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The Holiday Samaritan

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How long can you last just sitting by the hotel pool on holiday without getting bored? I can go about an hour before I start to shuffle.

Have you every got so bored by the pool you played imaginary games? Looking at the bikini clad women and guessing if they have shaved, trimmed or hairy little cunnies, if they had a good pounding last night, what they look like when they come and, my favourite, my top ten shagables in each position.

God I get so bored on holiday.

That was the sum of what I was looking forward to as I stood in the cattle pen at 2 am, waiting for our bags to come around on the carousel, marking the start of our fortnight away at the Costas.

One by one my fellow passengers claimed their luggage and made off for the coaches. As usual, ours were last, except for a slightly built and petite blonde girl. Her hair was raked back into a pony tail and was, in general, immaculately turned out. She was very attractive, young and nubile, exactly the kind of girl who was never going to be interested in a plump older guy like me in a million years.

She sat on the edge of the conveyor belt sobbing softly and holding a small child, who was also crying. Along side stood a toddler, not much older than 3, also crying, a real car wreck in the making.

Everyone else had beaten a hasty retreat. Looking around and seeing no other sign of help I took what I guessed were her buggy and bags as they were heading round for their second time on the conveyor.

I grabbed a cart, put the bags in, set up the buggy and placed the toddler in it. Angela, my 12 year old daughter took hold of the crying girl – Molly.

My wife, Louise, tended to the children’s mother as Angela and I took the young boy and started the process of stopping him crying, grabbing a small toy from the large the large bag at the forlorn woman’s feet.

The young woman, Stacey, started to calm down a little and was soon persuaded to move towards the exit. I pushed the baggage trolley and Angela the buggy carrying the boy, who we had discovered was called Patrick. Stacey cuddled and carried Molly, whilst Lou pushed our cart.

We trudged past a weary passport officer, through an empty customs hall and into an equally deserted terminal building, except for the odd cleaner and a small crowd of brightly dressed, overly cheerful, tanned and smiling holiday reps at the far end of the building.

We asked Stacey where she was staying. It turned out that she was staying at the same resort as us. Amazingly enough of her story emerged in the 50 yard stroll to almost completely fill us in on her life story so far, she was in her late twenties, a fitness instructor and lived in the small town neighbouring ours. She worked at her boyfriend’s gym, part time. They had been going through a bad patch, (Molly apparently was the result of one last effort to try to keep the relationship going.)

It turned out that he hadn’t turned up at the airport. He had sent her a text saying that he would join her on a later flight. Stacey knew he had stood her up.

We had at least 15 years on her. I am tall, was once dark haired and am a bit overweight, in need of some attention you might say. Louise, is medium height, taller than the diminutive Stacey, she is fairing better than me but still starting to show the tell tale signs of her advancing years.

We finally reached the rep, she scanned down the computer generated list attached to her clipboard and didn’t see Stacey’s name. At first she refused to let Stacey on the bus. Stacey started to sob again, sparking the kids back off.

After a short and pointed discussion I managed to persuade the rep that a cock up had been made and insisted that she rang her boss whilst we were en route to the resort. She could then sort the mess out.

During journey the rep called her boss and explained to Stacey that there was a note on the entry, her holiday had been cancelled the day before and that the flight tickets should not have been honoured. The hotel she was due to stay at had reallocated her room and there were no others left. The whole package had been cancelled, including her insurance.

Stacey understandably broke down again; I talked to the boss on her behalf and got them to see if there was a room anywhere else. As we disembarked at our apartment block we left our mobile number and offered any further help.

The apartment block was OK, a bit basic, but this was a cheap holiday, all we could afford, and we had been saving for over a year for it. We had a small single living room, with fold away beds, a table, television and a bathroom. At least it had a small balcony overlooking the pool with a couple of seats we could escape to for an evening drink.

The apartment complex was reasonably large, too far from the beach to walk it, but at least centred round a large pool and patio area. It catered for all sorts, families and couples, we hoped Angela would find a friend to pair up and play with.

