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Intimate Revelations

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As Ashley and Penny were being driven to Ashley’s apartment from Lady Rose’s in the stretch limousine she had provided for them after the special dinner she had given for the ten Department Heads of her two department stores in city centre Sydney, they talked about all that had happened that evening:

their having been special Maids to Order along with Penny’s sister Marina, and the young, new girl Ginger whom the all-female guests could fondle while they were served their meals, who serviced them to orgasm from beneath the table, and Penny and Marina covered with various toppings, fruits, and chocolate syrup being the desserts.

They talked and laughed like young, teenage girls all the way to Ashley’s apartment. They were delighted with all the fun they had at the dinner party and with the 15,000 pounds Lady Rose paid each of them for their special services.

When they got to Ashley’s apartment, they took a shower together, letting their hands wander over each other’s soapy bodies; cupping each other’s full breasts whose nipples had hardened by the tactile stimulation they gave each other; inserting their fingers between one another’s legs where they fondled one another’s clits and inserted their fingers inside their vaginas; caressing the globes of their asses; and kissing one another passionately. After bringing one another to orgasm as water from the showerhead ran down their bodies, they rinsed, dried off, and went to bed in the nude where they fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Upon awakening Ashley told Penny she had an unusual dream during the night.

“Well, now that you have my intention, tell me about it, Ashley,” said Penny curiously.

“I dreamt we opened a small, intimate modeling and photography agency catering only to women who came for private photo shoots and to learn how to model and what they needed to do to get started. During the interviews we looked for women in whom we saw a window of opportunity for sexual attraction by their body language, what they said, and how they said it. From these nuances we tried to seduce them by spinning a web that would keep them for our amorous desires and satisfaction.

We opened our studio in Darlinghurst near the East Side that, as you well know, is a gay friendly community. I thought this would be a good place to get both heterosexual and lesbian clientele, but mainly lesbians, bisexuals, and bi-curious women,” shared Ashley.

“Wow, that was some dream, Ashley,” responded Penny.

“It surely was, but you know, Love, now that I think about it, why not open our own modeling agency? Both of us work around and with women, I as Manager of one of the classiest lingerie boutiques in the gorgeous mall in the Queen Victoria Building and you modeling for the popular lingerie magazine Feline,” said Ashley enthusiastically.

“Yes, but how are we going to come up with the money? Did you think about that?” asked Penny.

“Well, yes, I think I know just the person who would agree to financially backing us to help get our modeling agency started,” answered Ashley.

Penny was surprised with Ashley’s quick, positive response to her question about whom they could get to underwrite them in this venture.

“And just who might this person be?” pressed Penny.

“Why, Lady Rose, of course. We have been such good friends for many years, and she certainly has the money to get us off the ground running,” Ashley said as Penny sat there next to Ashley on the bed, looking dumbfounded.

“Besides, she has contacts with several banks that would give us loans with Lady Rose’s backing. And wanting to have our photo and modeling studio in the East Side of Sydney makes it the perfect choice since Lady Rose has helped many businesses get their starts in this gay-friendly community,” Ashley continued.

“To tell you the truth I’ve never thought about owning my own modeling agency, even a small one, but it does sound exciting,” Penny said. “And we could get some pointers from your friend Crystal who took the photos of me for the magazine Feline. And don’t you remember how that shoot turned into a sexual orgy afterwards,” Penny smiled as she held on to that memory.

“You know, you’re right. I hadn’t thought about Crystal and her photography studio that is located in the East Side, but we’d not conflict with hers that much since we’d cater only to women, and she does all kinds of photography. And to give our studio an added feature and sense of uniqueness, we might emphasize specializing in black and white and sepia tone photos. We could also do period shots such as those seen in the old Victorian and French photos of nude women, only ours would show more,” Ashley continued on with all of her ideas.

“Yes, yes, there is so much we could do to make our photo and modeling studio different and unique,” said Penny as she got caught up in Ashley’s enthusiasm.

Penny fidgeted on the bed and asked, “Well, then, where do we go from here?”

Ashley came back with a quick reply, “I’ll call Lady Rose and ask if we could go over to see her regarding a matter of business. I doubt if it would be today since it’s just right after her dinner party and this is the weekend. Of course, Lady Rose will see us in her own good time. We just have to be patient.”

It was several days before Lady Rose returned Ashley’s phone call.

“Oh, Ashley, I’m sorry it has taken me until now to return your phone call, but there were some business matters I had to attend to at one of my departments in the mall. But now that all is well, you and Penny may come over this afternoon. Say one o’clock. I’ll have my cooks prepare a lunch for us. Is that satisfactory for you and Penny?” asked Lady Rose.

“Oh, my, yes, Lady Rose. We look forward to seeing you again,” Ashley said.

Knowing Lady Rose liked punctuality, Ashley and Penny arrived at her mansion with five minutes to spare. The butler opened the door, took their outer wear, hung them on a tree rack near the front entrance, and then escorted them into the Great Room where they found Lady Rose sitting in her favourite lounge sofa placed with its back in front of the large fireplace.

Unusual for her, Lady Rose did not get up to come meet Ashley and Penny, so they walked over to her.

“It’s so good to see the two of you. I still have erotic memories of the business dinner,” said Lady Rose.

Both Penny and Ashley smiled and said their “hellos,” and Ashley bent down and kissed Lady Rose on her cheek. It was then she saw the cane resting against the arm of the lounge.

“Lady Rose, what happened?” asked Ashley with great concern.

“Oh, it’s not much. Just a slight sprain I got when I was out doing my morning jogging. I didn’t watch where I put my feet and caught my toe on the edge of the sidewalk. Doctor says it will be fine. Just have to keep this darn ankle brace on and stay off my feet for a few days,” Lady Rose explained.

“Well, we’re glad it’s nothing serious,” Penny said, showing the relief in her voice that made Lady Rose smile.

Lady Rose looked back and forth at Ashley and Penny, trying to discern the purpose of their being here, but since she couldn’t she came right out and asked, “All right, you two, why did you need to see me? It must be something of importance.”

“It is, Lady Rose. It is,” said Ashley.

“Well, then, take a seat and we’ll talk about it before I have our lunch served.”

Ashley and Penny sat on the full, padded chairs, one to her right and the other to her left, and they told everything about their idea of opening an intimate photography – modeling studio that they would call Intimate Revelations. They would use their studio for legitimate business of taking photos and teaching the basics of modeling to those interested, but they would also see how many clients they could seduce and get them to go beyond just the photo shoot.

“Oh, that sounds absolutely deliciously wicked,” responded Lady Rose to Ashley’s and Penny’s idea. “And you came up with this plan through a dream you say, Ashley?

“Yes, the night after the business party we had just come from,” said Ashley.

“But how do I fit into your new venture plans?” asked Lady Rose with a hint of understanding.

“As you can well imagine, Lady Rose, Penny and I don’t have enough starting capital to get our business off the ground, but together with my good salary as Manager of the boutique and Penny’s from her modeling we could pay monthly installments of a secured loan. However, we’ll need someone of wealth and importance such as you to help get our feet into a lending institution such as the Reserve Bank of Australia or the Australian Stock Exchange. And you’ve helped others get started in businesses in the East Side,” said Ashley.

“Yes, that is true, Ashley. I have helped quite a number of individuals get their start like the owner of McKinley’s Irish Pub,” replied Lady Rose. “And I do have inside connections with members of the boards of both banks you mentioned, so I don’t think you’ll find any problem getting your secured loan with my help.”

“My apartment is paid for, so I could put that up for collateral to get a secured loan, but it would be grand if the lending institution such as the ones with whom you do business would know you are backing this project,” added Ashley.

“Well then, I think you and Penny should go ahead with your idea, and to help get it off the ground, I can direct some clients your way, many of them who work for me in my department stores. Some may even be the ones you’ve met at both my lingerie party and my business dinner for my department heads,” said Lady Rose.

Ashley and Penny beamed with excitement with this good news.

“Thank you, Lady Rose. You are always so kind to me,” Ashley said.

“Well then, with business out of the way, let’s go have our lunch,” Lady Rose said.

Ashley helped Lady Rose to her feet, and as they walked towards the dinning, Ginger came bounding down the stairs from her room on the second floor and entered the Great Room. She was surprised to see Ashley and Penny there, but not as surprised as they were to see Ginger in Lady Rose’s home.

