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Bonobos of Humanity

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A torrent was falling straight down in lazy sheets. It was the heart of rainy season, and Mother Nature showed truth in advertising. I would have just stopped right there on the trail to wait it out had it not been for the fact that it would have resulted in being stuck on an unmapped “road” -to use that term loosely- after sundown. Driving in the dark through the jungle was a good way to get stuck in the mud or, worse still, a flash flood.

Even the deep lug treads on the three ton Range Rover could not maintain traction on the densely packed clayey brown soil. The SUV fish-tailed loosely, and went into an accelerating slide in response to any application of the brakes. While I was managing to stay on the trail, the heavy truck moved disturbingly like a go-kart on a skating rink.

“Hold on, I’m going to have to accelerate to get up that rise. Any reading on the GPS yet?” I asked Yui Miyama, my colleague and a post-doctoral researcher in the Department of Archeology. Yui was a second generation Japanese-American, and was a little bustier and taller than a typical Japanese girl. Otherwise, however, she displayed many of the typical features of the countrywomen from her ancestral home such as long straight silky black hair, a petite frame, and delicate facial features. She had just received her PhD a year ago, at the age of 26, from a leading west coast Archeology department. We were working together mapping cites that were once villages of a long lost civilization. It was a challenging task because the jungle can erase all traces of human influence in short order. After months of interviewing indigenous people about the topography and characteristics of land through which they traveled and reviewing satellite imagery for clues, we were about to get to the fun part – digging in the dirt.

“No. The unit seems to be working, but I’m not getting coordinates.” Yui responded.

“After we clear this rise, I’ll dig out the satellite phone and see if we can’t contact someone to get information about when we can expect a break in this storm, and maybe we’ll get a better signal on the other side.” I said.

The truck was both powerful and heavy, and it was owing to those twin characteristics that it did, in fact, make it up the small hill. And that was our great misfortune.

As we crested the rise the earth seemed to fall away. In reality it was only that from the apex of the rise the land sloped away even more steeply than the side we had climbed. That, however, was not the true problem. Our problem was that there was only a short dog-leg on this side of the rise before the trail kinked over ninety degrees. I used a lot of horsepower to get up the hill, and as a result the truck was being carried by momentum swiftly down the dog-leg and toward a steep ravine. I had no control of the vehicle. Application of the brakes resulted in a slide. We then made a full revolution of spin as the Rover traveled inexorably toward what appeared to be a steep drop into the jungle.

“We’ve got to jump!” I yelled to Yui over the din of rain pelting the truck’s metal roof. It seemed evident that the SUV was not going to come to a stop before the precipice.

Yui hesitated, and for good reason. There was no time, but plenty of questions to race through her mind – just as they were through mine. Questions like: Should I really take my seatbelt off and throw open the door? If my timing is not right, will I be half in and half out of the vehicle when it flips over? If I do get out in time, the truck is in a spin, will it crush me? I had no intention of abandoning the vehicle with Yui in it, and was afraid jumping might prove more likely to be fatal than the inevitable accident we were sliding toward. At some point I realized it was too late to do anything but hope for the best and resign myself to fate.

“Hold on.” As I said it we slid sideways into a rut at the trail’s outer edge and the large SUV tipped precariously toward the driver’s side. I felt the first roll as I was jostled about and the seatbelt cut into my neck but held me from crashing into the roof. Somehow I could hear my pulse in my head over the din of the SUV’s contents being tumbled around like the balls in a lottery wheel.

Sometime on the second roll I must have hit my head, because that was my last coherent recollection of being in, or even seeing, the Rover. I may have had brief instances of feeling things crawl over my skin or sting me, of hearing Yui’s voice, and of vaguely wondering if this could really be what it was like to be dead. However, I cannot be certain these were not just the dreams of a coma victim.

The first thought that I know I actually had after going unconscious in the rolling vehicle was the distinct realization that there must be a heaven that I had been sent there. This came as a little bit of a shock as I had spent my life as a skeptic, if not an atheist then certainly an agnostic. Before I even opened my eyes to indistinct form and shadow, and then, rubbed the fluid and sleep out of them to see the underside of a thatched roof, I had two vividly real perceptions. One was the musty smell of the jungle. The other, and this was the origin of my new found belief in heaven, was the out of this world feeling of my member being orally serviced vigorously and skillfully as, simultaneously, my scrotum was licked gently and delicately.

It was an immensely pleasurable way to be welcomed back to the world of the living. I then, wearily and with great achiness, raised up onto my elbows to see what angels were performing this activity. Responding to my activity, the two native women withdrew their mouths, and began to shriek and jump up and down with delight. The one who had been licking my sack was probably about 20 years of age and her pert titties shook lightly high on her chest as she jumped, the woman who had had me inside her mouth was probably close to twice the age of the first, and her much more substantial bosom bounced up and down heavily as she jumped. They were both sun bronzed all over, as could be observed due to their state of undress at the moment. It seemed like there was a family resemblance, as though they were mother and daughter. They jumped about excitably for the better part of a minute.

