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A Stranger Surprise

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You are standing at the bar when a stranger comes and stands next to you. You are aware of their presence and you feel a warmth coming from there body as they stand in close proximity to you. Your senses become aware of the scent of leather and a pleasant smell of some exotic cologne.

The stranger stands a little closer but not enough to invade your personal space. You are intrigued enough to steal a glance, turning your head slightly toward them. Seeing her through the corner of your eye you pick out short highlighted hair and dark eyes. She stands a little shorter then your frame but not enough to appear too small next to you.

The stranger, feeling your glance upon her steals a look your way and your eyes meet. You shudder inside with warmth and excitement as you see a flash in her eye…what does it mean? She grins a little but not directly at you. The smell of the leather is enticing your senses and you want to step even closer…what should you do, or say? “Hello, mind if I smell your jacket? I love leather” nah…you chuckle to yourself but you are not aware that the chuckle has carried over to her ears and she glances at you and smiles…

“Has anyone ever told you that you have beautiful eyes?” But before you can respond she asks you “What are you drinking?” A voice suddenly pierces your inner thoughts and you turn abruptly to see her staring straight at you. You shudder inside again, catching your breath, watching her smile brightly. You stumble to find words for a moment and then you manage to sputter out “Oh, um…Mike’s Hard Lemonade” not realising she is offering to buy you a drink.

“Mike’s? Hmmmm” she smiles, “You like hard?” But before you can catch the undertone of her meaning she grins and looks at the barman, quickly ordering a drink for you and diet coke for herself. Then, turning back towards you she looks deep into your eyes, still smiling. Tiny electrodes of excitement bounce around your skin every time you catch her observing you. A strange feeling you have never had before rippled through your whole being.

“Who are you here with?” She asks, your mind racing to remember who you had come in with. “Oh, some friends, over there” You reply, indicating a group of people at the corner table. The stranger glances in your pointed direction to view a group of 6 or 7 people obscured by the dancing crowd. She looks back towards you.

“Your partner there too?” You realise she is fishing…

The stranger glanced over her shoulder again at the crowd in the corner trying to pick out of anyone was watching the bar for your attention. She turned back to you in time for you to stop staring at her again and say “Um…no.” That was all.

She gave you a questioning look, almost a smile. Was she contemplating asking whether your partner wasn’t there tonight or whether you didn’t have one? You smile back at her, almost a knowing look but you kept up your guard. This was a fascinating person and you wanted to know who she was a little more before you gave away such details, but hoping secretly that she would ask.

“I hate those duff sounding questions like ‘do you come here often?’ but…well, do you?” she chuckled. You let out a little laugh and reply “”wellll…once in a while, but that’s a very corny chat up line…don’t you have any better ones? and you both let out a laugh. You feel that excitement pop back and run all up the length of your spine. There is a comfort between you, an immediate bond like you have always known each other but you try and stop yourself getting too far in.

“Um, your accent…you are not from here, are you…” it wasn’t a question you put to her but a statement. The obvious accent difference told you straight away that she was not American.

“No, I’m not. I am from London, England and yes I have lots of better chat up lines. How about ‘here darling, will you keep the keys to my Porsche in your handbag?’ or ‘Hmmm, get your coat sweetheart, you’ll pulled’ how’s that?” She replied, grinning. You laugh hard and reply “Oh those are terrible, but I would still consider it if you asked” looking away and smiling.

Then she took a sip of drink and said “I work here. I have been here about a year. I take it you live local?”

“Yeah,” you reply “About 20 minutes away.” You thought you spotted something glinting in her smile but it was gone too quick.

You spent time talking about London and England, ensconced in stories of the history of England until you noticed one of your friends waving to you. Gently interrupting the conversation you tell the stranger that you are being beckoned by your friend. “Um…would you excuse me? One of my friends is calling…I…I will be right back, if you want me to” trying not to sound too eager to come back and at the same time reassuring the stranger that you were not bored or leaving. “Sure…” she smiled and you got up to walk over to the table where your friends were…

You momentarily glance back over your shoulder and those electric zings run all the way through you as you spot the stranger with the English accent watching you walk…was that lust? You try to act nonchalant as you walk away, giving a little wiggle of your hips and approach your friends’ table. You notice that most of your friends are looking over your shoulder at you toward the stranger. “Well?” you ask them, “What do you guys think?” Three or four smile and tell you to go for it and couple of others pretend that if you don’t try it they will…you laugh.

Sitting down briefly with your back slightly toward the bar you keeping checking yourself to remember to glance back. Each time, as you do, you can the strangers eye, still observing you. You smile and glance away again. Asking your friends for an opinion on what you should say, some of them offering little pick-up lines to try. You just roll your eyes and tell your friends what a big help they are and in future you won’t bother asking them. You all break out into laughter and as you glance back at the bar again your expression turns to one of confusion as your eyes dart around. The strangers seat is empty. She is gone.

Almost frantically you scan the whole room for a sign of her and conclude that she must have gone to the bathroom. Calming slightly you turn back to your friends conversation and realise that one has asked you a question, “What? Sorry I was…distracted there…” and you glance around for a final check. Nothing. Still no sign. How long had it been? Your friend repeats the question “I said, well are you going to ask her if you can driver her home or something?” You show your friend the bottle of Mike’s and say “Duh!! More like me asking her to drive ME home!! She’s been on diet coke. I am the one who’s ratted” you chuckle. “Although, it probably doesn’t matter now. She’s gone.” and your expression sinks with your mood, suddenly.

Resigning yourself to the fact that the stranger had gone you sat a little less haughtily, with your friends and tried to join in the conversation. They ribbed you about you being so sullen and how you had let Miss Right skip through your fingers. You tried to laugh but it didn’t come naturally for a while. Your mood picked up a little after another drink and you got to dancing with a the remaining three of your friends who could still stand up straight. Getting into the music and feeling how it made your body react. You closed your eyes as one song started and you swayed with your arms in the air a little, feeling the emotion of the music, your head swinging side to side.

