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An Afternoon Spanking

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You’re downstairs reading when I call to you from the bedroom. “Honey, could you come up here for a second? I need your help with something.” You put down your book, mildly annoyed at being interrupted, and walk up the stairs.

“What’s up, Doll?” you ask as you come around the corner into the room and stop dead in your tracks, mouth open slack jawed at the site in front of you.

There I am bent over the bed, legs spread, skirt hiked up exposing my naked ass and pussy to you.

I look back over my shoulder at you and smiling sweetly I say, “I’m sorry to bother you sexy, but I could really use a hand here.”

Your body finally processes what it’s seeing and slowly your brain function returns. You stalk over to the bed where I’m wiggling my ass and growl “What exactly do you need baby?”

I look directly into your eyes when I answer, “I need a spanking.”

I can tell by your face that wasn’t exactly the answer you were expecting, but nonetheless hearing me say that causes your dick to twitch in your pants.

“And I mean a proper spanking- I want my entire ass to be bright red by the time you’re done.” I clarify as I start stroking my clit, rocking my hips back and forth. “I want to cum while you’re spanking me.”

Your cock twitches again, pressing uncomfortably against your pants. Seeing me spread open like that, exposed and waiting for your hands on me is having an intense effect on you. Your dick is pulsing and your hand is tingling, itching to see its red counterpart emblazoned on that porcelain white ass that’s wiggling so tantalizingly in front of you.

You move to my side, lean down and grabbing my hair in your hand you turn my head to whisper in my ear, “You sure?” I moan out a yes and you release my hair. Your cock throbs as you place your left hand on the small of my back and press down, holding me in place.

You look down at me, bent lewdly over the bed, waiting for you to give me what I need, what I only trust you to do. You take a deep breath, lick your lips then raise your right hand and land a solid smack on my right cheek. Instantly you see pinkness blooming on my flesh. Again you raise your hand, this time coming down hard on my left cheek. I moan and gasp as the sting on my ass causes my pussy to convulse.

I can feel the wetness slick between my legs and I want more. “Yes” I moan, “Harder.” You oblige, this time with a firm smack right in the center of my ass. You watch as the pinkness spreads and darkens on my ass. It starts to spread up my back and you know I’m getting really turned on. “Harder!” I groan again. You begin to spank me as hard as you can, with only a few seconds between each smack. The pain and sting of your hand on my ass connects directly to my pussy but somehow translates into intense pleasure.

My pussy is dripping and my wetness is evident on the inside of my thighs. “Oh God, yes! Max, oh harder, please!” I beg you as you continue to strike my ass. It’s bright red all over and feels like it’s on fire. Your hand is stinging too from the intensity of your blows. You stop for a minute noticing the dripping between my legs.

“You dirty little slut!” you growl as you shove your fingers into my soaked pussy. “You really do love this, don’t you?”

“OH GOD!” I moan as you finger me. “Yes! Please don’t stop! Max, please don’t stop spanking me.” You run your fingers along my wet slit, circling around my clit and teasing me before pulling your hand back and smacking my ass hard. Your dick is throbbing and straining against your pants and you’re surprised by how aroused you’ve become while spanking me. You undo your belt to reach the button on your pants to relieve some of the pressure but on hearing the clink of your belt buckle I let out a moan and my pussy gushes between my legs.

You stare at me, my body quivering, my ass bright red propped up on display for you to abuse. You quickly undo your pants and pull the belt out as they drop to the floor. You position yourself behind me so I can feel your hard cock pressing in between my burning cheeks. I start fingering my clit and rubbing my ass along your cock, spreading the wetness of my pussy onto your shaft. With your left hand you grab my hair and turn my head so I can see the belt doubled up in your right hand.

“Do you want this?” you ask me, your voice thick, almost unrecognizable as your own.

Your heart is beating furiously in your chest and your dick is straining in its own skin. My eyes widen as I see the belt. And I do want it. I want it with every ounce of my being- my body is screaming for it but I can’t say it, I can’t say anything. I start pushing back against you faster and harder, rubbing your dick between my ass cheeks until you grab my hair harder- pulling my head around and thrust your cock into my hot throbbing pussy.

You fuck me hard, pounding into me for several violent strokes then suddenly you stop your cock still buried deep inside me and showing me the belt again you demand “Do you want this?”

I stare at the belt in your hand and you feel my pussy tighten around your dick. Finally I nod. In one swift movement, you pull out of me, hold my back with one hand and land a brutal blow to my back side with the belt. I cry out as the excruciating exquisite pain rips through my body and my pussy starts to contract.

