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Playing Doctor

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It was my friend Sally who first told me about Dr. Williams. I had always felt self-conscious about going to a male doctor for breast and vaginal exams, so Sally told me to try her doctor. She said I’d never regret it. If only I’d known in how many ways she meant that.

I have two kids and have always been faithful to my husband, but what happened to me that day changed my life forever. I had an afternoon appointment and was the last patient left in the waiting room when one of the nurses came in to say the doctor would see me now. I had expected to enter a typical doctor’s office smelling of cough syrup, formaldehyde, and other wierd chemicals. Instead, my senses were caressed by the soft sweetness of lilacs, roses, and orange blosoms–the interesting intermingling of several female perfumes. Paintings of pine-covered mountains, green medows, and beautiful girls relaxing beside ponds and strems lined the walls.

When Sally told me about her lady doctor, I expected to see a fifty-ish Aunt Gertrude type with horn-rimmed glasses and greying hair. I was not prepared for the real Dr. Williams. What waited for me in the doctor’s examining room was a Playboy magazine cut-out of a tall, very well-stacked, very beautiful blonde. Her white smock clung tightly to all her curves and barely covered her rounded ass while she was standing. The tops of her beige stockings were fully exposed as were the lower portions of her garter straps.

I’ve been told that I’m not bad-looking myself, but I felt immediately intimidated by the excessive beauty and just plain sexual luxuriance spilling out of both ends of her smock. Some doctor, I thought. What has Sally gotten me into? The only thing “doctor” about this woman was the stethoscope around her neck and the clipboard she held in her hand.

To add to my confusion, and feeling of intimidation, there was not one, but two nurses: the one who led me in from the waiting room, and another one who was helping the doctor arrange things–and both of them were knock-out attractive. One was a redhead about my five foot eight, and the other was a brunette just a tad shorter and quite petite. Their skirts were as tight and short as the good doctor’s.

My feelings of apprehension and intimidation evaporated as soon as Dr. Williams introduced herself. She shook my hand like a man would, and looked me directly in the eye as she welcomed me to her office. Her smile could’ve disarmed an armadillo. Toothpaste ad teeth glittered between her ruby red lips which parted most invitingly, but in a wholesome sort of way. Such a friendliness and warmth exuded from her face, that I knew instantly she was sincere and that she was someone I could put all my trust in. She made me feel instantly like we were old friends. She could have been a college coed were it not for the tiny crow’s feet crinkling at the corner of each eye as she smiled at me. The crow’s feet hinted at the hours, and years, she had spent poring over medical books. Her green eyes pinning mine, were full of intelligence, love, mystery, and something else, maybe a little mischievousness twinkling in the background somewhere.

“Okay, Mrs. Barnes,” Dr. Williams said, nodding towards the scale against the wall, “first we’d like to take your height and weight.”

As if by pre-arranged signal the two nurses each grabbed a hand and led me to the scale.

I could have walked to the scale on my own accord, and I certainly did not need a nurse, much less two, to help me get up on the scale. But, I must admit, I didn’t mind being pampered so.

As the brunette nurse adjusted the balances on the scale, her shapely hip brushed up against my thigh. Then she leaned forward a bit more and her ass rubbed against the front of my thigh–just below the hemline of my mini skirt. I felt a flush of heat from the contact and knew that my face was reddening. But I couldn’t back away from her without stepping off the scale. Besides, Dr. Williams was standing right behind me with the clipboard and I didn’t want to collide with her.

The redhead nurse leaned in from the other side to read off my weight for Dr. Williams. The touch of her firm ass lightly touching my other thigh just a bit higher up sent another heat wave through me.

“Okay,” Dr. Williams said writing down the figure, “now for her height.”

The two nurses again gently took my hand and led me to the wall where they had a chart of inches and feet painted. They each placed a hand on one of my hips to turn me facing away from the wall. A gentle hand on my stomach guided me back until my butt and shoulders touched the wall. The brunette’s hand lingering on my stomach, even after I was in place, sent chills through me.

I had never felt desires for another woman before, and at this point still didn’t realize what was happening to me. I thought they were just being extra friendly and solicitous because I was a new customer. I had never been pampered so in a doctor’s office before, and I certainly did not mind. What bothered me was why the delicate, seemingly innocent touches of the nurses should send such nice tingles to my pussy. I was afraid that by the time they got to the gynecological exam I would be so wet that they’d all think I was queer or something.