Lady Rose picked up on their immediate, mutual surprise at seeing one another, and she thought the easiest thing to do was to explain why Ginger was in her home.

“I see the surprise on your faces, Ashley and Penny, at seeing Ginger in my home since you haven’t seen her since the evening of the business meeting. To make a long story short, Ginger reminded me so much of myself when I was her age, and I took such an instant liking to her, I asked if she would like to live with me in my home since I was alone in this big, old house and she much of the time lived on the streets.”

Lady Rose smiled and motioned Ginger to stand beside her.

“I encouraged her, and she finally agreed, and we have become very close over this short period of time. As I told her, she’s like the daughter I never had,” said Lady Rose as she put her arm around Ginger’s waist and gave a gentle hug.

“Stranger things than this have happened, Lady Rose, but I am happy you two found one another. It will be good for both of you. And besides, now that Ginger has become a part of our ever-expanding group we’ll be able to see her more often,” Ashley smiled.

Thus, Ashley and Penny got their loan from the bank with Lady Rose’s backing; found a very good, two-storey building for business that had other shoppes along Oxford Street; set up their modeling and photography studio Intimate Revelations; and were open for business.

Ashley and Penny thought it might be a good idea to introduce themselves to the community a little beyond having the name of their modeling agency and photography studio painted on the glass on the front door in purple-passion.

They thought a nice, small Open House, catering hors d’oeuvres by a local deli between 7 to 9 for the locals and other storeowners, would be a good icebreaker. Of course, they knew it would be necessary to take out full-page ads in the two local newspapers published in Sydney, the Sydney Morning Herald and The Daily Telegraph, even though it would be expensive. The exposure to the city would be worth the cost.

In addition to these two newspapers, they wanted to advertise in the tabloids, the Sun-Herald and the Sunday Telegraph respectively since commuting readers usually preferred the smaller size.

“All right, Penny, now that we’ve decided to place ads in the newspapers, what do you think it ought to show and say?” asked Ashley.

“Well, I’ve been giving that some thought over this past week, and I’ve come up with something that might work,” said Penny.

“Tell me about it,” Ashley said.

“I think the full-page ad could use a photo of me that was taken by Crystal for the female fashion magazine Feline as the hook, women thinking they would like to look like the photo in the ad catalogue, ” Penny paused.

“All right so far. Keep going,” said Ashley.

“Below the photo with the name of our studio and modeling agency printed above in the same purple-passion colour on our door, we would comprise a written ad, the content of which would aim at women who are interested in modeling and having their photos taken. Many professionals have their photos taken to keep their portfolios they use when going for interviews for modeling jobs up-to-date. I know I do that very thing,” said Penny

“Let me hear the ad, and I’ll tell you what I think, Penny,” said Ashley.

“Okay, here it is.”

We at Intimate Revelations invite women of all ages who are interested in both modeling and being photographed according to their wants and desires to ring us up or stop in our studio. Since we specialize in women only and consider their interests and needs, we are willing to discuss any proposition you have in mind in order to please and service you as one who models and wants to be photographed. Since we are a new agency, we are offering introductory prices, the cost of which will depend on what it is you want my partner and me to do for you. Our studio is conveniently located at 306 Oxford Street in East Sydney. It is just up from the well-known Wattle Hotel that is gay friendly. Tel + 61 (02) 3693 7227 Fax + 61 (02) 2332 6969. We hope to share an Intimate Revelation with you soon.

For the tabloids we need something short that will immediately catch the reader’s eye. I think the best place for our ad would be in the Personals column section that lists ads for people in search of other people for companionship which everyone knows means sex such as these: F – F (Females for Females), G – G (Gays for Gays), SM – Bi-CF (Single Male for Bi-Curious Female), M – M (Males for Males), Bi-S – Bi-S (Bi-Sexual for Bi-Sexual), S – C (Singles for Couples), SF – Bi-C (Single Female for bi-curious Couple), SF – C (Single Female for Couple), SM – C (Single Male for Couple), C – C (Couples for Couples), F – FF (Female for two Females), FMF (Female, Male, Female), M – T (Male for Transvestite). Things like that.

Our advertisement could read:

WANTED: Women who want to be photographed for personal or professional reasons according to their wishes and desires and/or who want to learn the art of modeling. We at Intimate Revelations specialize in both photography and modeling and are willing to please you in whatever you want. Give us a ring at TEL + 61 (02) 3693 7227 or FAX + 61 (02) 2332 6969 or you can just come in to our studio. Hope to see you soon.

“Wow, I never knew there were so many combinations of people seeking people,” Ashley said somewhat astonished even though she was a woman-of-the-world.

“Well, Ashley, what do you think? Are the ads both discreet yet suggestive? Be honest,” Penny said.

“I think they are fine, Love. They say what we want, and they have balance. They are suggestive but not blatantly so, and since you did such a good job with the ads, I think you ought to be first to do the interviews, and I’ll do the instructions on the modeling, and I got some pointers from Crystal about taking photos,” said Ashley.

“Whew! I was worried you’d not like them since I’ve never put an ad in the newspapers before, especially not ones like these that walk a tightrope between naughty and nice,” chided Penny.

‘Now we have to be patient and wait to see what the cat drags in,” said Ashley.

Penny and Ashley didn’t have to wait too long before potential customers started to call or just stop in to look around and ask a few questions and share with them what it was they were looking for in modeling or having their photographs taken or both. They just weren’t sure and said they’d either call or come back. Actually, Ashley and Penny were surprised at the number of calls they received and appointments set, so much so, they were already booked-ahead by weeks.

One early morning the phone rang and Penny picked it up, “Good morning, Intimate Revelations. This is Penny. May I help you?”

There was a momentary pause on the other end of the line before the caller answered Penny.

“Hello, my name is Estella, Estella Morgan, and I’ve seen your ads in the newspapers as well as the Personals section in the tabloids,” she said.

“Yes, and…?”

“This is my first time at wanting to try this, so I’m a little nervous,” Estella said timidly.

“Not to worry, we’re all a little nervous in the beginning, and my partner Ashley and I shall listen to you about what you want to happen with the knowledge that everything we say and do in the studio stays in the studio,” Penny assured Estella.

“I’m glad to hear that. I’m so nervous my hands are shaking,” Estella said again in her timid voice.

However, Penny knew it was time for her to make the first move. Some times one can be fooled by just the voice she hears.

“Estella, why don’t you come to the studio where we can see one another and talk, just talk if that’s all you want at first,” Penny suggested encouragingly.

“All right,” Estella said still unsure about her decision.

“Do you know where the studio is located, Estella?” asked Penny.

“Yes, I know where you are. I live in East Sydney and have walked past your place many times, so I can be there in a few minutes, about fifteen,” Estella said.

“I’ll be expecting you, Estella. See you soon,” Penny said and hung up the phone.

In the short fifteen minutes Penny had before Estella arrived, she went into the back where Ashley was arranging the photography equipment and told her about Estella. Ashley was very pleased and told Penny to curb her excitement and try to be calm and professional so she doesn’t give herself and her real desires away to Estella.

Penny then told Ashley by the sound of her voice over the phone she shouldn’t expect too much.

While Penny was talking with Estella on the phone, she created an image of her as being short and petite with short-cropped, blonde hair and wearing wire-rimmed glasses. She, in fact, pictured her as being mousy looking. However, when someone walked into the studio, she was nothing like the woman she had imagined. That was if she were Estella.

This woman was quite tall, close to six feet, with large, well-formed breasts that looked to Penny to be about a 36 D; a thin waist that curved beautifully into round, firm hips; and long legs in sheer, black nylons that showed below the ten inch hem of her emerald green, V-neck dress that came to mid-thigh and pushed her breasts together, creating a marvelous cleavage.

Her long, wavy, red hair fell to the left side of her face and past her shoulders, continuing down her back. The gleam in her radiant green eyes that were perfectly framed in the symmetry of her eyelids; her eyebrows; and her curved eye lashes sparkled in the soft light radiating from the recessed, ceiling fixtures. Her whole face was well proportioned, seemingly without flaws. The right ear Penny saw was close to her head, and her nose was so straight with perfectly flared nostrils it looked at if it had been sculptured. Her lips were lusciously full and glowed with the pale red lip-gloss she was wearing. All of her facial features came together with a professionally done makeup look.

Even though Penny and Ashley had her own desk and work area, for convenience and to give a customer a more relaxed setting, they had set up a special area off to the side from which passers-by could not see from the street. They felt this would lend itself to being more conducive in talking with prospective clients as well as sizing them up and seeing their reactions to some of the questions they asked.

