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A Night at the Club

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Lisa struggled against the uncomfortable position, but it was no use. Her head was stuck through one hole in the pillory, and her hands through two others. She was standing, and her ankles were trapped as well, leaving her forcibly immobile in a bent-over position.

Worse, her ankles were trapped painfully far apart and forward, which meant that her hips and personal areas were utterly exposed and vulnerable. Further, some sort of bar was positioned under her stomach, preventing her from changing positions by bending her knees, or from moving her hips to escape the various assaults that had been perpetrated on her. She was truly and hopelessly stuck, and had been for over two hours. A fine sheen of sweat coated her entire body and her light blonde hair hung limply.

Footsteps approached behind her. Not again. She struggled harder and tried to speak, to beg the person to let her go. However, the special gag that forced her mouth open meant that she could only make crude sounds. “Please let me go” came out as “Eeeze, et ee goh”. Her blue eyes flashed left and right as she sought any clue to what was happening behind her.

A hand touched her ass, tracing up the outside of her hip. Lisa bucked and tried to escape, but it was impossible. She could squeal in protest, though, and did. A male voice laughed, and his fingers moved from her hip to her sensitive and overworked vulva. She tried in vain to escape from his penetrating fingers, squealing as he began pumping. She felt a sharp slap right on her clitoris, then another and another. Every muscle in her body clenched as the man worked her into a rhythm of pleasure and pain.

It had seemed like a fun idea, this bondage club. She had come and observed as the guest of a friend, and it was exciting beyond belief. She watched with rapt fascination the writhing bodies of the submissives as the dominants rotated through the rooms and took their various pleasures with them. She fantasized about the feeling of being one of those bound bodies, of having one or two or three people on you at once, working you against your will, making you pleasure them or making you succumb to your own pleasure, or even a little bit of pain. It had turned her on immensely, so much so that she had secretly come back on her own the following week to try it out.

The club’s head talent scout had eyed her up and down, nodding approvingly. “Why are you interested?” he asked. He was a smallish man, and slender, more like an accountant than someone who screened sex slaves.

“I want to try it,” she said, adjusting her language to his formal bearing. “It … it was a huge turn-on to watch. I’d never seen something like that before.” She hesitated. “I found that I really wanted to know what was in the minds of the people who are tied up.” It was difficult and embarrassing to say those words out loud.

“Ah, but there’s a difference between watching and participating,” he said. “Watching someone else being forced and taken is not the same thing as being forced and taken yourself.”

She nodded. “I understand that. But I can’t get it out of my head. I keep imagining what it would be like to be restrained and used like that, and the more I think about it, the more I want to try it. It keeps taking over my thoughts, and I need to do it.”

The man smiled knowingly. “As you can imagine, lots of people feel like that in their fantasies. Reality can be a different thing. But you are a very attractive woman and you obviously have interest, so let’s move to the next step.” He opened a drawer in his desk and pulled out a pre-printed form. “Take a look at this,” he said. “It spells out the conditions, and lets you set limits. Let’s see what your limits are, and if they’re broad enough we can talk further.”

A lock of sweaty hair covered her eyes, but the man didn’t care. His cock was buried to the hilt in her mouth, occasionally bouncing against the back of her throat as he thrust in and out. Her hands, trapped in the pillory just inches too far away, flailed in a useless attempt to defend herself. Her head, forced upright and back by the cord that stretched from her dental gag to the blunt hook buried in her anus, banged against the padded wooden stocks on each thrust. She desperately used her tongue to swirl around his shaft, trying to reach the sensitive underpart in an attempt to get him to cum faster. Anything to get him out of her exhausted mouth.

She was surprised to feel a hand on her left breast, sliding toward the nipple and flicking the clamp that tormented it. The hand added yet another weight to it, stretching it further, then did the same to the right nipple. She couldn’t even voice a protest or cry in pain with her mouth filled up.

“Do you mind if I take her from the back?” a voice asked.

“Nah, go ahead. Let’s double her up.”

She felt a body move against the back of her stretched and spread thighs, and fingers began testing her pussy, the cool feel of lubricant on them as they coated her inner lips. A few moments later, the second man was inside her, synching up his thrusts with those of the first. He grabbed the meat of her breasts for extra leverage and power, squeezing, gripping, and pulling them as he pleasured himself inside her.

Four hours down, four to go. She sagged in her bonds as the men abused her helpless body. She wasn’t sure she could make it, but then again she had no choice.

She sat in the lobby of the club and reviewed the boilerplate print on the form; however, it was mostly formalities and barely held her attention. Among other legalities, it informed her that she would be subject to an eight-hour session, and that once she started it, she was obligated to finish it. It informed her that if a customer was using her at the eight-hour mark, the agreement would be extended until they finished. It informed her of a few other technicalities like spotters, etiquette, and other basics. The concept was more exciting than the legal details, so she merely skimmed it and nodded.

What really intrigued her was the checklist of limits and approvals. It was a twelve page list of every depravity that a person could inflict on a bound woman. Would she approve being tied onto a table? Over a bench? Suspended by her wrists? Would she approve masturbation with fingers? Fists? Dildos? Vibrators? If yes on a dildo, would she approve a six-inch dildo? Seven? Eight? Nine? How wide? These people thought of everything.

She thought about each item and envisioned herself spread-eagled on a table experiencing them. There were some things that were absolutely disgusting, and she wanted nothing to do with them. Nothing involving urine or feces, for example. There were some things that sounded like true torture, things involving needles or cigarettes or tanks of water. No to all of those. But she quickly checked her approval for anything that involved dildos or vibrators or fingers or anything else that would stimulate her sex organs, and she approved nearly all of the various bondage positions and ties. She wanted to finger herself just thinking about some of the items on the form, and even added an exclamation point to a couple of items to show her enthusiasm.

