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Nicky Takes Charge

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I first met Nicky at a pub we had both visited to watch a live band. The band rocked out and was on good form, but she caught my attention really quickly.

Sitting on the other side of the room, she stood out straight away – she was the only one in the room with auburn hair, and I have a bit of a thing for red heads. Her hair was all the more striking by the way it contrasted with her pale white skin.

To be honest, it was more of a golden red-brown colour, but the red shimmered beautifully and the way her thick and loose curls fell down to the middle of her back drew my attention down towards her body.

She wasn’t dressed particularly revealingly, but the red sleeveless singlet top she wore instantly highlighted her large breasts and narrow waist.

The tight jeans she was wearing also drew attention to her pert, curvy arse – which you would have to describe as ghetto booty.

I had to get a closer look at her arse….

The next time I saw her get up and make her way to the bar, I decided to arrive there at the same time. She was waiting patiently at the busy bar, and I managed to find a small gap to squeeze in next to her.

“Excuse me,” I apologise as I brushed against her.

Up close she was even more beautiful. She had the most captivating rusty brown-moss green hazel eyes, and exotic, almost Spanish features, which made her pale skin seem all the more alluring. From next to her, I also realised she was a lot more toned that I had realised, and had quite strong developed arms, which I found strangely attractive.

She was holding one corner of her full developed lips in between her teeth, almost as if she was thinking of something else as she waited to buy a drink. Her beauty really struck me, as she turned towards me in response to my interruption.

“That’s okay.” She said, as she looked towards me. She seemed about to turn back towards the bar, but her gaze lingered on me for a fleeting moment, and I managed to give her my best charming smile, to which she smiled back.

Although I am not model material, I keep fit and am generally considered to be fairly attractive, and I swim to keep myself in decent shape. She seemed to be interested anyway. At 6 foot I was a few inches taller than her natural height, but I glanced down at her feet and realised she was wearing heeled boots which brought her close to my height.

“Are you here alone tonight?” I asked, suddenly aware I had just stared at her for a few seconds too long.

“Yep. You?” She replied.

“Can I buy you a drink?” I feebly offered.

“Why don’t I buy you one…”

“Sounds good. Why won’t you let me buy you one though?”

“Well if you went to all the trouble of coming over here to hit on me after you’ve been staring at me across the room all night, I should reward you for your efforts, shouldn’t I?” She said with a mischievous grin. “Besides, I wouldn’t want you thinking I owed you anything…”

“Does that mean if you buy me a drink I owe you something?” I retorted quickly, which made her smile.

“Yeah, let’s say it does…”

We got chatting over that drink and quickly hit it off.

After chatting and listening to the band for a bit longer, I felt like she was getting bored of the music, and she soon surprised me by saying, “Come on, we’re going – I think it’s time you paid back that debt you owe me….”

We took a cab back to her place, and she opened the door for me, following me in.

“Go through the lounge there.” she instructed, following me in.

“Do you want another drink?” she asked.

“To be honest, I am more interested in this…” I replied, turning around to grip her by the hips and kissing her full on the mouth.

Her soft pouty lips parted, allowing my tongue to meet hers. I felt her pull herself closer, her large breasts pressing against my chest, making me aware of her hard nipples. We kissed passionately for a few minutes, before she broke away. She gripped my shirt, and suddenly swept one of her legs around the back of mine, felling me backwards with some kind of judo trip.

Expecting to crash to the floor, I felt myself instead being carefully lowered by her strong grip on my shirt, until she gently let me down onto my back. ‘God she was much stronger than I had realised’, I thought, and to be honest it turned me on immensely.

I smiled, and she bounced her eyebrows. “Like me in charge, huh?”

She then followed down on top on me, placing her crotch directly above my hardening cock, and grinding down against it briefly, before lowering her torso over mine and bringing our lips together again.

“About that debt…” She coyly said, after we stopped kissing.