“I’ll be damned. It worked. Welcome back to the world Dr. Richards! I was afraid you weren’t ever going to wake up.” I looked over in response to the familiar voice and saw Yui getting up from a mat on the floor with a notebook in hand. To my astonishment, Yui was completely nude as well. Out of instinct, I turned away to grant her the privacy that I somehow felt proper.

In months of fieldwork together, I had never seen Yui naked. I had once stumbled groggily out of my tent to inadvertently see her topless because she had figured it was a safe time to change out of a sweaty and uncomfortable undergarment. On that occasion we had both acted as a lady and gentleman in the manner Western society dictates. That is, Yui covered herself by putting a hand over each breast, and turning around, and I averted my eyes and turned around as well. This time however, Yui made no move to cover herself but rather walked straight up to the bamboo table/bed I was on and leaned over to hug me tightly -her soft breasts pushing into my bare chest. It felt far too real to be the dream that all past experience suggested it was.

“You had me worried.” Yui said as she released me and stood back to give me some space.

It was only then that I became particularly cognizant that I was not only naked, but also sporting a plump erection. My self-consciousness of my nudity was more about Yui than the native women who I expected were used to living in a society where nudism prevailed. Not even when others from the tribe began to file into the cylindrical pitched roof hut, probably in response to the women’s shrieks, did I have any concern for modesty with them. Nonetheless, I looked for something to cover up with but, seeing nothing, I began to use both hands to awkwardly try to hide my engorged member.

“Ahhhhhhng” I looked up to see that about 12 native women who had gathered inside the hut had begun making a distressed wailing sound. Gone were the smiles and shrieks of delight, and they were replaced by melancholy faces and an anguished mewl.

I felt Yui pull my hand away from my crotch. “Don’t do that. It hurts their feelings.” Yui said.

I looked at her incredulously, but as I dropped the other hand there seemed to be a collective sigh of relief from the gathered crowd. Then the older of the woman who had been pleasuring me put one hand behind my back and the other on my chest and gently eased me back into the reclining position. The younger put her finger and thumb tips together and poked them at her open mouth in a pantomime of eating food, and then she pointed to me. She then moved off. It seemed apparent she was going to get me something to eat. Once the older woman had gotten some vegetative facsimile of a pillow under my head, and was confident that I was comfortable, she shooed away all the native women who had gathered in and around the hut so that I could rest. As she exited, she pulled the flap closed behind her leaving Yui and I alone.

“So about this dream I’m having, I am wondering if I’m in the hospital after the crash, or was the crash part of the dream and I’m still asleep in my tent.” I asked in all seriousness thinking that despite the vivid feel of it, this was all too odd to be reality.

Yui chuckled slightly. “It would seem like a dream, wouldn’t it? But this is all real. If you’re up to it, we’ve got to talk. This place is the discovery of a lifetime. Do you need to rest?” Yui asked.

“No. Somehow I feel I’ve been resting plenty. How long was I out?” I asked.

“About four days. Did you notice anything interesting about the crowd that gathered?” Yui asked, eager to tell me about her discovery.

“They were all women as young as maybe twenty and old as probably 60. Of course, it’s not odd for women to involve themselves with tasks like caring for the sick and other in-village jobs while the men are out engaged in hunting and warring. It is a pretty common mode of existence in primitive cultures. What is going on with the children though? Are they scared of exposing them to us?” I was happy to see that I could think coherently after the bump I had sustained to the head.

“That’s just it. There are no children. This tribe is dying. There are no men, other than three that seem to be beyond octogenarian. The women do the hunting – I went out with them yesterday. They are definitely hunter-gatherers.” Yui said with an involuntary grin that was not so much a reflection of her feelings toward the tragic fate of the tribe as for the learning opportunity this presented.

“Are you certain? Perhaps the men go out for extended periods on war campaigns?” I said, realizing that it would not account for a lack of anyone younger than two decades because they certainly wouldn’t take children either for hunting or warring.

“I’m positive. They are a very open people, and I don’t think anything is being hidden. If there were children or evidence of men on campaign, I would have seen some sign by now. I’ve been in about every house in the village. I’m fairly sure I’ve met everyone.” Yui said, probably a little irritated that I was challenging her conclusions out of turn.

“Sorry, I didn’t realize you had been able to investigate so thoroughly. Do you have any theories about why there are only women? Was there a Y-chromosome defect of some sort, or was it the result of war?” I had many questions that needed answering.

“After seeing some of their drawings and getting to know a little about how they live, I suspect the later. I believe a far more bellicose tribe beat them in war and, in a rare act of extreme vengeance, killed off any men they believed capable of fathering a child. Some enemy did this just to insure against any future enemy soldiers being birthed. What we see here is just the remainder of a much larger group. The enemy presumably took all the women they could find and enslaved them or made them wives or concubines for their warriors.”

“Were you badly injured in the crash?” I asked.