When the redhead began to adjust my shoulders against the wall, she leaned into me just enough so the tips of her well-formed breasts touched mine just above the nipples. To my discomfort my nipples betrayed me and grew erect as if to meet hers. I was afraid she would feel them grow beneath her and stab into her own soft flesh. Thank God for my bra. Maybe she wouldn’t notice my little erections. But what in heaven’s name was I to do when it came time for my breast exam? I had to get a hold of myself before they could see my shame.

The two nurses stepped to the side so Dr. Williams could come up to read my height. With my hands at my sides, the nurses stood so close to me their hips brushed my hands. Embarrassed I moved my hands towards the front of my thighs where they’d be out of the way. Both nurses then filled the space left by my departed hands and slided in even closer to me. Now their hips touched my hips on either side.

Dr. Williams handed her clipboard to the redhead nurse and stepped up closer to readjust my shoulders. “We can’t have any slouching of the shoulders now,” she said with that disarming “we-have-been-friends-forever smile.” She gently pushed my shoulders back against the wall again, and like the nurse before her, she let the tips of her ample breasts rest on mine.

“We must have perfect posture to get an accurate reading of your height, Mrs. Barnes.” She slid her hands off my shoulders and pushed my upper arms back against the wall.

This move expanded my ribcage forcing my tits more up and out–and right into Dr. Williams’ tits. My screaming nipples, poking out my bra, stabbed into her mercilessly. No way could not feel that, bra or no bra.

It was then that I noticed that Dr. Williams wasn’t wearing a bra. Her own nipples jutted out proudly forming little tents in the front of her smock. Though I was burning up with shame and confusion over my own feelings, I found it somewhat flattering to think that I could possibly have been the cause for such a reaction on the part of someone so beautiful, intelligent, and sexy-looking as Dr. Williams.

She looked me straight in the eye, her face no more than six inches from mine. Her green eyes had me mesmerized. I feared that she’d misread the strange feelings I seemed to be suddenly having, yet her warm emeralds for eyes just took me in and made me feel, well, so natural. I mean, like here we were, our breasts touching each others, nipples erect, and she doesn’t seem to be fazed in the least–like it’s all natural?

“That’s much better now Mrs. Barnes,” she said with that smile of hers warming me with its radience and sending new waves of tingles clear down to my toes. “Now keep your hands at your sides.”

“Yes doctor,” I gulped. I tried to do as ordered but the two nurses were in the way of my hands. I had no choice but to let my hands rest against their upper thighs.

Dr. Williams then put her hand against my stomach and pushed in. “Let’s see if we can get your back flat against the wall to make sure you’re not slouching.”

So, there I am, each of my hands resting on a shapely thigh of the nurses, their hips touching mine–the heat from both their bodies beginning to scald me. Or was it my own heat bubbling up from my furnace below? Such confused and shameless feelings I’d never had before. And, then there was Doctor Williams. Our breasts touching so provocatively and her green eyes so open as if inviting me into her soul.

Her lips curling sweetly into a child’s smile she leaned even closer to me to read my height off to the nurse with the clip board. “Five-foot eight and a half inches,” she said, her lips forming a kiss pout as she mouthed each syllable-our faces were so close her lips left a faint trace of hot moistness against my lips sending instant bolts of electricity to my pussy. Her perfume engulfed me taking me to some far away enchanted forest of ferns, fronds, and flowers, to some Alice in Wonderland fantasyland where the ordinary rules and customs of society had no relevance.

All to soon Dr. Williams moved away. She took the clip board from the redhead and then patted the stool stranding next to the examing table. “Okay, Mrs. Barnes, if you’ll just sit up here for a moment.”

“Okay,” I croaked, my voice crumbling from the sudden dryness of my throat, and the trembly weak-kneed feeling tingling my whole body.

The two nurses grasped my hands again and led me to the tall stool. Scooting myself up on the perch, I was conscious of my own tight cotton skirt sliding up my legs. Half way up on the stool was a foot rest and when I planted my feet on it, my knees were higher than my hips making my legs slope up at an angle, and making my poor skirt look shorter still. I was showing as much leg now as the nurses were.

Dr. Williams turned to smile at me again. “Mrs. Barnes, we’ll have to ask you to remove your bra for the next phase of the examination. You can leave your dress on for now, if you are shy about it, but the bra will be in the way. The nurses can help you.”

She turned around to look at some notes on her desk, bending over slightly. I couldn’t help but watch as her skirt slid up her beautiful legs showing more of her garter straps. I felt a perverse thrill when I caught a slight glimpse of bright red panty underneath. But, I also felt terribly ashamed for even looking, and worse, for feeling that uncontrolllable gush of wetness in my own panties. Unfortunately, I didn’t have much time to think about it as the nurses went right to work. They unbuttoned my blouse down to my belly button, their delicate fingers lightly grazing my breasts as they fumbled with the buttons. After opening up my blouse enough to get their hands in, one nurse reached around to unhook the bra strap, then the other one slipped the cups up and away from my breasts.

