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A Party at Sonya’s

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I glanced around cautiously as I made my way up the narrow cobblestone path towards the imposing residence before me. Through the darkness of the night I could see the front door ajar, as a shaft of light spilled out over the front step accompanied by the unmistakable sounds of music and laughter coming from within. I began to wonder if I was making a mistake, but quickly dismissed the notion, silently scolding myself for such unfounded doubt.

As if returning to the scene of a crime, a feeling of déjà vu swept over me as I made the last few steps and pushed the door open. It had been over a month since my last visit to Sonya’s house, but the memories of that blissful weekend had since taken up residence in my mind and occupied my every masturbatory thought for the previous thirty seven days. I was nervous about seeing her again, but even more uneasy about the prospect of spending the evening in pointless conversations with her and her husband’s friends, while trying in vain to forget the fact that the very party setting had served as the backdrop for one of the most erotic and deliciously dirty encounters of my life. I just hoped that the discomfort was worth bearing, in order to cast my eyes on Sonja’s near perfect visage once again.

I pushed the door open and stepped into the wide hallway that led into the rest of the oversized house. It appeared that the bulk of the party was taking place in an adjoining room, with a few guests lingering around the doorway. One quick glance and I remembered why I loved Halloween so much. As I proceeded into the house, my eyes scanned the numerous women all dressed in various provocative costumes. With Sonya’s husband at such a relatively advanced age, I was surprised to see the party filled with twenty-somethings, most of which happened to be attractive females.

“Well, hello there officer,” a recognizable voice sang out over the clamour of the noisy party.

My spirits were lifted at the very sound of Sonya’s sweet voice and I turned to see her strolling through the crowd towards me. As always she looked stunning, dressed as a devil in a particularly slinky, red costume that clung to every inch of her perfect body like a second skin. Her outfit essentially consisted of a tight fitting minidress fashioned from a shiny, shimmering material that covered her sexy body from the top of her breasts down to mid thigh. A triangular section of cleavage was visible between her breasts, where the red dress gave way to a small strip of transparent, black fishnet fabric. A similar black fishnet material comprised the stockings which adorned her slender, muscular legs from her thighs down to her toes which were visible in the striking red pumps she was wearing. Her arms were also clothed in fishnet, with arm stockings reaching down from her thumb to her elbows. Sonja’s shimmering brown hair was tied up with a couple cute little devil horns poking out from the top. Her exposed skin looked as tanned and flawless as ever, and her eyes portrayed a sexy, villainous look which was amplified by the dark makeup surrounding them.

“Wow,” I exclaimed, as she gave me a cordial peck on the cheek. “You look amazing.”

“Thank you,” she replied, stepping back to look me up and down. “Not so bad yourself.”

I had chosen to dress as a cop, a relatively simple costume complete with night stick and handcuffs dangling from my belt. I opted not to wear the hat, but had a pair of dark sunglasses hiding my eyes.

“So…” I continued, glancing around the room. “Which one of these gentlemen is your husband?”

“Oh, he’s not here actually,” she answered, sipping from the tall glass of champagne in her hand.

“Oh?” I blurted out, my positive sounding tone betraying my relief.

“Yeah,” she continued, smiling at my obvious delight. “He’s away on business. This really isn’t his kind of scene anyways.”

“Hmmm,” I muttered, still smiling. “He seems to be away on business quite a bit.”

“Do you have a problem with that?” she asked, casting me a sexy glare.

“Not at all.”

“Some of these people are friends with him though,” she explained, her voice taking on a hushed, cautious tone. “So you and I should be on our best behaviour.”

I nodded in understanding, although I secretly wished that we were the only ones in the room. Ever since our last encounter, I had been dying for a repeat performance.

Sonya had other guests to greet, so I let her proceed to make her rounds while I strolled around the party. It seemed like she had gone all out, with decorations, and open bar and even girls dressed as playboy bunnies serving trays full of champagne. As great as the party was however, I found myself in an awkward position by not knowing anyone. I made conversation with a few people, but I didn’t know how much information to reveal. There seemed to be an abundance of attractive females, all in costumes that normally would have made my dick throb, but I found myself repeatedly drawn back to Sonja and her hot little devil outfit.