Penny arose from her desk and walked over to greet the woman she hoped was Estella.

She reached out her hand in greeting, “Well, good-morning, Estella. You are Estella? Penny asked half-jokingly.

“Oh, yes, I’m she, Miss _____?”

“Just call me Penny. My partner and I prefer being on a first name basis unless you’d prefer not to be,” said Penny.

“No, no, that’s fine,” said Estella, continuing to speak in that low, soft voice Penny had heard over the telephone.

“Good. I think it makes things go more easily when we’re not so formal. Follow me over to the sitting area where we can see one another. I don’t like to have any kind of barrier between a prospective customer and me. Much too formal. Don’t you think?” asked Penny.

“Oh, yes, much,” Estella answered with very few words.

Penny escorted Estella over to the sitting room and had her sit on a cushy, loveseat. When Estella sat down on a loveseat, she immediately crossed her legs, causing her dress to ride up on her thigh. Her movement let Penny look directly down into Estella’s cleavage, again noticing how large and full Estella’s breasts were.

Penny went over to an identical loveseat deliberately positioned opposite the one on which Estella was sitting. When Penny sat down and crossed her legs, she deliberately did it slowly so Estella could not help but see she had no panties on. Estella looked up as if she hadn’t seen anything, so embarrassed was she; however, seeing Penny’s hairy pussy even for just that brief second stimulated her mind, and the picture of Penny’s pussy stayed with her.

Penny smiled at Estella in a way that led her to think she knew she had looked at her naked pussy.

“Well, now, Estella, we must first begin with getting some of your basic information,” said Penny professionally, not wanting to rush things too quickly and have the fish jump off the hook before it could be set so she could not escape.

“I have your full name, Estella Morgan, which by the way is a very pretty name,” Penny said suggestively. “I’m curious about the derivation of names and what ethnicity a person is. I just find it fascinating. As you might have guessed from seeing me, my ethnicity is Greek. That’s the reason for my somewhat swarthy skin, dark hair, dark all over,” said Penny, thinking Estella might only think of Penny being just darker in complexion compared to her being pale. Penny, of course, wanted Estella to make the connection between the black hair being on both her head and pussy.

“I’m Irish and Welsh. My mother was Irish, and I got her reddish-orange hair. My father was Welsh from whom I got this very ancient family name. Where I got my height? I don’t know. Somewhere back in my family line must have been tall people,” said Estella.

“But your first name, Estella. That’s neither Irish nor Welsh,” Penny said.

“No, it isn’t. My parents thought of me as their little star when I was born, so they named me Estella.”

‘Well, now, let’s get down to your mailing address, phone number or numbers if you have a work phone and cell phone,” said Penny.




“Six feet.”

“My, you are tall, Estella, even taller than I am,” Penny quipped. “Weight?

“14 stones (140 pounds).”

“Bra size?”

“36 D”

“We’ll check your bra size again if you decide you want to learn modeling and have photos taken of you both with various kinds of garments, mostly lingerie, as well as nude,” Penny said as she tried to be as casual as she could even though by now her pussy was quite wet with sexual excitement since she had been undressing Estella in her mind all the while they were talking about her body.

“Nude? Do I have to be nude and have you take photos?” Estella asked nervously.

“Well, yes, Estella, anyone who wants to become a model has to have photos in and out of clothes. To compare the two. When one models lingerie, one doesn’t wear undergarments, and this changes the way a woman looks au natural,” Penny answered.

“But what would my husband say?” Estella asked.

“Estella, do you remember my telling you anything we do or say here at the studio stays at the studio. This includes photos or anything said in strictest confidence,” Penny said.

“Yes, I remember,” answered Estella.

“Well, then, if you don’t want your husband to know what you are doing, you’d have to be the one to tell him since neither I nor Ashley would, and the photos are kept in a locked safe for both safety and fireproofing,” Penny added. “Does that ease your mind?”

“Yes, it does, Penny. But it still makes me nervous to think about being nude,” Estella said.

“You’d only be nude in front of Ashley and me or other women since some time we like to have two or more women in a series of shots,” Penny said, taking notice of Estella’s reaction to that idea.

“Well, I guess that’s all right,” Estella said. “It wouldn’t be too unlike going to my female gynecologist who has her nurse present when she does my pap smear. And just so you know, except for my husband, I have only female doctors, dentists, and such. I guess I’m just more comfortable with women than men.”

A light bulb went off in Penny’s head. “So, Estella likes women more than men. It could be her marriage is not what it appears to be. She may have gotten married to hide her true sexual orientation of liking women rather than men, and her marriage was more a façade than a real marriage.

“Estella, do you have any children?” Penny asked.

“No, no I don’t,” answered Estella.

“Don’t you and your husband want to start a family?” Penny continued the issue.

“No, Roger and I have discussed having a family, but neither of us does,” said Estella.

“Oh, I see,” said Penny understandingly.

“Perhaps, Estella is, indeed, a lesbian at heart and her husband could possibly even be gay, and they got married for convenience sake. This might work out better than I thought,” mused Penny.

“Well, then, do you want to proceed to stage two, Estella?” Penny asked suggestively and now with a little more seductiveness in her voice.

Estella looked down at her lap and stared quietly for a moment as if she were meditating or working for an answer to Penny’s question. Without looking up, Estella said sheepishly, “Yes, I want to go on with this. I’ve come this far already, and I got all dressed up like this to impress you when I came to see you.”

“You did that, Estella,” said Penny emphatically. “You are beautiful and sensual beyond belief. You remind me of the stunning, curvaceous, busty, redhead cartoon character Jessica, the wife of Roger Rabbit in the movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Did you see it? Hey, isn’t it a coincidence your husband’s name is Roger, too?”

“Yes, I saw it. It was quite funny,” answered Estella. “But do you really think I look like that Jessica character?”

“Oh, to be sure,” Penny assured her. “You are even dressed in a stunning, sexy, red dress that clearly shows your breasts as did Jessica’s dress that was cut low and showed alot of cleavage.”

“I didn’t mean to…”

“Don’t apologize for looking beautiful and glamorous. If you’ve got it, flaunt it. That is exactly what I want you to do in front of the camera,” said Penny. “So let’s go into the back where I shall introduce you to my partner Ashley, a beautiful woman such as yourself but completely different in looks. She’s more like me with very dark brown hair that almost looks black and brown eyes. Her skin, also, is dark compared with your beautiful, pale skin that looks like porcelain.”

“That’s the Irish in me,” Estella said inflecting her words as they rose in pitch until she clipped them off at the end of her sentence.

Penny uncrossed her legs, making sure when she uncrossed her knees, she let her legs spread apart just as the actress Sharon Stone did in the movie Basic Instinct, allowing Estella another quick, but slightly longer and wider one, so she saw her hairy pussy again.

She then crossed the floor and offered Estella her hand to help her stand. When Penny and Estella first touched, warm energy was exchanged between them, something the two felt, and something they recognized to each other by looking into one another’s eyes.

With her heart beating faster, Penny said, “All right, lets go meet Ashley in the back.”

Penny kept Estella’s hand in hers as they walked, and Estella didn’t attempt to remove it. As they turned the corner of the archway that divides the front store from the working studio, Ashley looked up from her work.

“There you are. I wondered where you’ve been all this time,” Ashley said as if she were surprised. “And, my, who is the lovely creature you have in hand, Penny. Why she’s absolutely gorgeous.”

Estella blushed at Ashley’s praise, especially when she saw how beautiful and well built she was, and she felt a rush of heat in her pussy. Penny had turned her on so much during the interview, and now she finds another as beautiful as Penny.

“Oh, god, these two, what effect they’re having on me. I’ve never been so sexually aroused just by seeing women such as these two. I don’t know what I’m going to do. I do know, no matter how nervous I am, I’m not going to stop. I’m going to see this through wherever it leads,” thought Estella deep down within her feminine self.

“Bring her over here, Penny, and let me have a closer look at___,” Ashley paused.

“Oh, my, how silly of me. This is Estella, Estella Morgan, who lives close by. And, Estella, this is my partner Ashley, my dear friend and lover,” Penny said without hesitating.

“Your lover!” asked Estella in utter surprise.

“Why, yes, my lover. Even though I am married Ashley and I have been lovers for about a half of year now. I wouldn’t give her up for the world, and my husband Mark knows about our relationship.”

