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Angel’s Date

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She was beautiful, she was sensuous, and her name was Angel.

She checked her watch again, as she waited for the meeting that she knew she should never have agreed to. Not only was her date a mysterious man she knew only from brief contact on the internet, he was late. She tapped her foot, and looked around the little resteraunt again. Just because someone’s stories turned her on, she was starting to think that was no reason to trust him to show up for a clandestine meeting.

She slid her hand into her purse, and fingered the contour of her cell phone. Her housemates had made her promise to call in every hour, just in case the guy was a psycho. She was wondering what they would do if she failed to call in. She got a little mischevious smile on her face, as she entertained the thought of missing the call, just to see what they would do.

Frustrated with the waiting, she stepped out into the parking lot, and lit up a cigarette. The single streetlight outside the resteraunt threw her shadow on the ground, and she took a moment to admire the curves and flowing hair of the shadow, before realizing that her shadow wasn’t alone. She barely had time to gasp and turn, to see who was standing next to her, when she felt a sharp stab in her soft, round ass. In the moment that she remained conscious, she saw the empty hypodermic that was being held in front of her face, but not the face of her attacker. Then, everything was fading into blackness, and she never knew if she fell, or if she was caught.

When Angel slowly slid back to consciousness, she tried to sit up, and found that not only could she not sit up, she couldn’t move at all! As the fog of the drug she had been injected with lifted, she assessed her situation.

She could tell that she was tied, that was easy enough. She’d been tied up enough times before to recognize the feeling. She was on her back, her wrists bound behind her, her ankles tied together. From the feeling of cool breeze across her skin, she realized she was also naked. The thought of it raised goosebumps on her bare flesh. The pressure over her eyes, combined with the fact that she could not see, told her that she was blindfolded, and the feeling of fullness in her ears told her that they had been bound, as well. She could neither see, nor hear.

The fullness in her mouth, however, was the most disturbing part. She felt the hard, slick surface with her tongue, recognizing the feel of a well-crafted rubber dildo. The cool smoothness against her lips, and the way her jaw ached, told her the rest of the story. She had a ring-gag in her mouth, with a dildo wedged into it… just far enough to suppress her tongue, and any chance of speech.

Tied, naked, blinded, deafened, and made mute. She struggled against the bonds for a moment, moaning as she strained, but she was properly helpless. The surface under her felt like a soft bed. She slowly started to sweat, remembering. Her mysterious “date,” her man from the internet… he had discussed this very scene. Abduction, bondage… and then, more. She had agreed to meet him, to talk about the possibility of exploring… but things were now out of her control. Totally out of her control.

Her movement and moaning must have alerted him to the fact that she had come to awareness. She drew in a sharp intake of breath as she felt a large, warm hand on her ample, soft left breast.

She lay perfectly still. There was no pleading with him, with her mouth full of rubber cock. There was no negotiation, no reasoning. She couldn’t identify him, she couldn’t even tell where he had taken her. There was nothing for it, but to let him have his way, and hope that he wasn’t going to become too violent with her.

The strong hand massaged her tit-flesh, the fingers sinking into her massive breast, not painfully, but firmly. Angel squirmed. If she wasn’t so helpless, and frightened, she might actually enjoy the attention. Then, his fingers found her nipple, and began to play with the ring through it. He slowly rotated the ring through the piercing, drawing another moan from Angel.

She felt his weight on the bed shift, and he began manipulating both of her nipple piercings. As sensitive as her breasts normally were, Angel began to squirm even more. She felt herself becoming wet between her legs, and rubbed her thighs together as best she could. He was good at this. He took the flesh of her big nipples between his thumbs and forefingers, and slowly twisted them. He caressed them, his fingertips sliding teasingly over her sensitive flesh, and just as they reached their peak of sensitivity, his strong fingers crushed down on them, squeezing and twisting, all at once. The rubber cock in her mouth was the only thing that blocked the scream… first, of pain, and then, the incredible orgasm that ripped through her body!