After my third glass of champagne, I was making my way back from the bathroom when Sonya turned the corner and stepped into the hallway. It was the closest we had come to being alone all night. Her eyes locked on mine as she strolled towards me, taking slow deliberate steps. I stopped and leaned against the wall as she brushed up against me, stuffing something into my pocket. She flashed me a mischievious smile before continuing past me as I turned to catch a glimpse of her impeccable ass moving underneath the short, clinging dress. As soon as I was able to catch a moment of privacy, I reached into my pocket to retrieve whatever she had placed there. My hand closed around a ball of soft fabric and I pulled it out.

It was a pair of red, lacy panties. My dick grew hard instantly.

When Sonja had invited me to her party I was sceptical that anything would happen due to the presence of so many others, including her husband. With her husband’s absence however, along with her recent ‘gift,’ my optimism increased tenfold.

I was leaning against the wall, sipping my fifth glass of champagne when Sonja once again approached, this time accompanied by another young woman.

“Damon,” she greeted cheerfully. “There’s someone I’d like you to meet. This is Kacey.”

“Hi there,” I greeted with a mildly intoxicated smile as I shook her hand.

In contrast to Sonya’s slender, toned form, Kacey’s body was soft and curvaceous with buxom, ample breasts and fair skin. Fittingly, she was dressed as an angel with costume similar to Sonya’s, although of a different color. Her white dress hugged her large breasts and compressed her waist with a corset-like effect before flaring out into a short skirt that covered barely a third of her creamy thighs. While Sonya’s face possessed a sharp, exotic quality, her friend’s smiling visage was soft and welcoming with soft, pouty lips, rounded features and sparkling blue eyes. Her light blonde hair was tucked back behind her ears as a little silver halo hovered above her head. The costume was completed by a pair of white and silver wings protruding from the back of her dress and a smattering of light, silver glitter around her eyes. I also noticed a wedding ring on her finger.

“Sonya’s told me so much about you,” she commented, with a knowing smile that surprised me slightly.

“Oh really?” I asked, shifting my gaze to Sonja who just shrugged and smiled. “Nothing bad I hope.”

“Oh no,” she answered in a sensual, flirtatious tone. “Nothing bad at all.”

My mind raced with expectations and the three of use continued our flirty banter as the party wore on. Sonya was obviously becoming intoxicated, and was beginning to display physical signs of affection towards me without regard for who might be watching. Kacey soon split off to join another conversation, and Sonja pulled me aside.

“Here,” she whispered, discretely pressing a small key into my palm. “Go to the pool house. I’ll meet you there in a few minutes.”

I tried to maintain my excitement as I slipped the key into my pocket. Sonya walked away without a word as I finished my drink before quietly making my way to the back door and slipping outside.

My heart raced as I made my way across the spacious property towards the small building at the end of the swimming pool. I unlocked the door, took one more nervous glance around and stepped inside. Laughing to myself as I turned on the light, I took a moment to look around. It was actually larger than my entire apartment, complete with a kitchenette, living room area, and most importantly, a queen sized bed. I walked over and sat down, slipping my shoes off and leaning back as I waited patiently.

It was about ten minutes later when I heard the large glass door sliding open. I turned to see Sonya stepping into the room as she closed the door behind her.

“I…,” she began, strolling towards the bed with a sexy smile. “…have been waiting all night to get you alone.”

I eyed her with wanton desire as her heels struck the floor with each step bringing her closer to me. As she came close enough for me to smell the intoxicating but subtle scent of her perfume, she stopped and stood above me with hands on hips in an authoritarian pose.

“Shirt,” she stated abruptly. “Off.”

It took me a moment to realize what she was saying before I began scrambling to unbutton my shirt. As the last button slipped out of its tiny slit, Sonya stepped forward and tore the shirt down off my shoulders, pinning my arms behind my back before grabbing a handful of hair at the back of my head and kissing me. It wasn’t a soft, sensual kiss. It wasn’t a sexy, romantic kiss. It was a lustful, pornographic mouth-fucking session as she penetrating my parted lips with lewd stabs of her thrusting, wet tongue.

I managed to free my hands from my tussled shirt and reached out to pull her tight little body into mine. As she crawled onto my lap, she moaned into my mouth with increasing passion, her nails running down my naked back. My hands clutched her tiny, firm ass, feeling her muscular tautness through the smooth, shiny dress as she pushed me back on the bed.

“You have the keys to these, right?” she asked, plucking the handcuffs from my belt.

Thirty seconds later I was stretched length-wise on the bed with my hands cuffed to the headboard with Sonya tugging my pants down my legs.

“This doesn’t seem fair,” I said with a laugh as she tossed my pants to the floor and started on my underwear.

