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Breaking Into Jade

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Jade sat at the dining room table and re-read her paper for the tenth time. She started out telling herself that she would finish up some notes on one endless section of her dissertation, just to make sure that it was cohesive. That was four hours ago. At this point, she was exhausted and done with the whole damn thing.

Rubbing her eyes wearily, she got up to go to the kitchen, which was connected to the dining room by adjoining double doors. She padded into the dark kitchen, feeling her way to the open pantry. She reached up for the big box of Cheerios and pulled it down.

She froze, hearing the floorboards above her creak. It was an old house, and a big house, and she tried to rationalize that houses simply made creepy sounds late at night. This particular house had the right to make creepy nighttime sounds, as it had been vacant for almost a year before she moved in. Besides, it was 3 am and she had been staring at a computer screen non-stop. She was being paranoid.

The creaking stopped, and she resumed her task, pouring cereal into a bowl on the counter. She turned, went to the wall to turn on the light. As it flicked on, she turned back around and met a pair of eyes that weren’t there the first time.

“Hello beautiful. I’ve been waiting for you.” The voice was deep and masculine yet had a soft quality to it.

Jade stood, paralyzed, looking at the masked man in her kitchen.

Was he going to rob her? That must be it; otherwise he wouldn’t have on a mask.

But what did he want? She didn’t have anything of value, really. She wasn’t even from the area. She had come here to work on her doctorate’s degree, and found this quiet, airy house. She had poured all of the money she had into leasing it while she went to school.

And how did he get in? She had security bars installed on her front door and windows, not to mention the best burglar alarm.

All these questions ran through her head as she stood there, unable to move or speak. There was no point in looking at him, as the only visible part of his body was his eyes. From the little bit of exposed skin, she could only gather that he was light in color, maybe white or Hispanic. No real help there. Everything else was carefully concealed in black.

There was nothing about him that she could describe to the police, save that he was around 6’1″ and had brown eyes with a dangerous glint to them. Oh, and that voice. A voice that could easily belong to a nice banker or businessman. That soft, yet menacing voice. Jade shivered involuntarily.

The masked man moved as if to touch her face, making her jerk. He stepped forward, and she stepped back, stupidly forcing herself against the pantry door. She was a few feet away from the main entrance to the kitchen, the one that connected to the den, but it too had double doors. Doors that were presently closed. When she had first moved into the house several months back, the doors were charming—a way to partition the kitchen off from the rest of the house.

Now, those doors were standing in the way of her escape, for the only way to go through them was to open both, and in order to do that, she had to turn her back to the masked intruder. No way was she fast enough to pull that off. Her only other option was to try and run past him to the already open doors that she entered the kitchen from. One look at his heavily-muscled body and that plan was shot down as well.

Panic rose in Jade’s chest as she tried to figure out how to get herself out of this one. Please, dear God, please! I’ll go to church every Sunday. I’ll go visit home more often. I’ll volunteer at the shelter like they’ve been asking me. I’ll be a better person. Please! Just don’t let me die! Or worse… Unconsciously, she pulled down the over-sized t-shirt that stopped right at her shapely thighs.

He had been silently studying Jade since she jerked away from him. He watched as a myriad of emotions fluttered across her face, from fear to panic to sheer horror at whatever last thought had crossed her mind. He wondered what she was thinking. She probably thought that he was going to rape her. He smirked. She wasn’t too far from the truth.

He lifted his gaze back up, taking in her wide almond-shaped eyes, the smattering of freckles across her nose, and that sweet face. But he was most intrigued by her hair. He had never seen a black woman with hair like hers. It was shoulder-length, kinky, and almost enveloped her face. He could tell that she wanted to push it out of her face, but was afraid to move. Her hair reminded him of an explosion of cotton candy. He wondered if it felt as soft.

He took a final step and closed the remaining space between them. She held her breath as he reached out and…touched her hair? He grabbed a ringlet, intrigued at how curly the individual strands were but how they collectively created a massive cloud.

“Wha…what do you want from me? I don’t have any valuables,” she stammered.

“Like cotton candy. Interesting.” He released her hair and grabbed her arm. “It’s not what YOU have, sweetheart. It’s what your house has.”

She stared up at him, confusion marring her features. ‘What are you talking about? This house isn’t anything special. ”

She closed her eyes in fear as he pulled her close and studied her face. “That’s where you’re wrong. There is something special here. And I intend to collect it from you. Now be a smart girl, and tell me where the security box is. And don’t bother yourself with lying. I know you’ve found it by now.”

Jade’s eyes flew open. “What security box? I don’t know what you’re talking about!”

He squeezed her arm harshly. “Don’t waste my time. Where is the box?” His voice remained level, but Jade could see the beginnings of anger in his eyes.

