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Ashleigh Says Goodbye

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The opportunity to fuck the guy next door had probably been there numerous times over the 7 years we had shared a fence, but it was not until a few days before I moved out that I realised it was now or never. He’s a couple of years younger than me and has recently lost quite a bit of weight. He’s obviously happy with how he looks and I can’t blame him.

I’d fancied him since he and his girlfriend moved in, but it was only during the really hot summer, with him basking in the garden that I realised I had to have him.

I had identified a pattern to his working week. I work nights mostly so am around during the day, whilst Dave works from home a couple of days a week, nearly always on a Wednesday, then the second day is pretty random.

When I got up the day was already scorching, the sky bright azure blue. Dave was in the garden, sat in a red directors’ chair, facing the sun, surrounded by paperwork, tapping away on a laptop and dressed just in a pair of yellow football shorts.

I watched him from my bedroom window, the majority of my worldly possessions packed in boxes behind me, my formerly cosy bedroom bare and lifeless. I had just stepped out of the shower and stood naked at my window, almost willing him to turn around and see me, so I could see his reaction at my body, but he was too engrossed in his work.

I stood there and towelled my long dark brown hair dry, before running the soft cotton over the rest of my body and down my long, tanned legs. I threw the towel on the bed and stood nude before the full length mirror on the far wall of the room. I work in a job where I need to stay fit, so I am proud of my slender, toned body. My breasts are a little smaller than I would like, but they are a handful just the same, but it’s my legs that normally draw attention. I am 6″1 and my legs are long in proportion to the rest of my body and this never fails to draw attention from the opposite sex, especially when they are mostly visible beneath the hem of a very short skirt.

I pulled a clean, white cotton t-shirt from under the bed and returned to the window. Dave was still working away as I daydreamed wrapping my long legs around his waist. As I watched him, my hands began to wander, stroking my flat stomach briefly before getting down to more serious business. My moist and easily excitable pussy lips were already swollen and poking naughtily out of my smooth, clean shaven pussy. I took the pink folds between my thumb and index finger and slowly rubbed them together until my legs began to tremble and the honey began to flow.

Reluctantly, I pulled my long t-shirt back down and decided it was time to try and attract his attention, after all, in three days time I would be 100 miles away and the opportunity would be gone forever — and if he laughed or told me to fuck off, the same would apply — I’d be gone.

I took my body in one last time in the mirror. The t-shirt covered just about everything, coming down past my waist and sitting just a couple of inches below my bum. I headed for the garden.

As I walked out of the French windows from the kitchen, my arms piled high with the laundry I had just tugged from the washing machine, Dave was still sat with his back to me, tapping away, his skin tanned, his dark brown hair cut short and his legs stretched out as he slouched in his chair.

I pegged out the washing, my heart hammering, wondering whether I should call out to him, but not really having an excuse to do so. I dropped the rest of the laundry onto the grass deliberately and swore loudly as I bent over to gather it all back up again. I had my back to Dave and as I bent over I made sure my t-shirt rode up a little to give him a peak of my bare buttocks. I hoped he had finally turned around. I was not disappointed, but he let me gather almost everything back up before he spoke. I turned around to see him leaning against the low fence that separates our gardens. As I turned to face him, I was pleased to see that he was taking my body in with his eyes and I was confident that he got at least a little eyeful of what was on offer to him.

“Would you like a hand?” He repeated as we established eye contact. I nodded and shrugged,

“Never could juggle.” I said and laughed slightly, biting my lip as did so.

Dave stepped on the bottom panel of the three bar fence and hoisted his right leg over so he straddled it, before swinging his left leg over and dropping onto the grass. He walked quickly over to me and without a word took half of the washing from my arms. My heart was hammering so loudly I feared he could hear it. It was now or never. Within a minute, he had expertly pegged the rest of the washing out on the line and was stood next to the shed. I knew I was running out of time and decided that if I was going to let him use my body with wanton abandon, then this was no time for subtlety. I walked straight over to him, aware of the outline of his cock in his shorts and hoping it was as big as it looked. I stood by the open shed door.

“Before you dash off, could you just give me a hand with something?” I asked, stepping into the sweltering air of the wooden box.

“Sure.” he replied and innocently followed me into my trap. As soon as he was inside the door, I seized my chance. I stepped over to him. We were almost exactly the same height, but he didn’t seem intimidated as so many men do when I stand next to them. The air was stifling, still and suddenly thick with tension.

