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Kelly’s Big Surprise

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Please forgive me if there are any spelling or grammar errors in here – I don’t have anyone to correct my work so I have done my bets. Hope you enjoy it as you did my last stories (thanks again for the response to those).

I am 30 years old and I am good-looking guy – so I have been told. I am just under 6 foot tall, medium build 70kg – with a nice physique.

I don’t work out but I keep in shape by walking on the weekends. My hair is brown, as are my eyes. The hair these days is starting to work its way back a little – at least on my head. I am not hairy guy, just your normal light scattering of hair on my body. I’ve never been one for shaving anywhere but my face – but from the story I am about to tell you, one day soon that may just change. I have had my share of women and relationships. I have a great group of friends who I have known forever. They are all straight and not really all that adventurous. So there is no way I could tell them about the events of last night.

I had been dating Kelly for a few weeks now. I don’t think the relationship is going to last long term, but the sexual chemistry between us is enough to keep it going for a while. I never sleep with someone on the first date, but with Kelly we could not get into bed quick enough. In fact we did not make into the bed. She’s 26, with straight black hair, which goes down past her shoulders. She has great long legs leading into a medium size body. I hate those skinny as a rake girls. I don’t like fat, but I much prefer someone with a bit of meat on her. Kelly had that. She had nice breasts – just large enough to want to show off – you know the kind I mean. Kelly loved to wear outfits that would make people notice her. To be honest that was one of the things, which attracted me to her (shallow is this may seem) – but I like the idea of people looking at me thinking wow how did he get her.

Over the years I have not done anything too out of the ordinary when it comes to sex. Most girls tend to like the missionary position best and in bed for that matter. And that is fine with me most of the time. Sure you try a few other positions and even venture into other rooms, but like I said nothing too out of the ordinary. With Kelly I have been taken into a whole new world of sex. We’ve tried positions and places I have not thought about before. It was really turning me on to think about what would be next. I also kind of thought we would reach a point where we had done all we wanted and move on – but I was hoping we had a while to go before then.

Yesterday morning Kelly calls me at work and asks if I had any plans for the evening. She knew full well I didn’t as she had told me last week to keep it free. “I’m all yours,” I said. “Good” she replied. It was unusual for Kelly to say so little, which should have aroused some suspicions for me right away. But I was busy so I agreed to meet her after work at her place.

It was about 6:30pm when I arrived and I was barely in the door when Kelly handed me a towel and said go and have a shower. There is nothing better than a nice long shower at the end of a working week to help you relax. But I did not fancy getting back into my world clothes so asked her if she had a robe or something I could wear. “You don’t need to wear anything.” Was the reply. I knew what that meant and my cock started growing at the mere suggestion of sex.

After the shower I dried myself off but decided to keep the towel on me before I found Kelly and jumped her. As I approached the living room looking for her I suddenly heard Kelly’s voice from behind me. “Drop that towel – but don’t turn around.” Who am I to argue? Next thing I know Kelly has a scarf blindfolding me. She told me not to talk and do as she said. I was getting pretty horny by this point. “Are you hungry?” she asked. To which I nodded yes. “Good then you will eat and drink plenty tonight – better than you’ve ever dreamed.” With that she led me to her bedroom and pushed me down on the bed and tied my arms to the bedposts and my legs so they were spread apart.

For the next 20 minutes Kelly fed me a variety of foods, which more than satisfied my hunger. The last thing she fed me I thought was a strange choice – it was big cucumber. She slid that thing in and out of my mouth. It made me laugh to think about how I looked biting on that thing. It was then she started work on my cock. First she played with it slowly making sure I was nice and hard and then she would suck on it for a while. Pretty soon she seemed to have forgotten about the cucumber. But then all of a sudden it reappeared. I went along with until the moment when it felt like Kelly had my cock all the way down her throat and yet she still managed to ask if I liked the feeling. How did she do that I thought. Before I could ask what was going on I started to cum – emptying my first big load of the night. I was trying to regain my composure when the cucumber was replaced by Kelly’s plastic dildo, which I had seen her use on herself. “You like that don’t you,” said Kelly. “You like it so much I think you should have the real thing.” I didn’t have time to respond before my mouth was filled again. Only this time it felt different. It tasted different. This was real flesh. I tried to push it out of my mouth but my head was being pulled toward it. “That right – you are tasting your first real cock.” “This is Darren and he’s going to be spending the night with you”, said Kelly.

Kelly knew I had never been with a guy nor even thought about it. I told her once that I could not even watch 2 guys kissing. If that’s what they wanted to do it was fine but not while I was watching. Yet here I was now with a cock in my mouth. To be honest I was loving it to. I could feel the veins throbbing as I stuck my tongue out and began to lick it up and down. I must have been on automatic pilot after the shock of my girlfriend springing this unexpected surprise on me. I somehow just knew what to do. As the cock thrust deeper into my mouth I sucked harder and savored the flavors. I could taste his pre-cum and it was like nothing I had tasted before. It was sweet and warm and there seemed to be plenty of it. Darren was moaning now as he let his cock begin to linger in my mouth. Kelly was urging him on – telling him to fuck my face. Suddenly it occurred to me that I was being fooled again – how is it that Kelly is talking and yet I could feel my cock being sucked. I knew it could not be Darren from the position his cock was hitting my mouth. I was too full of cock to care at this point.

