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Angela’s Boyfriend

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Angela’s boyfriend was asleep on the couch. I don’t know why that should have pissed me off so much, but it did. It was a rainy Saturday in October, and Angela and her boyfriend were home from college. I wanted to play playstation, but Mike, the boyfriend was taking a nap on the couch in front of the tv. My couch. My tv. The more I thought about it, the more it irked me. Angela and Mom had gone out shopping, leaving me alone with Mike. Now I couldn’t play my video games on my tv? The injustice of it!

I was 18, in my senior year of high school. My sister Angela was in her second year of college. Angela was the good daughter, I was the bad. Angela got good grades. I didn’t. Angela was pretty. I wasn’t. At least I didn’t think so. I was a tomboy. I was taller than any of the boys in my class. I had broken my nose when I was eight, and it was still crooked. My breasts had never really developed, while Angela’s had blossomed. Angela had a nice boyfriend. I didn’t. Angela was saving herself for marriage. I had no intention of doing any such thing.

And there he was, snoozing away on the couch. My couch. Well he was a looker all right, I had to hand Angela that. Not incredibly bright, but cute. Why he stayed with her I couldn’t imagine. Angela didn’t even give blowjobs. I had gone to her for sisterly advice, only to find that I was more experienced than my older sister! She always seized the moral high ground. God forbid she ever have any fun.

I don’t know where the idea came from, but once it got in my head, it just wouldn’t go away. Why not? He was certainly good looking; Mike was an athlete, running on the track team at the college. He would probably enjoy getting some action for once. Who was he going to tell anyway? It would sound ridiculous. “Oh Angela you’re kid sister tied me up and forced me to have sex with her.” Yeah right. I looked at the clock. It was barely noon. Mom and Angela could be counted on to be out at the mall until at least four.

My mind was pretty much made up. I went up to my room, and came down with two pairs of handcuffs. When I got back, Mike had shifted positions, lying flat on his back. I was afraid he might have woken up, but he was still snoring gently.

Why did I have two pairs of handcuffs in my room? Well let’s say I was an aspiring deviant. I hadn’t had a boyfriend, but when I did I definitely wanted him to be kinky. I didn’t know yet which I preferred; being the handcuffed or the handcuffer; but I intended to find out.

I held my breath as I slipped the first cuff around his wrist. Would the cold steel wake him? It did not. I closed the cuff around his other wrist. There. I took the second pair of cuffs and secured one to his right ankle. I then locked the other side to the leg of the couch. Done.

I couldn’t believe I was actually going through with it. I set the keys on the fireplace mantle, all the way across the room. I was already turned on. How long would he stay in that position? How long until he tried to move and woke up, realizing his predicament?

I knelt on the floor, watching Mike sleep. He looked beautiful, innocent, even cherubic like that. Holding my breath, I unzipped his pants and parted the fly, revealing his boxers. I fished out his penis, and held it between my fingers. I couldn’t believe he was sleeping through this. I stroked, and his dick responded, growing in my hands until it was a full-fledged erection, six or seven inches long, hot and silky smooth with a plump purple head. It looked delicious. Angela’s boyfriend had a very nice big dick, and she didn’t even appreciate it.

Mike awoke with a start, and promptly fell off the couch. He landed on his face on the carpet. “What the fuck?” He struggled for a few minutes before he was able to roll over onto his back. I was pleased to see that his erection hadn’t shrunk much. “Andrea” he said seeing me for the first time “What the fuck is going on? Is this some kind of joke? Let me go right now!”

“I don’t think so.” I said. “At least not until I’m done with you.”

“What does that mean?” He was still struggling to get free.

“Oh you’ll see. Now lay still and be a good boy won’t you?”

I pulled his jeans and underwear down, lowered my mouth onto his member, and started coaxing it back to its full glory with my tongue. Until that day, I had given exactly two blowjobs. I might not have a lot of experience, but I had enough to know that I liked it. Mike must not have minded it either, because he stopped struggling and let me work.

After I had sucked him for a while, I stopped, letting his cock flop wetly out of my mouth onto his stomach.

“Please” Mike said “Don’t stop.”

“Oh I have no intention of stopping” I laughed “Not for quite a while anyway. I just want to get more comfortable.” I started stripping out of my clothes. I wondered what he thought lying there on the floor watching his girlfriends’ baby sister strip naked. Did he think I was ugly? Sexy? Did he want to fuck me?

“Why don’t you let me go?” He asked “This isn’t very comfortable. I won’t tell, I promise.”

“Oh no.” I said “Not until I’ve had my way with you.”

I knelt over his chest, lightly petting my furry pussy. “Tell me Mike” I said as I masturbated inches from his face “Do you eat Angela’s pussy for her?”

“No” he stammered “I never have.”

“Have you ever licked a pussy at all?”

“No” he admitted.

“Well” I said “Then I guess this will be a first for both of us.” I moved forward onto my knees, bringing my dripping slit to his mouth.

