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There was a low hum flecked with snapping electronic spatter as the actresses’ throaty moans of enjoyment reverberated through the low quality PC speakers waltzing an arc across the desk against the shackles of their electronic leashes.

The three of us stood there in the school computer room with the Principal Ms. Marchelle McElroy and the Mathematics teacher Mrs.

Trudi Leon, both in their mid forties, sporting disapproving looks whilst watching two double-D breasted lesbians caressing each other’s breasts and taking turns in licking each other’s nipples.

We’d been busted fair and square.

Mrs. Leon looked on with pursed lips and a furrowed brow whilst slowly shaking her head. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. She must feel totally inadequate compared to the buxom chicks in the video. I guess they were the antithesis of everything she wanted to be and couldn’t become.

Ms. McElroy on the other hand, stood with arms crossed, speckling the room with pins of light from her scintillating diamond rings as she tapped the fingers of her right hand on her left bicep. Her haircut was short, layered, jagged and sassy. Her liquid black eyeliner extending outward accentuated her almond shaped eyes to just noticeable crows feet.

She wore a pinstriped black skirt snuggly fitting her arse before tapering down her thighs to a ruffled hem. She tapped her right foot, her patent leather high heels with a slither of gold coloured metal adorning the toe clicking away.

The lesbian on the right of the computer monitor suddenly sunk out of site as the camera panned down to catch her plunging her tongue into her girlfriend’s pussy.

“Well, I think we’ve seen enough!” Mrs. Leon said blushing red as she promptly stepped forward to turn off the monitor.

The screen went blank. Mrs. Leon turned to Ms. McElroy about to speak but was interrupted “Lick me baby. Eat my fucking cunt!” as the speakers danced to the chorus. My eyes watered with barely restrained laughter as she tried to silence the ensuing sucking and moaning sounds without success.

Irritated and severely embarrassed she promptly turned to us “Could one of you boys please turn this off?”

“Eat it bitch!”

“OH MY GOD!” Mrs. Leon’s jaw dropped at the despotic demand.

Jed quickly stepped forward and hit the space bar ceasing the lewd requests.

“Well?” Mrs. Leon asked her arms folded as she entreatied the Principal for some draconian action.

“I shall deal with this immediately. I’ll get Dave the technician to remove the obscene content when he gets in first thing tomorrow.”

I knew Dave, all the students did. He was everyone’s mate. He’ll probably copy it first.

“And the students? Shall I deal with them, I know you have a dinner on tonight.”

“It’s okay, I’ll cancel. This is too outrageous to ignore.”

“Fair enough.” Mrs. Leon looked at each one of us with a stern look, “Then I’ll leave them in your capable hands.” as she jutted her chin up with an air of superiority.

“Yes, my hands are well and truly capable of dealing with boys such as these.” Ms. McElroy joined Mrs. Leon in regarding us sternly. “Okay Trudi, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Of course. Oh, I’ll be in at ten tomorrow as I have morning netball at Kalinga High.”

“No worries, at ten it is.”

“Thank you Marchelle.”

Mrs. Leon brushed passed us without regard as she exited the computer room.

Ms. McElroy held us still with her stare as we all listened to Mrs. Leon’s footsteps fade down the linoleum passageway. We heard the exit door groan open and a gush of wind whistle into the corridor before it slammed shut, its dying echo leaving a heavy silence.

“Come with me boys.” Ms. McElroy commanded as we trailed her out of the computer room to the teachers’ wing which was out of bounds for students.

She opened her office door and we filed in and slouched around giving each other nervous glances.

Ms. McElroy had just one foot inside the door when she heard the cleaners dragging their carts through the corridor. She stepped back out and pulled the door ajar. “You can leave early tonight girls I’ll be working late.”

“Thank you Marchelle.” they replied and could be heard scuttling a hasty exit with their clinking cleaning equipment.

