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Bar Girl

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I walked into the pub through the side door. It was just how I remembered it. The sun shone through the front glass doors, to splay rays across the dusty wooden floorboards. My friends were already waiting for me at a table. They’d chosen a great spot, right next to the window, we could feel the warm winter sun through the window panes, yet still all fit comfortably around one table. I hugged most of my friends tight – I had not seen some of them for 8 months!

Not all of them were ‘huggers’ though, I do admit my friend group is a bunch of socially awkward misfits, and I LOVED them for it.

I was glad to be home. I had been on a study semester abroad and managed to get in some traveling either side of the university semester. But nothing matched my home and my friends and my pub. I call it my pub because when not just one or two but the majority of the bar staff remember your drink order, I think you deserve to have some claim over it as yours. I couldn’t help smiling as I watched my friends laughing and catching up with each other. I know a few of their relationships had fizzled out since I left, probably more so due to laziness than any incompatibility.

A few of the boys were keen to buy me drinks – not for any sinister purposes! Only because they knew I had a few stories to share – stories that would only come out of Drunk Annie’s mouth, not Sober Annie’s! I sipped on my cider, cupping the cool pint glass in my warm hands. I looked up over my glass towards the serving area and I felt myself melt into a mess. There she was laughing along with the bar guy, as they served up some shots for some middle-aged men having a ‘boys night’. I definitely missed her, nothing matched my bar girl.

I couldn’t believe after 8 months, she could still make me feel this way. The last time I saw her (my going away party) I got unbelievably drunk just so that I could tell her she was pretty. Despite it being very awkward, she was surprisingly very flattered. I, however, was very embarrassed and avoided her for the rest of the night. I watched her curiously as her fringe hung neatly above her eyebrows and down the side to cup her face, the rest was pulled back in a bun – I assumed as part of the work dress code. This time her hair was coloured jet back, I remembered before I went away she used to change it all the time – she made any cut or colour look good, too! I had been watching her lips as she laughed, my imagination getting carried away, when I realised she’d stopped laughing and her eyes were on me.

I looked into her eyes, I saw a flicker of recognition in her eyes and she smiled at me, I gave a quick smile in return, my face burning with embarrassment. I stared down into my cider, holding it tightly in both hands to stop myself from trembling. I knew she was still going to be working here, my friends had been giving me updates (more like – they’d been teasing me about her) but I forgot that I might actually have to see her. Noticing my uncomfortable-ness, a few of my friends started giving me shit, encouraging me to go talk to her. Just as one friend asked me very loudly how I could have the courage to initiate a threesome, yet not be able to talk to bar girl, bar girl approached the table with two serves of chips. My face flushed badly, I was so embarrassed but she gave no hint of overhearing what was said, at least not until she was walking away. I’m not sure if it was my imagination but as she turned to go back to the bar, she raised a questioning eyebrow in my direction, a faint smile on her lips.

I tried to focus on my friends; I had many stories to share and many stories to listen to. It was 8 months’ worth of catching up, after all. But no matter how much I tried, my eyes kept wandering back towards the bar, towards bar girl. I’m not sure why I found her so attractive, my friends all agreed she was cute but she really got me going. When I saw her reaching up for higher bottles, her black work skirt pulled tight across her buttocks – her very firm buttocks, my mouth was drooling. Eventually a few friends noticed my wandering eyes and began urging me again to talk to her.

My cider was beginning to get to my head and I was feeling more relaxed and confident. My semester abroad had somewhat changed me, I became more confident, especially in the sexual area. The more my friends urged me and poked fun at me, the more I’d gaze in bar girl’s direction – sometimes holding her gaze when our eyes met. That her eyes managed to find me on more than one occasion had me feeling quite hopeful. It was after a few friends left and there was just three of us left, that I finally had to venture up to the bar to buy a round (to be fair, I was given a lot of free cider). I deliberately timed my walk to the bar to make sure that I was served by her, not bar guy – although don’t get me wrong Jack is awesome, we are even on a first name basis – but my intentions were beyond getting a drink.

I walked up in front of bar girl and placed my purse on the counter. She looked up at me and smiled.

‘Hey you, how are you going?’

‘Yeah, good… really good. How have you been?’

She looked at me and smiled, giving a half shrug.

She asked for my order and I ordered three pints of cider.

As she began to pump the cider into the glass, she glanced up at me to find me watching her, she quickly looked back down at what she was doing, her cheeks blushing.

‘So how was your trip then? You went away, right?’ she asked me, not daring to look up.