An hour or so later, we awoke to a familiar noise opposite, it was Stacey, or rather the kids crying. We guessed that she and the kids were being dropped off by a taxi driver at the apartment opposite.

Early in the morning, after another couple of hours sleep, we were again awoken by a tap on the door. The rep, with her boss, led us into Stacey’s apartment. Her apartment was much bigger than ours, having 2 separate bedrooms and a living area.

Stacey was still very upset, Lou went to her immediately.

She had no money, no booking, no insurance and no return flight. Lou dipped into her purse lent her some cash. The holiday firm were very good and offered some supermarket vouchers and to get her the first available flight home.

She had already discovered that her credit cards had been stopped when she had attempted to get some cash from the ATM earlier on, her bank account had seemingly been cleared out as the bank machines would not give her any cash.

She had phoned home and organised some funds to be transferred from her parents but needed to pay for taxis and more importantly food.

The tour company phoned back about an hour later, they had found some return flights and had booked them albeit in few days time.

She had received no reply from numerous texts to her boyfriend. It was clear he had ratted her out.

Louise volunteered us to take the kids, to give her some space.

Lou made it her mission to comfort Stacey, persuading her to come out and sit by the pool.

In the few days that followed Stacey settled into a pattern of poolside relaxation, effortlessly working on deepening her tan, sunning and stretching her taught, athletic body. It showed no signs of having the 2 kids. She had a flat stomach, pert boobs and perfect skin. She wore a selection of sexy and skimpy bikinis that complemented her shape entirely, the kind knotted together down the sides with string.

She rose occasionally from her sun lounger to take a dip in the cool waters of the pool, emerging with stiffened nipples peeking through her bikini top and adjusting the material from her pert backside as she walked sexily back to her sun lounger.

Angela and I tended to her family, providing entertainments, snacks and comfort in equal measures, splashing in the pool and playing with toys.

Stacey and Lou were striking up a deep rapport. They exchanged tearful and long conversations and plenty of hugs. Lou did well, as slowly the dark clouds started to lift from the young woman’s expression and her demeanour changed.

The evenings took on a pattern of their own, a meal out, then Angela and I would bringing the kids back and babysit whilst Lou and Stacey went off. They usually rolled in around ten or eleven o’clock, allowing us little time to do anything apart from go straight to bed.

After a few days of this routine I started to lose patience, the situation was beginning to wear a bit thin and I lost my temper. Lou and Stacey had come back, we had said our goodnights and adjourned to our apartment.

“Is she is taking advantage of us or what?” I hissed at Louise as we sipped a cooling drink on the balcony.

“She seems OK to me now. Where do you go each night? What do you do?” I demanded, “I am getting a bit sick of being stuck in here whilst you are off gadding about. What about poor Angie? I need to get out too”

“How would you feel if you were going through what that girl is going through, eh?” Louise spat back at me. “I take her to a bar and try to cheer her up a bit”

“What about our holiday? What about me going out? What about spending some time with our child?” I retorted.

This was turning into a full blown row.

“Hasn’t that poor woman has gone through enough?” Lou was straining not to shout at me, but she was turning red in the face.

“We are not her parents.” I continued. “What about my needs?”

“Oh yes, it’s always all about you.” Louise wasn’t the type to back down or let me win on points.

“I have needs.” I said making a grab for her right breast in an attempt to defuse the situation.

“Your needs? That poor woman hasn’t had sex of any kind since her daughter was conceived.” Lou barked back, evading my roving hand and slapping it away.

“Well what do you want me to do about it, shag her?” I had lost it by now. “For God’s sake take her out and get her laid, that’ll cheer her up, I cannot stand seeing any more long faces, get her drunk, do something”

Lou jumped up and left, slamming the door behind her. She went straight across to Stacey’s room clutching the duty free vodka and a large bottle of cola.

Lou woke me up when she returned some time later, glancing at my watch I noted the time, 2.30 am! She was well drunk. I turned on the light and looked at her. She glared back at me with the “try it” look. With discretion being the better part of valour, I turned off the light, rolled over and went back to sleep, trying to ignore the stink of booze on her breath.