“Yeah?” I asked curiously.

“Well…” she paused, as if deciding if she wanted to ask or not. “It has been a little while, since anyone went down on me…” she paused, raising an eyebrow.

“Get your jeans off!” I said with a grin.

“Mmmm. Do you like going down then?”

“A lot!” I replied.

She stood over me, one leg either side of my torso, and began unbuttoning her fly. She stepped over to me to be on one side, allowing her to peel the tight denim down her chiselled legs. ‘God she was hot’, I thought to myself. As her jeans came off I realised the heeled boots she was wearing were tight-fitting, and went all the way up her calves to just below her knees.

“Leave those on!” I said.

“You like my boots, huh?” She asked rhetorically. “I’m beginning to suspect you might be the kinky one…”

I reached out to the nearest one, kissing it above her toes.

“Mmmm. She purred. I think I made the right choice.” She said to herself.

My eyes drank in her sexy body, and my cock was now rock hard. All that was covering her moist sex was a pair of black satin boyshorts, clearly damp at the front. I could clearly smell her sex now, and breathed in audibly through my noise. She seemed to noticed and raised both eyebrows whilst smiling.

“Smell something you like?” She asked, teasingly.

“God you’re turning me on.” I replied.

Touching the damp stain at the front of her boyshorts, she rubbed it with her fingertips, leaned forward and briefly touched under my nose with her fingers…

“Only for good boys,” she teased again.

She put a single finger underneath the material of her panties on both sides of her hips and began gently peeling them down, before suddenly stopping.

“Oh shit.” She said suddenly.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“There’s something else I should have told you…”

“What?!” I asked again.

“Well I haven’t shaved for a while…” She looked slightly embarrassed.

“Seriously?” I replied, making her look like she thought I was changing my mind.

“I love natural…” I said. “Makes you taste even better… Get you pussy down here.”

She peeled her boyshorts off, and was standing above me, still clad in her tight singlet top, and wearing her black leather knee boots, but otherwise naked, and looking amazing.

She was right, she definitely hadn’t shaved for a while, and had a decent thick bush of the same golden red-brown hair covering her bulging, developed mound.

Her big puffy lips protruded from within the hair, and glistened with the moisture of her sex. The aroma was nearly overwhelming, and my cock was bursting against my pants.

She lowered her pussy towards my face, and I met the arrival of her lips with a single kiss on her furry pussy.

As I suspected from her smell, her pussy tasted amazing. I kissed her clit, and gently circled it with my tongue, causing her to moan. I then ran my tongue gently along the length of both lips and began working the tip of it back and forth across her clit, interchanging circles and strokes.

She began to grind, pressing her mound down onto my face. As she rocked back and forth, occasionally she would bring her anus forward towards my mouth, burying my nose in her clit and pubic hair. I continued tonguing her aromatic sex as she facesat me, rocking back and forth, and increasingly moaning as she brought herself closer.

In fact I didn’t have to work much, as we quickly developed a sympathetic rhythm, I had figured out quickly where and how she needed my tongue, nose and lips. She began bucking her hips more furiously, and closed her thighs tight around my head.

“Oh god!” was all she gasped, as she came over the edge. Her natural juices flooded my mouth, and I greedily drank them down.

“Fuck. You’re a keeper…” She said, standing and turning around.

She began unbuttoning my fly to let my stiff cock out.

“Now let’s see if you’re only good with your tongue….”

She pulled my cock out of my pants, and lowered herself back over me, now reversed in a 69 position. I resumed servicing her beautiful snatch as she took my stiff cock in her mouth. We quickly again picked up a sympathetic rhythm, her head bobbing up and down my shaft as I licked and kissed her clit and now extremely wet and open pussy. Before long I felt my balls swelling, and I began rocking my hips, trying to fuck her mouth.

She responded knowingly, preventing me from hurting her, but at the same time continuing her sucking rhythm. She also began grinding her pussy against my mouth, edging closer to her second cum.

