“Guess I’d been history wouldn’t I?”

Josh reached a hand out as he came closer. “Want to come in?” He sounded gentle.

I didn’t think about it, I just took his hand, nodded my head, and followed him until the water was nearly to my shoulders. Letting go of his hand, I rolled over and floated on my back. I could feel his hands touch my back and hip as he supported me.

I watched his eyes as he examined my body.

“I hope you don’t mind me holding you.”

There were many things I might have minded, but strangely I didn’t mind anything that was happening to me right now.

“It feels nice,” was all I said as I continued to rest on his hands.

He lowered the hand under my hip and my thigh brushed against something that felt like it might extend to the edge of the lagoon. “Oh-h,” I gasped. My feet touched the bottom and I stood facing him.

He stepped back a little. “Pardon me.”

I reached down and touched it with my hand. “Its huge.”

“I like the way you’re touching it.”

His eyes had a glimmer, his face filled with a pleasing look. My fingers slid along the length of the shaft. “Uh-huh.” I smiled for a moment as I continued to touch him. “I don’t want to be pregnant.”

“I’m sterile.”

“Okay.” Guess that might have sounded like a strange reply, but it was all I could think of to say.

“Sorry I’m so much older than you, you’re…”


“Well I’m 60.”

“You look good.” He looked better than ‘good’. Again my ability to find the right words seemed impaired.

My fingers curled around his cock. It almost seemed they weren’t long enough. The way we were standing, my mouth was right in front of his.

“Likewise,” he whispered.

Josh leaned forward until our lips barely brushed against each other. A finger touched my nipple and I jerked forward. Our lips pressed hard against each other. His hand replaced the finger as his tongue slipped between my lips. I inhaled pulling his tongue deeper into my mouth. Everything felt good, felt very good.

I could feel the end of his cock pressing against my opening. I wanted it inside me, but I also wanted it in my mouth. I was torn. The decision was taken from me as his fingers spread me wide allowing it to enter.

“Oh my-y-y,” I moaned.

“Tell me if it is too much.”

“Oh-h no-o it isn’t at all.”

I lifted my legs and wrapped them around his hips as I slipped further down the shaft.

“How did I get so lucky,” I whispered in his ear.

“That’s what I was asking myself.”

My hips rested in his palms as they helped me move slowly up and down.

“I love the way that monster fills me up!” I screamed.

I’d lost track of how many trips I’d made along that glorious piece of flesh. I’d even lost track of how many orgasms I’d had. Oh my God, why had I’d never been fucked by such a wonderful cock before?

“Are you going to cum? I want to feel it gush against the far reaches of my cunt!”

Josh stopped.

“What?” I questioned.

He looked at me with a puzzled look.

“Would you rather me finish you in my mouth?”

His head nodded as he carried me still impaled to the edge of the lagoon. We lay on a bed of leaves and grass and I took my first close look at what had been inside of me, what had felt so wonderful inside of me. The first lick of my tongue was filled with my own flavor. The fingers from both hands wrapped around the skin and stroked the full length that was longer than the width of both hands, much longer.

“Your pussy was like heaven, but this is fantastic,” he moaned as I covered the huge head with my mouth while continuing to stroke the shaft. One hand cupped his balls and rolled them back and forth in the sack.

“I’m not going to last long if you do that.”

“I don’t want you to either.”

My mouth was filled, then overflowing. I could not swallow fast enough. I started to choke and opened my mouth just enough to let some spill onto the ground. My head jerked back in a gag reflex and his next load landed in my left eye. I milked him until there was no more and then I licked him clean.

Josh stood first and helped me up. He turned to walk away.

“Hey buddy. Where do you think you’re going?”

“You want me to stay?”

“Hell yeah! I didn’t get nearly enough of that fine thing you’re wearing between your legs.”

“I’m too old for you.”

“No way! No one has come close to that kind of action.”

I turned and started to walk away. I glanced over my shoulder and saw him still standing in the same place.

“Come on.” I waved with my hand to follow and started walking. I heard the leaves and twigs rustle and crack.

We stood between the surf and the cottage. His cock was more at rest now and his face hung low.

“What’s wrong?”

I looked at Josh, at his well-tanned skin, the white hair on his chest, and the closely trimmed white hair on his head. He looked at me and smiled for a second before letting the smile disappear.