“I was knocked out just like you, but I woke up in the truck. I was pinned and eventually passed back out or fell asleep. I woke in a hut near here. I’d been stripped of my clothes and my wounds cleaned. However, if my watch is right, I must have been out only through the overnight hours. When I woke up, I tried to find my clothes. I think they may have burned them. It took me about 15 minutes of that interminable wailing before I figured out they have a serious cultural norm against covering oneself. So you’re welcome for spreading that knowledge.” Yui said.

“That is an odd norm, unlike any I’ve ever heard of before – least of all not around here. It’s common enough for aboriginal people to wear little or no clothing, and even to think it odd or humorous for someone from our culture to wear so much, but to get all doleful about it, that is a new one for me.” I said.

“You don’t know the half of it.” Yui replied.

Before I got to that provocative comment, there was something from earlier that was on my mind. “When I first woke up you expressed some surprise that ‘it worked’, what were you talking about?” I asked.

“I didn’t think oral sex would bring you out of a coma. They had been trying to do it to you for the past three days, but I kept running interference because, for all I knew, it might cause your heart to give out. It was odd enough that the first day they started rubbing you from head-to-toe with the oily extract of a local plant. I let them do that because I figured it couldn’t hurt. They showed me crude drawings on something like birch bark, and one of them included two females doing something like they did to you. In the drawing there were ghosts or demonic souls rising skyward from the man’s head, chest, and belly. Near as I can tell, they believe that if they suck your penis they will force out the demons that are haunting your mind and making you sick.” Yui explained, showing her usual sound and thorough reasoning.

“OK, what was the meaning of that comment about me ‘not knowing the half of it’?” I asked, but just then we were interrupted when the mother and daughter returned. The elder was carrying what looked like a slab of bark with banana leaf on it, and, on top of that, little piles of fruit, cooked vegetables, insects, flat bread, and a small portion of some kind of spiced meat. The younger woman was carrying some kind of clay pot and bowl.

We ate communally in silence sitting on the soft mat with the “platter” in the middle of the group for all to reach. It did not seem proper to carry out a conversation with Yui because our two dining companions would not understand a word we were saying. The two women smiled frequently, and were of assistance to me by demonstrating how to best eat some of the foods, and, in the case of the older woman who was sitting directly adjacent me, feeding me directly on occasion. It was not terribly hard to get the hang of it. Most of the messy foods were eaten with a piece of flat bread that was reminiscent of a tortilla. It was not unlike dining in an Ethiopian restaurant. The small portion of meat was the one thing that my hosts insisted that I, and I alone, eat.

“What? What was it?” I said after swallowing it, when I saw a knowing grin on Yui’s face.

“It was a wolf’s penis. In many countries in Asia this would be described as ‘getting your yang up.'” Yui said, punctuating it with a laugh that the other two ladies joined in. Some humor is universal and knows not the bounds of language.

After the meal we rinsed our hands with water over the clay bowl. The person sitting next to you poured water for you and you returned the favor. As we continued to sit quietly in the circle, I was mesmerized by what I saw next. The young woman, who Yui had told me was named Keeba and who had throughout the meal been sitting right next to Yui, scooted closer and put her arm around behind Yui’s back and, reaching around front, began to knead Yui’s nipple. My surprise turned to astonishment when Yui returned the favor by hugging around Keeba and massaging one of her nipples.

Keeba’s mother, named Cheeba according to Yui, was clearing the trays and water basins, and I had a moment to wonder how Yui had managed to take a lover so quickly. Moreover, I knew that she had a boyfriend on-and-off back home and never had any reason to suspect she was anything but heterosexual. While our relationship was strictly professional, after months in close proximity doing field work sometimes with only each other to speak to for weeks on end, even topics as personal as sexual orientation eventually came up.

This train of thought was disrupted when Cheeba came back, sat down right next to me as she had been during the meal, and, without warning, reached down and wrapped her hand around my organ. I had long since become flaccid – having become comfortable with, and desensitized to, the nudist environment and being respectful of the erotic sight of Yui and Keeba’s mutual touch – but the warm feminine touch made my cock swell immediately. Unaware of how to cope with this unexpected occurrence, I looked over at Yui. Yui nodded hard in Cheeba’s direction pursing her lips in a facial expression that I easily interpreted as “pay attention, you dolt.”

I looked to Cheeba and saw that she was staring down at the ground gloomily. I was naively hoping that I wasn’t misinterpret signals as I began to reach around behind Cheeba’s back and then around to massage her nipple in the manner Yui and Keeba were doing to each other. Cheeba looked over to me, now smiling happily, and then leaned over to put her head on my shoulder. Part of me was enjoying this relaxed uncensored life, and part was worried that Cheeba was falling for me and was considering what the ramifications might be. While there was a great potential for physical attraction, our worlds were irreconcilably different. Cheeba was a pleasant looking woman. She had the lean almost athletic body of a woman who labors all day everyday, and, while she might not have been as flawless as her daughter, she was none-the-less attractive in a simple way. She was not stunning, but neither did she have any defective traits of note. She was, I estimated, probably a few years younger than I. Ultimately, however, it couldn’t work out because we couldn’t talk to each other and we lived worlds apart.

