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Gray Iron

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It started with a plate full of food.

It was no different than the plate full I had eaten the night before, or the night before that.

In fact it was no different than any dinner I had eaten for the last fifteen to twenty years of my life.

What made the food in front of me repugnant was… laughter.

I could hear it echoing in my ears even as I looked down at the food.

Looking up from a meal I would have considered delicious just this morning, I turn my head. I look at my dad sitting just a few feet away ladling gravy onto a small mountain of mash potatoes. They’re three large pieces of fried chicken hang off his plate. The glass bottle of beer in front of him sits next to its empty brother. I look to the open collar of his shirt. I can just make out the top of the scar from the triple bypass he had sixteen months ago. I look at his red, flushed face, a good sign his blood pressure is through the roof.

I glance over at my mom with her near equal plate of food. One less piece of chicken, maybe a bit less potatoes. She has a pile of fried okra almost half buried under the side of one of her pieces of chicken. The tall bottle of diet coke sitting in front of her catches my eye.

The laughter rings in my ears.

I look across at my little brother. He’s sure growing fast I hear all the time. Last I heard he’s twenty pounds heavier than I was at his age. I watch him bite into a chicken leg with a frantic haste. Like he has to get to the next leg before it walks away.

The laughter…

Pushing back my chair, I get up from the table.

“Dean? Where you going?” my dad asks around a mouthful of chicken.

Stopping by the door to the dining room, I look back at my family.

“I’m not hungry.” I take a deep breath. I almost feel nauseous as the smell of dinner fills my nose. “I’m going for a ride, I’ll be back latter.”

“Dean? Are you feeling alright?” I hear my mom ask as I start to walk away. “But it’s your favorite.”

“I’m fine Mom, just not hungry.” Looking over my shoulder I walk towards the back door.

“I’ll put it up for you. You can have it when you get back.” She calls after me.

“Can I have his chicken?” I hear my brother ask as I step out the backdoor and walk towards my car.

Getting in I look for only a second at my own reflection in the rear view mirror.

I try to drive away from the laughter, but it follows me faster than my car can go.

Tall glowing sign after sign calls out to me as I drive past them. Offering all manner of gastronomic indulgences. For once none of them appeal.

I pull my car into the little park near the house. It’s often been a place I have gone to eat my lunch. Checking out the girls jogging around the lake. Today it’s a familiar refuge. Walking over I sit down on one of the concrete benches and look out across the water at the floating white ducks.


The humiliation of it comes home with a feeling of sick self-loathing.

If it was just the laughter from this morning I could maybe just let it slip by, but it’s kind of like the straw that broke the camels back. Years of it all piled together to a weight I can no longer bare. Can no longer live with.

I look down at the new fabric of my jeans, a Christmas present, they’re a size bigger than last time I bought pants. Two sizes bigger than last year.

Looking up I see a jogger go past me. His pace slow and steady. As he runs out of sight I get to my feet and take off after him.

I make it maybe a few dozen feet before I start to feel the stitch in my side. I push through that with gritted teeth, then it suddenly feels like I’m trying to suck air through a pillow. I have to stop. Gasping I turn and look back at the bench I was sitting on.

It looks absurdly close.

Panting I walk back to my car and nearly shatter the glass in the door I slam it so hard. I crank the motor and turn the AC up to full blast. The feeling of air hitting my face, an instant relief.

Looking up at myself in the mirror I see the sweat on my brow, the red flush to my cheeks. I feel the throbbing in my ears as loud as a drum.

My stomach grumbles. I look down at it hating it. Hating the feeling of hunger that’s steadily growing.

It’s several minute before I pull out the parking lot and turn towards home. Towards the big meal mom has no doubt saved for me. Providing my brother hasn’t stolen all of it.

As I drive past the strip malls with the half dozen places to eat calling my name like a lover, I see a sign that’s different.

‘Victory Gym’

Why I pull in I have no idea. My hands all, but turn the car into the parking lot by themselves.

Through the wide glass windows I can see the myriad array of weight machines, tread mills, and stationary bikes. I watch the people running in place, or using the other equipment in it’s own way. It’s several minutes before I open the door to my car.

As I step inside I feel the eyes settle on me. As my feet carry me to the wide front desk I see the smirks and hear a few snickers from around me.

The laughter…like this morning.

For half a second I almost run out the gym, but the knowledge I couldn’t get to my car without breathing hard and breaking into a sweat stops me.

The gorgeous lady behind the desk smiles a practiced smile as I sign the member ship papers. I can all but hear her thought as I hand her my credit card.

I take the little booklet from her with my membership card and walk into the gym. I look down at the floor so I don’t see the smirks.

Looking around unsure of what does what I finally make a decision, keep it simple. I watch a guy as he gets up from a bench press and walk away toward the treadmills. Walking over to the weight bench I sit down. The leather is still hot from his body as I lay down and lift my hands up to the bar above me. As I start to push up a pair of hands catches the center of the bar and stops me cold.

Lying on my back I stare up at what is probably the most intimidating woman I have ever seen in my life. Her hair a short iron gray it frames out a face tight to her skull. Her skin is a deep bronze color from many years of tanning. Deep lines run from her nose down the side of her mouth like they were carved there. From either side of her neck stand out large muscles that flow into rounded shoulder and thick arms. Her breast sit tight to her chest under the thin T-shirt she wears. I see the gym logo between them. My eyes go a little further down the waterfall of her stomach then back to her face. Her blue eyes stand out from her dark tanned skin like sapphires.

“How much do you weigh?” she asks me in a voice that has more of a rumble to it than my own.

I swallow, but don’t answer.

“It’s a simple question.” She shrugs. ” I can guess if you like, I’ll probably come close, I just don’t want to insult you if I’m too high.” She gives me a slight smile.

I look away from her face.

“Two ninety eight.” I know it’s really higher, but I can’t say that number.

“I was going to say three o five. Can you do a single pull up?” she asks softly. Her voice doesn’t carry beyond me.

Closing my eyes I give my head a little shake.

“Then answer me this. If you can’t do that what in the hell makes you think you can lift this?” She glances to either side of the bar. “See the big weights? Those are fifty-pounds apiece. You’ll note the four of them. See the two small ones those are twenty fives. You were about to lift within forty pounds of your weight off these pegs, without a spotter I might add, and try to press it without even doing the first warm up lift.”


“You would be the one sorry if I hadn’t seen what you were doing and stopped you. If some how you had cleared the pegs this bar most likely would have come down on you face, or throat. Now get up from there.”

I let go of the bar and sit up. I look down and away from the eyes of the others in the gym. When I glance up at her face I’m expecting pity, but what I see is a frank look of appraisal. Her eyes slowly going from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet.

She looks around and I see the people in the gym find better things to look at.

“Tony!” she calls out to a guy who looks like he could lift the bar I couldn’t with two fingers. “Mind the shop.”

“Sure Vicky.” He gestures to another guy in a gym staff shirt who comes over and takes over spotting for a lifter. ‘Tony’ starts to walk the floor offering encouragement and advice.

