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A Friend In Need

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It wasn’t what I wanted to do on a Friday night, but I knew that I had to. Not because Joann and I were best friends, but because she had been there for me more than once when I needed some support.

See, Joann and her fiancée had broken up on Tuesday and I hadn’t seen her out jogging -or doing anything else for that matter- since.

I know that for me after a few days of crying alone I always need someone to talk to. It feels so much better to let things out.

So after work I drove the long way through our apartment complex to make sure that her car was there then headed over to my place.

I checked my snail mail, voice mail and finally my e-mail then sat down to an ever impatient Maceo. He’s my cat. And he thinks what he says goes. Though that is not how I see it. He does get a good scritchin’ everyday after guarding the apartment we share. He also gets free room and board. It’s a costly service indeed.

Finally, everything else has been tended to. It’s my turn now. I do love Friday nights. Although normally after some “me time” I go out with my friends for karaoke, drinking and dancing. Not always in that order. I grin happily at that thought, for the last two years of singledom have been truly wonderful. After hanging up my jacket and skirt it is possibly the single greatest moment of any day. Time to take off these God damned pantyhose! Don’t get me wrong, they serve their purpose well, but God how I hate them! Anyway, next is the shirt, bra (thank God again!) and finally my panties.

Mmmmm, I do still turn myself on looking at me in the mirror. Draw a hot bath with lavender and proceed to soak the week away getting ready for another ruckus night of…oh shit! I already committed myself to checking in on Joann. Looks like there are going to be at least two of us not hooking up tonight. Sigh.

Throw on some decent sweat pants (Pink!) and a wife beater for some serious relaxin’ with a friend in need.

Feed Maceo, turn on a get home late night light and grab a box of Rocks out of the ‘fridge. A girl should always have some beers in the ‘fridge. You never know when an emergency such as Joann’s is going to arrive.

Time to hit the road! Grab my keys and beer and away I go. I follow the sidewalks until six buildings later, up the stairs to the third floor. (I must be on the top row!)

I knocked on the door and waited. I could hear feet padding my way and then the jangle of security locks retracting into their holes. Slowly the door opened and after what seemed like forever out came Joann’s head.

Her hair was pulled back into a ponytail sticking through the back of a ball cap. She had a cotton tank top on and a pair of flannel jammie pants. A pair of fuzzy pink slippers finished out her wardrobe. Her eyes were puffy and she had no makeup, but she still looked beautiful.


“I thought you might like a little company so I brought 12 of my friends over,” I said showing her the 12-pack. “You want someone to hang with?”

“Uh, yeah, I…I mean sure come on in,” she said. “Sorry. Been thinking to much this week, I thought you sang and danced on Friday nights?”

“Well, not when my jogging partner has stood me up three nights in a row!” I smiled as we walked towards the kitchen. The apartment wasn’t a total wreck. That seemed like a good sign. She hadn’t fallen off a cliff at least.

“I know. I’m sorry I haven’t even called since Tuesday. I’ve barely got any work done and I just haven’t had the desire to even move. Oh God look at me I’m a wreck!”

“Hey, don’t worry about it. You look great,” I said, and she did.

We are about the same height -about 5’8″- but she is much more curvaceous than I am. That wouldn’t make me so jealous if she didn’t wear it in all the right places! Sigh.

“Oh cut the shit. I’m a mess,” she laughed.

I laughed with her as I put the beer in the ‘fridge and spied a couple of nice bottles of wine.

“Hey, where is our phone? I’m gonna order us some pizza to go with your wine and my beer.”

“You didn’t even bring your phone? Jesus, Jen, you don’t even jog without your cell phone,” she said. “I didn’t know you could detach yourself from it!”

“Yeah, well, tonight, dear Jo, it’s just you and me, a pizza delivery guy and some alcohol,” I laughed.

She laughed too. It was a wonderfully musical sound that filled any room. The relief on her face was obvious at the at least temporary distraction.