“Oh,” she muttered with a satisfied smirk as she watched my dick pop free and fall throbbing against my stomach. “I think it’s just fine.”

Feeling utterly exposed, I shifted with discomfort as Sonya’s eyes roamed my body with predatory desire. After teasing me by stroking her fingernail up the sensitive underside of my cock, she flipped her leg over my body and straddled my torso with her back to me. As she hiked her tight fitting dress up around her waist, I could feel the moist warmth emanating from between her legs against my bare skin. I looked down to see the pert little tanned globes of her ass nestled against my stomach as I felt her tiny hand wrap around my dick.

“So have you thought about me much since our last…encounter?” she asked, stroking my shaft with long, slow pumps of her little fist.

“Every fucking day,” I answered back as she began sliding her hips up my naked torso.

“Oh yeah?” she purred, sliding her hairless pussy back along my skin. “And what have you been thinking about?”

“I’ve been thinking about fucking that tight little pussy of yours.”

“Liar,” she snapped with a giggle as she leaned forward onto her hands and knees, rocking her hips back towards my face. “I know exactly what you’ve been thinking about.”

I remained silent as my eyes took in the magnificent sight, just inches away from my face. Her slightly puffy mound was peeking out from between her legs, without a hair to be seen. The pert, tanned little ass cheeks of her ass formed an almost perfect circle, sloping inwards to form a tantalizing cleft that framed a tiny, delectable hole which was even more perfect than I remembered.

“You’ve been thinking about this,” she stated softly, reaching back to lightly run a fingertip over her tiny, pink hole. “Haven’t you?”

“Yes,” I gasped, feeling her warm breath wash over my balls.

“And what have you been thinking about doing to it?”

As she spoke, Sonya reached back farther and slipped her finger into my mouth. I closed my lips around it and sucked with passion, before she pulled it free.

“Everything,” I stated, as her little wet finger returned to her ass. “Fucking it. Licking it.”

Sonya moaned as I spoke and pushed her finger past her tight little ring, sliding it inside as her tiny pink star stretched and hugged her slender knuckle.

“Mmmm, god it’s been sooo long since I’ve a cock in my ass,” she cooed, sawing her middle finger in and out, agonizingly close to my eager lips. “Actually Damon, you’re the only one that has ever fucked my ass.”

“Your husband hasn’t done it yet?” I asked as I watched her thin finger disappearing into her clenching hole.

“Nope. He hasn’t even brought it up.”

“I guess you could say…it’s my ass then huh?” I added, eliciting a cute giggle from her purring mouth.

“Yeah,” she agreed. “I guess you could say that.”

“And if you do a good job licking my pussy…,” she added, rocking her hips back far enough for me to sense the sweet scent of her arousal. “…I might let you lick it.”

The next thing I knew, Sonya’s smoothly shaven pussy was planted directly onto my lips as I opened my mouth in absolute acceptance. As my tongue wriggled its way between her soft, juicy lips, I felt hers gliding slowly down the underside of my cock. With slow, gentle gyrations, she rubbed her pussy against my busy lips as worked her way down to my balls, teasing them with short, playful licks. I lifted my head in an effort to bury more of my ambitious tongue inside her, and she pushed back pinning me against the bed as she lifted my dick off my stomach. With her clit rubbing against my chin, Sonya rode my face with slow, forceful gyrations as I felt her lips and tongue cover my cock with teasing, wet kisses.

I moaned as I felt her pussy dampen around my tongue. I moaned louder when I felt Sonya’s lips sucking the tip of my aching pole into her mouth. She rocked forward, giving me just enough respite to take a breath before she pushed back, this time forcing her tiny little asshole onto my thrusting tongue.

“Oh yeah…,” she whimpered, feeling the tip of my nimble, wet tongue pressed against her blinking orifice. “That’s what I’ve been waiting for.”

My eyes closed with pleasure as her tight little hole pinched the tip of my tongue and my dick pulsed between her soft, sucking lips. The more enthusiastic her blowjob became, the more ambitious my tongue grew, wiggling like a snake deep into her asshole. With my cock now coated with warm, wet saliva, Sonya shifted positions, spinning around to face me as she backed up towards my waiting pole.

I let out a long sigh of satisfied relief, feeling the warm embraces of her tight little pussy swallowing my length as she guided herself down onto my cock. Sonya’s eyes closed with elated bliss and she wiggled her hips, taking me in, down to the base.