She took the form back to the talent scout and he reviewed it, running his pen along the various rows like a little pointer. He nodded as he read, and then reviewed her signature on the boilerplate. He smiled. “I think we can work with this,” he said. “Just initial the bottom of each page, and I’ll notarize everything pending one more item that we’ll talk about. Are you available this Friday?”

“Absolutely.” Lisa smiled with both fright and exhilaration, her heart pounding. She imagined that she would spend the next three days masturbating furiously. Friday could not come soon enough.

Anastasia was a skinny blonde slave who was assigned as Lisa’s spotter. Per the agreement, Anastasia’s job was to ensure that the various dominants working Lisa did not violate any of the limits on her checklist, and to assist the dominants as necessary. In truth, she seemed to enjoy participating in her own right, and had a penchant for slapping breasts and pinching nipples. Lisa wondered if it was jealousy since Anastasia had more of an adolescent’s build, with smallish breasts and narrow hips, but the reason didn’t really matter. Perhaps Anastasia just got off on abusing breasts.

At the moment, one man had just finished using her anally and a couple was standing by to begin a new session, waiting in response to Anastasia’s call for a time out. Lisa had fought the anal intrusion with all of her might, but it was not a fair fight when she was tied, immobilized, and exhausted. The man had toyed with her, pushing an inch at a time, then pulling back, then pushing another inch, all the while manipulating her clit in a reacharound. She didn’t like anal, and it was humiliating to feel him push relentlessly inside her even as she fought. She had checked it on her list only because a deeply hidden part of her got off on the concept of a woman being used in such a base manner, enduring pain as the price of someone else’s pleasure. But while it was titillating in concept, it wasn’t as enjoyable in the real world as it was in her bedtime fantasies.

Her other big mistake was not thinking about how long eight hours really was. That had been a huge mistake.

She glanced despairingly to her left at the next pair. The waiting man was large and muscular and nude, and had some sort of paddle in his hand. The woman was small and pretty, a Latina with full breasts and ultra-short black hair that both belied and accentuated her femininity. She wore a strap-on and was idly opening and closing a pair of clamps. They were reviewing Lisa’s checklist of limits and plotting their plan. She hadn’t been taken by a couple yet, and wondered what was about to happen.

Anastasia lifted Lisa’s downcast head by pulling her hair. She had a spray bottle of water, and spritzed some into Lisa’s mouth, which was still painfully held open by the gag. It tasted good, and washed down some of the semen taste. “Want some more?” she asked. “Blink once for yes and twice for no.” Lisa blinked once and got another rinse and drink.

“Eeze, no ‘ore,” Lisa begged through the gag once she swallowed. “Diss is too ard.” She had hoped to be tied in a number of positions over the course of the session, to try some new things, but for some reason they had not moved her for the entire evening. She was still in the pillory, her stomach still stretched over the bar, her ankles still spread wide. It had been only mildly uncomfortable at the start and even exciting. Hours later, it was now excruciating, all the more so because she had been used and abused constantly, and had no way to defend herself in this position. It had seemed so fun to watch other people in this situation and merely imagine what it was like.

Anastasia leaned in close, staring at Lisa eye to eye with a wicked grin. “Did you come when he was doing your ass? Blink once for yes and twice for no. Be honest or I’ll knee you in the pussy again.”

Lisa blinked once. The man had held a vibrator against her while he was doing her, and the pleasure had outweighed the pain.”

Anastasia leaned in all the way and kissed Lisa’s open mouth, inserting her tongue and swirling it around. “You’re doing great,” she said with a smirk. “Only two more hours.” To accentuate her cruelty, she bit Lisa’s lower lip and pulled it outward until Lisa yelped.

“Oh, look,” the Latina woman was saying. “She allows pussy whipping. Do you want to start there while I work on her tits? I really want to punish those tits.”

Anastasia laughed as Lisa frantically and unintelligibly pled with her.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” The Man had asked. “Eight hours is a long time to surrender control of your body, and it’s an even longer time to surrender your free will.”

Lisa was practically squirming in her seat with excitement. She had read the list and had imagined herself in every situation, every predicament. She really needed to masturbate. “Yes, I’m sure of it. Reading this document has made me even more sure.”

“Recognize that we do not disappoint our members. Once you show up Friday night, you are not leaving. You will arrive four hours early just to be sure, and we will lock you in a cage. From that point on, you belong to us. And if you do not show up, we keep the $2,000 deposit that you just made and you will be banned from ever entering the club again. Do you understand?”

“I understand. I really want this.”

“Okay. So the final confirmation is a live test of your abilities to perform.” He rang an intercom button on his desk phone. “Kara, would you mind coming in here, please? We have a live test for a potential new bottom.”

Lisa’s heart skipped a beat. What were they going to do? What was the test? Something was going to happen now?

The office door opened, and Kara walked in, clad in everyday jeans and t-shirt. Lisa immediately recognized her. She was an Asian woman of medium height, whose lean figure had mild but unambiguous curves. The last time Lisa had seen her, she was hanging from the ceiling, each arm and leg tied to a different rope and pulley and pulled wide. Her shaved pussy was spread and vulnerable, on display to anyone who walked into the room. It was the first pussy besides her own that Lisa had ever touched, and she had explored and teased it thoroughly while a few enthusiastic onlookers egged her on. The sound of Kara panting and moaning as she finally came from the vibrator was still vivid in Lisa’s ears. To no small degree, Kara had been Lisa’s inspiration for doing this.

