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Summer Nights

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It was a dark, hot, and humid night. One of those dead air summer nights with a hint of ozone in the air from a far off storm. A storm sensed but unseen that makes the skin tingle with energy. The hot, humid, still air calms the mind and makes one lazy. The heady ozone and electricity makes one antsy.

Either is fine but the two together can drive one crazy. One pushes you outward; the other holds you in. Lazy energy has so much… potential.


Lisa stretched on the lounge chair by the pool. The vast expanse of stars overhead held her eyes in the darkness, lit only by the underwater light of the pool. Pale blue shimmering light on the walls of the enclosed patio capped with sharp pinpricks of flickering stars. Tommie had turned off every light in the house, even the garden lights.

“So, what do you think?” Tommie asked from the darkness of the porch.

“I think it is beautiful and I would have never thought to turn off all the lights.”

“That’s because we think differently.”

Lisa’s eyes darted to the dark porch and then back to the sky. “Sometimes yes and sometimes no.”

“I wish you could see how beautiful you are.”

“I’m not beautiful, I’m not even pretty,” Lisa protested but outwardly, she squirmed at the compliment.

“Oh yes, you are. Laying there naked, with the flickering light of the pool throwing highlights and shadows all over your body, you are truly magnificent.”

Lisa shook her head and looked at the dark porch. “Come out here so I can see you.”

Tommie laughed and then replied, “Come get me.”

Lisa’s hands were above her head. She raised them a few inches and the flexible links of the handcuffs came tight. “I can’t and you know it.”

“That will teach you to fall asleep on me.”

“Two glasses of wine and thirty minutes in the hot tub made me fall asleep. Not to mention a long stressful day.”

“I know all about the stressful day, I work for you, remember.”

“Yes you do, so get your ass over here and let me loose.”

“Uh, no, I don’t think so. Right now, I’m off work so you are not the boss.”

“Then as my best friend for the last what? Uh, ten years at least, let me loose.”

“Uh, no. I kind of like you this way,” Tommie replied with a husky chuckle.

Lisa struggled on the heavy lounge chair for a few seconds and then with a sigh, she relaxed and looked up at the stars. “Then I guess all I can do is get another nap.”

Tommie laughed and stepped down off the dark part of the porch to the second step. As she came into the light she said, “I think I can keep you awake and very alert.”

Lisa looked at her friend and then did a double take. Tommie was as naked as she was. The problem was, she now had a dick, a very large dick.

“What the fuck?”

Tommie laughed again and shook her hips. The large purple dildo waved back and forth. “Oh, you noticed my new equipment, did you? What do you think? Is it too much?”

“I…. Uh…” Lisa stammered. “I love a good joke,” she finally got out.

“It’s not a joke sweetie,” Tommie said softly as she walked forward. “I’ve waited a very long time to get you in this position.”

Lisa’s eyes followed the sway of the purple dildo as Tommie walked. Her mouth worked as though she was going to speak but nothing came out.

“I came home from work to find you asleep by my pool. A couple of snips of the scissors and that bikini was history.” Tommie paused as a shiver ran up and down her spine. “I always knew those handcuffs and ankle shackles would come in handy one day.” She stopped at the foot of the lounge chair.

“If you’re trying to scare me, you’re doing a damned good job of it,” Lisa got out in a rush.

“Scare you? I don’t want to scare you. I want to make love to you,” Tommie whispered.

Lisa’s eyes got big as they darted from Tommie’s face to the big dildo. She tried to close her legs but the chain of the shackles on her ankles ran under the lounge chair and kept her from doing so.

“Don’t worry my dear, by the time I get around to fucking you with this,” Tommie paused to shift her hips again so the purple dildo swayed. “You will be more than able to handle it and love every second I fuck you with it.”

Lisa groaned and shook her head. “No, please no. I’m straight. I don’t do pussy. I just do dick.”

Tommie laughed. “Now you have the option to do both at the same time and you don’t have to worry about the lesbian part. I’ll take very good care of that.”