“Mmmm, I miss your pussy,” I muttered, resting my hands on her thin, muscular hips as she swayed back and forth, her exotic looking eyes fixed on mine in a sensual, villainous stare.

Sonya leaned down and placed one hand on my chest for stability as her other hand caressed the muscles of my stomach, her nails clawing at my flesh with increasing intensity as her movements grew more erratic. Soon, her rhythmic grinding turned to gentle bobbing as her taut little ass struck my thighs with each descent. I could feel the tightness of her gripping hole stroking my shaft as if trying to tear my cock from my body. I gripped her hips harder in an effort to slow her movements, but my touch only intensified her desires and she slammed her tight little pussy down around my dick with rapid abandon.

Secretly wishing that I had masturbated prior to coming to the party, I tensed the muscles in my pelvis and closed my eyes as I tried to restrain my rising climax. The tight walls of her pussy massaged my cock and drooled fluid down my throbbing shaft as the movements of her writhing body attempted to coax the cum from my reluctant balls.

“You’re not going to cum already are you?” Sonya asked in a tone that suggested she already knew the answer.

My face grew red as I held my breath and tried to prevent myself from spilling my load into her tempting hole. Sonya however, only magnified her efforts by bobbing faster atop my tensing body. Unable to withhold myself any longer, I let out a savage growl as I planted my feet into the bed and thrust my hips upwards, lifting her body into the air with my cock planted deep inside her. She purred in response, feeling the warmth of my spurting cum filling the inside of her pussy. Even as I relaxed, Sonya resumed her rhythmic grinding, her cum-filled hole sliding up and down my wilting shaft. My fingers clutched the bed sheets and I clenched my teeth, the post-orgasmic sensitivity making the intense feeling almost intolerable. I finally let out a long breath as she climbed off my body and off the bed. Fully expecting her to uncuff me I waited as she pulled her tight fitting dress down over her hips and straightened her hair.

Without looking back at me, Sonya then began to saunter back towards the doorway, leaving me bound and naked on the bed.

“Hey,” I said with a surprised laugh. “Where are you going?”

“Back to the party,” she said, looking back to cast me a fittingly devilish smile. “I have guests to attend to.”

“What about me?” I called out as she slid the door open.

“Don’t worry,” she assured, stepping outside. “I’ll be back.”

I laid there stunned as I heard the glass door slide shut. I was fully expecting Sonya to walk back in with a ‘just kidding,’ but as two minutes turned to ten, my expectations began to wane. In fact, it was about twenty minutes later when I finally heard the door slide open again.

I was actually feeling a bit irritated, until the whimsical sound of giggling rose my spirits and I turned my head to see Kacey following Sonya into the pool house, carrying a bottle of champagne in her hand. As the two fully clothed young women strolled towards me, I felt even more exposed, blushing as I lifted a leg to partially hide my flaccid cock.

“Well, what do we have here?,” Kacey said with amusement, deep dimples forming in her soft cheeks as she viewed my naked body with a smiling, delighted expression.

Sonja looked on with satisfaction as her friend perused my restricted body.

“Sorry for keeping you tied up in here,” she apologized with insincerity. “You don’t mind that I invited Kacey in here to join our little private party do you?”

“Not at all,” I answered truthfully, my dick beginning to pulse back to life as the two beautiful women stood over me.

“Hmm,” Kacey hummed as she set the bottle down and continued to purvey the situation. “Seems like he’s completely at our mercy huh?”

“Mmmhmm,” Sonya purred, stepping up behind beside her friend and cupping one of her bountiful breasts in her small hand before giving a gentle squeeze. “But I think we should make him watch a little first.”

Kacey smiled and kept looking directly into my eyes as Sonja proceeded to pull the tight fitting white dress down over her breasts, continuing to tug at the material as she slowly uncovered her friend’s luscious, curvy body. I let out an audible ‘gulp’ as Sonya yanked the outfit down to the floor, exposing a naked body, clothed with only a tiny pair of lacy, white panties. Turning her eyes to me, Sonya’s face portrayed an expression of mischievious lust as she knelt at Kacey’s side, her hands lightly stroking her friend’s thighs. My dick quickly regained its former state as she pressed her lips into the soft skin and began kissing her way up the side of Kacey’s leg.

“Mmm, isn’t she hot?” Sonya asked, gently prompting Kacey to turn her back to me. “Just look at this ass.”