Now your mood is lighter again and although you haven’t forgotten the stranger with the English accent you get deep into the music, blocking out even your friends as you spiral through a musical dream, standing and dancing as the strobe lights flicker and bounce from the walls.

Without warning someone slips their arms around your waste, holding tightly to you and gently grinding behind you to the music. Startled, your first instinct is to turn around and you swirl on your feet. Before you can realise it you are face to face with the stranger, but as you try to speak she kisses you hard on the mouth grasping every ounce of breath from your body. You hold tight around her shoulders grasping every inch of the kiss that you can grab, loosing yourself in her. Her lips caressing yours in a most sensual way, her body moving gently against yours making you feel so turned on that you can feel every nerve ending responding to her. Her tongue stealing across yours, lightly searching and then firmly taking. This is what you hoped it would be like when you dared to imagine it earlier. Your mind racing as you set eyes on her for the first time wondering if her kisses would be as you hoped and now, as your lips locked with hers, your hopes fulfilled.

After the longest time the stranger pulls gently away, staring so deep into your eyes that you feel your soul being probed. What is she looking for? Does she find what she seeks? She smiles, still holding on to you, for which you are grateful, as you are finding it very hard to stand on your own. Shortly after, you pull slowly away a little, still watching her. You hear cheering in the background and turn to see all your friends watching and you laugh hard, looking back at the stranger. She whispers something into your ear…”Come with me…” It’s not a question. Without hesitation you wave to your friends and they clap as you walk out with the stranger.

She leads you to a car. A nice black sporty number but not too feminine looking. She walks you around to the passenger side, opening the door, very gallantly for you. You step up to the car and sit down, getting comfortable. You swing your other leg across and into the vehicle and she quietly shuts the door and walks around to the drivers side, opening the door and sliding in beside you. The engine purrs into life at the turn of a key and the stranger pulls away from the car park, driving steady and pulling out into the light traffic.

After a few minutes you are itching to ask where you are both headed and as you have that thought, the stranger speaks. “We are going to my apartment. This is alright with you.” Again, it wasn’t a question, so you just smile and ask how far it is. “Not far. Ten minutes drive. Are you comfortable?”

You smile again, looking around the car, observing the dash lights and answer in the affirmative. You smell the aroma of leather which is nectar to your nostrils and you inhale, which is noticed by your host. She smiles again and says “You like leather” again, still not a question. You being to wonder what is going to happen when you get to the hosts house. You deduct that she is making mental notes of your likes and dislikes and wonder what else she may have picked up about you. You notice the driver has taking a left turn into a side street and the car begins to slow…

The headlights glow bright onto a white garage door which opens without you seeing how it was done. The car pulls into the garage and comes to a smooth stop. The headlights go out and the lights in the garage switch on. Again, you don’t see how. The host exits the car and walks around to open your side, holding her hand out to you. You take her hand and step out of the car, as the tingles run all over you at the touch of the strangers hand. It still hasn’t occurred to you until now, that you at this time, are still unaware of the strangers name and she yours. You wonder why she hasn’t asked you but say nothing.

She leads you through a door which goes straight into the house via a kitchen. You look around you at the pristine surroundings, noting that she has good taste. The works surfaces are all black marble, gleaming and shiny. The lower units are beech wood which rounded silver handles and the cupboards above are the same but with two glass display cabinets to your left. A huge range cooker sits in pride of place under the colour matched extractor fan. The floor is laminate wood with a herring bone pattern and as you look around you at the quality you realise that you are being led slowly through the kitchen and into a large spacious lounge which is painted in the same quality and taste. Dark cream coloured walls with white paintwork and a lush cream carpet greet your eyes. You inhale sharply, impressed with the sight. A huge antique looking vase stood over near the front door where the floor had also changed from carpet to wood, separated by a brass strip. To the right of the front door you notice the stairs to the upper floor of the house. Your host turns you to face her and lets go of your hand gently. “Can I offer you a drink?” She says, smiling and walking to the kitchen “please, sit down. Make yourself comfortable”.

“Yes, please” you reply as she exits the room and disappears out of sight. You hear the opening of cupboards and the fridge and the gentle clanking of glass. Presently, your host reappears holding a silver tray with a bottle of champagne, two glasses and a selection of fruit and cheeses. She greets you with a smile which sends those now familiar shivers all over you and your eyes fall to the floor a little.

Pouring you a glass of champagne she sits next to you and offers you the glass. You take it and drink a little sip. Still very few words had passed between the two of you but in that silence so much had been said. Shortly afterwards, your host speaks. “So, Hazel, you like leather and Mike’s hard lemonade…what else do I need to know.” She always seemed to end her questions as though they were more rhetorical rather than directed at you and still she intrigued you more than any person you had ever met. Compelled to answer, you speak “What would you like to know?” you say, as it suddenly occurs that she had called you by name, which you had though she had not known. You conclude that she must have heard your friends call your name but something niggled at that thought because you couldn’t remember them using it while she was around. You dismiss the idea and return your attention to her. She is watching you, smiling that smile…

As you watch her lips move you begin aching for that feeling to have them against yours again, like in the club. You stare as she smiles, watching every motion of her mouth, remembering that moment when she claimed your mouth and drew you in to whatever spell she was casting. Your imagination running riot as it recalled that moment when her mouth took yours so completely it suck every ounce of breath from your aching body. Now, as you lurch back into the present you notice she is still watching you, very intently and you feel yourself flushing.

Your bodies are just inches apart and you feel compelled to reach out and touch her but something stops you. Are you waiting for her to make a move? Are you wondering why she brought you here and what she has planned for you? It never occurs to you that this stranger could be dangerous, maybe because she is a female, but still, it doesn’t mean she isn’t. Something about her mannerisms convinces you she is not the hurting kind and you suddenly feel encompassed with guilt at the mere thought. You drop your eyes again, looking away from her as she contemplates you.

