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Becky and Me

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He talked about it all the time, in the context of a fantasy. Most of our fantasy talk usually became a reality eventually. That’s what I find so exiting about him. We read, shop and fantasize together and then when the opportunity presents itself we instinctively act it out without hesitation. This particular fantasy however required the consent of another individual, my very good friend Becky.

We all go out drinking some Fridays and the conversation usually tends to turn to sex after a few beers. He’s always talking about having the two of us together. Well it’s time to call his bluff.

He and I had arranged one of our rendezvous at a hotel for a day of lovemaking, showering and fantasy role play. We’ve done this before, each time playing out something new, a toy, a position. We’ve done almost everything so I decided this was one fantasy that we needed to play. Becky and I had concocted our plan over some beers one afternoon talking about all the things we’d do to him and each other to get him hot. I’m not really into women but I’m not against them either and I am always into whatever gets him hot. I love his reaction when I take him up on a suggestion of his – I live to pleasure him and I’d do anything sexually he wanted and he knows it. He would do the same for me and that’s why we are on fire whenever we’re in each other’s presence.

I didn’t really expect Becky to agree but I think I’ve talked him up enough to her that she is really curious to experience him. He is the hottest, most energetic and motivated lover I’ve ever felt. As much as I want him to myself I also want to share him with a very good friend. Plus this is a fantasy of his so it makes me hot to be part of it.

I told him I’d meet him there at 7am sharp, separate cars this time because I had a commitment in the area later on in the evening. Becky and I made him wait of course. At 7:30 we arrived. I knocked first while she waited a few feet down the hallway. He opened the door in nothing but shorts. I immediately ran my fingers down his muscular chest, shoulders and arms. I gently worshipped his body, knowing that this was the last time I planned to be gentle with him today. He was rock hard before I even got there, probably stroking that thick hard cock while waiting for me. I began kissing him and moving him toward the chair which was strategically positioned in front of a large mirror.

“Are we starting out with a lap dance?” he asked hopefully.

“I guess you could call it that,” I replied with a devilish grin. “I have a special surprise waiting for you in the hallway,” I said rather loudly so Becky could hear me. That was her cue.

He looked intrigued and surprised. I don’t think he got it just yet, like maybe it was just room service or something. But it was Becky and she walked in wearing her tight black skirt and a tight tank top with no bra. He almost fell off the chair in surprise. His cock clearly approved, continuing to stand at attention. I wanted to drop to my knees and just suck it as hard as I could but we had a plan to stick to, at least initially.

“Hi Tim!” Becky said in her perky casual voice. Then she walked over and sat across from him on the bed. Becky didn’t have any panties on – as she’d often teased over beers, she doesn’t wear them with skirts. She slowly spread her legs to prove this was the case today. While Becky had Tim in shock and awe over her bare pussy peeking out I went to work on him. First I just kissed his neck and shoulders. He let out a long groan and began to drop his head back but quickly pulled back to keep his view of Becky’s pussy. She didn’t say a word but got up from the bed and leaned in on him to offer her braless tits. They easily popped out of her low-cut tank top. Tim reached up to cup them in his hands but I took this opportunity to grab his wrists and tie them behind his back in the chair. She still offered her breasts to his mouth and he eagerly sucked her nipples. I can practically cum from Tim’s nipple sucking so I knew that Becky was in good hands right away. I was surprised how turned on this got me and I found myself reaching beneath my own skirt to stroke my wet pussy.

Tim suddenly turned his head around, looking for me. He always said that if we did this I would not be ignored. But there wasn’t much he was controlling now since I had his wrists tied behind his back. Still, I met his lips with mine and kissed him passionately. This allowed Becky a free moment to remove his shorts and greet his beautiful cock for the first time. I could tell she was happy with what she saw and she slowly took it into her mouth. I was watching her as I kissed him and felt his body weaken under my kiss as her mouth descended on his cock. This was already hotter than I imagined and we’d barely started!

Becky took his cock in her mouth and licked it gently for just a moment before kneeling lower and tying his ankles to the chair legs. That was all he was going to get for a while, it was our turn. I came around in front next to Becky, took her hand and kissed her mouth gently while we began to undress each other. I unzipped the back of her skirt as she pulled mine to the floor. I still had my thong on but she slid that off as well. No one spoke but the look on Tim’s face told me everything. I wanted to do anything and everything to turn him on and keep that beautiful cock at attention. Becky and I continued kissing, groping each other’s bare asses and slowing working our way towards our tits. It’s no secret that Becky loves tits so I knew I wasn’t putting her out when she took mine and began sucking on my nipples. With my back to Tim I slowly lowered myself onto him while Becky continued to play with me. The feeling of Tim’s hard cock between on my ass checks and Becky playing with me was amazing. I was in heaven and felt so spoiled sandwiched between them like that.

After rubbing my backside on Tim’s cock for a while I spun Becky and myself around and let her feel that cock. She faced him though, while I stood behind her and grabbed her tits. She slowing began sliding her wet pussy up and down his cock, not allowing it to penetrate just yet. With one hand still on Becky’s tits and Tim’s mouth sucking her other tit I snaked my other hand around Tim’s back and sandwiched Becky harder against Tim’s cock. Suddenly Tim and Beck let out a surprised moan and it became clear that all the wetness and movement had caused Tim’s cock to pop inside of Becky. I could tell she was really enjoying him inside of her and she rocked on it for just a few seconds before getting off of him.

