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Blame it on the Mistletoe

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“Could you hand me that blanket?” she says as she takes off Nick’s shoes.

“Yeah, sure,” he answers getting the blanket from the cedar chest.

“Thanks,” she says taking it from him and spreading it over her boyfriend, pulling it up to his chest.

She gets up to leave and he catches her hand, mumbling, “Where’r ya goin?”

She leans down and kisses him softly, “I’m going to walk Rob out and clean up a little, I’ll be right back.”

“Mmmm.. s’ok,” he mumbles settling back into the bed. Closing the door behind them she walks down the hall with Rob.

“He’s crashed out pretty hard, huh?” he says.

“Yes, its been a long day for him. Add all the drinks we were all having and it really hit him.” she answers,

“Thanks for helping me get him to bed.”

“No problem,” he shrugs, “So does this mean I get to put you to bed now?” he asks with a grin.

“I think it’ll take a little more work to put me to sleep.” she answers.

“Oh I’m up for that,” he says with a wink and they both laugh. They’ve always played like this, ever since Nick first introduced them. Still, she can’t help but wonder what it would be like to follow through with these taunts.

They step down into the living room, Rob lets out a long whistle. “This is going to take a while to clean up.”

“Yeah, I think I’m just going to pick up the trash and put the food away. The dishes and stuff can wait till morning.” she says.

“Come on then,” he says walking over and picking up a plate, “We can take care of this in no time.”

“You don’t have to do this Rob,” she says. “Nah, stop, its no problem,” he answers.

They joke and chat while cleaning up the living room. By the time she picks up the open bottle of wine from the table they’ve gotten everything else cleaned up. She swirls the liquid around the bottle at him and says, “There’s only a little bit in here, want to finish it off with me?”

“Yeah, I could do that,” he grins, “I’ve only got to stumble across the street.”

She pours them each a glass and they head back into the living room to sit down. “Did you see the look on Dee’s face when she opened the anal beads?” he laughs and she giggles, “She didn’t know what to say.”

“I bet she convinces Frank to use them on her though.” she says with a conspiratorial grin.

“Yeah, I’m sure.” he chuckles.

“I loved it when Chuck got the studded ‘bad boy’ paddle.” she snickers.

“Oh yeah, he won’t be able to sit for days if he lets Kim use that on him.,” he laughs, “Hey, who’s idea were the adult gifts theme?”

“Nick’s. He thought it’d liven things up a bit,” she smiles, “And it did.”

“Yeah, it was great, and we can always use more toys,” he says with a wink.

“True.” she laughs.

“Do you really like the collar and nipple clamps?” he asks.

“Oh my God.. yes! I love them,” she beams, “They’re perfect!”

“Great. I was glad that I got your name. I’d seen those about a month back and thought you’d like them. Funny that you got my name too.”

She smiles, “No, not funny at all really.”

“What do you mean?”

“See, I had Dan’s name at first and you know how I feel about him,” she says rolling her eyes and he laughs. “So I traded with Amy and just my luck.. she had your name.”

“Lucky me,” he says with a grin.

They finish the bottle of wine and Rob gets up to go home with her following close behind. They stop at the door, hugging each other before he leaves. She laughs and points up above his head. He looks up, there is a swatch of mistletoe dangling over him. “Its tradition,” she says with a smile and stands on her tip toes, her hands splayed on his chest for balance. Softly she presses her lips to his, then pulls back and says, “Merry Christmas Rob,”

He looks at her for a long heavy moment, unaware that he is holding his breath. She looks up at him, an uncertain smile lifting her mouth. Swiftly he crushes his lips to hers, pressing against her body with such force that she thumps back on the wall. Her eyes fly open in shock, his shirt clenched in her fists. Her lips part willingly, responding hotly to his passion. He grinds against her and she comes to her senses with a whine. She pushes back on his chest, he presses on unrelenting. She closes her jaw, her teeth scraping over his retreating tongue before sinking fiercely into his lip. Growling he jerks his head back leaving the tinny taste of his blood fresh in their mouths.

“Rob,” she pants, her pulse still surging the adrenaline through her body. He glares at her, she stares back warily as he wipes the blood from his mouth. He lunges, pinning her shoulders to the wall and she yelps in surprise. Their struggle echoes around the small entry as she twists her body trying to find some leverage. He forces another kiss on her as his hands slide up to hold her head still. Her faint moan catches his attention and he kisses her more deeply. She tenses and he pulls back a little as she fights him some more.

“Enough!” he snarls, his fingers locking into her thick hair. Forcing her head back, stretching her neck tautly, holding her tightly before him. She mewls as his teeth find her neck and he can feel her resistance dissolve. His tongue drags along her throat as he lifts her head, his breath steamy in her ear. “Do you want me to fuck you?” The sound of her whimpering only strokes his lustful needs. Her nod is almost imperceptible but he notices and smiles, “Say it.”