“Follow me.” she says with a jerk of her head.

I walk behind her my eyes going to the play of muscles along her calves, thighs, and ass as she walks. I try to make a guess at her age and can’t. Her hair would belong on a woman of forty plus, but the way her body moves says thirty.

We walk into an office and she closes the door behind me silencing the noises of the gym.

“What’s your name?” she asks me taking a seat on the side of her desk. When she crosses her arms across her chest the muscles of her forearms stretch tight and I can see the lines of her veins.

“Dean.” I tell her snapping my eyes up from her now hidden nipples to her eyes.

She looks at me for a second then an eyebrow slowly rises.

“Any reason I shouldn’t know your last name? I can always check your membership papers.”

“It’s Martin.” I tell her looking away from her face and at the walls of the office. I see the bodies that I envy on the posters around me.

“Your parent have a sick since of humor.” She tells me after a second. “So Dean what are you wanting?”

“What?” I ask confused. I look back at those deep blue eyes.

She smiles at me, it softens her face a lot.

“You came into my gym…I’m Victoria by the way. Victoria Corbrit. You came into my gym wanting something. What is it? I seriously doubt it was to commit suicide by weight bench.”

I look over at one of the posters. The guy is massive, but every muscle stands out in clear definition from his body. He looks like he doesn’t have an ounce of fat on him.

“I want to look like him.” I tell her looking at the posters. My eyes flick to her then back to the guy. She follows my gaze.

“That’s five time Mr. Olympia Dorian Yates.” She looks me up and down. “You have a long road ahead of you. Why?”

She shifts her arms till her right elbow is in her left hand and she’s tapping her lips with a finger.

I look down under her gaze.

“I’m tired of looking the way I do.” I say softly.

“Okay, but why now? You have to have looked like that for a long time, what made you walk into my gym to change?”

I swallow.

“A girl.” I tell he glancing up for only a second. I hear a soft chuckle.

“Of course.” She gets up and moves around her desk to her chair. “Have a seat.”

I move to the hard wood chair in front of her desk and sit down.

“You have a story Dean. I like to collect those. Something changed for you today I want to know what.” She rests her hands on the arms of her chair. For a second my eyes go to those two sharp points in her shirt, then I look back down.

My eyes come to focus on my hands resting on my stomach. They are a pale white.

“I saw a girl at the beach last summer. She was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. I was too…nervous to go talk to her. She looked like a goddess on the sand. Tanned like a painter’s hand had done it. I looked like a pale fish’s belly.”

Victoria is looking at me with no judgement in her eyes when I look up.

“I never found the courage to go talk to her.” I swallow past the lump. “I got some money for Christmas. I thought that maybe if I went to a tanning salon from now till summer I wouldn’t look so pale.” I go silent.

After a few minutes of me just looking at my hands I hear her sigh.

“What happen?” she asks softly.

“She was working at the tanning salon, the girl from the beach. When I walked in and saw her I kind of got…nervous, tongue tied. Then I asked to use one of the booths…she looked at me and laughed.”

I fall silent. The laughter doesn’t. It continues to ring in my ears.

She takes a deep breath and looks me over again. She steeples her fingers in front of her chin.

“To begin with you’re going to have to be on a diet. It will be a tough one, full of a lot of foods you won’t like. Don’t get it in your head that you will ever be able to stop being on it either. It will be what you eat for the rest of your life.” She points to the poster. “That’s what that takes. Can you do that?”

“Yea.” I tell her after a second.

She smiles.

“You said that real quick. Think about what I just said. Ten years from now, you look wonderful. Your body is just the way you want it. You’re on a date, at a restaurant. You look at the menu; it takes you fifteen minutes to go through their selection just to find something you can eat. You have to send special instructions to the cook on how it has to be fixed. Hell you might as well not go to most big chain restaurants. All you could order there is water. Still think you can do it?”

More slowly now I nod.

She nods back.

“Okay. Diet alone wont get you to where you want to go. Weights alone wont either. Your going to have to rev up you whole body to new levels. That takes a butt load of cardio. You live near that beach you mentioned?”

“It’s a couple of miles away.” I tell her. My eyes wander to the thick ropes of muscles running down from her hands to her elbow. The veins standing out from the back of her hands.

“Perfect. I want you to start getting up in the morning.” She stops and grins at me. “Before the sun. Walk to the beach, then run in the sand for as far as you can. Then walk back home again. It’s a good warm up, good cardio, then a good cool down. Now your clothes.”

I look down at my blue jeans.

“Till it warms up I want to see you in a full sweat suit. Shirt and pants.” She tapes her desk with a pencil drawing my attention from her body back to her face. “Once it warms up though I want to see skin. You need the sun not a tanning booth. It’s the best vitamin D you can get. Shorts and a tank top. Once your more comfortable with your body lose the tank top.”

I nod. The idea of running, or working out around people without a shirt on bothers me.

She looks over her desk at my feet.

“Running shoes. Buy a good pair, not something a celebrity endorsed.” Her head lifts, her chin points out towards the gym. “Bring you a water bottle and a towel with you when you come here. It’s bad manners to sweat all over the equipment and then just get up and leave it like that.”

I watch her get up from behind her desk and come around till she’s standing in front of me. She is both beautiful and scary as hell all at the same time.

“And you are going to sweat! I promise you that. You are going to be sweating out stuff you drank from your Mom’s tit and every thing in between.” She points to the poster. “Cause that’s what that look takes. Sweat.”

She squats down till were eye to eye.

“I will have to push you, and push you some more, then push you till you break. Then I will push even more and show you just how many pieces you can break into. You want to look like him? You want to look like a Mr. Olympia?” she points at my chest. “You are going to have to all but live in this gym! Can you do that Dean?”




“I can work a person till a drill sergeant would cry Dean. I’m going to have to do that with you. Now what do you do for a living?”

I shake my head.

“I only work weekends. I stock shelves at Wally world.”

“Excellent. Moving boxes for hours at a time. See if you can get on three days, your going to need the money for your diet. Now.” She gestured me to my feet with a single finger. “In the morning I open the doors at six. I want you standing there with sand in your socks.”

Nodding I start to turn away, then her ice blue eyes are just inches from mine.

“When you go to leave look at the two posters behind you Dean. I can make you look like you want to look. I have the knowledge. But you… you have to have the desire. The Will power. I can’t be at your house to wake you in the morning for your run. I can’t make you get in your car to come here. You are going to have to give one hundred percent till you drop. That’s all I ask.”

Nodding I take in the stark beauty of her face. The faint lines by her eyes, the hard lines beside her mouth the only sign of her age. I turn and see two posters of a much younger Victoria. In both she is in a very tiny bikini, posing. A tall trophy stands next to her.

“I place number two in the Ms. Olympia.” I hear her say from behind me. “I was only four points behind the winner.”

I look at the poster see the muscles in places I didn’t know there were muscles.

“See you in the morning Dean. Get ready to sweat. Come on, I’ll get you a copy of the diet your on.”