“I’m sorry if I reacted in such a way. I see nothing wrong with women loving other women. In fact, and I’m surprised I’m willing to tell you, I’ve often thought how it would be to make love with another woman. Roger’s and my marriage is one of convenience. He is gay and has a lover as you do, Penny. That is one reason we live in the gay community, and I’ve been confused about my sexual orientation ever since I was young just finishing high school. But I have been bi-curious for such a very long time,” said Estella. “I was just too shy to act on my feelings.”

“Not to worry, Estella,” Ashley said as she moved towards her and took her hand in greeting, and once again, Estella’s pulse quickened from the mere contact with Ashley’s flesh. Her breathing was faster, and the rise and fall of her buxom chest did not go unnoticed by Penny and Ashley, and the two smiled at one another.

“I’m so glad you’ve decided to come to us with your needs,” Ashley said, emphasizing the word needs. “And what is it in which you are interested? The modeling? Being photographed? Or both?”

Estella hesitated before she answered Ashley’s question, but finally said, “As you can tell, I’m nervous. Despite my size I am quite shy and unsure of myself, so for the present I think I’ll have my photos taken to see if I’m photogenic enough to have a chance to become a model.”

“Oh, Estella, you so do underestimate yourself,” said Ashley reassuringly. “Why, with your beauty and body you’ll have those representing women’s magazines beating down your door, the kind of magazine like Feline for which Penny models and with whom she got her start.”

“Yes, Estella, if you prove to be a friend to the camera, I could mention your name at Feline and show them your portfolio that Ashley and I will help you put together,” added Penny.

Estella’s face lit up. Her face radiated happiness. “You will?” she said so enthusiastically.

“You can count on it,” said Penny.

Ashley interrupted, “I think we need to curb our enthusiasm for now and get down to work if we’re going to get photos taken of Estella. Are you ready, Estella?”

“Yes, but I have to pee first,” she answered.

“Okay, there’s a loo in the back. You’ll first enter a lounge area with a big sofa and some soft chairs. The toilets are just beyond in the next room,” said Ashley.

Without a word Estella walked away towards the loo while Penny and Ashley watched the fluidness with which she walked, her curvy hips swaying back and forth beneath her red dress.

As she was walking towards the loo, Ashley turned to Penny and said, “Wow, did we luck out. Our first customer, and she is absolutely stunning in both looks and body. She is absolutely delicious.”

“That is for certain, Ashley. She had me wet shortly after we began the interview during which time I flashed her my pussy twice, and I saw she did not turn her head away,” said Penny. “We have a real winner.”

“Yes, but we mustn’t move too quickly and perhaps scare her off by being so bold and obvious in doing what we want to do with her,” cautioned Ashley.

Estella returned just as they were talking about her but stopped before she could hear them.

“Now what? What do we do? I’ve not had my photos taken before by professionals. Well, at least, not like this. Only snap shots,” Estella said.

“Well, the first thing we need to do is take you measurements, but in order to get them exactly correct, we need you out of your dress, Estella,” Ashley said nonchalantly.

Estella looked like a scared rabbit when she heard this since her being asked to undress came so quickly, and both Ashley and Penny saw her tremble slightly. Nevertheless, Estella was not going to back off, not now that she’d gotten this far, and she was so captivated by the beauty of Penny and Ashley.

“Turn around, Estella, and I’ll unzip your dress and we can get it off you,” said Penny. “We can only get your true measurements when you are unencumbered by your outer clothes.”

“All right,” Estella said softly as she turned with her back towards Penny.

As Penny unzipped Estella’s dress, she let her fingers slide down her back to her waist, touching for the first time her warm skin. She felt Estella shiver beneath her fingertips.

Penny then moved her hands back up from Estella’s narrow waist along her sides and rolled them over her bare shoulders and down her arms until she had the top of her dress down to her waist. Penny then allowed her hands to continue over Estella’s round hips as she knelt and slid down the outside of her thighs, spreading her fingers as she lowered the dress until she had it around Estella’s feet.

Without being told Estella stepped out of her dress, leaving her in her red, uplift bra; red, sheer, high-cut panties; red garter belt; sheer black nylons; and high heeled red shoes.

“Oh, my, but you are gorgeous, Estella,” Ashley said, “and you have a beautiful body. You are, indeed, the kind of woman the camera likes if you’re able to relax and let it do the work.”

Estella was still shivering with excitement from having Penny’s warm hands caressing her body as she took off her dress, and she wondered if having so much contact was usual.

Penny stood up and asked Ashley for the cloth tape measurement.

“Now we take your measurements, Estella, with your bra on you. You did say you were a 36 D, didn’t you?” asked Penny as she brought the tape measure held between her thumbs and index fingers around her back to the front of her chest just beneath her breasts. After that measurement, Penny moved up and brought the tape measure once more around her back, but this time she slid them around her breasts, sliding her fingers across Estella’s nipples that had become hard.

“Is everything all right so far, Estella?” asked Penny.

“Yes,” answered Estella.

“We now have to take off your bra to take measurements of your breasts in their natural shape,” Penny said nonchalantly.

Estella was about to say something about having her bra removed, but within the millisecond of that thought Penny had her fingers on the three hooks on the back of Estella’s bra and professionally had them opened while at the same time Ashley reached out and placed her cupped hands on the cups of Estella’s bra, removing her bra with one, smooth movement. This left Estella bare breasted.

Ashley looked in awe at Estella’s breasts because as large as they were they held their form except for the fact that they were pear shaped, narrowing down to rounded tips that were crowned with pale pink nipples and a little darker shade areolas. Reacting to the cooler air, gooseflesh rose up around Estella’s areolas.

“Oh, Penny, you need to see these,” Ashley said. “Turn around, Estella, so Penny can see what gorgeous breasts you have.”

Estella turned slowly around until she was facing Penny, and seeing them had the same effect on Penny. She was in awe of Estella’s breasts, so with delight Penny wrapped the tape measure around Estella’s chest just below her breasts and then took a second measurement around her back and onto her breasts to her nipples. In doing this Penny made sure she touched Estella’s flesh as often as possible.

“All right, now that we have your breasts measured, we need to take the rest of your clothes off so we can measure you fully nude,” Penny said.

“But why do my undergarments have to be removed?” Estella asked.

“So that we might see, as we did your breasts, the real you, unencumbered by clothes. The natural breast is not the same in shape as it is when enclosed inside bra cups, and, as I told you, some of your photos are going to be nude so they can be included in your portfolio that we’ll help you make,” Penny tried to reassure Estella.

“Penny’s right, Estella. A nude woman is most alluring, showing her full feminine charms,” Ashley said.

Accepting Ashley’s answer, Estella stood still while her under garments were removed.

When measuring Estella’s waist, Penny knelt down and slid her index fingers and thumbs around her middle until they met at her bellybutton.

Penny saw how tempting Estella’s legs were, but she went straight to her feet to measure the inside of Estella’s bare leg from foot to crotch. How wonderfully smooth and warm Estella felt underneath Penny’s fingers as she inched her way slowly up the inside of Estella’s left leg until she touched her crotch with her index finger that she had bent up onto her thumb. In this position Penny’s finger slid between Estella’s pussy lips until she stopped them at the creamy opening of her vulva where her high cut panties barely covered her crotch and ass cheeks.

There was no pretense now what Penny and Ashley wanted from her, and to be truthful, what she wanted from them. Estella wanted them to make love with her, to feel their hands, fingers, lips, and mouths travelling all over her excited body.

“Oh, my,” Estella sighed as she pressed her wet pussy down on Penny’s finger. “You made me hot ever since I walked through your door. Lady Rose told me about you two and that I could find not only the opportunity to have myself photographed for a portfolio since I’m interested in modeling but that you two, beautiful women who are lovers would introduce me to the art of Lesbos.”

Penny and Ashley looked at one another with some surprise at Estella’s mentioning of Lady Rose’s name; although, they did remember Lady Rose telling them she could direct some clients to their doorstep. So, in one way, it was not so much Ashley and Penny seducing Estella. It was Estella seducing them.

Truth be known, however, Estella was shy as she told Penny over the phone, and she had no experience with women even though she had been bi-curious for quite some time within the marriage of convenience she had with her husband who was gay.
After Penny removed the rest of Estella’s under garments, Ashley took Estella’s hand into hers and said, “Estella, come back to the lounge with Penny and me.”

