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An Unexpected Foursome

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It was the summer of 1973 and I was the catcher for a fast pitch softball team. I learned about the team from friends who I had met in our townhome complex. Biff and Steffi were married and they lived in a townhome a few buildings from mine. Biff was the pitcher for the softball team and he had mentioned that they needed a catcher. I had played baseball in high school and college as a catcher so I told Biff that I was interested.

I played with the team that summer and got to meet the other players, wives and girlfriends.

At age 30 I was in good shape as I worked out religiously and besides softball; I was an avid alpine skier, SCUBA diver and into martial arts. I stood at 6’0″ even and weighed 195 pounds. I was dating several girls but none of them were into watching softball so I didn’t go out with them after our games. After our ball games the team went to the bar that sponsored us where we drank pitchers of beer and ate pizza. The other player’s wives or girlfriends would also come along.

It was at the bar that I learned how Biff got his nickname. Apparently in college he had the reputation for being a butt fucker. So the initials BF sounded like Biff and the name stuck with him after college. Biff was about 5’10” tall and he was a stocky guy. His wife Steffi, short for Stephanie, was a real cutie. She had short dark brown hair, stood at 5’4″ and weighed about 110 pounds. She had tiny breasts but shapely legs and a perfect ass. Biff and Steffi were the same age of 28 years.

One night Steffi wore tight white short shorts with a small spaghetti strap top. The top was short and put her flat tummy on display. The shorts emphasized her curvy ass and it was difficult for me to take my eyes off of her. I had this image of her husband butt fucking her while she was on all fours with her pretty face turned to the side. I was sure that if Biff was a butt fucker in college that he was all over his wife’s marvelous ass.

Another girl who caught my eye was Rebecca who everyone called Becca. She was a pretty redhead with green eyes. Becca had a killer body with ample sized tits and a very shapely ass. Like Steffi, Becca had one of those asses that you wanted to touch every time that you were close to it. Becca was 5’7″ tall and weighed 125 pounds which suited her 36-25-36 figure. Becca was Mike’s girlfriend. Mike was the shortstop on the team.

We played in three leagues on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings and some weekends we had tournaments. After we went drinking for a couple of hours following the ballgame I usually went home. A few of us were always stag at the bar. That was about to change one night in a way that I would have never guessed.


It was Friday night and as usual we were all at the bar after our game. Except that night Mike was not there as he was out of town for the weekend. I was surprised to see Mike’s girl Becca at the game but then again she was good friends with Steffi. As the evening wore on players, wives and girlfriends thinned out and soon it was just Biff, Steffi, Becca and me at the bar. We finished our beer and I was about to say goodnight when Biff asked me back to their townhome for a nightcap. I accepted since we lived so close to each other and it was a Friday night.

I arrived at Biff’s and Steffi’s home and I was surprised to see Becca there. The three of us sat in the living room and I complimented Steffi on the décor. Biff got drinks for everyone and I noticed that Becca was a little tipsy but she was not sloppy. I was surprised when Biff sat next to Becca on the loveseat and not next to his wife on the sofa. I sat on the sofa but not next to Steffi who was seated at one end. The four of us chatted and then Steffi left the room for a few minutes. While she was gone Biff started to put the moves on Becca and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

Steffi returned but Biff was undeterred in his pursuit of Mike’s girlfriend. Biff was kissing her and he had his hand under her top fondling her big tits. Steffi sat on the sofa but this time she sat next to me. I was embarrassed for Steffi as we both watched Biff and Becca. Biff had pushed her top up and unfastened her bra allowing the big tits to spill out. Becca had beautiful breasts which were big but also very firm. Big began sucking on Becca’s tits and she laid her head back and moaned in pleasure. Then I felt Steffi’s hand in my lap heading for my cock which was a stiff as a pipe.

“Steffi, what the hell?” I whispered.

“Relax, Biff and I have an open marriage. I have been attracted to you for months,” she whispered back.

Steffi freed my cock from my pants and stroked it lovingly. “You have a beautiful cock and it’s big too. I have to have it in my mouth,” she said softly in a sexy voice.

Steffi engulfed my cock and her head bobbed up and down. I looked over at Biff and Steffi and she was completely naked. Biff was kneeling on the floor between her legs eating her pussy. Becca and I made eye contact and I followed her eyes to my cock. She seemed fixated on either my size or Steffi’s oral skills. Things moved quickly from that point and soon the four of us were naked with clothes scattered all over the room. Steffi lay back on the sofa and opened her arms to me and I moved between her legs.