* * *

I lean on the trash can feeling the air burn a pathway through to my lungs. I stand up and take a deep breath. The days of puking up every thing, but my socks into that trash can are weeks behind. Trying to calm my breathing, I start the long walk towards home. A shiver goes through me as the cool spring air hits my sweaty face. After about a hundred feet I pick up the pace to a long stride walk. Then in a bit more to a slow jog.

Looking up at the stars as they wheel over head my eyes focus on the slowly growing place on the horizon where they are starting to disappear. I finally get my breathing into a steady rhythm.

As I go past a large ranch house I see the homeowner in her thick pink nightgown outside walking her poodle. She’s there every morning. At first the dog barked at me, now it wags it’s tail and want to go for a run with me. She lifts her hand and waves.

I nod and wave back.

Once I’m past her I just fall into the meditative state that the slap of my shoes on the asphalt seems to bring on.

Five weeks. They seem to have flown by and at the same time they were a slow crawl of agony. The mornings waking up to muscles so sore I am crying as I try to tie my shoes. The endless days of Victoria telling me just one more. Okay now just one more after that.

That fucking Bitch can’t keep count for shit.

Twenty reps more often than not becomes thirty.

I jog past my house and look with longing to my car in the driveway.

I switch from jogging to walking, then back again, as I cover the five miles to the gym. This is the first week of this and I already hate it. I’m a zombie of exhaustion when I get to the gym. I remember the horror of the medicine bag work out I did yesterday and thank all that’s holy I wont be doing that again today.

Not that today will be any better. It’s Wednesday…that means Victoria will be training me personally. Unlike Monday, or Tuesday when she leave me to the gentle hands of her trained ogres Tony and Russ.

Those two. Those fuckers could play catch with a truck and they seem to thing that I should be able to do the same.

As I cross Parkway I see the sign ‘Victory Gym’ come into sight. I take a deep breath and ramp it up too a full out sprint!

That last quarter mile… my god! I lean on the back of Victoria’s truck watching the sweat fall off my face to the parking lot like a river. I pant listening to the thunder in my ears.

I look up hearing the doors of the gym open.

Victoria walks over to me with a weight in each hand. She holds them out to me like they’re soda bottles.

“Four times around the gym in a slow walk to cool down, then come inside get you a drink.” She tells me in greeting.

I take the two fifty-pound weights and nod.

It’s a long four laps around the gym. My arms are burning from the weight by the time I go through the door.

I put the two weights back on the rack and go to Victoria’s office to get my gym bag. I grab out the water bottle from yesterday and go fill it at the cooler. I take slow sips. The days of turning it up and then puking it out are also gone.

I lean on the side of a press and watch Victoria doing kettle weights.

The way she moves without effort lifting the fat chunk of steel from the floor up above her head with first one hand, then the other. Almost dancing. I follow the play of her muscles under the tight T-shirt. The way her shorts hug her ass as she maintains her balance. I glance up into the large mirror in front of her and our eyes meet.

“If your rested enough to be checking out my ass, Dean, you can get over here and start.” She tells me without breaking her rhythm.

The padded handle of the weight is soon my worst enemy. That and her in the reflection. I can not for the life of me understand why the sight of her moves me the way it does. She is old enough to be my mom and a fucking tyrant, but damn it…I love the way she make it all look so effortless. The weight she lifts over her head is the same as the one I’m using. It’s brutalizing me. She’s making it look like it’s made of marshmallow.

“Higher!” she barks at me. Her bark is a lot deeper than the poodles and a lot less friendly. “Higher, or go up five more pounds!”

I lift the kettle weight to the full extension of my arm.

“Are you not listening Dean?” she asks.

I stretch out onto my toes as I send the hunk of iron out as high as I can.

“Is she worth it?”

Oh god here we go with this crap. I wish for the hundredth time that I had never told Victoria about the girl at the beach.

“You’re going to have to be in shape to please her hot little body! Come on. Higher!”

My toes leave the mat! I stretch the weight up, bring it down, switch hands and repeat.

“Put a twist in it. Get those hips going. Side to side, side to side. More! Just think she’s on her knees in front of you.”

Fucking tyrannical bitch! That is not an image I need in my head.

My eyes flicker to Victoria and I watch her breasts move under the shirt as she makes it look like nothing. Her nipples are as steel hard as the rest of her.

As the club starts to fill up behind us we keep it going. I hear the music come up as Stacy arrives and starts setting out towels and chalk. I watch her walking around behind us. I see her eyes go to me. That snickering look. It’s been there since day one.

I drop the kettle weight to the mat and step over to the rack. I grab up one five pounds heavier. I all but try to touch the ceiling with it.

“That’s it Dean! Come on.” Victoria copies me. I see some of the regulars enter behind me. They watch us. A few smile at my back. I’m still the fattest person at the club…but?

I don’t hear laughter.


I set the kettle next to the first one and grab up my towel from the floor. I wipe it across my face and hang it across the back of my head as I lean down trying to breathe.

I feel Victoria’s powerful hand come to rest on my shoulder blade.

“Good job, Dean.”

I slip the towel off my head and around my neck. I look up at her in near shock.

It’s one of the few times she’s ever given me praise.

She grins. It makes her face drop five years. Her blue eyes sparkle.

“Take you five, then go do a few miles on a bike.” She tells me.

Fuck, the bitch isn’t even sweating!

I just nod.

I sip some water then go ride a bike to no where for the next hour. I watch the others in the gym. It’s my pass time. The ladies who look perfect and come in every morning to try and stay that way. Running out an hour on a treadmill with their little white wires just a bouncing.

I look over to big Mike at the weights. A bouncer on his way home from the nightclub, he stops here every morning. I’m still in awe of him. He holds the lift record for the Gym, despite the best attempts by Tony and Russ. Mike’s just taking it easy this morning. There’s more weight on one end of his bar than I can lift on both ends of mine.

I watch as Steve comes over and takes one of the bikes. He’s a local sheriff. Not big muscled, but can run for hours at a pace that would kill me in minutes.

“Morning Dean.” He tells me then turns on the video screen in front of him when he starts peddling.


“Getting warmer, probably gonna have a hot summer. As warm as this years starting out.” He says, then gets into the video track he’s riding on.

I think of the tight ass girl from the beach. I still don’t know her name, but she makes snooty Stacy look like a dog. The jogging music heads look like Plain Jane.

“God I hope so.” I say softly.

“Come on Dean. It’s play time.” I hear Victoria say as she walks past me towards the weights. “Oh come on Mike put some Iron on that bar. You look like a girl!”

* * *

The lights go off behind me as I step through the door. I drape the smelly towel over my shoulder not noticing the smell. Every thing I’m wearing has the same scent.

I hear the glass door click as Victoria locks up behind me.

“You did good today Dean.” She tells me as she falls into stride beside me as we walk towards her truck.

I know I did. That’s why I hurt so badly.

“Thanks.” I say softly. I don’t feel like I have the energy to speak any louder.

