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Creamy Resolution for the New Year

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My wife and I are both on our mid forties. Unusually she was a virgin when I married her, and I had very little sexual experience with other partners. We have two children who have recently left home, so the house is unusually empty, and we now have more time to spend with each other. We both come from quite conservative backgrounds and although we enjoyed quite a healthy sex life we are both aware that by some people’s standards it could be classed as very boring.

We probably make love at least once a week, although most of the time it is usually in the missionary position. Most of the time we make love in the bedroom and have the lights out, or at least on very low. Occasionally Sally will let me lick her hairy pussy but she is not keen on sucking me. In fact in all of our married life I cannot ever remember her letting me come in her mouth!

Sally dresses in a very conservative manner. She covers her cleavage with high tops, and would not dream of wearing a skirt that was above her knees. In fact her favourite clothing is a tweed trouser suit — very smart but not really sexy! It’s a real shame that she covers up as she has a reasonable figure even after bearing me two children. Her breasts are not as pert as they were when we married and before the kids came along, but she makes up for that by having extremely large erect brown nipples when she is aroused. Sally is quite petite at only five feet two inches high, with large brown eyes and dark brown hair which curls gently under as it reaches the nape of her neck. We are still very much in love with each other.

My wife and I decided three years ago that instead of making boring New Years resolutions which we would probably never keep, we should make some sexy resolutions to perk up our sex life which had over the years got very stale and mundane. Now that our children had left home to study at college we could spend more time with each other and broaden our sexual horizons together. We realised that our sex life needed enhancing so we talked about it and decided that we would write down six suggestions on a small piece of card that could easily be incorporated into our sex life, give them to each other, and then carry them out through the year. We agreed that when we wished to use one of the suggestions we would tell our partner that it was going to happen and call it a special day. This would then give each of us something to look forward to, and something new and different to experience – although we wouldn’t know exactly which suggestion was going to be used until the actual time.

The first year that we played this sexy resolution game, looking back the suggestions that we wrote down for each other seem a little tame now, although we enjoyed carrying them out for each other and they certainly improved the quality of our sex life. My six suggestions included asking Sally to remove all of her pussy hair, to suck me off and swallow all of my come and to masturbate for me. Her suggestions included asking me to lick and suck her pussy non stop for an hour and to masturbate in front of her. (To many of you perhaps these ought to be things that we should have been doing already in our sex life, however since we were married over twenty years ago our sex life had been very plain, boring and uninteresting).

The first year was quite a success and really spiced up our ordinary sex life. We both found the suggestions quite liberating and it made us more aware of our sexual likes, and dislikes. We discussed together what we had both got out of the previous year and agreed that we would give each other another six cards for the second year. I wrote my cards out and gave them to Sally. My suggestions for the year included Sally purchasing a vibrator and using it while I watched her pleasure herself with it, wearing a peephole bra and crutchless knickers when we went out one night and her agreeing to be my sexual slave for the night and doing whatever I wanted. Sally wrote her cards out and gave them to me to read. When I read them I was a little shocked at Sally’s suggestions as they included things that I had never done before, or even thought about. It seemed that Sally was not the boring conservative wife that I had married anymore! Sally’s suggestions included sucking me off then kissing me with her mouth still full of my sperm, and commanding me to clean her pussy up after I had come inside her with my mouth and tongue. As I read her six cards I did not feel happy about all of them, but knew that we had each agreed to perform our partner’s suggestions at some time during the following year when a ‘special’ night was declared. I did not feel that I could back out on Sally’s special card night just because I did not feel like performing the task as it was supposed to be mainly for her pleasure.

During the year I waited with some trepidation for my ‘special’ nights that involved tasting and eating my own sperm. The first one to take place was the wet spermy kiss from Sally. This happened in February. I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised by the warm thick texture of my own sperm as Sally kissed me deeply with a mouthful of it. To my amazement I even found that I was not adverse to the salty taste. Later in the year on another ‘special’ night after I had come deep inside her, Sally pushed my head down to her used pussy and urged me to clean her up. This also turned out to be a pleasant experience, and I thoroughly enjoyed lapping up the warm salty juices from her hairy and very slippery pussy. Sally also clearly enjoyed the experience as she experienced two massive orgasms as my tongue lapped at her sticky sperm coated clitoris. Despite my reservations at the beginning of the year regarding tasting my own sperm it was apparent that I actually enjoyed the taste and the kinkiness of the situation really turned me on. In fact sometimes I even voluntarily went down on her to clean up our sticky juices after we had made love together.

