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Adventures of Kat

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It was Friday evening and as per my weekly ritual, I put on a clean pair of jeans and a button down shirt and made my way over to Abel’s, the neighborhood dive bar. As I entered I glanced around the room, waved to the usuals and took a seat at the bar next to a girl I’ve never seen before. I sat down and ordered a Labatt. As the bar tender grabbed a glass and began to fill it, I turned to the new girl and said “I’m Jack and I don’t reckon we’ve met”.

She turned and looked me directly in the eyes smiling. She had big beautiful blue eyes and a bright smile, her face showed confidence and determination. She was a bit on the heavier side, with big boobs poking out from under her low cut shirt; I consider myself more of an ass man, but I couldn’t help staring at her chest, the perfect amount of cleavage showing, enough to completely engross my attention but at the same time not overly revealing.

She reached out her hand lightly grasping mine and shaking it as she responded, “It’s my first time here, and I’m Kat”. Her voice was high pitch and mild, she sounded like a 7 year old, but from the looks of her she was probably late 20’s. She was wearing a short skirt with horizontal stripes and no underwear, but I certainly didn’t know that then. Her feet were clad in brown leather boots that came up to her calves with long purple socks on underneath.

“So what brings you to the area?” I asked as I took the first sips of my beer.

“Fun, adventure, a good time” she coyly responded. Her answer surprised me, Binghamton is not the sort of place someone goes for fun and adventure, it’s a small mundane city in the Southern Tier of NY, and not the sort of place one goes looking for excitement.

We continued chatting, mostly small talk, nothing too exciting. We both finished our drinks at the same time so I asked, “What are you thirsty for? This one’s on me.” She leaned in to me, pressing her firm breasts against my chest and her right cheek brushed up against mine “your cum” she said, without the slightest hesitation or sign of nervousness as if she had done this a thousand times before. I was surprised and taken off guard, “ummm” I stuttered, my tongue twisted into a knot, what was I suppose to say. Her right hand reached out and gently rubbed my hardening cock through my jeans as she responded “Let’s go, I want my drink”. She grabbed my hand and pulled as I hopped to my feet. I pushed our way through the crowd and out the door “My place is just around the corner”. “Great” she responded, “Let’s go”.

We wasted no time, hurrying back to my apartment as soon as the door closed she grabbed my chest pushing me back into the door and then ripping my shirt open spraying buttons everywhere. She kissed my hairy chests as she rubbed her hands over my muscular shoulders. I couldn’t believe it, I’d always been such a dominant guy, but here I was being pushed around and controlled by a girl half my size with the voice of a kindergartener. She was so hot, confident and aggressive, I couldn’t wait to see and especially feel what she’d do next. Her hands continued down to my chest, with one hand she pinched my left nipple as she sucked my right nipple into her mouth. She bit down causing me to squeal with pleasure and pain, just like I had done to so many girls before. She switched sides, swirling her tongue around my right nipple as she pinched my left nipple.

I leaned back into the door and closed my eyes; I was powerless before her. She had taken complete control of me, I would have done anything she wanted and she hadn’t even touched my cock yet. She licked her way down my chest, across my abs lowering herself until she was kneeling before me. Here she was this sexual goddess on her knees before me, for a moment, I thought that the ball had shifted back to my court, I thought I was in control. I had made so many girls kneel before me and suck my cock, I finally knew what was going on, I thought. She looked up at me smiling with those big blue eyes shining at me. “Let’s see what you’ve got. Pull down your pants.” I immediately complied, I don’t know why I had thought I was in control, I might have been towering over her, but Kat was giving the orders. “Mmmm, nice” she moaned while smiling up at me. “Stroke it, for me slut” she ordered me again. I reached down and grasped my cock with my left hand, gently stroking it. I don’t have the biggest dick, but at 6.5 inches hard, I’m quite content with my endowment. My dick has a slight curve to the left, maybe from jerking off too much with my left hand in my youth. My pubes and balls are neatly trimmed but still form a thick bush; masculine but clean.

She leaned in between my legs and began kissing my inner thighs. I didn’t care who was in control, I knew what was coming and I wanted it so bad, I was like a zebra begging the lioness to consume me. Kat kissed her way up my legs to my scrotum. She gently nibbled on my ball sack as her hand grabbed my cock by the head. It was the first time I felt her warm touch on my cock and I was in heaven. She slid her hand up and down my hard shaft. It was more of a teasing motion then jerking me off and I wanted more. She opened her mouth wide and sucked my balls into her mouth. Her tongue worked magic on my balls as I moaned in pleasure. She released my balls from her mouth and kissed the tip of my cock, the whole time seductively sliding her hand up and down my shaft.