With trembling fingers I tried to close my blouse back up and rebutton it but that only stretched the material tighter, making my hard-on nipples stand out more. The redhead nurse looked at my nipples poking through the fabric, smiled at me and came up to undo the buttons again.

“We’re sorry Mrs. Barnes, but the doctor would like your front to be open for this part of the exam,” she said as her fingers grazed my aching nipples again.

Dr. Williams came up beside me with her stethoscope. First she placed it on my neck. She leaned against my leg as she listened. Her breasts grazed my arm–those huge erect nipples of hers teasing my flesh maddeningly. She began to move the stethoscope down inside my open blouse. Its coldness against the heat of my body only served to make me more excited. When she reached one of my breasts she slid the scope around the outside of it, then as if preventing my breasts from escaping her probing scope she held a hand against the inside of my breast.

Still holding her hand on my boob, she moved the scope around until it rested over my erect nipple. Then she touched a switch and the scope started vibrating fiendishly against my aching nipple and aureole. She moved the vibrating scope around so it worked my nipple back and forth and up and down, and around and around in circles until the pleasure had just about sucked all the breath out of me. Every square inch of skin on my body burned as if millions of flies with electrified feet were walking over every nanometer of me.

The nurses pressed their bodies in close to mine. When I thought I could stand the teasing pleasure no more, Dr. Williams slid her scope across my chest towards the other breast. To get a better angle at me she shifted her position, not to lean against my other leg, like I expected her to do, but instead she worked her way between my knees, my nylons making a swish sound as her smock rubbed against them. I would have opened my legs wider to allow her more room to do what ever she thought she had to do to complete my exam, but now the nurses were standing too close on either side. My outer thighs were already pressed up against their bodies as tight as could be, while the good doctor was wedged in between the vice of my inner thighs as far up as she could get.

Dr. Williams now worked the outside of my left breast as she had done my right, cupping the inside of it with her hand. Then she placed the scope on the nipple and started the vibrating mechanism again, teasing my nipples every which way.

“Ummmmmmm.” I couldn’t stiffle the moans escaping my lips. The heat of the doctor’s shapely body between my legs was throwing kerosine on my flaming furnace. Just when I was about to lose control and start humping my crotch into her, she turned off the maddeningly erotic vibrating stethoscope, placed the earphones around her neck, and let the scope free fall against her tummy.

“Open your mouth, please Mrs. Barnes.” Dr. Williams said. “That’s it, now stick out your tongue.”

Instead of using a tongue depressor she used two fingers. When she leaned over to look into my mouth, her erect nipples dug into my own making my soaked pussy drool even more. Oh, why couldn’t my husband touch me like these women did? The good doctor ran her fingers all over the inside of my mouth, testing the gums, my tongue, and behind my lips.

“Everything looks good so far,” she said. “But just to be sure, we have to do the taste test. Stick your tongue out as far as you can now, and say ahhh.”


Doctor Williams then stuck her own tongue out and touched the tip of it to mine.

“Ahhhhhhh!” I said again as bolts of lightening crackled through my body at the contact. The hot electricity raced through all my cells and congregated on my pussy. She slowly slid the tip of her tongue up and down the length of mine, sending new shivers of ecstacy through me. The slight movements of her body, as she worked her tongue on mine, caused her rock hard nipples to do a sword dance with mine. Her smock was stretched so tight now by her huge throbbing nipples as to be nothing more than a hint against my naked breasts. Her sparkling green eyes bored into mine hypnotizing me, smiling at me, saying let’s fuck, let’s fuck, let’s fuck.

The nurses each had a hand on my butt right above the stool, while their other hands caressed my shins and calves. Their crotches were pressed firmly against my taut thighs, their heat scalding me.

Dr. Williams worked her tongue all the way up inside my mouth. She placed both hands on either side of my face, imprisoning me, then brought her face to mine. She planted her mouth against mine and sent her slippery warm tongue to exploring deep inside of me. With Dr. Williams pressing into me so hard, the only way I could keep from falling off the stool was to wrap my hands around each of the nurses finding purchase on their firm butts. My legs, finding a will of their own, wrapped completely around Dr. Williams, embracing her, holding her body prisoner to the boiling cauldron my crotch was becoming. Dr. Williams sent her sexy tongue on a heavy duty reconnassiance patrol–it traveled all over the inside of my gums, then between my lips and my outer gums, then back inside my mouth deep throating me, then she wriggled the tip of her tongue againt the roof of my mouth, then she moved her head back and forth causing her tongue to scrape back and forth along the roof of my mouth and I felt like my brains were being fucked. My husband should kiss half this good! I’ve never felt such wild sensations in my entire life. And then, all too soon, it was over. Dr. Williams pulled away, leaving an empty crater between my legs, the lava still bubbling inside of me.