Once again this year we agreed that we would give each other six tasks to perform at some stage during the year instead of traditional New Years resolutions. I wondered what Sally would write on her cards asking me to do this year, and I suspected that as she did last year she would try and push the boundaries even further. Since we had started using the six special cards for the last two years it was as if Sally had become a different person. She was becoming so confident and was very aware of her sexual preferences. The cards had made a great deal of difference to our marriage which pleased us both greatly. I gave a great deal of thought as to what I should write down for Sally and wondered how far I could push to get Sally to do what I wanted. My cards to Sally included asking her to tie me up and dominate me, and also to force me to eat my own sperm from her pussy again. I also thought long and hard about something else, and in the end I decided that I would give Sally a special (wildcard) seventh card. The seventh card read as follows.


I would like you to go out and find a lover. I do not mind who this lover is, or how you find him. I would like you to have sex with your lover and as soon as possible afterwards I want you to come to me and feed me his fresh cream pie from your pussy and tell me what he did to you. I fully understand if you do not want to do this task and it is not compulsory for you to complete it. If after the year is up and you have not performed this task for me I will know that you were not happy with the situation and it will never be mentioned again

Barry. Xxx

I gave the seven cards to Sally and even though by the next day I knew that she had read them, she did not make any comment on the extra card at all. The six cards that Sally gave to me were as I had suspected even kinkier that last years. The tasks that Sally asked of me included getting me to lick and probe her ass hole with my tongue and being her sex slave for twenty — four hours doing anything for her that she asked me to do.

As the year progressed we started using the cards on each other. Each time that Sally told me that she wanted to use one of her cards and give me a ‘special’ night I wondered if she had found a lover and was going to give me a fresh cream pie. Each time the excitement was almost excruciating. Usually Sally would tell me on a Monday that she would be giving me a ‘special’ card night on the Friday. This meant that all week I was in a state of sexual excitement wondering which task she was going to perform for me.

By the summer I had licked and eaten her ass hole and Sally had tied me up, put clothes pegs on my nipples and dominated me. One special card night after we had made love she straddled me and as my sperm dripped out from her hairy pussy I opened my mouth to swallow it before she sat down on my face and chin and ground her pussy on me until she came powerfully. By the Autumn I had been her sex slave for the night I had spent most of the time licking her pussy and asshole while fingering her to orgasm. She then made me masturbate for her as she intently watched. After I had made myself come she wiped the sperm from my belly onto her fingers and fed it into my mouth for me to taste. However there was no sign that Sally was thinking about taking a lover to fulfil my special seventh card. Sometimes I would look for clues. I would check her panty drawer to see if she had recently bought any new underwear. Sometimes I would even check her mobile phone for messages. I could not find any clues and as the year was drawing to an end I was beginning to realise that I had possibly asked too much of Sally and that she was not looking for a lover to fulfil my request.

By December I had used all of Sally’s six cards up for her, I knew that Sally had only used five of my cards so it did not come as a surprise on a Monday half way through December that she announced that she was going to use her final card for me on Friday night. As this was the sixth card that Sally was going to use I knew that I was not going to get the special seventh wildcard and taste a fresh creampie made by someone else. I was not disappointed as I suspected that I had asked too much of her with this request and as I had stated in my card I would not mention it ever again. However I was very excited about Friday as by the power of deduction I knew that Sally would be shaving her pussy for me and being the dominant partner in our lovemaking.

I had been excited all week and was so looking forward to my ‘special card’ night on Friday. Knowing that I was going to get a special evening only heightened the anticipation. It felt as though I was walking round all week at work with a massive erection. I think that some of the success of our special card nights was the anticipation, the waiting, and the wondering exactly what was going to happen that lead up to them On Friday I came home from work and was surprised to see Sally’s car already in the drive. Usually she got in at least ten minutes after me. I parked my car behind hers on the drive and entered our house. Sally was in the kitchen.

“Hi,” She said. “Go upstairs, take all of your clothes off then lie on the bed and wait for me.”