Just as I thought it had gotten as weird as it was going to get, I looked over to see that Keeba and Yui were leaning together kissing each on the other’s neck had each reached a hand down between the other girl’s legs to massage and finger the other’s sex. Upon seeing this, I somehow managed to get more engorged than I already was, and this was facilitated by a more vigorous stroking motion from Cheeba. Cheeba then turned herself 90 degrees with her back against my side so that she could guide my hand down from her nipple to her own eager slit. All the while, she continued to awkwardly stroke me with her hand behind her back. At the risk of violating some unknown norm, I repositioned myself by turning toward her and easing her hand off me. I guided her to lay back with the back of her head against my chest as she sat between my legs. Nestled like this, I was better able to massage her wet sex with its own slippery juices while, at the same time, kneading one of her nipples with the other hand. As I worked her clit, Cheeba writhed in pleasure and pressed back into me. I was surprised to find that her hair had a clean subtle smell reminiscent of mint, but not exactly mint.

I hadn’t seen any kissing on the mouth yet, and so I didn’t know if I would be doing something out of the cultural norm when I took my hand from her nipple and put my hand across her cheek to turn her face toward mine. I then kissed her passionately on the lips gradually working toward an open mouth kiss in which my tongue intermingling with hers. She gave no indication that this was anything other than perfectly natural and comfortable for her.

I was oblivious to the rustle of activity that was occurring out of the corner of my eye. But when Cheeba broke off the kiss and began to turn back around I looked over to see that Keeba and Yui were laying on their sides forming an “L”-shape with Yui having her knees splayed wide. Keeba was alternating between licking and manually manipulating Yui’s wanton sex, giving it her full attention. Cheeba then moved into place to rest Yui’s head on the inside of her thigh as she lifted her other leg straight up in the air. My young colleague began to moan softly as she licked Cheeba’s slit and began to suck on the older woman’s rosy clit.

It didn’t require the beckoning that Cheeba offered with a smile and a waving hand to get me to follow the pattern. I lay down on my side so that Cheeba could access my cock and I began to open Keeba’s legs to rub her moist sex. I eased a finger into Keeba, and then licked at the pink hard nub of her clitoris. The sucking I received this time was more measured and gentle than the vigorous two woman version that had pulled me from my earlier unconscious state. We lay in that square of oral pleasure for quite some time. Soon I was welling up and ready for the release I had earlier been denied.

Cheeba, with an apparent sense of this, withdrew her mouth just then, and, with her thumb and index finger curled tightly but statically around the base of my shaft, ensured that I did not climax. Then she disengaged altogether. I wasn’t certain if she was being a tease or just needed to rest her aching jaw for a moment. She continued to be affectionate by rubbing non-erogenous areas like my outer thighs with her hands, and, after about a minute, I decided to help myself. I reached down with the hand that had been massaging one of Keeba’s perky tits as I pleasured her with my mouth. I began to stroke myself, but Cheeba took my wrist in her hand and pulled my hand away while kissing the back of my hand and fingers.

I was beginning to think that either abstaining from climax or simultaneous climax were some sort of cultural norm when, with Cheeba still holding my hand away from my member, the girls began to achieve orgasm one after another over the course of a minute or so. The first was Yui, but Keeba and Cheeba followed in short order and almost simultaneously. Still my hand was restrained and Cheeba made no effort to help satisfy me. I couldn’t help but wonder if the reason why all the men had left was that the tribeswomen were teases.

When the girls were done moaning and writhing in pleasure, the mother and daughter got up and excused themselves with gestures that I’m sure I only partly understood. This left Yui and me alone again.

“Do you feel up to looking around?” Yui asked, as if an insanely weird event hadn’t just transpired. She seemed to have acclimated to the tribe’s libidinous ways astonishingly swiftly. I was still a little in shock myself.

Despite the intimate acts that had just transpired among us, I didn’t have the gumption to say to Yui “No, I have some unfinished business to attend to with respect to a certain unflogged dolphin.” Instead I said: “Sure, why not?”

“So I guess what I meant by ‘you don’t know the half of it’ is patently clear by now? These people are the Bonobos of the Homo Sapiens species.” Yui said.

I chuckled at the way Yui put it; though, from what I had seen so far, it was an apropos way to describe the tribe. Bonobos were primates that were extremely open and flexible sexually. While humans and a number of other primate species eat openly and have sex in secret, Bonobos cover themselves when eating but engage in sex openly, unabashedly, and with a range of partners. Bonobos use genital touching and copulation as a greeting, and, often, as a means to end conflicts. I was also becoming less concerned about any growing attachment I may have suspected on the part of Cheeba because, like bonobos, this tribe seemed completely flexible in partnerships. They practiced the adage from the Crosby, Stills, and Nash song about loving “the one you’re with” with an openness that might leave even the most ardent hippy scratching his head.

