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A Very Close Shave

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It had been a beautiful day from the outset and I swung by the apartment of some friends, wanting to say hello since I was in the area.

When I got there, Kay answered the door, dressed in a small bikini and a big grin. She greeted me by throwing her arms around me and giving me a hearty kiss.

Now Kay is attractive, but not what some would consider attractive. Facially, she’s pretty plain, but her smile and sparkling blue eyes tell a lot about the warmth and passion of this young lady.

Her figure is nice, with large breasts that wobble invitingly, a reasonable waist with just enough padding to make her fun, and a very nice ass and legs. Kay is an ash blonde, or “dirty blonde” if you prefer, and her hair falls over her shoulders, giving her a bouncy look.

Kay shouted into the apartment to get Ken’s attention, dragging me in behind her. Ken came out of the bedroom, tying his swim trunks on and gave me his standard “hello ugly” greeting. I grinned, giving him the finger. Ken, I should note, is about six four and 210 pounds of tightly packed muscles. I wouldn’t want to try him, although four years in Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children taught me quite a lot about hand to hand I’m not that confident. In any case, we’re good friends, and needle each other for fun.

Kay announced that they were just heading for the pool and I was welcome to join them using one of Ken’s suits. I held up the boxer like trunks and looked down. My knees were missing. Needless to say, I declined gracefully. I accompanied them down to the pool and sat on the deck while they dove in and swam about. Ken splashed at me, trying to get my goat, while Kay teased me about passing up the chance to play “blind man’s bluff” in the pool with her. I must say that watching Kay haul her body out of the water, her big breasts wobbling wetly, is enough to tempt many men.

Kay dove into the deep end while Ken and I were chatting near the other end of the pool. Ken rested his head on his arms, relaxed. I was in the middle of a sentence when he grinned broadly. I thought he’d just had another of his naughty little ideas when I spotted the shadow from behind, from behind, and too late.

The next thing I know, water if bubbling and swirling all around me, and the world seems upside down. I clawed my way to the surface, ready to commit murder on the guilty party. Air! I sputtered and shook my head, then removed my glasses since they were now more of a hindrance. Squinting, I looked up on the deck. Laughter rang in my ears. From Ken, and Kay of course. But there was a distinct note too, one like small bells ringing. Debra! Sure enough, she was standing on the deck, laughing the hardest.

Debra is an attractive brunette that Kay and Ken introduced me to a few years ago. We enjoyed each other’s company, remaining friends, not lovers. Debra’s long hair shook as she laughed, and her hazel eyes sparkled with an impish glee. Debra is slender, especially next to Kay.

Some men might call Kay voluptuous, and Debra skinny. I prefer to call Debra lithe, graceful, sensual. She moves like a cat sometimes and that makes her very desirable. Debra has pert breasts and long tapered legs that actually reach the ground! I’ve lost count of the times I’d fantasized about those legs wrapped around my ears.

I climbed out of the pool, drenched to the skin. Debra remained a discreet distance away, snickering about how well it all worked. Ken too was laughing, saying it was really hard for him not to start laughing as he saw Debra sneaking up. I began to laugh too, as the last time Debra and I had been together, we were by this same pool when Ken, in mock anger, had started towards me and I backed into Debra, shoving both of us into the pool. The difference then was that we’d both been wearing suits, not street clothes.

Back in K & K’s apartment, I dropped my boots in the bathroom, then peeled off my clothes. Ken handed a towel through the door, and I handed him a mass of dripping fabric. Kay put them in the dryer, while I tried to figure out how to keep the towel secure around my waist. Just as I had finished drying and wrapping myself, Ken knocked on the door, saying he was going down to the store and did I need anything?

“Yeah.” I said, tongue firmly in cheek, “A baseball bat to clobber someone with!”

“Gotcha!” Ken said. “Aluminum or wood?”

“I think you’re in trouble Debra!” Kay’s laughing voice came through the door.

Ken left and I came out, wearing only a towel and carrying my wallet. I made sure things in the wallet were spread out to dry, then accepted a beer that Kay offered. I figured sitting down with my towel would be the safest move until my clothes dried.

