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Consummate Conservation

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Miranda stepped carefully onto the next lily pad and held her breath with the hope that the green leaf would hold her weight. The water beneath her was black as night and her pale reflection rippled slightly as she moved from one lily pad to the next. Crossing the pond was always a terrifying and exhilarating experience, and Miranda felt her heart race in time to the song of the crickets and the swish of the cattails along the shore.

She carefully reached her toe for the next available pad, when her balance was completely thrown and she fell to the center of her green float.

“What the…?” Miranda gasped, but before she could determine what had caused the jarring of her floating island, another solid thud came from beneath her and was followed by a distant squeal of delight and very familiar laughter. Miranda’s head was spinning and her arms shot out to brace herself as her very foundation jolted and rocked beneath her. Again she heard laughter, but this time it was louder and much closer, and she finally recognized who it belonged to.

Miranda’s eyes shot wide open; she gasped as the bed bounced wildly beneath her and sing-song laughter filled the room. She quickly flipped to her back and grabbed Josie’s legs as they left the bed, pulling them toward her and holding them until the hyper woman fell to her back on the mattress with a startled yelp. Miranda scrambled onto her knees and immediately covered Josie’s body with her own, bringing her face to within inches of the breathless woman’s beneath her.

“You are such a clown!” Miranda scolded with a smile, and she watched as Josie’s eyebrows went up in amusement.

“What were you dreaming?” The blonde asked with a grin.

“How did you know I was dreaming?” Miranda returned and narrowed her eyes.

“Because you were whispering in your sleep before I started jumping.”

“Damn you!” Miranda said playfully and nipped the blonde’s chin before answering, “Thumbelina, again.”

Josie tilted her head back and laughed heartily, sending wonderful vibrations through Miranda’s belly and nipples. The action also caused Josie’s hips to quake against Miranda’s mound, waking her up in more ways than one. The brunette looked down on the laughing woman and leaned in quickly, sealing her lips over the blonde’s exposed neck and sucking heartily. Josie’s laughter ceased immediately and the next sound to fill the room was a low moan.

“Mmmm…Thumbelina!” Josie whispered teasingly, but was quickly bitten and yelped, “Ouch!”

“That’s what you get for being so saucy this morning,” Miranda explained and then laved her tongue over the spot on Josie’s neck where her teeth had just left tiny red marks.

“So the saucier I get, the more I can expect you to use your tongue and teeth to reprimand me?”

“Under normal circumstances, I’d say absolutely yes. But today is April twenty-fourth,” Miranda answered.

“What’s so wonderful about April twenty-fourth?” Josie asked cautiously.

“It’s Earth Day, silly, and we will be doing our part to make the big blue planet a better place to live,” Miranda explained.

“What do you mean by our part, Miranda?”

“Don’t roll your eyes at me, Jo. You have no idea how much fun it can be to celebrate Earth Day, none at all.”

“Well if it’s anywhere near as fun as sorting the garbage, walking to work, reading by candlelight, and maintaining the compost pile in the back yard I can hardly wait,” Josie said sarcastically and rolled her eyes again for effect, referring to all of the things Miranda insisted upon in the name of earth-friendly responsibility.

“What are you trying to say?” Miranda asked, feigning a look of hurt.

“I’m saying that you are already the most earth-conscious and earth-friendly person I know and I was under the impression we celebrated Earth Day three hundred sixty-five days a year.”

“That’s it you little brat!” Miranda growled and instantly began tickling the blonde.

Josie’s laughter rang through the room and echoed off the starkly decorated walls and honey tinted hard wood floor. Miranda continued tickling her and didn’t stop until the blonde had wormed her way to the edge of the bed with her head hanging upside down over it. Miranda’s chin was hovering over Josie’s belly button and her hands stilled as she took in the incredible beauty before her. The early dawn light crept through the semi-sheer curtains and cast a pale peach light over everything, giving Josie’s skin a healthy glow and enticing Miranda to no end.

She gazed up the length of the blonde’s torso and drank in the sight of her lover’s body. The smooth skin of Josie’s belly and the way it rolled subtly over her ribs was so very feminine and beautiful. Miranda’s gaze swept up the seductive curve of Josie’s breasts and her own nipples began growing hard as she took in the pale pink aureole and taut nipples in front of her. The smooth valley between Josie’s breasts was utter perfection in Miranda’s mind and she looked through it, up the graceful lines of the blonde’s neck.

“If you weren’t so beautiful and sexy, I’d still be tickling you but I think you’ll find the way I celebrate Earth Day to be most pleasurable and fulfilling.”

“Really? Now I’m intrigued.” Josie said. “What did you have in mind, love?”

“Well it’s an all day affair, so for now I suggest you just lie back and relax.” Miranda advised and bent her head, sticking her tongue into the blonde’s cute little belly button before tracing a heart around the now wet dimple.

Josie exhaled gently and Miranda proceeded to lick over the slight shadows of Josie’s abdominal muscles, causing them to flex and relax intermittently. Her skin was smooth and soft and Miranda decided she was lying atop one of nature’s most wonderful creations, a woman’s body. She lazily traced her tongue down the slightly indented line of Josie’s abdomen and branched off to the side when her chin brushed over the nearly translucent tuft of curls at the top of the slender woman’s mound.