Steffi grasped a hold of my erect cock and cautioned, “Easy now big boy.” Then she guided my cock to her sopping wet pussy.

My cock slid in easy but I could feel her tightness surrounding it. I started to fuck her slowly when I noticed her breathing hard. She was already close to an orgasm.

“Oh this is going to be a quick one. Hold me, please hold,” she begged as she wrapped her legs around my torso and dug her heels into my buttocks.

Not only was her orgasm quick but it was extremely intense. Steffi thrashed around underneath me gasping and moaning as she soaked my cock with her female juices. I rode out the frantic orgasm and as she started to calm down, I picked up the pace and really started fucking her with authority. It wasn’t long before she felt another orgasm coming on and I could feel my seed building for release as well. Steffi started to buck under me again and this time she was even more vocal, so much so that she had to cover her mouth to mute her screams. Now I was really pounding her pussy and I could sense my impeding release. I plunged my cock all the way in as my body stiffened and I filled her womb with my cum. Stream after stream of my jizz shot into her so much so that my cock sloshed around in her cunt in a mixture of our juices.

“My God, I have never been fucked with a cock like that and filled with so much cum,” Steffi exclaimed in amazement.

I lifted myself off of her and moved to her side. She rolled over with her back toward me and pushed her bottom into my crotch. My slippery semi-hard cock slid between the cheeks of her ass. As we lay on our sides we watched Biff and Becca making slow and passionate love. They were really into each other kissing, caressing and slowly fucking each other. Biff soon stiffened and shot his load into Becca as she rubbed her pussy hard against his cock bringing herself off with him. Biff collapsed on top of Becca and then they both looked in our direction and smiled.

Steffi reached down to handle my cock and remarked, “This is quite something you are indeed blessed.” “Actually I have been blessed tonight as well,” she continued as she stroked my cock into another erect state.

We looked over at the other two and Biff was fucking Becca in the ass. She was grunting and telling him to go easy that this was her first time in her ass. Becca was kneeling on the floor bent over the loveseat. Her ass looked magnificent perched in the air with Biff’s cock gliding in and out of her rectum. She had her head down on the cushion with her face turned to the side. Becca’s back was slightly arched accentuating her shapely ass even more. Becca had the perfect shaped ass a true bubble butt that was firm and round. I was rock hard with cock at full attention.

“Go stick your dick in her mouth,” Steffi urged me.

I didn’t need a lot of encouragement so I moved to the loveseat and sat next to Becca and turned her head toward my cock. She was surprised but still took it in her hand and guided it to her mouth. Becca’s mouth was sweet but she hard a difficult time taking much more then a couple on inches in her mouth. Her mouth was stretched wide around my cock and it was truly an erotic sight watching her suck my cock holding it her petite hand as Biff slide his cock in and out of her gorgeous ass.

Steffi was overwhelmed by the scene and did something that I learned later was a first for her also. She slid underneath Becca and began to lick her pussy. I could see the surprised expression on Becca’ face. She had to know it was Steffi eating her pussy as she sucked my cock and Biff fucked her ass. All this was too much for Biff and Becca. Biff filled her asshole with his second load of the night and Becca came all over Steffi’s face. Steffi seemed to enjoy making Becca cum and sucking up all her juices.

Becca trembled and collapsed asking Steffi to stop. “Please no more I can’t cum anymore,” she begged releasing my cock from her mouth.

Becca slide to the floor and rolled over on her back with Biff’s cum oozing out of her asshole. Biff laid on his back along side her. Steffi then surprised everyone by straddling Becca’ face lowering her pussy expecting Becca to reciprocate.

Becca was totally caught off guard and panicked, “Please don’t make me do it Steffi.”

“You silly goose it is about time you learned to eat pussy, you have done everything else,” Steffi scolded her as she pushed her twat onto Becca’ face. “Come on now do what I did to you, use your tongue and suck my clit,” Steffi continued forcefully.

Becca finally succumbed to Steffi’s demands and began to eat her pussy. She apparently took too it and was doing a good job because Steffi was turned on.

“Oh yes that’s it. That’s the spot now suck on it. Oh shit you are a natural we should have done this sooner,” Steffi barked out at Becca.