“But you’re as straight as I am. I’ve seen you fuck guys, give blowjobs, and come your brains out. Not all those double dates we went on in college could have been fake.”

Tommie nodded. “Yes, you’re right, I love men but I also love women. Being Bi is the best of both worlds.”

“When…. What…. Who….” Lisa stammered. Her mind was whirling. Tommie had always teased her when they were alone. Grabbing her ass or breasts through her clothes mostly, but also kisses on the neck, shoulders, and back of her neck had made her tingle. Tommie had even licked and sucked her nipples a few times when they both had flashed at dance clubs.

“Do you remember that little petite blonde who hung out with us for a while, junior year of college?”

Lisa’s eyes got wide again. “Julie was a lesbian?”

“She was Bi and gave me my first taste of girl on girl sex. Actually, it started as a threesome with her boyfriend. It was his twenty first birthday and she said she wanted to give him something special” Tommie paused as she knelt down and ran her hands up and down Lisa’s lower legs.

Lisa squirmed and then sighed as Tommie massaged her right foot. She had been on her feet most of the day in heels. Tommie’s strong hands and fingers found the right spots to make her groan softly.

“I didn’t realize the something special was them splitting me between them, until we were naked in a motel room. I took a shower with Bill, Julie’s boyfriend, while she watched. He soaped me up and had me in a lather by the time they dried me off with a couple of towels, pun intended.”

Tommie sighed deeply and went on as she continued to massage Lisa’s foot. “I ended up laying on my back on the bed with both of them sucking and licking my toes. Until then, I had never realized my toes were connected directly to my pussy.” Tommy paused to chuckle.

“By the time they started working their way up my legs, I was in another world. Two sets of lips and two tongues on my inner thighs had me climbing the walls. My eyes closed and I was in heaven with a tongue and mouth on my pussy and another tongue and mouth working my breasts over.”

Tommie swapped feet and Lisa groaned again softly as fingers zeroed in on just the right spots.

“I didn’t know who was where until Bill kissed me and his mustache tickled my nose. My eyes popped open but closed again as a very knowledgeable mouth and tongue zeroed in on my clit. I went up in flames as my mind supplied a picture of Julie’s head between my thighs.”

Lisa groaned again. Tommie wasn’t sure if it was from the foot massage or her story. With a grin, she went on with the story. “From then on, the rest of the night was one orgasmic blur after another. Flashes of me sitting on Bill’s dick as Julie sat on his face. Us kissing as I fucked Bill and she came on his face.”

Tommie shivered at the memory. “Another flash of Bill fucking me deep and hard from behind, my face bumping into Julies sopping wet pussy. Somewhere in there, I was licking that pussy and coming wildly. The next I remember was sitting on Bill’s dick facing his feet with Julie licking both of us as we fucked. A dick in your pussy and a tongue on your clit is a dangerous thing.”

Lisa struggled in the handcuffs and shackles, a sound of frustration coming to her lips.

“Is my story turning you on?” Tommy asked with a soft chuckle. “The memories have me absolutely sopping wet, if you haven’t already guessed.”

She leaned down and sucked on Lisa’s big toe. Lisa jerked her leg but that did not get the toe away from Tommie or keep the sensuous feeling from shooting straight to her pussy. Lisa moaned loudly and shivered.

Tommy released the toe and grinned. “I see your toes are connected to your pussy also.” She leaned over and sucked the big toe on the other foot.

When Lisa jerked and moaned again, Tommie grinned around the toe and bathed it with her tongue. Holding the foot in place, she licked between each toe and then sucked them one by one. Lisa was now rolling back and forth on the lounge chair, a loud whimpering moan on her lips.

Tommie released the foot and sat back on her heels. “The night ended around daylight with Bill fucking my ass, while Julie fucked my pussy with a strap-on. I was totally out of my mind with pleasure. I had always loved anal sex and double penetration had always been one of my major fantasies. Now I was getting everything I had ever hoped for or even dreamed about.”

Lisa shivered and whimpered softly.