“I’ve almost forgotten what it is like to be with another person,” he said hoarsely.

“How long?”

“About a year I guess. I was okay until I saw you. Then it all flooded back. That first touch unleashed everything.”

“I know. Same for me.”

“How long for you?”

We sat on the small step to the cottage. I was quiet for a bit then took his hand in mine and squeezed it.

“The other day I yelled at the waves, about Harold. He’d been my husband for 15 months. I left him 2 years ago after I caught him in bed…”

“I understand.”

For the longest time we were quiet, just holding hands, our fingers feeling each other from time to time. The edges of our feet pressed together, rubbing up and down occasionally.

“Why are you here?” I asked.

Josh looked at me, and then rested his head in his hands, his head shaking back and forth.

I rested my hand on his thigh. “We’re on this island together. Why you’re here won’t make me not like you.”

“Well…” he started, and then became silent. I didn’t push him. We sat quietly watching the surf break against the sand. His voice was so soft I almost couldn’t hear him over the surf. “Janet … they said I killed her. I wasn’t even in that town.”

I pulled back not sure what to do or what I’d gotten myself mixed up with.

“Listen to me. I’m not bullshitting you about this. I just can’t prove I didn’t do it. I ran away a year ago. My boat is anchored in a cave at the other end of the island.”

He looked at me again trying to decide what my reaction was. I didn’t know myself and I was sure whatever expression I had on my face wasn’t going to be much help to him.

Josh stood suddenly and paused after two steps. He turned towards me, then away and took another step. I watched, still not knowing how I felt. I did know I was here for three more weeks before Frank would be back and maybe knowing more was the best thing.

“Wait Josh. Come back and talk to me.”


“Look at me. I don’t know what a murderer looks like, but I have a gut feeling that I should trust you.” I looked down and saw that wonderful chunk of flesh between his legs that had been inside me not so long ago. I could feel my heart miss a few beats.

“Janet, I’m trying to be honest with you. I could have kept quiet about it.”

“You could be lying to me.” I tried to not look concerned.

“True and you could be an axe murderer too.”

“Then it would be a contest to see who would kill who first.”

“Good one,” he said. He was almost smiling now.

Maybe Josh saw what I was looking at, maybe not. But the monster was starting to become erect. I reached over and held it.

“I want you to cum inside me.”

In the middle of the night I woke still filled with him. He felt nicer soft than any of the fully erect guys I’ve been with. His warm body helped break the chill of the ocean wind blowing through the open French doors.

While I needed to pee, I was enjoying the sensations as I moved my hips back and forth a little making my pussy slide along his cock. Even though Josh was still asleep, I could feel him become more erect. I was enjoying myself and quickly got over the guilty feeling I had about possibly waking him.

“Nice,” he whispered as his hand pulled my hip towards him driving his erection as far inside me as the unusual length would allow.

“Ouch,” I whimpered as the head hit the far end of my cunt.


“Damn you’re long.”

“Love the way you feel.”

“Yeah and I love the way you fill me up.”

He rolled me onto my back and began slowly sliding his cock in and out while looking at me with my face twisting and contorting from the orgasmic feelings covering my body.

“It’s great the way you can do that for so long.”

“You’re the first to enjoy me. Others have complained about my size.”

“Oh-o-o no-o. It’s heavenly,” I moaned as he continued to work himself around in me.

We walked naked along the shore towards the cave where his boat was anchored.

“Glad you trust me Janet.”

“You’re too gentle to be bad.” I reached over and held his hand.

The day was sunny and the sky clear, a light breeze blowing off the ocean tossed my hair as we walked along, our hands swinging slowly back and forth. Nothing was said for a few hundred yards.

I stopped and pulled Josh towards me. My arms wrapped around his waist, my hands rested on his hips stroking the glorious mounds on either side of his crack. Our lips met, our tongues drove deep into our mouths. I could feel his huge cock grow harder and press through the space between my legs. I felt like I was sitting on railing, only more wonderful. My crotch slid along the shaft making my pussy drip with more fluid than ever in my life.

“Lay on your back and let me ride it,” I moaned.

With my knees on either side of his hips, I pressed against the head of his cock, the lips of my pussy spreading wider and wider by the girth of it, until it began to enter me.