She chews her lip for a moment before squeaking out a tiny, “I want you to..” He takes a hand from her hair, cupping her breast, squeezing firmly. She moans as his fingers tweak her hardening nipple. She thrusts her chest out encouraging him to go on. He grins superiorly and drops his hand from her breast.

“What do you want?” he asks evenly. Her eyes glitter indignantly, her lips pressed in a thin line. She shakes her head, tears coming to her eyes as she yanks her hair in his grasp.

Barely he traces his fingertips over her mound and she freezes, her nails digging into his stomach. He molds his hand to her pussy and she instinctively grabs his wrist. He grins wickedly as he twists his arm out of her grasp. “So you don’t want me to touch you there?” he sneers catching her hand and pulling it toward her crotch. Cupping her pussy with her hand, his sliding over hers trapping it there. He squeezes, making her aware of the growing moisture before she yanks her hand free, blushing hotly. She squirms trying to dislodge his hand but to no avail. Steadily he rubs her lips with just enough pressure to tease her. She sighs, her eyes closing, tingles radiating through her pussy.

“Like that?” he purrs.

“Yesss,” she mewls.

“Then tell me what you want,” he says firmly. She opens her mouth looking at him, then closes it before saying anything. He presses the top of her slit with his thumb. Rubbing in little circles, applying pressure to her clit and she moans. His mouth finds her neck, teeth grazing her skin. She tilts her hips, he pulls his hand back, denying her any more pressure on her bud.

“Do you want me to go?” he whispers.

“No,” she gasps.

“What do you want Anne?” he asks pressing his body to hers, his hard cock insistent against her thigh. She whimpers, her hands pulling him closer.

“Please,” she breathes.

“Tell me Anne,” he growls in her ear, rocking his hips into her.

“Ohh, fuck me,” she squeals as he grinds his cock into her, “Please Rob fuck me.” His mouth covers hers, her nails raking his sides as she clings to him. He tears at the flimsy material of her shirt, the seams giving way to his reckless groping. Yanking the blouse down her shoulders he tosses it aside. She trembles as his eyes rake over her, his gaze as palpable as his touch. He fumbles with her skirt a bit, tugging hard on it.

“Take it off Anne,” he breathes and she shivers hearing the lust in his voice. Her hands shake as she undoes her skirt and slips the material over her hips. She can’t decide if she should cover herself or not, fidgeting as he looks at her. He grabs her roughly pulling her into his arms almost crushing the breath out of her. His fierce kisses bruising her lips.

He picks her up. pinning her back to the wall with his own body. She wraps her legs around him naturally. He tugs her arms up and crosses her wrists, holding them there with his one hand. She moans as his free hand slips over her breast tugging down the cups of her bra, tweaking each nipple. He crushes her lips with another kiss, devouring her mouth. Grinding his cock into her soaking crotch, still teasing her nipple. She tries to pull her hands free, but he squeezes even tighter. His mouth leaves her gasping as if he’s sucked the breath right from her. He nips her cheek before nestling his lips to her ear.

“You don’t know how many times I’ve imagined taking you like this.” he growls, “And I know you’ve wanted me too.” She mewls, unable to find any words as his hungry lips move down her throat. He bites the side of her breast and she sucks in a gasp as the pain flairs. He looks up at her as his tongue licks the ache away. “I know you like pain, don’t you Anne?” he grins before he catches her nipple. She squeals arching her back as his teeth dig into her flesh. She can feel the pain darting out from his bite. She writhes against him, her legs tightening around his hips, trying to pull herself up and away from the pain. All the while the heat in her pussy is building, the dewy wetness growing rapidly. He presses her other breast over, catching that nipple in his teeth also.

His cock slides over her panty clad mound, the pulsing head leaving snail trails of precum on her crotch. She groans as the sensations crash in her body, pain twining with the pleasure like a creeping vine threatening to over take it. He lets go of her wrists, her arms falling around his shoulders, nails digging into his flesh. He groans and reaches down to her panties. In his lust he rips off the dainty briefs. Rubbing his cockhead over her soaking lips, he listens to her purr eagerly.

“Please,” she whispers and he can’t hold out any longer. He thrusts his cock inside her, his teeth sinking into the soft curve of her throat. She screams as he impales her, fingers twining in his hair, her legs urging him deeper still. Each thrust driving her ass harder against the wall making her hips ache. She finds the soft swell of his ear, her teeth seizing it painfully. His hand tangles in her hair, making a fist at the base of her neck. Pulling hard for leverage and exposing her throat to his mouth. She claws him, her nails raping the flesh of his back. He sucks her skin into his mouth, alternately sucking and biting her. She trembles, a breathy moan shuddering from her lips. Her pussy clenches around his cock and he moans, the velvety grip driving him crazy.

A few more fierce thrusts and he has to stop. He pulls out and sets her on unsteady legs. She stands there gasping, her pussy aching to be filled again. He pushes his pants down, hungry to get out of them. To his surprise she drops to her knees and helps him get them all the way off. Seeing her down there he cannot resist the sudden urge to feel her mouth around his shaft. Guiding his cock to her lips, “Suck me,” he says. She hesitates and impatiently he pulls her head forward, force feeding his cock to her. She gags at the swift intrusion as he begins to saw in and out of her mouth. She cups and squeezes his balls as her tongue caresses the shaft.