As she spoke, she inspected her friend’s body with lascivious intent, caressing her creamy white skin with eager, grasping hands. I looked on, viewing the erotic spectacle with growing desire as Sonya flicked her little wet tongue out and ran it up the back of Kacey’s thigh before planting a soft, sensual kiss on one of her ample cheeks. As she rose back up to her feet, Kacey turned to her and pulled her close, sharing a deep, loving kiss as her hands exploring her body, feeling the smoothness of the shiny red dress with her soft fingers. Kacey then proceeded to undress Sonya, peeling the skin tight outfit from her tight little body before gently pushing her back onto the bed.

Sonya sat down and leaned back, resting her head on my stomach as Kacey dropped to her knees and prompted her to spread her sexy legs apart. With her soft blue eyes locked on mine, Kacey lowered her face and pressed her pouty pink lips to her friends tanned thigh before slowly moving towards her hairless pussy. Wetting a finger in her mouth, she then slipped it into Sonya’s tight little hole, smiling with satisfied delight as it slid easily inside.

“Oooh, what’s this?” she purred, wiggling her slender finger inside Sonya’s hot little pussy before pulling it out and holding it up, glistening with the cum I had recently deposited there.

“You little slut,” she teased with a playful smile holding the finger up as if waiting for an explanation. “What would your husband say?”

Sonya feigned a guilty expression that turned lustful once again as she watched her friend wrap her soft lips around the finger and suck the juices into her mouth.

“Mmmm,” she hummed with pleasure, tasting the mixture of cum and pussy with dirty delight. “I might need some more of this.”

My eyes went wide with aroused amazement as Kacey lowered her beautiful face between Sonja’s legs and planted her mouth around her tight little hole. Sonya’s head fell back against my body and her eyes closed with pleasure as she felt her friend’s tongue delving deep into her cum filled pussy. Both women began to moan as Kacey’s busy lips sucked my creamy load from Sonya’s tight, wet tunnel. Her lust-ridden blue eyes stared at me from between her friend’s legs as her tongue continued to explore with passionate enthusiasm.

Sonya’s tanned body writhed at the sensation before Kacey lifted her face, her shimmering, wet lips forming a contented smile as she moved upwards. Planting sticky, wet kisses up Sonya’s perfectly taut stomach, Kacey worked her way up her friend’s body before paying some well-deserved attention to her flawlessly firm tits. After pulling her soft, pink lips from Sonja’s button-like nipple the two shared a passionate, wet kiss as they clawed at each other’s bodies with animalistic frenzy.

I was beginning to feel like a prop or a piece of furniture, when their tempestuous make out session finally broke, and Kacey once again turned her attention to me.

“I want to see you fuck him,” she suggested to her friend as she climbed onto the bed. “Let me see that tight little pussy wrapped around his fucking cock.”

Sonya purred with approval and climbed back onto me, turning her back to my face as Kacey guided her slender body down onto my dick.

“Oh yeah,” Kacey sighed, watching with admiration as Sonja’s tight little pink lips parted and slid down the length of my eager cock.

Leaning forward, Sonya arched her back in a provocative pose as she began to gently rock back and forth. Kacey’s gaze became transfixed on the erotic sight and she lowered her lips to Sonja’s gently moving, golden tanned ass.

“God, you have the hottest little ass,” she moaned, running her tongue easily along the smooth surface. “Doesn’t she have the tightest little butt you’ve ever seen?”

I nodded with approval as her tongue continued to explore her friend’s perfect backside, blazing a sensual, wet trail from cheek to cheek before sliding down between the two flawless, golden spheres.

“Mmm, so Sonya tells me that you’re a bit of an ass man,” she said softly, using her hands to pry apart the two firm little cheeks.

I nodded as my gaze shifting back and forth between Kacey’s smiling face and Sonja’s tight little asshole.

“Do you want to see me lick it?” Kacey asked in an innocent tone as she gently bit into her friend’s firm flesh.

“Yes,” I gasped, watching as her tongue slipped down towards Sonja’s tiny, pink star.

“Ooooh,” Sonya cooed, feeling her tight little ass being bathed by soft, warm strokes of Kacey’s working wet tongue.

I was in heaven. With my hands restrained above me, I was forced to watch the enticing scene unfold before me as Kacey urged Sonja’s rocking hips as she lapped at her hot little ass with shameless exhilaration. With her asshole glistening wet, Sonya continued riding my dick as Kacey moved downwards, running her tongue down my half buried pole, tasting her friend’s juices off my shaft. A few minutes later, Sonja leaned farther forward, allowing my cock to slip free of the welcoming embrace of her juicy little cunt. Kacey immediately snatched up the wet pole and stuffed it into her hungry mouth, moaning as she sucked me down to the root.