You strike me again and my orgasm breaks over me, “Fuck!” I scream “I’m coming! I’m coming! Oh GOD!” My body is in spasm as you land one final blow sending me into wild writhing convulsions. Your dick is dripping and you feel like you might come just from seeing this, from causing this, and you can’t wait one more second. You drop the belt, grab my hips with both hands and thrust your cock all the way into my dripping cunt. You feel me contracting from my orgasm. My pussy grabs onto your cock, milking it, crushing it, prolonging my orgasm and causing you to explode inside me, spraying your cum deep into my pussy, we’re locked together, sweaty, pulsing and aching.

I continue to writhe under you as your cock throbs deep in my swollen pussy. You’re gripping my hips tightly, digging your nails into my flesh as our bodies continue to move together without thought, caught in motion, in our shared pleasure. Finally our breathing begins to slow and you drop down onto my back, your dick still held tightly inside me. You release my hips and flex your hands- they’re sore from grabbing me so hard and from the spanking you just administered.

Slowly, you stand up to survey the damage and wince. My entire ass is a bright flaming red and three welts are rising up across the lower portion of my bottom.

“Oh honey,” you gasp as you gingerly trace my raised flesh. “Lie down on the bed on your tummy- carefully.” You say as you pull out of me.

We both cringe as your body leaves mine, hating the sensation, the loss of the connection. I crawl onto the bed and lie on my tummy as you grab a bottle of lotion off my bedside table. You climb up onto the bed in between my legs and let a few drops of the cold lotion fall onto my ass. Gently you begin to massage the lotion into my skin and you hear soft little moans escape from my lips.

My arms are above my head, face pressed into the pillow and the muffled little moans coming from me make you smile. You had felt bad when you saw how red and sore my little ass looked, you were worried you had hurt me. But of course, that was sort of the point. Now, rubbing lotion onto my hot skin, taking care of me, making me feel better you remember how hard you made me come and hearing me moan again in pleasure you don’t feel so bad.

After you’ve rubbed in all of the lotion, you put a few more drops on my ass. Slowly you rub, using both your hands you pull in opposite directions, opening my cheeks and exposing my ass and pussy to you. You watch as my cheeks spread and reveal my still soaked pussy and my tight little asshole. You continue rubbing, pulling me open and pushing my cheeks together again.

Rubbing me like this you begin to feel a little aroused and you slowly slip your lotion coated thumbs between my cheeks. I gasp and moan as you run your thumbs up and down my slit, teasing my ass and pussy. You lie down on your back, pulling me on top of you while continuing to rub me. Finally you find my tight little hole and press your finger inside. I gasp and turn to look at you but all I see is you, staring down, completely transfixed by your finger in my asshole. Your other hand continues to knead my left cheek while you slowly fuck my ass with your finger.

I start to moan as the feeling of your finger in my ass turns from an invasion to an odd pain/pleasure. My hips start rocking, rising up to meet your finger, so you insert another. I let out a growl and your cock twitches in front of me. I reach down to gently stroke you and lick the tip of your dick where some cum is dripping out. I love the taste of your cum and greedily I begin sucking on your cock. With my other hand I reach between my legs and finger myself, shoving two fingers deep in my dripping pussy, then pulling them out and slowly circling my clit.

I raise my ass up a little, propping myself on my knees to give you a better view while I continue to play with myself bringing myself close to orgasm with your fingers in my ass and your cock down my throat. I start to moan again causing a pleasant tingling on your dick and my hips begin to push faster, harder against your fingers.

“Max,” I pant “Oh Max I’m gonna cum!” I scream as I thrust my ass towards you my pussy and ass already starting to convulse and pulse as you watch. From your position you can see my muscles working, causing spasms to course through my body, causing my pussy and ass to squeeze, tightening around your fingers. I scream out curses, nonsense words as my body humps your hand and I come and come and come. I feel like such a dirty whore, coming with your fingers in my ass and your cock in my mouth and I love every second of it.

Finally I collapse back onto the bed, your fingers still in my ass. I’m breathing hard as I turn to look at you. I can see on your face that you’re filled with lust, that you want to take me again, to fuck me in the ass and I am so ready to feel your cock inside me. I move to the side and sit up. My ass stings a little against the sheets. I crawl up your body, letting my dripping pussy leave a warm wet trail along your legs, stomach and chest. I lean down and kiss you, holding your face in my hands I let my tongue search your mouth, tease your tongue. I so love kissing you. You grab the back of my neck and pull me tight kissing me back in a long slow deeply passionate kiss. As the kiss ends we stare into each other’s eyes and smile.