“You are worried” she says, again, not a question, which almost causes you to leap up but you force your body to be still. What should you say to that comment? You do not want to upset your host, who has until now, been impeccable. Desperation wracks your mind and you think quickly. “No. Not worried. Wondering. That is all.” Good save, you hear your mind whisper.

“Wondering…” she repeats. Does she know you are not quite being truthful? You flush again but before you get a chance to collect yourself she is taking your mouth again, firm and hard and deep. Probing your mouth with her tongue, caressing it carefully and teasing it menacingly. You have no choice but to return the kiss in full strength savouring every moment of it. Her lips continue to search and seek yours in the longest kiss you have ever experienced. Her taste, her smell, everything about her mesmerises you until you are not sure where end and where the stranger begins…

‘Stranger’…you do not feel like you can call her that now. Although you still do not know her name, she certainly is no stranger any more and all your previous, momentary fears leave you as you continue hungrily searching her lips and feasting on her taste.

Her hands reach up into your hair, gently tugging at it through her fingers, which are spread to the sides of your head. She is holding you firmly as she searches deeper into your soul through your mouth, reaching deeper and deeper into you, probing your mouth as though she is probing your mind, reading you, learning about you and yet you feel no fear.

She takes your hand as she continues kissing you, standing slowly and then, breaking the kiss gently, she whispers, in an almost hoarse voice “Come. I want you to see something…” and she leads you away from the sofa and up the stairs. Your body, excited and enthralled by everything that is happening she climbs the stairs ahead of you, stopping at the top to lead you onto the landing. There, she kisses you again, hard and urgent and then turns toward a closed door.

Reaching out and turning the handle the door opens and she speaks “Lights” and the room illuminates to a gentle golden glow. This more than impresses you and again you gasp as you glance around the luscious bedroom. Warm beech wood flooring, ivory walls and white paintwork are the main features of the room along with a huge bay window which comes down to around three feet above the floor. In the centre of the window you spot a set of French doors which must open onto a balcony and you wonder what the view is like from there during the day. The walls are panelled with white wood and sectioned to look almost like doors but you spot no handles. Her style of decor impresses you greatly and you come to realise that this person has money. Perhaps more than she knows what to do with! There is no TV or phone that you can see in the room and the bed is a four poster in elegant maple wood just a few shades darker than the floor. The frame has muslin curtain on each corner and tied back against the post. Above the bed is a large painting reaching toward the high ceiling. You glance at the painting for a moment and see a gentle pastel coloured piece of artwork of a woman holding a rose and underneath the picture in calligraphic writing are the words “Love and forgiveness”. You say nothing but make a mental note. An antique dressing table sits on the left wall far from the bed and upon it sits a china wash bowl and jar. This place oozes taste and you smile at the perfect little touches she has on display.

You see an open door just to the right of the dressing table. It is clearly a bathroom which is also cleanly decorated with peach tiles on the walls and white tiles on the floor. You can’t see the whole room but you can tell it is larger than it seems from your viewpoint. To the right of that door again, you spot a large freestanding wardrobe with four doors. Its colouring the same as the bed but it has gothic style arches carved into the doors. You like that.

Your host guides you past the bed and to the corner of the room where another panel is located in the wall. To all intents and purposes you might not have noticed the door but for the slight gap between the opening and the wall. she pushes the door in a seemingly special place and it clicks open. She widens the gap so that you may both enter but she does not say “Lights”. The room is totally dark. Black. No window that you can spot, unless it is behind the door. She leads you in, your eyes having trouble adjusting to the blackness. “Come” she says, softly and you don’t think to say no. You would follow her anywhere right now.

She leads you in without falling over anything which might be in there. Clearly she knows this room well or she has a good memory for dodging items in her pathway in a blackened room. You smile a little and then return to concentrate on not tripping over anything. Suddenly her hand leaves yours and you gasp. “Shhh” she whispers and you hold your breath. You stand very still waiting for your companion to hold your hand again and guide you somewhere. Presently you feel her breath on your neck, she is very close by. Her hands reach out and touch your shoulders in the blackness, gripping you firmly “Do not be afraid. You will love what I have planned for you” she says.

Planned? she said it almost as though she were expecting to bring you here. You or someone, anyway. You feel a small sense of unease until she suddenly finds your mouth in the blackness and kisses you again. You savour every second, every taste of her, your fear leaving immediately. You feel her hands tugging your hair again and then the blindfold slips over your head. Subtle and sleek as a cat she has hooded you before you can be aware of it. It is not a complete hood, as you can feel her lips still on your mouth, so you know it comes to just below your nose. She breaks the kiss again and takes your hand, leading you away again but saying nothing. You feel yourself being turned and she then whispers “Sit here” and you lower yourself slowly to sit down on whatever it is she is making you sit on.

“Lay back” She says as she gently guides your body until it is horizontal. You are lying on some kind of leather table. It is wide and soft and very comfortable, with a thin, raised leather cushion at the head.

“Raise your arms” and you comply without a word. Your hands are taken above your head and she places them in cuffs which are held with chains to stop you bringing them down again. Your legs are then held apart as she removes your shoes and socks and again you feel yourself being cuffed. Your body is reaching a tense physical excitement and you can feel yourself getting very wet. Your nerve endings are jumping all over at the anticipation of what might be to come. In all your fantasies you have never thought that you would succeed in living it and never in your wildest dreams did they involve someone like this. Without ever knowing you this woman has seen straight into your soul and picked you out to have this dream become a reality. This very thought almost brings you to orgasm but you distract your mind and think of something else, anything else. You want to savour every moment of what may be to come. Your body swimming in the most erotic emotions as you lie in your blackness, waiting for the next move. Presently you hear a soft buzzing sound underneath you and the bed starts to move. Not actually the bed, you deduce, but the end where your hands and feet are tied. You are being stretched until there is minimal tension in the chains attached to your cuffed hands and ankles. The buzzing doesn’t last long and soon the room returns to the previous state of quiet.