How many of you guys have worn a skirt? That’s what a towel is like. As I started to sit, the towel decided it would sit first. I grabbed and adjusted it, all to the gaze of Kay and Debra who were both trying not to laugh too hard. Finally settled on the couch with Debra, I began to relax. The topic was still how funny I had looked doing an “end-over” into the pool. Kay was toweling her long hair dry, and still in her not-too-modest bikini.

“I really should apologize.” Debra began, putting her hand on mine.

“But you were too tempting of a target.” The motions she made with her hands said that my butt had been at the right height for either a grope or a push.

“Shit.” I said. “I’d rather have had the grope.” That got laughs from both of them.

“Oh, I don’t know.” Debra said. “Would you be sitting here naked if I had groped you?”

I chuckled nervously. Debra just reminded me of something I was trying to avoid. Namely that I was damn near naked, alone with two women that I’d love to fuck, and one of them kept wiggling her tits at me.

“No, I don’t think so.” I said, then added “at least not SITTING.”

Debra gave me a playful slap on the shoulder, then smoothed the area when she realized the loud slap might have hurt. It didn’t, but her hand conveyed many messages as it soothed my skin. So did those hazel eyes.

“Did you get you new suit?” Kay asked, folding her towel.

“Oh, yeah. Wait ’til you see it!” Debra said happily.

“Did you bring it with you?” Kay responded.

“I’m wearing it underneath.” Debra looked at me then. “I wouldn’t have minded if you’d pulled me in.” Her grin told me I’d missed my chance for revenge. Perhaps.

“Let’s go see it.” Kay said, starting for the bedroom.

“Wait a minute!” I protested. “If I can sit here near naked, at least you could do is show me how your suit looks too.”

Debra had stopped, half turned towards me. She looked at Kay, then smiled. It was a sexy, pleased, “This-ought-to-be-fun” smile. Kay came over and sat next to me, a little closer than she needed. I could feel the warmth of her and it excited me.

Debra flicked on the radio and after a moment of hunting found a good tune. She slowly peeled off her top, doing a sort of striptease. I sat back, intending to enjoy the show. First she removed her blouse, a button at a time. When it came off, the top of her bikini showed her off nicely, the pattern of the suit having neon accents to flatter her modest breasts.

Tossing her hair around to keep me from getting a good look at her tits, she started unzipping her shorts, a millimeter at a time. As they opened, I saw more and more skin, but no sign of a suit. NOW I was beginning to get aroused!

The first hint of bright pink showed up about halfway down her mons. I figured a low-cut or fancy type suit. Debra spun about, facing away from us. She used her long hair, flipping it behind her again, and arching her head back to let it dangle over her ass. The shorts went lower, and I saw dayglo pink strings meet, then plunge down the crack of her ass. Debra wiggled her butt to the music, and as she uncovered more and more of her smooth, tan skin, my own body began to react to her. Debra bent over, her knees locked, deliberately showing off her legs, ass and the outline of her vulva to me as her shorts hit the floor.

When she stood up, wearing her thong bikini, I knew how hopelessly inadequate my fantasies had been about her. Debra had a naturally deep skin tone, but still showed some tan-lines where her more modest suit had once covered. No creamy white flesh showed, but what did show was a light brown skin, contrasting against her deeper tan. The effect was delicious!

Debra turned around fully, showing off her suit. Well, what little there was to it. I shook my head and made a very pleased sound. Kay said she liked it too. I glanced at her and saw that she was looking the same place I had been. Debra’s crotch.

“I could never wear something like that.” Kay said. “That bottom is way too low cut for me.”

Debra looked down and ran her long fingers over her upper mons where the suit showed off her smooth skin. “Well, it took a little shaving to be able to wear it.” Debra said softly. “A lot of shaving actually.”

Kay smiled. “I’ll bet. I’d be surprised if you have any hair left.”

“Oh, I do!” Debra laughed. “Only about this…much…”

Debra’s voice trailed off when she showed her fingers about one inch apart, then noticed me looking intently at her. She blushed, then giggled. Fortunately I was still holding my beer bottle in my lap, just enough to cover the semi-hard erection I had been fighting.

Kay looked at me. “You’re drooling, and pick your tongue up off the floor!” She laughed, but Debra only smiled.

“Okay.” Debra said. “Just what are you thinking?”

“Oh! I like the suit.” I said. “A lot!”

“Uh-huh!” Debra shot back. “What else?”

“Really want to know?” I asked her.

