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How it Began

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My mother left my father when I was 15. She went off to “find herself” in California. Strangely, my father was upset but also understanding. I think that made it easier for me. I still loved her and she was in touch with us and said she loved us both. I believed her, but also knew that she had moved on as we must. She always was a free spirit and one that was hard to hold onto.

My parent’s best friends were Joe and Susan. Sadly, later that same year a tragic car accident too Joe’s life leaving Susan widowed and alone. Needless to say at some point, Susan and my Dad started “seeing” each other. It started out with Susan coming over to cook dinner for us on Sunday evening and over a period of time a true fondness developed between my Dad and Susan.

Jump ahead two and a half years to June. My Dad and Susan got married. Houses were consolidated into our four bedroom home. And for the first time we were living as a family, Dad, Susan and her daughter El and I shared the house. El and I were both just finished our freshman year in college. She was at State, about 45 minutes away, and I was at a community college. I was living at home, working and saving money before I headed up to State myself as a Junior.

El was pretty, smart with an easy and quick laugh, great smile and wonderful eyes. I am six feet tall 175 pounds with a swimmer’s build. I am not a crazy dude, but enjoy a good laugh, am confident and doing very well in school.

I know what you are all thinking, Whoa, here we go, wild and crazy sex on the way. Well yes and no, kind of, but I’m sure it’s not what you are thinking and it certain wasn’t what I though was going to happen.

Our parents delayed their honeymoon until mid July and then left on a Wednesday for 11 days. El and I were left in the house, were both working so Wednesday and Thursday evening were spent together cooking dinner and enjoying each others company. It really was nice and not in any way overtly sexual, though I was developing a sincere “like” for El. Really, bordering on a raging like.

Friday morning El suggested we catch a movie and a pizza that night. Sounded like a plan and spending more time with her was just fine with me. We returned home and settled in on the back patio with a beer and conversation at about 11:15pm.

We were chatting in general when El turned the conversation to our parents. She asked me if I had noticed how comfortable they were together.

“Yea, they do seem happy together, like they were made for each other.”, I said.

“In many ways I think they are, my Mom is a very strong woman and your Dad is just a very nice guy, very accommodating, helpful and sincere. I think their female led relationship works really well for both of them. They both seem happy.” El said.

I heard her clearly but I wasn’t sure exactly what I had heard or what it meant. So I just asked.

“What do you mean a female led relationship?” I asked.

“Well, my mom is very strong as I said and your dad accepts that. It was the same way with my dad when he was alive. My mom obviously loved him very much and he allowed her to guide him in decisions and things in general. My mom says your mother and dad were the same way and it’s why our parents were friends, I think. I believe your mom and my mom talked about it after your mother moved to California and my dad died. It was your mom who suggested that she get together with your father. Your mom thought your father would need the guiding hand of a strong woman and suggested they hook up. It would be good for both of then she thought.” El said.

“Yea, now that you mention it my dad does defer to your mother on many thing, ” I said.

“Your father defers to my mom on all things.” El said as a matter of fact.

She leaned forward in her chair and stared at me, rather intently and unblinking.

“Your father is submissive to my mother as he was to your mother. He needs a loving woman to guide him, he is submissive to her on all things emotional and physical”. El smiled and held her stare. She seem very strong and confident at that moment.

For some reason unknown to me I got a chill. My breathing thinned and I then felt flush. I looked into El’s eyes and then down to her boobs, and then further down to the space between our chairs. For some reason, I was getting a hard on.

El said, “Look up at me John.”

I did. Her smile was serene, controlled and commanding. She seemed extraordinarily strong. She sat without moving, quiet and at peace. I on the other hand was a mess. I had no idea why I felt this way, but I felt humbled and in need…of something. I was a little scared but only of my emotions. My breathing was shallow and my heart rate was racing.

“John…” She said.

” I think you are submissive too.”

I was now trembling slightly. And I was confused.

“Don’t think about what I’m going to tell you to do, just do it, OK?” she said.

I just nodded yes.

“Stand up and take off all of your cloths.” was all she said.