“Yeah, I know, you’ve had the same fantasies even if you’ve never tried anal before,” Tommie whispered. “Maybe in the future I can give you a hand with the anal part of those fantasies. I have some smaller toys that should start you out nicely.”

Lisa moaned and struggled in her bindings. “I’m scared,” she said softly, a quiver in her voice.

“What’s to be scared of? What are a few mind blowing orgasms between friends going to hurt?” Tommie asked.

Lisa moaned loudly as Tommie leaned over and sucked and licked the toes on her other foot. She struggled with her restraints as Tommie kissed her way up that leg to Lisa’s knee. She tried to close her legs but the restraints and Tommie’s shoulders prevented it.

Tommie’s long hot tongue sweeping over her inner thigh made Lisa gasp and shiver. As the hot tongue went farther and got nearer to Lisa’s pussy, Lisa whimpered and quit trying to close her legs. When Tommie’s tongue brushed across the smoothly shaven outer lips of Lisa’s sex, she gasped even louder and then whimpered as the tongue continued to move.

Only now, the tongue was moving on the other thigh and away from her pussy. Lisa groaned with a sound of frustration edging her voice.

Tommie paused and whispered, “Don’t worry darling, by the time I get around to licking that, you will be coming your brains out instantly.”

Lisa whimpered as Tommie returned to licking her sensitive inner thigh.

At Lisa’s knee, Tommie reversed directions to nibble and kiss her way back toward Lisa’s sex. The closer she got, the louder Lisa whimpered. There was a moan of frustration as Tommie skipped over her sex and kissed her way up across the bound woman’s stomach.

Tommie moved up to kneel between Lisa’s knees as she continued to kiss her way up the lush body under her. Tommie paused with her head right above Lisa’s breasts. Her nipples were hard to the point of the dark circles under them being crinkled.

“Licking and or sucking your nipples at the clubs when we were drunk and dancing was always the highlight of the night for me. I’d rub my clit raw later dreaming of you,” Tommie whispered.

Lisa shivered at Tommie’s admission. “I…. Uh…. We….”

“Yeah, I know, the thought never crossed your mind.”

“But it did, kind of, for an instant or two,” Lisa confessed.

Tommie grinned down at her friend. “Is that instant or two getting longer tonight?”

Lisa moaned softly but didn’t reply.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” Tommie whispered as she lowered her head. She traced the outline of Lisa’s full breast with her tongue and then traced the other. Lisa’s moaning grew louder, her shoulders going back to lift her breasts higher.

Tommie teased Lisa’s breasts and nipples unmercifully as the woman withered under her and moaned loudly. When she finally sucked the right nipple into her hot mouth, she lowered her hips to rub the large purple dildo against Lisa’s sex. It moved easily between the long slippery trench between her plump outer lips.

Lisa gasped loudly as Tommie sucked on her nipple and flicked it with the tip of her tongue. Then she groaned even louder as the cool material of the dildo touched her heated sex. She shivered as it parted her outer lips and rubbed up and down in her slit. When it brushed her clit, she gasped again and flexed her hips.

Tommie lifted her head, holding suction on the nipple in her mouth. The nipple popped loose. Lisa groaned and flexed her hips against the slow moving dildo. Tommie sucked in the other nipple and bathed it with her tongue. Her hips kept up a steady rhythm between Lisa’s spread thighs.

Lisa rolled her head back and forth and whispered, “No! No! No!” but her hips continued to flex against the dildo.

Suddenly the “No!” turned into an, “Oh God, yes,” as Lisa started to come. Her hips lifted, pressing her clit even tighter to the moving dildo. She quivered, and jerked as pleasure radiated outward from her clit in every direction. Her mind was on fire at the fact that she was coming and Tommie was the one making her.

Tommie smiled around the nipple in her mouth, slowed her hips, and then stopped them. She lifted her head and let this nipple pop out of her mouth like the other one. Lisa groaned and shivered.