Ms. McElroy stepped back into the room and clicked the door shut. She stood with her back against the door casting her eyes over each one of us before exhaling exasperatedly and making her way around to the front of her desk. She never said a word as she busied herself by opening a drawer and pulling out a steel measuring tape and turning her computer monitor around to face us.

“Well, boys. What are you? Endless repeaters. How many times have you repeated this year Jed?”

“Only twice Miss.” Jed replied.

“And you Mike?”

“Third year Miss.”

“Third! What are you twenty now?”

“Nineteen in October.”

“What a loser!” she spat.

“And you.” directing her question to me.

“I’m not a repeater, I’m eighteen.”

“Well I was less than impressed by your antics boys. Just whose idea was it to download porn onto the school network?”

There was a full minute’s torturous silence until she gave up expecting an answer.

“By rights I should expel the lot of you good-for-nothings. But I think I can find some redeeming aspects to your useless selves.”

“Miss, we’re sorry for …”

“Oh stop driveling Mike it’s so unbecoming.”

I couldn’t help it, I laughed.

“Something funny?”

“Not really.”

“Maybe you could explain to me what you found sooooo fascinating about those video clips you downloaded. In fact, yes, you can all write an essay about it.”

“I’m not sure we could just write an essay about..” my response was interrupted by a rush of blood setting my cheeks ablaze.

“Allow me to help you.”

She leant over allowing a glimpse of her cleavage and bra through the gap between two blouse buttons as she grasped the computer mouse and navigated the PC folders selecting a movie clip. Jed, Mike and I swapped glances. They didn’t seem as concerned as me. I was almost frantic. A double mouse-click directed my attention to a movie expanding to fill the monitor with two well oiled lustrous breasts being massaged by the hands of their owner. Ms. McElroy stood looking at us with her arms folded across her chest and a pair of rosey flushed cheeks. It was awkward for all of us.

“Well, tell me about it.”

“About what Miss?”

“About what you’re looking at… Mike!”

“They’re oily breasts Miss.”

Ms. McElroy appeared agitated “Try to use some verbs Mike. Years of repeated English classes and that’s your personal best?”

She snapped me a tense look, her hands clenching her biceps as she squeezed her arms tighter across her chest.

Jed swallowed “It’s a woman squeezing her breasts… Miss.”

“Yes, she is. She’s massaging her breasts.” she turned and admired the image whilst she took a short sharp breath. “And, anything else? The nipples for example, are they hard or soft.”

“Hard Miss.” I answered sharing the burden with my new found friends.

She briskly turned to me. “Yes, they are… Jules.” she seemed relieved by my participation. “Look how she squeezes them with her thumb and forefinger. Squeezing her breasts from underneath towards the pinnacle of her nipple.” she smiled at me. “Anything else?”

I looked to Jed and Mike who smiled back at me.

“How does it make you feel Jules?” she continued.

I was truly stumped for words. She smirked and her eyes squinted ever so slightly giving me the impression she was challenging me.

“She seems to be enjoying herself Miss.” Mike butted in breaking her gaze with me.

“Are you a breast man Mike?” she relaxed.

Mike grinned like a Cheshire cat.

“They’re pretty breasts Miss.” Jed chimed in.

She smiled and turned the sound up. We could hear the woman moaning and sucking a hissing breath through her teeth as she squeezed her nipples. A silence ensued among us as we ogled the video. I was as hard as a rock and I’m sure the other two were likewise.

“How old would you say she is?” she asked, “Anyone?”

“Thirties.” Jed replied.

“Twenty six.” Mike guessed.

“Forties.” was my guess.

Then just as the moaning got louder it suddenly quietened down as the owner removed her hands from her breasts which now hung in front of the camera. We watched earnestly for a good ten seconds until the camera panned back…. Ms. McElroy!

“Holy fuck!” I exclaimed.

I stood there gawping from the gorgeous naked female on the monitor to the genuine article standing in front of me.