“So what is the plan for tonight,” I asked.

“Oh I was gonna watch football. I graduated from Western and they are playing Central State tonight,” she said. “That’s why I have on the Western hat and matching pants.”

“I see. So you aren’t opposed to a little tailgate party with me?” I’m a huge football fan so this might be better than I originally thought.

“Oh God no! I am so happy you showed up. The thought of being alone another night was threatening to throw me right back in my hole,” she replied.

I smiled.

By the time the pizza arrived we’d finished a bottle of wine and started the other one. We’d seen all the SportsCenter we could stand and were waiting rather impatiently for the kickoff of the game.

“Jen, are you trying to get me drunk,” Joann asked me playfully.

“Nope,” I said grinning, “I believe I already have!”

We both laughed like it was the funniest thing we had ever heard.

At the opening kickoff I reached down to the coffee table for another slice of pizza only to find the box was empty.

“God, Joann, we ate the whole fucking thing already,” I exclaimed.

“Oh shit, we’re a couple of pigs! Look,” she giggled, “we’re all out of wine too. You want a beer?”

“Yup, I’m ready.”

Joann came back into he living room with a couple of open Rolling Rocks and sat on the couch with me. We were at opposite ends when she pulled a blanket off the back. We both stretched out to get comfy with my legs behind hers. By the time we finally got settled Central State had scored a touchdown.

“Shit,” she yelled.

“Easy there, girlfriend, the game just started.”

She giggled. “I know but I hate losing to Central. We only ever beat them once the whole time I was at Western and that was my freshman year.”

As the game progressed towards halftime we yelled at the refs, coaches and players. Occasionally making beer runs to the kitchen and commercial breaks trips to the bathroom. When the halftime whistle blew I figured it was time to get Joann to open up.

I looked at her.

“So how ya been, Jo,” I asked.

She sat up in the middle of the couch with a sigh. She reached for the empty beer bottles on the coffee table and began to rise.

“Jo, I’m serious. As much fun as this is to watch the game, I really came over here to make sure you’re okay.”

She returned a couple of minutes later with more beer and sat down next to me.

“I’m okay, Jen,” she said, “I think both of us knew this was coming. It just hurts for a while when it happens, ya know?”

“Yeah, I know.”

I set my beer down and put an arm around her shoulders to give her a squeeze. She put her head on my shoulder and sighed again.

“I mean we were just totally not compatible for a long lasting relationship,” she said. “Sometimes I just want to be wild and spontaneous. Shit, that’s why I chose a career where I could work from home. I just want to do what I feel like when I feel like it. His rigorous scheduling was such a drag.” She sniffled and I felt a tear fall to my shoulder.

“I wish there was something I could do, Jojo,” I said.

She looked up straight into my eyes and said, “you already have, Jen. Ever since I moved here I’ve been trying to get my life set up so I could hang out with good friends and here you are!”

I wrapped my other arm around her front and held her. She laid her head on my left breast and there we sat for what seemed like forever.

As the second half started I could hear Joann blowing her nose in the bathroom. She walked past the living room to grab us a couple more beers.

I screamed.

“What is it,” she asked, running into the room with a look of fear on her face.

“Your guy from Western just ran back for a touchdown on the kickoff,” I said.

“Jesus Christ, Jen, if I hadn’t just peed I think I would have wet my pants! You scared the hell out of me.”

We laughed till we were both crying. We were both drunk.

As Joann sat down I put my arms back around her. She gave me a look with a twinkle in her eyes then rested her head back on my breast. Her hands rested on my thigh.

The game rolled along and it became obvious that Central State couldn’t keep up with Westerns passing game and it slowly became a rout.

I finally got for more beer as the clock was winding down on the game.

“Last call,” I shouted from the kitchen.


“Last call, these are the last two beers. And it’s raining to beat the band outside,” I replied.

“Well, Jen, my dear, it would seem that we’re going to have a slumber party then.”