Knowing you are still fully clothed, you wonder what will happen if she decides she wants you undressed, unless, you ponder, that she may not have such plans. Are you to remain clothed throughout whatever ordeal you are to endure?

Again, your body sends twinging signals all around itself and you fight hard to prevent an orgasm. You have never been this sexually excited in your life and just the anticipation of the evening is driving you nuts. Your lips ache again for the return of the strangers lips on you and no sooner do you have this thought that you feel her mouth on yours again, firm and urgent, like before. You greedily lift your head to grab every pleasure from that luscious mouth as she probes you again, her tongue playing and dancing on yours, nibbling and biting gently at your bottom lip.

This time you let out a soft moan and you orgasm is there before you are even aware of it. It sweeps you in waves as she sucks on your tongue and lips, your nipples hard and erect under your shirt. You buck your hips, even though she is not even touching you there but your reflexes react as though she were fucking you are hard. You buck hard against her body as she leans across you, still probing your mouth and you begin to slowly calm down as she continues kissing you. Oh God!! If you had known this were possible!

She says nothing but pulls her mouth gently from your still hungry lips and returns to the foot of the table. You feel her hand on your ankle and she whispers “Do not move.” Complying again, you hold stock still as suddenly your ankle feels something icy cold against its skin. Your hear a snipping sound as she begins cutting effortlessly through the cloth of your jeans all the way up your leg to the belt seam. Then, she returns to the foot of the table and holds your other leg, but this time, saying nothing. You know not to move. She repeats the previous motion and soon your skin feels the coolness of the room as the thick denim falls away to the sides of your legs.

“Again, do not move” she whispers as she begins cutting the sleeves of your shirt across to the shoulders, pulling it from your torso and then snips clean through the centre of your bra which falls uselessly to the sides of your body, lying limp and unneeded. She puts the scissors down which a gentle thump on the bed and proceeds to undo the button holding what is left of your jeans to your body. They copy the bra and fall ragged to the sides of your waste, exposing the only remaining article of clothing…your underwear.

Picking up the scissors again, she snips through those without effort and now, you are naked and totally at her mercy. Your mind to tries to penetrate your erotic thoughts with silly questions, like “Now what I am going to wear home??” You tell it silently to shut up and stop spoiling the moment.

You hear another unfamiliar sound and then she touches you. You feel her place something around your hips and attach it to your legs with clicking of stud buttons. Something is then moved until it is sitting right over your pubic region and resting gently on your clitoris. Again you fight hard to stop an orgasm and this time you manage it, but for how long?

No sooner are you done fighting when the thing attached to your hips springs to a vibrating life and you cum hard without warning, bucking your hips again as she leaves the vibrating thing switched on. No time between orgasms to calm down you cum once more before she finally allows to you relax for a moment. “I bet you are very wet now…I make that…hmm… three?” she whispers again. Exhausted, yet erotically exhilarated you reply in the affirmative. Catching your breath again, hard as you suddenly feel her cool hand between your legs clutching at your private area and letting two fingers slip deep inside you. No way could you have seen that coming and again your body orgasms before you can do anything to control it.

“Hmmm…four” she says softly as she continues finger fucking your bucking hips. “Needs something else…” she says and takes her fingers slowly out as your body relaxes again. She walks away from the table and you hear distant noises as she muddles around somewhere in the room. Soon, you hear her return and your senses start jumping again. She walks to the head of the table and you hear that familiar buzzing as she pushes a button. The table starts to move again but this time it’s the leg part. You realise they are separating and your legs are being drawn apart by the mechanism. As the cool air hits your pubic region the wetness coming out of you catches the cool air and your clit gets hard again. Your legs continue separating slowly until the buzzing stops and your legs are now wide apart. The stranger, who’s name you still do not know walks around to the foot of the table and steps inside the gap which is now your opening. She fingers you again as you drip juice over the cloth that was your jeans. Then, you feel something else…something cold and firm and seemingly attached to the stranger. She places the tip of it just inside your pussy lips, letting it sit there for a while, easing it gently a little then not moving it. Excitement grips you again and you resist the urge to yell “Fuck me” to her, remaining calm under the pressure. Very soon you feel the thick girth of a strap on dildo entering your drenched tunnel, slipping so easily it in it might have had a whole tube of lube on it. She reaches deep into you, thrusting to the hilt and then begins a slow firm rhythmical movement of in and out motions.

Your hips buck to meet her movements as she thrusts the dildo deep into your channel which is still very wet with the juices from your previous orgasms. As she thrusts deep into you you feel another orgasm building but this time she seems to sense it and she slows her motions thrusting still deep but now moving more gracefully. As she pulls close to coming out of you she thrusts in once more so deep you cum without warning, screaming out loud as your body overtakes your consciousness and you yell out in ecstasy as the waves come over you so hard you almost black out. She slows down further and then ceases as your body calms a little, but not pulling completely out of you.

You shudder and shiver but not with cold. Your nerve endings screaming bloody murder with the pleasure of the experience. She stands between your legs waiting for you to calm and she bends forward placing soft kisses and gentle nibbles on your belly as you feel the dildo inside you, soaked in your juices moving gently as it remains attached to her moving body. She leans further forward and suddenly you feel teeth grazing at your nipples and then your right nipple being taken deep into her mouth as her hands run over your skin, teasing, nipping, scraping gently. Her lips rounding on your hardened areola and she sucks firmly, tasting you and enjoying you. Your sighs turn to gasps as she sucks harder moving from one nipple to the other, her hand suddenly reaching for your still highly sensitive clitoris and begins rubbing it gently. Rounded motions, teasing the hood and driving you toward another frenzy and another impromptu orgasm.