“There’s just something I need you to help me with before I go.” I said fixing him with my eyes briefly before dropping to my knees in front of him. I quickly grabbed the waistband of his shorts with both hands and slid them down over his thighs until they fell around his ankles. He began to step away, shocked at what I’d done, but he stepped back against the door frame of the shed so his exit was momentarily blocked. Before he could take another step, I grasped his balls in my right hand and squeezed them gently. His thick cock was hardening rapidly before my eyes, growing with each second that passed. I could see I wasn’t going to be disappointed and bent forward and took his helmet into my mouth, peeling back his foreskin with my lips as I did so. I simply held his pole in my mouth and savoured the feeling of it hardening, before slowly and teasingly circling my tongue around his tip.

His swollen cock was thick and veined standing a full 8 inches and his heavy balls swung loosely underneath his shaft. I looked up into his eyes to make sure he wasn’t about to lose his nerve and flee back over the fence, but I could see I had his attention. I continued to tease him by gently holding his purple tip in my mouth and letting my tongue slowly explore as I tickled his balls with my perfectly manicured nails. He seemed content to just enjoy the moment and watched me intently for my next move.

I had secretly wanted his cock in mouth for over 7 years and I was eager not to rush the moment, but I was not going to get to tease him all day. Eventually his hand ran through my long dark hair and he slowly but forcibly pulled me down onto his length. I did not resist and swallowed his cock as he pushed it into me until my mouth was very full and his fat helmet filled my throat.

I was disappointed to see several inches still fighting to get between my lips, but there was no way I could take a cock this thick all the way, so instead, I pushed back against his hand and after brief resistance he relaxed his grip and allowed my to slide my red lips back up his veiny shaft.

I had left a red ring of lipstick at the deepest point of penetration which would serve as a marker to see how much more of his length I could force into my mouth. I rose all the way up his shaft and planted a firm kiss on the top of his cock, leaving another lipstick mark there, before closing my lips back around him and taking another plunge. I sucked his fabulous cock again and again from tip to the lipstick marker, occasionally managing to surpass it and gobble an extra piece of his meat. I wrapped my long fingers around the base of his shaft and squeezed rhythmically as I blew my way into his heart.

Coming up for air, I again fixed eye contact with him and smiled. Not a word had passed between us since I had lured him into the shed under very false pretences and he just returned the smile, gazing down at me kneeling before him.

In the brief pause, he bent down and grabbed my t-shirt just below my breasts and pulled it up in one fluid motion. I held my hands aloft and let him pull it off over my head. He threw it nonchalantly out of the door onto the grass. I was knelt before him totally naked and exposed to anyone who could see us. I was horny as hell and my pussy was swimming with my sweet juices, but I turned my attention back to his cock and wrapped my lips around it once again. Dave did not complain, merely groaned aloud as I stuffed his cock deep into the back of my throat.

The air in the shed was sweltering and I could feel sweat running down my body. I could imagine Dave looking down at my glistening skin as he watched me devour his meat. I let his balls fall free and pleasured myself, rubbing my swollen clit with my fingers, making myself pant as I spread my own juices around my pussy.

I could hear Dave’s breath shortening as he groaned with his growing excitement.

“Fuck yeah. That’s so good.” He panted and I could actually feel his cock begin to swell, the veins pulsing with his every heartbeat as his body pumped more blood into his steel-hard pole.

He ran his hand back through my hair and gripped it tightly, pinning me in place and pushing himself deeper into my hungry mouth. His hips began to move rhythmically, pushing upwards to meet my own thrusts. Relaxing into his motions, I was able to take another inch of his manhood into my mouth and my saliva, glistening on his shaft, polished off the lipstick ring that had been my marker.

I could taste him on my tongue and knew he would cum soon. His grip was even tighter on my hair. He did not want me to stop, but nor did I want to. He swelled further and grew impossibly hard. He gasped loudly as I expertly worked his cock with my lips and tongue. His grip released in my hair and I slid all the way back up his shaft one last time. He whipped his cock out of my mouth and held me again by the hair as he stroked his own shaft in long fluid movements. I looked down the eye of his cock and waited for him to explode. I had intended to gobble his cream down my throat, but this was just as good. I could now spend the afternoon masturbating, covered in his seed and stinking of his sex. He groaned aloud one last time and jerked his pole with added vigour.

“Cum all over me.” I panted breathlessly as a huge stream of molten cum leapt from his cock and hit me between the eyes. I flinched instinctively, but he held my head firmly in place. Another stream splashed across my cheek, before a third hit my forehead, running up into my hair. His huge balls worked overtime as he continued to spray forth over my chin and tits, before the torrent subsided to a mere dribble which he wiped nonchalantly across my pouting lips.

He stood in front of me, his spent cock showing no sign of softening. I looked up into his eyes, my chin, cheeks, hair and chest smothered in his semen. The stale air in the shed stank of sweat and sex. My knees trembled and my heart pounded. I figured I would need my longest vibrator and all afternoon to satisfy my raging lust. As I continued to stare up at him, he held his hands out and when I took them, he pulled me to my feet.