“Why would I lie to you? I would give it to you if I had it!” She started to cry.

He looked at her for a long moment, and then led her back to the dining room. “What I can’t believe is how you could live in this house for three months and not know exactly where it is.”

Even through her tears, Jade was irritated. “Well maybe the people who lived here before me took it with them. It’s not my fault that you don’t know where your stupid box is!” She spat the last part out, forgetting the seriousness of the situation in her anger.

He forced her down into a chair, and squatted, making himself almost level with her. He did not raise his voice, for he found that it was far more effective to speak quietly instead.

“Listen to me, you little bitch. I will search every room, knock down every wall, and pull up all of the fucking floorboards if I have to.

“And I will drag you with me from room to room, destroying your lovely home, until you stop the bullshit and tell me where my box is.”

She could hear the menace in his voice at this point. The tears continued to stream down her face as she imagined that he would still hurt her once he completely ruined her home and realized that his precious box wasn’t there. What was in that box anyways? She wanted to know what she was risking her house and safety for, but knew better than to ask. No sense in provoking the monster.

The stranger shook his head and made a noise of disgust as he watched Jade cry. Did she really think that tears would move him? He just couldn’t believe that this woman was as clueless as she claimed. His ex-business partner had stolen a large sum of money from him several months ago, and planted part of it in this house to retrieve later. It had been weeks before he noticed that the money was missing. He would get it back. By any means necessary.

He turned his attention back to the woman. “Well? Are you going to tell me or not?”

When she just sat there, he yanked her up by the arm and stomped to the front of the house. His duffel bag was right where he left it. Holding on to her with one arm, he reached into the bag and grabbed the sledgehammer inside. Jade whimpered as he pulled it out. He ignored her, and keeping a firm grip on her arm, stalked back to the dining room. Without warning, he slammed the tool into the nearest wall, creating a massive hole. Unsatisfied, he thrust the sledge in over and over until there was nothing left but debris.

“Oh my God,” Jade whispered. Her heart slammed harder into her chest with each gaping hole he created in the wall. There was no way that she could afford to fix the damage.

“Anything you want to tell me?”

No reply. Just tears.

He shrugged. “You must be itching to remodel.” With that, he dragged her up the stairs to what he knew to be her bedroom. He had scouted the whole floor out in the minutes it took her to realize that there was an intruder in her home. He kicked the door open and flipped on the light. Gripping the tool, he looked around the room for the most valuable thing he could destroy. The room was pretty sparse, however. The most valuable looking thing in the room was some abstract painting on the wall. It featured melting clocks and a deformed face.

He shook his head. The shit some people called art. Well, he would destroy the painting and see if that jogged her memory.

He let go of her arm and strode over to the wall. But before he could act or react, Jade jumped on his back clawing and biting.

“No!” she screamed. “I won’t let you!”

She squeezed his neck, trying to choke him. But God, was his neck huge. And she wasn’t getting a good grip with all of the material that was hiding his face. His face… oh shit, his face! Get the mask off!

She clawed at the thin material and ripped enough of it to show the left side of his face. Quickly, she dug her nails into his skin and three angry red lines appeared.

Roaring, he swung around and back-handed her her. She gasped and fell against the wall.

“You stupid little bitch! You want to see some skin? ” He ripped what was left of the mask off and glared at her. Jade closed her eyes and began to cry again.

“Look at me.” He grabbed her face roughly. “Look at me!”

She looked. He was average. Nice face, even teeth, great hairline. Nothing about him screamed psycho. Nothing except those chilling eyes.

Pinning her against the wall, he caressed her face with his. “I’ve come to collect, and I’m running out of patience.” He looked at her with dark eyes and smirked. “If I can’t have my money, I’ll have you.”

Both her eyes and mouth snapped open in shock and he seized that moment to press his lips against hers. He could taste the saltiness of her tears from where they’d run down her face. He hated when women cried, but this woman’s tears only fueled his anger. She wasn’t going to play the victim, not while his money was unaccounted for. He forced his tongue into her mouth, almost laughing when she tried to bite it. He pulled back and slapped her again. He was taking her, whether she wanted it or not.

Pushing his tongue back inside, he raped hers with his own, sucking on it and forcing her to respond.

Pain bloomed across Jade’s face when he slapped her for the second time. The first time, he hadn’t really wanted to hurt her, just warn her. This time, he had hit her so hard that tiny dots lined her vision and she reeled, no longer fighting. She slipped to the floor.

He unzipped his pants and lowered himself over her face.

“Pull it out,” he demanded. “Suck it.”

Jade shook her head in fear and pushed at his legs. He growled and whipped his dick out of his boxers, forcing it into her mouth.

“You wanna be a defiant little slut, huh? Fine!”