Kara offered a handshake and Lisa accepted. She offered a knowing smile, and Lisa suspected that she remembered her. The Man said, “Lisa has indicated a strong interest in bottoming for us this Friday. I’ve pre-screened her and she looks good, but since she hasn’t done this before, I think a test is in order. Let’s put her on a gyno table and hook her up to a machine. Perhaps you can help me give her a short workout.”

Kara smiled with genuine pleasure, her teeth white against her olive skin. She was a beautiful woman. “I’d be delighted.”

The Man turned to Lisa. “Remove your clothing.”

Lisa gulped. She had been in a revealing outfit during her guest visit, which was a requirement to enter the club, but that was a totally different situation. “Now?”


She took a deep breath and began unbuttoning. In a few moments, she stood naked before them.

“My god, those breasts are fantastic,” Kara said. “Those will get a lot of attention.” She stepped over and, to Lisa’s shock, grabbed Lisa’s breasts, gently weighing them and appraising them as she moved them around on Lisa’s chest. Lisa’s first reaction was to spring back and protect herself, and her hands initially rose, but she forced herself to stand still. Kara smiled.

“Nice job,” The Man said. “When you are bound, you may resist. When you are not bound, you must submit. Remember that rule. Now turn around and cross your wrists behind your back.”

He stepped behind her, and the snap of the handcuffs almost made Lisa come.

In front, Kara was tweaking Lisa’s nipples, drawing them out. She produced a small pair of clamps attached to a leash. She raised one to Lisa’s right nipple and attached it. It squeezed her, but it was pleasantly stimulating.

Then Kara tightened it.

Then she tightened it some more.

“Ow.” Lisa let out a sharp breath. “That’s hurting.”

Kara’s eyebrow raised. She tightened it another half turn. Lisa tried to step back, but The Man was still behind her. “Don’t talk back,” Kara said sternly. “If you understand, say ‘yes, madam’. If you want it tightened another half turn, say anything else.”

Lisa was trying to bend her tied arms around to her nipple, trying to crouch down and rub the clamp off with her knee. Anything to relieve the pain. “Unnnnnnh! Yes! Yes, madam!”

Kara pulled the clamp up, forcing Lisa to rise with it and stand upright. “That’s close enough, but you said ‘yes’ twice. If I was in a bad mood I’d tighten it again, and that’s what some of our members would do. Remember that. Follow instructions to the letter. Now, do you want me to tighten it further, or do you want a matching clamp on your left nipple?”

“Unnnh. Left nipple, please.”

“Okay, then. No moving.” She placed the other clamp on Lisa’s left nipple and tightened it to the same level of stomach-tightening pain. She then tugged on the leash and started walking. “Now follow me.”

They led Lisa to a room that she recognized from her guest tour. On that night, a man was on the table, and his testicles were being squeezed between two plexiglass plates as he serviced a woman with his tongue. Another woman was teasing his rigid cock to the edge of orgasm and back, and she graciously let Lisa have a turn at it. It was fun to hear the man beg and moan and to imagine how frustrated he must have been as they teased and tortured him without relief.

Now she was on the table, her arms tied to the sides and her legs folded up into the stirrups. A strap over her stomach limited her ability to move her torso. The nipple clamps stayed on and the leash was tied to her big toe, so that any flexing of her foot pulled the clamps on her nipples. It was hard to not move her foot, and easy to forget. Kara mercifully loosened the clamps a half-turn to stop Lisa’s squirming.

The Man moved a large machine between her legs, which had a six-inch dildo attached to a piston. She had seen it used on a tall brunette during her visit, and it was incredible to watch. Kara taped a tiny curved vibrator to Lisa’s bare pubic mound, arranging it so that the business end put pressure directly on her clitoris.

Her two captors began removing their clothes. “When you give us both orgasms, we turn off the machines,” The Man said. “Open your mouth.”

It was seven hours into the shift, and for some reason there was a lull. Anastasia was occupying her time by putting a vibrator against Lisa’s clit, rubbing it until she was almost at orgasm, and then taking it away. It was completely unnecessary and cruel, but this was Anastasia’s way.

Behind her, a door opened and a tumult ensued, many laughing voices and banter. “Oh, god, no,” she heard Anastasia gasp, and the young woman immediately and quickly retreated back against the wall, her bare feet slapping against the concrete floor.

What was it? She listened to the banter.

” — never seen a girl struggle like that before –”

” — I still can’t believe she did that — ”

” — that was insane –”

” — that poor girl. She was practically incoherent at the end — ”

There was a shush, and the crowd drew silent, suddenly and respectfully. A pair of hard-soled shoes strode up behind Lisa. With her placement in the pillory, she had no idea who it was.

A hand slowly traced up and down her back, from just above her rear cleft to her shoulder blades and back down. She flinched at the first touch, but it was soft and gentle, a welcome respite from her typical treatment.

“So we have a new bottom, do we?”

It was a woman’s voice. Lisa tensed up. Men were rough, but at the same time they were simple. They would pinch and probe and grab, but eventually they would get too excited to hold off. They would shove their cock into her in one place or another, and they would pump her for a while, and then they’d be done.

But the women, they were different. They were cruel, and they were knowledgeable. They knew how to touch a woman’s body to maximize pain or pleasure or both. The women she had encountered this evening seemed to enjoy making her writhe and shriek, whether it was torturing her nipples or fingering her clitoris or pumping a dildo into one or more of her various openings. Lisa was a very attractive woman, and it seemed that the other women enjoyed humbling her. Any woman who had ever lost a man to a more attractive woman probably saw this as an opportunity for revenge, abusing a busty blonde with slender hips now to make up for losing their prom date to a similar woman 15 years ago.