Breakfast was a frosty affair, Lou was polite but distant, although the frost was melting a bit as we set up in our usual spot by the pool.

She and Stacey spent the most of the morning looking at a video camera giggling and nudging each other like teenagers, at least we have smiles I thought to myself.

After my usual morning childcare duties I approach Lou to offer the hand (or rather the kiss) of peace. With a peck and a smile she flung her arms around my neck.

“Silly old sod.” She said, that was the way most of our rows ended.

I began to look forward to the sex later, if we could manage to cram into the small bathroom.

After lunch Lou chirped up with, “Stacey needs your help to transfer a video.” Her voice was quite insistent.

“What now?” I asked not wanting to push it again

“Yes now” Lou insisted, pointing her finger at me. “I’ll take the kids, go on, off you go.”

It was 2.00 pm, getting hot and approaching siesta time. I followed Stacey up to the room, trying not to fix my gaze too much on her tight little bikini clad butt as she hopped merrily up the steps ahead of me.

In her room, I looked at the camera, there was no way I could connect it to ours, this was an all singing all dancing job, ours was bog standard, cheap and basic.

“This is not going to work.” I said handing Stacey the camera.

“That’s a shame, Lou really wanted you to see this…… I know, you can watch it now. I can send you a copy when you get back.” She sat next to me on the small table next to the sofa, swung the small screen on the video camera around and pressed the button to play the file.

“You know that you have been a real brick, I don’t know what I would have done without you.” She said, locking her deep blue eyes upon me. “I don’t know how I could ever repay you.”

Moving closer to me she urged me to watch the clip. The opening shot featured Stacey filmed by the pool earlier. The tape started with her saying,

“We both thought you might like to see this..”

The tape started with Stacey, holding the camera at arms length, smiling, obviously drunk, and looking directly into the camera lens. It had obviously been shot in the apartment the night before, judging by the poor light and empty vodka bottle on the table next to the sofa.

I continued to watch as Stacey’s moved the camera shakily over her shoulder to focus on Lou, sitting on the same sofa as I was now, with her legs splayed wide apart, naked, her hairy muff and generous tits fully exposed. She had two fingers shoved deep in her wide open and juicy cunt and she was frigging herself to orgasm.

My jaw dropped in amazement as I continued to watch the small screen.

In the video, Stacey, the camera woman, shakily moved it to get a clearer view of Lou’s hairy gash, zooming in to focus on to the strings of pussy juice forming between Lou’s knuckles and deep within her wide open and juicy wet slit.

My mouth was dry and I thought to myself, this was new. Lou has never ever done this kind of thing before.

The scene continued. Stacey putting the camera down, the picture bouncing and the sound clanking glasses as it was placed on the table next to the sofa, were Stacey now sat. Still focussed, close up, on Lou’s spread cunt lips two other fingers appeared in the frame – Stacey’s.

Her perfectly painted crimson nails flicked and fondled at Lou’s distended clit. The microphone picked up the effect it was having on Lou, moaning and blurting out a string of language that I never knew she used.

“Oh yes, rub it, rub my clit, help me to come…” the voice was familiar, but not the words.

Stacey’s fingers expertly massaged Lou’s clit, and with them diving into her wet hole, joining her own, Lou came, repeating,

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck…”

“Better put it on fast forward.” Stacey said pressing more buttons. “The film goes on for about an hour or so”

The clip moved on at a pace, the camera moved, panned back and captured Stacey licking high speed, first Lou’s nipples and then her quivering snatch.

I noticed a finger or two disappearing into Lou’s ass, she seemed to like it, again this was new, Lou didn’t like me doing that at all.

“You’ll like this bit.” Stacey said, slowing the tape to normal speed.

My cock was hard, straining at my swim shorts as I watched my wife on the tape being masturbated with a lighthouse ornament. I glanced up to see the object placed back on the top of the television.

After a few minutes moving the pole in and out Lou raised it, moved it out of frame, and noisily sucked her juices from it.