She gagged as he shoved the soft mushroomed head into her mouth. She could taste pre-cum dripping out of the slit. It was salty and pungent, like ocean air. She stared at him, eyes unseeing, as he violated her mouth.

His hands threaded into her hair as he thrust forward. Her mouth was warm and wet. Paradise. With a little violent persuasion, her mouth became a sealed vacuum over his dick. She bobbed up and down, swirling her tongue around the veined knob, sending jolts of pleasure up through his spine. He shivered as he looked down at her, marveling in the contrast in color. He moved his hands from her hair down to her neck. White hands caressed brown skin.

Suddenly, he pushed her away and pulled her up to her feet.

He motioned to her shirt. “Take it off.”

She sat there dumbly.


Numbly, Jade lifted the shirt over her head, freeing a heavy pair of breasts. He grabbed one in each hand, weighing and squeezing them. Her nipples were big and dark, like chocolate kisses. He knelt down and caught one in his mouth. Jade screeched in protest, but he caught her around the throat with one hand and she gasped. Releasing her, he went back to her breast, biting it. Hard. His teeth felt like razors slicing into her delicate nipples.

She tried to make her mind go blank. Her breasts heaved as he bit into one nipple and pinched the other. Before she could react, he shoved his hand into her panties and fingered her slit.

She whimpered as he withdrew his hand and smelled it. His hand was glistening with her juices.

“You like it, don’t you?” He grinned maliciously as she tried to pull away. “Let’s see what else you like.”

He flipped her over and forced her head into the carpet. He didn’t even take her panties off. Pushing them to the side, he readied his rock-hard cock at her entrance and without warning, shoved the meaty shaft into her pussy.

Fuck, but was she tight. He anchored his hands on her breasts and squeezed them as he pounded into her from behind. She felt like a warm, juicy glove, and he had to have more.

Jade moaned in disgust as he fucked her. He was so wide and it felt like he was ripping something back there. The pain soon turned into pleasure as she got wetter and wetter. Never had she felt so filled up, so full. Every time he pulled out, she felt empty. Wait, what?

She cursed her body for betraying her. Unfortunately, it couldn’t tell the difference. Pleasure was pleasure. The intruder stroked her pussy fast and hard, pulling out to the hilt before slamming back into her again.

After what seemed like hours, he flipped her back over and took her missionary style. Digging his fingers into her thighs, he began to pummel her again.

Jade’s pussy felt raw and the pain was just as intense as the pleasure. Tears welled up in her eyes. This was really happening.

He mistook her defeat for arousal and became almost intimate, nibbling on her ear.

“You’re so tight. So good. So beautiful.” He buried his face into her hair.

Jade moaned in response as she writhed underneath him. All she could register was the low, soothing tone of his voice, and the sensual way that he was fucked her. He slid into her fast and hard, pulling her arms up and making her cling to his neck. Every time he thrust, white-hot electricity shot through her body.

He was stretching her as far as she could go, and she began to scream. She clawed at the carpet, hoping to gain relief. At this point, he didn’t care what she did. Her screams only made him more excited. That’s right. Scream.

He could feel his cum traveling up his cock, ready to be released, ready to be drained into her tight, hot hole. He looked down at their junction. His angry-red cock thrusting in and out of her beautiful pussy. She felt so fucking good. Her pussy walls contracted and juices gushed out around his member. He was almost there. Almost…

Right before he came, he grabbed her face and forced her to stare into his eyes.

“Remember my face! Remember my body inside of you!” His eyes were soulless, yet his body was full of life as he stiffened inside of her. Jade instinctively tightened around him, moaning and hating herself for it.

His essence flowed into her, sticky and hot. She was melting from the inside out. Camembert cheese. Just another cadaver filled with fluids and unwanted sensations.

She continued to milk his balls of every last drop, unable to control herself. He grunted and rolled off of her.

She was grateful that it was over, though her clit was still throbbing. Jade rolled over onto her side and looked at him, eyes questioning. What next?

He looked at her before pulling his pants back up. “What, you thought we’d live happily ever after?”

He grabbed his sledgehammer and left. She could hear him jogging down the stairs and imagined him grabbing his duffel bag and calmly walking out the front door.

Jade stayed in the same position for hours. Numb. She felt Nothingness. He hadn’t even bothered to threaten her. She wouldn’t call 911. He knew he had broken her. Broken into her.

Funny, the reason this all happened was because he was about to destroy her painting. That cheap replica meant more to her than the house did. Her favorite professor, now-deceased, had given it to her at her college graduation.

She had always been good at blocking bad experiences out, shutting them away into a little corner of her mind, never to be revisited.

But this memory would never die. It would persist.

Jade closed her eyes.

Dali. Melting clocks. Melting vaginas. Melting. Melt. M.

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