“Ah-h-h fuck that’s nice.” I screamed.

Inch by inch it entered me as I paused to let my channel expand to accept the delicious flesh. With three inches in me, I lifted myself slightly and then settled back down driving even more in me. I began to rise and then lower myself giving both of us pleasure.

He could no longer withhold his creamy cum and with the intense force I’d felt the other times, the warm streams began to blast against all the places in my cunt.

“Fill me darling!” I yelled as I continued to stroke him with my pussy. “I love that feeling. More! Don’t stop.” I begged.

His hands groped my breasts kneading them like small mounds of dough.

“I can’t get enough of your hands on my body Josh. That feels wonderful.”

The cum was draining out of my cunt now that there was no more room to unload the streams that were still as intense as the first one. I squeezed the muscles of my pussy as it milked the golden shaft of love that was driving me towards more orgasms than I could keep track of.

Long after the last warm stream of cum slammed into me, his cock was still rock hard and I continued to massage it with my pussy. I could tell by the expression on his face that he was enjoying it at least as much as I was.

“I hope you never get tired of doing that,” Josh exclaimed.

“Do you like this?”

I had trouble keeping myself from laughing at his question. “You are so much better than I could have ever imagined.” I stared at his face. “Ah-h-h!” I moaned as yet another orgasm raced through my body. Not willing to stop, but becoming sore and raw, I collapsed onto his chest. “Oh fuck that is so nice,” I whispered before I kissed him.

“Wow! Nice boat.”

We stood in the entrance of the cave where his boat was anchored. I guess I’d expected something more like a ski boat, but we were looking at a big sailboat with 2 masts.

“Come aboard,” he said as he climbed up a ladder.

I followed and stood on the deck looking around.

“I’ve never been on a sailboat, especially one this large.”

“This is not all that big, but it’ll do. We could sail around the world but in a big storm it wouldn’t be much fun.” He made a nervous laugh like he had experienced such a storm.

“Have you sailed since you got here?”

“About 3 hours west is a much larger island with several small towns. I go there for supplies.”

“You’re not afraid of being spotted?”

“My problems are on the other side of the world.”

“Where do you sleep?”

He turned and walked down a few steps and I followed. On one side was a small kitchen; the other was a bed. I sat down. “Fuck me,” I begged as I lay back and spread my legs.

Josh had never failed to be ready and this was no exception. Just as his cock began to enter me, I looked at him. “Maybe I’d rather suck you.”

He stopped and grinned. “I wouldn’t mind.”

He lay against the wall and I twisted until my head rested on his thigh. My hand stroked the full length of the shaft and stopped at the end letting my finger and thumb rub across the large shiny smooth skin of the head. I watched his cock jerk a few times. I was thrilled to know I was pleasing him.

I nibbled on the bottom of the head sucking pieces of skin between my lips before dragging my tongue around the circumference of the head. I pulled back and it was now fully damp with my salvia. My mouth made a popping sound as the head entered and another one as I let it leave. I loved the sound as I did it over and over.

Only a few inches would fit before I would gag, but I enjoyed the feel of it rubbing all over the inside of my mouth. I squeezed my mouth tighter against the warm shaft as I continued to slide my lips along it.

Josh’s fingers probed the folds of skin surrounding my pussy. A fingertip touched my raw clit, stopped, and touched it again.

“Oh-h baby that little nub needs a rest,” I whined.

He continued to finger inside my pussy and I liked the sensations that were being generated.

As I sucked the end of his cock, my hand stroked the rest of the shaft. I was surprised when a load of cum filled my mouth. I prepared myself for the next one, but it never happened.

“That was nice,” I said looking at him with a little dribble on the corner of my mouth. With a finger, I wiped it off and licked my finger. “Can’t waste any.” I smiled as I swallowed.

The small waves gently rocked the boat as we held each other close through the night. The bright daylight didn’t quite come into the cave and where we slept stayed dark until nearly 11. I only knew the time because a clock on the other side of the boat had 10:54 on it. Back at home time had meant everything, but no longer.

My fingers wrapped around Josh’s cock. “I’m not sore anymore.” I cooed.

I lay on my back, my legs wrapped around his waist as his monstrous cock filled me.

“Darling … I don’t think I could get used to not having that in me. Do you mind?”

