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All in a Day Off

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Today was my day off. It was about seven at night, and I had just gotten around to taking a shower. After reading for a few hours, playing some old games on my Super Nintendo, and responding to a couple of work-related e-mails, it seemed prudent to wash away the stank of laziness before my current girlfriend returned home.

Her name is Elena. She works as a masseuse at a local parlor owned by a friend of the family, and she’s very good at what she does, if I’m to be the judge. We’ve been living together for about a month and a half, and things are going fairly well. At least, I’m not tired of her yet. She’s about six inches shorter than me, at 5’7″, and she honestly reminds me of what would happen if Audrey Hepburn had been into the punk scene. Her hair is average-length, but usually held up in one style or another to make it more manageable, and it currently sports an extra dark black with vibrant crimson streaks. She’s more classically beautiful than many of my previous girlfriends; I tend to fall for the cute ones.

I was thinking about these things as I hung my head in the shower, reveling in the way it seemed to wash what little tension I had away when I heard the front door open. It was strange, because Elena was supposed to be seeing clients till eight, so I figured it might be one of my friends dropping by for a spell. Realizing that the shower would likely be cut short, I sighed and picked up the bottle of shampoo, working up a lather and opening my eyes. The off-white tiles greeted me, though they were slightly blurry without my glasses and possibly needing a light scrubbing. My hair is short, and I was already getting ready to slap on the conditioner when the bathroom door opened.

“Tim, if I hear the toilet flush, I’m going to beat you within an inch of your life.”

Tim was the only one of my friends with big enough stones to open the door while I was in here, much less incite my wrath. I’m in pretty good shape, as I work out at least three times a week, and though I could probably make good on that promise, I’m more infamous for my ability to execute meticulous, pain-staking revenges.

The curtains depicting a beach and palm trees opened, and water started spraying out onto the linoleum. However, I was more concerned with the person standing before me. Elena was naked, with a lop-sided and self-satisfied grin on her face, which only seemed to widen as I stopped to take in the sight. She stepped in, closing the curtains behind her, and I let out a breath, appreciating the bounciness with which her middle-sized, round breasts tantalized me, only to be teased in the next moment as she bent over to pick up the cap to the conditioner. I had dropped it

She turned and handed it to me and wrapped her other hand gently around my developing erection.


She smiled at me, her voice was a bit higher than most girls, and I’d describe it as having a pixie quality to it without being, you know, annoying. I felt her start to loosely rub my penis a few times before looking satisfied with her work, grabbing me by the shoulders, and turning me to face the showerhead.

“Hand me the body soap.”

I obliged, and she set it down, massaging the conditioner out of my hair. There are few things that I enjoy more than having somebody else wash my hair, and she knows this.

“My last client canceled, so I figured I’d come surprise you. Obviously, I wasn’t who you were expecting, but I’ll relay the message to Tim next time I see him.”

The conditioner washed out, she picked the soap back up and set about cleaning my entire body. She gave the same attention to my chest that she gave to my balls that she gave to my neck and even to my ass. That was another thing I liked about her; she wasn’t shy about touching me anywhere, or being touched anywhere. It’s always nice to find someone else who isn’t self-conscious.

She had pulled me back from the stream while she was doing this, but instead of pushing me back in, she jumped in herself, leaving me out in the cold. Elena began to hum a little bit, making a show of enjoying the heat, as well as purposefully bending in ways that demonstrated her curves. I stood there patiently for a bit until she went so far as to pull her breasts up toward her face and let them fall with a springy bounce. She looked unsurprised when I grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her into an inescapable embrace. Seconds passed, and we stared into each other’s eyes, both of us acutely aware of our bodies pressed together. I felt heat against my cock, now standing firmly against her pussy lips, and I started to grind in place. Before I could create any sort of rhythm, she used my soapy state to wriggle free, that lop-sided smile returning.

“I’ve got other plans. Wash yourself off and go lay down on the massage table. I’ll be out in a couple minutes.”

I started to protest, as I like to take the lead when it comes to sex, but she silenced me by pressing herself against me again, pinning me against the wall as she made out with me hungrily. She ran her nails up my back before slapping me on the butt and pushing me into the shower. I mostly cleaned myself off, though Elena hurried me along by taking care of my backside.

My interest was piqued, and I wanted to see what her game was, so after I toweled off, I headed to the guest room where she kept a massage table and laid down. The shower’s noises continued in the background, and I my eyes wandered the room. Beneath the table, laid in succession were seven different crystals, though I only recognized the top one as quartz. The massage table itself was a dark blue-green color and had recently only been laid upon by yours truly. Various posters of waterfalls, mountains, and other nature scenes lined the white walls, and the counter was lined with oils and incense. A small boombox sat in the corner, waiting to play soft mood music.

The shower stopped. I finally turned over, having softened enough to lay comfortably on my stomach. I looked up as the door opened, and Elena was wearing an especially fluffy red towel, covering up all of my favorite parts of her. Her hair was hanging down, coming just past her shoulders without anything to hold it up.

“Nope, still not Tim. Sorry to disappoint.”

Smiling to herself, she set down her bag in the corner and took a couple new bottles of oil out of it, arranging them next to the other. The boombox started to play ocean noises. I heard the instantly recognizable sound of a cap coming off a bottle of massage oil, and felt a few cold drops touch down onto my back. I flinched. She laughed without malice. Then slick hands began their work, starting with my upper back, where I keep most of my tension.

“Rough week at work? It certainly feels like it.”