Debra stepped closer, right by my feet and grabbed the end of the towel. “Spill it buster!” she said with a playful threat.

“I was just thinking about you shaving yourself.” I said. “And how much fun it would be to finish the job for you.” I added quickly.

Debra stared at me, still holding the edge of the towel, slightly bent over and giving me a nice view of her cleavage. “You’re serious, aren’t you?” she asked. She seemed a bit surprised by my statement.

Perhaps, I worried, I’d been too direct. But I nodded and smiled at the same time.

“Call his bluff.” Kay said with a grin. “I bet he chickens.”

“Wrong.” I said calmly without taking my eyes from Debra’s eyes.

That’s when I was surprised. Debra dropped the towel and straddled my legs, sitting on my lap, putting her arms around my neck.

“Would you?” She said very softly.

“Tenderly.” I said.

Debra’s body seemed to melt all over me, and she leaned forward to kiss me. We’d kissed in the past, but this was much more intense, since it held the unspoken promise of pleasures yet to be realized. My hands found her thighs and slid up lightly to her waist. She seemed to writhe subtly and there was no longer any need to control my arousal.

“Hmmm. You guys are gonna need a chaperone.” Kay muttered.

I was about to decline her services, but Debra spoke first. “Sure.”

She said. “Join us.”

Ken who?

We went into Kay’s bathroom, where she had her razor. After a few minutes of preparation, Debra sat nervously on the edge of the bed. The towel was a bother, but I left it in place. Not for any great reason other than I’m sometimes modest. Concentrating on what I’d need calmed the hard member and now I knelt by the bed.

A towel was underneath Debra’s hips, folded several times. She had her feet on the edge of the bed, leaning back and looking down at me. She tugged on the bikini tie, sloooowly, while watching my reaction. I tried to look bored, but my eyes were glued to the string unravelling. When I did, Debra lifted her hips and I slid down her bottoms, revealing her beautiful pussy.

There was only a small patch of hair left, just above her clit. The rest of her pussy had been shaved clean, except for a small bit near her anus. I looked up and smiled at her.

“You’re beautiful.” I said softly. Debra smiled, adjusting her legs to be comfortable. Kay looked on while I placed a warm washcloth over Debra’s mons. The pan of water I had was just a bit too warm, so I picked up the scissors, a small pair, and put bandage tape over the sharp tips.

“I don’t want to nick you, even by accident.” I said quietly.

Debra nodded. “You’d better not!” Her smile told me that she was both nervous and serious.

To calm her I slid my hand lightly from her knee to mid thigh, pressing her leg outward. She resisted not at all, baring her pussy to me as though it was natural. With a few snips, I trimmed what little hair was left down to short stubs. The washcloth was reapplied while I prepared the soap. I used Ken’s shaving mug and brush (thank you big guy, I’m glad you’re old-fashioned!). Once I had some lather, I brushed it on using my fingers. Debra tensed, since I slathered the warm, creamy stuff over her mound liberally. My fingers slid over her skin, caressing and touching her with several intents.

Kay’s razor is a safety type, and I rinsed it in the water, getting it warm. Using wet fingers, I removed some of the excess lather from Debra’s twat, especially some that had covered her clit.

“This might excite you a little.” I said. My finger found her clit, and wet with warm water, I wiped off the slippery soap, tracing the outline to the top of her slit. Debra’s hips move upwards slightly , and her lips parted. I could see her chest rising faster now too.

The first stroke took only a slight bit of hair. I was teasing too, trying to draw out this experience for all of us. I removed the rest of her hair, working gently over her mons. With wet fingers and the little bit of remaining soap, I made her mons slippery in search of missed stubble. I had to touch-up several areas, mostly around the large tendon that joins her thighs to her crotch. As I did, I could see droplets of water trickle down alongside her cuntlips, and as I was finishing the last little area, a thick trickle of white cream seeped from between her now engorged labia.

The warm washcloth again, this time I rubbed her now bare mons. Even here Debra had a light tan skin tone. Beautiful! Now clean and bare, I removed the washcloth and ran my finger up her slit, coating her clit with her slick juices.

“Now, roll over and I’ll finish you.” I said.

Debra hesitated only briefly, then rolled over. I got her on hands and knees, with her head down. A soft sigh escaped her lips and I could hear her pussy lips part with a sticky smack. I think she thought I was going to get her off then, but instead I began to lather around her asshole. Debra tensed and I held her thigh lightly.