“Mmmm…I love celebrating Earth Day already,” Josie said quietly and Miranda smiled against the top of her thigh just before closing her teeth around it and nibbling gently.

“We’ve only just begun, love.” Miranda said and continued nibbling and licking her way down the top of a firm thigh until she reached the large scar that ran diagonally across the blonde’s right knee.

Every time she saw it, a pang of guilt and dismay tugged at her heart and today was no different. The day Josie had slipped and fallen on a treacherous section of trail in Zion National Park had been one of the worst and best days of Miranda’s life. She was a trail guide and had been leading a tourist hike when a large lizard scampered from beneath a rock, scaring Josie and causing her to jump off the side of the trail. She lost her footing and tumbled down a seven foot drop off, shattering her knee upon impact. The injury had required two surgeries and left her with a nasty puffy scar.

Miranda had insisted on riding to the hospital with her when Josie’s boyfriend openly berated the injured woman for being scared of the charging reptile and clumsily falling and embarrassing him. Miranda completely lost it when the muscle-head ripped into Josie and by the time her own screaming tirade was finished, he had taken several steps away from her and stood stupidly with his mouth hanging open.

Miranda now kissed over the raised scar and remembered the way Josie had kissed her cheek that day to soothe her anger when the ambulance door closed. That kiss had been the beginning of a tremendous friendship that eventually blossomed into what was now a two year old relationship. She smiled against the smooth skin around the pale scar and thanked her lucky stars that their paths had crossed.

“Sorry,” Miranda whispered against the injury, as she did every time she touched it. She had been leading hikes for years and never had such an incident and she prided herself on being a conscious and cautious guide. And while she knew it wasn’t her fault, she couldn’t help but feel somewhat responsible for the pain the blonde had suffered on the trail.

“I’m not,” Josie said almost mechanically, but with feeling, as she did every time Miranda apologized about her scar.

Even though Miranda knew it was coming, hearing the blonde utter those words always made her heart soar and she wrapped her fingers around a muscular calf and began massaging it gently as she kissed up the inside of Josie’s thigh. Beneath her fingertips, the blonde’s calf muscle jumped and twitched as Miranda’s lips neared the center of her heart’s desire. Abandoning the woman’s calf, Miranda softly kissed up each side of Josie’s puffy outer lips and slowly slid her hands up to cover her breasts.

Josie slid her hands up Miranda’s forearms and settled over them, squeezing them and guiding as much sensation into her body as she could. Miranda kissed the top of her slit and then moved her tongue to the bottom, and licked over the top, careful not to delve inside. Josie’s hips rolled up to increase the contact and Miranda smiled.

“Please.” Josie whimpered and Miranda pulled her right hand from beneath the blonde’s and slid down her belly before poising her middle finger against the prone woman’s entrance.

“Yes.” Josie hissed and Miranda slid it inside slowly, happily finding the wetness that made her own sex pulse with need. She moved it in and out a few times before adding another finger, bringing a soulful moan from her lover’s lips. Slowly driving forward and swirling them gently within, until both fingers were coated with Josie’s juices, she finally withdrew them and moved up to the blonde’s upturned face. Miranda inserted one finger between Josie’s parted lips and moaned as it was eagerly sucked inside and licked clean. She then leaned further down and sucked the other finger into her own mouth.

The sensation at her fingertips from two mouths was tremendous and a strong jolt of excitement ripped through her when pale blue eyes met hers with evident lust. She then moved her hand and pressed her lips to Josie’s, where she found more traces of the blonde’s arousal, causing her own pussy to grow damp. Miranda slipped her tongue past thin lips and eagerly sought more of her favorite treats within. But when Josie’s hands found her breasts, Miranda quickly pushed off her and leapt from the bed with a delighted laugh as she ran from the bedroom.

“Where the hell are you going?” Josie yelled and slapped the bed in frustration.

“Earth Day, remember? Now get up, lazy bones, and meet me in the back yard!”

Josie groaned and gave her nipples a good pinch before rolling off the bed to put some clothes on. Meanwhile, Miranda made her way to the laundry room, opened the dryer and pulled out a pair of running shorts and a stretch tankini, which she quickly donned before heading outside.

By the time Josie made it outside, the brunette was kneeling in the cool grass before the flower bed beneath their bedroom window. Miranda looked up when she heard the screen door slam and felt all the air leave her lungs when she noticed the blonde standing at the beginning of the stepping stone path that led to where she was kneeling. Josie was facing the back fence, obviously looking for her, which gave Miranda a brilliant view of her profile.

The morning sun glinted brightly off her golden hair and Miranda’s eyes traveled slowly down her lean but compact frame. A long graceful neck, thin shoulders, smallish breasts with plenty of perk, a flat stomach, wonderfully round backside, extremely muscular legs right down to perfectly manicured pink toes kept her in a lusty and mesmerized silence. Josie’s love for fitness and appreciation for the sun gave her an athletic sun-kissed appearance that never failed to make Miranda’s mind wander to thoughts of sin. She finally woke from her day dreaming when Josie’s hands settled on her hips as she scanned the large yard to locate her.