“That’s the first of many,” Tommie whispered in Lisa’s ear. “I can make you come all night long and all you need to do is relax and enjoy it.”

Lisa moaned and then whimpered as Tommy brushed her lips softly against her friends. Tommie brushed their lips together a second time and then whispered, “I wonder how long and loud you’ll moan when I kiss you with the taste of your pussy on my lips and tongue.”

Lisa groaned loudly but shook her head from side to side.

Tommie chuckled and grabbed Lisa’s chin to stop her head from moving. Lisa’s eyes popped open for the first time since the orgasm. Her light blue ones staring deep into Tommie’s green ones.

Lisa’s lips parted as she started to speak, but nothing came out as Tommie kissed her full on the lips. To Lisa’s surprise, even though she was whimpering, she was also returning the kiss. The thought that it was Tommie kissing her was thrilling deep down somewhere that she hadn’t looked in a long time.

Tommie’s full lips and sweet tongue were doing things that Lisa loved. Things that she never got in just one kiss from any one person before. Tommie seemed to know all the secret things that Lisa wanted and needed in a kiss. Her head was swimming by the time Tommie broke the kiss.

The whimper was back only louder and more demanding. Tommie smiled and licked one of her girl friends nipples and then the other. Lisa arched her back and pleaded, “Kiss me, kiss my lips again.”

Tommie chuckled, kissed Lisa between the breasts, and then licked at the bottom of first one breast and then the other. She kissed her way downward across Lisa’s lower ribs and then paused at her navel to look up at the tied woman’s face.

“Oh, I plan to kiss your lips but not the ones on your face. Not until after I eat that sweet pussy of yours anyways. I wonder if you will come again when I do.”

Lisa shook her head said, “No! Please, don’t.”

Tommie grinned up at Lisa and whispered, “You will change your tune in a few minutes, believe me. Been there, done that. Got a thousand orgasms to prove it.”

Whatever reply Lisa was going to make was lost to a long drawn out moan as Tommie’s hot tongue swirled around and across Lisa’s soft hairless mound. Lisa’s hips flexed up and down as Tommie ran her tongue down one plump outer lip and up the other.

Lisa expected her friend to lick her slit next but Tommie had other ideas as she licked the crease between Lisa’s sex and her upper thigh. It tickled in a sexy sensuous way that made her lift her hips. Back and forth between the two creases Tommie went, until Lisa’s hips were quivering with anticipation and the strain of holding her hips up.

Tommie paused as she changed creases and looked up along Lisa’s taught, straining body. Teasing time was over, she thought as she slipped a hand under each of Lisa’s ass cheeks. A second later, her long supple tongue zeroed in on the tasty treat in front of her face, plunging into its sweet liquid depths.

Lisa gave out with a sharp yell as she felt Tommie’s tongue pierce her sex. Then the thought of who and what pushed her over the edge into her second orgasm of the night. This one wasn’t as strong as the first but it went on and on for what felt like forever.

Tommie’s tongue found Lisa’s g-spot easily and massaged it. The rough patch an inch or so inside Lisa’s vagina seemed to swell as Lisa’s hips fluttered and jerked. She ran her tongue deeper and then returned to the g-spot. Lisa moaned long and loud as her hips jerked and bucked. After another moment, Tommie raised her head and grinned up toward Lisa’s head.

“See, that wasn’t so bad now was it. It was heavenly in fact. I know it was on my side anyway. You taste so sweet and musky at the same time. Earthy is a good word.”

Lisa shook her head back and forth but didn’t say a word,

Tommie lowered her head and used the tip of her tongue to trace the inner edges of Lisa’s pussy lips. Lisa’s hips rose up with a fluttering motion. Tommie used her tongue to spread her girlfriend’s thin inner lips. By the time she lifted her head again they looked like little butterfly wings spread out over the outer lips.

“You have such a beautiful sweet pussy. It’s even better than I fantasized it was.”

Lisa moaned loudly and flexed her hips. The moan contained a hint of frustration.