Your mind rushes to wonder how many orgasms are possible in the same evening without blacking out altogether from exhaustion. So far you have counted 5 or was it 6? The question fades through without appropriate attention and is soon lost amongst the other thousands of questions you desperately want to pose to this wonderful stranger.

You feel her pulling the dildo out of you and your body resists, trying to suck it back inside, gasping with the oncoming loss. You don’t want that emptiness, you want her to fill your physical body the same way she has filled, engulfed and claimed your soul. Alas, the dildo is gone and you hear movements again as the host walks over to what you conclude must be a table. You hear gentle clanking and the dull thuds of things being put on it and picked up from it and then, you feel her approach you again, your anticipation growing wildly.

Warm lips engulf your left nipple again and you feel completed suddenly. She is back. This wild wicked lover who has come to you and shown you your dreams in the waking world. Your arms want desperately to reach down and hold her to you and yet, at the same time you enjoy the torture of not being able to do so. She sucks hard on you again and your nipples stand erect once more.

You feel her moving something between your legs. Her hands opening your wet pussy lips and something cold…no…ice cold being put inside you…you gasp loudly but not in pain…in pleasure! What a feeling! Your body responding accordingly and your thigh muscles tighten as she slides in a very long icy stick. A popsicle, maybe? She shoved it gracefully into you and again motions in and out as deep as it will go. Your insides burning and freezing simultaneously. She beings thrusting more firmly as the icy stick starts melting a little with the warmth of your insides. The stick is thick, about 2″ girth and you wonder how she made it. Again that thought gets pushed away to the back with all the others as you get so into your body and it’s feelings that you become lost as another orgasm captivates you. Again you do not see this one approaching and you start wondering if she doesn’t know some secret technique! You have lost count of those orgasms now and the last time you remembered you were at number 6 or 7.

The stranger continues using the icy stick on you and you feel it getting thinner and thinner until she finally retracts it but this time she does not walk away. You hear her clank the icy leftovers into a small bucket and then she leans down to concentrate on your still very erect nipples, sucking each one deep into her mouth, grazing them with her teeth and biting gently upon them.

Her hand reaches between your legs again and feels into you, with two fingers probing deep and moving inside you, reaching far in and pushing upwards to that spot where you know that if she touches it will make you cum again and with seconds you are cumming like you have never cum before. Is this a dream? Are you actually sleeping? If so, what will you feel when you wake up? You dismiss it, knowing this is a dream but a waking one and you writhe in the pleasure of the strangers hands.

She steps away a little and you hear that now familiar buzzing of the table. Your buttocks are lifting a little and the part of the table which splits, holding your legs has also begun to raise, bending your legs and then they stop. The buzzing ceases and she steps between your wide open legs again. Your senses are heightened by the darkness. You hadn’t been conscious of it but you now notice that your hearing is more acute and your sense of smell and taste have become more sharp. Every little noise is louder than normal and you hear the sound of a stud being snapped. The stranger leans over to you and whispers “Ever been butt fucked?”

Just those words are enough to bring you to the brink and you gasp in breath as though you had been under water for an hour. You finally manage to gasp out “Noooo” under your excited breath and she whispers again “I am going to take your virgin arse right now and show you how wonderful it is.”

Another sharp intake of breath on your part and you voice a quiet “ok!” She leans back again and you feel something icy cold, but not as cold as the popsicle being inserted. She has lube on her fingers and is rounding it inside and outside your puckered arse hole. Slipping a finger inside and leaving it there for a few moments as your sphincter adapts to the invasion. She is gentle, you note, which is wonderful. She always seems to start of slow and careful and then when she knows you are comfortable she picks up the speed and the intensity. She has wonderful timing and seems to know everything about your body including things you never knew.

She pulls out her finger ever so slowly, letting your arse muscle get accustomed again and then she prepares to enter you with a very slightly smaller feeling dildo than the one she used in your pussy. The tip touches the rim of your puckered entrance and she eases it in so carefully that the hurt you were expecting to feel was non-existent. The dildo passes through the first sphincter with a gentle pop and then slides all the way to the hilt without a twinge of pain. She begins again with her gentle back and forth motions getting deeper each time and then thrusting harder as you begin bucking against her to meet her movements. She slows again and you wonder if something is wrong but say nothing. She stops and whispers but you are not sure whether she is addressing you when she says “Something is missing…”

You wait. Anticipation building again. You suddenly feel another vibro sliding in your wet cunt and you gasp so loudly as it enters you, filling your body “Ahhhhhh,” she groans loudly as you groan too. She is wearing two dildos? Either that or it’s a double one. You stop your mind from analysing and get on with the anal fucking. This is a feeling you have never felt before. She slides both into you simultaneously and almost out again. Thrusting harder and deeper as your hips buck wildly.

Quite unexpected two small clamps are placed on your nipples and your breath is taken from your body again. How does she do this??? How does this stranger take you to places you only ever imagined in dreams? That question keeps coming back to your mind with every new trick she pulls out of the bag. How can she know just when to pull things like that and catch you totally unprepared?? But no time again to think as a hugest orgasm you have ever had begins, unfolds and totally consumes you. “Ahhhh-ahhhh-ahhhh-ahhhhhhhhhh” You cry out as loud as your voice will permit and huge waves course over your entire being making you shudder harder than every before, your hips bucking, your breasts wobbling, your legs pulsating and throbbing as she thrusts into you, unceasingly bringing on one orgasm after another and another and another. Wave after wave consumes you as the butt dildo thrusts into your no longer virgin arse and takes possession of you.