“Over here, gorgeous.”

Josie’s head turned quickly and she smiled when she finally saw Miranda kneeling at the flower bed. The smile was short-lived, however, when she registered the garden tools and large bag of peat moss on the ground between them. Miranda saw her arch an eyebrow and cock her head just slightly as if to say, ‘What’s this all about?’ But the blonde never said a word and instead walked slowly toward her, delicate feet stepping carefully in the center of the oddly shaped flag stones that provided a path to the flower bed. Just before Miranda turned away, she saw the blonde lift the bottom of her shirt and flash her quickly before winking and lowering it just as quickly.

Tease, Miranda thought to herself and simply shook her head as she reached for the tiny trowel and began churning up a small section of earth before her. She sensed, rather than saw, the blonde kneel beside and slightly behind her to the left and continued digging.

“You ran out on me in a time of morning need, to come dig in the dirt?” An amused voice asked over her shoulder.

“Yup.” Miranda replied smugly and received a quick pinch on the ass for it, which was just fine by her.

“Well would you at least mind telling me what for?”

“Earth Day.”

“Right, right. How could I forget?” Josie drawled as she leaned over Miranda’s back to grab the tiny garden rake.

Miranda froze momentarily as hard nipples pressed against her spine and she almost called the whole thing off as her body responded in kind; but when Josie moved away and began digging right beside her, she smiled and continued digging. Reaching behind a nearby bush, she pulled out a baby rose bush, setting it just beside the hole she’d made. She had just picked up the trowel again when Josie reached over and gently took it from her. Miranda turned brown eyes on her and saw nothing but love there, which brought an instant smile to her face.

She knew her love of nature was more than most people could take, but Josie had never complained about it and somehow seemed to understand her little idiosyncrasies where that was concerned. Miranda reached behind the bush again and pulled a second baby rose bush out and set it on the ground beside the first before looking back at her silent partner. Josie was one step ahead of her, though, and had already begun digging a second hole for the other plant.

Miranda proceeded to pull the plastic pot from the bottom of the first bush and settle it into the hole before pouring the peat moss in with it and covering it with the excess dirt. She then rid the second bush of its plastic housing and settled it into the hole Josie had just created. The unspoken feeling of togetherness and contentment was wonderful and damn near overwhelming, but they continued in silence, as no words were necessary. Together they covered the hole and smoothed the earth over it, brushing hands here and there.

Miranda reached out to remove the tag from the second bush when a sharp pain ripped through her finger, into her hand and up her arm.

“Ow, shit!” She swore and jerked her hand away from the sharp thorn.

Josie turned quickly and reached for Miranda’s hand, noticing the tiny drop of blood oozing from the small cut. She wrapped her soft fingers around it and reached for the nearby garden hose. Miranda froze and watched as the woman brought the gently trickling water to her hand and allowed the cool liquid to run over her injured finger. The soft fingers around her hand, the pain in her finger and the chilled water running softly over it made for an interesting mix of sensation and she felt her nipples react appreciatively.

Josie gently washed away the dirt from Miranda’s hand and then placed the hose back in the grass beside her. She looked up tentatively and locked eyes with Miranda, whose face was intensely focused on her. Moving very slowly, but with a distinct sense of purpose, Josie raised the cut finger to her mouth and closed her lips around it, sucking gently and laving her tongue over the tip.

Miranda shivered and exhaled loudly as her lover’s tongue swiped over her finger and slid around it seductively. She hadn’t realized she was holding her breath and shivered again as the pain in her hand turned to delightful tingles and worked slowly up her arm and into her breast. Miranda watched as Josie’s eyes closed slowly, mere moments before drawing her entire finger into her mouth and sucking rhythmically.

Josie gently pulled the finger out of her mouth, making a soft kissing sound as the tip popped out from between her lips. She then rotated Miranda’s hand, palm facing the sky, and leaned forward to place soft wet kisses into her palm, licking a diagonal line across the sensitive center. Miranda watched in lusty fascination and shuddered violently. The sight of what was being done to her merged with the physical sensation of Josie’s tongue on her skin and her eyes closed slowly.

A long moan left her when Josie’s tongue drew a line to the inside of her elbow and licked across the ticklish skin there.

“Lie back, baby.” She heard Josie say.

Miranda slowly lowered herself to the soft cool grass and felt the fat St. Augustine blades tickle the back of her arms and neck. The grass rustled quietly as Josie crawled closer and she felt damp fingers grasp the bottom of her shirt, working it up her torso and over her head. Again, the grass tickled her skin and a subtle wave of goose bumps washed over Miranda’s skin as her mind grappled with the cool grass at her back and the warm sun seeping into the bare flesh of her chest and stomach.