“Do you want a turn?” Sonya asked, looking back over her shoulder as Kacey pulled my dick from her smiling mouth.

“Not yet,” she answered, stroking her hand up my wet shaft. “I want to see you take it up the ass.”

Sonya flashed an enthusiastic grin as she welcomed the idea. Kacey retrieved a bottle of lubricant from the bedside table and climbed back onto the bed, smiling with anticipation as she drizzled the slippery substance down onto my cock.

“Do you always keep a bottle of lube handy?” Kacey asked her, setting the bottle aside as she coated my shaft with the cool liquid.

“I’ve been sneaking in here at night after my husband falls asleep,” she explained, stroking her asshole in preparation. “This is where I like to come and…play.”

Kacey giggled as she guided her friend’s ass back onto my dick. I tensed my muscles in an effort to make my cock as hard as possible as Sonja slowly descended down my shaft, her tight little hole opening in acceptance.

“That is so fucking hot,” Kacey exclaimed, holding her friend’s cheeks spread wide as the tiny orifice gradually swallowed my glimmering dick, inch by agonizing inch.

She then leaned down and added more lube to my shaft by licking it as Sonya’s asshole slid up and down with short, cautious thrusts. With each movement, her tight little hole descended further until her greedy ass had taken most of my length inside. For the next few minutes Sonja used my cock to pleasure her tight anal opening as Kacey sat back and watched with satisfaction, running her fingers over her pussy with deliberate, lazy strokes.

As her arousal increased to an unmanageable level, Kacey slipped her underwear down her legs and dangled them in front of my face. I stared through the aromatic, white panties to see Sonya’s body writhing with pleasure as she gyrated her ass around my cock, a fishnet-covered arm reaching back to tenderly touch her anus as it stretched around my girth.

The next thing I knew, Kacey was standing over me, straddling my face as she stared down into my eyes, her hand reaching back to grip the headboard for support. Gradually, my view of Sonya’s grinding body disappeared as Kacey lowered herself down onto my head, her creamy white cheeks engulfing my face.

“Mmmm, there we go,” she sighed with contentment as she wiggled her ample ass into my face, as my tongue shot out in search of her little pink hole.

She reached back and spread her cheeks, aggressively grinding her exposed asshole into my welcoming lips, as I could feel Sonja increasing her movements, her tight little butt clenching around my shaft.

“That feels so fucking good,” Kacey exclaimed as my tongue worked its way into her eager asshole. “My husband never licks my ass.”

I was struggling to breathe as both girls increased their respective activities. Soon, I felt Sonya’s ass clench hard around my cock as she began to squeal with orgasmic delight. A few moments later, she eased herself off my rigid rod as Kacey leaned down into a 69 position, taking my dick into her mouth as I dove into her juicy, wet pussy. As my tongue lapped hungrily at her soft, pink folds, Sonya’s sexy eyes appeared above me, staring down into my face as she pulled her friend’s lusciously round cheeks apart.

“Having fun?” she asked, flashing a wicked looking smile as her little wet tongue lashed out to stab at Kacey’s saliva-soaked asshole.

I let out a moan of affirmation, as I was treated to a close-up view of Sonja’s tongue prodding at the tiny, pink star as Kacey sucked my cock into the back of her throat.

“You know…,” Sonya said with a smile as she gave her friend a playful slap on her thick, fleshy ass. “I think maybe its Kacey’s turn to have your cock in her ass.”

“Mmmm,” Kacey moaned around my dick before pulling her lips off my throbbing shaft. “I like the sound of that.”

I assumed that she was just going to climb onto me in the same way Sonya had, but Sonya had other ideas. She uncuffed my aching wrists and prompted Kacey to take my place, restraining her in the same manner, with her arms stretched out above her head. I knelt beside them, my eyes roaming her naked body as I held my rigid cock in my hand. Sonya leaned down and took one of her friend’s nipples in her mouth, biting gently as her hand slipped down between her legs. I followed suite, taking the other nipple into my mouth as I looked into Sonya’s eyes, sharing a sensual, knowing stare.

“Okay,” Sonya said after she had turned Kacey’s nipple into a rock hard little bead. “Let’s get that dick in her ass.”