“Yeah, but they seem to have an odd double standard when it comes to completing the transaction, so to speak.” I said, still a little salty about being prevented from finishing.

“For such a highly educated man, you sure are dense sometimes. They view you as the savior of their tribe, who fell into their laps from the gods. They are not about to having you shooting your precious seed into the dirt. You can expect that they are going to frustrate all attempts to climax, until you are ready to put your guys to work. I foresee a time in your near future when you will wish you could cut back on ejaculation.” Yui said, so matter-of-factly.

Yui had grown so casual with the intense sexuality of our hosts so quickly that I began to see her in a new light. It was not just that she was completely naked, I had known she had a beautiful body before that. It was that I was seeing a previously obscured facet of her, and it was as if her secrets were laid as bare as her behind. Obviously, she was an extremely sexual person all this time, but I had never seen it because of the compartmentalization of our relationship. Her willingness to ravenously eat the sex of a girl she had met no more than a few days before was telling of what lay below her surface. Or, maybe, put in a society so uninhibited, anyone might become more amorous. These were fascinating questions for a life-long student of human behavior.

The location was spectacular. The village was in a small clearing in a “u”-shaped gap in the cliff-face down from a massive waterfall, and the vegetation became quite lush at the village’s edge. At the rate the jungle grows, it must have taken either great effort or ingenuity to maintain the clearing and defeat insects, and I was interested to see how they managed these tasks. The location seemed to have been chosen because it was hidden despite being adjacent higher ground. This was not unexpected from the remnants of a tribe that had apparently been all but made extinct presumably at the hands of another, and who could be easily destroyed or subjugated by a more bellicose tribe. While it was hidden, it must have been of some concern that escape would be impossible. Remaining hidden could not be easy for a non-nomadic tribe that was tied to fixed agriculture in the form of fields and livestock. I was shown their fields that were in satellite little patches in the jungle where they could find better lighting than was offered in the shadow of an overhanging cliff.

Yui showed me around, and introductions always involved mutual touching. The first woman that Yui introduced me to was about Cheeba’s age and was doing some thatching. She gently cupped my testicles in her hand and rubbed, and I responded by lifting a breast and manipulating one of her nipples as Yui had suggested. The women of the tribe would always look me up and down, and speak words that I could not comprehend. I stuck to the script by rubbing breasts, but the greetings I received varied. Sometimes the women would stroke my member and other times they would rub my scrotum. On one occasion, a girl a little older than Keeba who was doing some work while seated, kissed at my flaccid member, which, to her delight, immediately began to stir to life. It was just a quick peck, but, nonetheless, I was eager.

I did not want to get too creative until I had observed the tribe’s ways for a while. This worked out well because I found out that one exception to the genital touching was with the village elders. Touching was still involved, but of less erogenous zones. When I was introduced to Akba, the eldest woman of the tribe who might easily have been 90 years old, we merely held hands and looked each other in the eye as she spoke words that I could not understand. That is, we looked each other in the eye after she completed looking me up and down. Akba was a sweet grandmotherly type, and she seemed. It appeared that combination of running and arduous fieldwork had paid off in producing a body that was lean and healthy enough to meet granny Akba’s seal of approval. The other meetings with village elders followed suite, and they seemed ecstatic to have redeemed themselves in the eyes of their gods for whatever imagined offense they believed had caused them to be punished with a dying tribe.

The one exception to these happy-go-lucky introductions was a meeting with a dour woman of about sixty who seemed to be the village shaman, Kaiba. She gave me what seemed to be a crude physical. She looked at my tongue and pinched skin to observe its elasticity and color change. She stroked my limp cock and seemed pleased with the pace at which it grew in rigidity. By this point a stiff breeze would have given me an erection, let alone the manual ministrations of a naked woman who, despite her age, had an attractive vigorous quality about her. She squeezed the base of my shaft and noted color changes. She seemed satisfied that my member’s length, girth, and healthiness were satisfactory. The only men I had seen were a couple senior citizens, so I had no idea what constituted a typical cock for these people. I suspected the tribesmen would tend to be at least a little smaller than I based on the fact that men of this region were in general smaller in all bodily dimensions than an average North American male, which fairly described myself. Because I couldn’t understand her verbal instructions, Kaiba guided me, sometimes not gently, into the positions she wanted me in for the various inspections. Though I was a little unnerved when I was moved into a position on the bamboo and rattan table on my hands and knees with my knees in a wide stance. However, Kaiba merely examined my scrotum, pressed lightly on the area immediately behind the scrotum, and generally looked over my backside.

It turned out that the entire village was waiting for the results of this inspection, and they seemed quite pleased when Kaiba boldly strode out of the hut leaving me in the aforementioned vulnerable-feeling position to announce that I had passed muster.