Steffi was rubbing her pussy in Becca’s face and getting more turned on by the moment. I still had a rock hard cock and I decided to fuck Becca. I moved around the other side and looked down at her glistening pussy. Her pussy had a little tuft of red hair and it kind of looked cute. I moved between her legs and pulled them apart positioning my cock at the entrance to her pussy. I started to ease my cock into her watching the little red gap spread open. In spite of all her orgasms she was still very tight. I slid my cock in little by little until I was completely buried in her pussy and then I began to fuck her slowly. Becca was going wild feeling a cock that big for the first time.

Steffi finally came all over Becca’ face and then surprised us again by kissing Becca tasting her own juice. I continued to fuck Becca and she was now extremely turned on as my cock touched new parts of her womb. She remained tight around my cock all the while. Biff had gotten hard again watching all the action and told me to turn over. I rolled over on my back keeping my cock in Becca and rolling her voluptuous body with me. I had no idea what was next to come.

Biff lubed up his cock again and positioned at the entrance to Becca’s ass. He pushed in and I could feel his cock in her hot body on the other side of her membrane.

“No don’t, not with him in me, please,” Becca begged but to no avail.

Biff shoved his cock all the way into her rectum and then as we established a rhythm with the double penetration. Becca was helpless as we pounded her shapely ass and tight pussy. I reached up and played with her ample sized tits and tweaked her rock hard nipples. She had the cutest little nubs when she got excited they poked out like erasers on a lead pencil. She moaned and moaned as we fucked her and played with her tits. Biff was holding on to her curvy ass as he watched his cock glide in and out.

“I’m coming Walt,” announced Biff.

“I am too,” I called out.

We both emptied our balls into Becca’ holes. She shuddered, whimpered and then shook frantically with her orgasm. She came so hard that her body bucked and gyrated as if she was trying to dislodge both of us. An exhausted Becca eventually collapsed on my chest with Biff on top of her. His softening cock slipped from her ass followed by a short burst of cum from her asshole. My cock slowly deflated and left Becca’s pussy. She rolled to side and pleaded with everyone to let her rest. “No more, please no more tonight, I need to rest.”

I joined Steffi in her bed leaving Biff and Becca to the second bedroom. They were both spent. Steffi started rubbing my body and tracing my abs with her fingers. She played with my balls and tickled the head of my cock. I knew that she would be able to get me hard again eventually so I just enjoyed some of her foreplay. She began kissing me and trailed kisses down my chest across my stomach and then kissed around my pubic area and scrotum. She took my cock in her hand and licked the top of it running her tongue over my pee hole. Steffi had me hard again in no time and took me in her mouth. She was a very skilled cock sucker and she seemed to enjoy it very much.

She swirled her tongue around my cock while it was in her mouth and she kept testing her gag line to see how much of it she could take. I knew I was close to cumming and I warned her. However she just sucked with more enthusiasm and let me cum in her mouth. Steffi kept my cock in her mouth until it was milked dry then she nibbled on my cock head with her teeth sending chills through my body. My deflated cock slipped from her mouth and flopped on my stomach. I was drained. Steffi moved up along side me to cuddle and we fell asleep in that position.


I woke up that morning with my normal piss hard-on and Steffi began to stir and brushed up against my erection. She reached for it with her hand and found that I was fully erect.

“Is this for me,” she asked playfully.

Steffi then straddled my cock and slowly lowered her pussy on it.

“God this feels so good,” she cooed.

She then began to rock back and forth on my dick and doing all the work while I lay there. Biff and Becca entered the room and joined us in the king size bed. Biff mounted her and was fucking her slowly. Then they rolled over and Becca began to ride Biff’s cock. I watched them fuck and marveled at Becca’s shapely ass as she undulated her hips rubbing her clit against Biff’s cock. I made up my mind that I would try to fuck Becca’ ass before the day was done.

Biff and I headed to the bathroom to take our morning piss and then we returned to the girls. Biff fucked Becca in the missionary position as did Steffi and I. The girls had multiple orgasms before Biff and I shot our first loads of the morning into them. Both Becca and Steffi began sucking our cocks to get us hard again. Biff then positioned Becca on all fours and got behind her. Becca knew what was next and Biff began to finger her asshole and apply a generous amount of lube. Just watching him get Becca’s ass ready to be fucked was a turn-on in itself. Biff slipped his dick into her ass and began fucking her with short deliberate strokes.

Steffi told me, “Take her mouth again I want to eat some more pussy.”