“Just a little bit of shaving left.” I said. “Then.”

Adding the last word made her relax. As my fingers lathered her little hole, I could feel her hips moving in a slow motion. Debra’s ass is tight and firm, and I needed a hand. I asked Kay to help, and she held Debra’s cheeks open without a moment’s hesitation. Debra gasped when she felt Kay’s hands on her butt, spreading her wide open.

I used the razor, working up her ass, outward from her hole. The small area between her ass and cunt was sensitive. Debra tensed each time I touched her there. Soon her backside was as bare as her front, and I cleaned her with the washcloth. I could smell Debra’s musk clearly, and even Kay’s when she moved right.

“Almost done.” I said softly, caressing Debra’s beautiful ass.

I poured some lotion into my hands and then slid the up the backs of her thighs, just below her buttocks. The slippery cream let my hands glide over her taut cheeks easily. As my hands slithered, I leaned forward and extended my tongue. Kay was kneeling, looking down at Debra’s ass. I looked up at her and smiled, then gently rimmed Debra’s ass.

“Ohhhhhhhhh!” Debra sighed, trying to raise her butt higher.

With slippery hands I ran them around to the front of her thighs, and pulled her back as my tongue slipped down, closer to her entrance. Debra trembled slightly and I teased the sensitive area between her openings, flicking my tongue rapidly. My reward was her soft moan.

I shifted my weight and the towel fell away. Just as well, since I really didn’t want to wear it any longer. My tongue found her opening, and the juices that were seeping from her. I shoved my tongue into her, flicking around sensually. I could feel her tension, her waiting. I licked from her opening towards her clit, moving slowly, teasing her as she’d done to me with her striptease. I stopped just before reaching her clit.

I shifted again, this time turning around to lay under Debra’s pussy, and tongue her newly shaved mons. I used my hands to massage her slippery ass cheeks, and from the corner of my eye saw Kay’s hand under her swim suit, moving rapidly.

Key was looking at my, now exposed and erect cock. Here I can’t say that I am huge but, still with 8 inches of erect pole and girth quite thick to fill up any hole to the brim.

Key took hold of my cock, with one hand, and the other was still moving in her swimsuit. She slowly lowered her mouth and licked my pre-cum. Then she took my plum head in to her mouth and started sucking it. She continued to message my shaft while taking it in her mouth inch by inch. She took it all the way to her throat. Not satisfied with that she climbed over me, shifting her swimsuit and pushed me in her, now flowing, hot cunt. She was really tight but quite wet. She took my entire length and started moving on me while sucking me with her channel. She took hold of Debra’s ass cheek and pushed her tongue in her back hole. Debra’s hips were rocking now, trying to force my tongue to touch her clit. I pushed her back up.

“Still. Don’t move.” I said softly. Debra held still.

My tongue started below her clit, running up her slit until I found her hard bud. Using just the tip, I flicked over her clit as fast as I could, holding her hips still. Seconds after I started, I could feel she was trying to force her hips down against my arms. The movements became more and more forceful, and Debra began to rock her whole body.

I rocked my head back, sucking on her whole cunt, sucking her clit and cunt-lips into my mouth. At the same time, I let go of her hips and Debra pressed her pussy firmly against my face. I could feel her spasms, her cunt pulsing against my mouth. Her slick, creamy cum coated my lips and chin. Debra began chanting “Oh” over and over until she let out a long moan, the pitch changing and trailing off as her orgasm washed over her. I slowly let go of her pussy, letting her labia slide from my lips. Debra’s body shook for a moment, then she sighed, deeply.

Key also grunted and came on my shaft coating it with her juices. She climbed down and left the bedroom, adjusting her swimsuit.

Debra rolled over, laying half across the pillows. She’d lost the top of her bikini and I could see her dark brown nipples were rigidly hard. I knelt on the floor again, looking up her long, tan legs at her shaved cunt, slick with my saliva and her cream. Her small tits were just right for her lithe form, and she had such a pleased smile on her face.

Kay was nowhere to be seen. I figured she’d left either to anticipate the arrival of Ken, or to give us privacy, even though the bedroom door was open. I stood up, and Debra looked me over. Her eyes went to my still hard and juice coated cock and she smiled.