Josie’s fingers then slid into the waistband of her shorts and began tugging them down. Miranda lifted her hips slightly to assist in their removal and felt the slick nylon brush over her legs. She couldn’t remember a time she’d felt more aware of every tiny touch and the simple fact that she was lying completely nude beneath the vast blue sky with the sun warming her body made her pussy twitch hard. Her toes curled and she found she was holding her breath again in anticipation of the next touch.

She heard Josie rustling around, but did not open her eyes as the sun was in her face. Just as she was beginning to wonder what would happen next, her entire body tensed and her fingers stiffened when the cool water from the hose splashed onto her warm chest and slid off her body and into the grass. Miranda hissed and jerked her head to the side as Josie moved the stream of water slowly between the valley of her breasts, down her taut abdomen, over her mound and down the crease where her legs rested together.

Her first instinct was to roll away and escape the chilly assault, but she forced herself to remain as still as possible and let Josie do whatever came to mind. The shock wore off quickly and she found she rather enjoyed the way the water slid over her and caressed her in a very fluid and feathery way. She heard the hose fall to the ground near her feet, and then felt Josie grab her ankles and pull them apart. Miranda, now facing away from the sun, opened her eyes and the first thing she saw was the massive cedar tree in their back yard. Tiny bits of blue sky peeked through gaps in the branches and leaves and Miranda smiled at the beauty of it all.

She could still feel the contrasting temperatures across her skin where the cool water had touched, and reveled in the way the sun and her lover’s soft lips stoked the fires within her, warming her through and through. Josie moved to her hip and kissed from one side to the other, with soft feathery touches of her lips. Miranda closed her eyes again and rolled her head to the other side, directly facing the sun. The heat was incredible and the soft orange glow through her eyelids matched the sensations within her as the blonde’s tongue dipped into her belly button on its way to the underside of her breast.

“Is this what you had in mind for celebrating Earth Day?” Josie asked and Miranda felt the words blow across her nipple.

“Absolutely.” Miranda whispered. “I think this falls under the category of being one with nature.”

“Mmm hmm.” Josie agreed and closed her mouth around the mocha colored nipple beneath her.

Miranda’s hands wrapped around the blonde’s head and drew her in, feeling more of her lover’s hot mouth encase her breast. Josie’s warm tongue circled the firm point as she suckled urgently, drawing tingles into Miranda’s chest and stirring the same sensation in her pussy. Josie then moved to her other breast and drew it into her mouth, repeating the wonderful suckling as Miranda brought her hands into her own hair and held her head as a blanket of subtle electric sensations assailed her entire body. The orange glow through her closed eyelids slowly faded to black and Miranda opened her eyes to see a threatening black cloud creeping across the sky, blocking out the sun.

She was just about to say something when Josie’s tongue flattened against the underside of her right breast and swept along it, causing her to pinch her eyes shut and hiss in delight. The blonde’s fingertips slid down her trim middle and over the top of her mound where her middle finger slid into her slit, gently parting her outer lips and sliding quickly past her slick entrance, over her rosebud. Miranda’s legs tensed and her hips rose slightly as her pussy twitched hard and yearned for more contact. She then felt the same soft finger press gently against her ass before sliding up again and diving into her slick channel.

“Oh, baby.” Miranda exhaled as her body unwound completely and blood rushed to her aching sex, causing her lips to become engorged and even more sensitive. Her inner muscles contracted gently around the intrusion and Josie took up a slow rhythm with her finger, driving deeper with each passing thrust. Miranda opened her eyes again and saw the blonde braced on one arm, leaning directly over her. Their eyes met and Miranda recognized the determined focus and undeniable lust she saw there. Josie’s concentration was further displayed by the tip of her tongue poking past the corner of her lips and Miranda felt a violent shudder rip through her as she released her own concentration, closed her eyes and left herself in her lover’s capable hands.

A second finger joined the first and Miranda’s back arched in response to the added fullness inside her. She had no thoughts of any kind in that moment and was possessed by the fingers driving in and out of her wet pussy. Her entire world revolved around those able fingers and a low guttural moan left her as they began moving slightly faster and pressed deeply at the end of each down stroke. Soft kisses teased her neck and chest like butterflies prancing about with no rhyme or reason and a violent shiver raced through Miranda’s body.

She felt a cool stream of air being blown down the center of her chest, past her belly and just over the top of her slit, which caused her to shiver several times. The fingers inside her still demanded nearly all of her attention though, and she was completely unprepared for Josie’s skilled tongue that swept over her clit. Miranda attempted to stifle a loud moan of surprised pleasure, but was largely unsuccessful and she winced as she unintentionally pulled her own hair roughly. The speed with which her clit responded in coming out from beneath its hood was nearly painful but the next swipe of the blonde’s tongue translated to pure bliss.

Miranda’s abs flexed in response to the sudden tightening deep within her, drawing attention to her pussy, puckered rosebud and small of her back. Every thrust of those fingers, every lick across her clit, every breath and every moan only served to wind her body tighter and tighter as her climax built up the necessary steam to send her into a temporary state of oblivion. She was lost in sensation and vaguely noticed when Josie’s hand slowed to a stop, since the blonde’s tongue went into overdrive on her excited clit. In the same moment a third finger joined the first two, Miranda thought she felt a tiny splash atop her left breast.