The Woman continued to stroke Lisa’s back, slowly up, slowly down. It felt nice, sensuous. “She’s a pretty one,” The Woman said. “Very pretty. Nice proportions. The hand slid around her waist. “She’s slender, but at the same time she has wonderful curves. Just look at those breasts. They’re beautiful.”

The hands reached underneath Lisa, lifting and appraising her hanging breasts. Again, the hands were gentle and soft. It was perhaps the first time this evening that someone had felt her breasts without pinching and twisting her nipples.

The silence of the crowd was starting to scare Lisa. She could tell the room was full, but you could hear a pin drop. Who was this woman?

The heels clicked forward until suddenly a pair of legs came into view. The Woman was standing so close to Lisa’s pilloried head that she couldn’t twist it up to see The Woman’s face or upper body. All she could see were some very attractive hips with just the right amount of curve, and beautifully shaped legs that disappeared into black leather thigh-high boots. The Woman appeared to be nude other than the shoes and a garter clinging to the top of her right thigh. She had a neatly trimmed but dense patch of brunette pubic hair, which was right at Lisa’s eye level.

A manicured hand reached under Lisa’s chin and pulled it up, so she was staring straight into The Woman’s pubic mound. “And a pretty face, too,” the voice cooed condescendingly. “I like this one.”

The voice suddenly became sharp. “Who’s her spotter?” The hips turned away from Lisa, and the hand let her head drop.

Bare footsteps padded quickly. In Lisa’s limited range of view, Anastasia’s slender legs suddenly appeared, and she dropped to her knees. Her head was down, her eyes were down, and she was clearly frightened.

The Woman chuckled. “Anastasia, my sweet. I’ve been traveling and haven’t seen you in quite some time. Did you miss me?”

Anastasia swallowed hard. “Y — yes, ma’am.”

“How nice. Show me how much you missed me.”

Anastasia immediately moved in and began licking The Woman’s vulva directly in front of Lisa’s view. The crowd chuckled.

The Woman gripped Anastasia’s light blonde hair and pushed her face further in. “Oh, she missed me a lot,” she said. “I can tell.” She allowed the licking to go on for a couple of minutes, then pushed Anastasia away. She snapped her fingers. “Okay, girls, let’s have her walk a tightrope, and I need a couple of men to lift. I have some questions to ask her.”

“Oh, please, no, ma’am! Please, ma’am!” Anastasia’s hands came together in a beg, her eyes wild, but four other pairs of feminine legs were surrounding her. She was hauled to her feet and held fast, overwhelmed by numbers. Lisa craned her neck to watch a rope being tied around the blonde’s skinny ribs just below her breasts. The rope was then run down between her legs and up the back, where it was knotted back into the rope around her ribs. Anastasia was whimpering and begging the whole time, struggling wildly even though she had no prayer of preventing what was about to happen.

Once the rope was in place, two sets of strong male legs stepped in behind Anastasia’s slender ones and the females backed away. The mild slack in the rope disappeared and then it visibly tightened, burying itself inside Anastasia’s pussy lips. She rose onto her toes, but the rope continued to tighten as the men lifted. She shrieked and kicked frantically as she slowly rose into the air suspended only by the crotch rope, the pressure intense and direct on her pussy and clit. As they held her up the kicks became slower and more disjointed as the pain kicked in, and eventually the legs stopped and curled upward into a semi-fetal position, slowly bicycling. Her hands clawed at the rope on her lower belly to try to relieve the pressure, but it was in vain. She was suspended solely by the narrow crotch rope, with all of her weight resting directly on her most sensitive parts. She made mewling noises that the crowd greatly enjoyed.

“Keep her there for a minute. I want to do an interview with our new member.”

Lisa’s heart skipped a beat as The Woman’s hips turned toward her. Oh, no. Subconsciously, her wrists tested the pillory.

The Woman approached Lisa and grabbed her hair, pulling her head upright so she stared once again into the pubic hair. “So, slave girl, Anastasia was your spotter. Did she do a good job for you? Did she protect your limits?”

Lisa didn’t know what to say, and she couldn’t talk anyway with the gag in her mouth. She said nothing, shifting her eyes to the writhing Anastasia and then back to the vulva of the nameless Woman who controlled the room.

There was a long pause. “I guess we have the silent type,” The Woman said, and crouched down to look directly into Lisa’s face. She was an attractive woman, dark-haired with the tiny crow’s feet of a woman in her late thirties. Her eyes were an attractive shade of green, her smile wicked. Her breasts were large, pert, and full, with large bright pink areola. They reminded Lisa much of her own breasts.

She ran a hand gently along the side of Lisa’s face. Behind her, Anastasia slowly flailed her legs and begged. “Do you want me to take that gag out?” she asked.

Lisa nodded emphatically. Her jaw was aching.

The Woman snapped her fingers. “Someone get this thing off of her.” Two women ran to her side and began working the buckles. In no time, Lisa’s mouth was free, and she could close it for the first time in seven hours. She worked her stiff jaw. “Thank you,” she mumbled.

“Oh, dear,” The Woman said. “Anastasia! What did the new bottom forget?”

Through gritted teeth, Anastasia’s voice was tremulous. “She…she didn’t address you as ‘ma,’am’, ma’am,” she rasped, obviously in great pain.

The Woman slapped Lisa across the face, hard. Reaching underneath, she gripped Lisa’s nipples and pulled and twisted hard, extremely hard. Lisa was helpless to escape, but at least she could speak.

“Ow ow ow ow ow!” she squealed. “I’m sorry, ma’am! I’m sorry, ma’am! Ma’am!”