I was pleased she remembered because the time I told her she was pretty, I drunkenly added that I only could muster up the courage because I was leaving the country for a while!

I told her a few stories from my trip and I made her laugh, I loved making her laugh. We chatted a while longer, even after she’d finished pouring the drinks but another customer came and Dan was nowhere to be seen, so she had to move along. As I went to skilfully balance the three drinks in my hands she casually added,

‘I’m Kate, by the way’, she said.

I hurried off with the pints, trying to hide my smile. My mates hounded me for ‘details’ when I sat down – not that there was much to tell. I wasn’t sure if I was pleased or burdened by the new information I had been given, I was happy that she offered me her name without asking but now I had more details to add to my already very vivid imagination.

My friend Dave had me in tears laughing over a particular story, when I noticed Kate walking out from behind the bar. She had a coat covering her work uniform and her hand bag slung across her shoulder, she was heading for the side door. My heart started to sink as I realised she was leaving but just as she got to the door, she turned towards me and gave me a smile… a cheeky smile accompanied with a raised eyebrow. She slipped out into the wintery evening. I turned back towards the guys, Dave had a smirk on his face, while my other friend was oblivious to the occurrence. I met Dave’s eyes and he gave me an approving nod. I took a deep breath and downed the last part of my cider before hurrying out the side door.

The cool air hit my face as I rushed out the door. I didn’t realise how long we had been chatting in the pub – outside was now incredibly dark, the dimmed street lights providing little help. All that I could see down the street was a shadowy figure, leaning against the brick wall near the car park. The figure had their head tilted over their phone as they sucked on a cigarette. I thought that maybe I could still catch her in the car park, I know that’s a bit weird but it’s not like I’d approach her if she was driving off. Well anyway, it turns out she didn’t make it to the car park. It was Kate that was leaning against the wall, she looked up at me as I was approaching. I leant on the wall near her and watched as she stubbed her cigarette out against the wall and walked over to the bin to throw it away. I wasn’t really a fan of smoking but I was pleased that she put it in the bin – unlike some individuals.

She walked back over to the wall, leaning her back against it, shyly looking down at her feet. I twisted my body so that I was leaning on my shoulder against the wall, facing her. While she watched her feet I allowed myself to gaze her over, she wasn’t in anything revealing but she certainly made me want to reveal things. She’d taken her hair out, letting it flow down to her shoulders. The wind swept her hair back a tad, revealing a small tattoo on her neck – one I’d never noticed before. Her jacket was plain black and hug down to her mid-thighs. Her skirt was knee length and accompanied with plain black stockings. When my eyes finally made it back to her face, I found her to be watching me. She blushed at my obvious observations and I gave her a grin.

Hi, I said, finally breaking the silence.

She breathed back a quiet hi to me.

I leaned across and took her right hand in mine, My name is Annie, I said, shaking her hand and attempting to start a conversation.

After my introduction, I could visibly tell that Kate had begun to relax, she was able to meet my eyes more frequently and even turned her body to face me. As our conversation became more flirtatious, I found the gap between our bodies closing. I glanced at my phone and realised it was nearly midnight, we had been chatting for 40 minutes already. I assumed my friends would have already left and was not surprised to find a few messages from them telling me they had. Kate noticed me checking my phone and questioned whether I had to be somewhere.

I looked at her a long time, her light green eyes looking at me so innocently. I felt the heat rush between my legs; I swear I could have taken her right then against the wall. I leaned in closer to her, until my lips were brushing the hair hanging by her neck. I informed her I was worried about the night getting too cold and asked her whether she would like to come back to my house as it was in walking distance around the corner. I turned my face towards her and lightly brushed my lips against her cheek, I didn’t mean to be so forward with my invitation but the smell of her perfume was intoxicating. I felt her shiver as I pulled away, watching her face for a reaction.

Her lips were slightly parted and I could tell she was having trouble formulating coherent thoughts; all she answered with was a nod. That slight inclination of her head was all I needed; I took her by the hand and hurried her off in the direction of my house. We barely said a word the whole way to my house, not that it was far, roughly a two minute walk. I could feel her palm start to get a little bit sweaty, and believe me it wasn’t from the warmth of the night – it was freezing. I knew she was nervous and this made me more excited. I could barely contain my excitement as I opened the front door to my house.