I moved around between her legs as Kacey willingly spread them wide and lifted them into the air, staring down at me with an anticipatory smile. Sonya reached around and pulled her ass cheeks apart as she looked down from above, licking her lips with desire. I applied a new coating of lubricant to my cock and shifted into position as Sonja guided my swollen tip to her friend’s tiny, puckered asshole.

“You don’t need to go as slow with her,” Sonya explained, pressing my bulbous head into the tightly closed ring. “She’s a little anal slut.”

Kacey giggled in response as Sonya smiled and pressed the tip her tongue to her clit, flicking it with quick, wiggling movements as I pushed into her accepting asshole.

“Oh yeah,” Sonya purred, watching with fascination as her friend’s anal orifice stretched around my invading cock. “I want to see you shove that whole thing right up her ass.”

I did my best, applying constant pressure as I began to sink deeper into her clutching hole, as Sonya moved into a sixty nine position, backing her tight little pussy up into Kacey’s panting mouth. She then grabbed hold of her friend’s ankles for leverage and she held her legs aloft and sat down directly onto Kacey’s face. As my dick pushed its way to the base in her irresistible ass, I leaned forward and Sonja’s lips as she moaned under the influence of Kacey’s talented tongue.

I began to work my thick cock in and out of her tight little butthole with relative ease as Sonja pulled Kacey’s foot to her mouth and wrapped her lips around her toes, sucking shamelessly as she closed her eyes in ecstasy. Working my way up to a constant speed, I continued fucking her ass for the next ten minutes as Kacey shuddered her way through two moaning orgasms.

“Do you like that cock in your ass?” Sonya asked, grinding her pussy and asshole up and down her friend’s outstretched tongue.

“Mmmhmm,” Kacey answered, her voice muffled by Sonya’s wiggling backside.

“Maybe I should keep you here in the pool house,” Sonja remarked, turning her attention back to me. “Then we can just come in whenever we need…servicing.”

I smiled at the notion as I continued sawing my dick in and out with deep, plunging strokes.

“You know what I want to see now?” Sonya asked, as she climbed off Kacey’s supine body. “I want you to fuck her tits.”

I nodded, and slowly slid my glistening cock from her abused asshole as Sonya began squirting a liberal amount of lubricant in between her friend’s massive tits. I crawled up her body and straddled her chest smiling down into her contented face as Sonya pushed the two breasts together in a tantalizing invitation. Shuffling forward as my balls dragged along her stomach, I pressed the head of my dick between the two fleshy globes as her friend held them firmly pressed together. Although not nearly as pleasurable as the confines of her inviting asshole, the sensation of my dick sliding between her ample breasts produced a somewhat enjoyable experience.

Kacey bit her bottom lip as she stared down at my shiny cock head emerging repeatedly from between her tits. She even lifted her head and stuck her tongue out in an effort to lick the tip of my dick as I fucked her soft, round breasts. Sonya smiled with obscene satisfaction and urged me onward as I thrust my way towards my second orgasm of the night.

“Come on baby,” she cooed, stroking a finger between my cheeks and lightly grazing my asshole. “I want to see you cum all over her beautiful face.”

Kacey gazed up me and smiled as if encouraging me to cover her face with cum. I began to pump faster, producing a lewd slurping sound as my cock penetrated her tits with increasing velocity. Kacey opened her mouth and stuck her tongue in enticement as Sonya’s nimble little finger massaged my asshole with firm, pressing movements.

“Fuckkkk,” I groaned, slamming my hips into her tits three more forceful times before the first shot of hot cum spewed forth, producing a thick, creamy line across her face from her cheek to her chin.

The next few shots spattered her outstretched tongue and splashed over the bridge of her nose, dripping down the side of her face. As the last few drops were oozing out onto her chest, Sonja dove in with cum-hungry intensity lapping up the warm droplets from her friend’s gasping face before sharing a slippery, jism-filled kiss that I was lucky enough to watch with eager interest.

I sat back as the two continued their wet make-out session, swapping my fluids between their busy mouths as they moaned and sighed with ecstatic enjoyment. I thought our night had come to an end when Sonja released Kacey from her restraints, but I was soon corrected.

“Okay, you little slut,” Kacey said with conviction as she sat up smiling. “Your turn to be cuffed!”

The two girls wrestled playfully for a while before Kacey managed to secure Sonya’s hands behind her back and positioned her on the floor, kneeling with her upper body bent over the bed.