“No sweetheart. I never thought I’d find someone I cared about. I have and I don’t want to lose you.”

“Just don’t stop fucking me and I’ll keep you around.” I laughed a big laugh.

He slid his cock in and out of me with long slow deep strokes. “Yeah baby … just like that.” It was about 10 more strokes before I was on the verge. “Oh-h-h my-y God!” I screamed as the first orgasm broke like a fifty-foot wave against the beach.

My ass leaned on the railing around the deck as Josh backed the boat out into the ocean. “Aye, aye Captain!” I joked as I faked a salute before holding the wheel so he could do something I’d already forgotten what he said needed to be done.

“Damn Janet, you look hot standing there naked.”

I wiggled my ass in his direction.

“Careful. I might need to fill that with my cock.”

“Oh-h no-o Captain. I’ll be good.”

The whack was louder than the surf as his hand landed on one cheek of my ass.

“You better.” Josh chuckled as he shook his hand like he had hurt it.

I watched his lovely body as he stood at the top of the steps. “Just keep the wheel steady. I’ll be right back.”

Josh returned wearing a tee shirt and shorts. He handed me some clothes.

“Out here we should wear clothes in case a plane flies over or another boat comes by.”

“Rats. I was enjoying being naked around you.”

“I know. We’ll be back before long.”

A larger island appeared on the horizon. “Let me take over. There’ll be some boats we need to maneuver around.”

“I want to learn.”

“You’re doing great. We’ll have plenty of time over the years.”

“I like the sound of that Josh.”

We walked along the pier, holding hands.

“Hey Gabe,” a man on another boat yelled.

“Hi Samuel,” Josh called back before looking at me. “Can’t use my real name,” he whispered in my ear.

“Who’s the good looking lady? Your daughter?”

“No, my grandmother.” Josh chuckled.

“Well if you get tired of granny, let me know.”

At the end of the pier was the ‘Surf Inn’. It was next to ‘Bucket of Rum’, a sleazy saloon without doors. An absence of sidewalks forced us to walk along the dirt street dodging a few bicycles and a motor scooter tooting its horn.

“Around here, that just means ‘hello’.”


We stopped outside of a store. A young child stood looking out a window with no glass in it.

“A loaf of bread, 12 apples, six Coke-Colas, and a newspaper,” Josh said before handing some money to him. In return the child handed Josh a paper bag with everything in it.

On the way back to the boat as we passed the ‘Bucket of Rum’, I asked, “Want to get a drink?”

“Can’t risk it. There’s some rum on the boat.”

In less than an hour, we had made port, bought supplies, and were now clear of the harbor.

“I try to do this to get a newspaper so I can see if there is anything about me.”

“Thought the problem was on the other side of the world?”

“It is. Never know when they might expand the search for me. This paper has articles from back home because people actually come here to scuba dive. Hold the wheel while I look.”

I watched as Josh flipped though the paper and then scan a page.


“No. Guess that is good.”

“How will you know it’s safe to go home?”

“Don’t know.”

I could see ‘our’ island. My hand stroked the front of Josh’s shorts and realized his cock was pointing down along his thigh. The head peeked out beneath the pants leg. “Something wants to be free.” My palm brushed against it. I stopped and unfastened the button and with a gentle push, his shorts fell around his ankles. With a little kick, they landed against the edge of the deck.

“Oh my yes. I needed to see our friendly buddy,” I teased as my hand slipped along the shaft. I knelt in front of him and began to suck him off.

“Maybe later we can have a rum and cum,” he said. Before he could finish his laugh, his legs straightened and his head jerked back as he blew a few loads of cum down my throat.

It was nice to have the boat back in the cave and our clothes off once again. While Josh stowed things, I poured us rum and colas.

“Hey where’s the rum and cum?”

“Later baby.”

A few mornings later, we walked back to my cottage to see if everything was okay. It was nice to be there, but not as nice as being on board the boat with Josh. We sat on the bed with French doors open and the ocean breeze filling the room.

“Josh,” I started and then paused.

“What Janet?” He put his arm around my waist and let it lay loosely against me.

“Is it crazy to feel this way?”

“What way?”

“Silly man. You know. In love.”

“I hope not.”

“I’ve been trying to not do that Josh.”