My house was warm and felt so pleasant compared to the cool breeze of the street. Kate slipped her jacket off immediately, I couldn’t tell if it was the warmth of my house or the situation that we were in that made her face so flushed. She looked gorgeous. I invited her to sit down and make herself at home on the couch and asked whether she’d like to watch some TV or a movie. She looked at me slyly and slowly shook her head. I sat down next to her, casually and not-so-subtly throwing my arm around the back of the couch, so that I was almost embracing her. She looked at me through her long lashes and started to say something but stopped. I could see her chest rising, her breathing was heavy.

I leant in towards her, slowly, trapping her eyes with mine. Our lips were almost brushing when she pulled away.

‘I’m not sure about this’, she muttered.

I looked at her intensely, waiting for her to meet my eyes again. She peered at me again through her eye lashes, her fringe falling across her face. She looked scared, as though I would be angry. She looked delicate, she looked soft, and her lips were inviting me. I held her chin between my thumb and forefinger, not allowing her to escape this time and brushed my lips softly against hers. So softly it was barely a kiss. So softly she leaned in for more contact. I giggled and attempted to raise an eyebrow at her this time as I pulled away.

It wasn’t long before I kissed Kate harder, more firmly. Her lips were incredible, they were soft and she tasted like cider. There was a hint of cigarette but the more we kissed the less evident it was. I ran my tongue along her top lip, my breath getting hot, entering her mouth. She moaned softly and tilted her head back, giving me greater access to her lips. I ran my hand down her arm, to her fingertips, stroking the back of her slender fingers. I pulled her hand to my waist, before wrapping my own arm around her, pulling her closer to me. Our bodies began to intertwine as our lips danced longer. I could feel myself getting very heated, very wet, my nipples pushing hard against my shirt.

I had wanted her for so long and now she was in my arms kissing me, moaning into my mouth. It was hard to be slow with her, I wanted her now, hard and fast and over and over. She whimpered with dismay as I broke our kiss, so that I could rise off the couch. I pulled her body so she was angled with one leg on the couch and one on the coffee table. She looked at me nervously as I placed my body between her legs, but relaxed as I began to kiss her again, running my fingers through her hair. As she slowly ran her hands along my back, my hands began to work a lot quicker. On either side of her waist they began to creep under her shirt, trailing along her sides and her stomach, caressing her smooth skin.

The more I caressed, the harder her hands pressed into my back, I could tell she was enjoying herself. I tugged on her lip with my teeth as I cupped her right breast in my hand, it was too much for her and she let out a very breathy moan. Her moan was delicious, it was deep and honest. In fact, her moan was too much for me. I sat back from her and pulled her shirt over her head. I kissed her neck and pressed my body into her, my thighs making contact with the warmth between her legs. I could feel her begin to rock her hips into my legs and I couldn’t help smile as I was kissing down her shoulder. I slowly traced my lips down the line of her bra strap until my lips were resting on the part of her breast that was exposed. I looked up at her, to make sure she wanted this. My god she looked sexy, her head was tilted back and her mouth parted, both of her bra straps slowly falling from her shoulders.

At the lack of contact from my mouth her eyes opened, looking down at me.

‘Please don’t stop’ she whispered.

How could I say no to that? My hands reached behind her to the bra clasp quickly undoing it to reveal her smooth, pale breasts. Now she was just lying before me, her stocking-covered legs spread wide, her skirt bunched up around her waist, I could nearly see all the way to her panties. I took one last look at her face and she mouthed for me to hurry up. I attached my mouth to her nipple, my hands finding my way underneath her skirt to begin peeling off her stockings. I felt her hands run through my hair, holding me closer to her breasts. My tongue flicked softly over her nipple before my lips pressed hard against it, tugging at it. I bit down softly, she pushed my head even harder into her, encouraging me to increase the strength of my bites.

I had to remove my mouth from her to help slip her out of her stockings. I swear I didn’t mean to but I pulled her panties down at the same time, I can tell you I wasn’t complaining. She was sprawled out across my couch, her skirt now flipped up on her stomach. Kate pushed her butt off the couch to take her skirt off, throwing it across the room herself. I was now staring at her beautifully shaven pussy, the wetness glistening on her outer lips. I could hear her breathing was ragged and she was pulling me by the shoulders back towards her. I didn’t let her pull me all the way however and I began gently nibbling on the inside of her thighs. I could smell her wetness; I could feel her hips grinding up towards me, begging for me to come closer to her.