Victoria gives me a tired grin of her own. She’s paced me more often than not through out the day while still seeing to five other people and running the whole gym.

“How’s the diet? Still getting use to it, or what?” she asks tossing her bag into the back of her truck.

“It getting easier. I don’t even want the foods I smell Mom cooked. Hell most nights I’m so tired I don’t even want to eat.” I confess.

She smiles and nods.

“I been there, but don’t skip those meals. Your body needs the fuel. Family still on you about it?”

“Mom is. She thinks I’m not getting enough to eat.” I flex my toes in my shoes. I’ve just tightened the laces.

“Mom’s are like that. Clean your plate, want another helping?” She grins “Would you like more sugar on your sugar smacks? Rest of the family ok now though?”

“Hell my brother loves it. It means more for him.” I say looking at the lights over head that block out the stars.

“Try to talk to him about that. You know where the road he’s walking is going to lead him, Dean.” She says leaning back against her truck.

“I tried. He thinks I’m an idiot.” I put a foot on the top of one of her tires and stretch out my calf. Then the next one.

“Well give him a few more years. Soon he’ll figure out that girls have tits and the better he looks the more of them will be willing to let him play with them. Hell look what that’s done for you.”

I chuckle.

“How much are you down?” she asks looking me over.

“About almost thirty pounds.” I tell her. The number seems absurdly small for the amount of effort I’ve put in…and yet I haven’t been this small in five years.

“You’ve also put on about twenty pounds of muscle. Starting to look good Dean.” She looks up at the night sky. “It’s getting warm enough lets see some skin from now own. Leave the sweats in the laundry. Tank top and shorts.”

I nod.

“Work with Russ tomorrow. I won’t be here till around noon. Tell him I said chest and shoulders.”


“See you tomorrow, Dean Martin” she grins at me.

I watch her taillights as she pulls out the parking lot.

Taking the ends of the towel in my hands I start the long walk home.

* * * *

The light coat of sweat feels wonderful as the wind rushes past me. I sprint the last hundred yards into the parking lot then skid to a halt. My breathing is a controlled effort, but I’m not winded. Before me is the weirdest sight I’ve seen in the three months I’ve been coming to ‘Victory Gym’.

“What the fuck?” I whisper to myself.

I watch as Tony and Russ come walking out carrying one of the big weight benches. It does my ego some good to see they at least took the weights off it first. As I watch they load it into the back of Victoria’s truck.

“Don’t stand around just holding your dick Dean, come grab some iron.” Victoria comes walking out carrying four empty weight bars over her shoulders.

Confused I walk past her through the side doors of the gym and look around. Several of the weight racks are unloaded.

“Either grab some weights or grab a rack.” Says Victoria walking back in behind me.

I turn and my eyes go to the dark points standing up from her white T-shirt. When my eyes pop up she’s looking at me with a cold look.

“Don’t even fucking think about it. Not that kind of rack! Come on move your ass, I don’t pay you to stand around looking at my tits.”

Reaching down I grab up as much iron as I can carry.

“Victoria you don’t pay me. I pay you.” I walk past her and out to where Russ and Tony are strapping down the weight bench.

“That’s a good thing. I would fire your slacker ass!” I hear her call out from inside behind me.

Tony is grinning at me like a shark as I hand him the weights. He sticks them in the front of the truck bed.

“I would have grabbed the rack.” He says to me chuckling.

“And I would have kicked your ass too. Dean… more weights. What, you need coffee to get you moving this morning?”

Shaking my head I go back inside and start making trips. The fifty-pound weights soon have my arms burning.

“What are we doing again?” I ask Russ as I hand up the weights.

“It’s Saturday.” He tells me like that will explain everything.

“Ok that’s enough on my truck your going to break my axles. Load the other racks into Mikes bus when he shows up and you two get the rest of the weight into the back of yours. Dean hop in my truck were going for a ride.” Victoria walks past me and opens her door.

I stand like I’ve had a weight bar hit me in the head.

Victoria is carrying a purse!


I’m barely into the cab when she pulls off.

I look back over my shoulder at the load on the truck.

“Were the weights getting musty? Do you take them for a ride to let them air out?” I ask, the confusion of the morning getting the better of my manners.

Victoria chuckles then gives me a look.

“Just because your named after a comedian doesn’t mean you should quit your day job Dean. It’s Saturday.”

I look at her for a second, expecting more.

“So Russ told me. I’m still not sure what that has to do with the price of peacocks in Australia.”

She chuckles again.

“Better. I thought I told you about Saturday? Well after it warms up we get the weights and go to the beach every Saturday. At least when it’s not suppose to rain. All the local Gym owners do it. The business is slowed down enough at this time of year, hell every one else is going to the beach we might as well.”

“So you close the gym every Saturday?” I ask confused.

“Oh hell no. I would lose a lot of money if I did that. No Stacy runs the shop. It’s mostly the girls coming in to run the tread mills. Most of the weight lifters come down and play with us near the sand.”

I look out the window and see my car in the drive way go past. A few moment’s latter the ranch house with the poodle slips behind us.

“Were going to the beach I just ran from?” I ask watching the familiar road signs go by.

“Know another one around here?” she looks at me and smiles. “There is only the one ocean, nearby”

As she pulls into the parking lot and shuts off her truck I can see my footsteps still in the sand from my morning run.

“Every Saturday?” I ask slowly turning to look at her.

“Unless it rains.” She grins at me. “Come on lets get it unloaded before the others get here. Up and out, I’m not paying you to sit on your ass.”

“Victoria you don’t pay me!” I tell her as I step out the truck.

“The hell I don’t. Here I’ll show you.” She steps around to my side the side of the truck. My eyes again drop to the dark quarter size places showing through her white shirt. Her hands come up quickly and she thumps both of her nipples. They instantly perk up another half inch.

“There you just got a raise. Now come on the other will be here soon. Help me with the rack.”

I look from her face back down to her nipples. They’re now standing tall out from her breast.

“Don’t even think about it.” She tells me with a grin.

Chuckling I start to undo the straps holding down the weight bench.

I soon come to love Saturday. The work out is more often than not harder, and some of the other Gym owners can be a bit much to take a lesson from.

But on that day… Victoria…she’s just fun to be around.

* * *

“Come on Dean!” Russ calls from the side.

“You got it, man.” says Mike looming beside Russ.

“You good?” asks Tony standing over me spotting. His body blocking the sun.

“Yea.” I grunt out the word as I push the bar up off my chest for the sixth time. I can feel the trembling start, as I need the top of the lift. I see Tony get ready to take the weight.

“Yes!” I feel my elbows lock at full out.

“Good job.” Say Tony helping me slip the weight back onto the stand.

Sitting up I turn and look at the weight on the bar. I shake out my hands. It’s the most I’ve ever lifted.

It’s the amount I weighed when I first walked into the gym five months ago

I hear a metal clang behind me. Turning I see Victoria walk around Tony and slip another ten on this side

“You in my chair.” She tells me looking down.