He lets go of her head and she bobs her face on his cock. He groans as she sucks harder, her fingers teasing his balls and inner thighs. Looking down at this woman he’s lusted after for so long, watching her swallow his hard cock. She looks up at him, the carnal desire in her eyes as clear as if she were speaking to him. “Oh fuck!” he growls, grabbing her head, holding her still to let the sensations subside in his balls. Her tongue dances over the head, probing the slit for more of his precum. He pulls slowly out of her greedy mouth, savoring her moist suckling lips.

He kneels down with her, his hands mapping her flesh. Slipping behind her, his fingers pinching her nipples as his mouth finds the hollow of her throat. His cock settles in the valley of her ass and she pushes back into him. His hands find her shoulders and push her forward. She drops to her hands, grinning wickedly back at him wiggling her ass. He gives her a sharp smack and she squeals, rocking her hips lewdly. He grabs her hip and guides his cock toward her pussy. She jumps as the head bumps her clit. He rocks his hips, pressing and rubbing her nub with his hard crown. She mewls, moving her hips in time with his, rubbing eagerly on his cock.

Repositioning his cock at the opening of her pussy, the head slightly parting her lips. She moans approvingly, tilting her hips trying to suck him in. He slides just a little deeper then back out. Each time she pushes back he pulls away, denying her any real penetration. “Jesus, just fuck me Rob!” she growls, “Fuck me hard!” He grips her hips, pulling her back onto his cock. A guttural growls rumbles from her throat as he begins slamming into her pussy. Setting a fast, steady pace he fucks her hard. Plunging in to the hit, his balls slapping her clit, her supple ass cushioning his pelvis. Her hips gyrating wildly as she moans and pants. Pushing back hungrily, working her pussy over his cock, squeezing and milking him.

“Sexy fucking slut,” he growls appreciatively, punctuating it with a smack on her ass. She squeals, her ass quivering, her pace more frenzied. He grabs a handful of her hair, pulling her head back, forcing her to arch her back and thrust her ass up more. Using her hair as a guide he fucks her hard, spanking her with his free hand. Her pussy clenches his cock with every blow, her juices are overflowing and he can tell she’s nearing orgasm. He lets go of her hair, cupping her red ass and she hisses feeling him touch the tender cheek. He spreads her ass and pushes his thumb into her puckered hole. Her muscles resist, he pushes harder and she gasps as his thumb enters. Roughly he begins fucking her ass with his thumb in rhythm with his cock in her pussy. Reaching under her he pinches her clit hard. She screams and shudders as the orgasm suddenly rips through her body.

He grunts as her pussy squeezes his cock even as her screams subside into whimpers of pleasure. Hungry for more she pushes back to meet his strokes, fucking him as hard as he is fucking her. The clap of flesh on flesh echoing around the room, her voice nothing more than a lustful gurgling. “Oh fuck!” he groans, “I’m gonna cum,” She pumps her ass faster on his cock, he grinds inside her with every stroke. His shaft swells, the head pulsing as he starts to cum. Her hips still working as he falls down over her, one hand sliding to cup her breast and the other torturing her clit. He’s still cumming when her next climax hits, her cunt milking his cock. His blood is pounding in her ears and he rests back on his heels. His softening cock still in her clenching hole.

“Oh fuck!” he groans from the steps. She looks up, quickly crawling across the floor, the cock slipping from her pussy. “Open up Baby,” Nick says as she settles between his legs, watching his hand stroke his cock. She purrs and licks the head before sucking him into her mouth. Rob sits dumbfounded watching her hungrily swallow Nick’s cock. After only a few strokes he growls and thrusts his hips forward gagging her as his cum sprays the back of her throat. She coos contentedly sucking and drinking his cum. She licks his cock clean, before nestling in his arms. They both look up at Rob who is trying to get dressed hurriedly.

“Rob,” Anne says and he shakes his head.

“I don’t know what happened Nick… I- i- she kissed me… There was mistletoe,” he stammers.

“Oh sure, blame it on the mistletoe,” she laughs.

“I’ll have to remember to thank Santa for hanging it there.” Nick chuckles giving Anne a wink. Rob never notices as he rushes out the door and she giggles.

Looking at Nick she asks, “Did you see it all?”

He kisses her neck and purrs in her ear. “Every stroke Lover,” He stands up with her and leads her up the stairs.

“So, are we going to tell Rob we set this all up?” she asks.

“Tomorrow Love. Right now we’ve got other things to do.” He grins as he picks her up, tossing her over his shoulder while she laughs. “I hope he enjoyed it as much as I did,” Nick says swatting her butt.

“Oh he did,” she says reaching out an pushing the bedroom door shut, “He did.”

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