“Beg me to suck your cock”. I immediately responded, “Please suck my cock”. She kissed the tip of my cock again, this time flicking her tongue against my slit. “Tell me you need me to suck your cock”. I immediately responded “I need to feel your hot mouth on my cock”. She leaned forward, sliding the tip of my cock into her mouth, she swirled her tongue around the mushroom head of my cock, I closed my eyes and moaned “Oh yes”, but it was fleeting. As her tongue completed its orbit she pulled back from my cock looked me in the eyes and said, “tell me you can do to me anything you want”. I didn’t think twice “you can do anything to me you want, just please suck my cock”.

She didn’t waste a second; Her mouth engulfed my cock pleasuring my manhood with the expertise I had come to expect from her. She knew exactly what she was doing, her whole head bobbing up and down on my shaft taking me deeper and deeper on every decent, her tongue led the way each time reaching new ground. Within minutes my entire shaft had disappeared, her nose was pressed into my pubes and her tongue was flicking my balls. She was devouring my manhood and I loved it.

She applied suction from the back of her throat, pulling me further into her as her tongue played with my balls. Her hands had been grasping my ass cheeks, using them for leverage to pull me into her. She had also been pulling my cheeks apart with each thrust. It felt good and erotic in a way I had never experienced. She released my ass and slid her hands up my body, rubbing my chest, stopping to pinch my nipples again, her left hand continued up and she slid two fingers into my mouth, covering them with my saliva. Her hands disappeared again, but I soon found out what the saliva was for. Her right hand pulled my ass open as her left hand began rubbing my asshole. “Nah, I’m not gay” I half muttered and half moaned, between her mouth on my cock and the unexpected pleasure from my ass I was powerless to speak, powerless to raise a real protest. I tried again, but this time all that left my mouth was a dull moan. Kat later told me, that’s when she knew I was different. She usually got off on guy’s homophobic squealing when she began to finger them, but my defenses broke down so fast, she knew I was special.

Her fingers worked deeper into my ass with each stroke. Her head was stationary on my cock, but most of my shaft was still in her mouth as she worked my ass with her skilled fingers. She found my prostate and massaged it the way I had rubbed so many girls g-spots previously. I was confused and surprised; I never realized such pleasure could come from my ass. I thought it meant I was gay somehow. Kat’s fingers kept rubbing my prostate until my whole body shook and my cock exploded in her mouth. The last thing I saw as I closed my eyes before the explosion of pleasure was her big blue eyes gazing up at me. I’m sure she never looked away as she devoured my seed.

When my orgasm subsided I opened my eyes to see she was still staring up at me, my flaccid cock hung in front of her, a flag at half-staff saluting. There was no sign of my cum except one little drop on the corner of her mouth. Without breaking her gaze, she licked her lips, cleaning the last drop of blood remaining from the sexual massacre. My body was covered in a cool sweat as I began to regain strength; I reached down picking her up from under her shoulders and placing her back on her feet. As she stood in front of me now, a mere 5’2′ the top of her head barely reaching my chin, she seemed a lot less powerful and far less intimidating. How could this small girl have made me tremble and squeal minutes earlier?

I grabbed her elbow, grasping it firmly, leading her down the hallway to the bedroom. When we arrived in the bedroom she turned to face me, our lips locked momentarily, but I broke the embrace, grabbed her under her arms and threw her back onto the bed. Her but landed on the mattress and then bounced into the air, by the time she landed again Kat had pulled her skirt up revealing her beautiful pink slit and was grabbing her feet spreading her legs wide. “Fuck me… hard” she screamed at me. I stared down at her and knew exactly what I wanted. “No” I said laughing.

Her mouth opened in shock, a guy had never said no to her like that before. But I knew what I was doing and I had her right where I wanted her. She released her feet and leaned forward grasping for my dick. I pulled my hips back before she could grab hold of my manhood, put my hands on her shoulders and pushed her down onto the bed. I climbed up over her, pinning her arms down over her head with my right hand as my left hand pulled her shirt up. I pulled it over her head but left her arms wrapped up in the shirt, further confining her movement. My free hand began kneading her breasts as I buried my face between the luscious mountains. I alternated sucking on her nipples, squeezing her breasts, biting and licking her tits. Kat moaned loudly, grasped at my head pulling it into her breasts and digging her nails into my back, pulling me onto her. I wrestled free from her grasps and began working my way down her body kissing, licking and biting during the descent.