Angel had spent plenty of time tied up, and this sort of treatment wasn’t new to her, but this was something new. There was no safety, here. No security… it was all fear and danger. And it was turning her on, more than she could believe possible. And his hands! He continued to play with her big, hard nipples… alternately teasing and caressing, and pinching and twisting. Angel’s back arched, lifting her massive breasts up into his hands, her body betraying her frightened mind.

She couldn’t tell how long it went on. His hands seemed tireless, as he pulled orgasm after orgasm out of her tortured nipples. Just when she felt certain that he would rip them off by the rings, the fingers left her.

Even though his touch was gone, her nipples continued to throb and pulse, as if her body was still determined to torture itself. Drool slid down from the side of her mouth, as she squirmed on the bed, moaning, and gasping through her nose. Her pussy was soaking wet with passion, and her mind was desperately trying to stay in touch with the reality of her situation. However, denied of sight and sound, the sensations of her body were quickly becoming her entire universe.

She felt his hands at her ankles, untying them. For a moment, she entertained the thought of kicking out at him, but what would it have done? Blind and deaf, hands tied, and with no idea where she was, what could she do? Besides which, the uncounted orgasms that her captor had pulled from her big, sensitive breasts had left her nearly exhausted. When he forced her thighs wide apart, she shuddered, but she didn’t fight it. She felt her ankles being re-tied at the lower corners of the bed, and sighed. It hadn’t been bad, so far… her nipples ached so good, and she was still quivering from the hard cums she’d had.

She felt those fingertips slowly tickling and caressing up the insides of her legs, from her ankles, up her shins, pausing at the backs of her knees, and slowly trailing up the insides of her thighs. As they got closer and closer to her hot, wet sex, her breathing became faster, and faster.

Then, he was running a finger up and down her soft, moist pussylips, making the piercings through her labia jingle togther musically. The little tugs at her piercings made Angel squirm even more, almost wishing she could talk to him, just to tell him to keep it up. Then, his finger was working it’s way into her folds, and it began to play with the piercing in her clit hood.

As the smooth metal rubbed back and forth over her clit, she came again, even harder. A scream barely escaped past the rubber dick in her mouth, as her back arched, pressing her pussy to his hand. He kept up the attention to her clit hood ring, and then, the finger left. She began to come down from the orgasm, when she felt hot breath on her wet pussy. She gasped again, through her nose.

His tongue felt a little odd… it had more texture than the tongues she had felt on her pussy before. It dragged at her flesh as he slowly licked up and down her slit, and then, he was using his tongue to play with her clit-hood piercing.

She came, and he didn’t stop. She screamed, she thrashed… he grasped her shapely, ample ass, and held on, keeping his mouth pressed to her cunt tightly, lapping at her clit and the ring through the hood. He rode her orgasm out, and he would not let it stop. Behind the blindfold, Angel’s eyes rolled back in her head, and she heaved breath through her nose, unable to draw in enough air to keep up with the raging, prolonged orgasm. Stars dancing in her eyes, she slowly passed back into unconsciousness.

She awoke with a start, icy coldness caressing her face. He was using an ice-cube on her, bringing her back around. When she started to squirm and mew through the gag, the ice left her face, and began to trail it’s icy wetness around her nipples.

The cold shock to her sensitive flesh would have made her squirm, if she wasn’t so exhausted. She could barely move, but her back arched a little, uncontrollably, with the sensation of intense cold. He worked both her nipples with the ice, then set it aside.

Her legs were still spread wide, and Angel put some thought towards struggling. Her body was still tired from the long series of intense orgasms, her every muscle loose and sore. The warmth in her pussy was soaking through her body… now, all she really wanted to do was sleep. Somehow, though, she didn’t think that he was going to permit that.

She was right.