Satisfied, The Woman released her, and Lisa slumped to the extent that she was able. Her breasts had been abused mercilessly tonight, and they were quite sensitive and tender by this point. This woman really knew how to hurt them, too. Residual pain radiated down her whole body before dissipating.

“Very good. Now, I asked you a question. Did Anastasia do a good job as your spotter tonight?”

Lisa’s mind raced. What should she say? Should she complain and risk Anastasia getting angry? Or should she just say everything was fine? She opted for the truth. “I…I don’t know, ma’am. This is my first time…ma’am.”

“When I walked in, it looked like she was teasing you. Was she?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“What was she doing?”

Lisa nostrils flared. She couldn’t see well, but she knew the room was full of observers. It was humiliating. “She was using a vibrator on me, ma’am.”

“Was she making you come?”

“No. She was teasing me and not letting me come.”

The Woman savagely twisted Lisa’s hanging nipples.

“AAAAAAAAAAH! PLEASE! NO!” The pain intensified as the woman twisted and pulled, ignoring her pleas. Lisa’s mind raced.

“Ma’am! Ma’am! I’m sorry, ma’am! I made an error, ma’am!”

The Woman released her grip and Lisa gasped for air. She desperately wished she could put her hands over her nipples, anything to protect them. They hurt so bad that they felt double their normal size. Her hands pulled against the holes in the pillory.

The Woman continued. “Okay. Now, she was teasing you. Not letting you come. Did you like it or hate it?”

Lisa thought for a moment before answering. “Um…”, she struggled with the thought and the admission, Her face flushed red. “Both, ma’am.”

“Kiss me romantically, and put your heart into it.” The Woman leaned in and gave Lisa a long, slow, romantic, passionate kiss. Her tongue invaded Lisa’s mouth and swirled around, licking the inside of her mouth and overpowering her own tongue. She trapped Lisa’s head so she couldn’t escape and forced herself on the bound woman for what seemed like an eternity, holding Lisa fast as she tried to escape. She eventually disengaged and said, “That was an excellent answer, slave girl.” She reached underneath and massaged Lisa’s sore nipples for a moment. “A terrible kiss, but an excellent answer.”

She turned back to Anastasia. Lisa could see the young woman’s legs hanging, stiffened in pain. She was still being suspended by the crotch rope. Her small bare feet were slowly flexing.

“Anastasia, give me the report. How many men used her, and how?”

Anastasia’s voice was teary and halting. “Eight men, ma’am. They came in her mouth three times, her pussy three times, and her anus twice, ma’am. Seven of them ministered her breasts, three minor, three moderate, and one heavy, ma’am.”

“How many orgasms did they give her?”

“Three, ma’am. One with tongue, one with penis, one with vibrator, ma’am.”

The Woman walked away from Anastasia, slowly and deliberately. She crossed behind Lisa, out of her sight. A moment later, she shivered as a finger slowly ran down her lower back, down into her anal cleft. The finger stopped at her small hole, resting against its tightness.

“How many women used her, and how?”

There was a pause as Anastasia thought. She then spoke in a quick staccato. “Five women, ma’am. Four used strap-on’s, ma’am, all in the pussy and one also in the anus, ma’am. Three licked her, ma’am, and all fingered her, ma’am.” Anastasia’s voice cracked with pain.

Lisa grunted and pushed her shoulders against the pillory as a finger invaded her anus, then two. Her calves and thighs tensed up, trying to thrust forward away from the pressure, but she was held fast. She could only accept them.

“How many orgasms did they give her?”

“Ma’am, I’m begging you! Please let me down, ma’am!” Anastasia seemed to be crying now.

A finger began stroking Lisa’s clit, even while the others continued to explore her anally.

“How many orgasms did they give her?”

Anastasia’s legs kicked and twitched. “Six, ma’m. Three with vibrators, one with fingers.” The young blonde took a couple of labored breaths. “One with tongue, one with strap-on, ma’am.”

Through her haze of shock and humiliation, Lisa now knew why Anastasia would quiz her after each session. It wasn’t just voyeurism on her part. It was her job.

“We’ve kept her busy tonight, haven’t we? Breasts?”

“All five, ma’am. Three moderate and two heavy, ma’am. Please, ma’am! The pain is killing me, ma’am!” Lisa could see Anastasia’s hands clawing at the rope near her crotch, but it was too tight for her to get her hands beneath it to diffuse the pressure.

“Where does it hurt? Tell me.”

“My clitoris, ma’am! It’s crushing my clitoris, ma’am!”

The crowd laughed and murmured. A couple mocked Anastasia’s frantic voice.

“Okay, you’ve been good. Just one more question and I’ll address your situation. How many orgasms did the new bottom give to the women?”

“None, ma’am.” The crowd oohed at this news. “I provided six at the women’s requests, as an assistant, ma’am. Five with my tongue and one with my fingers, ma’am.”

The room was silent. The fingers worked Lisa more aggressively, and she moaned, struggling to escape them.

“So you’re telling me that this bottom did not provide a single orgasm to the worthy women of this club? And yet she serviced the men? Why did she disrespect the women?”

“She is tied facing down, ma’am. The women could not get into a comfortable position for her to lick them, and none of them wanted to move her, ma’am. They had me service them while they played with her, ma’am.”

For a long minute, there was quiet as The Woman’s boot tapped the floor in contemplation. Lisa was relatively certain that two of the women had orgasmed while working her with strap-ons, but she wasn’t sure if she should say anything. She decided that it was best to keep The Woman’s attention focused on the unfortunate Anastasia.

“Well,” The Woman said at long last, “she is going to suffer for that lack of respect. But you, Anastasia, you have been a good spotter and assistant tonight. I am going to reward you. How many orgasms have you had tonight?”

