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Bowling Night

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Perhaps one of the most sensual and erotic experiences I ever had occurred nearly twenty years ago now. But the memory of it remains with me to this day.

Back then I worked with a woman named Lucille. I was in my early thirty’s at that time, and Lucille was some twenty or so years older than I was. But the age difference hardly mattered between us, we got along famously, and I looked forward to seeing and working with her on a daily basis. At first there was nothing at all sexual even mentioned between us, she had a very ‘rigid’ upbringing, and things of that nature weren’t easily discussed amongst coworkers anyway, especially between us.

But as our friendship grew, I learned more and more of Lucille’s personal life, and for her, it had been a very difficult one. We had worked together for several years before we’d even gotten to a ‘familiar’ personal working level, but as Lucille was easy to talk to, and sometimes even to confide in, we grew even closer and eventually began to share with one another things that were occurring in our lives outside of the workplace.

Our Company sponsored a weekly Bowling League, and I had signed on to bowl, as had Lucille, which surprised me a little bit. But I soon after learned from her, that it was basically her one and only night away from the ‘boring’ and uneventful life that she was leading at home after work. So for her, it was an outlet and gave her something to look forward to each week. As it turned out, she and I ended up on the same team so that made it equally special for both of us, it was a way to further continue our association and friendship away from work.

Lucille was a tall woman, just over six feet. And though she certainly didn’t have all the curves in all the right places anymore, she was a very attractive mature looking woman, and still had (though of course I hadn’t seen) fairly large full breasts. On the rare occasion she actually wore something that even hinted at a bit of cleavage, I found myself more than admiring that tantalizing sweet bit of flesh that was seen.

The place where we bowled at had an underground parking garage. Nearly everyone parked in the lot just outside the front entrance, but a few of us used the garage. I did, primarily because I had a fairly new car, and it kept down the incidental ‘dings’ from occurring in my doors. Lucille also preferred parking in the garage, as she didn’t care to have to walk out to her car later on in the evening after it had gotten dark.

There were a few spots in the parking lot, which weren’t very well lit. However, as I has teased her, there were also a few spots in the garage which had lights out that hadn’t been replaced either, but she nearly always managed to park close to the door anyway, so a poorly lit basement garage didn’t really bother her any.

We’d been bowling for several weeks already when on one particular night I knew by Lucille’s overall attitude that something was bothering her. She wouldn’t talk to me about it however, so we continued to bowl, but I knew that something was wrong, as she wasn’t her same old normal self. My suspicions were confirmed when we as a group, always went into the bar for a few drinks afterwards, announced that she was going home early instead. I stayed long enough for one drink myself, but as it just didn’t feel the same without Lucille there amongst us, I soon decided to make an early night of it too. I walked down the stairway to the garage and immediately noticed that Lucille’s car was still there, and oddly enough that she had parked in one of the few areas where the lights hadn’t been replaced, throwing a great deal of shadow over where her car was sitting. I immediately grew concerned as this was rather odd, and immediately went to her car and tapped on the passenger side window. It was obvious she had been crying, but upon seeing me, her face brightened a little and she reached over unlocking the door so I could get in.

“Lucille, what’s wrong?” I asked slipping into the passenger seat, closing the door.

She just shook her head, though thankfully the tears had finally stopped. I waited patiently sitting beside her there on the front seat of her car, knowing that ‘if’ and when she was able to, she’d tell me what it was that was bothering her. After a considerable amount of time, she finally did.

“Brad, I really hate to burden you with my problems, but honestly, I don’t have anyone I can even possibly imagine talking to about this. Certainly no one in my family would understand, and would no doubt be ‘shocked’ if I even told them. I’m not even sure I can honestly talk to you about any of this either without totally embarrassing myself, but if I don’t talk to someone, I think I’ll end up going crazy!”

She’d certainly said a mouthful, but it was evident that if it was important enough to actually sit and wait for me, which is what she’d obviously decided to do, then I was more than willing to listen, and I told her so.

“Just promise me you’ll listen without saying anything, without passing judgment on me because I’m probably going to say some things that might surprise you. And worse, if you interrupt or stop me before I’m finished, I might not be able to even look at you again let alone finish what I want to say to you.”

“Ok Lucille, I promise.”

Lucille relaxed somewhat having heard that, and settled back in her seat though she no longer looked at me. Closing her eyes, she began.

“You already know a little bit about my ‘life’ at home, but what we’ve never discussed really is the sexual part of it as well. And this is what I guess is finally starting to get to me. I’ve been married now for thirty years. Our Anniversary was last weekend, and to celebrate it, I ended up cooking dinner like it was any other night of the week. My husband bought me what he thought was a sexy nightgown, but to me looked “Whorey” and completely out of character for anything I’d enjoy having or even wearing. Now don’t get me wrong Brad, I consider myself to be a very sexual woman, and to be honest, I’ve done things I’d be too embarrassed to even admit to you that I’ve done. But, as hard as I have tried to be the wife, woman, lover that my husband has wanted me to be, it’s the way he treats me when ‘he’ wants sex that I find degrading and totally unacceptable anymore. Needless to say, I refused to wear his ‘fuck-gown’ as he called it and we ended up fighting on our Anniversary instead of doing anything else.”

I continued to sit there listening to her. I had certainly known that her marriage wasn’t perfect, after all, who’s was really? Even mine was on a roller coaster of good and bad days it seemed like lately, but I had no idea how difficult a time it truly had been for her either. And one ‘big’ thing, in all the time we’d worked together, I had never heard Lucille say anything harsher than damn or hell the whole time we’d known one another, so hearing her use the word ‘fuck’ even if it was in a description of something, she had always previously said “The ‘F’ word, and not even that unless it was absolutely necessary to whatever was being discussed. Obviously, this was another one of those very rare moments when she knew that actually saying the word would have more impact and underline the seriousness of the situation for me.

Although I remained completely silent except for the brief and occasional “Uh huhs”, just to let her know I was really listening, Lucille still refused to look at me, for the most part keeping her eyes closed though she did open them on occasion staring out the front windshield of the car as though she could see whatever it was she was trying to tell me about as though it were actually happening all over again.

I knew that it was hard for her to even be sharing with me the things she was, Lucille was revealing to me a part of her that she hadn’t obviously shared or discussed with anyone. So I continued to sit silently, listening and waiting for the time, if one even came, where I would or even could offer any advice, or at the very least, offer sympathy if nothing else.

Once again she ‘warned’ me, told me that if anything she was telling me made me uncomfortable, to just say so, and she’d stop. I of course, wasn’t about to, regardless of anything she said.