“Huh,” I asked sitting down.

I handed her a beer and this time she laid her head down in my lap. Laying on the couch. Not having anything to do with my hands I began running them through Joann’s hair.

“Mmmmm, I’ll give you forever to stop that,” she laughed. “And you’re not walking home in this rain anyway.”

“What? And why is that,” I asked.

She rolled onto her back to look up at me.

“God, Jen, you’re nearly naked. You are not walking home in this rain,” she said laughing again.

“I am not nearly naked,” I protested.

“Shit, J, your nipples have been staring at me all night,” she replied and reached up to tweak my left nipple. Causing my whole body to spasm.

That started our drunken laugher all over again. We laughed then giggled then laughed some more.

When our laughter subsided after a few minutes we looked into each others eyes. Instantly, as if rehearsed, we both put our hands behind the others head and pulled forward until our lips touched.

We stayed that way. Neither of us moving. I closed my eyes. The softness of her lips was electrifying. Never before had I kissed a girl like this. I hadn’t even entertained the thought, at least that I could remember. But, here I was holding my running partners head with our lips together. Her hair was soft. Her breath, smelling of beer and her very essence, gently enveloping my face.

The seconds dragged on like hours. Eventually out lips left their tender embrace and we relaxed our hold on each other. She stared up at me and I would swear she saw my soul in that instant.

“Wow,” we both whispered at the same time. We shared a smile.

The stare lingered until she finally rolled back onto her side. She grabbed the remote and quietly flipped through the channels.

I moved my left hand to her side while my right hand continued to comb through her hair. I could feel her heart racing through her rib cage. Of course I had to admit my heart was quite a flutter at that particular moment too.

“You wanna watch a movie,” she whispered, breathlessly.

Not trusting my voice I simply answered, “sure.”

I don’t remember the movie. For that matter I don’t remember falling asleep. But when I opened my eyes Joann was on her back again looking at me and smiling. By now though, my hand was on her breast and I could feel her hard nipple poking through her cotton tank.

“I’m sorry, Jo, I must have drifted off,” I said.

“‘S’okay,” she whispered sleepily, huskily, “I did too, J.”

“I like that. When you call me ‘J’, I mean.”

“I like it too, J,” she quietly laughed. “Let’s go to bed. It’s pretty late.”

Up to that point I still hadn’t removed my hand from her breast. Honestly, I really liked the feeling of her hard nipple on my fingers.

“Are you going to let me up,” she questioned, batting her eyes at me.


I reluctantly removed my hand to let her up. She slowly sat up but I must have been slower because before I even got my hand back to my lap it was in her hand.

She kept a hold of my hand and led me to her bedroom. Her floor plan was the same as mine so it wasn’t necessary but I wasn’t going to argue.

I watched her butt sashay down the hallway and replayed the kiss and resulting electricity of earlier.

She told me there was a spare toothbrush in the hall closet as she let go of my hand and headed for her bedroom.

I grabbed the toothbrush and turned off her hallway light before heading for her bedroom. I entered and looked around. There was a light on by what I presumed was her side of the bed but otherwise it was fairly dark.

The bed was huge. Somewhere in the back of my mind I wondered if we would need that much space.

While trying to figure out where these feelings were coming from Joann walked out of the bathroom.

“It’s all yours,” she said with a twisted smile and that gleam back in her eyes.

I went in and did my business then brushed my teeth. I stared at myself in the mirror a few minutes and sighed. I wasn’t exactly sure what was going to come next.

“Hey, I don’t have any jammies,” I said leaving the bathroom for Joann’s bedroom.

She was standing on the other side of the bed. I noticed several candles had been lit and that she had turned her bed side light out.

“That’s okay,” she said, “I don’t have any jammies either.”

she pulled her tank top up slowly. I stared in amazement at her bold move and her perfect tits. They looked to be about a 34c and they defied any law of gravity that I had ever learned in school. Sos much so that my first thought was that they must be fake.