“Two, ma’am. I fingered myself between sessions, ma’am.” Anastasia was panting in pain.

The crowd laughed. The fingers abruptly popped out of Lisa’s ass, making her spasm and flex, and the other hand’s fingers abandoned her swelling clitoris.

“It seems as if you have already rewarded yourself, my little slave. But I will show you mercy.” The Woman walked over to where Anastasia was being suspended, her hips sashaying seductively. Anastasia’s legs were twitching, clamped together now in a hopeless attempt to lessen the pressure of the rope. It was buried so hard into her vulva that her narrow outer lips completely hid it. The Woman forced Anastasia’s legs apart and allowed the skinny blonde to wrap them around her hips to slightly take some weight off the rope.

“Give me a very romantic kiss and I will release you from the tightrope.”

Lisa could still only see the waists and legs of the people involved, but it got very quiet. She could see some onlookers in the background bringing their hands to their genitals, both male and female, and begin rubbing. The soft smacks of kissing were barely audible for over a minute. Anastasia’s legs firmly gripped The Woman’s waist.

“Your kissing needs much improvement,” The Woman said at last. “But we’ll work on it. Let her off the tightrope, and her job for the rest of the session will be to provide oral pleasure to any of the observers who wish it.”

Anastasia crashed to the floor in a heap, clutching her injured pussy.

“And now, let’s deal with this disrespectful new slave girl who refused to service the women of this club.”

The test was difficult. It took Lisa 62 minutes and three increasingly intense orgasms to earn her way free of the machines. The motorized dildo had a fast and ceaseless beat, thrusting in and out with its ribbed shaft stimulating her on each stroke. The vibrator remorselessly buzzed on her clitoris. She had never come three times in an hour before, and hadn’t even thought it possible. Given her increasing sensitivity each time, the aftermath of a fourth was a frightening thing to consider. The overstimulation after each one drove her crazy until she got past it, but it made the next pleasure even stronger.

The man had been rather easy. He had folded a leaf down on the gyno table so that her head hung off, and then he had inserted his penis into her mouth. She was a modern American woman, so she knew her way around a blow job. Not being able to use her hands slowed her down, but within fifteen minutes she had him spurting down her throat. The throat part wasn’t her preference, but hey, this was bondage and she wasn’t given a choice. That was part of the fun.

Kara, the pretty Asian woman, was a different challenge. Lisa had never performed sex on a woman before. Like most women her age, she’d made out with a couple of girls at parties, though that was mostly to impress the boys. And she’d had a major incident a year earlier, when her massage therapist had asked her if she wanted a happy ending. Her heart pounding, she had said yes, and the attractive middle-aged woman, so professional and sophisticated in her white spa smock, had fingered her to perhaps the best orgasm of her life. She had immediately scheduled another appointment, but the woman quit the spa before it could happen, and she had regretfully never seen her again.

Almost half of the checklist had covered lesbian acts. Would she lick a pussy? Would she finger a pussy? Would she allow a woman to use a dildo on her? A vibrator? A strap-on? A tongue? The list was nearly endless. Lisa had thought about it for a few minutes, and checked off every act with a woman that she would do with a man. It was incredibly arousing to watch the lesbian play during her guest visit, and she would have fond lifetime memories of working that vibrator on the tied and spread-eagled Kara. She could handle the lesbian stuff, she decided.

So there she was, tied to the table, a mechanized dildo thrusting in and out of her, a vibrator buzzing her clit, and Kara climbing up on the table to even the score. The table leaf had been raised back so Lisa’s head was lying flat, and that golden Asian pussy descended down on her, its beautiful lips splaying across her mouth. She had licked and tongued, her nipples hardening under the manipulations of her rider, pausing only to gasp and scream when her own hips exploded into another orgasm. It was a perfect way to be introduced to lesbianism. When you’re tied up, you have no choice, and when you have no choice, you have no guilt. You don’t have to wonder what it means, and you just do it if it means freedom.

She passed the test with flying colors. She immediately went home and masturbated.

The Woman was businesslike and efficient. “Okay, first things first. Let’s turn her over. Keep her neck in the pillory, but put her face up. Pull her arms under her and tie them to the base. Stretch them hard, because I want those breasts to arch up. Let’s get a prop under her head to keep it steady, and put a bar under her back to support her. Keep that bar that’s under her stomach, too, and it’ll support her lower back. We want her to be held rigid. Then bend her legs down and put them back in the ankle restraints just like they are now. That’ll keep her pussy spread and open.”

A dozen or more hands hopped to the task. Lisa was so stiff that she couldn’t resist as they flipped and repositioned her, and she groaned in pain as her stiff joints were moved. It was a good pain to have her arms straightened and to feel her back relax, so much so that she didn’t even think about the fact that they were about to tie her down once again.

When it was all over, she was actually somewhat comfortable. She was facing the ceiling now, her neck still trapped in the pillory, but her head was supported. Her arms were mercifully stretched to the side and down, which was a relief after being bent at the elbow for seven hours, and her back was supported in two places by firm but well-placed braces. Her only discomfort was that there was no support for her hips and legs. Instead, they curved down to the floor where her ankles were tied and spread wide. This, along with the fact that her arms were spread and tied downward, meant that her back was forcefully arched. She warily noted that this thrust her breasts upward while simultaneously putting her hips and pussy on display, and the arching meant that she couldn’t move either of those two sensitive areas. With the wood of the pillory blocking her view, she couldn’t even see them.

She had no way at all to defend her most sensitive areas, and that scared her.

She felt someone step between her legs, and instinctively knew it was The Woman.