“Oh shit, you’re going to make me cum!” I shouted.

Nicky stopped long enough to respond with “Oh yes, fill my mouth!” before she continued sucking me off.

With that command I blew my load, spurting down her throat. She didn’t even break stride, or try to take her mouth off me, as several squirts hit the back of her throat. At the same time, she bucked her pussy against my mouth, again flooding my own mouth with her girl-cum.

“I hope you’ve got more than one load?” she asked, again standing.

“Stay where you are!” She ordered, disappearing into the hall.

I lay on the lounge room floor on my back, trying to get my breath back.

She returned a few moments later, having removed her singlet top and boots, and re-dressing herself in a stunning red satin and lace bustier with a sheer red mesh front centre and underwire bust section. It had garter straps that pulled up matching red stockings, but again, her hairy pussy was exposed. She leaned against the doorway, and said simply: “So, do you want to fuck me?”

I started to rise, but she quickly stopped me.

“Where are you going?” she asked rhetorically.

“I was…”

“Lay back down. I am in charge tonight… If you want to feel my pussy on your cock that is?” she interrupted.

“As you command!” I replied.

“Mmm. I like that. We might use that again!”

She seductively walked towards me, her new outfit causing my cock to rise again. She straddled above me again, allowing me to look up at her still wet and open pussy.

“So, tell me how much you like eating my pussy?”

“I love it. You taste amazing…”

“So you want to taste it again?” She asked.

“More than anything!”

“If you’re a good fuck, I might let you do it again…”

She lowered herself onto my now hard cock, and with her pussy coated in a mixture of my saliva and her girl-cum, she slid down it easily, fully impaling herself on my whole length.

“Mmmm. That feels so good.” she said. “Not the biggest cock I have felt, but its a nice fit…”

I bit my lip and gave a soft moan at her words.

“Hmm, you like being told you’ve got a small cock, huh?” Nicky teased.

My dick seemed to grow even harder at her taunt, and she grinned feeling and understanding the response.

Without moving the rest of her body, she began gently rocking her hips around, and using her internal muscles to squeeze and milk my cock.

“I bet if I do this for too long, you’ll unload your balls inside me in no time…” she teased. “Probably before you can even satisfy me…”

She began to slowly ride up and down, squeezing her own nipples and she slid along the length of her cock. The strength of her pussy was amazing, and unlike any woman I had been with before. She did things with her muscles, which caused me to nearly boil over, and I had to fight to avoid going early. She quickened her tempo, and began bouncing, fucking herself hard on my shaft.

I was virtually having to hold my breath to keep myself from coming. She looked down at my face, as it began to turn red from me fighting not to blow, and then she asked, “Are you ready? I am getting close – let’s cum together. If we do it right you’ll get a special reward.”

She began moaning in her orgasmic way again, and I knew I could relax, letting my cock fill her hungry pussy with her second load of my juice for the day.

She kept bouncing hard, bringing herself to multiple orgasms, over and over again, as I drained my balls deep inside her pussy.

Eventually she slowed, and then lifted off my now wilting cock.

“I am going to take a guess about you…” she said, trailing off, as if again trying to make a decision in her mind.

“I already know you’re the kind of guy that loves eating a woman out….”

“Yeah…” I replied, curious where she was leading.

“So maybe you’re the kind of guy that eats a creampie…” She said, her eyebrows again raised curiously.

“I…” I began to reply but a lump caught in my throat. I wasn’t expecting this, and it could lead to all sorts of revelations that I didn’t know how she would take…

She didn’t need anything more though. She interpreted my response as a yes, and again lowered her pussy towards my face.

Something suddenly came over me. Her amazing body. Her strength. Her sexuality. Her… Control. I feel into it. She looked down at my eyes admiringly as my own cum began to leak out of her freshly fucked pussy onto my tongue.

“This is going to be fun.” She said.

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