I stared at her. She was in the kitchen sipping a glass of wine. I wondered how long she had been drinking as her cheeks appeared to be glowing and it was also unusual for her to be drinking wine at tea time. She was wearing a white blouse and I was certain that she did not have a bra on. She was also wearing a small black skirt.

“Go on then. Get your self upstairs and wait for me.” She said assertively.

God I loved it when she spoke to me like that. I raced up the stairs to our bedroom and almost ripped my clothes of. I lay down in the middle of our bed as I had been told and waited. I was aware that my dick was beginning to stiffen in anticipation. Only a few moments later I heard Sally gently walking up the stairs. She looked radiant when she came into the bedroom. Sally walked over to the bed where I was lying naked. She opened her bedside drawer and took out two long purple silk scarves which I hadn’t seen before. She bent over me and fastened the silk material quite tightly round each of my wrists and in turn tied it to each corner of the bed. I was now unable to move my upper body.

“Now I’ve got you exactly where I want you.” She said

I watched as Sally stood by the side of the bed and slipped the white blouse from her shoulders. I was correct in the assumption that she was not wearing a bra. As she bent forward her breasts swung away from her body. I noticed that her nipples were huge and erect. Sally swung her breast over my face, gently teasing me with the vision of her soft pale flesh. I could smell her heady perfume mixed with the smell of the sweet white wine on her breath. As she lowered her breast near my mouth I heard her whisper “suck it.” I took the engorged teat into my mouth and rolled it between my lips. Her nipple was huge. Sally swung her breasts allowing me to suck on each teat in turn.

After a while of sucking on her breasts Sally moved and stood up. I watched as she reached behind her and unclipped the short black skirt that was around her waist. It fell to the floor as she released the clip. My wife stood before me in only her white cotton panties. My eyes focussed on her crotch. She was so wet. Sucking on her nipples had clearly aroused her to such an extent that I could see a large wet stain on the front and gusset of her panties. I could clearly see the shape of her large pussy lips outlined as the cotton of her panties stretched tightly over her pussy mound. I realised that she had completely shaved off all her pubic hair.

“Would you like to see my smooth hairless pussy?” She asked. “I shaved it for you this afternoon.”

I could hardly get my words out and only managed to mumble an incoherent moan. Sally in a quick motion slipped her wet panties down in one brisk movement and placed them carefully on the bedside table. As she stood next to me on the bed I could smell the scent of her musky arousal.

Sally moved quickly and got herself into position where she was standing on the bed above me. Her long legs were straddling my head. I looked up and saw the heavenly sight of her smooth shaven pussy. Her crinkly long love lips were hanging down and I could see the wetness of her slippery gash reflecting the bedroom light. Then in what was little more than a hoarse whisper she uttered the words that for the rest of my life I will never forget.

“Oh dear, my pussy seems to be full up with sperm.”

I stated the obvious “What.”

Sally laughed and said “I did think long and hard about your seventh special card last New Year and not long ago I got Simon to fill me up just like you wanted.”

My head felt dizzy and my dick suddenly went to its full stiffness. It took me a few seconds to take it all in. Simon? I looked up at her pussy and realised that the wetness that I could see around her gaping love lips was not just her arousal but was sperm as well. As Sally’s legs were slightly parted above me I could see a small white droplet like a pearl peeping out at the bottom of her shaved pussy. I wanted to reach up to touch and stroke her but couldn’t move my arms as they were still restrained at the wrists.

“Simon left about five minutes before you got home from work. He has been here this afternoon and just like you asked me to I got him to fill my pussy up with his thick sperm.”

“Simon… My brain seemed to spend ages in its thought process. Then I suddenly clicked. Simon lived a few doors down from us. He was a widower in his mid fifties. He quite often popped round to our house and was quite friendly with Sally.

“Do you want it then?” Sally almost nervously asked.

I nodded, almost in disbelief, and I watched as Sally slowly lowered herself down until she was almost crouching above my head. I took in a deep breath and savoured the smell of her arousal which also had a faint bleachy smell which I realised was the aroma of Simon’s sperm. She used both her hands on the headboard to get her balance and to steady herself. As she crouched above me her pussy stretched wide and her lips parted to reveal a very wet and shiny hole. Very slowly a long droplet of sperm emerged from the bottom of her freshly shaven pussy. It dripped from between her purple engorged pussy lips. I watched fascinated as the droplet got bigger and bigger. As it grew it began to fall from her pussy, not as a drop as it was still attached to her by a long string of Simon’s sperm. I opened my mouth wide and the string of sperm fell onto my tongue. Sally was looking down at me between her breasts watching as the sperm entered my mouth. I closed my lips and swirled Simon’s sperm round my mouth feeling it coat my tongue and back of my throat. It felt warm, bitter and slightly salty. I swallowed and felt the mixture run down the back of my throat. Sally moaned above me. Watching was obviously turning her on.