“Surprised Jules?”

Flabbergasted was the answer. This was unreal.

“Forty two is the answer. Although I wouldn’t go spreading it around. A woman likes to keep her age private, if you know what I mean.”

I looked with wide eyes at Jed and Mike, who were beaming back at me. “You know..? I mean… Why are you both…?”

“Jules mate, you’re one of us now.” Mike started.

“Uuuh, one of who?”

Ms. McElroy continued “You didn’t think this was an accident did you? Well, the porn thing was a fuck up. Boys?”

“Sorry Miss.” Jed and Mike replied in unison.

“You will be.” she advised.

“So… You guys have been here before? I mean, you’ve?”

“Yes.” she answered for them. “Our new recruit is fast isn’t he?” Jed and Mike laughed. “Hmmmm. You know, I think I have a better idea than an essay. What we need is some kind of practical exercise.” then she wistfully contemplated the monitor action.

Mike joined her in viewing the video.

Jed asked “Like what Miss?” as he too made sneaky sideways glances to the monitor.

“I think I can overlook your breaking of school rules and the general rules of decency if you do as I tell you for the next two hours.”

Jed and I looked at each other.

“It would mean you wouldn’t be expelled.” she added looking at me.

“C’mon Jules.” Jed smiled.

“Mike?” she prodded.

Mike tore himself from the monitor and answered to her breasts “What?”

“Just say ‘yes’ Mike.” Jed instructed.

“Uh, yes Miss.”

She smiled warmly and dropped her arms to her sides. “Okay.” she exhaled fully whilst relaxing her shoulders. “Pull your pants down.”

“What?” I blurted.

Ms. McElroy was taken by surprise but quickly recovered her composure with a commanding expression.

“You heard. All of you, pull your pants down.”

We looked at each other as she made her way over to the blind and pulled it down over the window before twisting towards us “N-o-w.” she whinnied.

Jed and Mike dropped their pants immediately then looked at me. I hesitated a moment then, to hell with it, I did likewise letting mine crumple around my ankles.

“And your undies boys, c’mon don’t play shy.”

I reluctantly pulled down my undies trying not to look at the others’ genitals. My hardness was relieved to be out and away from the constricting elastic of my undies.

“Good. Some beautiful specimens. And hard too.” she chirped as she made her way around the back of the desk and took up the steel tape measure. She slightly upped the volume on the speakers bringing our attention back to the moaning Ms. McElroy massaging her breasts on screen.

The video was having more impact on me now that the star was in the room with us and I was exposed to her. It was like when I found a video of my friend’s mum giving a blowjob and ever since I have secretly held a fantasy of one day skipping school and blackmailing her into sucking me off.

She laid the tape measure width-wise across the desk where she clicked it in place so it wouldn’t collapse shut.

“Ninety centimetres.” she read out catching our attention. “Now it’s time to pay your dues boys. Stand up to the edge of the desk.”

We penguin shuffled our way towards the desk with our pants hampering our stride. “Lift your balls up onto the edge.”

We did so and stood there. I could feel the cool varnished wood against my now tightly churning testicles.

“Good. I’m sure you’ll be interested in what ‘comes’ next.” with emphasis on the word ‘comes’ as she strutted her way down the left side of the desk to stand facing me diagonally, rapping the fingernails of her left hand on the hard varnish.

“As part of your penance, I’m going to stroke you all off one at a time and whomever cums the furthest gets to fuck me first.”

“Oh cool!” Jed cheered.

Ms. McElroy smiled warmly and reaching with her right hand grasped my cock and gave it a playful tug. Her touch sent an electric buzz rushing from the tip of my cock to my head. I looked down where her well manicured nails clicked together as she wrapped her slender weathered fingers around my hard-on. The first time a female, nay, woman had touched my cock.