“Mmm, now that’s what I like to see,” she beamed with satisfaction kneeling behind her friend with her hands groping her firm little cheeks.

I sat back and watched with enjoyment as Lacey jammed her tongue into Sonja’s twitching asshole, sliding it in and out with long, wet thrusts as her hands gripped the pert little cheeks and pushed them apart.

“Don’t get too comfortable,” she said to me, in between furious, lustful licks. “You’re not finished yet.”

Sonya moaned and writhed against the bed as she felt her pussy and ass violated by Kacey’s busy tongue. The scene was void of all sensuality, resembling a lewd display of anal pleasure as I watched her tongue forcing its way inside Sonya’s tiny asshole.

“Get down here,” she ordered as she glanced up at me, her tone uncharacteristic of her angelic appearance.

Slightly taken aback by her dominant enthusiasm, I crawled down off the bed to join her in admiring Sonya’s naked body, bent seductively over the bed with her arms fastened behind her back. As soon as my knees touched the floor, Kacey grabbed me by the back of the head and pushed my face into Sonya’s spit-slickened backside.

“Yeah, you lick that tight little asshole,” she seethed holding my face firmly pressed between those tanned muscular cheeks as she reached down and grabbed my cock with a tightly clutching grip.

Sonja continued to moan with encouragement as my tongue slipped easily into her puckered hole, massaging the inside of her ass with frantic, wriggling licks. Kacey’s hand was pumping my flaccid cock with unrestrained fury in an attempt to coax me back to hardness, but my pole remained at half mast, slapping with futility against her rapid moving fist. Unable to wait any longer for me to regain my erection, she slipped her middle finger into her mouth, wetting it thoroughly as she looked into my eyes with lustful intensity. She then gripped my cock tightly as she pressed her hand between my cheeks and roughly forced her wet finger deep into my ass.

I let out a startled moan as she wiggled her finger deep inside me, twisting and turning before sliding back out. I lowered my lips back to Sonya’s ass, licking with desperation as Kacey finger fucked my tight little hole with rapid, forceful thrusts. The sensation of her wriggling digit gradually caused my cock to swell within her hand until I was ready to proceed. Kacey spit into her hand and lubed my cock with her saliva as I moved forward towards Sonya’s waiting ass. I cautiously pushed my tip against her tightly closed opening, but Kacey urged me onward by sucking her finger once again and pushing back into my ass. As I felt my own asshole squeezing the probing finger, I felt Sonya’s tiny ring gripping my shaft as it slowly slipped inside.

“Fuck her hard,” Kacey ordered, hissing into my ear as my cock disappeared into Sonya’s perfect little ass. “I want you to fuck her slutty little asshole just like you fucked mine.”

I pushed my dick inside repeatedly as her petite body quaked with every stroke. I leaned over her and kissed her neck, feeling her taut, muscular body rippling against my heaving chest as my hips butted into her ass. I could feel Kacey’s finger massaging my prostate as if trying coax the cum from my balls as my thrusts grew shorter and faster with every passing second.

“Are you going to cum?” Kacey asked, clutching my hair as she whispered into my ear.

“Yes,” I groaned though gritted teeth as I drove my dick to previously unreached depths as Sonja squealed with delight. “I’m going to cum in her ass.”

A few seconds later and my ass contracted around Kacey’s finger as I spilled a copious load of hot semen into her friend’s willing asshole. Sonya purred with blissful delight as she felt my slippery juices coating the inside of her anus, my thrusting cock growing wet as my cum began to cover my pulsing rod.

“Mmmm,” Kacey cooed as she slipped her finger from my ass. “Gimme, gimme.”

I pulled my cum-coated cock from Sonya’s ravaged asshole as Kacey moved in with desirous intensity. The tiny puckered star closed up tight as a trickle of white fluid dribbled out and I guided Kacey’s face in between those little tanned cheeks. Locking her lips around Sonya’s leaking butthole, she pushed her tongue inside, tasting my cum with insatiable hunger as she sucked up everything she could. I placed my hand firmly at the back of her head, holding her in place as she closed her eyes and moaned with obscene pleasure.

As I released her, Kacey sat back and wiped her shimmering wet lips while I began to unlock the handcuffs still adorning Sonya’s wrists. The three of us then shared a brief moment of silence as we sat there, processing the filthy events that had just transpired.

“So Sonya,” Kacey said finally as she pushed her blonde hair back behind her ear. “Next time at my house?”

The End

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