“I want you.” She said in a sexy voice. “Let me eat you.”

Debra had me lay on the bed while she knelt on the floor, sucking my cock. I’m not the biggest in the world, but I was big enough that Debra had to work me into her mouth. Debra seemed to be drooling down my cock, working up and down slowly. Her tongue was magnificent, pressing firmly against the sensitive underside and flicking the head’s ridge backwards.

Without warning, Debra began descending on my cock, and kept going until she had all but the last bit of my eight inches in her mouth. She looked up at me then, those hazel eyes staring brightly at me from her dark looks. Fire burned in her eyes, a lusty, half-glazed look. She came up, then immediately took me down again, bobbing her head quickly. When she began tickling my balls with her nails, I knew I would shoot very quickly.

“No.” I breathed with great effort. As much as I wanted to cum in her mouth for her, I wanted to be the first to bathe her smooth, hairless little cunt with sperm. “I want to cum inside you. All over your smooth pussy.” The words came out lustily, and with effort.

Debra let go of my cock and practically jumped on top of me. She grabbed my shaft and pressed it to her slit, then sat down quickly. Both of us moaned. Debra was also tight, but she was also sopping wet. It was just heavenly!

After a few lusty moments of Debra literally jamming my cock up her cunt, I grabbed her and rolled her over onto her back. I pulled her hair to one side, to keep it from catching, and she surprised me again.

“Yes!” She hissed lustily. “Pull my hair. Pull on it.”

I grabbed a handful and pulled her up to kiss me. Our mouths met in incandescent passion, our tongues swirling madly as our loins pressed tightly. I flexed my cock inside her and felt Debra jump. She started to squeeze back, wrapping her legs around me tightly.

“Fuck me. Please. Fuck me now!” Debra breathed in my ear.

We both began slamming against each other. My lips found one of her hard nipples and sucked hard. She pulled my face to her tits telling me to bite them. I did, sucking, biting harder until she cried out, thrusting her hips wantonly against me.

“You’re gonna cum. Oh God! I can feel it! Cum in me baby, cum in me!”

Debra said breathlessly. She was right too. I was about to cum, and it

felt like it would be a gusher.

“Cum with me.” I replied passionately. “Milk me with your cunt. Milk my sperm into your cumming cunt.”

“Yes! Oh yes!” Debra was arching up against me, my cock driving deep, bumping her cervix several times.

It was time. My cock swelled, becoming rigid as steel. I crammed it into her hot cunt, shoving hard, driving deep. My hands pulled her down on me by the shoulders, just as my hips drove upwards. Her upper lip curled, her climax a moment away.

“Fill me with cum!” Debra cried out as my cock banged her cervix.

I rammed home and she yelped. My cock began spewing thick streams of fiery hot sperm deep into her. My body was locked in arching orgasm , holding my sperm-spurting cock deep inside her sopped cunt. The massive throbbing of my cock shooting brought Debra off too, and her hips rocked wildly for a second, then arched up, pressing me against the end of her tunnel.

We both opened our eyes a moment later, and looked at each other. In her eyes was all I needed to make this complete. It felt like I was looking deep into her soul, and she into mine. Debra smiled, and gently closed her eyes, pulling me closer to her.

Our blissful state lasted about five minutes. Kay’s moans from the other room brought us back to reality. Ken had obviously returned and was fucking her in the living room. Debra smiled at me knowingly, and I began to get hard again, still inside her pussy. Debra rocked her hips slowly, testing the firmness of my new erection. I could feel our juices seeping down past my cock, and thus aroused again, I began teasing one of her dark nipples with my tongue.

Kay’s moans increased in volume, and we could hear Ken’s deep voice without hearing what he said. There was a sudden sharp moan, then silence. Debra’s cunt spas med around my cock, and I flexed inside her. Her legs and arms wrapped around me and we kissed passionately. We were rocking gently, just stirring our fires when we felt, rather than heard, Kay enter the room.

Kay’s hair was a tangled mess, and sweat glistened between her large, dangling tits. Her bush was thick and the hairs below her cunt were wet and splotched with Ken’s sperm. Debra and I looked at her as she stood there unsure if she should proceed.

“Did you have fun too?” Debra asked with a laugh. “You sure look it.”