She looked into my eyes whilst squinting with emphasised conviction “There’s nothing I love more than watching young purple pistons of power pushing their seed through the air. But first,” she let go of my cock and leant across the desk taking out a small ruler from the top right drawer, “we need to measure your cocks so as to subtract it from your squirt-range.”

She measured each one of us across the top from our abs to the tip and wrote the results in a notebook. I saw other measurements on a few other pages as they concertinaed out.

“Nice seven inches you have there Mike.” as she measured him last.

“Right.” she put the notebook next to the monitor. “We’ll start with our new recruit shall we.”

She sauntered over to me undoing the cuffs of her blouse and folding them up twice before grasping my cock in her left hand and starting a slow stroke back and forth.

“Hmmmm, that’s a nice firm six and a half inches.” she commented. I looked at Jed and Mike who both smiled encouragingly. I stupidly grinned back. I should be embarrassed but this was a fantasy come true. I could feel my heart beat in my throat, no longer out of fear but out of anticipation.

With her left hand stroking she grabbed my left arse cheek in her right hand and gave it a good squeeze. “I love a firm young butt. Tense it for me.”

I did as she asked and she squeezed harder, “Oooh yes that’s it. You like me wanking you off? I’m an old hand at this… So to speak.” she smiled reassuringly as the guys giggled. We all followed her gaze to the monitor, “What do you think of my well oiled tits?”

“They’re beautiful.” I answered breathily whilst luxuriating in her slow deliberate and experienced hand rolling my foreskin back and forth.

She laughed “Hmmmm yes they are aren’t they. Look at those nipples. How I squeeze and pinch them.”, she smiled mischievously, “My nipples are hard right now as I stroke you.” she panted into my left ear.

“Who’s doing the filming Miss?” Mike asked.

“Another student not too dissimilar to yourselves.”

“Do we know him?” Jed asked.

“No.” came her curt reply.

Jesus, how many students was she masturbating?

“Would you like to see the stars of the show boys?”

We chorused a “Yes.” and she stopped masturbating me for a moment as she undid her blouse and stripped it off. Her cleavage was pressed firmly together with a half-cup bra adorned with delicate filigree lacing across the top and along the underwire. Her upper arms hung heavy and creased under her armpits compared to the teen girls I perved on during Ms. Leon’s netball competitions. Her skin had lost its youthful spring and tightness but was not unattractive, in fact she was sexily well proportioned and… Well, like I imagined my friend’s cock gorging mother would be.

Reaching her arms behind her back she unhooked her bra strap and let her tits spring free. She slid the straps off of her shoulders and down her tanned arms then elegantly swung her bra over the back of the desk chair. Creamy white size D breasts slumped wide and heavy against her ribcage then elevated like luscious high peaked mountains to glorious large brown conical pinnacles.

“Well boys, what do you think?” she stood hands on hips wiggling them from side to side playfully allowing us a greater view of her breasts juxtaposed against her tighter waist and lusty hips.

“They’re real beautiful Miss.” Mike added.

“More beautiful every day.” Jed piped.

“Well, you do know how to compliment a girl boys.” she laughed coquettishly. “Jules?”

My eyes greedily drunk her in. Her creamy breasts were heavily defined between a scoop of a tan dipping from her neckline over her upper chest and her tanned waist.

“They’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.”

She licked her lips and glanced down admiring them herself before she resumed wanking me, her tits jiggling in rhythm with her arm.

“You can look at my tits whilst I wank you?”

“Yes, Miss.”

“Call me Marchelle honey.”

“Yes Marchelle.”

“Are you close to cumming? I can’t wait to see your rampant teen cock erupt its spume across my desk.”

“Not yet Miss… Marchelle.”

She readjusted her hand pulling the foreskin back and tightening her grip around the base. Upping the pace she played my cock like a fiddle getting faster and faster building up the tension as her hand slapped against my stomach.

“Ooo-oo-o-h.” I moaned.

There as a high pitched squishing sound as precum was coaxed out of the tip of my cock with each pass of her hand.