With Estella in tow Ashley and Penny led her to the lounge, not worrying to lock the door behind them. Without Estella’s knowing it, Penny had gone to the front door, turned the OPEN sign to CLOSED and locked the door before leading her over to the loveseat across from the business desks.

“Lie down on the sofa, Estella, while Penny and I take off our clothes, and then Penny is going to go down on you while you are going to eat my pussy,” said Ashley with sensual passion in her voice.

As if she were at a strip show, Estella watched Ashley and Penny take off their clothes one piece at a time, not missing one detail of their bodily motions until they stood before her nude.

Just seeing their lovely faces, large breasts, curvy bodies, and hairy pussies made Estella’s pulse quicken and her breathing erratic.

“Oh, my, you two are so beautiful,” sighed Estella.

“You’re not so bad yourself, Estella,” quipped Penny.

“What do we do next,” Estella asked hesitatingly. “I’ve never done this before, and I’m nervous.”

“You’re always nervous the first time,” said Penny. “I know I was when I had my first bi-curious experience at the lingerie party given by one of Ashley’s friends. It was that night Ashley and I became lovers. We knew it right from the start.”

“So, Estella, you just let us slowly introduce you into the world of lesbian love. Penny is going to go down on you, and you, pretty much following what she does, are going to eat my pussy,” Ashley said

Penny walked over to the sofa where Estella was lying and knelt down on the thick, carpeted rug that they intentionally had put down with double padding so they would have a built-in-cushion for their knees when eating pussy.

“Rotate your hips a little to the right until you can put your right foot down onto the floor and rest your left leg against the back of the sofa. This will spread your legs so I can get to your pussy more easily. Ashley is going to join you on the sofa, kneeling over your face while holding onto the armrest so she has control of going up and down on your face,” Penny said. “And take that pillow leaning against the armrest and put it underneath you head so it is raised, making it easier for both you and Ashley to make contact.”

“Oh, my,” thought Estella, “I’m about to have a dream-fantasy of mine fulfilled in just seconds. I can hardly believe it after all these years.”

While Estella was deep in thought, Penny knelt down and slowly slid her searching hands along Estella’s warm, inner thighs that sent erotic sensations throughout her body. Penny’s touch brought her back into the real world, a world she didn’t want to miss.

“Oh, how soft-to-the-touch Penny’s hands are,” sighed Estella, and as her senses concentrated on Penny’s hands sliding up between her legs, she felt a weight descend upon her as Ashley’s knees and the lower part of her thighs brushed up against the sides of her face.

Estella looked up, and what she saw was Ashley’s wet, hairy pussy with its vulva slightly opened from her straddling Estella’s face. Estella also saw Ashley’s pussy lips that went from her perineum to her clit run parallel through her thick, dark pubic hair. This was the first time Estella saw a woman’s pussy so close, and she marveled at all the parts she saw. Of course, she had felt herself while showering or masturbating, but that was different. In doing those things she couldn’t see her pussy the way she was seeing Ashley’s puffy. Not even her image in a mirror was really good.

Thus, as Estella concentrated on Ashley’s pussy ever so close to her face, she felt Penny’s wet mouth on her pussy that was covered with reddish-orange hair. With uncontrollable wanton passion Penny grasped Estella’s hips for leverage and pressed her whole face into Estella’s creamy pussy, using her tongue to tantalize Estella as she licked up and down between, stopping each time to dip the tip of her tongue inside Estella’s wet vagina, but missing no part of it. She’d open her mouth over Estella’s vagina and shove her searching tongue inside the creamy vaginal canal and over her excited clit that had come out from its hood, and she’d lick and suck on it, causing Estella to push her pussy into Penny’s face with moans with pure pleasure.

“Oh, my, it’s so hard doing both, giving and receiving. It’s difficult to concentrate and divide my attention to both but not at the same time. I think the best thing to do is concentrate on eating Ashley’s pussy while Penny eats me out,” Estella thought, trying to sort out her sensual feelings and desires.

Estella felt Penny’s soft fingers caressing the outside of her upper thighs and bottoms of her ass cheeks as she licked between her pussy lips, wiggling the tip of her tongue over Estella’s sensitive skin. This was especially so when Penny’s tongue swiped over her vulva and aroused clit.

On one downward lick with the back of her tongue, Penny stiffened it when she came to Estella’s vulva and without hesitation pushed the flesh aside and thrust her tongue inside Estella’s vagina, feeling its creamy warmth as the walls enclosed around it. Penny pulled Estella’s hips forward, pushing her face against her hairy pussy and extending her tongue inside Estella’s vagina as far as it could go. She felt the small ridges on the top just inside Estella’s vagina and worked towards the area of her G-Spot; however, she knew that soon she would have to use her fingers to search inside Estella’s virginal, vaginal canal to reach her G-Spot and cervix.

Motivated by her sexual excitement Penny moved her tongue in and out of Estella’s vagina but never far enough that she lost contact. She rocked her head up and down in a steady rhythm, creating sensual surges for Estella.

When Estella became so sexually aroused with Penny’s in and out movements of her tongue inside her vagina, she instinctively reached out with her hands and placed them on the back of Penny heads, spreading her fingers to give her more leverage, and on the next downward thrust of Penny’s head Estella pushed, shoving Penny’s face into her hairy pussy so that her lips flattened out around her vaginal opening and her nose was buried in her pubic hair.

Once satisfied with this new pressure, Estella matched Penny’s in and out rhythm. Together Penny face-fucked Estella’s pussy, wallowing in the joy of this wanton act of erotic pleasure she was giving Estella while at the same time Estella was thrilled with Penny’s eating her pussy.

This was the very thing Estella had been wanting for so long, but her being timid hampered her from going out and seeking such pleasure even though she lived in the gay community and knew the gay bars where she could meet other women, women who would gladly eat her out and give her the pleasure she was now enjoying as sexual energy coursed throughout her aroused body, all striving to reach her clit in a climactic orgasm.

While Penny was muff diving on Estella’s pussy, Ashley, her legs spread over Estella’s head so that her pussy was directly over her face, reached down and spread the lips of her pussy open wide. She then lowered herself until her pussy lips made contact with Estella’s mouth, and then put it directly over Estella’s mouth, covering it with her pussy lips.

Estella, while excited with Penny’s eating her pussy, couldn’t help but feel the weight of Ashley on her face and the touch of her pussy on her mouth. She also could not escape the pleasant odor of Ashley’s musk that smelled of wildflowers from the fragrance she had put on her pussy before she put on her lingerie that morning.

“Oh, my, Ashley smells so good, and I love the feel of her pussy on my mouth and the warm contact of her legs against my face,” Estella thought.

Even though she was aware of Penny’s tongue fucking her vagina, Estella extended her tongue and tentatively touched Ashley’s pussy since this was the first pussy she had ever gone down on, and she didn’t know what to expect and what to do. She wanted to pleasure Ashley as much as Penny was pleasuring her.

Upon the first touch of her tongue on Ashley’s pussy, she was so aware of its softness and silkiness that was caused, in part, by Ashley’s vaginal lubricant.

“Mmmmmm,” sighed Estella, “Ashley’s pussy is so soft and creamy, and I love the feel of her pussy lips covering my mouth. I didn’t know what to expect from going down on Ashley, but I love the way she feels.”

Once having had her first taste of Ashley’s pussy, Estella wiggled her tongue around the outside of Ashley’s vulva, getting her it acquainted with Ashley’s pussy.

“Stick your tongue inside me, Estella,” Ashley moaned. “I want to feel it inside me. Eat my pussy.”

Estella, copying what Penny had done to her, reached up and put her hands on Ashley’s back just where he ass begins, and pulled Ashley’s pussy forward and downward so that her pussy lips spread out over her open mouth, allowing her to extend her tongue, passing Ashley’s vulva and into her vaginal sheath. Now for the first time Estella was eating another woman’s pussy, and she loved it.

With great excitement Estella worked her tongue around Ashley’s cream-coated vagina, enjoying the velvety smoothness of her feminine flesh. As Estella ate Ashley’s pussy, she was saddened by all the missed opportunities she had had because of her being timid. Because she was so beautiful and curvy, there were many women who hit on her, asking if she’d like to go to the Ladies Room and have them go down on her or invite her home to spend the night. However, that was in the past for which she could do nothing but feel regret at missed opportunities, but with her face pressed down by Ashley’s pussy now was the present.