As I mulled this over and took in here nipples -which were surrounded by perfectly proportioned aureoles- that appeared to be about the size of the tip of my pinkie.

I shook all of my thoughts away to see a totally wicked grin on her face.

“It’s your turn,” she said.

My nipples were so hard that they hurt but when she said that I felt my insides melt to a level of wetness I hadn’t known in a very ling time.

I just stared with my mouth open. My hands were shaking visibly. What’s going on here I thought. Never before had I had these feeling, these electrifying sensations.

Knowing full well that I’m a strong confident woman, I suddenly felt like a helplessly lost little school girl. What is going on I thought to myself for the second time.

She edged around the bed slowly. Our eyes never leaving each other. As she got to me I could feel her nipples press against mine through my shirt. She leaned in until we were cheek to cheek and I could feel her hot breath in my ear.

“Would you like a hand,” she whispered sexily in my ear.

My mind was racing a million miles an hour. I hadn’t felt like this in years. Maybe never. I couldn’t remember. Hell, I couldn’t think or even speak at that moment.

I leaned my chin in to her shoulder and nodded. I got a barely audible “mmm-hmmm” out and felt her hands move to my shirt.

When she lifted my shirt I pulled my head off of her shoulder and raised my arms so that Joann could remove my shirt the rest of the way.

She let the shirt slide out of her right hand as I lowered my arms. In the process my nipples brushed hers and my body was racked with another uncontrollable spasm.

Joann took a step back and we stared into each others eyes and smiled.

With a lot of sexual tension in the room we leaned into each other for another kiss. My insides boiled with passion as I closed my eyes. There we stood in each others arms. Kissing. Exploring each others mouths with our tongues. Never in my life had a kiss contained so much passion or desire or pure raw (somewhat controlled) lust.

When she pulled away from the kiss it hurt. Almost as much as the feelings inside of me were hurting at that moment.

Joann slid her thumbs into the waist band of her pants and slowly slid them down her perfectly toned and tanned legs. Even as she bent down her eyes never left mine.

When she stood up again my eyes slowly drifted down.

Her long, dark brown hair draped over the front of her shoulders. It curled inwards just under those perfectly shaped tits. Again I wondered if they were real. Her nipples had obviously swollen even more than they had been.

Her belly was beautiful. Not sculpted to a six pack. Just smooth skin with just the slightest hint of curvature. And peach fuzz so subtle it blended perfectly with her dark complected skin.

My eyes wandered lower to see a vertical bar of very short hair leading down to the top of her pussy. The rest had been waxed of lasered as it was so perfectly sculpted.

I stopped at her pussy lips. They were very swollen. To the point that most people would call them a camel toe. I couldn’t tell if that was natural or had something to do with our current situation. But I did know that it had to be the most beautiful thing I had ever seen in my life.

Her hips flared out to help create that curvaceous booty that most guys (and now myself) love.

Joann’s legs were long and deliciously smooth. They rested atop proportioned feet that ended with pedicured toes. The nails of which were white with pink polka dots and pink and yellow flowers.

Before me stood the most beautiful person I had ever seen.

My eyes ever so slowly drifted back up lingering on her pussy, then her tits and finally her eyes.

I don’t know how long this exchange took but it seemed as if an eternity had passed.

I crossed my arms up to my shoulders. Joann raised her eyebrows. I took a deep breath and slowly moved my hands down. I crossed the line of my collar bone to my 32b tits. I stopped briefly at my nipples. My tits sag a little but it makes my nipples point up when they are excited. Let me tell you at this time I was definitely excited. I’d never felt them this swollen before. Even in my own bed with my own toys and fantasies! This was a whole new level.

As much as I wanted to stay and play I knew Joann was wanting something more. If the truth were to be told so did I! Besides, I thought, I’m here for her.

I laughed at myself and continued my exploration of my body. My hands uncrossed on my belly. While it wasn’t quite as great as Joannes it was still relatively fit and I wasn’t ashamed to show it off.