“Oooooh. What’s that Jules? Is that precum? Hmm? Would you like me to lick it off?” I just looked at her with a tense expression as my balls started the oncoming cum-tickle.

She looked over at Jed and Mike “Let’s hear some words of encouragement for our new recruit boys.”

There was a moment’s silence broken by Jed “C’mon Jules you can do it.”

He nudged Mike who responded “C’mon Jules.” mimicking Jed disingenuously.

“Yes, c’mon Jules.” Ms. McElroy repeated looking me saucily in the eye and moving her face so close to mine that I could feel her warm breath on my cheek. She upped the pace, “Show me your spunk!”

Crouching slightly she bent over the desk, her plump breasts hanging heavily below the desk edge as she put her face in front of my cock and gazed up at me from the corner of her eyeliner defined eye and reached her tongue down over her chin making desperate moaning sounds whilst continuing to wank me.

“I bet you want me to lick your precum don’t you?” she panted and snaked her tongue out again just out of reach of my cock. “Uuuuh, yeah. Gnnnnng, gnnnnng, yeah, gnnngah.”

I could see her tongue pulsing and twitching autonomously with the strain and I pressed my thighs hard against the desk raising on my toes trying to push the tip of my cock onto her tongue. Her open mouth stretched back as she smiled, her tongue tantalising the tip as she tugged it just out of reach. I pushed harder desperately taking the pain of my thighs pressing into the desk edge as it creaked with the strain. I was almost there. Just…one…more…centimetre.

She pushed her hand back hard into my stomach stretching my foreskin and stopping me from reaching her moist tongue. Tightening her grip she held me rock steady and retracted her tongue and noisely slurped on her spit simulating the sound of giving head. “Hmmmm yeah.” Opening her mouth she reached her lips over my cock, taking the head two thirds into her mouth without touching, then she moaned her hot breath over me before pulling her mouth back and extending her tongue where it once again squirmed seductively a few centimetres from my cock.

“Oooooh, I want that so baaad. Gnnnnng.” she creaked a long throaty groan whilst feigning great effort to try and lick the burgeoning dollop of clear fluid before it trickled down the underside of my cock and varnished her index finger. She retracted her tongue and laughed as her hand slipped back and forth spreading precum down my shaft.

Lifting my cock upwards and wanking she brought her cheeks close to my cock and again pushed her wet tongue out and waggled it up and down as if licking the underside of my slippery shaft, “Oh, yeah, I can almost taste it. Gnnnnng.” and she started a continuous series of slurping sounds sucking in her tongue and blowing bubbles of saliva between her lips. “Fssssskkk.”

Her tongue escaped her mouth again and this time stretched a large bubble of saliva out with it. I leant forwards trying to force my cock down on her hand and get that saliva bubble on my cock. I…was…almost….there. Damn, she pulled away again laughing and dribbled down her chin, “Oops.”.

“I’m cumming.” I panicked.

“Oooooooh. That’s it, squirt it aaaall ooooover my desk.” she stood up, “C’mon Jules….”, she glanced briefly at the tape measure, “Show me far you can squirt?”

“Fuuuuck!” I squeezed my eyes shut and pushed my thighs hard against the desk locking my knees in place and massaged my balls on the table with my slow pumping hips. My cock hardened to rock solid in her hand.

“Oh yes, yes, yeeeees,” she ordered through clenched teeth, “cum for me!” My first wad took flight like a shot from a cannon landing a respectable 60 centimetres across her desk.

“Oh that’s fucking beautiful Jules.” she panted whilst her tits jiggled wildly from her hand furiously wanking me.

I quickly squirted five more gooey streams over her varnished desk at various angles, none as far as my first emancipated cumshot. My cum splash quickly reduced to a pulsing pearly fountain of slimy semen washing over her fingers and pooling at my balls. Slowing her rhythm she vigorously shook out every last drop as I softened in her cum-glazed hand.