Estella’s pensive mood was easily brought back to life as she felt Penny nibbling at her sensitive clit. She was flicking it back and forth with her tongue, stopping only to go down and suck it. This sensation sent shivers of erotic joy throughout Estella’s body, but the shivers all worked themselves onto her excited clit.

“Oh, god, I never new it would be this good to have another woman lick my pussy and suck on my clit. The feelings are almost beyond belief,” Estella thought.

Once again Estella’s erotic emotions and feelings were being divided, those she was giving and those she was receiving. They were different but in many ways the same; however, they were both extremely enjoyable.

Ashley quickened her pace and began to move back and forth over Estella’s face and mouth, riding it like a hobbyhorse, and with each forward motion her clit rubbed against Estella’s nose while she spread her legs, leaned forward at her waist, and pushed down that allowed her tongue full entry.

“Estella, take your tongue out of my vagina and let me stuff my clit into your mouth. I am getting so aroused that I feel close to having my orgasm, but I’d like you to suck my clit until I tell you to go back down on me, open your mouth wide, and put it over my vagina,” Ashley asked.

Estella wasn’t able to answer Ashley with a “yes” since her full pussy was pressed firmly against her face. She just did what Ashley had asked her to do. With one final swipe and flip of her tongue, Estella slipped it out of Ashley’s vagina. For her part Ashley had released the pressure of her knees against Estella’s face so she could move it upward, and with that freedom, Estella slowly slid her now pussy-creamed tongue between Ashley’s puffy pussy lips, separating them as she went until the tip of her tongue stopped just beneath Ashley’s aroused clit. At the same time Ashley bent over at her waist even further, resting her forearms on the soft arms of the sofa, so that the angle of her body was such that it allowed her clit to be more accessible to Estella’s luscious lips and open mouth.

Estella didn’t know if this would feel good or not, but she wiggled the tip of her tongue over and around Ashley’s clit as if her tongue were a feather or a leaf fluttering in the breeze.

Estella got her answer when she felt Ashley jump a little and let out a slow, wanton moan that came from deep within her lustful self.

“Oh, god, that feels good, Estella. For a novice you are doing it so well. Sometimes it’s the light and easy touch that is more erotic than the hard and rough ones, but I enjoy both. But, right now the flutter of your tongue is just right,” sighed Ashley as she wallowed in the throes of her excitement.

Estella was glad she had pleasured Ashley that she instinctively did on her own.

She thought to herself, ” I guess it takes a woman to know what a woman wants to satisfy her sexual cravings and sensual emotions. We are more gentle and patient with our love partners and have something like a sixth sense as to what she wants. ”

Estella went from flicking lightly over Ashley’s vibrating clit to placing her open mouth over it and then down on it. Having enclosed Ashley’s clit inside her mouth, Estella bobbed her head up and down, sucking on it as if in doing so she could draw something out of it.

“Oh, baby, yes, suck my clit. Yes, just like that, Estella,” Ashley urged her on, not wanting her to let up since she knew she was near her orgasm, but with an urgency Ashley soon knew the time had come for Estella to move her head down to her vulva.

“Estella, mmmm, move your head down on my pussy until your mouth covers my vagina and urethra. It’s time for you to do as I told you. I’m almost there,” Ashley said.

A final, deep suck on Ashley’s vibrating clit lit up her erotic insides, especially between her legs, as Estella slid her very wet tongue back down between Ashley’s pussy lips and didn’t stop until she felt her pussy hole. She grasped Ashley’s ass cheeks again, pressing forward as she positioned her oval-shaped mouth over Ashley’s two vulva openings, her vagina and her urethra.

Ashley was waiting for this before she cried out in sheer orgasmic pleasure. Rippling, sexual energy tingled over her clit and extended itself to the vortex of her womanhood. She felt the ecstatic surges rise higher and higher, and it was so intense she squeezed her eyes in pure insatiable pleasure.

Within this maelstrom of intense sexual energy, without warning to either Ashley or Estella, especially Estella since she didn’t know a woman was capable of this sexual act, Ashley stiffened her body and then relaxed the tension as the floodgates of Nirvana burst open, and with one, sustained, sexual, “Oh my god,” shivers of erotic energy flowed through Ashley as clear ejaculate shot out of her vagina. During her ejaculating, Ashley also let loose ejaculate from her urethra.

Wanting Estella to get it all, Ashley pressed her knees once more against her face and pressed her pussy down so that all that was seen of Estella’s face was her forehead and the bridge of her nose. Everything else was covered with Ashley’s hairy pussy.

“Oh, gooood!” Ashley screamed once more as she grimaced with pure, sexual joy. Her orgasm was that intense.

Estella heard Ashley’s scream of joy, but was absolutely shocked when her first shot of ejaculate filled her unsuspecting mouth, so much so she had no recourse but to swallow it, especially since it was followed by a second shot, and a third, and a small fourth. Only then was Ashley’s orgasm lessening as she tried to regain control of her bodily functions. Once her ejaculation began there was no stopping it not even if she wanted to stop. She just couldn’t. It was physically and mentally impossible. It was as if her pussy had a mind of its own and was going to do what it wanted to do no matter what.

Through it all Ashley’s body was wracked with violent, sexual reactions to which she could do nothing than cry out her sensual, erotic pleasure.

When Ashley cried out her orgasm, Penny looked up from Estella’s pussy to see her lover caught in the throes of her orgasm that she knew all too well, having been in the same place as Estella was now. She also knew the volume of clear liquid Ashley ejaculated.

As the sexual energy lessened, Ashley dropped her head forward and rested her forehead on the soft arm of the love sofa, gasping for breath and feeling the muscles in her arms twitching with reserve sexual stimulation.

While Ashley was coming down from her orgasm, Estella lay beneath her absolutely dumbfounded, never having even heard about female ejaculation. She still couldn’t believe Ashley shot so much of it into her mouth, but she had to admit it had a pleasant taste to it. At first she thought Ashley was peeing into her mouth, but then her taste buds told her otherwise. It did not taste like pee at all. Well, maybe a little, but she was sure it wasn’t pee. Besides, she knew peeing comes out in one steady stream while Ashley’s ejaculate shot out in stages, one after the other. It was very strange to Estella, and she wondered if she, too, could ejaculate.

Estella did not have to wait too long. In the throes of being so caught up in pleasuring Ashley, Estella had done a good job of not concentrating on receiving pleasure from Penny’s mouth and fingers even though Penny was doing all she could to help Estella have her orgasm.

However, Estella hadn’t even been aware of Penny’s finger fucking her pussy and touching all the right spots: her ridges; her soft, spongy G-Spot; and her cervix. She was too focused on pleasuring Ashley, but now that Ashley had her orgasm and was luxuriating in the throes of her post-orgasm, the sexual feelings running rampant inside her body all came to her as if they had been hiding.

She felt her body trembling with sexual energy; a pleasant burning between her legs; a sensitivity, hardness, and erectness to her pink nipples. Now Estella concentrated on Penny’s lips doing marvelous things to her wet pussy, her up and down licking between her puffy pussy lips and her licking and sucking her blood-engorged clit that was sensitive to every movement Penny gave it. Estella also felt Penny’s long fingers sliding in and out of her vagina as its sensitive areas reacted to the pleasurable pressure, especially on her G-Spot.

As each erotic sensation grew stronger and sweeter, Estella’s whole body readied itself for her orgasm. Her clit retracted a little and the nerve endings came alive.

“Oh, Penny, I’ve never felt this way before. You have made my body come alive with sexual passion, the strength of which I never felt when I masturbated which, up ’till now, was my only release for sexual pleasure,” Estella sighed with sensual delight.

Estella felt her body shiver. Her thighs trembled. Her nipples puckered. Her breath came in spasms. Her heart beat faster. All the signs of her oncoming orgasm.

Estella lifted her ass off the sofa as she put her hands on Penny’s head at the same time. With deliberate pressure she slid her pussy up so that Penny’s mouth covered it, spreading her lips into an “O” and hoping that as Ashley ejaculated into her mouth she would do the same into Penny’s mouth. She didn’t know if she could ejaculate since she had never done it before, but as sexually aroused as she was and as sensitive as her G-Spot was Estella wanted to be ready in case she did ejaculate.

“Ohhhhh, Penny. Eat my pussy. Stick your tongue into my vagina. You have me close to cumming,” mewled Estella passionately.