She didn’t pay it much mind, however, as three fingers slowly pressed into her and robbed her of her next breath. Again, the blonde worked into a rhythm of increasing speed and depth until Miranda was so lost in sensation that she was oblivious of her surroundings. The sky was awash with fat streaks of black and gray and a light rain had begun falling over them. She didn’t become aware of it until she heard the fat raindrops pinging off of an upside down tin pail nearby. She didn’t have the wherewithal to open her eyes, but tasted a raindrop when Josie sucked her clit into her mouth and pressed her tongue over it quickly, causing Miranda’s head to tilt back and her mouth to open wide.

The unimposing sound of distant thunder rolled over her as her breath came in puffs and gasps, signaling her impending release. Josie drove into her again and again, embellishing each thrust with the slightest twist of her wrist and Miranda’s next breath would prove to be her last, for a while at least, as a massive climax tore through her rain splattered body. Her back arched high and her fingers dug into the cool green grass as wave after wave rocked her lean frame and set off a series of bright flashes across her eyelids. Miranda knew she had cried out, but was completely unaware of what she might have said and how loudly. Josie’s fingers stilled deep inside her and Miranda rode the strong pulses for what seemed like a very long time before relaxing her body and feeling the grass tickle at her back again as she settled against the earth beneath her.

She twitched hard as Josie gently licked her meager spendings, before laying her head against the brunette’s heaving abdomen. The blonde’s cheek chilled her warm flesh and Miranda clumsily brought her hands to Josie’s soft shoulders, pulling her up to hold her as she came down. Josie’s arms slid beneath Miranda’s back and squeezed, causing a flush of renewed desire to well up inside the quivering and panting woman beneath her.

By the time Miranda’s breathing became normal again, the rain was falling steadily and they lay together, listening, as it created a natural percussion concerto. The fat drops falling onto the wide elephant ear leaves nearby were like a snare drum, the occasional deep thunder provided a bass drum effect and the intermittent drops landing on the tin pail accented it all like a high hat set of cymbals. The only other sound was the gentle whoosh of millions of raindrops splattering over rooftops, trees and grass.

Miranda finally opened her eyes and lifted her head to see a scattered collection of beaded water upon her own chest as well as her lover’s golden back. She relaxed again and absorbed the wonderful feeling of Josie’s body blanketing her lower half while hundreds of raindrops landed with tiny splashes against her top half and face. Purposely this time, she opened her mouth and was reminded of catching raindrops on her tongue as a child. A swarm of intensely happy emotions assailed her and moments later, seemingly out of nowhere, a deep belly laugh erupted within her and bubbled out over her lips like a ray of sunshine into the storm.

Josie looked up, and upon seeing such obvious mirth, crawled up to hover over the brunette’s laughing face. It wasn’t long before she too gave into the infectious joy and was laughing with Miranda as she again lay down atop her. The brunette quickly rolled over on top of her and as their lips merged, all laughter died and was immediately replaced with Miranda’s passion for the little blonde beneath her. She kissed Josie deeply, assaulting her mouth with her hungry tongue and pressed her firm thigh between the pinned woman’s legs.

Miranda swallowed a tiny whimper and leaned into Josie’s sex as the rain fell against her back, providing a subtle numbing sensation. When she finally broke the kiss and looked down on the petite woman, she found they were both breathless. Miranda stared insistently and felt her heart swell as her gaze swept over the pale freckles covering a small thin nose, the tiny scar across the end of an eyebrow and the recent development of tiny crow’s feet at the corner of Josie’s eyes. She leaned slightly forward, causing her thigh to press into the blonde’s mound and watched in fascination as her lover’s gorgeous lips curled slightly in a cute little smile.

She was just leaning in to kiss the upturned corners of Josie’s mouth when she felt the smaller woman shiver beneath her. Miranda looked to tan arms and found them covered in goose bumps.

“Jo, you’re cold. Why didn’t you say anything?”

“I didn’t want you to move your leg or stop kissing me,” she said, finally opening her eyes and gazing into Miranda’s soul.

“Mmmm…that is the yummiest response I could’ve hoped for, but we’re going inside,” Miranda said, and before the blonde could protest she was standing and holding her hand out.

Josie pouted, but took the brunette’s hand and rose to follow her into the house. She intentionally walked slower so she could watch the flex of Miranda’s ass and the sway of her hips as she walked, bringing a smile to her face and causing her nipples to grow harder.

Miranda grabbed her own clothing on the way and stopped in the laundry room, where she tossed her clothes onto the washing machine and turned to the petite woman just inside the door. Moving deliberately she reached for the bottom of Josie’s shirt and pulled it up slowly. The blonde raised her arms over her head to assist, standing perfectly still as Miranda peeled the wet garment off her, revealing Josie’s tan body to her hungry eyes.