“I know that this may shock you Brad, but in all the years we’ve been married, I’ve never had an orgasm with him when we’ve had sex. It certainly feels good yes, but ‘he’, ‘it’ doesn’t last long enough for me, and frankly, he doesn’t seem to care if I ever have or haven’t either! The only time I’ve been able to is when I’ve touched myself.”

This revelation, for that’s truly what it was, didn’t surprise me so much that this is what she’d been dealing with, more than I was honestly surprised, yet also flattered in a way that she could actually come right out and tell me all this as candidly as she had, though again, she still hadn’t looked in my direction and I knew she was fighting off the tears which would have begun pouring down her face had she done so.

“What about oral sex?” I managed to ask just as candidly as she’d been doing. We were after all beyond the point of no return here if we were going to speak frankly and honestly about her home life situation.

“And that’s another story altogether! I’ve ‘done’ him. But he’s never reciprocated to me. Say’s that a ‘man’ shouldn’t have to do something like that to please a woman, and that only dykes and queer-boys would do things like that.”

Even I had to laugh at that one, from what I was hearing her husband was one of the “old” boys in a very old fashioned way of thinking. But unfortunately, they did exist, and she was obviously married to one.

“I actually enjoy oral sex, I mean doing it for him. But it’s something I’ve never personally experienced myself, and I am now getting to the point where I resent that fact, and because of it, refused to do it to him ever again unless he did. All I got from him out of that one was a total lack of interest either way. And that confused me, as well as hurt me. I began to wonder if I was even a very sexual woman, even attractive to him any more, or any other man for that matter!”

I still wasn’t sure what if anything I could say or do that would help, short of telling her to get a divorce or something and find herself another husband, but she’d already indicated that divorce was out of the question because of her family and so called friends, that she’d be ostracized if she even attempted to do anything like this.

“So why don’t you have an affair then?” I told her. Not fully realizing that for her, this was something someone couldn’t simply run and out do.

“I’ve thought about that. You have no idea how often! But there isn’t anyone I know, or have met who I’d even consider doing something like that with.”

For the first time Lucille turned and looked directly towards me, “Until lately,” She let that last comment hang there in the air for a moment, letting it sink in. “Brad,” she began softly, slowly, “I’ve really struggled with even telling you about any of this. After all, I’m considerably older than you are, and I certainly know I’m no spring chicken either. I worried and fretted over even discussing half of this with you because you’re about the only real friend I have that I could dare discuss any of this with in the first place. The more I thought about at least sharing some of this stuff with you, the more I thought about wanting to be with you as well. And so that’s what’s been bothering me more than anything the past few days, even more so than my feelings and situation with my own husband. Then, tonight at bowling, it all just seemed to come crashing down on me, and I decided to tell you what I was feeling and to hell with anything else. So, now that I’ve told you, are you shocked? Do you hate me? What?”

I answered her by sliding over to sit by her, and kissed her all in one sudden surprising motion. Lucille and I kissed and intertwined our tongues inside one another’s mouths for an incredibly long period of time. I’m not even sure how long it was that we simply did this, but at one point, I felt her hand on mine, and felt it as she lifted it up to place it upon one of those marvelous full breasts of hers. I know she was nervous about sitting here in the garage in the event someone we might know would come down and find us. There were few cars however, and none that I knew of belonging to anyone we worked with. I told her to keep an eye on the door to the garage and to alert me if anyone opened it. I know she was wondering what it was I was suggesting and why, but then as I bent to undo the buttons on her blouse, she finally understood.

Though I certainly wasn’t about to remove her blouse, especially under the circumstances, just seeing her bra-clad breasts showing more cleavage now than I had ever seen before had me stiffening in a hurry, though I certainly wasn’t about to share that with her either. After I had finished undoing her blouse, Lucille leaned forward un-tucking it from her pants, then reached around and beneath her blouse, undoing her bra herself.

Lucille may have been in her early to mid fifty’s, but the moment her bra fell away completely exposing those full mature looking breasts, all I could do was sit there and stare at them for a moment, disbelief I am sure clearly etched in my face that I was actually looking at her marvelous tits for the very first time.

“Touch me, please Brad, touch me,” she whispered softly. I did. Cupping each of them within my hands, I hefted them upwards, they were heavy and full, yet soft, pliant and warm to the touch as I continued to sit there kneading her flesh like a contented kitten. Even when I released them momentarily, I was just as content to continue to look at them, the way they rested against her chest so sensuously, the full rounded curvature of each, and though certainly not ‘perky’, though I couldn’t imagine them ever having been so in the first place for as large as they both were, but they still maintained a gentle upwards sloping, gathering towards the still firm, very hard erect little points that became her nipples.

Even these were a simple treasure all by themselves. Lucille’s nipples were a true rosy-red in color, areola no larger than dollar sized perhaps, but capped by two of the thickest, hardest little tit-nips I’d ever seen! For the briefest of moments, I could see in her face that she was becoming self-conscious about them, a slight flush spreading across her face that I could still see even in the shadowed light we were sitting in. Before she could cover them with her hands, which I realized at once that she was about to do, I leaned forward, capturing one of those delicious protrusions with my lips, my hand and fingers likewise reclaiming the other.

I heard her moan, felt her hands suddenly pressing against my head, her fingers all but digging into my scalp as I first suckled one tit, then the other, alternating back and forth between them, by hands, fingers doing the same whenever I traded off. I heard her moan even deeper then, and went from gently sucking her, to tonguing her hard little points with my tongue, flicking them rapidly back and forth, once again trading, exchanging the sensation from fast to slow and back again.

“Oh my God, your tongue,” she groaned, moaning the words even as she spoke them, breathless, excited, aroused beyond imagining. “Is that…is that how you lick a woman’s…a woman’s…” “Cunt?” I said mouthing her nipple, sucking it even as I spoke the obscene word. And don’t tell me how or why I chose to say that instead of pussy, or twat, or even vagina. She needed to hear the word, needed to hear it being used, said, lovingly, excitedly, needfully. Lucille needed to hear my own lust, my own desire for her in its use; no other word or description at that particular moment would have accomplished doing that.

“Yes. Cunt!” She gasped, hearing as she spoke, her own wanton need and desire, letting the heat of her excitement freeing herself enough to say it, and say it without self recrimination in having done so. “Cunt,” she spoke saying it again, though more softly letting the word melt inside her mouth like a heavenly treat being tasted for the first time.

“Though I like saying pussy too,” I told her. “I like the way it sounds, like something sweet, tasty, delicious.”

“Oh yes, pussy,” she said, letting the word roll off the tip of her tongue as though her nipple had suddenly become her pussy, and that I was licking it instead of her nipple.

“I wish I was doing this…” as I flicked her nipple with my tongue, “to your pussy Lucille.”