“Well, that was a display! What do you think boys? I think you’ve both got your work cut out for you both.”

“I wouldn’t be too sure of that Miss.” Jed spoke with confidence in his voice.

“Hummmm.” she laughed, “Well the moment of truth has arrived Jed.” She pulled out a box of tissues with her clean hand and wiped left hand dry. After, she took a small bottle of antibacterial hand gel from her draw and quickly massaged a few drops between her palms, the smell of surgical alcohol briefly permeating the room whilst she prepared her hands for another teen workout.

Taking the computer mouse and swapping the windows on the screen she chose another file quickly and double-clicked it. This time we had a full screen view of Ms. McElroy masturbating. “Something to look forward to boys.” she giggled looking a little embarrassed as she quickly scanned for our wide-eyed approval.

The video was of her kneeling on a bed with her curvaceous backside to the camera as she played with her clitoris. I could feel a rush of hormones once again rushing through me and thought it wouldn’t be long before I was hard again. I was definitely developing a crush for this hot forties tigress.

Walking passed my side of the desk again she leant over and inspected the gooey residue, “Sixty eight centimetres Jules. Quite impressive.” She passed behind me and playfully slapped my backside.

“Now Jed,” she leant up close to him and took his cock in her right hand, “let’s see if you can live up to your boast shall we. Don’t disappoint me now.” she warned.

Jed just smiled as she started stroking him.

I watched her tits wiggle as her arm went into action. Mike was straining to see around her so she stepped back a bit behind Jed allowing a good view of her tits and hand action. Meanwhile she slipped her left hand under Jed’s butt and fondled his balls, squeezing and releasing them, tugging at the base of his cock.

She turned to me “Jed always needs a little extra help to squeeze…it…out.” she clenched her teeth and Jed raised on his toes.

“Aaaaagh.” Jed yelped and Mike laughed.

I grinned at Mike as Jed closed his eyes and let his head fall back slightly, it looked like he couldn’t stay awake. On the television Ms. McElroy was masturbating and moaning.

“What do you reckon I’m thinking about as I masturbate boys?”

“Getting fucked Miss.” Mike replied with more confidence now.

“Yes, by whom?”

“By me Miss.” We laughed.

“Well Mike, you’d better put in the effort!” she explained and let go of Jed’s cock as she shuffled herself to stand between them.

“Move in a bit closer Mike.” Mike stepped sideways within comfortable reach of her.

With a cock in each hand she started masturbating them both whilst fixating her eager stare on their cocks.

I could hear her moaning loudly through the computer speakers as I viewed a close up of her plunging her index and middle fingers deep into her sopping cunt, her labia gripping fingers as she fucked herself rapidly.

I caught her looking over at me in the ambit of my vision and turned to glance at her. Her eyes lit up as she ever so briefly glanced down at my loins. It was obvious she wanted to fuck the virgin teen rookie first.

“I see someone is coming around.” she smiled, “Anticipating a victory?”

I looked down and saw my cock halfway to hard and rapidly gaining in strength. I looked over at her but she had returned her attention to the two boys as she looked from one cock to another whilst wanking hard and fast, her magnificent mounds bumping and bouncing with her cock juggling. Mike and Jed looked like rag dolls, jiggling around with their heads flopping back and forth in ecstasy.

“C’mon boys, show me what you’ve got. Cover my hands in cum.” she panted with her double-wank exertion.

“Fuck!” Jed yelled as Mike moaned loudly.

She tugged them back from the desk slightly and pulling up her skirt with the ends of their cocks wanked and rubbed their cocks up and down her sexy thighs. Jed ran his right hand down the small of her back and down her backside squeezing her left arse cheek.

“Now, now Jed, control your friskiness. If you want ‘that’, you’ll have to work for it.”

I could see they were close to blowing and felt a slight panic that one of them would beat my high score across the desk.

“Who’s going to blow first do you think?” she asked rhetorically.