The brunette stood and openly stared for a moment before reaching out to grab the bottom of Josie’s nylon running shorts. Miranda stepped closer and looked straight forward, dragging her eyes down the center of the blonde’s torso as she pulled the flimsy garment down. When her hands reached trim ankles, she found her face mere inches from the blonde’s mound, barely shielded by the pale curls there. Miranda leaned forward unabashedly and inhaled deeply, picking up the scent of Josie’s arousal. She then reached around and grabbed the unsuspecting woman’s firm ass cheeks. Josie gasped as the brunette’s mouth covered the top of her slit at the same moment Miranda’s tongue dove inside, licking up the length of it before standing up abruptly and tugging her toward their bedroom.

Josie smiled as her nipples responded wildly to the tingling in her pussy. She was reminded with every step of Miranda’s tongue sliding over her a moment before. She followed the taller woman upstairs and found herself at eye-level with her narrow back side. The very closeness and gentle sway of it was too much to resist and she reached out quickly, grabbed Miranda’s hips and pulled her to a stop, leaning in quickly and planting several quick kisses over the muscular globes before her.

“Kiss ass,” Miranda said teasingly.

“You know it.”

“Well save it for later, we’ve got more celebrating to do.”

“Now what? We’ve already planted rose bushes to beautify and assist in pollination, and what did you call the second thing?” Josie asked as Miranda began moving again.

“Being one with nature,” Miranda replied and led them into the bathroom.

“Well what more is there to do? I hardly think we can solve the ozone problem on our own.”

“Very funny, you little minx,” Miranda said as she reached into the shower and turned on the water. “For your information, we are observing water conservation. Haven’t you ever heard the slogan, save water by showering together?”

Josie’s eyes weren’t laughing anymore and when Miranda turned around to see why she hadn’t answered, the blonde’s full lips crushed against hers. The force of the petite woman’s body coming toward her forced Miranda into the shower and Josie didn’t stop until they’d moved through the warm jets of water and she had the taller woman’s back pressed into the cool slick tiles. The brunette let out a whimper of delight and surprise at the attack and a healthy shudder passed over her as the blonde’s hands slid up her hips to rest at her waist.

“Oh no you don’t,” Miranda said upon breaking away, and grabbed Josie’s shoulders. She turned the smaller woman around and stepped into her back, forcing her way into the flow of warm water. Miranda wrapped her arms tightly about Josie’s waist and bent her head to kiss down the slope of her neck and onto smooth shoulders. The blonde’s head fell back against Miranda’s collarbone and she proceeded to nibble the side of her neck, sliding her hands up to cup the shorter woman’s full breasts. Gently bringing them together, she looked over Josie’s shoulder and watched as the water began to pool between them, making her wish she could drink from it.

“You are so beautiful,” Miranda said against Josie’s ear as she ran her thumbs across pert nipples.

“Mmmm…you don’t need to butter me up, Mandy,” Josie said and reached behind her to grab the brunette’s ass, pulling firmly until she felt the other woman’s mound pressing into her ass.

“It’s called a compliment, Blondie. Take it or leave it. I won’t take it back.”

Josie said nothing, but responded by grabbing Miranda’s right hand and guiding it down to her sex. Miranda wasted no time pressing the length of her middle finger into her lover’s wet slit.

“God, you’re so wet,” she breathed, more to herself than anything, and marveled at the difference in wetness beneath either of her hands. The one at Josie’s breast slid easily over the smooth wet skin beneath her breast, while her finger glided effortlessly over the ultra soft and slick flesh of Josie’s pussy. Confirmation of the blonde’s arousal drove Miranda mad with lust and she was overwhelmed with desire to force her own individual brand of insanity on Josie.

The smaller woman’s hands shot forward and flattened against the rose colored tiles when Miranda’s finger slid into her pussy in the same moment her teeth sank into a tan shoulder. Josie moaned loudly as the heel of the brunette’s hand came into contact with her clit in the process of driving a long finger deeper into her willing body. Miranda’s foot slid between the blonde’s ankles and gently urged each leg outward in turn, until Josie’s feet were planted well beyond shoulder width apart.

She then slowly removed her hand and slid it up her partner’s slick belly, between her breasts, up the length of her neck and finally between parted lips. Josie slowly closed her lips around it and sucked it into her mouth before languidly rolling her tongue around it, tasting herself and causing an almost imperceptible shiver in the woman behind her. Miranda withdrew her finger with an audible pop and crossed her arms across Josie’s chest, covering her breasts and pulling her close.

Gently closing her thumb and forefinger around the blonde’s erect nipples caused a soft moan and Miranda rolled them gently until she felt the smaller woman shudder in her arms. She then loosened her hold and slid her right hand around, trailing it down Josie’s spine. Running the tip of her finger along the trail of water streaming down her spine caused the blonde to lean forward slightly. Miranda took advantage of this and slid her finger down the length of Josie’s firm cheeks, and driving it all the way inside her lover’s slick entrance.

“Yes,” Josie hissed, drawing out the last letter as her back bowed slightly.

Miranda felt a distinct throb in her own pussy when the blonde’s inner walls gripped her finger. Watching Josie react to physical pleasure was like witnessing a virtuoso violinist’s performance. Every movement and sound conveyed the passion coursing through her so distinctly, that merely watching her often stirred a physical reaction in the viewer. Miranda slowly withdrew her finger before pressing it deeply inside again. Josie leaned farther away and her head fell forward, causing her shoulder blades to poke out slightly.