Her breasts as I said, so soft, so pliant, as I now cupped one with two hands, I held, not quite pinching two tiny folds of flesh near her nipple, forcing it if anything to harden even more fully than it already was, extending itself outwards towards me. “If this was your clit,” I told her, once again flicking that hard little nubbin, still firmly holding the surrounding flesh of her breast in my hands, between my fingers as though they were the very folds of her puffy swollen labia themselves. I sucked her again, softly, pulling on her tit with my mouth, holding it there, and then rolling it with my tongue as she moaned audibly, loudly into my ear as she bent her head next to mine.

Suddenly I felt her hands on me, pushing me away from her. I thought momentarily I had gone too far, said or done too much and had frightened her back into some senseless guilty reality.

“I know I told you I had never experienced that,” she hesitated, her breath still raspy as she fought for control. “But I didn’t mean to imply…”

“Shh,” I said placing the tip of my finger to her lips. “Right now, there’s nothing in the world that I want to do more,” I said simply.

I looked around the garage; it would be safe enough with one or two minor adjustments. I didn’t dare suggest going anyplace else. Number one, I didn’t happen to know of any place at the moment that we could go. And number two, I was afraid if we postponed this moment in time, we would never gain it back again. Lucille was fragile, vulnerable, if I ruined the moment, the mood, I knew it could cause her a great deal of suffering and grief afterwards if this deteriorated into something less than magical for her. Even if we’d postponed it opting for a more comfortable setting, I somehow sensed that Lucille would convince herself it was wrong, that it was something she was asking, forcing me to do something I might otherwise not have wanted to do.

We were already taking a risk here as it was. Our mutual excitement, the element of danger that had intensified that, coupled with the sudden lack of inhibitions she was now showing wasn’t something I wanted to chance losing again.

Lucille drove a fairly expensive wide-bodied car with a very large and comfy looking back seat. “Get in the back,” I told her, almost demanding rather than asking her as I didn’t want any fear or hesitation getting in the way. She opened her driver side door, looking quickly about as she did, then opened the door behind her slipping in quickly as the overhead light came on revealing her disheveled appearance momentarily. As she had done this, I had slid over into the driver’ seat, started the car then backed it out of the parking spot she was in. Down at the far end there were few if any other cars, this particular area even darker than where we were now as the cement wall in the corner of the garage shut out any additional light from outside. Backing the car in rather than pulling it forward, gave us additional security, privacy and forewarning should anyone approach.

And though all of this took only a few precious moments, I worried that while doing so, Lucille would indeed begin to have second thoughts, reservations about what the two of us were about to do, not to mention of where we were about to do it. Satisfied how I had parked the car, I glanced into the back seat expecting to see her. Not until I actually looked over the seat itself and saw her lying there did I realize that she had completely removed her clothing, using both her blouse and skirt as a pillow now, which she had folded up and placed behind her head.

As much as I desperately wanted to, I didn’t remove my own clothing as yet another precaution. If we did hear anyone, I could at least get out and delay anyone from coming any nearer, finding Lucille undressed. She could then at least get up into the front passenger seat, and quickly drive away, dressed or not dressed as she had time to do.

This I had told her as I’d moved the car, wanting to alleviate any fears she might have on being discovered, or about to be. I was surprised to see her smiling as I drove and as she obviously undressed there in the backseat, her look one of wonder, giddiness at how ridiculously daring and dangerous this all really was.

As I had been with her breasts, so was I again now as I first looked and saw her laying there, her hand coyishly covering her sex, her brief moment of embarrassment as I moved it away, forcing her to reveal herself to me fully and completely. I hadn’t known what to expect of course, nor even really thought about it, she wasn’t shaved, not something someone her age was doing then I suppose, but she wasn’t all bushy either as I’d partially imagined. She was trimmed, her triangular patch of hair looking more neat than unruly, I actually ran my hand and fingers up through it, watching it float through the gaps of my fingers disappearing as my hand floated upwards towards her breasts once again where I caressed them momentarily, before sliding my hand once again back down over her belly, back to the tuft of soft downy like fur that greeted me, and then into the wetness that surprised me, surprised her as I gently dipped a finger, then another, lifting them to my lips, licking off the sweetness that I had found there.

For as tall as she was, Lucille had purposely positioned herself into a half-sitting, half lying position. She could if it became necessary sit up just enough to look out should we hear anyone’s approach or sense movement. We also knew we could hide if necessary there in the backseat as well lowering even more into the darkness if we had to, if there were no other choice. And though we were in the back seat, it wasn’t at all cramped, there was plenty of leg room for one thing, and enough space on the seat still remaining for me to comfortably lean over her as I knelt there on the floor.

She was certainly nervous, as I was. But that nervousness of excitement, desire seemed to heighten both of our senses as I finally placed the tips of my fingers on her pussy spreading her lips just as I had pretended to do while sucking her breast. Lucille knew this, felt it, and even then shuddered involuntarily as I fully exposed her hard tiny clitoris, watching it emerge from the protective sheath that until now had hidden it from my prying eyes and fingers. Even in the subdued darkness of the back seat, I could see a tiny shimmer of moisture upon the surface of her clit, which I then licked, tickling lightly, ever so softly with my tongue. More like the caress of a feather, did I allow my tongue-tip to explore her there, running it up and along side the folds of her sensitive flesh, mouthing her twin labia, gently sucking each, rolling them gently inside my mouth, then tonguing her top to bottom tasting the renewed flow of her feminely juices as they pooled comfortably within the tiny little pocket of her upturned split. From here, I returned, taking my time and enjoying the heavenly trip having bathed in that pool, taking some of her essence with me as I slid the curled pointed tip of my tongue upwards, once again seeking, finding, then pleasuring that hard little button that made her bounce, squeal and even laugh pleasurably.

I smiled, kissing her clit, and then sucking it briefly, tenderly. “Breathe,” I said, kissing it, and then licking it again. “Breathe!”

She’d been holding her breath, which I’d just now noticed. “Oh God, I’m not sure I can,” she said breathlessly, “I’m all tingly,” she moaned emphasizing her light-headedness.

I again laughed, laughed into her cunt which made her laugh, until I licked it again sucking it a bit more firmly now, feeling that tiny little knot of pleasure harden between my lips while I stroked it, sucking it much as I had previously suckled her nipples.

Her low agonizing groan told me she was at least breathing, her hands once again digging into the top of my head as I began the assault upon her senses, flicking her clit now even more rapidly, though still lightly, one finger bathing in the pool of nectar that had again formed, then worming its way inside her where I played, feeling the heated depths of her womanly passage, stroking her, finger-fucking her there while simultaneously continuing to suck, tickle, flick and toy with her swollen hard clitoris.