She tugged faster, panting hard. Beads of sweat appeared between her breasts and upon her brow as she started rhythmically rolling her hips and romping each cock against her thighs. “C’mon boys, spill it for me.”

Jed moaned “Fuck.”

“Oh look boys,” she panted whilst jutting her chin towards the monitor, “I’m going to climax.”

We all looked at the monitor in unison to see the three middle fingers of her right hand playing furiously over her throbbing clit as she plunged the fingers and thumb of her left hand into her pussy stretching her labia wide. She started bucking and writhing letting out a strangled scream as her orgasm waved over her. A close up revealed hot cunt juice oozing over her glistening wrist.

“Oh, fucking bitch!” yelled Jed.

“Christ!” shouted Mike.

Both came almost simultaneously as Ms. McElroy pulled them towards the table laughing gleefully whilst pulling their foreskins back hard as she aimed their cocks slightly downwards.

Jed’s first spurt didn’t get half way of my best efforts but he didn’t look disappointed. Mike rapidly shot three loads across the desk but was short distanced due to the angle. He grasped her hand on the fourth squirt and aimed up vaulting a stream high to level the playing field.

“Mike!” she admonished flicking his hand off of hers and letting go of his cock.

She continued wanking Jed leaving Mike to finish himself off. Then, as quickly as it began, it was over.

“Oooooooh look at all that beautiful cum.” she grimaced barely restraining her animal lust for it.

“That’s not fair.” Mike managed whilst catching his breath and propping himself up on the corner of the desk.

“What isn’t Mike?” she asked.

Mike took a moment to gulp some air, “You aimed us down.”

“Did I? I’m sorry boys I didn’t notice.” she replied with faux innocence.

She made her way around Mike’s side of the desk and pulled a few tissues from the tissue box purposely wiping off one gooey finger at a time whilst staring challengingly at him.

“I think we can safely say that you’re out of the running Jed.”

“Yes, Miss.” Jed replied defeated but not too perturbed.

“Too much unbridled teenage masturbation. In future I expect you to save yourself up for me.”

“Yes Miss.” he had cheered markedly at the prospect.

“Now,” as she dropped the sodden tissues into the bin, “to the matter of who shall fuck me first. Take three steps back away from the desk boys.” she ordered as we stepped back witnessing the warm syrupy mess trophying her desk.

“Hmmm. Sixty nine and a half centimetres.”

Mike beamed towards me with a victorious grin on his face.

“Minus seven inches is about… fifty two centimetres.”

“Jules.” she took the small ruler and levelled it against my furthest stream, “Sixty nine centimetres. Minus six and a half inches is approximately, fifty three centimetres.”

Mike’s smile melted.

“But you aimed me down!”

“Well that’s the price for stupidly downloading porn onto the school network Mike.”

He glowered like a spoilt brat folding his arms across his chest.

Jed rolled his eyes indicating this was a well rehearsed event.

“Mike, you will sit yourself down in the sofa and await your turn.” Ms. McElroy ordered.

“No, I fucking won’t!” Mike raised his voice to almost yelling. He was threatening to sour the experience for everyone.

“Then pick up your shit and go home!” she retorted. There was a pregnant pause. “Well, what’s it going to be? Fuck or go home?” she glared at him whilst awaiting his decision.

He looked to Jed for support but Jed avoided eye contact and looked at me apologetically. Mike looked at me briefly and then stomped childishly to the two seater couch and flumped down.

With an air of superiority from her victory Ms. McElroy trumpeted “Jules gets to fuck me first and for Mike’s insolence, Jed you’re second.”

Mike said nothing with his head turned away staring at the drawn blind.

“Okay Jules, we’ll fuck with me bent over the desk.” I started to regain my hardness as Ms. McElroy unzipped the left side of her skirt, released a button and dropped it around her ankles revealing lacey panties which she rolled down her thighs until they too fell from her knees to her ankles. I could smell her excitement as her pinky-brown labia peeked passed her sexy sable pubic hair.