“I don’t know what is going to happen. Will you ever be able to leave this place?”

“Would it be so bad to stay here?”

“What about money?”

“Not a problem.”


Josh shook his head. “No,” he softly said.

“Next week the plane will be back with more supplies.”


“I could get someone to check for you.”

The lagoon was my second most favorite place, second only to the bed on Josh’s boat. Once again we found ourselves lounging in the cool shade of the tall palms enjoying the sound of the waterfall.

“Remember that first day?” Josh quizzed.

“I’ll never forget it. You scared the shit out of me!”

“I didn’t mean too.”

“Come with me.” I reached down and pulled his hand.

Standing next to each other, I lay back and floated in front of him.

“Put you hands under me like you did that day. I loved the way it felt.”

Josh put one hand under my back, the other under a hip, and supported me as he pulled me slowly through the water like a child with a toy boat.

“Like this?”

“Oh-h yeah baby. Never let me go.”

The goose bumps covered my skin as the cool water flowed over me.

“You cold?”

“Just enjoying what you’re doing.”

I stopped moving and Josh curled his arms rolling me against his chest. He stared at me cradled there for a moment before letting me stand in front of him. I could feel that part of his body that I could no longer live without pressing against that part of my body that loved to contain it.

“Just like that,” I moaned as I spread my legs enough to give him the access he needed. I lifted one leg and placed it against his hip and slowly let my weight cause me to settle down along that wonderful shaft.

“I like it more now,” he whispered in my ear. “I like it more each time.”

“You’re such a darling.”

He carried me to the blanket of grass and leaves where we had made love that first day. As he lay on his back, I rode his wonderful cock, taking as much of it inside my pussy on each long slow stroke, prolonging both our pleasure for as long as possible.

With a tender pull, Josh rolled me over leaving him on top, still inside me.

“Well…” I kidded.

“My turn.”

“There is no way that I don’t enjoy you dear.”

Four weeks on the island had turned my skin dark brown. I was slowly starting to look like Josh, like a person that had been at sea all their life. I had my shorts and shirt in hand as I looked at Josh sitting next to me on the bed.

“I don’t have anything waiting for me at home. Home? That’s crazy talk. This is my home now.”

“You don’t want to go back Janet?”

“Last week I started realizing I didn’t. Now I know I don’t. I want to be with you where ever that might be.”

“I’m still on the lamb.”

“I know. … I know.” I shook my head back and forth.

I pulled my clothes on to go meet Frank.

“Damn this feels strange.”

“Be safe.”

On shore, I stopped and looked a last time before waving and starting my walk back to the cottage. The time alone gave me a chance to consider my decision. Now matter how I thought about it, I was in love with Josh.

The propellers stopped spinning and the door opened. “Hi Uncle Frank!” I yelled.

As he walked though the surf, he yelled, “You’re looking good Janet!”

“Thanks for letting me stay here. This is being so good for my soul.” And my pussy but I couldn’t say that.

Finally we were face to face and hugged each other.

“Got more stuff. Ready for month two?”

“Yes I am. There was a time when I wondered. Now I don’t know when I might want to go back.”

“Wow! This from the shopping mall queen?”

“Silly isn’t it?”

“What changed? Got some pirate hidden in the jungle?”

I sat on the step to the cottage and pulled Frank down next to me.

“You do don’t you?”

“I need to trust you with this.”

“Sure pet.”

“Have you ever heard of Josh Benson?”

“The murderer?”

“Oh shit! … Is he?”

“The papers have been full of stories about him. Sounds like he didn’t do it. The prosecutor is out to get him anyway.”

“Really? I’ve got to know the truth.”

“That’s all I know. You know this guy?”

I nodded my head and remained quiet.

“You’re not in love with him are you?”

My head continued to nod.

“Listen to your heart darling.” Frank put his arm around my shoulder and pulled me closer. “If he were innocent, he would be a good catch. He owned a big company and is quite wealthy they say.”

“Even if he were poor I’d still love him. I met him not long after I got here. We’ve been together since and he is so good to me. I want to believe what he says. Can you find out more?”

“Anything for you. You sure about this?”

“Three weeks is not forever, but so far I can’t imagine not being with him. Please don’t tell anyone he is here.”

“Trust me. This will be our secret. I think they are only looking for him back at home.”