Presently she slows again, giving you time to catch your breath, easing the two tools out of you again and leaning to kiss your warm mouth hard and urgent. You relish the kiss and again lift your head to grab whatever you can from her lips. Her tongue searching and dancing on yours once more as she removes the clamps carefully from your tender nipples. “We can remove those for a little while. Don’t want you getting sore before I am done with you,” she whispers and you know there must be more to come.

She steps away again and walks over to that table you have concocted in your mind. She returns and stands, again, between your legs and opens your pussy lips once more. You feel something smaller and more rounded being pushed into you, all the way inside, disappearing. She walks around the table and stands beside your head, bending to kiss you. “I have given you a gift. You can use it any time. Well, I can, anyway” and she chuckles, kissing you and moving away. As she does so, you feel the thing inside you come to life as it vibrates loudly and you exhale sharply in response. It is short lived. She has turned it off just as quickly as she turned it on. A short blast of the vibrating thing again and you jump, your nipples becoming instantly erect. It buzzes inside you setting you off on another orgasm as your highly charged body becomes more receptive to any touch or vibration.

She returns shortly afterward, gently lifting your head and whispers “Drink. It’s water. You will be dehydrated, so drink slowly at first.” She helps you lift your head and puts the glass to your mouth as you sip the cold fluid, relishing the feel of it on your throat as it passes down. You drink the whole lot down and she offers you more, which devour in a instant, leaning back against the leather headrest once more, whispering “Thank you” to your host. It suddenly dawns on you that you have no concept of time and you wonder how long you have been there. Not as though you are in a hurry for this end…more out of curiosity.

Your head rests back comfortably on the small pillow and you lie there satiated and exhausted. No sooner, however, have you taken a breath than the vibrating thing inside you springs to life again, catching you off guard and making your nipples stand to attention once more. The nipple clamps suddenly engorge your erect areola again, snapping gently into place, working you toward another orgasm, but not quite getting you there. She straps a small vibrating implement to your outer lips, resting it tidily on your clitoris. Then, she sets off the inside one for what seems like about 5 seconds. Then, switching that off she turns on the outer one for the same amount of time, as your body adjusts to the shock of the alternatively vibrating toys. Each one perfectly timed to go on as the other goes off. After a time, they both stop and she approaches you again.

You feel more cold lube being spread gently around your anal opening, making you shudder pleasantly and then you feel her insert a butt plug inside, again taking great care. You admire inwardly, the way she takes the greatest care and attention to not hurt you. The butt plug inserted, she then returns to turning on and off the other two toys one after the other. However, you are surprised to feel that there is a third vibration in the equation now and you gasp as the outer one vibrates, followed by the inner one and then the anal one, each in turn. Sending your whole being into another rock splitting frenzy and without delay your body again reacts quickly and jumps to another huge hip bucking orgasm and you scream out again, louder than the first time and wonder how many orgasms you could possibly have had and if there were any more in there!

Your host turns off the toys and lets you calm down again, offering you more water and you again drink it down with relish. Your body is sweaty and you smell the aroma of sex in the air. Your hands are lifted a little by your host and you feel yourself being untied. She brings your arms down carefully to your sides and then approaches your feet, untying your ankles and releasing your from the bonds and removing the nipple clamps. You notice that she has left all the toys in place but as she helps you to your feet she pulls gently on the inner toy and it pops out without effort. Then, the butt plug is removed and finally the front toy is unstrapped, leaving you will a sense of emptiness, loss and nakedness.

“Stand, carefully” she says softly, taking you by the arm. You raise yourself to your feet and stand shakily for a moment while you gather yourself. “Come…” she beckons, still holding you firmly and she leads to somewhere not too far from the table. You hear something opening with a gentle creek and then she guides you inside. “Sit” she whispers and guides you sit on something cold, a seat of sorts. You hear a tap being turned on and the sounds of gentle running water. “I am going to bathe you. Tell me if the water is too hot or cold” You nod and whisper “Ok” and then she squeezes water into a sponge along with some sweet fragrant soap. A small hose is taken from the settings on the side and you hear her swish the water through her hands, probably to check the temperature. Then the pleasant feel of hot water is trickled over your body from your neck down soaking your sweaty skin in the comfort of the water.

You deduct that you must be in one of those sit in baths but you think little of it as you relinquish yourself to her sensual bathing. She coats your body in soap and proceeds to bathe your entire body in a most seductive way, keeping you turned on and highly sensitive to her touch as she places the sponge between your legs washing your private parts so gently you almost cum again. She bathes your breasts gently, making your nipples tingle and moves the sponge around your skin as though gliding over you. After a time she rinses you and then turns off the water. Opening the little door again she helps you out and places a huge warm towel around you, rubbing and patting you dry.

Again she leads you back to the table and has you sit down again and then lie back in the place you had been in. You feel the cold leather on your body where your clothes have been moved away and you lie back where you had been not a few minutes before. She places your hands back into the cuffs and your ankles back into theirs. Your host is silent through this exercise and you wait for whatever is coming next. Your legs are still akimbo on the wide open table and you feel her stand between them again, expecting her to thrust you with another dildo but nothing comes. Your sense still heightened you listen carefully for any noise or motion for a clue of what is happening. You hear a click a slight crackle and a gentle hissing sound as you strain your ears to get more clues. A smell…a scented smell and light. “Ah,” you conclude mentally that she has lit a candle and the scent the infiltrates your nostrils with a wild berry aroma. You inhale a little more and the smell fills you with feelings of meadows and warm sunny corn fields.

She walks around the table again and you suddenly feel her lips on yours again, hungrily lapping at your tongue as your mouth rises to find hers, probing deeper into hers and again savouring every feel of her. She pulls away gently, leaving your mouth lonely and wanting more, walking back to the middle of the table between your legs. Not knowing what was coming next was enticing, exciting and thrilling. Still she stand there and your mind begins wandering. Did you hear her pick something up? Did you hear water? Before you have time to assimilate the possibilities you feel something very hot land on your belly, just above your naval. You jump but before you feel any pain something ice cold hits the same spot, instantly taking the sting away. Again something hot, this time on your left breast and yet again the same icy cold. Your nipples are erect again and you feel a drip of warmth running down your pussy lips as you become wet again.