So we both took up positions on the bed with Becca and Biff. I fed my cock to Becca and she eagerly gulped down as much as she could handle. She gasped on my cock when she felt Steffi’s tongue slide across her vagina and tickle her clit. It didn’t take long for Becca to have multiple orgasms and Biff was helped along by Steffi occasionally licking his balls as she ate Becca’ pussy. Biff stiffened and blasted his wad into Becca’s ass. As his cock softened and slipped from Becca’s ass Steffi gobbled it up in her mouth and she milked him dry. Biff was so weak from his orgasm that he just collapsed on the bed along side Becca.

I pulled my cock from Becca’s mouth and knelt behind her. I pushed my cock into her tight pussy from behind emitting a groan from her. Steffi took up a position in front of Becca so that Becca could reciprocate by eating Steffi’s pussy. Becca needed no coaching or prodding this time and dove right in on Steffi’s cunt. As I fucked Becca doggie style I began to play with her ass. I put more lotion on my hand and inserted a finger into her asshole.

I felt that she was loose enough so I leaned over and whispered in her ear, “I am going to shove my cock up your ass and cum in you.”

She tensed as I pulled my cock out of her juicy cunt and moved the head against her moist puckered ring. I slowly pressed. Forward and the head of my dick strained to pop through.

Becca let out a little groan of pain and pleaded her case, “Please no, Walt you are too big, put it back in my pussy.”

I ignored her plea and slowly the pressure from my iron hard dick forced the little ring to open and suddenly the large mushroom head slipped past the ring and into her ass. Becca let out a groan as her rear passage was stretched to accommodate my ample cock size.

I felt her ass tighten around me but I started to slowly stroke in and out of her tight ass until all 8″ were tightly packed up her ass. Becca began to moan and her whole body was shaking from the strain and she seemed to know what to expect next. I began to slowly fuck her gradually increasing the length of the stroke but soon I picked up the pace and penetrated her with long hard strokes that use the entire length of my cock.

“Oh yeah, fuck her good, fuck that ass,” Steffi yelled.

Becca was going nuts I know she could feel the power of my cock as it pulled out and then crashed back in with my big heavy balls bounced off her pussy. Biff moved up along side Becca and began to play with her big tits and nipples. Becca was beginning to thrash about uncontrollably, gasping and moaning with pleasure. When Biff reached underneath her to stroke her clit she exploded with her biggest orgasm of the day.

I continued to hammer her ass with long strokes until I felt that familiar tension in my balls and I knew I was close. I began to piston my raging cock harder into her hot ass in anticipation of my release. Becca was yelling and moaning into Steffi’s pussy as she clawed at the bed covers hoping that I would cum soon.

I looked down at Becca with my big dick stuffed up her beautiful ass. I felt powerful and dominant as I skewered the asshole of this pretty woman. I could feel my seed traveling up from my scrotum so I grabbed onto Becca’ shapely globes and slammed full force into her until I shot my wad in her ass. I stiffened with my cock all the way in her ass and grunted audibly as I shot my seed deep into her bowels. I could not believe the amount of cum that I unloaded in her rectum. I kept fucking Becca’s ass for several minutes after shooting my load. As I continued to fuck her cum backed up out of her ass and began to run down over her pussy. I soon realized that I was so turned on that my dick was going to stay hard.

“No more, please no more my ass can’t take any more,” she begged.

But I ignored her and continued to fuck her ass until I came again. This time when I pulled out Biff was right there to take over and plunged his cock back into her ass. Steffi moved back to Becca’ pussy and ate her to another orgasm. Biff soon came in her ass and finally Becca was allowed to lie down. She was a quivering mess with cum oozing from her asshole and her pussy dripping with her own juices. Her face was covered with Steffi’s cunt juice. Steffi lay next to her and cuddled Becca in her arms and kissed her trying to calm her.

Becca was humiliated. Yesterday was the first time in her life that she had taken a cock in her ass and then to be double fucked and eat her first pussy topped it off. That was bad enough but to take four loads of cum in her ass today as she was repeatedly pounded obviously fucked with her head.

“I feel so degraded and small. I was so dominated that I just feel used. I am so embarrassed,” she cried in Steffi’s arms.

Steffi soothed her and said to us, “Give her some time she will be okay, you guys did a job on her.” Then to Becca she said, “Baby you looked so hot with those cocks in your ass I came just watching you. You have to admit that with your hot ass it was only a matter of time that you got plowed.”