The sight of water traversing its way along golden skin, forming tiny zigzag patterns as it merged with other streams only to break off into its own again, was mesmerizing and Miranda felt spellbound as she watched. She had taken up a slow and steady rhythm of sliding her finger in and out of Josie’s pussy and was somewhat absently rolling the blonde’s nipple when she was startled out of her trance by a deliciously long moan. Miranda stepped closer until her body was pressed into the length of the blonde’s left side, giving her better access with both hands, which she took full advantage of.

Miranda’s left hand moved to Josie’s right breast and she traced her fingers around it at its widest point. Each successive circle grew tighter until she felt the tiny bumps at the outer edge of the areola. Miranda teased and began working her way back out with the circles, but didn’t make it very far before Josie grabbed her wrist and forced her fingers back to her nipple. The brunette indulged a small satisfied grin and reveled in the confirmation that her touches were producing the desired reaction.

She leaned in closer and bent her head; placing her teeth just over a golden shoulder and biting down in the same instant her fingers pinched the hard nipple. Josie’s hand shot toward the wall, making a slapping sound as it came into contact with the wet tile there and Miranda delighted in the healthy shiver that shook the petite woman’s frame as a result of her biting and pinching. She took this opportunity to add a second finger to the blonde’s pussy and thrilled when Josie’s head whipped back, sending an arced spray of water into the air as her wet hair swung from in front of her face and landed with a wet slap between her shoulder blades.

Over Josie’s shoulder, Miranda could see the gorgeous curve of her neck, the way her pulse beat steadily beneath her jaw and the increasingly rapid rise and fall of her chest. The eroticism in watching her lover react caused her own nipples to tingle and grow firm. She half wished she had the willpower to simply stand and stare, but her willpower vanished mere heartbeats later and she slid her hand up to cup Josie’s chin. Miranda leaned in as she turned the blonde’s face toward hers and captured Josie’s parted lips in a searing kiss.

Their tongues collided in a wild moment of shared lust and Miranda drove her fingers firmly upward, causing Josie to turn her head away quickly and moan as her body again shivered violently. Miranda pumped into her more quickly now and slowly slid her free hand down the blonde’s slick belly and into her slit.

“Sweet Jesus!” Josie cried as her body jerked hard at the touch of Miranda’s finger on her clit.

“That’s it, baby,” Miranda whispered encouragingly.

She began turning persistent circles around Josie’s clit, drawing them in, tighter and tighter as the small nub grew harder and emerged beneath her finger. Miranda’s hearing was on overload as the sound of the falling water competed with her lover’s moans, which were now bleeding into each other and sporadically interrupted by quick deep breaths. Her fingers drove vigorously in and out of the quaking blonde and Miranda watched as Josie finally gave up the battle of supporting her own weight and leaned fully into the tile wall. A tiny whimper escaped Josie’s lips and Miranda noticed her fingers tapping the wall in a random beat.

“Let go, Jo Jo,” Miranda coached softly and watched as Josie’s head fell forward and shook side to side in denial. As long as they’d been together, the brunette still couldn’t understand why Josie hung on for so long. Sure it was nice to prolong things sometimes, but they had all the time in the world to begin again and Miranda liked to give over more than she liked to refrain.

“I won’t take no for an answer, Blondie. Now tell me what you want.” Miranda commanded gently.

Again, Josie shook her head and Miranda stopped all movements with her hands, rested her chin on the blonde’s shoulder. She didn’t have long to wait before Josie moaned, “No.”

“No?” Miranda asked. “Then tell me what you were thinking about before I stopped.”

Josie wriggled in an attempt to create motion in Miranda’s hands again, but when none came she said, “More,” so softly that the brunette almost didn’t catch it.

Miranda slowly withdrew her right hand, added a third finger and plunged deeply into the blonde who gasped in surprise, but also pushed against the intrusion in order to gain more penetration.

“Is that all?” Miranda asked as she pulled slightly out of the blonde’s clenching pussy and drove forward again forcefully before stopping again to wait for an answer.

Josie didn’t delay this time and replied, “Deeper,” on a long drawn out moan.

Miranda’s arousal skyrocketed upon hearing this and she immediately ran all three fingers as far inside the panting blonde as she could. Her left hand resumed its ministrations on Josie’s clit and in very little time at all she felt the blonde’s inner walls begin to close in tightly around her fingers. Every thrust deep inside, matched a calculated pass over her clit and Miranda could feel the petite woman’s legs shaking violently.

She moved closer still and pressed her torso into Josie’s back, sandwiching her between the wall. The smaller woman’s body writhed and jerked beneath hers and Miranda found it intensely exciting. She knew Josie was on the ragged edge and also knew that she could stay there for quite some time. Miranda was determined, though and leaned in close to Josie’s ear and did the one thing she knew would force the blonde over the edge.