“How do you feel, slave girl?”

Lisa swallowed. “Good, ma’am. I appreciate being moved, ma’am.”

A sharp slap on her pussy resounded in the room. Right on the clit. Lisa yelped in pain and instinctively tried to curl up. However, she couldn’t even come close, and her only movement toward the fetal position was raising her head. A second slap followed the first one. “I did not do that for you, slave girl. Don’t forget that.”

The pain pulsed between Lisa’s legs. “Yes, ma’am.”

The Woman’s hands stroked the outside of Lisa’s thighs, up and down. They then moved inside, from the knees almost to the pussy, and then back down. They moved to the intersection of her thighs and hips, tracing up the crease where they merged.

“This slave has a beautiful pussy,” The Woman said. “Note how her inner lips flower outward so delicately, and look at the size of her outer lips. I’m guessing that she masturbates frequently. Slave girl, do you masturbate frequently?”

Lisa closed her eyes in humiliation. “Yes, ma’am.”

“How often?”

“At least once a day, ma’am. Often twice.”

Fingers stroked up her slit, fingering her clitoris and probing her opening. She could neither move to avoid it nor move to encourage it. She could only accept it, but it felt divine.

“Do you like being touched here? Do you like it when I play with your pussy?”

Lisa’s breathing was growing faster despite her attempt to resist. This woman was good. “Yes, ma’am.”

“Good girl. You like it, don’t you? Now, how about this?”

A buzzing started, and some sort of vibrator began rubbing her. Up and down, up and down, from her clit through her lips and then back. The technique was impeccable.

Lisa moaned again, her overworked sex organs warming up for yet another orgasm. “Oh, god. Yes, ma’am.”

The vibrator continued buzzing on her vulva, bringing it to life. She felt a hand on her right breast, fingers pinching and rolling and kneading her sore nipple. This woman wasn’t hurting her and indeed was beginning to arouse her despite her exhaustion, so maybe that was a good sign. Lisa felt herself lubricating under the seductive touches.

“Okay, women, step forward and help me out. We have a slave here who gave orgasms to many different men tonight, and refused to help a single woman. That is completely unacceptable.”

Lisa sensed that something bad was coming, but the vibrator felt so good. Those fingers felt so good. This was the type of bondage she had fantasized about.

“How many women do we have? We’ll keep little Anastasia working the blow job circuit, so that leaves nine women in the room including me, right?” There was a pause that was likely counting. “Yes, nine. That will work out great.”

The vibrator lifted off of Lisa’s pussy. “Slave, listen to me. We’re going to give you orgasms, because the women of this club are a generous and merciful lot. But you are going to give us orgasms in return. You are going to repay our kindness. One at a time, women are going to climb onto your face and you are going to lick them until they come. And while that is happening, we women are going to give you orgasms nonstop. It’s only fair. However, I would advise you to work hard to keep your end of the bargain, because we’re not going to stop on our end and it’s going to get increasingly intense for you. You would be well served to be industrious in your work. Are you ready?”

Lisa whimpered. She was not ready for this.

“I am the Queen of the Clit,” The Woman announced. “I will work her clit, and I will be the last one to be serviced by her. Let’s get two women down underneath her to work on her pussy and ass, and a couple more to work her breasts. If you don’t have a spot, women, you can watch or find another way to stimulate the slave girl. Men, you’re invited to watch and Anastasia will service your needs. If you want to bring in some bottoms from the other rooms to help out, feel free to do so. This is going to take a while.”

And so it began. Nine against one, and the one was tied and helpless. It was not fair and it was not right. A busty redhead with a neatly trimmed copper pussy and small lips was the first to climb aboard Lisa’s face, and she began licking in earnest, alternating between the clit and the vagina in the same manner that she herself enjoyed. She could abruptly feel fingers invading her pussy and curling onto her G spot, a finger snaking up her anus, silky tongues on her nipples, and the incessant vibrator and fingers on her clit, playing it like a maestro. Before long, her hips started trying to move, wanting to undulate to increase the stimulation, but she was virtually unable to move. She could only absorb what was being done to her.

As she licked the redhead she herself began squirming, squealing as her pleasure peaked. After everything she had been through, how was she coming first?

The orgasm began to wash over her, beginning in her clit and radiating outward. Muffled inside the redhead’s box, she shrieked. The redhead rose slightly to allow her to breathe, and waited above her.

“Oh, god! Yes! Oh!” Lisa’s stomach muscles clenched as she exploded in orgasm for a full minute.

Then the overstimulation hit.

The vibrator and fingers continued unabated. Unseen women continued to thrust inside her lower openings. Tongues still caressed her nipples and breasts. Her hypersensitive nerve endings overloaded. “NOOOOOOO! NOOOOOOO! STOP! STOP!” It was too much, far too much. The overstimulation was killing her.

People laughed.

“Better keep working,” The Woman said from between her legs. “You haven’t even finished Valerie yet, and you still have eight more to go. And Valerie has unbelievable endurance.”

For two solid minutes Lisa writhed and fought and bucked, until finally the pain began to turn to pleasure again. A new sheen of sweat rose from her, and the redhead again lowered her pussy onto her mouth. Lisa worked frantically with her tongue.

After several minutes, as she began to climb to her next orgasm, the redhead finally reached her peak. Loosing a flurry of gasps, she began thrusting against Lisa’s tongue, lubricating heavily. Her hands pushed aside the breast workers and kneaded Lisa’s breasts mercilessly as she entered her climactic throes. It took several minutes to bring her to full climax. Finally, after a relaxed slump and short rest aboard Lisa, she climbed off and a petite brunette with a small and sparsely furred pussy climbed aboard.