I get really wet when I am excited. It can be embarrassing. I have soaked all the way through a pair of jeans before. When I masturbate I sometimes leave a puddle on the bed. Now I was really excited, and my juices were flowing like a river. I had already covered Mike’s face in my come, and he hadn’t even started eating me out. I like the way I taste. I wondered if he would.

He started slowly, licking tentatively up and down my puss. It felt nice, but I was eager for more stimulation. I grabbed a fistful of his hair to encourage him. That made him pick up the pace. I guided him to my clit, which was throbbing like a three-alarm fire. It actually seemed like he was enjoying himself. By now he was licking with gusto, pressing his tongue against my sensitive button. My first orgasm washed over me, and I bore down on his mouth, not caring for the moment whether he could breath or not.

When I recovered from my come, I got up and let Mike catch his breath. His erection, rather than having wilted while he serviced me, had actually grown more intense. I squatted over him in the sixty nine position.

“Oh you poor thing” I addressed his penis. “I’ll make you a deal. You lick my ass, and I’ll lick you.”

I felt Mike’s tongue on my pussy again. I gave his balls a warning squeeze. “No not there. I want to feel your tongue in my butt.”

Mike had to crane his neck to get his face between my ass cheeks. When I felt his hot breath back there, I stuck out my tongue and traced the length of his twitching cock, from the balls all the way to the head, which was oozing sweet sticky clear liquid.

Mike found my asshole with his tongue, and I was in heaven. I let him rim me while I amused myself with his penis, licking and slurping it like a big lollypop. I didn’t want him to come just yet, but I wasn’t sure how much he could take. I wasn’t sure just how much I could take for that matter.

I climbed off him, letting his dick twitch in frustration. “You lick ass like a pro” I said, grinning. “Angela is really missing out on that tongue of yours. Mmm it felt like you got your whole tongue up my butt. Think about that next time you kiss her. Think about where your tongue has been.” I let him think about that for a moment.

“Are you ready to get laid now?”

He just nodded.

“Are you a virgin?”

He nodded again. “Me too” I said. “But not for long.”

“I was saving my first time for Angela.” He said.

“Too bad” I said, straddling his hips and grabbing his cock. I positioned his cock at my entrance and sat down. It felt great inside me. I may have been a virgin, but I had lost my hymen to my vibrator years ago. Now I started fucking my sisters’ boyfriend in earnest, bouncing up and down on him. His dick responded, and he humped back. I loved having his cock up inside my puss.

“Oh Angela” Mike moaned. I slapped him in the face.

“My name is Andrea, bitch.”

I rubbed my clit as I fucked him. Mike’s eyes were glued to the sight of his dick, covered in my juices, sliding in and out of my wide open pussy. I could feel myself coming again. I pinched my nipple with my free hand and ground down on him as a wave of pleasure rocked me.

“Don’t you dare come” I told Mike as we fucked “You don’t want me to get pregnant do you? How would you explain that to my sister?”

I lifted myself up off of him. There was something else I wanted. I let my ass hover above his dick, just out of reach.

“Please let me come” Mike whimpered “Please.”

“Will you tell Angela what happened this afternoon?”

“No. I promise. It’ll be our secret. Honest.”

I lowered myself a little, catching his cock, all slimy from my juices between my butt cheeks. He raised his hips, trying to get it in me, but I teased him, pulling away as he thrusted.


“I promise.”

“Scouts honor?”

“Yes scouts honor. Please Andrea, please just let me come.”

I eased myself down onto him. It didn’t hurt at all. I was almost disappointed. I had had my vibrator back there, but somehow I had thought a dick might be different. It felt good. Really good. I felt full up, stretched to the limit. It was intensely erotic. I buried his cock in my asshole, squirming down to get every centimeter up my butt. “Come for me Mike. Come now, come in my asshole.” I was bouncing up and down, fucking my ass with his dick, even as he bucked and squirmed, fucking my asshole as hard as he could in his restrained position.

My pussy was wide open and leaking all over his stomach and pubic patch. He closed his eyes and arched his back, and deep in my ass I felt his dick twitch and fill my rectum with hot semen. I frigged my clit with abandon, delighting in the exquisite sensation. It seemed to go on for ever. At last I disentangled myself from him. His shrunken penis slipped out of my ass with a pop. Ignoring him for the moment, I went upstairs and took a hot shower. When I was done, I came back and let him out of the handcuffs. He was covered in my juices, and had red marks where the cuffs had chafed his skin. I didn’t know how he was going to explain those to Angela.

“Scouts honor, right?”

“I promised.” He surprised me by kissing me on the cheek. Then he went upstairs and took a shower of his own, while I set up the playstation. Five minutes later, Mom and Angela were home from the mall.

“How was your day Honey?”

“Oh fine.” I said. “Kind of boring.” Under my panties, I could feel some of Mike’s come leaking out of my ass. I smiled a little smile. Angela really didn’t know what she was missing.

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