When my head arrived between her legs I flattened my tongue against the bottom of her pussy and gave a long slow lick all the way from the bottom to the top. Kat gasped and I gave her pussy another long slow lick. Kat squealed and I gave her pussy a third long slow lick, savoring her taste as my tongue worked it’s way from the very bottom to the top of her beautiful slit savoring her sweet nectar as it climbed. “Ugggghhhh, no one has ever…” she began to say before my tongue struck her clit and her speech muddled into a simple scream “yes!” I had her right where I wanted her, the sexual vixen so confident and strong moments earlier now lay before me, legs spread. She would let me do to her whatever I wanted, and I knew it. Lucky for her, all I desired in that moment was to eat her pussy and to drink its juices.

I buried my head between her legs. My tongue worked up and down her slit and then side to side. Her juices flowed, flooding my mouth and soaking my face. I was in paradise and she was raptured away in pleasure. As her breathing hastened, I focused my attention on her engorged clit. Sucking it into my mouth and swirling my tongue around it like she had done to my cock earlier. Kat shook and screamed as my tongue forced her body to orgasm. She writhed in pleasure; her limbs violently thrashing about like a wounded animal fighting for survival. “No more” she cried as she pulled my head from her over sensitive clit.

Kat lay on the bed, arms and legs spread wide like a dead man. Her head lay to the side, eyes closed. I stood over her grinning, seeing her so powerless and vulnerable turned me on even more. I grabbed her legs and pulled her ass to the edge of the bed. My hands slid up her smooth muscular calves until they were locked around her ankles. I bit into her heel roughly, kissed the arch of her foot and slid her toes into my mouth, gently sucking and then biting down on them. I released her left foot, resting it on my shoulder and grabbed my cock with my free hand. I rubbed the head of my cock in circles on her pussy. I rocked my hips forward and back sliding my hard cock over the surface of her slit, teasing her and lubing my dick with her juices. “Yes, fuck my pussy now”, she practically whispered, too tired to scream or yell like earlier.

When my cock shone bright from her pussy juice I pulled my hips back and her ass up. I lined the head up with her asshole and pushed gently. “Wrong hole asshole” she yelped and moaned, surprised and aroused at the same time. The irony of her statement only widened my grin as I replied, “you had my ass, now I want yours”. I continued the gentle constant pressure as her hole widened to accept my engorged member. “Uhhhggg” she moaned. My cock slowly slid into her until her ass rested against my pubic bone. I leaned forward into Kat, her legs widened, wrapping around my back. Her low moans continued until I opened my mouth wide, covered her lips and devoured her moans like a fuel going straight to my cock to power it.

I stared straight into her wide-open eyes. A single tear ran out of the corner of her eye. I licked it from her cheek waiting for her pain to subside. Kat reached down to her pussy and began rubbing it. “Yes, fuck me” she said. I could see from her face that the pain had turned to pleasure and it was time. I began sliding my cock in and out of her ass, slowly at first; in and out it slid. “Fuck me harder” she said as she reached up and pinched my nipples. My mouth hung open as this time I moaned in pleasure. Kat reached up and pushed her hand into my open mouth, forcing me to lick it clean of the sweet nectar covering it. She slid her fingers in and out of my mouth, fucking my face with her hand while my cock pounded her ass like a piston. My pubic bone slammed against her ass, an orchestra of slapping flesh and deep moans filled the room.

I increased my intensity, fucking her harder and harder. Her hands reached every which way; they grabbed my ass pulling me into her, slapped my ass violently, pinched my nipples, dug their talons into my shoulders, squeezed my balls, and rubbed her pussy. I was drunk with pleasure, intoxicated by her ass squeezing my cock and enraptured by the sight and sounds of the sexual lioness flailing, panting and screaming underneath me. I stared into her eyes, our gazes interlocked, her face revealing the depths of her pleasure. I slid my arms under her back, scooped up her shoulders and pulled her into me, slamming her ass onto my cock as my hips thrust forward driving my dick deep into her. Her hands rubbed her clit at a feverish pace. Her head rocked back and she screamed as her ass squeezed my cock in a vice like grip. I closed my eyes and collapsed onto her as my dick exploded into her like a volcano ripping the world apart.

I rolled off of Kat, lying next to her on the bed. My arms and legs spread wide like a dead man, my eyes closed. I was exhausted. Kat was supercharged. She climbed on top of me sliding her pussy up and down my chest, grinding her slit into me and soaking my whole upper body. I opened my eyes and looked up at her, my face inches away from the deep pink flesh I had feasted upon earlier. She brought her hips forward parking her knees next to my ears and locking my head in place. She leaned back extending her left hand and grabbed my flaccid cock, tugged it gently and gave my balls a playful squeeze asking “what should we do while you recharge?” It sounded like a question, but I knew it wasn’t.