“Like what you see boys?” she asked as she stepped her right leg out of her skirt and panties and stood with legs spread providing a great view of her cunt. I gawped at her white bikini line contrasting her pubic hair and tanned thighs.

Stepping onto the back of her right shoe she pulled her foot free and casually kicked the shoe off followed by her left shoe then turned her back to us, leant over the desk and spread her legs shoulder length apart raising onto her pretty white nail varnished toes.

“Hmmmm,” she moaned as she slid her middle finger between her labial cleft lubricating her lips and preparing for penetration. “Okay Jules.”

My heart raced and I almost tripped over myself to stand behind her.

“Take my hips.” she commanded as her left hand now grasped my shaft and guided me to her piping hot opening, “Oh what a handsome head!” she remarked just before I pierced her pussy plunging my cock up to her navel. She gasped and grasped my right wrist hard.

“Ooooooh yeees.” she squealed, “Pump that pussy.”

I started pumping her sopping cunt whilst pulling her hips towards me causing the computer monitor to wobble a jig as it replayed her masturbation for me.

“Nice Jules.” Jed called out now seated on the sofa by the back wall. Mike remained silent.

“That’s it Jules, fuck me hard.” She arched her back towards me and grasping my neck pulling me in closer to whisper “I’m rubbing my tits in your cum.” then sunk her tongue into my mouth.

Our teeth touched as our saliva slippery tongues slid passed each other trying to reach each other’s throats. I dribbled down her cheek as her tongue almost tickled my tonsils. Straining her mouth further open her teeth tapped mine gently like she was trying to eat me. Her tongue was almost there at the precipice of its physical limits. Almost…. Almost….

“Hoooarrr.” she pulled herself free, “God I love fresh teen cock.” she confessed through gritted teeth then swung her torso forwards and planting the palms of her hands firmly onto the desk, started thrusting back to deepen my penetration.

“Do you like that?” she panted.

“Yes Miss.”



“Do you want to cum on me?”

“God yes.”

Her arse rebounded off of me slapping my stomach as her labia slipped up and down my cunt slick shaft.

“I think I’m about to.” I responded quickly.

“Yeah? Fuck up to the point of squirting.” she ordered whilst she found it in herself to push back even harder.

“Oh my God, this is it.” I pulled out ready to blow.

Ms. McElroy’s left hand quickly appeared between her hot and humid thighs as she parted her juicy cunt lips with her index and middle finger.

“Spray my cunt!”

My cock twitched and froze hard for a second before cum forcefully gushed out sousing her cunt-lips, fingers and pubic hair. I was trying not to squeeze my eyes shut to view this beautiful woman’s pussy being plastered as cum spilled over her hand and started racing down the inside of her thighs. I grabbed her left hip to brace myself before I convulsed off of my feet. She extended her hand away from her cunt and grabbed my shaft pulling and squeezing as she helped spill the salty semen from me until I was spent.

I leant over her catching my breath and she played her fingers across her cunt mixing my cum with hers and messying herself up.

Coming down off of her toes, she turned towards me taking my neck in her right hand and pulled my face to hers for a long hard kiss.

When we eventually parted our lips she faced me noses almost touching “This is just between us okay Jules.”

“Yes Marchelle.”

Smiling she reached across the desk and handed me the box of tissues. Now go sit yourself down and enjoy the show. She peeped over my right shoulder, “Jed, you’re up.” I stepped back as she hoisted herself up onto the desk and spreading her legs lifted her feet on the desk edge fully exposing her cum covered cooze, her tits glistening with my previous desk-shot. She glanced briefly at me and smiled sweetly before Jed took position in front of her obstructing my view.

I slumped onto the couch next to Mike who was still sulking, though other parts of his anatomy weren’t. I guess he’d made his mind up after all.

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