I don’t think she even knew she was doing it, but I began to sense her movements as she began gyrating beneath me, her mound simultaneously pressed against my face, her ass bouncing softly up and down against the seat. Finding one of her breasts with my free hand, I now began tweaking her nipples, causing her to moan even more harshly than she’d been doing, delighting myself in feeling its tautness, much like her clit which I continued to suckle, tongue-flick, or merely lick as the mood struck me to do.

I too was aroused of course, and felt the hard press of my prick digging almost uncomfortably against my pants, and then into the side of the backseat as I sat there still leaning over her. But whatever discomfort I may have felt was overwhelmed by the joyous catch in her throat as she began panting in a series of sudden intakes of air that alerted me she was nearing the edge of sweet ecstasy.

“Oh Brad, Oh Brad, Brad!” She began crying out, I felt her tense, felt her body shudder then immediately go into a series of convulsions that took her and then shook her from the inside out. Her scream I feared could have easily been heard by anyone had they been down in the garage at that very moment, and though that thought alarmed me a little, I continued to hold onto her clit, still sucking it, though I tapered off both the firmness of sucking or licking it as she slowly began easing back down from whatever heights she had gone to. Only when she became far too sensitive to continuing touching in any way, did I finally sit back up and take a nervous worried glance about our precarious surroundings. Thankfully I heard and saw nothing, turning back towards her where she now sat eyes open, and the most wondrous expression on her face.

“I never knew,” she said simply, then saw tears once again forming within her eyes as she lay there still trying to collect herself.

I gathered her into my arms for a moment, holding her, but the sound of voices finally reached our ears, and we both sat up watching another couple head to their car a short distance away. We knew then that soon many others would be leaving, it was time to get dressed and leave here ourselves.

“What about you?” she asked, which surprised me.

“Don’t worry about me,” I told her. “I’ll take care of that a bit later after I get home. And besides, this wasn’t about me,” I added smiling. She quickly kissed me once again, and then hurriedly began dressing as I kept watch ensuring that no one else would now come by and discover us accidentally.


The very next day at work, Lucille dropped by my office slipping me an envelope along with some files I’d been waiting for. I’d been somewhat apprehensive at seeing her, wondering how she might react towards me now having had time to think through everything that had been said, and had happened. I was relieved when she smiled, though she quickly turned heading back towards her own office having dropped off the letter. I stood up closing my own door, even as I felt the sudden swelling of my cock begin inside my pants though I hadn’t as yet even read her letter or knew of its content, but her smile and half-wink had given me some assurance that everything was fine between us.

She didn’t address me in the letter, I was grateful for that, as I didn’t want her to feel somehow obligated to me in any way, and then read:

“I just wanted to thank you. What I experienced last night was beyond anything I’ve ever felt before, and I’m not saying I am hoping for more, or expecting it. But…I also thought on the way home how I left you hanging, and it dawned on me that that was no different than what my own husband as too often done to me. And I regret we didn’t have more time together to do something about that. So…I propose, if you’re even still interested of course, that we park down in the garage, and rather than go to the bar, meet downstairs in the garage afterwards. If you’d like to do that, please let me know.”

I wrote her back, feeling much like a teen back in High School again, and indicated to her that we should try, if at all possible to park our cars next to one another in the same dark corner where I had driven her car too. In that way we’d at least have my car to further block anyone from spying on us, or accidentally coming upon us. I managed to drop by her office then, and gave her my return letter. She looked up from her desk when I entered, pleased to see me, then actually laughed and indicated with her eyes where she was looking. I looked down at myself, knowing that I had indeed been fighting an erection, but was stunned to see the small wet spot that had appeared on the front of my beige slacks. Making a hasty retreat back to my own office, I stayed there until well after lunch not daring to embarrass myself any further.

The very next day Lucille once again came by my office even before working hours had officially begun. She again handed me another letter, though with no one else there yet to over hear anything said, told me that seeing my little wet-spot had been one of the best compliments she’d ever been given.

There was something else too. Though not totally out of character for her, she had worn a nice looking, though tight fitting sweater that showed off her ample breasts, and the fact that it was much lower cut without being too provocative, told me that she’d chosen it specifically for the most obvious reason.

“You look good,” I told her. She knew what I was referring to of course, and then came over to where I was sitting and leaned over allowing me a simple peak down the front of her sweater at her magnificent breasts.

“Hope you’re not wearing beige again today,” she laughed straightening.

“Nope, black slacks today,” I said grinning back at her.

It was like that all week long between us, flirting, though being very careful about it. Businesslike in every other respect throughout the course of the day, though we continued to toss managed smiles or a cautious wink one another’s way whenever it was a hundred percent safe to be doing so.

It was like performing foreplay on one another, both of us anticipating and excited for bowling night to finally come around again.


I’d arrived a few minutes earlier than usual, and relieved when the spots I’d hoped we could park in would be vacant. They were, though there was one other car parked just one spot over from mine when I arrived. I didn’t recognize the car, so didn’t worry too much that it might be anyone we knew. As we didn’t want to make things too obvious either, I then went upstairs to the bar and had a quick drink while waiting for the rest of our team members to arrive. Lucille arrived a short time afterwards, and we sat together putting on our shoes.

“Park next to me?” I asked nonchalantly.

She grinned nodding her head. I noticed she had already changed too, no longer wearing the skirt and blouse she had come to work in, now wearing a nice pair of jeans and another knit sweater, leaning over she pretended to be adjusting the laces on her shoe knowing full well from where I was sitting that I could see down through the opening.

“You’re not wearing a bra!” I gasped in surprise. She giggled standing up straight once again.


“I am,” I grinned.

“Well, we’re not really at work, so I’m not too worried about not wearing one, and this is just bulky enough that you can’t really tell for sure.”

I was still grinning as she turned to go pick out a ball, as she didn’t have one of her own.

“Oh…and I’m not wearing any panties either,” she added.

By the time we finished the three games I was crawling the walls, as was she. Trying to act normal around one another all night hadn’t been as easy as I thought it would be, if anything, it was far harder. We still laughed and joked along with everyone else just as we always did, but it was difficult as hell trying to maintain my ever-growing excitement as we finally finished and began straightening up the area.

Lucille didn’t always stay afterwards to have a drink, only doing so on one or two previous occasions, so she immediately headed down to the parking area after having said goodnight to everyone. I stayed long enough to have one quick beer, which really was a quick one, then headed out myself.