“Prepare Mrs. Barnes for the breast cancer mammary examination,” Dr. Williams said to the nurses as she stepped back over to her desk to put her stethoscope away. Standing there in front of me she bent over to open the bottom drawer of her desk. Her smock slid up even further than before.

By now I was too hot and intoxicated with erotic feelings to feel the shame I felt the first time I got to see up her dress. I could no longer try to deny how it made my pussy tingle to watch her smock slide up those shapely legs, up way past the tops of her stockings, her garter straps, and that firm butt showing under those bright red, tight panties. I wanted so bad to run my hands up and dwon those beautiful legs, and all over that nice rounded ass. Dr. Williams had already secured the stethoscope, but lingered there seeming to fiddle with something in the bottom drawer with her ass stuck up in the air as if beckoning me. Between her legs I could detect more than a touch of wetness on her panties and the sight of that sent new shock waves of heat through me, and a new spurt of wetness gurgled from my hungry pussy.

While I was so enchanted at looking at Dr. Williams’ ample charms, her nurses were fondling me as they undid my blouse the rest of the way. Still bending over, Dr. Williams looked back at me and caught me looking at her. She smiled warmly, and remaining bent over, ran her hands up and down her legs, as if to smooth out her stockings–and it only served to make me drool even more.

As soon as the nurses had my blouse off, Dr. Williams came back to the stool and stood behind me. She stood close, letting her erect, smock-poking out nipples graze my back, then she reached around me to cup both of my breasts. She pulled me back into her so I rested snugly against her huge tits, her erect nipples stabbing me maddeningly in the back. Her hands were all over my tits, probing, kneading, twisting, squeezing. The feeling of her chest working against my back as she breathed sent chills up and down my spine. Her breath, hot and syrupy, flushed my check and rolled down my neck. Her lips lightly brushed my ear as she whispered, “the only lumps I can find on you Mrs. Barnes, are these.” She stroked my nipples, making them stand out even more, then she took them between thumb and forefinger and pulled them way out.

I giggled lightly at her humor–but my pussy knew there was more than humor involved here and it gushed more girl goo in response. As I giggled I turned my face to look into those captivating green eyes of hers and she smoothered my giggle with a kiss. Her tongue probed me, but more insistently than when she was pretending to examine my oral cavity. She pulled back to lick the side of my face. Leaving a trail of tickling moisture on my ear, her lips again whispered, “You are so healthy and so beautiful, Mrs. Barnes. But perhaps my nurses can find what I have missed.”

With that, both nurses started suckling my nipples and fondling my breasts. The had to lean over across my thighs a tad in order to put their mouths on my tits and that caused their own short, tight skirts to slide up showing the tops of their stockings and the bottoms of their butts.

What a cute sight that made, I thought. I couldn’t help but slide my hands down their backs until I was cupping their sweet buns.

“Yessssss!” Dr. Williams hissed into my ear as soon as my trembling hands touched the nurses’ soft ass cheeks. Her arms still wrapped around me, she gave me a hard, encouraging squeeze. As her tongue licked at my earlobe, she brought her hands up to fondle my breasts again, even as her nurses continued to suck my nipples. Three pairs of hands swarmed wantonly over my breasts.

Then the two nurses each placed a hand on one of my legs and caressed my thighs as they continued sucking on my nipples. Their skilful, tantalizing hands crawled up my skirt to electrify my inner thighs as I fondled their butts more brazonly now.

But before they could reach the source of my wetness, and my torment, Dr. Williams broke off the action. “I think we better go ahead and give Mrs. Barnes her vaginal exam now.”

They made me stand up off the stool, and while Dr. Williams kissed me and fondled my breasts, the two nurses slid my skirt down my legs fondling and kissing my legs as they did so. Then they ran their hands all over my panties fondling my butt and cupping my crotch. My panties were so wet by now I no longer cared whether they knew or not. Then the redhead squatted down before me and slowly pulled my panties down while blowing on my crotch. The brunette squatted down behind me to help her partner slide my panties down my legs while blowing hot air all over my ass.