Then Steffi took Becca into the bathroom to get cleaned up. The girls took a hot bath together while Biff and I took turns in the shower. Later the four of us got dressed and went out to eat. In spite of all the great sex I had still not fucked Steffi in the ass but I was determined to do that. After we returned to the townhome we watched a couple of movies in the living room. Biff was curled up with Becca and I was with Steffi. It was really strange to be cuddling with Biff’s wife in the same room with him.


We called out for pizza, had a few drinks and watched TV until it was time for bed. Biff took Becca into the guest bedroom and I went to be with Steffi. I was really hot for Steffi’s ass and I just had to know if she would let me in there. I played with her ass and she got the message. She retrieved a tube of lubricant and tossed it to me. Then she got on the bed on all fours. Looking over her shoulder she smiled and spoke softly.

“Put plenty of that stuff in my ass and on your cock. I need to be well greased to take that ass buster of yours,” she said sounding a little apprehensive.

I moved toward the bed and climbed on it behind her. I massaged her shapely ass cheeks and molded the firm flesh in my hands. Steffi shivered in anticipation and goose bumps appeared on her buttocks and thighs. I squirted the lube directly on her nether hole and pushed it in with my index finger, moving it around until my finger was gliding in and out easily. Before adding a second finger I put more lube in her ass and then inserted my middle finger along with my index finger. She cooed as she accepted the two finger penetration and stimulation. As I fingered her ass with two fingers I slipped my ring finger and little finger in her pussy. I sawed the four fingers in and out of her asshole and pussy until she begged for my cock.

“That’s enough, get that big cock in my ass,” she gasped.

I put gobs of lube on my cock and then added my saliva making it as slippery as possible. Steffi lowered her head to the bed and turned it to one side as I began my journey into her ass. I pushed my hips forward as I held onto her hips and my cock bumped up against her sphincter. Steffi gasped and placed her hand on my thigh as if to control the penetration. Another push and my cock head was in her ass.

She was holding her breath as I inched more and more of my cock into her anal passage. I told her to relax and breathe as I slowly fed my cock to her a little at a time. I eased it in, stopped, withdrew a little and then pushed some more in. I took my time and I was careful not to hurt her as I filled her shapely ass with my raging shaft.

“Oh sweet mother of God, I have never been so full. Go easy but put it all in. I want your whole cock in me,” she cried out.

I pushed once more and the final inch of my cock disappeared into her asshole. I remained still for a moment and allowed her to adjust to the girth of my cock and then I began to fuck her ever so slowly. She eventually began to move her hips in an attempt to match my thrusts but it was obvious that she had been stretched to new dimensions.

She was gasping and grunting as I began to pummel her ass. When I reached for her pussy I found her hand already in place frigging herself frantically. I picked up the pace and held to Steffi’s shapely buttocks as our hips slapped noisily together. She was really into it now and the two of us fucked like maniacs.

“Oh yeah that’s it, that’s the way to fuck my ass. Give it to me, cum in me, cum in my ass,” she screamed.

We were both sweating from the physical intensity of our butt fucking. I slammed into her as my cock now moved freely in her ass. I felt my orgasm approaching and as much as I wanted to prolong the ass fucking session, I couldn’t. My body stiffened and I plunged my cock all the way into her gorgeous ass. Streams of semen shot into her rectum as I seemed to cum continuously for several minutes.

“Oh good, I feel it. Fill me up, fill up my ass,” she cried out and then her own orgasm hit her, “Oh shit, here it is, I’m cumming!”

Her body thrashed around as I held onto her curvy ass cheeks and kept my cock buried in her ass. Her fingers flew over her pussy and clit as my warm seed flooded her anal passage. She then collapsed face down on the bed and my cock slipped from her ass with an audible pop. I knelt over her as my cock dripped the remaining cum on her curvy ass. She wiggled her bottom and squealed in delight.

“I have never been ass fucked like that. You are one hell of a butt fucker,” she said and then rolled onto her back and looked at my semi hard cum dripping cock.

“Here eat my pussy,” she ordered.

I moved my head between her legs to eat her pussy but first I kissed and licked around the area and her inner thighs. I breathed warm air right on her snatch and she grabbed my head and pulled it to her cunt. I pulled my head back off her pussy and let my fingers trail to her pussy. I lightly rubbed her outer cunt lips and she twitched with each touch. She moaned as her clit responded to the stimulation and slowly exited its hood looking for attention.