She let out a little “mew” past the dildo in her mouth when his index finger found her opening, and slid inside her. He felt around inside her, tickling her g-spot, and drawing another shudder from her. Then, he slid a second finger into her.

She moaned, long and low, as he began gently finger-fucking her with his two big, strong fingers… curling them upward so he was rubbing her G-spot as he slid them in and out. Then, she felt her opening stretched, as he slid a third finger into her.

Fear started to tingle at the back of her head, even as he brought her levels of pleasure higher. She’d felt those hands on her breasts, and on her legs… they weren’t small, by any stretch of her imagination. Her fears were confirmed when he forced a fourth finger into her.

She found the strength to struggle, as her pussy began to ache from the stretching. His weight shifted again, and the pressure on her cunt increased dramatically. Another scream was ripped from her throat, as he folded his thumb across his palm, and forced his ENTIRE hand into her hot, wet, agonized pussy!

Her muffled cries did nothing to reduce the severity of his treatment. He curled his fingers into a big, tight fist inside her, and began to punch it into her, deeper, and harder. Just when she thought that the pain could get no worse, he would twist his hand, his knuckles digging into her inner walls, stretching her in new and more painful ways. As her body shook with the pain and intrusion, he twisted his fist again, so that the knuckle at the base of his thumb rubbed across her G-spot.

Her orgasm was immediate, and unlike anything she’d ever had before. Her eyes crossed, and her long, low scream filled her ears from inside her head. She knew that she had reached the peak… the top of her pleasure, the most feeling she could have. Pain and pleasure stopped being seperate entities… it was all the pure agony of orgasm, and she was filled with it. But, just when she thought that it could get no higher, he surprised her once again.

Inside her pussy, he extended a finger, and pressed it to the opening of her cervix. Even in her nearly mindless state, the sensation triggered her every instinct to fight and escape. He wouldn’t… he COULDN’T…

He did. As he punched his fist into her, his finger began to pry open her cervix, sending a spear of agony into her deepest places. Tears of pain and pleasure began to seep out past the blindfold. As his finger penetrated into her womb, Angel screamed, the dildo gag no longer sufficient to hold back the sheer keening agony, and extasy, of her voice. His hand was placed expertly, used exquisitely, and Angel’s mind began to disintegrate. Her cunt was full of his big, meaty fist; her G-spot stimulated by the rotating motion of his wrist bringing his thumb across it, again, and again; her cervix was penetrated, invaded by his expertly placed finger. The pain, and the pleasure, merged into a single sensation. Every muscle in her body tensed in the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced… and then, he bent down, sucked her clit into his hot, wet mouth, and gently applied pressure with his teeth.

The orgasm doubled… tripled… and Angel, unable to draw enough breath to keep up with her body’s demand for oxygen, passed into a nightmare sleep of agony and pleasure.

She wasn’t sure how long she was asleep. When she awoke, she was alone… naked, and untied. She blinked against the light, slowly focusing.

It was a hotel room, and a nice one, at that. She slowly took stock.

Her breasts tingled and throbbed, but her cunt was one single continuous ache. As she slowly felt the entrance to her pussy, counting her rings and finding them all, she felt a stab of pain from her anus, as well. After giving her the most pleasure she’d ever felt, he had taken his pleasure from her unconscious body. The taste in her mouth suggested that he’d enjoyed her there as well.

Her clothes were neatly folded next to the bed, and her purse was on the dresser. When she could gather the strength to move, she checked it’s contents, finding everything in place. There were over three dozen messages on her cell phone. The clock on it told her that it had been over twenty-four hours since she’d been abducted.

She took a long, hot bath, followed by a hot shower. Every few minutes, her body would remember the pleasure, or she would touch a sore spot, and she would have a short, shuddering “aftershock” orgasm. As she dried off, she noticed a note next to the bathroom mirror.

“E-mail me if you want to contine. This was just a start.”

Unbidden, she experienced another aftershock, and smiled.

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