With one last thrust Darren’s cock started to twitch. I felt Kelly’s hands grab my face and hold my mouth open as he pulled out a little and started to spurt his load of cum deep into my mouth and over my face. She ordered me to swallow as I felt the cum starting to rise in my own balls. I was receiving the best blowjob of my life and I didn’t even have the time to enjoy it. I was busy swallowing Darren’s cum. This was salty but somehow was hornier than anything I had tasted before. I swallowed every drop as I felt Kelly’s lips on mine as she tried to taste some of the cum. She pulled away and then it was Darren’s turn to kiss me. It was then that I lost my load….I felt it spurt up in the air all over my chest as a hand was now jerking it hard.

I was out of breath and filled with lust. I wanted to get this blindfold off and see what was going on. I wanted to see the lust in Kelly’s eyes. But Kelly kept the blindfold on as she untied me and ordered me up. She led to the end of the bed and ordered me to lie face down with my knees on the floor. I think I knew what was going to happen next, but my mind was abuzz and I did not really take it in. My hands were tied up again so they were being stretched to each side of the bed. Then I felt a tongue on me sliding down my back and making its way too my arse. Nobody had ever touched me there – not even Kelly. She had tried once with her dildo but I would not let her near. Now I did not have a choice. Kelly started to encourage Darren – telling him to lick me good and to get me all nice and wet. Then it hit me as she said “Now let me also introduce to George – he wants something in return for the blowjob he gave you – so I told him it would only be fair if he had your virginity.”

With that I felt this enormous bulge pressing against my opening. I could feel Kelly’s hands holding my cheeks apart as this cock worked its way into me slowly. Thrusting back and forth and urging in slowly a little more with each movement. Then I felt Darren’s hands untie my blindfold. I looked up to see that Kelly had repositioned the mirror above the bed so I could see exactly what was going on. There was Kelly in a slutty looking g-string and lacy bra, which held her tits up but barely, covered her nipples. Darren I could see looked similar to me – about the same height and weight only he had a shaved head and a little more muscle than me. He was shaved all over. Then there was George – whose cock was slowly fucking me now in a nice rhythm. He was taller than me – black with lots of rippling muscles. His eyes were a dark brown and his body was covered in sweat. He could see me watching him and he pulled his cock out for a moment o show me what was going into me. It was 8 inches uncut but not too thick. Certainly not as thick as Darren’s whose cock was cut but only about 6 inches. I fell somewhere between them with 7 inches cut and average thickness. Where Darren’s balls were shaved, George had plenty of public hair.

Now George took his cock in his hand and pushed it into me – all the way. I let out a scream as the pain hit me. It was intense. I felt his balls slap against my arse as he started now to really fuck me harder and faster. Kelly wasn’t saying anything but the lust in her eyes was amazing as she smiled at me. Darren’s cock was hard again as he watched George pound me. I surprised myself when I suddenly felt the pain subside a little and let out an involuntary moan. “You love this don’t you” said Kelly. “Tell George to fuck you hard.” “Ohhh yes Fuck me George – don’t stop fill me with your cock.”

Suddenly I felt George’s cock twitching and with one last thrust I felt his cock start to release his cum deep deep deep into me. I could feel it running down my thighs as he just seemed to have more and more cum. Finally his cock stopped spurting and he pulled it out. I thought I could rest – but Kelly had other ideas. She untied me from that position and ordered me back onto the bed – this time I was to sit up at the end. My hands were tied behind me by George as he forced his wet cock into my mouth so I could taste his juices too. Then Darren was on the bed standing in front of me. He grabbed my legs and pulled them over his shoulders. Before I could do anything his cock (which was hard no doubt from watching George fuck me) was pushing into me. All George’s juices made it easy for him to slide in. He was pumping fast and hard. I watched as Darren pumped me hard. He fucked me in that position for about 10 minutes (it felt like hours) before he lost his second load of the night. He sprayed it all over my body. Kelly quickly jumped on top of me and began to lick it all up and then kiss me. She untied me – I was free for the first time that evening. My cock was so hard again now and I wanted her more than ever before. She pulled her g-string aside and pushed my cock into her in one motion. She was wetter than ever. I think we were both so horny it was a miracle we lasted as long as we did before I released my load just as she began to climax. Darren and George were playing our bodies as we fucked. They were kissing and licking both of us.

As we fought to regain our breath Kelly told me she had hired Darren and George for the night. She told me that she had now proven her theory, which she told me when we first met, that most men were a little bisexual. I was in no position to disagree. For someone who had never considered being with another guy before – I was now waiting with baited breath for the next session. I was just glad that Kelly was there to share it with me. I guess for some girls seeing guys together is like men who love the thought of 2 women together. The fact that me being with these 2 guys had made her so horny made me hornier still.

I hope you all enjoyed this story. I wish it were real – I am still waiting for my first bisexual experience and to meet a girl like Kelly. But I know she and he are out there somewhere. I would love to hear your feedback – so please email me your thoughts. I am open to suggestions for future stories about how a str8 guy should have his first gay encounter.

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