Kay looked down at her tits, sweaty and shiny. “Ken wants me to shave my pussy too.” She said excitedly. “And I want you to do it for me.”

My cock jumped in Debra’s cunt, and she looked at me, squeezing me back. She unfolded her long legs, and we parted. As my cock slid out of her and I moved, the head trailed across her now bare mons and she shivered.

“Oooh, that’s nice.” She cooed. I reached down and cupped her naked cunt, letting our juices soak my hand.

“Here’s some lotion for your skin.” I said lusitly, spreading our wetness over her naked crotch. Debra hissed and pushed her cunt back into my hand as I coated her with cum and cunt juice. When I finished, her mons was glistening and slippery. I leaned down and bit her left nipple gently, and she looked at me with fire in those cool hazel eyes again.

I looked at Kay, who was toying with her own soaked pussy. “Tell Ken to get his butt in here. He’s gotta watch so he learns how to take care of your pussy.”

Moments later Ken was in the room and openly admiring Debra’s naked pussy. Ken’s cock began to rise when Kay crawled up on the bed and asked him what he thought of Debra’s bare slit.

“I love it.” Ken said very quietly. Debra smiled and so did Kay.

Kay took her position, just as Debra had done. This time, Ken stood behind me and I lectured him about shaving a pussy. Kay had a thick mat of hair over her cunt, and the first thing was trimming it off with scissors.

I trimmed all the way back around her asshole too, leaving short, bristle like hairs. Ken’s cock was at full mast, all nine and a half inches of it. Debra kept looking at Ken’s cock then down at mine. I tried to ignore it because it was distracting me.

The washcloth, then the lather. I explained to Ken how to use his finger to wipe off her clit, labia and other sensitive areas, and to use his finger to protect them. Kay’s legs were flung wide, high in the air, with Debra holding her right leg. Using my fingers I kept her skin taut, and shaved either side of her engorged cunt lips. I pulled on them, and Kay’s breathing was heavy.

“If you keep creaming all over like that,” I said, “I’m going to have to wash you all over again.”

“Ohhh, I …can’t help it.” Kay said in a husky voice. “I’m so…so close!”

Instead of finishing her off, I sat back and let her calm down. Debra smiled and said that next time she would like Kay to hold her legs. Kay just smiled back, and I had Ken move over and hold the other leg.

This time I moved a little faster, and once over her mons, began to remove her hair with smaller strokes. Kay’s chest and face were pink with an excited flush. Her pussy revealed itself to have a nice curvy shape, with her clit peeking out between her folds. I rinsed the razor and used the washcloth, removing the soap. Kay was pushing her cunt against my hand, and her nipples were almost half and inch long.

“Roll over.” I said.

Kay did, easily and quickly, thrusting her ass into the air. She put her head down, her tits pressed against the bed. Ken and Debra pulled her cheeks apart, and I shaved around her asshole and the area between her ass and cunt. I could see thick cream oozing from her slit, trickling down towards her clit. When I had finished, I poured some of the lotion into Ken’s hands and told him to caress her ass. Debra smiled when my hand cupped Kay’s twat. She knew what I was going to do.

“Cum in my hand.” I told Kay. “Make my hand wet.”

I rubbed her clit and Kay did cum, rocking her pussy against my hand and soaking it with her juices mixed with the remainder of Ken’s sperm. As she rocked, I spread the slippery stuff all over her newlys shaved twat, all the way up to her asshole. Ken was massaging her ass, spreading the creamy lotion all around. Kay’s crotch and ass glistened, and it was impossible to tell where the lotion began or their juices stopped. Kay kept shoving her cunt back onto my hand and I worked my thumb inside her.

“Ohhh, I’m cummmmminnnngg!” Kay announced with a wavering moan. She clutched at Debra’s knee, Kay’s body tensing and shuddering. I looked at Ken and he was smiling at her display of orgasmic pleasure.

“Fuck her now.” I told Ken. He didn’t need to be told twice. Ken and I move, and he filled Kay’s sopping cunt with his thick cock, sliding deep into her with a single thrust. Kay kept cumming, rocking her ass up and down on Ken’s motionless body.

I moved next to Debra, and I was spellbound as she took my soaked hand and raised it to her mouth. Her tongue extended, she licked my palm, tasting Kay’s cream and any of Ken’s sperm still mixed with it. I watched her lick the slippery juices off, then she pressed my hand to her right breast. I cupped her tit and pinched her nipple hard.