Getting to the bottom of the stairs and looking down to the darkened area where are cars were parked gave me an instant erection as I quickly approached, seeing her sitting there in her car waiting for me. Taking a quick look about, I then ducked inside her car on the passenger side and slid in next to her. Much to my delight and surprise, she had already lifted her sweater up and over her breasts so that they were already bare and waiting for me the moment I sat down. Without any hesitation I reached over and began playing with them, caressing and toying with those hard fat tips, soon licking them and sucking them greedily.

“I want to see you,” she breathed as I sat there sucking her breast. After having driven one another crazy all week, I wasn’t about to waste any time asking her if she was sure, or pretending that more than anything at this moment I wanted her to see me, see how hard I was, see how horny I was, and actually finally touch me.

I immediately unbuckled my belt, and pulled the zipper down. Lucille wasn’t about to wait any longer either, the moment I had, she slipped her hand inside my pants immediately finding my hard swollen erection and began fondling it.

“Let me see it,” she said once again, not even content with doing this.

It was an easy matter for me to raise my ass up off the seat, slip both my jeans and shorts down around my ankles when I did. She never took her hand off me while doing this, continuing to stroke, fondle, and then thumb my blood-engorged head for several moments, finally squeezing out a nice fat droplet of precum fuck juice which she then smeared lovingly all over my cock.

“Fuck that’s nice,” I moaned, not even realizing I’d used the word, though she giggled. “What?”

“Hearing you say fuck sounds so erotic,” she giggled again.

“Hell Lucille, hearing you say fuck is even more erotic!” I told her moaning as she stroked my cock up and down, once again squeezing it.

“In that case…fuck!” she said, saying it again. “Fuck…fuck…fuck!”


I loved the fact that Lucille’s car had a bench seat, sitting beside one another without anything getting in the way between us made it a lot easier to reach over and caress her beautiful bare breasts while she was busily stroking me. I soon slipped my hand down to her crotch however, rubbing her through the soft almost flannel like material of the pants she was wearing. “You keep doing that, I’m going to soak through them,” she stated, then lifted her ass and quickly pulled them all the way off. I began fingering her as she sat jerking me, enjoying the naughtiness of so simple an act, making us both feel like teenagers at the drive-in.

“You are wet!” I grinned feeling her moisture gather and pool inside her wet split as I continued walking my fingers around inside her.

“Damn horny too!” she grinned back, and then pouted somewhat. “But I can’t stay as long tonight as we did last week,” she added. “He’s coming home earlier tonight, and he’ll still be expecting dinner.”

“Shit,” I allowed, “If you need to go…”

“Not yet, not until you’ve come for me,” she said simply. “I’m not letting you go in the same condition you did last time.”

Though I was disappointed we wouldn’t be able to repeat some of the pleasures we’d enjoyed previously, the fact that she was stroking and playing with me while I was doing the same to her was still very erotic and very sensual sitting here in her car in the parking garage.


“What?” she asked concernedly.

I felt silly telling her this. “I don’t have anything.”

Thankfully she knew what I meant. “Not to worry, I’ve actually been thinking about this all day,” she told me. “When you’re ready, I want you to cum on my breasts.”

“Hmm,” I moaned simply as her hand continued to thumb and tease the super-sensitive head of my prick.

“I’m looking forward to feeling all that hot juice running down my breasts,” she added now coaxing me to do just that by the way her voice changed, the lustiness of her urgings as she spoke increasing the pleasure and bringing me ever nearer that inevitable moment.

I was still finger-fucking her as well, twiddling her twat, flicking her clit with my fingers and then slipping them deeply inside her back and forth as she continued doing similar things to me.

“Almost there,” I moaned feeling that all too familiar sensation beginning to tingle deep within my heavy-laden balls.

Having heard this, Lucille drew my cock even closer to herself, placing it almost reverently between her breasts, and then teasing her own nipples with the head of my dick as she rubbed it back and forth against herself.

“Oh fuck…here it comes!” I told her, and then watched as my prick began spewing a torrent of hot creamy cum against her breasts. Almost gleefully, Lucille kept jacking me off, watching each spurt land forcefully against her breasts, careful to ensure that each one received an equal allotment of my spunk.

When I was finally drained, when she had milked out every last drop of juice from my prick, only then did she release it and begin to massage the creamy substance I’d just dumped on her into her own tits.

“That…feels nice,” she almost purred, “it’s so warm and creamy,” she half whispered as I sat there watching her massaging in all that natural body lotion.

“Whew,” I exhaled, enjoying not only the pleasure of afterglow as I sat there, but likewise enjoying the erotic view of her as she caressed and played with her breasts. Once again I moved towards her. “Lay down.” There was still plenty of room, and she did so.

I quickly went back to fingering her, she was close and began that quick pant as she breathed that told me she was nearing her own sweet orgasm. Spreading her lips, I exposed her hard little clitoris even more fully, now directly teasing it with the tip of my finger.

“Fuck…yes! Yes! Yes!” she wailed, then climaxed.

We sat kissing, still touching one another intimately, though she soon broke away and again apologized for needing to go.

“Next week? Same time? Same place?” She asked being silly.

I loved it. “Wouldn’t miss it for the world,” I told her. Dressing hurriedly after that, I stood beside my car watching her go, already dreading another long week ahead of us, but already looking forward to it at the same time.


Once again we spent the days teasing one another with our thoughts and words, careful to not openly flirt with one another even though we were both tempted to do so. Instead we exchanged notes back and forth throughout the day like a couple of kids in school, enjoying the erotic thoughts that we shared, each one becoming more intimate, more erotic and sensual in nature.

Lucille confessed to me how she’d begun masturbating again, frequently now every night, thinking about what we’d so far done with one another there in the parking garage. I boldly asked her to tell me what she did, where she did it, to share those naughty moments with me so that I could imagine them inside my own head.

I sat reading just one such note at my desk after she’s swung by dropping it off.

“Last night, as I frequently do, I went into the bathroom to run my bath before going to bed, as I lay there in the tub, once again feeling horny, aroused, I remembered something I used to do as a teenager, something I hadn’t done in years, and yet remembered fondly how good it had felt back then. So I scooted myself down towards the faucet where the water splashed and pounded against my “Cunt” she underlined the word, letting me know in writing it that she’d become comfortable with using it in the context she now was. “It felt good, the force of the waters flow pounding and playing against me, just laying there feeling it, imagining it as your fingers, your mouth sucking my clit until I finally climaxed.”

Just reading her short note made me horny as hell and I wrote her back.

“The image of you doing that has aroused me like you wouldn’t believe. I am sitting here at my desk, my prick hard and swollen just thinking about you enjoying yourself like that. I am tempted to take it out, and secretly jerk myself off as aroused as I am.”

I waited until no one was around her office, swung by and delivered my note to her before she could say anything, and returned to my office.