“Come for me, you sexy bitch. Come like the little slut I know you are.” Miranda said and continued talking dirty until she heard a wail of surprised pleasure fly from Josie’s lips as her pussy clamped mercilessly around her fingers. Josie’s entire body went rigid as she was seized by the initial shock of her climax.

For a fraction of a moment, there was no outward movement from the blonde and yet Miranda could feel each spasm of her lover’s climax from the inside. It was a strange combination of intensely strong and erratic movement within and the complete lack thereof on the outside. Just as Miranda began to wonder how long Josie would remain frozen this way, the blonde’s legs gave out. Miranda quickly wrapped an arm around her heaving middle in order to keep Josie from sliding to the floor.

The smaller woman’s breathing was labored and her arms fell limply to her sides as Miranda held on tightly and rested her cheek against the back of Josie’s shoulder. They stood this way for at least a minute and Josie finally managed to get her legs back underneath her. Miranda remained close but loosened her grip and gently stroked Josie’s side.

“You are so beautiful when you’re cumming.” Miranda said against the slick skin of Josie’s back.

“You make me crazy,” the blonde replied before adding, “I think we should celebrate Earth Day everyday.”

Miranda laughed and slowly slid her fingers out of Josie’s pussy.

“No,” the blonde moaned and Miranda smiled wide.

“Sorry babe, but the water’s growing cold and I’d rather snuggle you in bed than against the shower wall.”

“Does this mean we’re finished celebrating?” Josie asked, pouting as she turned to face the brunette.

Miranda pulled the petite woman into her arms and kissed her soundly. She then broke away and looked deep into Josie’s eyes before winking suggestively and slowly shaking her head, indicating that the celebration would continue.

Josie grinned and absently chewed her bottom lip. Miranda turned the water off, took Josie’s hand and led her from the shower. She grabbed a towel and took her time patting the blonde’s skin dry, teasingly brushing it over her sensitive nipples and receiving a quick pinch on one of her own. She wrapped the towel around the blonde and made quick work of drying herself, watching intently as the smaller woman padded out of the bathroom and into the bedroom.

Her hair was still dripping wet when she finally dropped the towel where she stood and headed to the bedroom. She found Josie lying on her back with her arm draped over her eyes and quietly made her way to the side of the bed. She stood staring for a long moment, admiring the blonde, but her playful side got the best of her. She quickly crawled atop the tan woman and rolled to her back, bringing Josie with her.

“Oh! You scared me!” Josie squealed in surprise.

“Just paying you back for waking me up by jumping up and down on the bed,” Miranda replied as she combed the damp blonde hair away from Josie’s face.

“Well, just count it as one of the many adventures sweet Thumbelina has had in your sleepy head.”

“Shut up, ya’ little brat,” Miranda shot back.

Josie grinned wide and slowly licked her lips before leaning down and pressing them to Miranda’s. Everything inside Miranda began to slowly unwind as her lover’s tongue deftly maneuvered around hers, teasing and tasting her again and again. Miranda lost herself entirely in the kiss and was only vaguely aware of silky damp hair tickling her cheeks as her hands fell to the pillow beside her head.

She became more aware as a strong but incredibly soft hand closed around one wrist and then the other, pinning them to the pillow firmly. She absolutely loved being kissed this way, and though she’d never actually come right out and said it to Josie, the blonde just seemed to know and fulfilled her unspoken desires. There was something so very exciting about surrendering completely to Josie, who was typically very passive. She felt a tiny moan humming in her throat and slowly opened her heavy eyelids when the blonde’s lips left hers.

“Uh oh,” Miranda said softly as Josie looked down on her.

“What do you mean, uh oh?”

“I know that look, and you’ve got something mischievous on your mind.”

“You think you know me so well,” Josie quipped and arched an eyebrow, tempting Miranda to guess.

“Lord, woman, I’m not in the mood for games. Celebrating the earth with you has sapped nearly all the energy out of me.”

“Then I suggest you get some rest,” Josie said confidently.

“Is that right?” Miranda asked, before adding, “And why is that?”

“Tomorrow is April twenty-fifth.”

“And that’s significant because…?” Miranda asked in confusion.

“It’s significant because I’ve just deemed it strap-on day, and I’ll be just as demanding in our celebration of it, as you have been today,” Josie said seriously.

As soon as Miranda heard it, she broke into a deep belly laugh and wrapped her arms tightly around Josie’s back, squeezing her hard. Josie laughed right along with her and when they finally managed to get a hold of their giggles, she laid her head down on Miranda’s chest. The brunette reached up, brushed Josie’s hair off her face and sighed deeply as a warm feeling of utter contentment warmed her from the inside out.

“Strap-on day, huh?” She asked and was barely able to contain a giggle as she said it.

“Mmm hmm,” the blonde hummed into her chest.

“I love you, Josie.” Miranda said against the top of her head.

“So you’ll be ready for tomorrow?” Josie asked and Miranda could actually hear the smile on her face.

“Yes, you little minx. I’ll be ready. I only hope you can handle the kind of celebrating I’m going to unleash on you.”

“I love you too,” Josie said softly and Miranda squeezed her again as visions of tomorrow invaded her thoughts and mingled with her plans for the rest of today.

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