Stacey’s neat fingers appeared, gripping a banana as it was fed into Lou’s gaping hole. In and out with increasing speed and depth it went.

To my open eyed amazement Lou then lifted her thighs rocked back on the sofa and allowed Stacey to insert the banana, full length, into her ass hole. She came again as the thick object was thrust into her arse, breathing heavily and mouthing out increasingly colourful and profane language.

Stacey adjusted the speed again. The scene changed revealing Stacey sat at the sofa. It must have been Lou’s shaky hand at the controls. Zooming in and out Stacey put on a show, fingering, licking, using the banana and so on. At one point a second banana appeared and provided a double entry into Stacey, cunt and arse. The speed of playback was too fast to take it all in.

“I like this bit.” Stacey said, slowing the speed down again. It showed Lou’s teeth gripping the open end of the banana protruding from Stacey’s clean shaven pussy. She drew it into her mouth and began to eat it out of Stacey, pushing it in and out as she did so.

“Wow, that felt soooo good.” Stacey cooed as she tweaked up the speed again.

As the final scene came up Stacey resumed normal speed. Again recorded by the poolside earlier, it was Lou talking right into the camera lens,

“Now that you are good and hard I want you to shag the arse off this woman.”

“Oh and by the way I will look forward to watching you on film, I might even let you fuck me the way Stacey wants you to fuck her.” Lou said with a sexy and suggestive smile.

“It’s the only way I could think of to thank you.” Stacey said as she lowered the camera and started to remove her bikini top.

“No, no, no. I can’t do that.” I replied.

“You would be doing me a real favour, really. ” Stacey responded, still undoing the knot keeping the slight material of her helter necked top up. Finally her tits fell free.

“But I am nearly old enough….” Moving closer, brushing her hardening nipples against my face, she stopped me by placing a finger over my lips.

“Last night was the first good fucking I have had in ages.” She said with a quiet sexy tone. “But nothing can replace a good hard cock inside of you.”

“I’m too fat for you, you are young, perfect…” I struggled to get out as she smothered my face with her chest, brushing an erect nipple across my lips.

“Shhhh.” She said.

With surprising strength she yanked at my arm, pulling me up to my feet. She led me to the bedroom and virtually threw me on the bed.

“I have been waiting for a long time for this. ” She said, easing the brown bikini bottoms down revealing her pale, but sumptuous buttocks, highlighted by the shape of her bikini line. She turned to reveal the mouth watering sight of her neat and cleanly shaven pussy, her petals open and glistening with anticipation.

“God, I am really wet for you.” She said climbing on to the bed, throwing her bottoms on floor. She climbed on to my prone body, sitting over my legs.

“Now let’s see what you have.” She said tugging at the waistline of my swim shorts.

She gasped as my erect cock sprang into view.

“Lou never said you were this big.” She said, wide eyed, as she lowered her silken lips to the head of my twitching member.

My cock stretched her petite little mouth to its limit as she took it in, rolling her tongue over and round the end, sending waves of pleasure through my body.

God she was good, her mouth was so warm and the grip of her lips so tight. I leant forward to stop her; I didn’t want to blow my load too soon.

She drew herself forward grabbing my cock and guiding it towards her smooth and silken slit. I thought she would split in two as she bore down on my thick shaft. She was really wet, her pussy muscles gripped the rod tight as it slipped deep inside her. The feeling was exquisite as she pushed further down forcing me in as far as it would go.

With her face contorting and biting her lower lip she leant forward and began to grind her clit hard against my pubic bone. I could feel her juices running down my balls as she continued to circle and bump her tender button.

She came, throwing her head back and forth, her body bucking, her torso shaking as she blew her hot breath across my face and chest.

Pausing for a moment for breath, she then hopped off, making my cock slap my stomach as it withdrew from her moist quim. She knelt down beside me on the edge of the bed, took my tool back in her hot mouth, making slurping noises as she sucked her juices from the end. Lifting her head she looked deep into my eyes and said,

“Take me from behind, now, please.”