Brief minutes later, she came by mine, dropping off another note to me, but she had also brought along a paper cup from the drinking fountain. I took it from her, wondering curiously why she had. She merely grinned, winked and then returned to her own office.

“At lunch, close your door and jerk it off for me,” she began. “Jerk off while you’re thinking about what I’m going to do with your cum after you put it inside the cup. Bring it to me afterwards, I will then go into the women’s bathroom and pour your cream onto my pussy and use it to masturbate myself with.”

The thought of her doing that aroused me even more. I was relieved that the noon hour was only twenty minutes away, and spent it composing another note while I waited before closing my door, and then doing exactly what she’d asked me to do for her.

“I wish I was squirting it directly on you myself,” I told her. “I want to squirt all over your cunt, and then watch you masturbate with it until you cum. Just thinking about doing that, seeing you and knowing that you soon will be touching yourself while using my cream to do so with has me hard as a fucking rock!”

Most everyone had gone out to lunch, as was usually the case. As I often closed and locked my door when leaving and going out to lunch myself, I wasn’t at all concerned should anyone come by and find it locked and closed as I secretly sat there jacking off thinking about what Lucille would soon be doing herself. After only a few short minutes, I placed the cone-shaped cup over the head of my prick, watching as my spunk began filling it. I almost laughed afterwards as I sat there holding onto the cup, unable to sit it down really, with my prick still exposed. I finally sat it inside my coffee cup, quickly zipped myself up once again, then retrieved it and walked the short distance over to Lucille’s office. She was waiting for me as I entered, smiling, and handed her the cum-filled paper cup as she came around her desk taking it from me and immediately headed off towards the bathroom.

By the time bowling night had arrived once again, I could hardly concentrate on the game, already excited and looking forward to another adventure together down stairs in the garage.

“You need to rush home tonight?” I asked worriedly.

“Not tonight,” she grinned in reply. “He’s working late, so we have plenty of time.”

We sat there discussing our week’s worth of naughty wicked thoughts, her masturbation episodes both at work and at home, as well as my own. We touched, fondled and pleasured one another the entire time until we’d both reached fever pitch.

“I want you to fuck me tonight,” she said simply. “I want to feel you inside of me.”

Lucille wasn’t comfortable remaining in the front seat. With her car backed into the stall, the additional darkness of the broken un-replaced light to further conceal us, as well as my own car parked next to hers as a further shield from any watchful eyes, we quickly slipped over the seat rather than getting out and back in again. Hurriedly we fumbled through removing our clothes, neither one of us wanting to fuck while wearing anything. The sense of our nudity, there in the backseat, in the garage, was intoxicating as it added to the sense of excitement and danger.

I sat, Lucille climbing into my lap though facing forward so she could also see as lookout while fucking me in this position. I soon eased my hard stiff prick inside that warm soft fuck tunnel, clasping both of her firm full breasts in my hands, tweaking and toying with her nipples as she began moving, gyrating herself up and down against me. We’d hardly even begun fucking however when she stopped suddenly, only then the sound of voices reaching my own ears. Lucille quickly climbed off my lap, sitting down beside me where we both sunk down even further into the seats, prepared to hide on the floor if necessary. It was thrilling, yet nerve wracking all at the same time as the voices came closer, drawing nearer with each passing moment. We could hear them talking, a male and female but a short distance away. Then there was laughter, an obvious giggle, and together we both sat up somewhat looking forward over the seat.

In the next row across from us, though at an angle from where we were, we could see another couple standing by a car. We watched as they stood kissing for a moment, then giggled quietly as he began caressing her breast through her clothing, finally lifting the tee shirt she was wearing to better feel her, even though she was wearing a bra. Likewise, the woman lowered her hand, rubbing the front of the guy’s pants, obviously teasing his cock through the material.

“Damn,” I said. Even though it was somewhat interesting to watch, especially under the circumstances, the fact was they were unknowingly interrupting our own naughty little session together. We didn’t dare continue doing much of anything, though Lucille did reach over and begin fondling my prick as we sat there watching the other couple teasing one another as they stood by the side of the car. Luckily, that’s all that was meant to happen between them at least, as they soon parted, and the woman got in her car soon after driving away. He likewise then walked over to his, getting in and left immediately after.

“That was interesting,” Lucille breathed with a sigh of relief.

And though it had been, it also made me realize that we might not be the only one’s to decide to have an adventure down here in the parking lot either. We’d have to be even more cautious and careful next week, and I made a mental note to look for the woman’s car before we began doing anything in the event they decided to do a lot more, just as we had been.

“Now I am really horny!” Lucille told me, and climbed back up into my lap once again where we proceeded to take up where we’d just left off.

Thankfully the lot didn’t have a lot of cars remaining in it, nor especially any that were parked too closely away from us. No one else ventured down to the garage while we sat there, joyfully, pleasurably fucking away like crazy there in the back seat.

As we fucked, I touched and frigged her clit, which she enjoyed my doing, likewise continuing to fondle and play with her enormous breasts. She began humping, fucking me fast and furiously, the obvious signs of her impending climax just beginning. She began tossing her head wildly from side to side, humping me almost spastically, then climaxed, somehow managing to force herself from screaming out as she did. I had nearly cum with her, somehow managing to regain control just before I did, and just before she slipped off of me, sitting beside me now still trying to collect herself.

“I want to taste you now,” she said lustily. “I want to taste your prick with my juices still coating it.”

I hated to admit it even to myself, but it had been a long time since I’d even had or been given a blowjob. As Lucille placed her warm teasing mouth over the head of my prick, I knew immediately that it wouldn’t last very long. I’d been too close as it was while fucking her, and now the exquisite sensation of her lips milking me renewed that inevitable pleasure.

“Fuck Lucille, I’m sorry…but,”

She never let me finish the thought, her mouth and head suddenly working me in furious abandon, coaxing the eruption of my spunk, which immediately occurred as I began filling her mouth with my semen. Each skyrocketing jettison of my spunk inside her mouth sent me to even greater heights of ecstasy and pleasure as she consumed me, gulping down the nectar that her hands and lips continued pumping out of me.


As was usually the case, the week dragged by slowly, though we continued on with our naughty notes back and forth to one another throughout the day, which helped pass the time and the monotony of an otherwise boring work day. I was of course once again looking forward to bowling night, but just before leaving to drive there, Lucille popped into my office quite unexpectedly.

“I needed to let you know before we got there,” she said obvious disappointment already showing in her eyes. “I won’t be able to stay tonight, not for long anyway, perhaps just a few minutes.”

She didn’t need to go into any further explanations, we both understood that. I was obviously disappointed myself, but it was a fact of life for us.

“Meet me down by the car afterwards?” she asked hopefully.