My hands crept up to behind her knees, caressing her skin softly, encouraging her to open her legs more. I kept switching my kisses from one leg to the other, slowly creeping my mouth closer to her wetness. By now Kate was groaning, urging me to go faster. I was now in the sensitive spot between her thighs and her pussy, right where the panties usually lay. I ran my tongue slowly up and down her skin while at the same time beginning to rub her very wet outer lips with my fingers, just very lightly and slowly to begin with, spreading the moisture around further. Kate began to moan my name, tugging on my hair for me to get my mouth closer.

It was when she breathlessly shouted

‘Fuck me’,

that I couldn’t hold back any longer.

I ran my tongue the entire way up her slit, she tasted delicious. She was so wet that her juices immediately flowed on to my tongue. I did this twice before focussing in on her very hard clit, sucking her inner lips into my mouth and flicking her clit fast. She grabbed me by the hair and pulled me into her just as I plunged a finger into her tightness.

‘Oh god, Annie!’

Her wet vagina contracted around my one finger, pulling it further in. I licked her clit harder, shaking my head from side to side, so that my tongue could work her in a new direction. Pulling my finger in and out, making sure to stroke her most sensitive spots inside. She arched her back, cried my name and her whole body shook around my finger. I couldn’t believe how quickly her orgasm took over her body, her wetness flowed down my hand and also into my mouth. I reduced my pace as her breathing began to slow down, my tongue just lapping up her juices.

After her breathing died down, I decided to push two fingers inside, her wetness making it easy. Kate mumbled incoherently and I decided it was with approval. I slowly worked my fingers inside of her, feeling her tightness. My tongue began to work circles on her clit again. Kate laid back and cried my name some more, along with many expletives. I bit gently on her clit, feeling her reaction through her pussy clenching around my fingers. Again and again, I pulled my fingers in and out of her, until she once again shouted breathlessly, this time;

‘Please make me cum’.

How could I say no to that, either? I began quickening the pace of my fingers inside her, my lips sucking her clit into my mouth so I could swirl my tongue faster on her most sensitive spot. Again, I was surprised with how fast she came, as seconds later she was writhing across the couch her orgasmic juices flowing everywhere.

Kate pulled at my hair, pulling me towards her, I crawled up her body to kiss her, allowing her to taste her own wetness. I ran my tongue along the inside of her mouth, making sure she tasted her own orgasm.

‘That was so good’ Kate breathed into my mouth, her breath still ragged.

Having this sexy woman beneath me, telling me how good I was set me off again. I was so wet I could feel my panties soaking, my nipples ached and all I wanted to do was show her just how good I can be. I pulled away from her, hovering above her body, she looked at me questioningly.

I manoeuvred myself to the side of her body before pushing her waist, to turn her around.

Realising that I wanted her to turn over, she again looked at me questioningly.

‘Kate, trust me’.

She bit her lips hesitantly before turning over on to her stomach, I pushed both of her knees up on to the couch and she leant her hands on the back of the couch.

I pushed her knees slightly apart and kneeled down on the floor behind her. Now I had full access to her beautiful pussy. I massaged up the back of her thighs, running my hands up to her beautifully sculpted arse. I moved myself closer until my hot breath was on her pussy. I kissed her softly on her outer lips before moving up and placing a kiss on each side of her buttocks. I trailed my lips across her skin towards her centre, testing how far she’d let me go. I ran my tongue between her cheeks, dipping it straight into her tight pussy. She was still wet from her previous orgasms, my tongue easily entering her.

Kate pushed back at me, willing my tongue to go deeper. I spread her buttocks apart to allow my tongue to enter her further, pushing deeper. Her wetness filled my mouth again, she tasted amazing. I reached between her with one hand so that I could rub her clit, only to find she was already doing it herself. I looked up across her back, she was barely keeping herself balanced as she was slumped forward, moaning hard. I must have slowed down my pace to drink in her beauty because she reached back with one hand and pushed my head further into her. Kate began grinding herself into my face until I was no longer controlling the pace I was just holding on to her hips trying to keep up with her.

‘Annie, please keep going’.

I gripped her hips hard so I could keep my tongue inside of her, she grinded her hips faster and faster against my face. I could barely breathe as I made sure my tongue kept plunging into her, I reached a hand forward to pinch one of her nipples. I could see her rubbing her clit furiously; I held my tongue deep inside her and pulled her hips back against my tongue, hard and fast. Suddenly her hips locked and my tongue was at the deepest point it had managed to get inside her, I held it in her as her pussy walls contracted around my tongue. She cried out my name loudly as I made her orgasm for the third time, this time even more juices gushed from her. I tried to keep my tongue inside her until all the convulsions left her body but she collapsed forward, spent from the intensity of the orgasm.

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