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Photography Lesson

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My name is James. I am an average white male 6 feet about 195 pounds built solid with an average size cock and I am married to a wonderful wife.

About a year ago we moved into a new neighborhood and met a nice black couple, Mike and Keisha.

Let me describe them, Keisha is a big beautiful woman about 5 foot 9 and if I had to guess about 150 pounds of big breasts and ass. Mike is about 6 foot 3 maybe 220 pounds of solid muscle.

We all got along great but especially me and Mike. We watched football and basketball games, played basketball and hung out together. Our usual ritual was to go the YMCA after work and play a few pickup games. Afterwards, we would hit the showers, and that is when Mike started to bring out feelings I never experienced before!

I have never been attracted to men before but there was something about seeing Mike my first time naked! Mike had a huge cock that was about 6 inches long when soft and very wide. He wasn’t showing off but it was hard not to notice his cock when he showered next to me. I looked forward to seeing him naked whenever I had the chance.

A couple of times while I was dressing, he would come out of the shower and over to the lockers where I was sitting and dried off with his cock inches away from my face. My mouth would salivate! It was all I could do NOT to reach out and touch it.

One day we were playing basketball outside his house. His wife had gone for the weekend to visit her sister. After playing for about an hour, we went inside. He asked if I wanted to use his shower and I said sure and went first.

After getting out, he went in and came out while I was still dressing. (OKAY, OKAY, so I was deliberately going slow. *g*)

Of course he was naked as he dried off and he asked for a favor. I said sure and asked what he wanted me to do.

He said it was kind of embarrassing but he wanted to know if I would take pictures of him naked. He said that he had been planning to submit some pictures to this modeling agency to make extra money but he didn’t know who to ask to take them and there is no way he wanted his wife to know.

I said sure I will take them.

He pulled out his digital camera and handed it to me. He said he was under my control and to take whatever pictures I thought would be sexy.

I told him to put his boxers on and we would take a few pics of him taking them off. So here we were in his bedroom and I was clicking away as this black Adonis was disrobing in front of me. I took a few pics of Mike as he lowered his boxers to slightly reveal his pubic hairs. I told him to keep lowering his shorts as I clicked away.

About this time, I noticed his bulge was a little bigger than usual. As his boxers went lower and lower I started to see more of his cock as I took the pics.

And I noticed something else.

I was getting hard myself!

Finally his boxers were low enough that his cock sprung free and what a sight it was!

There was his big black and beautiful cock with a big mushroom head!

I told him to take a hold of it like he was masturbating as I clicked away. He gently stroked it. It kept getting really harder and harder and bigger and bigger! It grew to an unbelievable size; at least ten hard inches!

I stopped clicking and he asked what was wrong.

I apologized and told him I was mesmerized because I never saw a cock that big.

He started to laugh and said don’t worry about it and playful tried to grab my erection.

I proceeded to take more pics as he stroked his big cock. Mike then said something else that took me by surprise.

He said “James you know these pics will probably be sold to gay mags because that is who pays the most. Would you do me one more favor?”

He said he would make a lot more money if he had some interracial pictures and he was willing split the money with me with him.

First he wanted to know if he could take a pic of me holding his cock. He said that we would make quadruple the money if we take those kinds of pics.

I told him I wasn’t sure if I could do that though secretly I loved the idea of holding his cock.

Finally after five minutes of “convincing” me, I agreed and we put the camera on a tripod. I stood next to him and reached out and put my hand on his massive erection.

He took a few pics of me holding his cock while we stood next to each other.

He then told me I should be naked too.

Tentatively at first I took my clothes off and he reached over and held my cock.

“We are going to make a bundle now.”, he said.

He took a few more pics as we stroked each others cocks for the camera.

He then said he wanted to try another pose. He told me to sit on the bed and to stroke his cock as he took more pics. He kept inching closer to me as I stroked and he clicked away.

He then told me to pretend like I was going to put it in my mouth by getting real close to it so it would look like I was giving him a blowjob.

I grabbed his cock which was rock hard by now and moved it to within an inch of my salivating lips.

He then said that if I open my mouth wide enough, he could put his cock in my mouth without touching any part of it but to the camera it would look like I was blowing him.

My body was tinkling with excitement mixed with fear of venturing into this unknown area of forbiddingness.

Yet, I opened my mouth . . . wide . . . but he was too thick and so round. I couldn’t possibly open my mouth wide enough no manner how much I tried!!!

So he got closer and put his cock in my mouth. I opened my mouth real wide, but his head still slipped between my moist salivating lips. My lips felt the heat of his cock and the soft velvety smooth feel of it!