As the days passed it became apparent that the tribe was preparing for a major event. They were gathering fruits, thatching for a large hastily constructed palapa, and, when that structure was complete, they slaughtered a boar. Crude mattresses were gathered from throughout the village and assembled under the large palapa, and yet more pads were made from sections of hide and tattered old woven cloths. There would be a feast soon, and I was presumably to be the featured guest.

I was getting used to being aroused without release, and even Yui, in addition to Keeba and Cheeba, was on the look out to stifle any attempts to gratify myself. I, therefore, resigned myself to complying. One had to respect these women. They had been dealt such a hard life of subsistence living, and yet managed to be so happy, sweet, and kind. I was beginning to feel that I owed it to them to not be selfish.

I wondered what the significance of the date selected for the event could be. As the days progressed, the tribeswomen accelerated their work as if they had a tight deadline. Yui knew the answer. It is common for women living in close proximity to have their menstrual cycles synch up, and Yui believed these women must be on the same schedule. The date, she proposed, was chosen to maximize fertility across the group.

When the day arrived, I was feed fresh fruits all day – apparently to keep my energy level up. As the afternoon unfolded, the smell of roasting pork wafted throughout the village. Cheeba and Keeba prepared me by ritually washing me with scented water from a pottery basin in a manner reminiscent of a sponge bath. When they completed that task, they painted designs on my torso, legs, and face with a colorful paint made from plant-based dyes. Yui just observed, and made notes.

I was then led arm-in-arm by Cheeba and Keeba to the thatched roof shelter that had been erected for the events about to be underway. They had rescued me, and, in a sense, I was their offering to the village. I was guided to a reclining position on a raised platform that was covered with primitive mattresses and pillows. Keeba and Cheeba sat on either side of me, and they massaged me and rubbed my chest, stomach, legs, and neck-but without touching my genitals.

Cheeba turned my face so that I could view a makeshift stage area. Occasionally, they would feed me morsels of the roast meat, fruit, bread, or vegetables so that I would not have to look away. They doled out the food in such a manner to keep me nourished but not so full that I would lose energy.

The “stage” was soon occupied with some of the woman around Cheeba’s age that danced in as others played out a rhythm on animal skin drums. All of the women, except one, had smoothly polished wooden phalluses tied from cloth covered cords that wrapped around their thighs just below the buttocks and around the waist. It looked like a primitive version of a strap-on dildo, but hanging more loosely and requiring a hand to hold it into an erect position. The solitary completely naked woman danced an erotic dance that included the use of her hands to manipulate her breasts and sex at first sequentially and then simultaneously. As she, Lukba – one of the prettiest women in the tribe, did this, the other dancers began to use one hand to raise their dangling dildos as if they were becoming erect. The dance seemed to act out a fantasy that may well have been widespread in a tribe suffering such a dearth of masculinity, and that was having an abundance of cocks to play with and by which to be pleasured.

The dance was an extended number that began with furtive coy touches, and progressively involved more contact over the course of about a half hour. Eventually, Lukba was entered with the phalluses in her mouth and then in her wanton slit. Incredibly, the ending involved Lukba passionately writhing while sitting down and laid back on another dancer’s pelvis so that one of the dildos breached her anus, another dancer knelt pushing the tip of her wooden idol into Lukba’s vagina while Lukba simultaneously sucked on the phallus of the dancer supporting her shoulders, and her two arms were stretched out so that she could stroke two more off. It was a rhythmically choreographed artistic rendering of a porn-style gang-bang. While the tribeswomen had clearly adapted to, and certainly enjoyed, lesbian loving, it seemed that the majority still had cock on their minds.

The next portion of the show seemed to be a showing of gratitude and respect for Yui. I think that they thought of her as a gift from the gods as much as they thought of me that way. First, she had helped them in ways agricultural, technological, and even sexual. Moreover, her protection and care for me made them think that I was hers, and the fact that she was agreeing to let me service the tribe made them quite grateful. Two tribeswomen carried her in with inter-clasped forearms below her thighs and behind her back in a sort of human made palanquin. They set her down gently, and three women trotted up from, to continue the theater analogy, the “wings”, and began to use their mouths respectively on her two breasts and her sex. The women who had carried her established positions at her head and feet, and one of them massaged the soles of her feet while the other ran her hands though Yui’s silky black hair to massage her scalp. After minutes of progressively more intensive moans, Yui’s back arched intensely on the surface of the stage and she began to climax explosively. The five women continued their ministrations as Yui continued to climax for a period of time I would have thought impossible of anyone who was not a Tantric master. The one sucking Yui’s clit clearly had her work cut out for her as Yui’s hips bucked spastically off the floor. As Yui’s love spasms subsided and she was left panting in exhaustion, the five women took to gently caressing her all over. Then they carried her off as she had entered.