I only grunted my appreciation in response, and I didn’t need to look up to see the satisfied smile on her face at once again reducing me to one-syllable responses. She continued, kneading deeper tissue with her elbow, leaning into me. It stopped momentarily, I heard a muffled impact and saw the fluffy red towel in the corner, and then there was a knee resting to either side of my ribs. More oil poured onto my neck, and incense reminiscent of cinnamon filled the air.

Elena was nothing if not thorough, and in a space that lost any chronological definition, she worked my entire back, neck, legs, and feet. Her hands found purchase on my ass cheeks, and she massaged in slow circles.

“Have I told you lately that your ass is perfect?”

Again, a grunt was all she received. I heard the oil bottle squirt some more, and a few drops hit my lower spine and quickly slipped down to my asshole.


It wasn’t convincing, and sure enough, her hand followed, playing gently for a few moments. Then a long piece of cloth laid down upon the back of my head.

“Lift up.”

As I did, she wrapped the blindfold fully around my eyes.

“This is too easy.”

She half-giggled to herself briefly and then replaced her hand between my cheeks, sliding it gently in a teasing fashion. At this point, I had practically melted beneath her earlier ministrations, and was in no state to object to something that felt this good, even despite being blindfolded. Her hand trailed away slowly, seemingly satisfied with teasing me, and I felt her weight shift. No longer did her legs straddle my back. I felt her hands steady herself against the back of my thighs, and then spread my cheeks apart as a warm, wet trail was finding its way down my back. This was new for me, I had never allowed anyone to lick me like this, and as her tongue wound its way down and back, I felt a new elation.

Always one to draw it out when she could, Elena continued for some time before shocking me with the ferocity she used on my asshole. My dick was hard, pressing against the soft cushion, and I couldn’t believe how this night was turning out. It felt great, but it was almost too much. Just as I was about to say something, she let up, and her weigh shifted again. One of her hands brushed my ankle as she leaned back, and I heard a quiet snap. Confused, I began to look up, only to remember that I was still blindfolded. The squirt of another bottle emanated from behind me.

“If this is too much, you know the safety word.”

I nodded, suspecting something, but unsure how to feel about it, and then it was confirmed.

I wasn’t sure if she had read it, but I had accidentally left a journal entry up on my computer a couple weeks back. Oftentimes when I get ideas in my head, and I’m not entirely comfortable with them, I’ll write them down and work them out that way. This particular journal entry had described in some detail, my curiosity about a certain subject. I’ll just let an excerpt speak for itself:

-I keep having recurring thoughts, or a fantasy, rather. In it, I am taken, not violently, but from behind by a woman wearing a strap-on. It’s kind of funny, although I don’t think it means I’m gay (but who knows, right?). This is probably not something I’ll try out though, it seems a bit too weird for most people, although if anyone would be up for it, it would be her.-

I felt a moderate pushing sensation briefly before my girlfriend penetrated me with a strap-on dildo. My gasp mirrored hers, and I could hear a distinctive wet noise behind me that meant she was playing with herself while she fucked me. She went slowly, but was persistent, and the entire feeling of it had destroyed my chance for conscious thought. It hurt only a little bit, and I admit I had tested out using my fingers a couple of times, but this was so much bigger. Eventually, the hilt hit the outside of my cheeks, and she stopped for a moment. The two of us absorbed every aspect of what was going on while she paused, and then I felt her nails dig into my cheeks as she pulled nearly out and slipped back in, quicker this time.

Being filled and released and then starting over again gave me a feminine feeling, especially as the pace hastened, her nails bit into my flesh, and my ass cheeks gave a wet slap with the force of her impact. It was starting to hurt, but that only turned me on more. I gripped the cushion and timid moans and grunts were fucked right out of me. My breathing was started to become ragged, but Elena only pushed onward, undaunted.

I felt that I was about to cum, and she pulled completely out of me, standing up and slipping the blindfold off of me. Her hair was still wet, and beads of sweat were standing out along her body. She wore nothing but a black harness with a neutrally-colored blue dildo attached. Her inner thighs were spattered with her own juices, and I could smell how sweet she was. She went to the far side of the table, grabbed me by the ankles and pulled me down so that my legs would dangle off as she turned me over.

“I want you to watch me fuck you as you cum all over me.”

There was no way I was going to argue at this point, and she re-adjusted herself, slamming unceremoniously back into my battered ass. Her hands, slick with lubrication from herself as well as the bottles, slid up my penis to the top. One hand stayed there, and the other drifted to fondle my sack. She rotated her fingers tamely around my head, contrasting the savagery with which her dildo punished me. I was still close to climax from before, and it didn’t take much before all the signs returned.

As I hit the point of no return, she pushed the dildo’s entire length into me and leaned forward. The hand on my dick worked furiously, unhindered by friction, while the hand on my balls slid between her legs, mimicking the other hand’s speed. White ropes shot onto her stomach and one volley even landed on her breasts as she presented them, and I barely noticed that I was screaming with the intensity of it. Only seconds behind me, she began to buck forward, the motions scooting me up the table and renewing my first ass-fucking briefly. Our orgasms subsided, and she slid out of me, unbuttoning the harness and tossing it into a waiting plastic bag. I laid back on the table, and Elena positioned herself into my arms, kissing my neck and face a few times before settling in. My breathing was slowly returning to normal, and the enormity of just how deviant I felt this was finally hit me. I smiled.

I think I’m going to marry this woman.

I sat up, the smile still plastered to my face, Elena still clutching me, though her head lifted from my shoulder. She looked into my eyes, her light browns meeting my dark blues.

“You know, I think I’m going to need another shower after that.”

She smiled back at me, and only nodded her agreement as she stood, taking my hand and leading me back to the bathroom.

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