I hop up and step back from the bench.

“Spot for me Dean.” Victoria calls out as she slides into place, under the bar.

I walk around past Tony and stand behind the bar my knees near her head. I watch her chalk white hands take a firm grip on the bar. Mine hover over the middle ready.

The bar lifts smooth off the stand and she brings it out over her chest with barely a tremble in her arms. I watch the muscles of her chest push her breasts up and into the middle as she brings the bar down. When it touches her nipples I see the strain in her face. It comes back up with a smooth return. Then down and up, down and up.

I watch Victoria cleanly press the bar for a full ten reps. Even on the last one I can only see the begins of a strain starting to form. I help her guide the bar back into place.

“Dude you just got out done by someone with tits!” says one of the guys nearby over the applause.

Victoria stands up and looks at the guy. She dusts off her hands with a clap and grabs the bottom of her shirt.

“Don’t you know boy? Tits always win.” She grins.

The quick flash of her chest sends whoops and wolf whistles across our corner of the beach.

I catch only a second of the display, then her shirt is back down hiding the dark aurora and the tight points from my eyes. I hand Victoria her towel with a grin.

“If you little people are done playing I need my dumbbell back.” Says Mike in his deep rumble. He doesn’t quite lift the three hundred and twenty off the stand one handed, but it isn’t far from it either. I watch with a shake of my head as it totes it like a toy back to where he was lifting.

I look at Victoria’s smiling face.

“Good job Dean, I’m proud of you.” She tells me just loud enough for me to hear. “Come do some curls with me.”

I follow her over to the corner of the parking lot that we’ve turned into a little Muscle Beach for the weekend. Looking over at the white sand and the people lying in the sun, I feel its heat on my bare back. It’s been such a warm year, even here in May; it’s hot enough to get a good tan. I know. I have the beginnings of a very good one.

I pick out a bar with a low weight and start doing curls. I don’t really bother to keep count. With this little on the bar I’ll do them till I can’t.

I look over at Victoria; she has half again the weight I have and is making it look effortless.

“Damn you make it look so easy.” I tell her with a shake of my head.

“Well thank you.” She smiles. “I’ve been doing this since before you were even in your cradle though. I should be making it look that way. Besides helping you has gotten me back into better shape.”

I look up at a car as it pulls into the lot a little ways away from us. I see the door open and I was right. The flash of blond hair was who I thought. I don’t notice I’ve stopped till I hear Victoria.

“Is that her?”

I glance at her, then back towards the car. I watch the other girls get out and the group of them take off down the beach with baskets and blankets.

“Yea that’s her.” I say softly watching my dream girl’s ass in the tiny blue bikini.

“You have good tastes. She looks very nice.” I hear her say through a slight grunt.

Seeing Victoria curling her bar I go back to doing the same with mine. Part of me wishes I had more weight on mine now in case the girl looks over our way.

“You going to go talk to her?”

I look away from the woman of my dreams and fantasies. I start pulling the bar to me with more effort.

“No.” I pull the bar up hard, lifting my chin out the way. “Not yet.”

“Why not?”

“I’m not ready yet.” I tell her. I sit this bar down and pick up one with as much weight as she has. I almost instantly feel the burn as I start to curl it to my chest.

“You’re a hell of a long way from where you were.” She tells me. She stops and lets her bar rest at her waist. I watch her one hand at a time shift her grip. “The love handles are long gone, hell you got the beginnings of a six pack starting. Pecks look well-defined, shoulders good. Waist trim, thighs lean. You’re not bad at all Dean. Six more months and a bit more intensity and you could compete if you had a mind too.”

I watch Victoria’s chest move as she brings the bar up to her chin with the new grip. I copy her and do the same.

“I want to look my best. First impressions and all that.” I grunt through the effort of curling the bar.

“Well don’t wait so long you let her get away. Tight piece of ass like that gonna have a lot of swinging dicks after it.” Her face splits into a grin. “Speaking of which, Dean if your going to be spotting, you need to either wear underwear, or tighter shorts.”

I turn to her my jaw dropping open. I see her grinning at me like the cat that eat the canary.

Her bar drops and dents the asphalt.

“Fuck all this. I do this for a living. I’m going to go get my suit on and go for a swim.”

I watch her walk away, as I slowly mange to close my mouth.

“You coming in with me? ” She asks looking back over her shoulder. “It can’t be that cold.”

I nod.

Sitting down the curled bar, I walk over to my car. I grab out a larger drink and gulp some down. I feel like it almost runs out my pores second after I swallow it.

“Mike I don’t care how much weight you want to lift put my truck down.” I hear her call out.

I laugh with the rest as I grab my towel. Looking over at her I hear another round of wolf whistles as she pull off her shirt and fishes out her bikini top from inside her truck.

“Oh shut up! Half of you guys have bigger tits than I do!”

I watch her tie together the small bits of floss she calls a bikini top and step out of her shorts. What she’s wearing is just this side of legal for the state.

In a strip club maybe.

I walk with her down to the water feeling the eyes of the whole beach coming to rest on her and by proxy myself. I glance over at the blond I want so badly and see her looking at Victoria. I shift my eyes away when she looks towards me.

Victoria drops her towel and steps out of her sandals. With a whoop of joy I’ve never hear the likes of from her she runs the last few steps into the surf and dives under the waves.

I see her short gray topped head pop out the water ten feet out as I’m stepping out my shoes.

“Come on you wimp the waters great!”

Even as warm as it’s been May is a little early to be in the water here. The sound I make as I hit the frigid saltwater is closer to agony.

I swim out to where she is floating maybe twenty feet off the shore. She pops up and looks me in the eyes as I get near.

” Dean I have a new thing for you to start doing.” she tells me treading water.

I inwardly groan, but don’t let it show on my face.

Not to her.

“When you come to run here in the morning, I want you to go for a swim as well. Swim out to the end of the pier and back. The run to the gym will dry you off.” She turns and looks back towards the beach. “Make sure you shower off the salt at the gym before you start to work out though. Bring you an extra pair of shorts in your bag.”

“Okay.” I tell her already feeling my body start to shiver from the chilly waters.

“Come on, I’m getting cold. Race me to the end of the pier and back.”

I watch her take off through the water like a shark. I follow as fast as I can after her.

The water is twice as cold the next morning.

We go swimming again the next weekend, then the one after that. It takes a while, but I finally beat her to the end of the pier.

* * *

“I’m Patricia.”

I kneel down and smile as the little white poodle licks the sea salt from my fingers. I look up at her owner. Standing up I shift the backpack a little and offer her my hand. Her fingers feel soft and warm in mine.

“I’m Dean.”

My eyes do a once around of her. The pink house robe of winter is gone now. The thin dressing gown she’s wearing now covers a small white slip and from what I can see nothing else.

“I’ve been watching you run past for seven months now. My god the change in you. When I first saw you I was afraid I was going to have to call you an ambulance.”

I chuckle.

“Those first two weeks I could have used one.” I shift the backpack again. Trying to get it to a comfortable spot is a losing effort, but I still try. The weights shift against each other with a metal ring.