Without warning, in the midst of her orgasmic high, Estella felt as if every part of her body was coming together for one purpose and one purpose only: her orgasm.

She felt a powerful surge of sexual energy welling up from deep within, working its way to the surface and seeking the right place to energize its erotic power. All of this sexual energy found its way to Estella’s throbbing clit and burst forth in every nerve within.

“Oh, Penny, I’m cummminnngggg. My pussy feels so alive. I feel pressure inside my vagina and urethra that wants a way out of my body,” Estella muffled her words with erotic tones of pure pleasure.

Estella continued to press her open vulva over Penny’s mouth and moved her hips up and down slightly. She wanted to cum so badly. She felt on the very edge of her climax but seemed suspended at it. Without thought, Estella took her right hand off Penny’s head and brought it down to her overly sensitive clit, placing her first two fingers on it. She played with her clit, rubbing it rapidly back and forth until she felt as if she couldn’t handle how very sensitive her clit was; however, she continued to work towards her orgasm.

“Oh, my, yes. Here it comes. I’m going to cum,” Estella said between clenched teeth.

Cum! And cum she did. Intense, excruciating sensations pulsed on Estella’s sensitive clit, so much so, she gritted her teeth in pure pleasure.

The pressure she felt inside her pussy suddenly ejaculated clear liquid out of her vagina, and having nowhere else to go, shot into Penny’s open mouth.

Both Estella and Penny were caught by surprise because neither knew if Estella could ejaculate, but she did. She shot her first, large amount of clear ejaculate into Penny’s mouth and filled it.

Penny swallowed the first mouthful to make room for the two more that shot from Estella’s vagina.

Estella was beside herself with wanton surprise with her ejaculation, and she ground her pussy into Penny’s face to keep her it against her pussy.

With each spurt the volume lessened until it was a mere dribble, and Estella was finally coming down from her orgasm, collecting herself and feeling satisfied and peaceful. Never had she had such an orgasm in her life.

Estella released Penny’s head, and Penny raised herself up and got into a kneeling position so she could look at Estella.

“My gracious, girl, for someone so timid as you and this being your first time with a woman, I must say you are one hot cookie,” Penny said. “Isn’t she, Ashley.”

Ashley who had been watching Penny eat out Estella from the other side of the sofa said, “I would agree with you, Penny. That was some orgasm she had. The sound of it filled the room.”

“Sit up and come to me, Estella,” Penny said.

Estella came to Penny who immediately drew her to herself, pressed breasts against breasts, and kissed her. It was a long, soft, tender kiss, and the two became as one in that moment.

Ashley came over to Penny and Estella and knelt beside them, and when they drew away from their kiss, Ashley took Estella’s face into her hands and gave her another warm, wet kiss, tasting her pussy cream that still lingered on Estella’s lips.

When Ashley and Estella stopped kissing, Ashley asked Estella, “Well, how do you like making love with another woman?”

“Oh, I loved it, Ashley.”

“Receiving or giving?” asked Penny.

“To tell the truth I liked both. The pleasure is different, but both involve two women making love. And I must admit, I got so lost in eating Ashley’s pussy, I set aside my feelings until Ashley had cum and I was then free to concentrate on your eating my pussy. Does that make any sense?” asked Estella.

“Yes, it makes sense, Estella,” answered Ashley. “That is the reason the 69 position is not one of my favourites. It’s great for foreplay, but when it comes to giving your love partner sexual excitement and release, I prefer giving my full attention to her. And when she is making love to me, I like to be able to give my full attention to every little thing she does to help me reach orgasm.”

“Yes,” added Penny, “it’s like trying to make a circle on your belly while at the same time patting your head up and down. To do it, if you can, takes alot of concentration.”

All three laughed.

“Now that you’ve been baptized into our lesbian lifestyle, Estella, do you want to continue with us? Learning to model? Having photos, both clothed and nude, taken of you for a port folio that you would use in interviews for modeling jobs?” asked Ashley.

“We’d both like you to continue, but obviously it’s your decision, Estella,” added Penny.

“After today’s introduction to lesbian love, I wouldn’t think of not continuing,” answered Estella.

“Oh, that’s wonderful, Estella. There is so much more to do. And we have others who are involved with our studio. Lady Rose…”

“Lady Rose?” exclaimed Estella. “I know Lady Rose. Not very well, but I’ve seen her and talked over drinks with her in some of the clubs in the gay community.”

“Then you know what a kind and loving lady she is,” Ashley said.

“Oh, my yes.”

“There’s also eighteen year old Ginger whom we met at one of Lady Rose’s business dinners and for whom we did special things: Ashley, my younger sister Marina, and, of course, I,” said Penny. “Ginger was a street kid, and out of the goodness of her heart, Lady Rose invited her to live with her in her mansion down in Piper Point.”

“Yes, we know you’d love to meet Ginger and make love with her. She is Irish, too, and has beautiful orange hair on her head and pussy,” Ashley said.

“Eighteen? My, that’s young,” said Estella, “I surely would love to meet her and make love now that you have opened the door to the art of Lesbos.”

Both Ashley and Penny smiled warmly at one another, happy with how things turned out with Estella. She was so beautiful and well built they didn’t want to lose her.

“Penny, we have that awkward situation whenever there is an odd number such as we have today. You made love with Estella but you did not receive so you could have your orgasm,” Ashley said.

“Oh, that’s all right. I was happy to pleasure Estella and have her enjoy an orgasm, hoping she would continue with us,” Penny said.

“No, it’s not all right,” said Ashley, “We never let a sister hanging out sexually frustrated,” said Ashley. “Besides, with you as my lover I’d never think of such a thing.

So, Estella, how shall we rectify the situation and help give Penny her orgasm?” asked Ashley.

Estella didn’t know how to answer since she lacked the experience, so she waited for Ashley to say something.

Ashley looked at Estella, trying to read her face as if she were thinking something but too shy to share.

“What about you, Penny. Is there something you’d like done to you?” asked Ashley.

Without hesitation Penny said, “I’d love to have Estella’s beautiful face between my legs as mine was between hers and have her eat my pussy. I’m so hot and horny I don’t think it will take long for me to cum.”

“How’s that with you, Estella? Want to eat Penny’s pussy as you did mine?” asked Ashley.

Estella’s eyes lit up as she shook her head ‘yes.’

“Well then, let’s get you two into a different position,” said Ashley. “Penny, you go sit on the back of the sofa with your legs spread wide, and Estella, you kneel on the seat of the sofa between Penny’s gaping pussy and go down on her.”

“Sounds good to me,” Penny said as she stood up and walked over to the sofa; climbed onto it; turned around; sat down on the soft, high back; and spread her legs as wide as she could.

Estella was not far behind Penny, and as soon as she got to the edge of the sofa, she climbed up onto the cushions and knelt down between Penny’s legs, grabbing onto the tops of Penny’s thighs for balance. As Estella did this she saw Penny already had her fingers working on her clit, getting her pussy good and juicy for her. Penny was so looking forward to having Estella’s beautiful face buried in her very wet pussy, she couldn’t wait but had started masturbating while Estella got into her kneeling position. Besides, she wanted to spread her pussy lips so Estella could see what her pussy looked like before getting it lost in her heavy, dark, pubic bush.

Penny had not closed her eyes as she masturbated but looked directly into Estella’s eyes as if she were drawing her forward towards her pussy.

Estella shared Penny’s look for a brief while, mesmerized by Penny’s fingers moving around her clit that she saw was already beyond its protective hood, standing hard and erect.

There was a shinny gleam on the tip caused by the light shining down from the overhead lighting fixtures. When her visual needs were satisfied, Estella wanted her tactile needs satisfied, too. She put the tips of her fingers on the sides of Penny’s knees and started to trace torturous lines down the insides of Penny’s soft, inner thighs, working her way to Penny’s crotch where Penny continued to roll her love bud beneath her fingertips.

Penny was quite aware of Estella’s touch, but she now had her eyes closed, visualizing with her mind what was happening beyond. Penny pictured Estella’s fingers as two snakes slithering down her thighs, each one pointing its head with its long, flicking tongue towards the opening of her vagina.

“Mmmmm. That feels wonderful, Estella. The soft touch of your fingers is soothing yet titillating. I can’t wait until they reach my pussy, ” Penny said.