I sprang up as if electrified and stood directly behind her as she adjusted herself on all fours. I couldn’t resist bending down and taking a long lick up her cleft. I drew my tongue up from the hood of her clit to her open and dripping cavern. Drawing her scent into my nostrils I moved away.

“Ooh yes.” She bucked and ground her hips backward, “again, right there, lick me right there.”

I duly obliged, grasping at each buttock forcing her sumptuous hole wider open. I drew my tongue to a point and thrust it as deep as I could into her gash. Her hand came down to her clit, her nails brushing against my chin, as her finger madly frigged her swollen button, I continued to scythe and lap my tongue as deep into her cunt as I could, drinking her flowing juices.

She came again, bucking and shaking, her cunt muscles pulsating over my pointed tongue.

Still bent over she continued to push her hips backward as I withdrew my tongue. Once again I couldn’t resist, I drew it upward and across her brown button.

I rarely risked this with Lou, normally she would pull away and tell me to get off, but not this time, not with Stacey.

Stacey jumped, I pulled back.

“Don’t …..” She barked out. “Don’t stop that…..go on, kiss my ass.” Stacey called out over her shoulder.

I didn’t need a second invitation. I licked around the puckered hole and feathered a lick across the wrinkled surface.

Stacey’s body jumped and jerked with each stroke of my tongue. Her right hand, still at her clit began to waggle again. Her left hand clawed at her buttock, stretching her asshole wider.

“God yes, lick it.” She demanded, thrusting her butt backward on to my mouth. Instinctively I drew it to a point again and allowed her to push her ass over it.

It was so tight.

She came again. Her asshole clenched and pulsated against my tongue. She pushed it hard against my mouth as the waves of pleasure tore through her.

“Fuck my arse, oh God, fuck my arse now.” She said, grabbing both buttocks and spreading them wide.

I gathered as much of her fanny juice on the end of my throbbing cock as I could and guided it towards the entrance to her back door.

With me holding it at against her tight ring she pushed herself back. I watched as it gradually entered her, forcing the taut and narrow opening apart. She continued to push back, allowing my hard tool to penetrate deeper and deeper into her warm and welcoming back passage.

Inch by inch I gently pushed my cock forward until it was fully engulfed, my balls resting against her sopping wet cunt lips.

This was as deep as I had ever been, I could never plough as deep a furrow with Lou, my size being the handicap. We had tried anal once or twice but I had never managed to insert much more than the tip into this glorious hole.

Here I was now, balls deep inside Stacey’s ass.

“God your cock is so thick, it’s filling my arse, god it feels soooo good.” She said wiggling her arse, clenching her tight ring and thrusting her hips backward.

“Fuck me, fuck me good and hard, please, please fuck me now.” She said moving her hand back to her clit.

I withdrew my cock until I could almost see the tip and then thrust back with slow and deliberate strokes.

“Harder, deeper,” she panted each time my stroke was at its end, thrusting her arse backwards trying to gain the best angle for the deepest penetration.

“God you are so fucking big, fuck my arse good and hard, go on shove it in as far as it will go.”

Her hand moved to her cunt, plunging two fingers deep inside her wet quim, in tandem with the increasing speed and intensity of the thrusting of my cock.

“I want you to fill my arse with your come,” she demanded.

I could feel the come raising in my balls, my cock swelling and stretching her tight asshole yet further. I grabbed at her butt cheeks pulling her arse wider and thrusting deeper. She bowed her head down, affording me the deepest possible access to her ass.

Stacey came first, her body tensed and her back arched as she achieved yet another intense orgasm. The rhythmic pulsing and gripping of her taut asshole brought me off too. I came with one final deep thrust, my legs gave away and I fell forward pushing my cock even deeper into her as I pumped my hot come deep into her bowel.

Gasping for air, her body limp and sweaty she turned her head.

“God, I needed that.” She said. “Oh fuck, we forgot to film it. We’ll have to do all this again.” She said with a smile on her lips and glint in her eye.

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