“Good lord what are you carrying in that thing frying pans?” she asks with a puzzled smile.

“Weights.” I tell her reaching down to scratch the dogs ear as it stands up on my leg.

“Gypsy down girl. Sorry about that. Weights? How many?” she asks looking me up and down. I notice her eyes settle on my crotch eyeing the tight shorts for several seconds. The still damp cloth clings to me.

“Just two.” I give a shrug and feel the weights finally shift back to a comfortable spot. “My trainer has me caring them to help build more leg strength.”

“Whatever for? Your legs look wonderful.”

I watch her eyes slowly rise up me to my face.

I give her a slow smile back when she meets my eyes.

“Could I get you anything. A cold soda maybe?” she asks with a smile.

I watch her run a finger down the dog’s leash with an absent look as she eyes my chest.

“Water would be wonderful.” I tell her as she snaps her eyes back up to my face.

“Well, come on in.” She gestures towards her kitchen door. “Come on Gypsy.”

I hesitate for a second.

“It awful early I wouldn’t want to wake your husband.”

“Oh I’m not married Darlin. Oh yea just leave that there by the door. Oh my!” the two fifty pound ‘bar’ weights clang together as I sit the backpack with them down. “Now give me just a second to put my little girl up and I’ll get you some…water you say?’

“Water would be great.”

As she takes the dog on it’s leash away I look out her sliding backdoor to the large hot tub on her back deck.

A few moments later I hear bare feet on the tile floor behind me. In the reflection of the door I see her take a breath and let her night robe drop to the floor.

Then the slip!

“Sure there’s nothing other than water I could get you?” she asks with a soft purr.

Victoria is hard as hell on me all that day for being late. She threatened to add a third weight to the backpack if I don’t start showing a marked improvement.

After the second week though she starts to give me compliments on my growing stamina. I tell her I think it has to do with the new addition to my morning workout.

She looks at my grinning face for a second then shrugs.

She also adds a third weight.

* * * * *

There is a smell in the club. It has become a very familiar scent over the last three weeks. The full blast furnace heat of late July and August has the AC over powered. Victoria has a dozen big fans going in the corners to help with the heat.

Everyone is sweating.

Even Victoria.

I watch her as she glistens under a shiny coat of it. I watch her from my place on the bike as she squats down to show a newbie how to do weight aided leg lifts. Her small white shorts are as soaked as the rest of her clothes. They hug her muscled hips with a lover’s embrace. The hard curves of her ass stand out in tight bundles of pale white.

She looks up and sees me. She shifts her eyes over to a piece of equipment. I nod when she looks back.

I get off the bike and move over with her to the incline sit up boards. I hook my feet under the one next to hers and together we curl up together. My eyes keep going to her wash board flat stomach with its defined rows of muscles. The rise of her breast under the thin shirt. The round points of her nipples showing through the staff shirt she’s wearing.


I look away quickly afraid I’m going to be chastised for starring at her.

At the bottom of her board she stops and looks over at me.

“Been thinking about tell you this for a week now, but kept putting it off.”

I roll up with her and we hold at the top.

“Your ready Dean. You still have a lot of room to improve, but you are at a very good place now.” She slowly rolls back down. I do the same. “I want you to go to the beach tomorrow and get you that little blond you’ve been wanting. If she doesn’t like you the way you look now…well she’s an idiot. Your there.”

I watch her sit up and catch the foot pegs. Her feet come down and she straddles the board. I watch her lean against the sweat-stained wood.

She looks me up and down as I do the same.

“Hell Dean you could probably have her tonight if you wanted, or any other girl for that matter. I’ve even seen Stacy giving you the eye.”

I chuckle at that.

“Knowing what I know about her now, I don’t know if that is a compliment to my masculinity.” I say with a grin.

Victoria looks over to the young lady.

“She may be a lesbian, but she’s woman enough to know what a handsome man looks like.”

Victoria looks back at me and grins.

“Go home. Get a shower and go home. Get you plenty of rest.” She swings her leg over the wood and stands up. When I do the same she places a finger on my bare chest. I watch as she uses her hand to measure out my muscles. “Tomorrow go to the beach and use this body your effort has made to get you that hot little piece of ass.”

“It’s as much your effort as mine.” I tell her looking at her face. For just a second I see her look like I’ve never seen her. Old.

Her face split into a grin and she looks ten years younger.

“Oh so your saying I should get a piece of her as well? Sorry I don’t swing like Stacy.” She slaps a hand flat on the large hard muscle of my chest. It’s a gesture that would not be out of place on a horse trainer.

“Thanks for everything Victoria.” I say softly.

“Vicky.” She smiles. “You’ve earned it. Now, go do her hard and do me proud.” her hand leaves my chest. “Now git, I’ve got work to do. I’ll see you day after tomorrow.”

“See yea.” I tell her departing back.

“Russ, Tony, Mike! Would you three idiots stop playing catch with my Nautilus machine!” I hear her call out laughing.

The sand is hot enough to be warm even through the soles of my sandals. I get up from my towel when I see her car pull into the parking lot. Slipping my shoes to the side I walk without letting the flinching show down into the surf and swim out towards my buoy. The one I touch every morning. It’s blinking light guiding me in the dark before dawn.

Treading water out there I look back at the pier so far behind me. The end of it once was so far away as to be unobtainable. Like the body that now powers me towards the girl I’ve dreamed about for a year. I pass the end of the pier, then body surf into the shallows. I stand up and slick the water back from my face. I feel it sluice out my hair as I walk up the wet sand.

The blond is standing by my towel. Her eyes are all over me as I walk up towards her.

Her body is, I notice, a thing of beauty…yet? I look at the curves of her hips, the large round breasts that hang like two perfectly tanned monuments to sex. And Yet?

I look up to her face. Those dark eyes under that head of blond hair. She is by far the most gorgeous woman on the beach.

And she knows it.

I watch her take a deep shuddering breath and look up at my eyes.

“Hey there.” She says in a soft voice as she licks her lips.

“Hello yourself.” I answer with a slow smile spreading across my face as I realize Victoria was right.

“I’m Melody. I’ve watched you out here…those days when you are lifting weights. You always go swimming with that Amazon looking lady with the gray hair.”

I look up the beach to where some of my friends have shown up and like every Saturday are getting weight benches off the backs of trucks.

“I’ve seen you here with your friends.” I tell her. I hear a hard edge in my reply I didn’t intend to put there. Maybe it’s her description of Victoria?


“Yea, I pointed you out to them. My friends all said you were really cute. Hey!” She give a kind of bounce that makes her tits jump and strains the strings of the suit she’s wearing. “One of my friends has this boy friend and he’s like going to bring a barbecue grill out here soon. Were going to be cooking out and drinking beer for most of the night. Would you like to come as my guest?” She looks up from my chest and smiles. “What did you say your name was?”

“It Dean..” I tell her watching her face. “Dean Martin.”