She drips more hot wax onto your right breast but leaves it to sting a little longer before setting the icy cold stick upon it to deaden the sting. Again she drips you further down your belly and your hips buck a little involuntarily, in response. More drips run onto your flesh as your nerve endings scream with pleasure at the hot and the cold torture. Your host drops a blob of very hot wax on your pubic region and it drips downward running slowly down the middle as it cools a little, landing between your lips and coming to rest on your erect clitoris hood. You gasp loudly but not in pain but erotic pleasure. The sensations erupting through you again and sending you wild with ecstasy yet again. This feeling is becoming like a drug and you want more all the time.

Another drip of hotness reached your clitoral hood and comes to rest causing you to shudder again but this time it is met with the icy cold sensation of another of those ice dildos resting on your clit hood cooling it down. Your host slides the icy dildo down very slowly and teasingly down through your pussy lips and into your hot wet, excited channel again making you howl with pleasure as she thrusts it slowly and deeply into you. Your insides cold and hot again at the same time driving you towards another orgasm but as you arrive at the point she withdraws quickly, leaving you again, empty and wondering. More hot drips fall on your torso and nipples and breasts and thighs and you are dotted with wax drips as she runs the cold stick over your skin cooling them all down straight away.

Then the icy stick is placed at the puckered entrance to your arse and slowly she pushes it all the way inside you bringing it out and in again in pleasing motions as your hips move in time to her thrusts. She continues dripping hot wax on to various parts of you at random until you can hardly bare it and you gasp deeply as your orgasm tries to return but without success. Your host has sensed you are close and is preventing you from reaching that final hurdle of pleasure and yet you hold no grudge at your frustration. She knows exactly what she is doing and you know she has the control. She is not letting you cum! The thought excites you more but you hold back, not wanting to disappoint her.

She thrusts into your arse again with the icy stick and the coldness makes it tense up and close in on the stick, almost holding it inside. Then, she withdraws all the way out and replaces it with the vibrating butt plug again which she lubes a little and switches it on. The whole bottom half of your insides begins to vibrate again and the butt plug sings its familiar warble inside your body.

Suddenly you want more than anything to cum and you are about to let go when you hear the whispers “Not yet. You will not cum yet.” How did she know?? You resist the temptation that your body is howling for and fight harder than ever to stop it happening. She turns off the butt plug and stands back, away from you, your body still fizzing with excitement. She walks around the table and you feel her warm breath as she approaches your nipple with her mouth, sucking hard on it and keeping it erect, then moving to the other one and repeating the motion, trailing away from it with soft kisses up to the nape of your neck and under your ear.

Her mouth moving slowly toward your ear opening placing the softest kisses on route and making you skin tingle and your neck hairs stand on end. She continues to the ear hole where she whispers so very softly in an almost gruff voice “Now. You may cum now.” and your body rips through the thin veil you had set up and allows a gushing orgasm to encompass you totally, without her even touching you!!! There are no toys, no vibrations, no physical contact and yet you are cumming like you are being fucked so hard! Gasping for breath and completely exhausted, yet wrapped up in this whole experience, your emotions are running riot around you. This orgasm takes a lot longer to recover from as your body and mind are reeling from the idea and the feeling that she could make you cum without any contact whatsoever.

She bends to kiss you again and you have an overwhelming desire to actually make love with her as well as have this. There is something so captivating about being captive to this woman and yet you want to reach out and touch her, hold her, kiss her and let her know just what she has done to you. Still you do not know her name. You begin to wonder if you will ever learn it. What will happen when this ‘ordeal’ is over and it is time to go home? You start wishing that you would be kept there forever.

When she pulls away she walks from you again and you have no idea what else will happen. Maybe she is just going to let you get up and go now…or maybe there is more tantalisingly erotic fun in store. She is gone a while…You turn your head a little to gather any noises that might be in the air but you hear nothing. You start to wonder if she has left the room but you can still sense her presence. All is still and silent. No noise, no movement…nothing. You start thinking you hear noises and your mind trails off into a partial sleep mode, drifting in your worn out state, relaxing, falling…

And suddenly you shudder and cry out. Something soft and cold has landed on your chest. Freezing your skin and making your nipples stand erect yet again. The cold doesn’t last. It is replaced by a warm searching mouth licking whatever has fallen on your breasts. You deduce that it must be either ice cream or yoghurt but think nothing of those ideas as your mind laps up the sensation. She is sucking the cold cream from your skin, licking, devouring and lapping at your nipples and the sides of your breasts as the cream begins to warm against your body and trickle slowly down the sides. She seems to savour every taste and enjoy every moment until she has licked you clean and then she kisses your mouth for the longest time, before standing up again.

You are now expecting something else cold to hit your body again but you are surprised that it is not cold which hits you but heat. Something hot and runny is being trickled onto you from a foot or so in the air. You smell the familiar aroma of chocolate and inhale the smell…as her mouth reaches down once more and licks the hot liquid from your breasts. This time the heat of the chocolate and the heat of her mouth makes your flesh feel cool as she lifts her mouth a little and blows little breaths on you with something very direct. A drinking straw? A small tube of some kind, which intensifies the nature to which the cold air hits you and she aims it right at your nipple which is now hard again.

As you enjoy the feeling of her blowing cool air on your her mouth then sucks hard at your nipple. Your mind still wondering every so often how you can possibly cum as many times as you have and yet still be so turned on. Still her tongue works magic on your erect areola and you revel in the sensations as she licks and laps at your nipple, dripping chocolate on the other one and taking that into her mouth afterward. Her hands stroking you gently as she sucks, roaming over your skin from your thighs to your neck so very dexterously.