Tommie chuckled throatily at her reaction and lowered her head back to the sweet scent of hot pussy. She took a deep breath through her nose, enjoying the heady smell of an excited woman.

She moved slightly and zeroed in on Lisa’s swollen un-hooded clit. She brushed the tip of her tongue against it and then rolled it around gently. Lisa’s hips fluttered as if they could not decide whether to move away or press tighter. With a grin, Tommie settled the matter as she sucked the bud between her lips and flicked it with the tip of her tongue.

Lisa yelled and came unglued as she came yet again. Tommie held onto her ass and clit for a few moments longer and then abandoned her clit to drive her tongue deep into the sopping wet pussy below. Lisa yelled repeatedly as Tommie swirled her tongue around and then fucked her with quick deep strokes. Lisa flexed her hips, fucking herself on the long flexible tongue deep inside her vagina.

When Lisa’s hips slowed, Tommie found her g-spot and massaged it firmly. Lisa was gasping for air as she did, a long drawn out quiver running through her hips and thighs. A moment later, Tommie sat back on her heels and lowered Lisa’s ass back to the lounge chair.

Looking up along Lisa’s body, Tommie smiled at the look of sated lust on her friends face. The look of a woman deep in the through’s of passion. Her eyes were tightly shut, her mouth slightly open as she panted for breath. Her breasts rising and falling quickly with the pants. Overall, a job well done.

Tommie let her rest. She got up from the lounge chair and walked over to the table by the pool. She picked up a warm beer and turned to lean against the table as she took several sips. She also watched Lisa. Letting her eyes feast on the beautiful nakedness before her.

As Lisa calmed and relaxed, Tommie started to have second thoughts about what she had done. They were friends but Lisa owned the company she worked for. Would she get fired? Would it fuck up the best friendship Tommie had ever had? So many questions and only Lisa had the final answers to them.

Tommie downed the rest of the beer and sat the empty bottle aside. It was done now and in for a penny, in for a pound, as the saying went. She still wanted to fuck Lisa with the strap-on. It would put the icing on the cake of Tommie’s biggest fantasy. She would deal with the ramifications later.

Pushing off from the table, she walked over and knelt beside Lisa’s head. She moved her hips forward and used one hand to brush the head of the dildo against Lisa’s lips. Lisa’s head jerked back and her eyes flew open. They focused on the end of the dildo and she gave out with a loud whimpering moan.

Her eyes darted to Tommie’s face and then returned to the head of the dildo. She licked her lips and whimpered softly as her eyes returned to Tommie’s face. Tommie nodded and the eyes returned to the dildo. A moment later, Lisa’s tongue darted out, licked the tip, and then disappeared into her mouth again.

“You can do better than that,” Tommie whispered huskily. “I’ve seen you gobble dicks a hell of a lot bigger than this.”

Lisa moaned and stuck out her tongue again. It circled the head of the dildo and then her head moved forward to suck on the end of the thing. With a whimpering moan, she sucked even more into her mouth.

Now it was Tommie’s turn to moan softly. “That’s right, suck mama’s dick,” she whispered softly. “Get it all wet and slippery so I can fuck you with it.”

Lisa moaned loudly around the soft latex material in her mouth and looked up at Tommie. Tommie made a loud moaning sound as she flexed her hips, moving the strap-on in and out between Lisa’s full lips.

“You look so sexy with that in your mouth and looking up at me. If looks could make someone come, I’d be coming now,” Tommie whispered with a quiver in her voice.

Lisa moaned loudly and moved her head forward taking even more of Tommie’s dick in her mouth. It was not real but the way it made her feel was very real. She had never wanted to be fucked by anyone as bad as she wanted it now. She jerked her head back and whispered, “Fuck me, fuck me hard.”

Tommie’s mouth dropped open for a second. She could not believe the change that had just taken place. Not wanting it to change again, she jumped to her feet and hurried to the end of the lounge chair. She lifted the end just enough to get the legging chain out from underneath. She pushed Lisa’s legs forward as she straddled the chair.