“Fuck me too.” Debra said softly.

We moved and I let Debra sit on me. I had my legs on either side of Kay, her face inches from my cock. Debra sat down, spreading her cunt on my stiff prick. Kay watched my cock enter her friend up close, and I felt her hand rubbing Debra’s bare cunt.

“Ohh, you’re so beautiful!” Kay moaned. “Fuck her. Fuck her hard.”

Ken was still pumping Kay’s cunt and watching us over Kay’s back.

Debra began to rock her hips, rising up and down on my shaft. I felt Kay’s fingers fondling my hanging balls, then a moment later her hot breath and tongue. Kay licked around my balls for a few moments then she put her hand between Debra’s ass and me, holding her still. Kay’s tongue traced up my cock, and then Debra let out a deep, gutteral groan.

Ken began thrusting harder into Kay’s dripping snatch, forcing her face against Debra’s bare slit. My hips rocked now, and Debra’s pussy was getting even wetter than before. I ground my loins to her ass, and Debra sat down, pressing her full weight on me. Her cunt spasmed around my cock, and she leaned back, laying down on me. I cupped her tits, pulling her nipples and rolling them back and forth. Debra’s stomach heaved as her ass clenched. Her cunt gripped me like a vise, and then her legs wrapped around Kay’s head.

“Ohhhhhh Gawwwwwwwwwddddd!!” Debra practically screamed.

I could hear Kay moaning too, and feel her shaking her head. Ken’s thrusts were getting harder, and he finally groaned, shoving Kay’s face tight against Debra’s cock-filled cunt. Ken groaned and Kay moaned in pleasure.

Debra was still climaxing, and her words came out between sharp

breaths. “Fill…me…up. Fill…me..with…cum. Fill…my..cunt…with

…with cummm.”

Her spasming, shuddering body was milking my cock, and I was close too. But most of my cock was outside her, only the head and a little more still gripped in her. Kay lapped up and down my cock, then sucked at the base, tickling my balls. I groaned deeply. So close. So very close!

My hips rocked, shoving my cock into Debra then withdrawing, coated with her slippery cunt juice. Kay kept licking and lapping, and I pumped again. Then again. Surge…I rammed my cock as deep as I could, spurting just as I was fully in her. Debra gasped, and as I rocked my hips for another thrust, Kay pulled me out of Debra’s slippery twat.

Cum kept spurting, and I could feel the thick streams shooting out with great force. Debra’s hips rose off of me, and I felt my cock head pressed against her slit, Kay’s hand pumping my jism out.

Debra’s body began shaking uncontrollably. Kay let go of me, and my cock hit my stomach with a wet splat. Debra’s ass pressed it against me.

Debra was shaking and writhing on top of me, and Kay was lapping my sperm from Debra’s bare cuntlips. Debra twisted and arched against me, my hands again on her tits, pulling her nipples. She was having one orgasm after another, with Kay’s tongue slurping her drenched cunt.

When we were finally exhausted, Debra slid off to my side, her ass still on my crotch. We kissed, and she was still full of passion, but more subdued. Again our intimacy was interrupted by Kay’s moans. We both looked and Kay had pushed herself up on her hands. Ken was pumping again, but now her ass hole, holding her hips. Kay’s face glistened with Debra’s cum, mixed with mine.

Her tits hung down, almost touching the rumpled covers, swaying with Ken’s thrusts.

Ken pumped for a few minutes, then withdrew, joining us on the bed and jerking his cock towards Kay’s open mouth.

“Soak her tits.” I muttered, thinking of her big, floppy tits. Kay sat up, cupping her breasts. Ken jerked furiously, and Debra sat up, leaning over and licking one of Kay’s nipples.

“Cum all over the place.” Debra said. “Cum on her big tits. Soak ’em down.”

Ken erupted with a long deep moan. Sperm splashed high on Kay’s chest and then another spurt landed on top of her right tit, spraying Debra’s face too. Ken spurted a few more times, making a thick pool of jism form between Kay’s clenched tits. I watched Debra lap up the thick pool of cum and then grab Kay’s head and kiss her deeply.