I stood on trembling legs. It was very hard to stay upright. I kicked off my boat shoes and almost fell over. No re-action from El. With trembling hands I started to unbutton my shirt but I was shaking so much I just go the top three or four buttons and pulled the shirt over my head. I looked at her. She was still very serene. I un-belted my cargo shorts and let them slid to the ground and then kicked them aside. I was now only in a pair of boxers and they were doing nothing to conceal my erection. She looked, smiled and nodded toward me, as if to say, continue. I slipped my thumbs in my boxers and pushed them down and kicked them away. I was naked before her for the first time. She told me to undress, I undressed.

It would be wrong to describe my penis as erect. It was so way beyond that. I could barely breathe as I looked down at myself. I was standing but my cock was literally lying against my belly. My cock head was actually bouncing off my stomach with each heart beat. I had never seen or felt anything like this. I had never been this hard.

El stood and walked toward me and stopped about three inches from my cock looking down at it. She then slowly looked up at me, into my eyes. We hadn’t touched yet.

She reached out and took both of my hands, lightly, looked down and back up at me and said. ” I’m going to suck your cock and you’re going to come in my mouth.” and she leaned in and lightly kissed my lips. I moaned.

“But I want you to do something for me…say you will”. she said.

“Anything.” I whispered. It didn’t matter any more, anything.

“I’m not going to swallow your cum. I’m going to kiss you and you are going to swallow your cum for me, OK?”

“Yes, of course.” I said. Of course I said of course, there was no other answer.

She took my hand and walked me into the house and laid me on the carpet in the family room. She knelt beside me, on my left side I remember.

She looked at me and said with a smile, “Now that’s a hard on!”

She put her hand underneath my penis, prying it from my stomach, laid her head on my chest and slid her mouth onto me. And I came.

I came so hard I convulsed. My stomach muscles contracted, my legs pulled up and I lifted off the carpet. My first shot wasn’t, it was a stream followed by more intense convulsions. She told me later I screamed, three times and then almost sobbed as I calmed.

My head was on the carpet and my mouth was open gasping for air. She placed her mouth on mine and pushing my sperm into it, her left hand gently pushing my chin up and closing my mouth.

“Swallow”, was all she said.

I did and then she kissed me and our tongues played together in a slow and sensual kiss.

As our kiss broke she looked down at what should have been a spent cock. It was not painfully hard any longer, but still hard enough. She smiled and pulled me to my feet and led me toward her bedroom.

She laid me in the middle of the bed and I watched as she undressed. We hadn’t said very much to this point. She was absolutely amazing. Her body almost glowed with sexual attraction. She climbed on the bed, straddled my hips and impaled herself on my still hard cock. She put a hand in the middle of my chest and started rocking. Her breathing increased and she leaned down and kissed me passionately and then she orgasmed, grinding hard onto me.

As she laid on my chest catching her breath she said, “I just love the taste of cum in your mouth. That really put me over the edge.” She kissed me again.

“You’re still hard in me, so hang on.” and with that she began to really ride me with abandon. She was slamming into me so hard she was pounding my balls and that just made me harder. She came again after about four minutes and I was on the edge.

She leaned in and kissed me saying, “Cum in me, I want to see how good you are with your tongue, I know what your cock can do.” She started humping me again, kissing me and talking to me as she fucked me.

“Come on John, fill me with your cum and then I’m going to face fuck you. You’re going to be covered in cum and you’re going to swallow more cum…much more cum.” And with that I came in her again. I came very hard. Really hard.

Good to her word she climbed onto my face. Her soaked, cum filled pussy dripping into my mouth as I sucked hungrily on her and then licked her and flicked my tongue to her most tender and sensitive places. She grabbed my head and pulled it into her and came sharply and rolled away to her right side, panting.

After a few moments she said, “I’m too sensitive now. Hold me…hold me.” She slid into my arms and threw her leg over my thigh, grinding her soaked pussy into my leg and buried her face in my neck. I held on tight and smelled her hair. I took a deep breath and started to relax. Sleep wasn’t far off. I was exceptionally calm, almost Zen-like. I started to fall asleep thinking, it was only Friday.

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