They laid me back down on the examining table so my butt was right on the edge of the table, and placed my ankles in stirrups which held my legs up and splilt wide apart. This afforded the good doctor maximum access to my cunt. Dr. Williams stood between my splayed legs and smiled down upon me. She began rubbing my pussy with her hands and asking me how it felt. When all I could do was moan my pleasure she bent over and began exploring my vagina with her tongue. She stuck her tongue way deep inside and then swirled it around and around and around until my head was spinning and my body began thrashing in mini-orgasms.

While Dr. Williams examined my cunt with her lips and tongue, her two nurses continued to kiss me and suck my tits. After awhile they traded places so each of the nurses got a turn between my legs. Meanwhile, Dr. Williams stood beside the examining table, and bent over to kiss me on the lips again with that cosmo mouth of hers while her body squirmed in her tight smock. Then Dr. Williams climbed up on the examining table and straddled my face. Somehow she had divested herself of her soaked pink panties and now I could look right up into her blonde-framed cunt–her hips and ass bracketed by her cunt. Then she slowly lowered herself over my mouth.

At no time in my life have I ever had desires for members of my own sex, but now, suddenly I found my own head eagerly raising up off the examining table to meet her, accept her. My tongue shot out of my lips and rocketed for her approaching slit. Then, to my surprise, I reached up grabbed her ass and pulled her crotch into my face almost violently. And, there I was, the perfectly straight housewife with two kids licking cunt like a starved kitten at a bowl of milk.

She squated herself down the rest of the way so her steaming, sloppy pussy came to rest firmly on my face. I ate her out like a pro, sucking and slurping and licking. I sucked on her engorged clit, I stuck my tongue deep up inside of her and swirled it around like she had done me, and I clamped my whole mouth over her cunt and just sucked like mad.

Dr. Williams rocked on me, rubbing her cunt into my face. She smeared the smell and wetness of her all over my face intoxicating me further, sending me to new heights. My own body bucked like a stallion, my ankle stirrups snapped in rhythm.

Dr. Williams was sitting on my face, each of my tits was being sucked greedily, and my pussy was being licked. I was so hot and wild with lust I didn’t have any idea who was doing what, and I didn’t care it all felt so fucking good. I did not even notice the extra mouth–I was beyond caring since my whole soul was caught up in this sexual otherworld of Nirvana. I was near. My body thrashed like a fish out of water, I humped my cunt into the mouth sucking it, the owner of the mouth played with my butt.

As the two nurses sucked my tits, I slipped my hands up their skirts to finger their pussies–and enjoyed Dr. Williams rocking herself on my face. But when Dr. Williams’ rocking on my face became too spastic, I had to withdraw my hands from the nurses cunts to grasp Dr. Williams by the hips and hold her down to me. I knew she was as ready to cum as I was, and my firm hands were needed to help guide her, so my tongue and lips could find just the right spot to lick and suck. Her body convulsed and the shock waves from her cunt powered my own building orgasm.

“Godfuckyesssssss!” She moaned.

“Ngghghghgghgh!” I moaned, the sounds muffled by her pussy.

Shuddering and trembling, we both came at the same time.

Only then, after we had both shivered our last shivers, did it dawn on me. Dr. Williams on my face. Each of the nurses on one of my tits. Then who was eating my cunt out?

Dr. Williams stood up off my face and jumped back down to the floor. And, I raised up to see who it was who was still planting gentle, loving kisses on my just spent pussy.

A familiar smiling face raised up from my smoldering crotch.

“Sally!” I gasped.

“Mary,” Sally said, “I’ve been wanting to eat you out ever since we first met. I arranged this with Dr. Williams so I could watch from the closet. But I got so hot watching you guys I couldn’t stand it anymore, so I joined in. I hope you didn’t mind.”

“An hour ago I would have been shocked. But now, after all this, all I can say is I loved every bit of it.”

With that Sally pulled herself up on top of me, kissed my mouth with such urgency I thought the world was going to end. She had already taken all her clothes off, and her erect nipples rubbed against mine and her hot steamy pussy rubbed against mine.

“I must return the favor,” I whispered into her ear pulling her by the ass.

Sally scooted up the examining table until she had assumed the position previously assumed by Dr. Williams, and I licked her out with equal abondon. Dr. Williams and the nurses each took all their clothes off and joined the fun. The two nurses stood at the head of the examining table to suck Sally’s tits while Dr. Williams crawled between my legs again to dine at my cunt.

After another shivering orgasm by Sally and I both, positions were switched and we continued our orgy until everyone had eaten out everyone else, and all were satiated.

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Jim wrote

Good thing this is fiction. Otherwise the good doctor would lose ger medical license for misconduct.