“Hardly seems fair,” he said as he bent and grabbed my t-shirt and his shorts, “to expect you to do all the hard work with no reward. You’re not expecting anyone back are you…you know, your sister, your husband?”

I shook my head and he took my hand and led me naked across the garden, his cum, mixing with my sweat, was running down my body.

He led me through the French windows, leaving them open, back into the kitchen. I anticipated him taking me through the hall and up into the bedroom and made to reach for the kitchen roll to clean some of his cum up before I dripped it through the entire house, but it seemed that he no intention of going any further. He pulled me around and bent me over the kitchen table so my pert arse pointed up into the air. He moved in behind me and I felt his rigid cock nuzzle briefly against my smooth, bald cunt lips before he pushed it easily and firmly into me making me groan out loud with relief and desire.

I cried aloud in a mixture of surprise and satisfaction and he drove it all the way into the hilt with his first stroke, making every nerve ending in my pussy stand to attention. After a few long, slow strokes he immediately picked up a swift pace, using every inch from tip to hilt to fill me to the limit. I clenched my muscles around his thick shaft and immediately felt my previous frustration leave me as an enormous orgasm quickly rose in my pussy before sweeping through my body, making me cry out loud with a wanton lust.

“Fuck me harder.” I begged as I bucked my hips to meet his strokes and he obliged by hammering into me until I could feel his balls slapping against my cunt. I was in heaven. My legs trembled and my whole body glistened with sweat. As my orgasm dissipated, he slid his length from my pussy and stepped briefly away from me. “Come back” I whimpered, my body deflated by his absence, but in an instant he was back and pushed my head back down onto the table.

Suddenly his hot tongue was all over my puckered hole, probing and licking. I shivered in excitement but this was no time for foreplay. I needed his cock inside me, his tongue could not satisfy my filthy lust.

“Don’t tease me, fuck me” I demanded in my most authoritative voice and in an instant I realised where he had just gone. He poured olive oil over my sphincter and I guess used more of it to oil his cock. He put the bottle next to me on the table and pushed his tip firmly against my tight ring. With the combination of his will, my excitement and the finest virgin olive oil, only the slightest pressure was needed for my arse to relax and accept his tip. Once my hole expanded enough to accept that, the rest of his shaft followed until he was buried in my arse to his balls and I screamed loud enough for everyone on the estate to hear as he filled me completely.

He simply held my shoulders and once he had all of his cock buried in me, he held it there, his balls resting against my dripping wet pussy. I clenched my muscles around his cock, gripping it tightly, squeezing it as hard as I could. He responded by pulling it back out of me to the very tip before easing it back in to the very base where his black, wiry pubic hair tickling my buttocks. He continued at a painstakingly slow pace for what seemed like a week. Anal sex had never been so relaxing, it was almost a massage. His control was amazing. I could hear myself groaning with the incredible sensation and suddenly realised I was about to cum again. I reached down and just touched my clit with my finger and my body erupted. As my orgasm exploded, Dave changed pace in an instant and fucked my arse hard and fast. My orgasm intensified, my body shook, my legs quivered and struggled to hold me up. I cried out, God knows how loud. All self control was gone. Dave held me with one hand on the back of my neck and pinned me down as he rode me, his rigid cock stuffed inside my slippery arse.

He fucked me hard as I trembled beneath his grip. God, if I had known this was going to happen I would have tried to lure him in years ago, before he was married. No wonder his wife, who was about half my size, always seemed to have a grin a mile wide pasted across her face.

My short reverie was broken as his breath shortened and his panting grew louder and louder. Again, I felt his cock grew harder as he used my arse. Suddenly he grunted and gasped out loud and pushed his cock so deep into my I thought I would taste him when he came.

Once again, his cock exploded and I felt his sticky seed fill my rectum, before he pulled out and pasted my arse with the rest. Immediately, I could feel it mix with my sweat and run over my lusciously stretched sphincter and down over my pussy.

I rolled over and collapsed onto a chair, panting, quivering and unable to speak.

He stood in front of me, his cock thankfully finally softening, I had got more than I had expected and didn’t think I could take another round. He looked down at me and my cum encrusted body.

“Did you want me to do anything in the shed, or did you just intend to use my body and throw me away?” He asked a broad smile belying any seriousness in his voice.

“No,” I panted back, “I think you work here is done.”

“Well, in that case, some of us have work to do.” He said, as he bent briefly and kissed me softly on the lips, his tongue probing my mouth.

He scooped his shorts off the floor and pulled them back on. He looked back once and smiled before stepping back over the fence and going straight back to his work, sat again with his back to me. I couldn’t move, my legs still would not hold me, so I moved my chair so I could watch him work, my hands slowly rubbing his seed into my skin.

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