The entertainment portion of the evening was about over, and I was maintaining a stiff erection throughout it all – though I made no moves to touch myself and Keeba and Cheeba were careful to not get too close to my aroused member. Keeba got up and joined three other younger women. I was now figuring out why the youngest girls had not participated in the show. It was another mark of the tribe’s underlying pragmatism. They were going to have me copulate with the twenty-something year old girls first because they were likely considered the most likely to be fertile. Eventually, I would get to experience the passion of all of the women who had not undergone menopause – and perhaps a few that had – but it would be in the order that they were viewed as most likely to lead to proliferation of new tribe members.

The four young women did a dance before me that accentuated their breasts and their eagerness to experience cock. It occurred to me that, despite the amorous ways of this tribe, these young women were all virgins to vaginal intercourse with anything other than fingers and phalluses. They shifted from touching themselves to touching each other, and with hands and mouths they made sure each had a wet and ready sex that was prepared to be entered. This would apparently be my first group before I would have time to recuperate. The tribeswomen had the sense to know that, even with all the preparation, I wouldn’t be able to fuck the whole tribe in one night – not productively, at least. I must admit, I was a little in doubt of my ability to handle four young misses without an extended period of downtime, but I was willing to try.

Cheeba eased me from my reclined position to one in which I was laying flat on my back. Keeba would apparently get the first opportunity. I don’t know whether this was due to her and her mother having found me, or whether she was the youngest of the tribe. I had no way of knowing, but Keeba’s sweet young face and perky tits gave me nothing to object to as she slowly squatted over me and then impaled her tight hot sex onto my manhood. The three other girls had positioned themselves one at each foot, and one at my head. They massaged my feet and scalp as I had seen others do for Yui. Cheeba sat next to me and held her daughter’s hand with one hand and mine with the other. Keeba was bouncing up and down riding my cock like a rodeo rider. I would like to be able to say that I made sweet love to Keeba for half an hour like a super-stud. However, as Keeba ran her hands through her dark brown hair and arched back while riding my cock and her mother put her mouth on mine to share a kiss, I shot a geyser of my seed into Keeba – who began to quiver herself from the excitement.

Yui had been guided back to be given the option of assuming a role that was apparently considered one of great honor within the tribe – though, as I understood it, in the world of modern porno films it was considered low woman on the totem pole. As they encouraged Yui to take a kneeling position, it was clear that she could take on the role of “fluffer” if she wanted the job. The fluffer’s task is to get the male actor ready for action when his flaccid over-worked cock needs to be brought to erection for a scene.

Yui and I had never had anything close to sexual relations, or, for that matter, anything more than the vaguest of flirtations. Even with all the open sexuality about us, the tone and demeanor of our relationship remained professional. I could see in her eyes the traces of an ambivalent thought process. Should she seize the moment and participate, or back off and observe? I was too far in to share her professional discretion. I had surrendered to the euphoria of hedonism, and lusted for Yui now in a way that I had always suppressed in the past. Perhaps, my inviting smile tipped the scale of her internal calculus, but she leaned forward to take my half-limp cock into her mouth. Yui did not seem the least bit dissuaded by the fact that my staff was sloppy with the slick lubrication of Keeba’s secretions, and she began to suck with ravenous fury. It was not in spite of, but perhaps because of, our conservative professional relationship that my cock throbbed to full turgidity with such swiftness.

Yui, cognizant of the objective at hand despite her passion, broke off long before I achieved release, and directed me to turn over and move into position between the legs of the next girl – who lay on her back with her knees bent and spread- prepared for me to take her in the missionary position. I did as directed and Keeba and the other two girls massaged both my new lover and myself as I eased my cock into the girl’s tight organ before beginning to thrust with increasing vigor. This time I had much more respectable stamina despite the arousing sight I caught out of the corner of my eye of Cheeba and Yui sitting facing each other with Yui’s legs wrapped around Cheeba as they kissed, caressed each other, and hugged intimately. Some part of me felt a primal jealousy, about which woman I’m not sure, but that emotion merely stoked the fire in my loins. I continued long enough that the smiling young native I was pleasuring began to shake with an intense climax and moan in long chain of vowel sounds, and her orgasm sent me over the edge and I felt myself spurting my essence into her quivering pussy.

I would have guessed my performance would have been disrupted by the fact that all the townspeople besides Keeba, the three other girls, Cheeba, and Yui formed a live audience to observe the proceedings. However, the fact that they were all naked and largely playing with themselves or each other, somehow, made me less self-conscious.

“Do you need some sustenance, or a little break?” Yui said noticing the signs of my release that could not be missed. Before I could even gather the strength to answer, Yui and Cheeba were feeding me mango, giving me water, and caressing me tenderly.

“I think I can… ohhh yeah.” I didn’t get the full reply out because as soon as I started, Yui enveloped my cock in her mouth without the least sign of inhibition that she had earlier displayed. She stroked me with her soft hand as she licked and sucked on the underside of the tip of my cock. I gradually swelled to life, and was just getting into the intense oral pleasuring I was receiving when it stopped abruptly.