“I’ll be there.”

Luckily, we actually finished bowling fifteen minutes ahead of schedule. “I’ll meet you downstairs,” she said quickly walking off to replace her bowling ball, and then heading for the restrooms. I’d already informed the others on our team that I needed to make it an early night myself, and then headed down into the garage to wait for her. Glad to see no one else was down there, I stood cautiously between our cars waiting for her. When she appeared at the bottom of the steps, I was surprised to see she had changed clothes once again, now wearing an all too familiar sweater and skirt. Passing by where I stood, she immediately walked around her car over to the passenger side next to the cement wall beckoning me to follow her, which I did.

“Fuck me.”


“Yes here, right now,” she stated, then lifted her sweater up and over her breasts, revealing to me as she did that she had removed her bra. I fumbled quickly with my zipper, removing my rapidly swelling prick, and quickly discovered that she had likewise removed her panties. Standing behind her, she leaned over the hood of her car somewhat, and I slipped inside of her wet silky cunt. Watchful and nervously cautious of our surroundings, and equally grateful that I had not even spotted the other woman’s car from the previous week, I stood there slowly fucking myself in and out of that heavenly quim, feeling her magnificent breasts with my hands as she fucked back in unison against me.

“Hurry…fill me,” she pleaded.


“No, don’t worry about me. Just fill my cunt with your juice.”

Moments later I was doing just that, spending myself deeply inside her. Lucille quickly stepped into her panties, which she’d placed just inside her handbag, kissing me quickly and once again apologizing to me for the hurried departure.

“I’ll explain it all tomorrow,” she said huskily, then immediately got inside her car and drove away.

I was anxious to hear from her the following day, and soon after her arrival to work, she passed by my office once again slipping me a hand written note.

“Sorry for last night,” she began. “But my husband’s parents are in town and he ‘required’ that I be there to entertain them. I almost wasn’t able to even go bowling, but explained that I had to as there hadn’t been time enough to locate a substitute, and I wasn’t about to let my team down. Anyway, I thought you might get a kick out of knowing that I did indeed entertain his family, cooking dinner, eating, and sitting around chatting with them afterwards, all the while knowing that I could feel your cum dripping out of my pussy, soiling the very panties I had put back on. All I could think about was how you fucked me while we stood there in the parking lot together, and how wicked it felt to know that I still had your cum in me while doing all that.”

Reading her letter gave me an idea, and I wrote back.

“I assume you’re wearing panties today too. So, if you are, bring them to me today before lunch.”

Shortly before noon, she did, handing me an interoffice envelope, which by the feel, told me immediately what was inside. She looked over towards me curiously, but then left my office without saying anything. Once again I waited until most everyone was gone, and then stood locking my door. Opening the drawer where I’d put the envelope, I removed her panties from the folder, unzipped my fly and began jerking myself off. When I came, I placed her silk-feeling panties over my prick, shooting my juice into them, then refolded them and placed them back inside the envelope.

She was obviously expecting me as she’d remained in her own office during lunch. I returned the envelope to her and smiled, and quickly headed back to my own office. Less than a half an hour later, she came back, once again handing me the same envelope along with a short note.

“I just finished using these to masturbate in the bathroom with,” she explained. “If and when you think you can, fill them again and bring them back to me.”

Though the lunch hour was nearly over, and though I had indeed just jacked off a load for her a short time ago, with the thought of what she had done, and would soon do again, I managed to produce another though much smaller load, spilling myself once again into her now very messy sticky panties, and stuffed them back inside the envelope, returning it to her. She seemed pleasantly surprised by this, accepting my gift, and immediately stood once again heading off in the direction of the restrooms.


The following day she was waiting for me when I came into work. Not many others had arrived as yet, so it was safe talking to her.

“Brad? I want to buy a vibrator, but I don’t know where to go to get one…do you?”

I did. There was in fact one of those adult novelty stores not more than ten minutes away from the office. We decided to go there during lunch together. We’d gone out to lunch together before, so doing so again wouldn’t look or appear abnormal if anyone even bothered to notice that we had, especially as we hadn’t done it very often.

She was obviously nervous when we pulled around back behind the store. Somewhat worried that we might be seen going in, we quickly did so, relieved that we didn’t bump into anyone else that we knew.

“Shit, I had no idea there were so many to choose from!” she stated as we walked into the back of the store where they kept all the really naughty stuff. I laughed as she browsed through a few of the toys, wondering how people could even use some of them.

“Maybe we should just get you something simple for starters,” I advised her, which she seemed more than willing to go along with.

We picked out a fairly standard, though flexible realistic looking cock vibrator, and I again laughed as she blushed while we stood in front of the clerk making our purchase. She smiled at us knowingly, rang us up and told us to “have a nice day,” along with a suggestive wink. In addition to the vibrator itself, I had also purchased some new batteries to go along with it. Sliding back into the car, she immediately opened the package, putting in the batteries, and turned it on. It seemed to come alive in her hand with a steady all too familiar humming sound.

“Haven’t you ever used one of these before?” I asked her.

“Are you kidding? Me?” she laughed seriously. “No…never! And this certainly isn’t anything my husband would care for me to be using either,” she added with a distinct sense of displeasure in her tone of voice.

And as she most often did and wore to work, Lucille then quickly glanced around the small enclosed parking area. There were only two other cars, and we immediately figured they belonged to the people who worked inside as there was more than enough parking spots in front of the store that people could easily and quickly use.

“Keep an eye out,” she told me. “I want to see how this feels.”

Turning sideways on the seat so I could watch for any additional cars coming into the lot, Lucille placed the still vibrating toy against her clit, through the material of the panties she was wearing.

“Holy shit!” she exclaimed a second or two after that. “I think I could come rather quickly this way,” she informed me.

“Then why don’t you?” I told her.

She grinned. “Let me watch you while I’m doing it then,” she challenged me back. So far we hadn’t seen anyone else pull in, and during this time of day, the prospect of doing so wasn’t very likely. I immediately unzipped my fly, removing my already hard stiff cock and began stroking it for her while she watched, and while she then slipped her panties off to one side, and slowly eased the vibrating fuck toy inside herself.

Once again like an unprepared kid, I informed her I had no place to shoot my spunk safely without making a big mess. Without any hesitation she quickly slipped her panties down her legs handing them to me.

“Seems we’re making a habit of this lately,” I grinned taking them from her.

“Yeah, I’ve got quite a collection of cum-filled panties waiting to be washed,” she teased back.

Then we sat back watching one another masturbating ourselves, seeing the look of pure pleasure on her face as she experimented with the new-found toy, my hand slipping and sliding over the head of my pre-lubricating prick as the juices of my own arousal poured out in wanton expectation.