Just to be able to swallow, I just couldn’t avoid licking the head as the back of his hand was on my head guiding his cock further in my mouth as he now told me to suck it.

Suck it I did!

It felt wonderful sucking his cock deep into my mouth!

He commanded that I play with his balls as he clicked away, taking pics of me sucking his beautiful massive black cock.

Then he instructed me to play with his ass … and I did. I ran my fingers all around his warm butt and pulled him deeper into my mouth. He must have been half-way in by now!

He pulled his cock out with his pre-cum flowing freely and rubbed his juices all over my face. I was in heaven! It tasted like a slippery syrup.

Then said he wanted to try some different pics.

He told me to get on the bed doggy style and that he was going to take a few pics of him pretending that he was fucking me.

I told him there is no way he was going to fuck me with that monster so he better not even think about it because his cock was too damn fucking big!!!

He said don’t worry we are only going to pretend.

I cautiously agreed and got on the bed on all fours as he got behind me. He got some baby oil and put it on his cock and then my ass. “Don’t worry” he said, “the oil just makes the pics look better.”

He slipped an oily finger into my ass and it actually felt good!

I groaned loudly as he inserted a second finger. I thought this was supposed to hurt, but I was loving it!

A third finger went in and he said he thought I was more than ready! He started taking pics of himself rubbing his cock all over my ass. I was admittedly getting hot feeling his big love tool rubbing my ass!

He then told me to reach back and expose my now moist pink hole so he could put his well-lubed cock next to it.

He took a few pics of his cock pointed right at my entrance.

He then touched my hole and took a few more.

Since he could see that I was enjoying it so much, he asked if he could just put the head in my hole “so it would look real.”

I said go ahead, but be careful and to pull it out if it was too much.

He promised me he would.

I felt his cock touching my hole.

He then pushed slightly so his head had barely penetrated my hole.


I was looking in the mirror across the way and I looked hot watching his huge cock aimed into my ass!

He pushed a little more and I felt a pop as his head entered my ass.

I gasped!

He told me not to move . . . it looked great for the camera as his head was aimed into my ass.

He said as long as he was in and I was obviously enjoying his cock so much, he wanted to put it in just a little further so it looked like he was fucking me.

I grunted “okay” and he pushed it in a little further.

By now I was really feeling delirious enjoying the sensation and I pushed back a little.

When he felt that he grabbed my cheeks and pushed his cock half way inside of me as he pushed me down on the bed.

“Do you want more of my big black cock?” he asked.

I heard myself say “YES!!!”

“Beg for it bitch!”


Was that really me?

I was lying flat with this stud and his cock buried in my ass and he began grinding his cock in me. As he started to slowly fuck me, he was whispering in my ear how hot my ass was and how he had been planning for a long time to fuck me ever since he started noticing me watching him shower at the Y.

I was now his willing white bitch and he was going to fuck me every chance he got.

(I certainly hope so! I loved every minute of it!)

He got off me and as I was about to protest my suddenly hunger empty ass he told me to mount his cock as he laid back down facing me.

I put one of my legs over his muscular body and slowly lowered my ass onto his massive love machine until his monster was buried once again in my ass.

Shit this was great!

He started playing with my tits. Normally playing with my tits does nothing for me, but this guy was good . . . THIS GUY WAS GOOD!!!

I rode his cock and loved every minute of it. He came inside of me and as he juiced, I felt my muscles miLk him dry.

When he was drained andI was starting to feel a little down, he ended my sudden depression by informing me he was multi-orgasmic!

Slipping out of my hungry ass, he then told me to lie on the bed. He pulled me to the edge of the bed put my legs oh his shoulders and buried his still hard monster right back into my hungry ass. He fucked me hard and I loved it!

Finally, as he was getting ready to cum a second time, he started stroking my cock. In only about five strokes, I started cumming all over my stomach as I felt him exploding in my ass. He was so exhausted he collapsed on top of me with his cock still buried in my ass and with both of our bellies lying in a puddle of my warm cum.

As our breathing started returning to normal, he asked if I had enjoyed myself.

I squeezed his cock with my ass and told him I loved feeling his monster in me and sex with him was as good if not better than with my wife!

We then go up and went and showered together. As I soaped him, I went down on my knees and took him in my mouth. He fucked my face as he told me he wanted me to swallow every drop! I replied by sucking him harder. When he did come for at least the third time that I know of today, I savored on the taste of his manly juices! I didn’t miss a drop!

Afterward I dressed and limped home.

I can’t wait for tomorrow’s game!

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