She walked around behind him and began to untie his hands while I knelt down and began to suck his cock, something I’d been dying to do all week. With his newly freed hands, he gently rocked my head up and down his cock. While I continued taking that thick beautiful cock as deep into me as I could, Becky untied his ankles. Although he was now free he waited for our cue, clearly enjoying his submissive role. Becky pulled him to standing position while I continued to suck and stroke his cock. She kissed him and led his hand to her pussy and let out a moan as he eagerly fingered her. I turned slightly to watch still taking his rock hard cock in and out of my mouth. She was moaning a lot now as he fingered her with one hand and tweaked one of her nipples with the other. His cock felt harder than ever in my mouth and I knew one of us one going to need to feel it in our pussies very soon. . .

With Tim untied, we let him to the bed. He followed, still kissing and fingering Becky but his eyes following me to see what was in store for him next. I loved watching them, it was like I was watching myself from a new angle and it had me really hot. But I really needed that cock so I got us positioned, throwing him down on his back. I then resumed licking and sucking his cock. Becky joined me between his legs and we both ran our tongues over his cock and balls, looking up at his ecstatic face. He had a hand on each of our heads, stroking us gently as we played together with his beautiful thick cock. We’d each start at the base and lick up the full length of his shaft to the tip, then tongue kiss each other with the sensitive tip of his cock caught in our tongue kiss, occasionally meeting his eyes. This was driving him crazy which had us very motivated to continue licking and nibbling his cock while kissed each other. Becky caught his balls in her hands while I ran my fingers across is anus as we got a little rougher with him.

“I told you this is the best cock you’ll ever taste!” I told her between kisses and licks. We were completely objectifying him and he loved it.

All she could respond with was an “Ummm, uh-huh,” as she eagerly took his cock all the way down her throat.

He moaned in pleasure and got a little rougher himself, grabbing our hair and pushing our heads harder up and down on his cock. He clearly needed something to play with and I needed his cock deep inside of me. I broke my cock and tongue kiss with Becky and gave her a nod.

“I need you to lick my pussy, Tim.” she announced and crawled slowly up his chest and positioned herself on his face.

“And I need to fuck this cock hard!” I said. His tongue quickly went to work on Becky and again I found myself really turned on watching him from the new angle. And there lay that rock hard cock, all mine for the taking! I eagerly sat up and pressed my clit against Tim’s cock and rubbed my wet pussy up and down him. He let out a moan that must have reverberated on Becky’s pussy because she shrieked in pleasure. She was really riding his face rough, rougher than I ever had but he seemed to be taking it all very well and kept right on eating her up. It was finally time to push that cock inside of me and so I did, very slowly, excited to see, feel and hear Tim’s reaction between licks and nibbles on Becky’s pussy. When I had him all the way in I could not hold back any longer and began to ride him violently, so turned on by the sight of Becky riding his face. I still had full access to his wonderful hard chest which I grabbed tightly as I rode him hard, occasionally grazing Becky’s ass in the process.

I was so fucking turned on that I was sure I would be the first to orgasm but as I was thinking this Becky let out a scream and grabbed Tim’s head so tight and shoved it so deep into her pussy that I was sure she was suffocating him. But his hips kept bucking beneath me as our pelvises wrestled and Becky’s orgasm ripped through her. While I couldn’t see her face, I could see her whole body tense as she came hard on him. Although he had clearly licked her to a very strong orgasm he continued actively fucking me from beneath the two of us. I love how he can just keep on going no matter what.

Just as Becky was beginning to come down from her orgasm, still positioned on Tim’s face, I felt mine building and I rode him harder.

“I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum!” I announced excitedly. Becky jumped off just in time for Tim to watch my last hard thrusts as I came hard with his cock deep inside of me. It was a really intense full body orgasm; like I could feel the tip of his cock rubbing my G-spot roughly and I couldn’t get that cock deep enough in me. It was most definitely the strongest orgasm I’ve ever felt.

It was finally Tim’s turn – I couldn’t believe he had held out this long but he did. Becky was lying on her back watching the last thrusts of my orgasm. I briefly fell down to Tim’s chest, cherishing his hot body and taking in his wonderful smell. Then I pulled him up and off the bed. Becky positioned herself on the edge of the bed with her legs hanging off and I wrapped myself around Tim’s back.

“Go ahead and fuck her Tim. Show her what that beautiful cock feels like when it’s deep inside.”

He moved toward her and I stayed wrapped around him, about to assist in fucking Becky with him. I stroked his chest and stomach as his cock approached Becky’s pussy, still dripping from the hard licking that he gave her. He entered her slowly – I can tell he’s enjoying finally having some control over things. Again I found myself excited at the new angle – it’s like I get to be HIM fucking ME. As he had done with me, he went slowly and deeply at first then suddenly slammed her really fast and hard. Becky screamed and that just fueled him more. Then he stopped and Becky looked up at him begging for more. He grabbed his cock and used it to caress her clit and all around her pussy lips but didn’t enter her for a moment. He’s such a delicious tease when he has control, I thought. She whined and moaned and struggled under his cock to bring her body closer to his. He turned around suddenly and kissed me passionately as he pinched my nipple. Then just as fast as he turned to me, he turned back to Becky and fucked her harder and faster than before.

Will he cum in Becky? Let her swallow? Let both of us swallow? Something else? To be continued . . .

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