With your eyes still in total darkness it feels like she has more than two hands as they seem to dance all over you simultaneously like feathers touching your gently and again driving you wild with desire. Her mouth slides off your nipple and traces the dripping chocolate down your belly and to the sides where it has begun running and tickling you. Her tongue relishes the taste and she quickly gets all the chocolate from your body, creeping smoothly up and kissing the nape of your neck with small featherlike kisses and nibbles, making your nipples harder still.

She then moves from your body again and you feel her disappear over to your concocted table. You wonder what else she might have over there and what other kinds of toys and gadgets. You hear gentle padding steps as your host returns yet again. More cold lube is suddenly felt on your anal passage and a finger is inserted, the cold lube pleasantly chilling your arse. Soon something else is inserted to replace the finger and then something else, the same size. Small but not too small. You hear a gently clicking as a few more of the same things are put inside your arse hole and you realise they are beads. Larger than what you had used but pleasant just the same. Shortly afterward she pushed the last bead past your sphincter and all the up inside, leaving a small trailing piece of string sticking out.

“Prepare” she whispers, but that is all she says. You half worry and half get more excited wondering what she could mean. More cold lube but this time in your pussy hole, two fingers gently fucking you as she lubes up your entrance. Your legs are checked for how wide a apart they are and the table you are lying on suddenly begins buzzing again, your legs moving outwards a little more. What could she possibly be preparing you for?? Your cunt already wet and with added lube you are soaked beyond comprehension.

Then, it comes…you feel the widest monster of a dildo pressing against your entrance. Almost breaking you like a virgin. The dildo is pushed very slowly into you little by little. A part of you is so turned on and ready for it that you want to scream out “Just ram it in and fuck me!” but again you stay silent. Easing into you she rests the head just inside and begins twisting it and turning it. You like that. It adds extra sensation to what you thought might hurt. She is careful. The huge dildo pushes past your lips and into the neck of your channel breaking past the first sphincter like area popping a little as it passes in.

Then, suddenly it glides easily until she reaches the hilt and you are filled. You have engorged this massive object and it has consumed your whole pussy, filing you to the brim. The sensations are stunning as it glides past the thin membrane between your two entrances and you feel it bobble gently against the beads in the other passage, setting you off even further toward another of your many orgasms this night. You try and stay focused and not allow yourself to cum yet.

Your host begins pulling that huge cock out of you just a little way and then thrusting it into catching you unprepared, despite her earlier warning. If fills you deep and you gasp as she thrust again. Her movements becoming a little faster as you hear the lubing making sucking noises as it moves in and out of you with the huge plastic cock. In and back out again as the beads move inside your arse, setting you closer and closer to an orgasm. You feel it building and wonder if she will let you cum this time.

Catching you totally off guard, she touches your clitoris with a finger but instead of feeling the flesh of her digit you feel a little object which starts vibrating as she moves it gently but firmly on you. Little circles of vibrating pulses send electric shocks all over you as the finger vibro send you into a trance like state. Your orgasm building quicker by the second, struggling to keep some kind of composure until she lets you cum. It seems like a long age before she whispers anything, when finally you hear her voice. She speaks softly but the word which is forthcoming is not the word you hope for “No” she says quietly.

You let out a groan of frustration and try even harder to hold back what plans to be an over body explosion, pent up dynamite running through your veins, coursing through every cell of your being. She continues thrusting as the mini finger vibro sends harsher shocks running over you more intensely than ever. She slows again and you find it so hard to not let go and explode but you manage it by some small miracle and a lot of self restraint. Your host then speeds up again thrusting so deep it feels like that huge monster cock is going to burst through your throat. It attacks your G spot on the way up again causing that imminent explosion to threaten your reserve but you still manage to hold firm. How you did you have no idea. She pumps once more, deeply into you…

“NOW” she demands in a more urgent voice “Cum NOW for Me my Hazel” as she grabs the string holding the beads in your arse and pulls them slowly from you and your body releases all that stored up orgasm and you explode like a volcano at her command, wave after wave of nerve racking shocks pass over you, through you and all about you. Your hips bucking hard and your chest wobbling hard as your body reacts as though in an electric chair. The orgasm lasts for over a minute and you finally begin to calm, still shaking. She withdraws the huge cock which she has been ramming into you and stops the vibrating finger. Your sweat ridden body still spasming at the slightest touch. She bends to kiss you, more softly and lovingly this time and you again relish the taste of her lips on yours. She passes more water to you and you lap it up hungrily.

“I am going to take the restraints from your arms.” She announces, lifting your hands gently and releasing you from the bonds and then taking your arms and helping you move them down, rubbing them gently to bring the circulation back. Your ankles are then released too and you flex your legs a little, wiggling your feet as she massages the blood back into them.

“Here, sit up” she says softly as she helps you upright on the table. She leads you over to the bath area again, helping you inside and sitting you down. “I am going to take off the blindfold, close your eyes” and you obey as she lifts the hood from your head. “Open your eyes carefully and slowly. It’s not bright in here so you won’t have trouble adjusting” again you note the patience and care she takes in making you comfortable.

She turns on the water from the top this time and it streams down over your head, shoulders and body, the warmth relaxing you further. You are suddenly aware of how tired you are and wonder what time it is. She bathes your body again as seductively as she did last time and then washes your hair for you. The water coursing over your whole body as she rinses you off and then hands you a huge warn towel again. Another fresh one. She wraps you firmly and guides you over to the door you had entered in and over to the huge bed, guiding you to lie down. She lifts back the quilt and you snuggle in, noticing that it is day break. You have been there all night!

She takes her clothes off as you watch her body becoming slowly naked and she climbs into the bed beside you, taking you in her arms. “Now, tell me more about yourself, Hazel” she whispers as she kisses you softly.

The beginning…

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