I placed my fingers on her cunt lips and trapped her clit between them and it became engorged and stood erect. She squirmed in pleasure while I moved her cunt lips up and down on her clit and she shuddered from the extreme arousal. Still moving her cunt lips up and down, I bent down and kissed her clit. She jerked and bucked as my lips touched her upright nub. I drew my head back a bit and again blew air directly onto her clit as she writhed and bucked again, moaning with pleasure.

I placed my arms behind her knees and raised her hips up. I put her legs over my shoulders and I lowered my mouth to her pussy and kissed it as though it were her mouth. She groaned with delight as she waited for my next advance. I drew my tongue along her outer labia, up one side and down the other without touching her clit.

“Suck it please, please lick it, oh please!” she moaned lustfully.

I flicked my tongue across the edges of her pussy as she quivered and seeped her juices from between the lips. I licked the juices from the edges telling her she tasted delicious. She was nearly mad with desire as she begged me to pleasure her with my tongue. I parted her labia with my tongue and licked the insides of her cunt lips, nibbling each one a little and then sucking on them both. She whimpered and moaned when I suddenly plunged my tongue as deep as I could into her pussy. She screamed with delight as my tongue explored the insides of her pussy. Instinctively, she grasped my head and pulled it into her cunt, begging me to lick and suck her. I did not disappoint her as I swirled my tongue around her engorged clit and back into her sopping wet cunt. She was constantly moaning as my lips closed about her clit and sucked her clit in and out of my mouth. Writhing and gyrating she exploded in another powerful orgasm, drenching my face and mouth with her copious juices. She seemed to cum with each spasm of her body. I did not let up sucking her clit and she tried to push my face away as she cried out.

“Oh stop, please stop. I can’t cum anymore let me rest,” she begged.

I got behind her and we cuddled on our sides in the spoon position. We fell asleep in that position and woke up the same way Sunday morning. My stiff cock was tucked in the crack of her lovely ass.


Steffi and I were awake before Biff and Becca. I began caressing her body and she asked me for a massage. I agreed and she got out of bed and retrieved some massage oils from the bathroom. She surprised me when she got back in bed on her back and said, “Front first.”

She closed her eyes as I gently placed the fragrant oil on my hands and with two fingers on each hand I made small gentle circles over her forehead. I then moved to her cheeks, massaged her nose and her lips, and her chin, then back to her temples and down the side of her face and neck. Leaning over her I slipped my oily hands over her tiny breasts. She smiled at me and I bent my head and kissed her gently. She reached up and took my hands and pressed them to her breasts as her hardened nipples pushed against my palms. I held the bottle of warm oil above her breast and a single drop splashed on her nipple and ran down her side and she flinched with the sensation and giggled at the action. I smiled back at her and poured a small trail of oil down her stomach and then I began massaging her breasts, one in each hand as I looked into her eyes.

She glanced upwards again to watch as my hands moved down to her ribs and chest and stomach, spreading the oil until she was glistening in the dim light of the room. I knew she loved the feeling as my hands moved over her breasts, chest, and stomach. She looked at my crotch and saw that my cock was fully aroused and sticking straight up. She smiled as she reached and gently grasped my cock in her tiny hand. I let out a small moan as she moved her hand up and down my huge shaft. She took some oil from me and placed some on the head of my cock then and she placed her palm over the top, gently squeezing and releasing the pressure on my shaft.

She spread the oil over my cock as she continued to stroke me squeezing her hand around the shaft as she felt my hand move over her pubic hair. I moved my hand downward until it covered her entire moist area. Steffi spread her legs as my middle finger probed the folds of her labia. Gently I inserted my finger sliding it in effortlessly within her warm channel. Steffi began stroking me in rhythm to my finger entering and withdrawing in her pussy.

I was afraid that I would cum if she continued to work my cock in her oily hand so I removed my finger from her pussy and massaged her thighs. I put plenty of oil on her luscious thighs and rubbed it in thoroughly. Her quad muscles relaxed under my movements and she emitted an audible sigh. I worked her inner thighs and massaged them all the way from her knee to her pussy letting the back of my hands brush against her pubic mound. Her engorged clitoris peeked out of her pussy lips and I trapped it between two of my oily fingers. Steffi jumped at the contact and once again she reached for my cock.

“Make love to me again,” she whispered.