I hooked a thumb into each side of my sweats (pink!) and mimicked the process Joann had done before me.

I rose to stand before Joann unashamed and totally on fire. Like I said before, Joann is curvier than me but I am a confident woman and I know I look pretty damn good!

As I stood there in all my glory Joann took her time to appraise me much as I had done to her moments before.

By now we had sobered from the alcohol somewhat but I was now drunk from passion and the sexual tension that now filled the room. I believe Joann felt the same.

We both moved slightly to the right for another embrace. Tilting my head right we kissed again. Both of us gasping a bit as our thighs slid up against the others pussy.

Grinding commenced and I could feel myself leaking out on Joann’s leg. I soon noticed the same from her.

She nudged me toward the bed where we laid down side by side. Our hands began to explore each others bodies.

Joann nibbled on my ear before going down to my neck. Her hands were everywhere except where I wanted them to be. My nipples and my pussy were so on fire I felt like I was going to explode but she moved her hands everywhere but those two spots.

My pussy was soaking wet inside and out. I knew I needed more. A lot more! So I rolled onto my back pulling Joann up and over me.

She put one leg between mine as I propped my leg up between hers. We began to grind again as we kissed. There was much more raw lust in the air now.

I was about to come. That much I knew. So I raised my butt up off the bed to rub my clit against Joann’s leg.

Overcome with a rush of heat throughout my chest I felt my inside gush with a renewed wetness. My insides spasmed as I was overcome with an orgasm that just wouldn’t quit.

In an effort to regain some of my composure I started to pull away from Joann’s kiss but in that moment I felt her teeth bite my lower lip and her thighs squeeze my leg. Her whole body tensed as she too was overwhelmed by an earth shattering climax.

A few minutes later she rolled off of me onto her back. We were both panting like chain smokers in a marathon.

With a final twitch and a deep breath I finally felt like I had my wits about me. I rolled my head over to look at her. She was staring at the ceiling still breathing heavily. Finally, she looked at me and smiled.

“What was that,” I asked.

“That was fucking awesome!” she said finally catching her breath.

We both grinned and laughed at that. Slowly we managed to crawl towards the pillows and find our way under the blankets of Joann’s ginormous bed. As I suspected we were a tiny island in the ocean.

I lay on my back with Joann to my right. She was on her side facing me. She wrapped her arms around me and threw her leg between mine. I could feel her short thatch of pussy hair tickling my thigh. The fingers of her right hand slowly circled my left nipple. Something told me we weren’t quite done for the night.

I told her I’d never done anything like that before.

“Shhhh,” was her reply.

I told her I’d never felt anything like that before.

“Shhhh,” she said again.

I opened my mouth to say more and she shushed me again by planting her lips on mine and kissing me fiercely.

Joann climbed over me again. This time, though, she began kissing her way down to my tits. She swirled her tongue around my taut nipple and I raised a hand to play with the other. She quickly grabbed my hand and moved it away. Moving her head back and forth she expertly brought me to orgasm again by nibbling, biting and licking my rock hard nipples. Her hair was tickling the sides of my tits. Each single hair sending electrical pulses throughout my body. I could feel her nipples on my belly doing more of the same.

Eventually, her kisses started to go lower. She worked my belly over with her tickling hair and sensuous bee stung lips. All of a sudden I was thankful for my most recent bikini waxing. I kept my legs waxed and everything else trimmed tight but not bald like Joannes.

Joann began kissing my inner thighs. I was still soaking wet all over. She kissed and licked my lips. Teasing me all the way to madness once again. I felt her hot breath on my clit and I knew I couldn’t take it anymore.

“Uh,” I groaned and attacked her mouth with my boiling over pussy.

She buried her tongue inside me as deeply as she could and my hands immediately went to the back of her head. Pulling her into me impossibly far. This caused her teeth to rake my clitty sending me back into orbit all over again.