Lisa spread her legs as wide as the chain allowed and bent her knees as she watched the dildo come closer to her open wet sex. When it touched her, Tommie used one hand to guide the head to her opening. Lisa felt the pressure as it tried to enter her pussy and then it slipped inside. With a deep gasp of pleasure, she tried to sit up and pulled on the handcuffs at the same time.

Her body was a tight bow as the latex shaft went deeper and deeper. When it stopped moving, she gave a loud yell and rolled her hips up forcing it even deeper. Then Tommie was fucking her with long full strokes that made her gasp on each thrust. With her knees pinned close to her ears, she was totally at Tommie’s mercy.

Tommie rocked her hips, watching the dildo sink into Lisa’s stretched pussy. Her inner lips disappeared with each thrust and reappeared as she pulled the toy out. The blunt end of the dildo inside the harness rubbed on her own clit as she worked it in and out. She shivered hard.

Lisa rolled her hips up to meet each thrust after a few seconds, which rubbed the end of the dildo even harder on Tommie’s clit. It was now a race to see who would come first. Lisa was rolling her head from side to side and moaning loudly.

Tommie chewed her full lower lip as she tried to concentrate on keeping the dildo moving the right way and not her own growing orgasm. She glanced up at Lisa’s face and smiled. Her eyes were tightly shut and there was a look of pure pleasure written on her face. It was such a look that Tommie had always craved from her friend but thought she would never see.

It almost pushed Tommie over the edge but she held off her growing orgasm for a few strokes longer. When Lisa’s hips started to jerk and buck under her, the end of the dildo rubbed harder on Tommie’s clit and that was that. Tommie planted the dildo as deep as it would go as her hips jerked right along with her best friends.


Tommie sighed deeply as she unlocked the handcuffs holding Lisa’s hands. She had already undone the leg restraints. Now was the time of reckoning, she thought as she carried the restraints over to the table and laid them down. She leaned against the table wishing she had a beer to sip while she waited for Lisa to come down from her orgasmic high.

She was contemplating removing the strap-on when Lisa made a soft moaning sound. Tommy grinned in spite herself as she watched Lisa lower her arms and use both hands to caress her breasts. A moment later, her eyes fluttered open. They had a faraway look in them for a few second and then they zeroed in on Tommie.

“Welcome back,” Tommie said softly with what she hoped was a friendly smile.

Lisa frowned and then tried to sit up. She only got partially up before she fell back on the lounge chair pad. She moved her feet to the ground and tried to sit up again. This time she made it. She gave Tommie a hard look as her eyes narrowed and the frown got bigger.

“Would you like something to drink?” Tommie asked, more to calm her own fear as anything else.

“Yes, please,” Lisa, said in a hoarse whisper. “And make it a double.”

Tommie grinned and turned toward the back porch. She took a couple of steps and stopped to loosen the straps on the harness and to take the strap-on off. Lisa watched her intently.

As she laid the purple dildo on the table, Tommie said, “I’ll be right back.”

Lisa nodded but did not say anything.


Tommy came down the steps from the porch with a drink in one hand and a beer in the other. Her eyes were on Lisa. Lisa was sitting in the lounge chair but now the back was more upright. She had her feet on the patio stone, her knees held wide apart by the width of the chair. But that was not what held Tommie’s attention the most.

“Are you planning on using that or are you just teasing me?” Tommie asked as she walked toward the lounge chair. Lisa was now wearing the strap-on and it looked huge on her slender frame.

“I haven’t decided yet,” Lisa replied as she reached up for her drink.

Tommie handed her the drink and then stood watching as Lisa took a sip and then several big swallows. Half the drink was gone when she lowered the glass and sighed. “I needed that.”

Looking up at Tommie, she frowned and whispered, “I should fire your dumb ass.”

Tommie sipped her beer but did not reply.

Lisa continued to look at her for a moment longer and then looked away toward the pool. “Or maybe I should bend you over the side of the pool and see just how much of this thing I can stuff up your ass.”