When Debra sat down again, her small tits showed little globs of Ken’s sperm from being pressed against Kay’s tits. Both women licked their lips and then toyed with their newly shaven cunts.

I was drained, yet, I was also still in an erotic mood. The four of us relaxed and I phoned an order for a pizza. We were still in bed when the buzzer rang. I put on my pants, now dry, and let the pizza boy come up. When he knocked on the door, I paid him, taking the warm pizza box.

Kay walked by, taking the pizza into the kitchen. She did so proudly wearing only a smile. The young pizza boy’s eyes almost popped out, and his jaw dropped when Debra walked by, likewise naked. I thanked him and closed the door, wishing I’d had a camera. His face was priceless!

Ken joined the girls in the kitchen, and Debra brought me several slices. She sat on my lap while we ate, not letting me get out of my jeans so I was half dressed, accenting everyone’s nudity.

We finished our pizza, and watched some adult videos Ken and Kay had. Debra asked Kay how Ken’s big cock felt and Kay told her to find out for herself. Debra looked at me and I winked. I had nothing to loose really.

We swapped partners, and Ken fucked Debra’s tight cunt while she sat on his lap. Kay and I watched before joining the fun. This time Kay ate Debra and licked Ken’s cock and balls while I fucked her from behind. We were moving slower now, a bit tired, tummies full, and only a little less lusty.

I pulled out of Kay’s dripping wet cunt and fed Debra my slick cock. She sucked it greedily for a short time, having to stop in order to breathe. She pushed me back to continue with key. Kay was lapping Debra’s clit and Debra’s eyes were half-lidded as she neared orgasm. I stroked myself and pressed the head in Key cum filled cunt, for lubrication, and this time I pushed my cock , slowly in the of Key’s bowels through her tight butt hole. She was real tight. But she took me easily all the way to my balls. I fucked her for some time while key pushed her up to take me deep for every stroke. Finally I came deep inside her holding her big cheeks tight and I felt her cunt spasming with my jurks. But for the final jurk I removed my cock and came on Debra;s tits.

“Mmm, cum all over me.” Debra said. “Shoot it all over me.”

Kay sat up and grabbed my cock, jerking me against Debra’s tit. “I

know what she wants.” Kay said. “She wants your hot cum all over her.”

Kay jerked and Ken thrust, and soon Debra was moaning too. Ken slammed into her faster and faster, making Debra’s jaw go slack. I was standing, looking down on the scene, and got an idea.

“Push your tits against her cunt.” I told Kay, which she did. “Pull out and cum all over Debra’s naked cunt. I want to see Kay rub her tits in Debra’s sperm soaked cunt.”

“I’m gonna soak both of ’em in jism!” Ken said harshly. “Cum all over these hot bitches!”

Ken groaned, spurting into Debra’s slippery cunt, then pulling out to spurt all over Kay’s tits. With his cock spurting white cum into Kay’s cleavage and onto her jiggling tits, Debra rocked her cunt forward, spreading the jism around with a wet, squishing noise. I started to cum too, announcing it.

“Here it comes!” I said, Kay’s hand pressing my cock against Debra’s cheek. Debra turned and opened her mouth. The first spurt soaked her lips, dripping down off her chin and onto Kay’s tits. Debra’s mouth closed around me and I felt her tongue coaxing my sperm into her mouth. It felt like she was sucking it straight from my balls. She finally let go, then smiled, letting a little dribble out between her lips. Kay pulled her down and kissed her.

As day turned into night, we showered and sat around naked. Debra and I cuddled a lot, and my hands kept straying to her shaved pussy, often finding her own hand there. Our touching was more sensual now, softer, gentler. Our friends left us alone, sensing our needs. We kissed for a long time, and then we used the floor, making love in slow, tender, erotic style.

“It’s been a long day.” Debra said. “What did you like the best?”

Debra asked her question while laying on top of me, my softening cock still deep inside her. I ran my hand from her ass up her back, then hugged her. “Being alone with you was the best.” I said.

Debra kissed me with deep passion, pressing her body tightly to mine. I could feel her pussy squeeze me inside her. “Hmmm, do you make house calls? My pussy is going to need LOTS of attention now.”

I smiled and hugged her, kissing her briefly.

“House calls are my specialty.” I said. “And thank you for pushing me into the pool.”

She giggled, then put her head on my chest before we fell asleep.

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