I’ve never been one to like it to rough, but tonight I didn’t think I even knew what “to rough” was.

Joann was lapping at my juices all up and down my soaked slit. When she was satisfied with her work she began working over my clit again. I felt two fingers snake their way into my pussy and wondered how much more of this madness I could take. I took two fistfuls of her hair and gently pulled her tighter against me. She released a soft animal-like moan. The vibrations resonated through my clit. My pussy opened up to accept another finger as Joann continued to lick me on the outside.

I was out of my mind. I spread my legs even wider and demanded that she put more fingers in my pussy. She pulled away for just a second then spit all over her hand and my pussy lips.

“Awwwwww fuuuuuck,” I cried. My eyes shot open wide and I looked down to see her whole hand buried inside me.

“Oh shit, Jo, fuck me now!”

slowly, she started to pump me with her fist. Never had anything ever hurt so bad and felt so good all at the same time. This continued for a while and her tongue returned to my hard clit with her lips and teeth helping out. I was going nuts.

Near tears from hyper-sensitivity I let Jo know that I was going to come again. By the time the words left my mouth my pussy was clamping down on Joann’s wrist. Every muscle in my body tensed. I started to squirt. I thought that was a myth but here I was squirting on my friends arm. And soon enough into her mouth. It wasn’t a lot like in the movies but I know I wasn’t peeing.

When my pussy finally relaxed enough Joann removed her hand. She slid up my body and gave me a kiss. Spitting my come in my mouth so that I could taste it too.

My body was a wet quivering mess. No one had ever left me as genuinely satisfied as Joann did at that moment. I knew I had to repay the favor but as I regained some control for the second time that night I heard the heavy breathing of sleep in my ear. Joann had had all she could for now.

I lay there alone in my mind. Sexually satisfied as I had never been before still wondering why and how this had happened.

I awoke sometime later with a start. Confused about the dream I’d just had I opened my eyes to see five candles burning low around me. Then I heard a feminine snore to my side and realized it hadn’t been a dream.

I rolled up to my side causing Joann to slide to her back. A smile crossed her lips as she sighed and continued to dream away.

Quietly, I slid the covers back and threw my legs over the side of the bed. Tiptoeing to the bathroom I could feel a dull roar between my legs. Squatting on the toilet every detail of what had transpired earlier came rushing back.

Instantly I was feeling very awake and very aroused all over again. I finished peeing, wiped my sore/sensitive pussy and looked at myself in the mirror.

Maybe it was the softness of Joann’s bathroom night light but I swear to God I was glowing. Giggling at myself I figured it was probably best to enjoy the moment and not dwell to much.

I tiptoed back into the bedroom and around the bed to blow out the candles scattered around the room.

The room was softly lit by the moonlight coming through the shades in the rooms sliding door that led to the balcony.

Crawling back into bed as quietly as I could I lay on my side to admire Joann’s profile in the moonlight. It’s funny how reflecting on an earlier sexual encounter can get you so heated up all over.

I propped my head up on my hand wrapped my arm around Joann just like she had done earlier.

Her nipple wasn’t hard when my hand arrived but it didn’t take long to get that way. I was amazed at how big and hard it got under my touch. I was also amazed at how right and good it felt under my touch.

I moved to her other tit and repeated my little experiment when Joann’s eyes opened. She tried to stifle a laugh which only made it sound more like a snort.

“Hi there stranger,” she said. “Do I know you?”

“Intimately,” I laughed back.

“Well in that case I’m glad you’re here.” she was grinning from ear to ear.

“Oh really, and why is that,” I asked.

“‘Cause I’m so fucking horny right now I’m about to explode.”

I leaned in to kiss her. All I could smell was her very sexy essence and my sex. Her face must have been covered with my juices from our last session.

“Me too,” I whispered breathlessly.

Covering her face with kisses I moved to her ear and nibbled tenderly on her lobe.