I pulled her legs apart and let her guide my cock into her pussy. I eased my thick cock into Steffi’s tight cunt and worked it slowly until I was balls deep in her pussy. I knew that she had never been so full until today and that she could probably feel every ridge and vein of my cock touch her vaginal wall. Steffi gasped again when I hit bottom. As I fucked her slowly I made sure that my cock never lost contact with her clit. Steffi stiffened as she orgasmed and then grunted and groaned through multiple orgasms as her body was rocked with one climax after the other. As I pounded her pussy my cock moved easily in her now soaked pussy. Steffi stiffened one more time, screamed and then went limp with her final orgasm which was the most intense of the day. At the same time I flooded her cunt with a barrage of cum. The two of us were drained, sweaty and oily as we slowly recovered from our intense fuck session.

“My God I will never be the same after this weekend. I have never cum so much and I have never had anyone cum that much in me,” she gasped.

“You bring out the best in me,” I teased.

“I need to rest for awhile,” she said as she rolled over on her stomach.

“I’ll do your back now and finish the massage,” I offered.

Steffi just sighed so I oiled up my hands, straddled her body and went to work on her shoulders. She cooed as I rubbed the tension out of her upper body. I worked my way down from Steffi’s shoulders to her trap muscles and lower back. I massaged her back just above her buttocks and she continued to coo and moan with pleasure. I bypassed her ass for the moment and went to her calves. I massaged each calf and worked my way up to the back of her thighs. As I massaged the back of her legs and thighs my eyes were fixed on her marvelous ass.

I finally reached the object of my desire and I rubbed plenty of oil onto Steffi’s buttocks. She lifted her hips slightly as I worked her firm ass cheeks. I pulled her buns apart slightly and stared at the cute little aperture. It was hard to believe that that morning my thick cock had been buried in that tiny hole. I leaned over and ran my tongue over her nether hole causing her to gasp in surprise. I suspected that no one had ever rimmed her before and she moaned again as my tongue probed the target. I traced my finger over the ridges of her now swollen sphincter and watched as it seemed to pulse and throb under its own accord.

I took the bottle of oil and placed it right on her anus and let a few drops fall on it. I pushed the oil in her asshole and her hips bucked in response. As my finger entered her channel she gripped it with her sphincter muscles. I continued to finger fuck her ass adding more oil as needed and eventually adding a second finger. Satisfied that she was well oiled I straddled her hips and guided my slick cock into her ass. My cock head slipped past the oily sphincter and the spongy head disappeared into her ass. Her anal ring snapped closed behind the cock head and I marveled at the sight before me. I only had the head of my cock in her and she lifted her hips and pushed back obviously wanting more.

My cock felt bigger than it ever had as I eased more of it into her anal passage. I watched as it stretched her open and slid easily in her oily hole. I continued my slow penetration until the entire length of my shaft was balls deep in her ass. Steffi gasped and grabbed the bed sheets as I hit bottom and then moved her ass in time with my thrusts.

“Let’s fuck on our sides,” she rasped.

I rolled both of us to our left side and settled into the spoon position with my cock buried in her asshole. My left arm came around and fondled one of her tits and tweaked her nipples as my right hand sought out her pussy. I pushed two fingers into her pussy as I fucked her ass and played with her tits. Steffi was going wild as her orgasmic, constricting muscles gripped me firmly.

We fucked slowly as she arched her back and we fitted together perfectly. Her gasps were intermittent and interrupted with cries and sobs of pleasure. Her ass was so snug that I wondered how the semen ever got out of my cock. I fought to hold back my orgasm as long as possible but the undulating walls of her asshole were just too much. I felt the familiar boiling in my balls and I thrust into her as the first blast of cum exploded into her rectum. I barely heard her pleas for me to fill her ass with cum as her contractions milked every drop from my cock. I continued to fuck her slowly and I enjoyed the new feeling of warm semen mixed with the oil surrounding my cock in her sheath.

“I love the feel of your warm cum in my ass,” she sighed as my cock remained nestled in her hole.

“Nice show you two,” Biff called out.

Steffi and I looked toward the bedroom door to see a naked Biff and Becca standing there. “Come on, get cleaned up and dressed we’re going out for breakfast.” Biff stated.

The four of us showered, dressed and went out to eat. When we returned to the complex Biff and Steffi told us that they had somewhere to be that afternoon. Becca then surprised me when she asked if she could hang out with me for the rest of the day. I was surprised but pleased and hopeful that I would get another crack at her lovely ass before she headed home. It had been some weekend and there were still a few hours left.

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