I opened my eyes and saw that the next girl was next to me on her hands and knees. I didn’t know if they were hedging their bets by having me impale them every which way, in case the odds were better with a certain method, or if it was all part of the ritual. I eased in behind this girl to take her from behind. Her canal was wider and wetter than the previous girl’s, and my cock was able to plow right in and get up to speed with ease.

To provide some encouragement, Cheeba moved to my side and, while saying words in a low tone- presumably to cheer me on, began to reach under and gently stroke my testicles and to roll them in her hand. Keeba and one of the other girls made out with each other in front of me, perhaps, to give me some visual stimulation. The other girl reached under and massaged the clit of the girl that I was plowing. It was true that if the girl I was in began to climax, it would definitely hasten my own completion.

It was Yui, however, that sent me over the edge. She moved up behind me and began to move her pelvis up against my buttocks as if she was fucking the native girl through me. She began to whisper in my ear. “I always wondered what kind of fuck you were. Did I ever tell you that I was about to kiss you once. I always thought your hard body was a turn-on. Did you ever want to fuck me? What did you think when you saw my boobs that one time?” This talk was arousing.

I could not believe what I was hearing. What’s more, the feel of Yui’s hot tits pressed against my back and her silken hair draped across my shoulder as she whispered in my ear got me hot. “Yes, I wanted to fuck you in your mouth and in your pussy.” With that I blew my load deep into the third girl’s receptive box.

I eased myself down and lay on my back with my body limp and exhausted but my mind racing. The euphoria was wearing off and part of me wondered if I was doing the right thing. Should I encourage a girl that was, technically speaking – even if I did not treat her so, a subordinate to suck me off? There was another part of me, however, that found these broken taboos and all the other conventions that were shattering around me, such as the arousal resulting from sexual enjoyment of a mother and daughter simultaneously, to be exceptionally liberating. I went through a brief moment of panic as I realized that I could not go back to my old life. What I had done would leave me entirely discredited as an archeologist. Even if I left and no one ever found out about the tribe, I would know that I was essentially a dead-beat dad to who knows how many children. Then, no sooner did the wave of panic wash over me as it was entirely gone. I realized that I did not want to go back, that I had entered into this tribe’s plan because I enjoyed living this life more than I did writing grant proposals and for stuffy academic journals that few people ever read. I loved being in the field, and had always had a fantasy of going native. This was it, I had gone native. I had, in blowing my load into Keeba, crossed my own personal Rubicon.

With that though I became cognizant that my cute Japanese-American fluffer girl and former research assistant was swallowing my cock enthusiastically, and it felt so good as my member gained turgidity. With that I summoned over Cheeba and began to caress her face, then to kiss her, and then to hold her. I realized I had felt a special connection to her that I had never before known that had begun the day I awoke. When I was worried about her falling for me, I was really worried that I was falling for her. Despite our limited capacity to communicate, I loved her in a way that I had not loved the woman I was briefly married to and then divorce from as a junior faculty member. Moreover, I found it oddly easy to begin to reconcile the lack of sexual exclusivity and the ability to form a pair that was a unique special relationship. There was a relationship with the tribe and responsibilities one had with respect to that relationship that were not mutually exclusive to the pair bond. I was intently focused on the woman whose eyes I was looking longingly into and whose hair I swept back tenderly, when I began to climax into the young woman who was riding me facing my feet. I had nearly been in a daze when I ejaculated with surprising intensity for the fourth, and final, time of the night.

I napped with Cheeba, while Keeba, Yui, and the three other girls nestled in nearby as the rest of the village prepared for my second wave. Over the next two days I experienced intercourse with all of the potentially fertile women in the tribe, plus the shaman who had convinced the others that her partaking could be somehow beneficial. By month’s end, Keeba and one other woman of about Cheeba’s age seemed to be showing signs of morning sickness, and would later deliver successfully. Every month thereafter we had a similar event until the number of tribeswomen pregnant was as much as could be sustained by those that could work. One of those who became pregnant was Cheeba, which was not necessarily surprising as, scandalously unbeknownst to the tribe-at-large, she was receiving my seed more frequently than the other women as we lay together alone at night.

I never returned to “civilization.” Yui did, however. After staying a few months in which she built an extensive dictionary of the native lexicon and we both studied and conferred about the tribal customs, she took a few notebooks back. These would form the root of a book about the dying tribe and their peculiarly amorous ways that would become a bestseller and get her fast-tracked onto a lecture-circuit and into tenure despite the limited information she was willing to provide about the whereabouts of the tribe and her unwillingness to let others interrupt tribal life by independent verification.

Her book’s devotion read:

“In memory of Dr. Alan Richards- scholar and friend, who tragically died in an accident in the jungle on July 20, 2009.”

Yui made periodic trips back under great subterfuge, and would bring blank notebooks for me to fill up as she collected the ones I had already filled. During these times we had long discussions, and I was always in awe of her insight and suggestions. These would ultimately result in sequel about the rebound of the dying tribe that she would write in retirement.

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