Her laughter rings out and hits my ears with a memory that is far from pleasant.

“That’s so funny! Oh my lord I love that.” She gives me a big grin and flips her long hair to the side. “So can I tell them to put a few burgers on the grill for you?”

A face comes to me and in a second her laughter fades from my thoughts. I look down at her.

The soft curves of her hips, the roundness of her breast, the fat little bump of her ass. A goddess on the sand, I described her once. Tanned like a painter had done it.

Like that chicken dinner eight months ago I suddenly have no taste for what’s in front of me.

“Sorry, but I’ve got somewhere to be. It was nice talking to you though…Melody did you say? Nice meeting you.” I look at her blinking face as I pick up my towel and walk over towards the guys I know.

I see the two brothers with their Harleys come pulling up. They catch me in a hard hug as I get close.

“Dean, god damn it’s good to see you.” says Jack the older of the two twins.

“You going to be lifting with us today?” asks Billy. He looks past my shoulder toward the girl on the beach. “Or are you going to be lifting a softer weight?”

They grin at me.

I shake my head.

“Actually I have something I have to go do today.” I look back across the beach to where Melody is standing talking with her friends “And it isn’t her.”

I look around and see Tony’s big suv pull into the lot with Russ in the passenger seat.

I wave to them both as I walk to my car.

It feels strange to be in my car on this road. I go past Patricia’s large ranch style house. Memories of dozens of mornings in her bed and more than a few nights in that hot tub out back come to me.

I drive past my house. I see my Dad sitting on the front steps wiping his face with a towel. My brother looks equally miserable as he mows the lawn. The doctor telling my mom that dad had already had a micro stroke and was headed for a full blown one had all three of them on diets.

I go past the apartments where I have my own place now. I look at the swimming pool I’ve yet to use, but plan too. I see the landscaping crews hard at work under a shade tree. The ‘can in the bag’ they each have shouts that the hedges will be uneven again.

‘Victory Gym’

I park my car next to the truck with the gym logo on the side of the door.

I look through the front glass and see it empty as I walk towards the door. In the back I can see a pair of hands lifting a bench press bar into view.

As I step inside the smell of sweat both old and new it there like always. I hear the sound of breathing from the back as I turn the sign by the door to ‘closed’. I flip the little latch on the door before I walk to the back.

Victoria is lying flat on the bench her legs open and braced on either side. I look at the powerful play of muscles groups as she lifts ‘whole body’. I can see there is easily two fifty plus on the bar.

She is soaked in sweat.

The temperature in the gym is struggling to stay out of the nineties as the outside has climbed well into the triple digits.

I see the confusion on her face as I step into view. She slows her lifts, but doesn’t stop.

“What are you doing here Dean? Your suppose to be at the beach chasing tail.” She lifts to full, then back down. I see a drop of sweat pool under the bar and then drops back to her soaked shirt as she lifts it away from her nipples.

“I was there. I talked to her. Her name is Melody.” I watch the way her arms flex through the lift, the different muscles at work taking in turn their effort.

“Dean don’t you tell me that after all this time and effort you didn’t get the girl.” She pushes the next one up with a sign of strain starting to form. I watch it go back to rest on her breast. It rises even slower.

I step around to the side of her a little.

“No I just decided…” as the bar goes back down I swing my leg across her middle and straddle her body. When the bar come to rest on her breast my hands are on top of it. I stop its rise as I lean forward. “That it wasn’t a girl I was wanting.”

My face is inches from her; I look into her round startled eyes. They shine up at me from her dark tan like pools of icy blue water.

“It was a woman.” I tell her with a smile.

I feel her surprise through her lips as I lean in and kiss her. There is a second or two when I don’t feel anything from her, then a second when I think she is kissing me back.

Then her head turns and her lips are take from me.

“Dean let me up. The joke was funny, but really… me? You expect me to buy that for even a second? I’m old enough to be your mother.” She looks back up at me and her face splits into a grin. A grin that I have come to love because it makes her seem so very young to my eyes.

She starts to push up on the bar. Her muscles bunch and the bar rises.

Eight months of hell have given me the power to push it back down against her full strength. I see the shocked look on her face take away the grin as the bar comes back to rest against her nipples. Then I feel the muscles in my arms and shoulder and chest suddenly have to pop up to hold her massive power at bay as she doubles her effort to lift the bar.

“Dean let me UP!” she tells me sharply.

I slowly shake my head.

“Victoria…Vicky. In the time I’ve known you I have been intimidated by you, afraid of you, hated you! I’ve been envious over how easily you make what’s killing me seem. I’ve watched you joke around and out do guys twice your size. In all that time one thing has come to stand out even over the respect I feel for you.”

I feel her slowly back off against her side of the bar just a bit. Her eyes are taking in my face with a confused look. Her eyes blink as I smile at her.

“That I love you. I love spending every moment of my day with you. I love watching you, competing with you, listening to you.” I look into her deep blue eyes; I see a twitch of humor at her lip, a crinkling of the fine lines by her eyes. “I love you, Vicky.”

I feel the pressure of her slowly leave the bar.

“And as for your age…”

My stomach muscles and the full power of my chest take up the strain of the odd lift as I bring the bar up, off her and set it on the stand. The two hundred pounds hit the metal stand with a clank that echoes in the empty gym.

“I really don’t give a fuck about it.” I tell her as my hand goes to the back of her neck. I pull her up, as my face goes down.

This time as out lips meet there is no hesitation, no confusion.

I feel her kissing me back!

Her arms, slick with sweat, hard with need come around my sides. Her strong finger dig into the thick trapezius muscles that she helped me to have. Her lips are driven into me as she gains a leverage.

I swing a leg out and over her even as I catch her under her thigh. I lift her up off the bench with an ease that startles me. Her powerful legs wrap my hips and her arms encircle my head. I feel her tongue enter my mouth with a fierce demand for attention.

Holding her to me I lose my balance for a second and we half stumble into one of the weight racks. Her foot slips from my hip, catches on one of the pegs and steadies us. Her weight taken from my hand I slip it up across the ripple of her stomach and under the thin shirt to her breast. The muscle underneath it flexes, driving it into my hand. I tighten my grip as I feel her nipple slip between two of my fingers. I love the feeling of her moaning against my mouth.

Vicky pulls back away from my lips and looks into my eyes as I softly knead her breast.

“You may regret waking up this part of me Dean. It can be just as demanding as the rest of me.” I smile as her face splits into that beautiful grin. I see it leave with a gasp as I slide my hand up from her ass to her side, catch the top of her shorts and rip them in half. Her eyes light up with a fiery lust and I feel her fingers dig into the collar of my shirt. “Okay, like that then!”

Cotton splits like tissue paper under her hands, then her fingers are in my hair. She pulls my head back. I shiver as I feel her lick down my chin across my neck. I shiver again as I feel her sucking on my Adam’s apple.

I move my hand from her breast and catch the other side of her shorts. They drop off her and down her ankle. They fall from her foot as I dig my fingers into the hard cheeks of her ass and take back up her weight.