Kat leaned forward pushing her hips down into my face until her lips were an inch away from mine. The sight of her pink slit, the intoxicating aroma of her pussy and the sweet memories of the feast I had partaken in earlier ignited a furious hunger deep within me. I extended my tongue as far as it could reach. It barely grazed the furthest extents of her mound. Shit! She knew how bad I wanted to taste her again. She could see the hunger she had ignited within me and had every intention to use it. I strained my neck pushing my tongue forwards reaching just far enough to run the tip of my tongue against her slit but it was too far for me to hold myself there.

My head leaned back, relaxing my neck my eyes never stopped staring at her pussy. Kat’s hand covered her pussy, hiding it from my gaze. Her hand rubbed a circle around her pussy and her fingers slid deep into the pink darkness. I watched with lust, jealous of her hand, of her fingers, I wanted what they had so badly. Her fingers emerged from the depths glistening brightly in front of my eyes and disappearing into my mouth. I was in heaven as Kat fed me her sweet nectar.

As I licked her fingers clean I could feel something hot dripping onto my chest behind where Kat was straddling me. I didn’t realize what it was, but apparently Kat had felt the migration of the load of cum I had dumped deep inside her ass as it slowly worked its way to the surface. She reached back coating her index figure with my cum and slowly brought it towards my mouth. I shut my lips, but that only increased her enjoyment as she began sliding her finger around my lips, covering them in cum as if she were applying lip-gloss for a friend. She reached back to get more cum this time using two fingers to scoop up a double dose while seductively saying “if you didn’t want me to play with it, you shouldn’t have left it where I could find it… now open up”. I knew Kat wasn’t going to stop until she got what she wanted so I reluctantly opened my mouth. Her fingers slid into my mouth, forced their way past my teeth and delivered their ordinance. “How many times have you cum in a girls mouth when they didn’t want you to?” She asked. It was obviously a rhetorical question since her fingers kept probing my mouth preventing me from speaking.

Content with the amount of my cum I ate, Kat decided it was time to return the action to her pussy. She kneeled over my face, slowly lowered herself onto my lips, allowed me the satisfactions of sucking on her beautiful pink slit and then rose back up. This cycle of teasing continued for what seemed like an eternity. Each time I pulled my head up, eagerly greeting her with my tongue until my head was forced back onto the bed. As she rose, I followed her as far as I could until my neck couldn’t bend any further. She had teased me as long as she could withstand her own temptation to bury my face between her legs and never let go, but neither of us could tolerate any more teasing or restraint. She pushed her legs forward engulfing my face between her legs, all I could see, taste or smell was her beautiful womanhood and it didn’t matter because it was all I could think about and all I wanted.

She grabbed my head by the hair and pulled my face up deep into her. My tongue fucked her slit as she fucked my whole face with her pussy. I was drowning in her juices and could barely breathe but I showed no mercy as my tongue continued its savage assault on her slit. A feeding frenzy ensued as I devoured her pussy like it was the last meal I would ever eat. My whole world had been condensed to a few square inches of female flesh, I didn’t think about anything else, I couldn’t think of anything else. But Kat did.

Kat climbed up to her knees pulling her pussy free of my face. I used my newfound freedom to gasp for breath finally getting the oxygen I needed, but I still wanting more. Kat slid back and began rubbing her pussy up and down the length of my cock. She reached back and grabbed my stiff dick and guided me between her legs as she lowered herself onto me. We moaned in unison as her pussy consumed my cock. She rode up and down on my dick. I couldn’t believe the stamina this little girl had. I thrust up into her with each of her descents matching power for power, thrust for thrust, I was in overdrive. My hands grabbed at her ass while her tits bounced in my face. I leaned forward sucking her nipples and squeezing her breasts with my hands as she continued riding my cock. I could feel my balls tighten and knew I couldn’t last. Kat peered down and ordered me, “not yet”.

Kat adjusted her pace for a few bounces helping me to hold off my orgasm. She reached back squeezed my balls and pulled on my scrotum. I moaned in bliss as Kat continued to ride up and down on my hard cock. I couldn’t last any longer and neither could she. My balls tightened still locked in her grasp as Kat screamed “yes, now, I’m cumming”. Even if I had wanted to, I couldn’t have held back any longer. Orgasm seized our bodies, blending us together and mixing us up. I was lost in her and she in me. I came so deep inside her I half expected my cum to erupt out her mouth.

I’m not sure if I actually blacked out or not but everything was lost in a blur of ecstasy. When I regained my awareness Kat lay next to me on the bed. Our bodies covered in sweat and cum, the sheets soaked. She leaned into me whispering in my ear “thanks”. I kissed her and our tongues said goodnight to each other as we drifted off to sleep.

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Charles wrote

Amazing story! Very detailed, dynamic, passionate…and I love good endings…thank you