The rules of Lisa’s agreement stated that, if a session started before the eight hour shift was up, Lisa was obligated to complete that session. For the next two and a half hours she kept that promise, though she had no choice in the matter. Woman after woman climbed onto her face to be pleasured: blondes, brunettes, a black woman, even a woman of Indian descent. For every orgasm she gave, Lisa endured two of her own. She again had no choice, as a rotating team of women worked her exhausted and bound body nonstop with fingers, tongues, and devices, while she could only pleasure one at a time, and using only her tongue. And The Woman was always there on her clit, teasing it and rubbing it and forcing orgasms to wash across Lisa’s body. It was not fair and it was not right, but she had no choice.

And in the end, it came down to two women. One was exhausted, sweaty, bound, and inhumanly overworked and overstimulated. Her inexperienced body had been taken to its limits and far beyond.

The other had been working up a sweat herself, but through denial. The Woman had watched woman after woman reach climax, and had steadfastly refused to allow herself the same ecstasy. The entire room had reached orgasm, and many had even grown tired and left. The female helpers had one at a time been satiated and moved to the periphery, replacing their labors with nipple clamps and a cruelly large anal dildo that had taken almost a half-hour to insert fully. But The Woman had waited. She had maintained control. And now was her time.

A long, lean blonde climbed off Lisa’s face, finally satiated with the slave girl’s efforts. The Woman smiled down at Lisa, and said, “Only one more to satisfy, and then let’s call it a night.”

Lisa was close to tears. Valerie the redhead took over the vibrator and clit massage, and also knelt down to employ her tongue. The different sensations drove Lisa over the edge yet again even before The Woman positioned herself. She lowered herself toward Lisa, and even in her spent state the beaten-down blonde noted that The Woman had a beautiful vulva. It was all the more beautiful because its satisfaction was the only thing that stood between Lisa and freedom.

Lisa had learned some tricks in the past two hours, how to move her tongue, how to make a woman come. She was getting better with each set of feminine hips that descended upon her. And she had the adrenaline burst of the final push working in her favor. Like a marathoner within sight of the finish line, she attacked The Woman’s perfect pussy with every weapon she had in her tiny arsenal.

Licking, sucking, nibbling. She gambled with her final reserves of strength and energy. She could feel The Woman’s juices on her face, knew that she was getting to her. She was learning how to gauge a woman’s reactions as they grew excited, how they would begin to lubricate, then undulate their hips, and then how they would begin grinding their clit into her as they got close. At the same time, her own overworked pussy screamed at her with every nerve ending, wanting it all to end. She had thought that she was oversexed before this night, that perhaps she masturbated too much and used her vibrator too often. She now knew that she was capable of an entire other world of sex.

She had an orgasm and screamed through it. Valerie the redhead had an arsenal of different techniques, and she worked them with limitless patience and endurance.

However, she could feel The Woman’s hips begin to undulate.

On and on she worked. She could feel The Woman’s clit begin to grind in. Almost there…almost there. Almost free.

And then The Woman rose up.

“No!” Lisa cried out in frustration, her voice hoarse. “Let me finish you!”

Two hands attacked her nipples, twisting brutally. Lisa writhed under the assault. “What do you call me?”

“Unnnnh! Owwwww! Ma’am! Let me finish you, ma’am!”

The wicked brunette looked down and smiled cruelly. “Earn it,” she demanded.

The perfect pussy descended on her again. Again she worked, and again she felt the juices, the undulations, and the grinding. And again The Woman rose up at the last moment, postponing the orgasm. Meanwhile, the redhead continued unabated, and Lisa suffered under her artisanship.

One woman building her denial toward a tremendous one-time explosion. Another woman being forced into countless indistinguishable explosions far beyond reason and compassion. Time and again, the patient redhead wrung an orgasm out of the drained and shattered blonde. Time and again, the blonde was denied her keys to freedom as the brunette teased and tormented her own desires. Hours passed, and the room fell asleep, the shadows changed.

Lisa was beyond desperate. She was nearly delirious. She begged. She pleaded. Nothing worked. Eventually, from the deepest recesses of her memory, she came upon an idea borne of desperation. “Ma’am,” she asked. “I have a request, ma’am.”

The Woman was about to lower her glistening pussy yet again, but paused. “What is it, slave girl?”

“May I kiss you romantically?”

The entire world stopped.

The powerful brunette, the molder of Lisa’s world, the Queen of Clits, opened up for the first time in years. Her eyes softened, her mouth relaxed into a smile. She was a beautiful woman.

“You want to kiss me romantically?”

“More than anything.”

For an eternal minute, The Woman stood stock still. Lisa realized her speech error in not addressing the woman as ‘ma’am’, but The Woman either did not or Lisa had struck her target.

The woman studied Lisa’s face, glistening with the juices of all those other women.

“Yes,” she said at last. “Yes, you may.”

She climbed off Lisa’s face and opened the pillory. She rolled horizontally onto Lisa’s fatigue-wracked body and lay upon her, breast to breast, pussy to pussy. The redhead backed away.

Lisa raised her head, and The Woman came down. Their lips met, and they kissed. It was the most passionate kiss of Lisa’s lifetime, or of anyone’s lifetime. It was a kiss borne of absolute and utter need on one end, and absolute and utter desire on the other. Their tongues met, their souls intertwined, and the world narrowed to the heat of two breaths merging into one.

The redhead stepped forward, with two vibrators this time, and it was over in seconds.

As the sun rose and light streamed into the barren room, two women lay together, motionless and asleep, bathed in the sweat of exertion, passion, and desire. Each had been released from the bonds that constrained them.

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