Sally sat down on my mouth. She rubbed her smooth shaven pussy over my lips and mouth. “Shall I tell you about this afternoon? ” She teasingly asked.

I could not answer her properly as my mouth was full of wet sperm filled pussy, but I managed to moan some sort of a reply from between her thighs.

“I arranged with Simon to come round this afternoon. I told him last week about our little games and that I wanted to make a creampie for you. It took him a while to understand what I actually wanted but eventually he understood and agreed.”

Sally was working her pussy over my mouth all the time that she was talking to me. As she moved her smooth long lips back and forth, my face and chin were becoming glazed with the sopping mixture of their earlier liaison.

“Simon came round and we knew that we didn’t have long before you were due home from work. I didn’t want you to come home and find him still here. We came here to bed and I sucked on his cock. His cock wasn’t very long but it was very thick, and very hard. I stripped off and Simon fingered my shaved pussy. I badly wanted him inside me. He turned me over and took me from behind. I felt his thick cock stretching me”.

As Sally talked it turned me on to hear what she had been doing. Simon’s sperm was being pushed into my mouth now in thick wads as Sally used her internal muscles to push it all out as she ground herself on my mouth.

“He pushed into me and thrust away. I felt him reach under me and pinch my nipples which made them harder. I pushed my pussy back against him and soon I felt him shudder as he came. I actually felt him shoot his load inside me as he came with really forceful jets. He thrust sharply three or four more times as he emptied his balls. He wasn’t inside me for very long and I didn’t have time to have an orgasm. I don’t think that he had had sex for a long time as it did not take him long to come. After he had come inside me we had arranged that he would leave quickly while I got dressed as fast as I could. I then waited in the kitchen for you with my legs closed tightly together.”

Sally was now grinding her sopping pussy over my mouth and I was finding it difficult to breathe as her thighs were clamping tightly against the sides of my head. I knew from her movements that she was not far off coming. As she wriggled above me I stuck my tongue out as far as it would go inside her and scooped the last of the sperm into my mouth. As I did this Sally uncharacteristically let out a long loud scream and her body seemed to shudder as a massive orgasm ripped through her. I felt her pussy muscles spasm round my tongue as I pushed it as far up inside her as I could.

“God, that was great.” She said as she calmed down from her orgasm. “Was that what you wanted?”

I nodded at her. “Thanks,” I said “I really didn’t think that you were going to do it.”

“I know.” She laughed.

My dick was straining. It was so hard it was almost hurting me. Sally noticed my discomfort. She lay down next to me and made herself comfortable. I watched the back of her head and felt her soft warm mouth envelop the head of my erect dick. I moaned as she swirled her tongue around my hardness. Sally used her hand to grasp my dick at the base and firmly stroked my hard member up and down. I felt her lips form a perfect circle as she bobbed her head up and down on my length. I wanted to pinch my hard little nipples, but couldn’t as my hands were still tied to the bed. Sally continued to suck and stroke me and it did not take long before I spurted several jets of my warm sperm into her mouth. Sally stroked and squeezed me coaxing every last drop of sperm out from my dick.

She turned to face me with a slight smile on the corners of her lips. Her cheeks were puffed out as she had not swallowed and her mouth was obviously full. She leaned forward and kissed me. I felt a big wad of my thick warm sperm flood into my mouth as Sally opened my lips with her tongue. We passed it between us swirling it round with our tongues. Eventually I had to swallow and I enjoyed the salty mixture making its way down the back of my throat. Sally smiled at my obvious pleasure as I tasted myself.

“It will soon be New Year again and time to make some new resolutions.” She happily said.

Goodness knows what I’m going to ask her for as my special treats. I will have to think about it but my cards could involve Simon… we will have to wait and see.

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David wrote

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Loved this story. Wish my wife would do this for me!!!!