“I dare you to do the second,” Tommie said with a grin.

Lisa looked at her best friend sharply. “I would but you’d like it too much.”

Tommie took a couple of steps forward and stepped across the lounge chair. Her legs were spread as wide as Lisa’s and her sex was only a few feet away from Lisa’s face. “What if I just sat on your lap where you are now?” Tommie whispered as she rocked her hips from side to side suggestively.

Lisa’s eyes were on Tommie’s sex and it was very obviously wet and swollen. “How many times did you get off fucking me?” Lisa asked softly.

“Just the one time,” Tommy whispered. “How many times did you get off?”

Lisa looked up at Tommie’s face as a shiver ran up and down her spine. “I lost count,” she confessed in a whisper of her own.

Tommie chuckled. “Do you want the number or a running recap? Each and every one of them are burned into my mind and memory.”

Lisa’s eyes had dropped to Tommie’s sex again. With a sharp shiver she said, “Can you sit down. I’ve never… uh… spent time staring at another woman’s pussy before and it’s a little unnerving.”

Tommie sat down. Her knees were only inches from Lisa’s knees. Now they were close to eyelevel with each other. “Is this better?” Tommy asked softly.

Lisa nodded and sipped her drink. There was a long silence as both women sipped their drinks and tried not to stare at each other. Tommie wanted to but she felt that it would upset Lisa more than she already was. The thing that confused Tommie the most was the fact that Lisa was wearing the strap-on. What did that mean?

From time to time, Lisa’s eyes would drop to Tommie’s sex. About the third time that happened, she shivered hard and downed the last of her drink in one swallow. “You being naked right in front of me after what just happened is a little disconcerting,” she said a moment later.

Tommie sighed deeply and nodded. “I figured it would be. I started to dress when I went for the drinks but I thought that might give you the idea that I was just using you.”

“Used is a good word. Well used is even better,” Lisa said sharply.

Tommie took a quick swallow of her beer and shook her head. “I’ve probably fucked up the best friendship I ever had.”

Lisa looked her friend in the eyes for nearly a minute and then she sighed deeply and held out her glass. “How about another one? I need some time to think and I can’t seem to do that with you sitting there looking at me like you are.”

Tommie took the glass and whispered, “I should say I’m sorry but I’m not. I’ve dreamed about a night like this since college. When I found you asleep out here in your bikini, my mind seemed to…. I was going to say snap but that’s not right….” She let the sentence hang.

“Since college?” Lisa asked with a surprised look on her face.

Tommie nodded. “Even before I found out I was Bi. You are the first woman I ever lusted after in my life. I never understood it and I still don’t in a lot of ways. You have always hit me somewhere down deep inside.”

Lisa just sat there staring at Tommie with her mouth open. She had no idea what to say. Her mind felt like a hamster on a wheel, going around in little tight circles. She remembered the times she had fantasized about Tommie and one or two other women. But they had been fantasies. Suddenly a thought hit her. One woman’s fantasies might be another’s needs.

With a soft groan, Lisa closed her mouth and leaned back in the chair. She closed her eyes and tried to wish the whole evening away but it was not working. Memories of Tommie’s head between her thighs and her mouth on her nipples and clit kept fighting with the calmness she was trying to force. When her hand of it’s own accord went to the purple dildo and stroked it, Lisa stood up quickly, jerking her hand away.

The latex shaft hit Tommie in the right breast, under her chin, and then came back down to smack her in the side of the face. Lisa jerked her hips to the side to get the dildo away from her girlfriends face. It worked for a second as the purple shaft moved to the right but then it swung back the way it had come and smacked Tommie in the head again. Lisa groaned loudly and sat back down as quickly as she had stood up.

Tommie had not moved but as Lisa sat back down, she chuckled softly and then started to laugh uncontrollably. Lisa’s mouth dropped open and this time she looked at Tommie as if she was a crazy woman. A moment later, her mouth closed and she grinned as her mind supplied a picture of the dildo slapping and banging Tommie in the face. Then she chuckled and shook her head.