“When do you want me to come back with more supplies?”

“When will you know more about Josh?”

“Give me a month. Can you wait?”

“Oh I think we can amuse ourselves.” My voice and slight giggle did not leave any question about what I meant.

Frank mouth formed a huge grin. “Lucky Josh.”

“You dirty old man.”

“No, just jealous.”

I kissed him deeply and let my hand drag over his crotch. “Oh-h my-y.” I teased.

“Be careful. We don’t want Josh to catch us with our hands in the cookie jar do we?”

“Or Aunt Peggy.”

I left my hand over what had become a full erection. “I might have to think about that.” I reached inside his pants and felt something I’d never thought of touching before. “Well Frank, I didn’t know you cared so much.” I kissed him again with no intention to stop.

We waded out to the plane together. Frank looked down from the pontoon, “Our secret?”

“Hell yeah Frank. If you come back and tell me Josh is innocent, I might just have to do that again.”

Frank was laughing very hard. “Maybe I can just circle the island and come back in an hour.”

“Don’t tempt me.”

He handed me the first of several boxes of supplies and I carried them to the cottage.

I pushed on the end of the pontoon until the plane floated away from the beach. The propellers begun to spin and I waved to Frank as he turned the plane.

Before leaving the cottage, I took a quick shower to get rid of what Frank and I had done.

I jogged along the beach feeling like the weight of the world had been lifted from my shoulders. Not only had Frank supported my feelings about Josh, but also he believed that Josh might be innocent. Damn that would be fantastic.

Josh was standing naked on the deck as I neared the boat.

“How’s my stud?” I yelled.

“Better now that my lovely lady is back.”

I undressed as I walked across the deck. Josh leaned against the wheel looking like he was as ready as I was for a major roll in the sack.

My hand cupped his balls as I drove my tongue down his throat.

“Is that a banana in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?” I said. We both almost collapsed laughing as we embraced each other.

Lying with our faces between the other’s legs, we began feasting on tender morsels of flesh quickly bringing each other to the peak of excitement, our juices now covering our faces in great quantities.

I turned so I could kiss his lovely face. Our hands touched everywhere they could touch. Our lips not wanting to part for the longest time, the kiss didn’t stop.

“That was all I could think about on the way back darling. I love you no matter what.”

“You’re serious?”

“If we need to hide here for the rest of our lives, I will as long as you are here with me.”

“That is the most wonderful thing I’ve ever heard.”

Just enjoying the feel of Josh next to me, I watched his face as if he might be a dream in danger of vanishing.

He looked back. “What?”

“I just love to look at you,” I cooed.

“Did you tell your Uncle?”

“I asked if he had seen anything about you. He had and he said that the papers are reporting that you didn’t do it. The bad news is the prosecutor thinks you did.”


“I trust my uncle a lot darling. I trust you. You know that.”


“I told him I love you.”

“You did?”

“He’s going to see what he can do and will let me know when he returns next month.”

“You really trust him?”

“With OUR lives.”

“You may not know just how true that is.”

We were lying on the deck one afternoon sipping rum and colas enjoying the cool shade of the cave when we heard the sound of an airplane.

“There it is.” Josh pointed.

“That’s Uncle Frank. Looks like he is landing near the cottage.”

I put on my clothes and ran towards the cottage.

“Hey Frank!” I yelled as I waved.

Our arms wrapped around each other and we kissed passionately. I could feel his erection straining against the front of his shorts.

“Damn old man, doesn’t Aunt Petty let you fuck her?” I reached inside his pants and held his cock.

“I’m jealous of Josh I told you.”

“Well we may have to find a way to let both of you have me.”

“Oh darling.”

“What brings you back so soon?”

“I’ve got a notarized letter from the prosecutor for Josh. Thought you should be the one to give it to him.”

I ripped the envelope open, pulled the letter out, and read it out loud.

“We have sufficient evidence to drop all charges against Joshua James Benson. At this time, there are no plans to file any new charges.”

“Is this for real? I mean, is this just a trick?”

“According to my attorney, this is on the up and up.”

“You’re free!” I was screaming as I ran even though I knew Josh would not be able to understand me. I was waving the letter in the air.

I climbed the ladder and Josh yelled, “What are you saying?”

“You’re cleared of the charges.”

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