Still Estella did not hurry. She was enjoying the anticipation, knowing Penny’s pussy was half-an-arm’s length away. Estella slid her fingertips ever forward until it was necessary for her to scoot forward and bend slightly at the waist so that her hands could touch Penny’s pussy.

Estella smelled Penny’s musk that had become a part of her since she had gone down on Estella, and the fragrance was intoxicating, drawing her ever nearer. He fingertips finally touched the very edges of Penny’s vulva where she gently separated the lips with the first two fingers on each hand and insinuated them simultaneously into Penny’s vagina as far as they could go.

Continuing with the image of the two snakes, Penny saw them inserting their scaly heads into her pussy and writhing down her vaginal canal, touching her ridges, her G-Spot, her cervix, and the back wall of her vagina.

This was the first time Estella had felt the inside of a woman’s vagina, and she was in awe with all that she felt with her fingers, and she became excited and aroused when Penny raised her hips at certain places. It was on these certain places she paid particular attention as she got into a squirming pace with her fingers going out and in of Penny’s vagina. For Estella the sensation of feeling Penny’s vaginal walls contract and release around her fingers as she moved them was almost hypnotic.

“Mmmmm. How wonderful Penny feels,” sighed Estella as she spread her fingers the little bit that she could inside her vaginal sheath. Penny was so overwhelmed with this writhing sensation inside her vagina, she bent over and wrapped her hands around Estella’s wrists and mechanically pulled her fingers out and then thrust them back inside her vagina. For Penny it was as if she were using a human dildo to finger-fuck herself. She rubbed Estella’s fingers over her G-Spot and played on top of her ridges, causing erotic pleasure to build with each thrust of Estella’s fingers.

“Oh, god, Estella, I need more,” Penny said as she removed Estella’s fingers out of her vagina and slid them upwards between her small labia that were puffy from the engorged blood that had come to them. She drew a trail from her pussy hole up to that place where they come together just beneath her clit and protective hood.

Not having let go of Estella’s four fingers, Penny put them directly onto her excited clit and rubbed them back and forth, still using them like a human dildo and getting herself off by doing it.

Estella watched Penny’s hands manipulating her fingers on her clit when, without any words being spoken, Penny suddenly removed her hands off Estella’s fingers and in the same motion raised them and put them on Estella’s head, pushing her face directly on top of her clit and shaft. The force was just enough that Estella’s mouth opened when her lips made first contact with Penny’s pussy so that it formed an “O” around her clit.

Estella felt Penny’s clit with her tongue and her face nestling within Penny’s black, hairy bush. Being in this situation Estella knew just what to do. She sucked. She sucked on Penny’s clit. She sucked on Penny’s shaft. She sucked and sucked and sucked until Penny was bouncing her hips off and on the back of the sofa in time with Estella’s sucking.

Penny’s bouncing made it necessary for Estella to grasp Penny’s hips quickly just above her ass in order to keep the contact between her mouth and Penny’s clit. Estella could tell Penny was close to cumming, and she didn’t want to break the rhythm.

“Oh, Estella, what you’re doing to me!” Penny sighed loudly.

Ashley heard. Ashley saw. And Ashley knew her lover was close to her orgasm.

“Suck me, Estella. Wrap your lips around my clit and suck me. I am ‘that’ close to cumming,” Penny said plaintively.

Estella did just that. She did not let up with her sucking of Penny’s clit until….

Until Penny’s sexual ardor hit a high mark, sending her insides into sexual convulsions from having Estella’s mouth sucking away on her clit. Her clit was a vortex for all her sexual energy to converge into one point in her body where she would experience tremendous sexual tremors that exceeded all other feelings within her body.

Even Penny’s mind was voluntarily focused on her orgasm, that and that alone. Everything not involuntary such as her beating heart and breathing was secondary until she had her orgasm.

“Oh, my, god, Estella, suck me hard and get me off. I’ve waited long enough to cum, and I’m trembling all over,” Penny groaned.

As a student listens to her mentor, Estella sucked long and hard on her clit and then slid her hands from Penny’s back, across the tops of her ass cheeks, and onto her thighs. The rest of her body followed Estella’s hands and arms, stopping to caress and lick her breasts, lick her bellybutton, rub her face over her hairy pubic bone until her head was between Penny’s legs and her face was nestled in her crotch.

“Open your mouth and put it as wide as you can over my vagina and urethra,” Penny told Estella.

Hearing this, Estella was sure Penny was a squirter.

Penny went back to her clit with her fingers, rubbing it frantically back and forth and softly crying out her sexual pre-release before her orgasm hit her.

Estella, however, didn’t need Penny to reach down and put her hands on the back of her head to increase the pressure of her face against her pussy. Estella took matters into her own hands and pressed her mouth against Penny’s vaginal opening and urethra, pulling her pussy into her face with her hands on Penny’s hips.

“Oh, yess. Yes,” Penny cried out in a half-tone shriek of orgasmic energy as all of it came to the vortex that was her clit.

Her clit drew slightly beneath its hood as all the nerves vibrated. It tingled as if thousands of bees were buzzing inside it. It throbbed with intense, wanton energy that could not be stopped once, like lava from a volcano, it was let loose. All Penny could do was ride it out to the end of her orgasm.

In the midst of her orgasm and the erupting of her sexual energy, Penny felt the urge to pee, but she knew it was not an urge to pee since she was having an orgasm. She knew she was going to squirt her love juice all over Estella’s face.

“Oh, my god,” exclaimed Penny as she tensed her legs and pushed down with her belly as she felt the dam within her open up.

Estella was not ready for what happened next. Penny ejaculated a large quantity of clear fluid, the fluid that had increased above her soft, spongy are around her G-Spot all during hers and Estella’s lovemaking, and even though Estella had pressed her mouth tightly over Penny’s vagina, her mouth could not contain the amount of the first shot nor the force with which it came. The fluid filled her waiting mouth and most of it shot directly down her throat, but some squeezed between her lips and splashed up her nose, on her cheeks, and down her chin that dripped onto her full, ripe breasts.

The second shot Estella handled well, taking the full load and swallowing it as she did the third until there was only another small amount dribbling down her chin again when Estella drew her head back from Penny’s very wet pussy, all covered with her pussy cream and love juice.

“Oh, Penny, that was marvelous,” sighed Estella. “I never knew a woman could ejaculate so much.”

She licked the residual wetness from her lips with the tip of her tongue.

“So, how do I taste, Estella?” asked Penny somewhat playfully.

“Well, with only you and Ashley to compare, I don’t have all that much experience, but while both of your ejaculate was clear, Ashley’s had a sweeter taste while yours was sweet yet tangy,” answered Estella. “And how do I taste, Penny?” asked Estella.

“Yours was sweet, Luv,” answered Penny. “Next time on the last shot lets keep it in our mouths so we can share and find out for ourselves how one another’s ejaculate tastes.”

“Sounds good to me,” Ashley said.

“Me, too,” added Estella.

“For now, however, Estella, kiss me so I know what I taste like,” said Penny as she slid down the back of the sofa and plopped her ass on the edge of the cushion so she could lean down, take Estella into her arms, and kiss her.

Their kiss was long…soft…gentle…sweet…tender, and Penny, and there remained a faint taste of her love juice on Estella’s lips.

Ashley came to Estella and Penny, and when their kiss ended, Ashley, in turn, took Estella into her arms and they kissed, letting their tongues intertwine as they searched each other mouths and sucked on each other’s tongue.

“Mmmm, I can taste a mere residue of both Penny’s and my ejaculate. I know since I taste both sweet and tart, and Estella said that is the way each of us tasted. Both, however, were good,” Ashley confirmed for herself.

Thus, after Penny came down from her orgasmic high, she, Ashley, and Estella went to shower and get back into their clothes. As they did so, they talked about what they wanted Estella to do next. They wanted her to come in for a test shoot and to meet the others: her sister Marina, Ginger, and obviously Lady Rose with whom she at least had an acquaintance.

As they walked from the lounge, passing through the photography studio and model runway, they talked and laughed about what a wonderful time they had enjoying one another and how much they looked forward to the future.

“This was only the beginning, Estella,” said Ashley. “We hope to get a modest clientele, nothing too large for us to handle for modeling and photography since we add the third dimension to our services that we can’t directly advertise in the newspapers and tabloids.”

Ashley laughed, and Penny and Estella joined her.

“I now understand that third dimension all too well,” Estella said somewhat sheepishly. That third dimension gives true meaning to your studio’s name, Intimate Pleasures.

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