“Yeah, I am kind of a klutz and always have been,” Lisa said softly.

Tommie seemed to snap out of it and the laugh turned to a chuckle as she nodded her head. “It takes a little practice to get used too that thing,” she said a moment later.

“I should use it to beat some sense into that thick head of yours,” Lisa whispered.

Tommie smiled and leaned forward to set her beer and Lisa’s glass down. Lisa frowned and pulled back. Her breasts came up as she leaned back. Tommie took advantage of the opportunity, sucking Lisa’s left nipple between her lips, and flicking the hard bud rapidly. Lisa groaned softly but did not jerk the nipple away.

“Damn it! That shouldn’t feel so good,” Lisa protested a few seconds later.

Tommie smiled as she released that nipple and moved to the other one. She swirled her tongue around the dark circle under it while barely brushing the perky nub. Lisa shivered and Tommie sucked as much of the breast as she could into her mouth, bathing it with quick flutter strokes of her tongue.

Lisa groaned again and whispered, “No fair.”

Chuckling, Tommie held suction on the breast as she lifted her head and let the breast pop loose with a slurping sound. “Who said anything about fair,” she whispered. “If I had played fair, making love to you would still be a fantasy.”

Lisa groaned softly and moved forward to put her arms around Tommie’s neck. Then she was kissing her best friend passionately. There was the taste of beer in her mouth along with something else. With a loud moaning groan, Lisa realized it was the taste of her pussy. Quickly she wondered what it would be like without the beer.

Tommie moved forward on the lounge chair as the kiss went on and on. Her knees worked their way under Lisa’s knees. A minute or so later, her breasts brushed against Lisa’s breasts. They both moaned softly as they wiggled their shoulders to make their breasts rub together even more. Then Lisa moved forward and ended up sitting in Tommie’s lap, the purple dildo trapped between them.

Tommie’s arms went around Lisa and hugged her tightly as the kiss seemed to grow even more passionate. Her hands wandering sensuously up and down Lisa’s back made her moan and wiggle even closer.

Suddenly, Lisa broke the kiss and moaned long and loud. “I wish you were still wearing this thing instead of me,” she whispered breathily.

Tommie smiled and whispered, “So you did like it.” To Tommie’s surprise, Lisa actually blushed.

“Well… yeah. I did,” Lisa admitted in a soft whisper. “It just took me by surprise more than anything.”

“Sorry about that,” Tommie said and then added, “I guess I should have said something about being bi earlier. That might have made things easier.”

Lisa looked at her friend for a moment and then smiled shyly. “Yeah, it might have. Then I could have confessed about the fantasies I had about you back in college.”

Tommie grinned. “Oh yeah, tell me more about those.”

Lisa chuckled and shook her head. “They were just fantasies.”

Tommie kissed Lisa softly on the lips for a moment and then tried to stand up while holding onto her. Lisa hugged her neck tightly and wrapped her legs around her hips. Tommie got partially up and then sat back down. She chuckled and whispered, “That didn’t work out like my mind said it would.”

“Where were we going?” Lisa asked.

“My bedroom,” Tommie said and then kissed Lisa again. Lisa moaned but Tommie was not sure if it was from the kiss or the thought of going to the bedroom.

Lisa suddenly broke the kiss and whispered, “I can walk, you know.”

Tommie laughed and nodded. Things might be all right after all, she thought as she leaned forward until Lisa was flat on her back. She kissed her quickly and then stood up to hold her hands out.

Lisa giggled softly and took Tommie’s hands to be pulled to her feet. They kissed again standing there with their legs spread wide by the lounge chair.

Tommie broke the kiss and moved her legs so she was standing next to the chair. Lisa smiled and joined her. Tommie grinned as she took a hold on the strap-on. Turning she pulled on it and said, “In that case, follow me.”

Lisa laughed as Tommie led her across the patio by the purple dildo. “This should be interesting,” she whispered more to herself than Tommie.

“Yes, it should,” Tommie replied with a grin.

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