She was soon climaxing gloriously on her new toy as I covered the head of my prick with her panties and began soiling them with my semen. Handing them back to her afterwards, she grinned stuffing them back inside of her purse along with her new toy as we headed back to the office.


When bowling night finally arrived once again, we were both about as horny as we’d ever been. After another week of naughty/dirty notes telling one another how we masturbated ourselves at night, what we thought about etc, we were both at fever pitch after reaching her car down in the garage. We had again climbed into the back seat, but I had already told her in no uncertain terms that I wanted very much to go down on her again. She was obviously delighted by this, though surprising me when she sat on the top of the front seat with her legs to either side of me in back. Positioned as she was, she was the perfect height for me to lean forward and begin tonguing her, and though she was sitting this way, and somewhat exposed, we still had the advantage of my car blocking anyone from seeing us, and hopefully the advanced warning of footsteps or conversation should anyone come down into the garage.

Without any rush to be home tonight either, I took my time with her, enjoying the taste and flavor of her exposed cunt, delighting myself in pulling her rather long labia, stretching the folds and fingering her simultaneously while flicking her tender little clit with my tongue. She came twice, surprising us both as she humped herself against my face almost immediately after climaxing the first time until she had quickly done so again, and then, just as quickly, slipping down to slide over my lap, capturing my prick inside that wet, sloshy passage.

I was two seconds away from shooting my spunk inside her when we heard footsteps, and frighteningly enough, hearing them almost too close to allow us to hide without being seen. Seeing movement far too closely away from us for comfort, Lucille merely toppled sideways taking me with her as we dove into the backseat of her car. We lay there listening for long moments, hearing the sound of a door opening, closing, then the car finally driving away.

“Do you think that they saw us?” Lucille asked worriedly.

“No, I don’t think so,” I said hopefully, though in truth, I really didn’t know for sure.

It was evident that the closeness of the call bothered her, so we quickly dressed even though I had failed to climax, though seeing her fear, it was the last thing on my mind. This time I left first, doing so in the event there was anyone we knew who might be watching, but I saw no one as I left the lot and slowly drove down the street towards home, looking back in my rearview mirror just before turning to see Lucille’s car leaving the lot, heading off in the opposite direction.

I didn’t worry about it until the following day at work when one of the guys we bowled with stopped by my office.

“Hey, wasn’t that your car down in the garage?” he asked me pointedly. “Didn’t see you in the bar anywhere though,” he added.

I knew without any doubt that he knew it was my car, and that it had obviously been sitting there for a while with me no where to be found.

“Probably…dead battery,” I explained. “Had to call and get a ride home,” I said lamely.

“Don’t you have any jumper cables?”

I did. “No, been meaning to pick some up, planning on doing that today, along with getting a new battery.” I added weakly.

“Should have come and got me,” he continued. “Had a pair of them in my car.”

“Yeah, well I didn’t really think of that, and was no big deal anyway.”

Mike left shortly after that, but our talk left me nervously worried. At least he hadn’t mentioned anything about seeing Lucille’s car parked next to mine, so hopefully he didn’t know whose it was in the first place, nor had seen either of us suddenly ducking down into the back seat. I quickly scribbled a note off to Lucille however, explaining everything that had happened and gave it to her along with a troubled look. She read it even before I had left her office.

“Meet me after work,” she said simply.

I knew where she meant without having to ask. We had done so a couple of times, just quick last minute note exchanges or quick little chats before heading off to home. I pulled into the park, which was a short distance away from the office and waited for her. Minutes after arriving, she did pulling in next to me, and then quickly got out of her car slipping into mine.

“Maybe we’d better cool it for a couple of times,” she suggested. “As much as I hate to admit this Brad, if either one of us gets caught, we would both be in a shit lot full of trouble.”

She was certainly right about that, we both would, not only in our respective relationships, but at work as well.

“O.K.,” I agreed reluctantly, “maybe we should.”

I made a point of staying in the bar with the guys after bowling the following week. Lucille went home immediately after bowling with obvious sadness in her face just before doing so, and as much as I hated seeing that, I felt better and somewhat relieved sitting there with the guys having a couple of beers before heading off myself.

Even our playful naughty notes seemed to taper off the week after, though we still discussed and shared our desires for one another, there seemed to be a hesitant cautionary underlying tone to them even doing this. We had but a few weeks bowling left remaining to us as well, and we both knew what that meant. Soon, neither one of us would have a reason to be staying after work on Wednesday evenings, and unless we came up with some other idea or justification for doing so, our time together was quickly drawing to an end as well.

We had one last encounter down in the garage before bowling season ended. But even that was far less than satisfactory for either one of us. Lucille needed/wanted to suck me off, which she did, and which felt marvelous, but she’d refused to allow me to reciprocate in any way shape or form, not even allowing herself to undress even partially so that I might do so. It was quick as well…too quick, and she immediately headed off home afterwards.

As it was a main Holiday weekend ahead of us, I had long ago scheduled to be off that Thursday through Monday before returning into work. Tuesday morning as I walked by her office, I nearly tripped over myself when I did. Alarmed, I headed quickly to my own office and saw the yellow sticky note pasted on the side of my computer. CYD was all it said, which was another secret code of ours for “Check your Drawer”.

Far in the back behind all my normal work files, I found the special folder we’d both been using and keeping to pass along notes and correspondence when one or the other of us wasn’t around. Opening it I found a thick heavy envelope waiting for me. Inside was the very first pair of panties she’d ever used on me to catch my spunk with.

“Brad, I’m so terribly sorry to do this, this way,” she began. “But after everything we’d had and shared together, it’s made me realize just how unhappy I truly am. But it also made me realize that I can’t jeopardize either one of us, family wise, or job wise for a few brief fleeting moments of joy and pleasure. I’m leaving my husband, which is the first thing I’ve been needing to do. I am going to California to stay with my brother and his wife until I can figure things out, and figure out what I want to do with my life after this. I’m sorry that I am telling you this way, but I know I couldn’t have faced you directly without loosing it, and making everyone suspicious in the process. I’ll be fine, as I know you will. But it is truly best for each of us that I do this, this way. I hope you will keep these as a token of my love and fondest memories of you. Love, Lucille.”

It was the last time I ever heard or thought of her again, until today. I am sitting here now outside on a Sunday morning reading the paper. I didn’t even really recognize her photo initially, nor the name listed as she’d obviously changed the last name I had known her by. But I now knew looking at her photo, I knew it was her.

Twenty years now and I still have that pair of panties she once gave me. They’re tucked away somewhere up on the shelf in my closet now. I think I’ll go find them, and spend some time remembering with fondness a very special lady.

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