I reach down with one hand and feel your hard cock still slick with my saliva. I touch myself, wetting my hand with my pussy and reach down again to stroke you. You groan and start thrusting your hips pushing your cock into my hand. I slide down a little so your dick is resting in between my slick hot slit and begin to slide up and down, soaking your cock, teasing you, teasing me.

We kiss again, moaning into each other’s mouths as our bodies slide together. The head of your dick hits my clit at each up stroke and the tip just enters me as we slide back down. I feel your cock throb, trying to push its way inside me each time and my pussy responds involuntarily pulsing back as though it’s trying to pull you in. Your breathing is getting faster, heavier and you start to claw at my back, my breasts. My pussy is hot and slick, aching to have your cock shoved deep inside but we continue to tease each other by rubbing and sliding along each other’s bodies. My clit starts to tingle each time your dick hits it and I know I will come from this but I don’t want to.

“Oh God baby,” I whisper, “you’re going to make me cum this way.”

I see you smile as you say “Good” and grab my hips to thrust me along the length of your shaft.

“No.” I manage to say, half lost in the building orgasm, “NO!” I say again, firmer this time and you stop to look up at me. “Fuck me in the ass, please baby I want you in my ass.”

I tell you this because I do want it and I know you want it too. You need no further encouragement, instantly you’re on top of me spreading my legs open and holding your thick hard cock against the opening to my ass. There’s no need for lube as the lotion my saliva and my juices have lubricated us both already. You stare into my eyes as you press into my ass slowly allowing my body time to accommodate you. It hurts a little at first, as the head of your cock enters my tight little ass and you see me wince, then suddenly you’re inside me and we both groan at how tight and hot and incredibly good it feels.

You begin moving slowly, giving me time to adjust to your huge dick in my ass. I love how dirty it feels having you inside me like this — how the dirtiness makes it feel even better. Your pace starts to quicken and I run one hand down my body to play with my clit. With my other hand I pinch my nipple- rolling it between my fingers. You have both hands on my hips and thighs, pulling me into you as you thrust into me. You start thrusting harder and harder- staring into my eyes the whole time. As we look at one another the world disappears, we are all that exists, all that matters. From far away I hear you moan and feel your body start to stiffen.

I can tell you’re getting close and I want to come with you. “Put your fingers in my pussy” I command and you do. I love it when you touch me. You start frantically finger fucking me as your hips pump furiously into my ass.

“Babe,” you groan, “Grace…” you gasp my name as I feel your cock stiffen in my ass. Hearing you say my name, feeling you about to come causes my pussy to throb.

“Max!” I scream, and suddenly we both erupt, my pussy clamps down around your fingers, my ass squeezes your cock- trapping it inside me and your entire body locks. Wild animalistic sounds are escaping from both of us as we writhe and hump and convulse inside one another. Your eyes roll back and your head lashes as you growl and dig your nails into my hip. I push against you as hard as I can, trying to force your cock deeper inside my quivering body. Finally we collapse and you lay your head on my chest. Sweaty and exhausted you look up at me. I run my fingers through your hair, stroking your head, your neck, your back.

As you lie there listening to my heart beat returning to normal I look down at you and smile while I say “I’m sorry about interrupting your reading.”

You laugh, “Honey, it’s no problem at all- for that you can interrupt me anytime.”

“Good.” I say as I kiss you on the top of the head. “C’mon- it’s time for a shower.”

I grab your hand and wiggle out from under you. We make our way downstairs, grabbing our towels and some comfy clothes on the way. In the shower we bathe each other slowly and softly- making love to one another with every touch. We soap every part of the other’s body and kiss in that slow sexy way we do when we’re totally spent- in that way that speaks of the sex we just had and the sex we know we will have. We kiss as we let the water trickle down over us washing away the soap, pooling in the air tight pockets our bodies make when pressed together. We hold each other, warm and wet in the steam and don’t want to get out. Finally as the water starts to turn cold we finish rinsing and jump out to towel off. Once dry and dressed we walk into the living room.

“If you don’t mind, I think I’m going to do a little more reading.” You say.

“Of course not sweetie.” I respond- “I’ll leave you alone then.” And I start to head upstairs. You grab my hand and pull me back to kiss me.

“Actually” you say, “I was hoping you’d keep me company while I read.”

We walk over to the couch where your book is lying open just as you left it when I called you upstairs. You pick up the book and sprawl out on your back. I climb on top of you, resting my head on your chest. As you read, you stroke my hair and sigh contentedly. I listen to your heart beat, feel your hand caressing me and feel completely at peace. In no time I’m falling asleep wrapped around you — right where I belong.

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