“I believe you seduced me, Jo,” I whispered huskily, “and now I’m going to return the favor.”

I grinned wickedly as she moaned and rolled her head to the side.

I planted the meat of my thigh right between her legs so she could grind her pussy on me. I kissed her shoulders and her neck lovingly. She was grinding a slow circle on my leg. I thrust my tongue into her mouth and she returned the kiss passionately.

Slowly I worked my lips down to the valley between her tits. They rose up on either side of me perfectly. I climbed one of those perfect mountains and worked her nipple with my mouth.

I’ve always loved to have my nipples sucked. It always takes me right up to the edge of climax but never in my wildest dreams did I imagine how good it could feel from the other side. No wonder guys go straight for my tits. Now that I know I guess I can’t blame them anymore.

That soft tit and hard nipple felt like it was meant to be in my mouth!

Moaning, Joann told me not to stop. She grabbed my hand and moved it to her little thatch of hair. I took it from there knowing full well what she was wanting. Needing.

Her pussy was sloppy wet. Working two fingers inside her and my thumb diddling her clit I continued to suck on her tits. I could feel her insides squeezing my fingers as she moaned louder and louder.

“God, J, you’re making me come already!” She started to thrash back and forth on the bed.

“Oh oh oh oh,” she howled.

I could feel her spasms and figured I better keep up. After what she did for me I owed her at least that much.

Her belly twitched every time my lips touched her. I gave her my wet fingers to suck on. I know she thought I was going to go straight for her muff but I had other plans.

I turned on her bedside light to get a better view of the action. Her feet were incredibly sexy and I knew I had to have them. Throwing back the covers I raised to my knees lifting and spreading her legs so I could look down the barrel between them.

What I saw as I kissed her feet was simply stunning. First of all her feet were fantastic. But her pussy was nirvana! Never before had I seen anything like that. At least not from that angle. Her lips were puffy and wrinkly. And her inner lips were peaking out glistening in the light from her juices.

I was starting to get frantic as I wanted to be all over her all at once. I knew I couldn’t and it seemed like I might have a panic attack. God, I wanted to eat her so bad but if I didn’t suck her toes now she might not let me later. And what about those heaving tits and rock hard nipples? What’s a girl to do?

I looked to her face and almost laughed at the look of astonishment she showed me. That decided it then. I stared straight into her eyes and licked between her first two toes. Her whole body shuddered and I thought she might come then and there. Somehow she managed to hold it together so I reclined back to lean against a bed post bringing her delectable foot with me. I put her second toe into my mouth and began to suck her off as I slid my foot between her legs.

Her face was a mix of sexual agony and ecstasy all at the same time. Touching her clit with my big toe sent her over the edge.

She closed her eyes and started to scream. I kept sucking and toeing her and she kept coming. She pulled a pillow over her head and really just let go. Maybe fall apart is a better term.

Joann started to sob hysterically. She moved the pillow and a fountain of tears erupted from her eyes and obscenities from her mouth.

Concerned now I asked her if she was okay.

“Okay? Holy fuck, J, I’ve never creamed like that before,” she sobbed.

I moved and saw that she was indeed coming right down the crack of her ass. I leaned forward deciding it was time to taste a womans come that wasn’t my own. Putting my tongue between her ass cheeks my forehead rested on her little patch of hair. I felt the wrinkles of her pucker involuntarily try to pull my tongue into her ass but I wanted her cream so I slowly slid my tongue up her crack to her dripping pussy. As my nose passed through her slit I inhaled deeply. The tip of my nose bumped her clit and she spasmed again.

Finally, my tongue was in her pussy. I had made it to the promised land. I drank her in. swabbing her pussy with my tongue.

Joann was spent. She grabbed my head and pulled me up for another electrifying kiss.

I reflected on my earlier thought of “at least two of us not getting lucky tonight,” smiled and drifted off to sleep.

We woke up the next morning still in each others arms.

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