I watch for a half a second her strip her shirt off over her head as I walk us the ten steps towards the wall.

Her naked body slams the mirrored wall hard enough that if it had been glass it would have shattered. I hear and feel the gasp from her, then a moan as my cock, hard as steel, is driven against the cloth of my shorts and presses against her pussy.

Victoria leans back away from me and against the glass. She looks down at my face and smiles.

“Dean? Lets try not to break my gym.” Then the grin is there and I feel her feet and legs shift from around me. I feel her thighs flex!

I’m driven back away from the wall and into the side of one of the weight machines, with her ridding me. I trip over a medicine ball and we tumble together to the padded floor. I feel my cock almost tear a hole through my shorts as she crashed down on top of me.

Gasping for breath for a second I see her sit back and then reach down. I feel the cotton running shorts I’m wearing go the way of her clothing. Her hands tear them from me, then fasten around my cock!

“Oh god Vicky!”

I open my eyes to find her just inches from my face.

“What the hell makes you think you can handle me young man?” she asks then licks my lips with her long tongue.

I catch her arms in my hands and roll us over. I shift my knees on the mat and drive her thighs up with the power of mine. I catch the back of her knees in my hands, my fingers digging into the sweaty skin. With near primal cry I bury myself into her!

“Oh Dean… of fuck yes my god, Dean. Oh it’s been to long since I felt a man do that.”

She wraps her arms around my neck and pulls me down to her lips. As our mouths seek satisfaction… or maybe supremacy from the other our bare chests meet. I start to pump slowly into her tight body, feeling the warmth engulfing me.

I look down as I feel her tighten something in her lower abdomen and a ripple of sensation runs up my cock!

She smiles up at me and does it again. Then harder. I feel her hips bucking up to meet me as she uses the power of her back to roll her hips into me.

Sitting up a little I lean my face into the sweaty warmth of her calf muscle and just look into her face as I fuck her and she fucks me.

“Oh I love you.” I tell her in a breathy whisper.

“I love you too Dean. I will love you for a long time to come… but for right now I would save my air if I were you. This workout is only just getting started.”

I find myself suddenly on my back looking up at her. How I got there is a total mystery, but somehow she turned us both.

I grunt as she slams her pussy down taking another inch of me into her.

“That’s right! Yea.” She starts to grind herself on top of me. I feel the whole length of me sink into her, then the wonderful thing that she can do with her lower muscles starts to massage the sides and bottom of my cock. The top and head feel like their being rubbed raw as she rides my cock against her pelvic bone.

My hands run up the sweaty skin of her hips, across her abbs, then up to her nipples. I pull at them as she arches back. I hear a long deep-throated moan echo through the empty gym.

Cupping her whole breast as she leans forward our tongues entwine as her mouth meets mine again. Her hips lift and smack back down in a rapid-fire motion that feel incredible.

Sitting back up she slows her grind to a near halt and grips me tighter than any woman ever has! My face must look astonishes cause I see her smile as I feel myself being stretched out by the tight grip of her on me. Finally the slick wetness of her lets me move a little. Then a little more. This continues till I’m almost out.

I scream out as with a force that has to be felt she drives me back through those constricted muscles and to the very back of her.

Mine isn’t the only scream.

I feel powerful shivers running through her thighs, then they clamp down on my hips with painful force. Her fingers dig into my shoulder, the nails I know draw blood and bruise me as she lifts her body up from my chest.

“OH My fucking god Yes!”

I watch and clutch at her as she cums on top of me with a violence that can only be endured. I dig my hands into her hips trying to keep myself inside her.

I love the look on her face! Her eyes shut, nostrils flared, mouth open. Her breasts jump with each breath as I see her gasping for breath for the first time in this gym. I gently caress her sides and hips, loving the feel of her wet skin.

Panting Victoria leans down and comes to rest on my chest. I feel her sweat dripping onto my skin and merging with my own. The mats under my back feel slick with it. Tiny shivers run through her as I hold her to me. Ever so gently I roll over taking her with me.

I look down as I start a slow and even thrusting into and out of her. She doesn’t feel tight now. Just warm and deliciously wet. Very slowly I see her eyes open and come to focus on my face. Her hands gently brush hair from around my eyes. I love the smile that spread out as she watches my face.

“You had the chance to get to fuck that sexy little piece of eye candy and you chose to be with me? A forty one year old gray haired lady with small tits.” She shifts her hips opening herself up a little more for me. I sink in that extra inch on the next stroke. I see her give a little gasp as I bottom out inside her. “Your one strange young man Dean.”

I chuckle.

“With a name like Dean Martin… what did you expect.” I tell her as I push into the wet warmth of her body.

The feeling of her laughing is so very intense and wonderful along the length of me that I feel myself take that last step. I shudder a little as I feel it start.

“Oh my, Oh cum for me. Please come for me.” I feel her hands brushing my face. Inside her I feel the play of inner muscles start against me.

“Victoria….” I shudder out her full name as I start to shoot. She pulls me down and clutches me tight to her as I cum and cum and cum. I nearly scare myself with how long it goes on.

Her hands are soft, gentle as they caress my back and sides. Her arms, the muscles hard even when not tensed, brush my sides as she slides her hands down my back and grips my ass. I’m still hard as she pulls me into her and holds me at her full depth. I feel a single shiver that tells me she’s cumming again. Like the fluttering of butterfly wings it’s small, but I know from what I’m feeling it’s the beginnings of a hurricane of more passion rising up from her. Then it stops!

Her eyes pop open. I can see first a thought, then a bit of humor cross behind her eyes.

“Dean, my lover, are you aware of the fact that we are buck ass naked in front of a big wall of windows?”

I look up past the treadmill were lying next to and out the front of the building.

I give a chuckle, and nod.

“Yea Vicky I am.”

“Well I’ve been on stage in front of a few thousand people wearing only a little more than this, but I think we should probably get up and find some clothes. You know before some young fat kid comes in here and tries to kill himself with a bench press.”

I look down at her smiling face.

“Now who would be dumb enough to do that?’ I ask, then kiss the tip of her nose.

“Only someone stupid enough to fall in love with an old lady like me.” I feel her give me a light punch to my ribs. “Now get your sweaty ass up off me.”

Giggling like school kids we crouch and hide behind the equipment when we see a patrol car go by. We make our way to her office, and break into the gym’s supply of shirts. I have an extra pair of shorts in my gym bag I store here. I watch her lift the shirts and then look out towards the front of the gym.

“I want a shower.”

With a grin I watch her walk naked across the whole length of her gym to where the showers are carrying two of the shirts at her side. Glancing towards the windows I shake my head and follow.

We make love under the hot water till even that massive tank runs cold, then leave and go to my place.

We are both are several hours late when we get to the gym the next morning, but no one could say we haven’t had a work out.

No one asks a single question as we walk in as to why we are late.

The dried sweat imprint of Victoria’s ass and back on the big mirror tells them the entire story!

Laughter rings out around me,

Now though… mine’s part of it.

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